Detroit Cop Takes to Facebook to Call Citizens ‘Garbage’ & Brag About Beating ‘Kids’

Detroit, MI — (RT) A veteran Detroit Police Officer is being investigated for calling residents of the city ‘garbage‘ and for boasting about using physical violence against children.

Officer Daniel Wolff made the inflammatory statements on Facebook under an article published on the Motorcity Muckraker website which revealed that a record number of Detroit police now live outside of the city.

“Getting rid of residency was the best thing that ever happened to the Detroit Police!!! We have to police the garbage but you can’t make us live in the garbage,” Wolff allegedly said.

Local TV station Fox 2 Detroit captured screengrabs of the offensive remarks, including: “This job is not the same job that it was. It’s all videotaped and whatever. You can’t walk up to a kid or an a*****e and smack him in the face like we did.”

When Motorcity Muckraker journalist Steve Neavling told Wolff he had reported the comments to internal affairs and an investigation had been launched, the veteran cop said: “Please do. I’ve been trying to get fired for years.”

“When he started calling the residents garbage, the city trash, it was nasty,” Neavling told Fox 2 Detroit.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Michael Woody told Deadline Detroit the department is taking the matter seriously and expects to take some action.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that if the investigation reveals that Wolff made the comments he will be held accountable.

“That should not send a message to anyone that this represents Detroit police officers,” Craig said. “If this individual feels that strongly about working in the city of Detroit and has that kind of attitude, we don’t want him here.”

Motorcity Muckraker are reporting that in other Facebook posts, Wolff said he wanted to “send a terminator (Cyberdyne series 101) back in time to take out Whoopi Goldberg and Al Sharpton’s parents.”

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    WTF did Whoopi Goldberg ever do to anyone?

    • Joel W

      She was born and then plagued the world with her stupidity ever since

      • Nishi

        In other words, you don’t like her. Grow up.

        • Joel W

          Well since you put it that way, my apologies for having a fucking opinion. And go fuck yourself.

          Speaking of growing up, that is one of the most infantile things that can be said to a stranger. How does offering a opinion on something constitute immaturity? Have you ever heard her speak? I know infants that make more sense than her ignorant, racist ass. I mean, have you ever watched the View? She, and the rest of the brainless harpies on that show have got to be the most insufferable bunch of ignoramuses ever assembled. I’d rather be water boarded for days than suffer through 1 min of their uninformed, ignorant tripe that they try to pass off as social commentary

          And just curious, how long did it take you to come up with that nugget of impeccable wisdom?

          • jonbandit

            You must work for the Detroit PD…

            If not, you should apply, you definitely have the right attitude……

          • Joel W

            Because I think Whoopi is an insufferable idiot, and shut down the idiot who felt the need to defend a celebutard, I should be a cop? Ok makes perfect sense. You sir have out idioted the previous two idiots. Care to explain the logic (or lack of) in your blatantly retarded assessment of me, considering I smile every time I read or hear a cop is murdered? Because I’m not a special snowflake who says mean things and does not need safe spaces or group hugs, I must be a cop? Again, please, PLEASE bless me with the logic behind your nugget of wisdom. And Nishi can stand up for him or herself, no need for you to come white knighting for strangers. Nishi picked the fight, Nishi can finish it.

          • jonbandit


            Because you’re rude and have bad attitude…

            I didn’t read your comment, I couldn’t make it pass the…F…you’s.

          • Joel W

            Oh no I say mean things I must be a cop. Fucking pussy ass snowflake. And since you admittedly didn’t read the post (which I know you did fucking bitch boy), you have exactly nothing else to say faggit.
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            I guess I should have wrote ‘TRIGGER WARNING’ at the beginning for all the little house faggits such as yourself. Grow a set you fucking pansy.

          • name calling. The rhetorical tactic used by people who
            1. Do not have the facts to support their position.
            2. Do not know that they lack relevant facts and / or
            3. If they had the facts, they would not have the triple digit IQ required to assemble them into a logical statement that supports their position.

            This is not name calling, it is a definition, and a useful one at that: Maybe you have a better one. I doubt it.

          • Joel W

            Wow I didn’t think it was a sin to make a joke about an ignorant celebrity. I however didn’t insult anybody here.

          • Arthur Melborne

            Your comment is of a personal nature and offensive. That’s not an opinion. Your wit is something to be admired, also. It seems to me that you search for sites like this because you’re probably a blogger living in your mother’s basement without a job screaming to her to server you ‘mac-n-cheese’ breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, the request for you to grow up is a simple and much needed one. We need to start thinking of others and how they have been affected by all atrocities within our country and try to make their lives better. We, and I may live in Virginia, all have a problem with police department’s like Detroits’. Rogue cops are being excused for murder. This is not the first time, it is one in many hundreds of times that we’ve been noticing from our grandparents to us. Only they didn’t have youtube to bring this that the mainstream media refuses to discuss. Why, because the powers that be says for such matters not to be shown. Who do you think owns the news media? You guessed it, Globalist.

            Instead of being ignorant, embrace others and their problems and try to comfort and help. Woopi had absolutely nothing to do with this child being murdered by that racist cop. In fact, I am glad someone with clout comes out and defends the poor and injured. Would you not want someone to comfort YOU if this were to happen to a loved one of yours’? I hope so, my friend.

            God bless and get involved.

    • Arthur Melborne

      No. Opinions are and shouldn’t be ‘opinionated’. They should be constructive whether for or against.

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        I don’t think you’re replying to the right comment.

  • doucyet

    “That should not send a message to anyone that this represents Detroit police officers,” Craig said. “If
    this individual feels that strongly about working in the city of
    Detroit and has that kind of attitude, we don’t want him here.”

    Or in any PD for that matter. Get rid of his ass………..

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  • Ibcamn

    cops are criminals,they only feel like real men when they beat women and children and handcuffed men.

    • David Hall

      That”s because they are cowards & pussies. They are the biggest gang in America. Criminal gang that is!

      • Ibcamn


  • Gary Lagerstrom

    another one of the self labeled good guys

  • Vincent D’Emidio

    As I said, Cops are pigs.