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Dick Cheney Poisoned Hundreds of US Troops in Iraq — They’re Dying — And the Media is Silent


The legacy of death and misery from the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan continues today, and, once again, Dick Cheney plays a central role. A new book by Joseph Hickman, a former U.S. Marine and Army sergeant, titled “The Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers” details how soldiers and local civilian populations were exposed to constant streams of toxic smoke from the burning of waste.

The infamous Kellog, Brown, and Root (KBR), which was a part of Dick Cheney’s corporate empire under Halliburton, operated about 250 burn pits which contributed to the $40 billion that Halliburton made during the Iraq occupation. “Every type of waste imaginable” was burned, including “tires, lithium batteries, asbestos insulation, pesticide containers, Styrofoam, metals, paints, plastic, medical waste and even human corpses.”

This reprehensible practice proves yet again that nothing is sacred when it comes to the military machine.

Just as the U.S. laid waste to Vietnam’s human health and jungle environment with Agent Orange, it wrecked human health and environmental quality in Iraq. That country will suffer from this toxicity for decades, as evidenced by sharp increases in birth defects and cancer and leukemia rates.

Likewise, U.S. veterans and their families are bearing the brunt of this travesty.

The Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers” begins with the story of a healthy young soldier sent to Iraq who was constantly exposed to smoke from burn pits. When he returned home with respiratory problems, the Veterans Administration (VA) denied him care, and he later developed brain cancer and died.

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Those who do survive are having children with birth defects at a rate three times higher than normal, according to the book. The denial of medical coverage by the VA for burn pit-related illnesses is a central strategy in denying that burn pits even posed a health hazard.

Beau Biden, the son of vice president Joe Biden, died of brain cancer after serving in Iraq in the vicinity of burn pits. Even this tragedy, which is similar to many stories of exposure and death, never brought attention to the issue of burn pits.

Salon interviewed author Joseph Hickman, who provided even more shocking details, and how the Department of Defense (DoD) does all it can to keep this knowledge from the public.

“I think the Department of Defense does its best to squash this story and so does Veterans Affairs. They really don’t want this out at all.”

Hickman interviewed one former KBR employee who was very reluctant to even talk about burn pits for fear of repercussions, as he was harassed by KBR when he previously came forward about the issue. By using private contractors for such operations, the DoD facilitates these egregious assaults on human and environmental health because contractors are not held to the standards of the military.

This dependency on contractors feeds their tendency for carelessness. According to Hickman, the upper management said at one point, “If they’re going to investigate us over these burn pits, don’t worry about it. If we pull out, they can’t run this base.

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The U.S. government, in its effort to conceal the impact of burn pits, even managed to influence a World Health Organization report that downplayed the effects. It stands in stark contrast to several independent researchers who found large increases in birth defects, leukemia, cancer and other carcinogenic diseased in populations living near burn pits.

“There’s a large group of epidemiologists that absolutely believe that that report was influenced by the U.S. government. Dr. Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, a widely respected environmental toxicologist, has been there and seen the birth defects and how we literally destroyed that country with pollution. There are birth defects there that don’t even have medical names yet.”

The evidence compiled by Hickman and presented in his book makes it downright criminal for the DoD and politicians to continue denying the issue. When veterans suffering from burn-pit illnesses contact their Congressmen, there is silence because they are in bed with the defense industry.

General David Petraeus and other top DoD officials have denied the health effects of burn pits, but veterans have no recourse because they can’t sue the government. There is a lawsuit against KBR, but the DoD will not acknowledge that the burn pits were misused.

While politicians and military brass issue patriotic platitudes about honoring those who serve their country, the reality is that soldiers are just a name and a number, and they’re thrown away when the military machine is done with them. Defense corporations reap billions as veterans and local populations suffer sickness and death.

Please share this article in the hope that exposure can force accountability for the toxic legacy of burn pits.

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    • Thx for the pic ..I share it ..so I give this one ..I find it comes in handy …
      Stop Agenda 21 ..brother of Freedom. .God bless u urs .

  • This monster really needs to go down!!

  • Yet he still up to no good with his Arab terror buddies.Why don’t Americans go and take their Country back?

    • …working on it… if this election cycle doesn’t get results its torches and pitchforks…

    • How could it go well? there is not a single person running that isn’t a tool .. Yes trump and sanders are both tools…

  • This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

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    • Cool story, got any evidence to back it up? FYI I was there boss 😉

    • how much time have spent in the Military Paul?

    • This shit was happening. And not to mention soldiers had to fill these burn pits up.

    • Dick Cheney didn’t directly order it, but the company he used to run did (Kbr is a subsidiary of Halliburton).

    • Bergdahl gives first hand accounts of these shit pits in this season of Serial. I’ve heard from other soldiers too. Where is any evidence that this is false? Do you think that all these different vets made the story up for fun?

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    • Lol Paul is labeling this a conspiracy theory so it must not be true. Do some research Paul. Once, you do some research we can have conversation again.

    • You freely signed up to go to war. What exactly did you think happened in war?

    • I did my research and all the websites that claim this happen are untrustworthy conspiracy sites. Just because you read it on the internet Doesn’t mean it’s true.

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    • Paul only believes what FOX tells him ?

    • When my husband was in Iraq, they had to burn their own shit. I would suggest you speak with people who were actually deployed rather than relying on websites.

    • Paul has clearly never read a soldiers memoir in his life. My advice, pick up a book and read it from left to right.

  • This man did not deserve a human heart. Should have given the replacement heart to anybody but this liar and war criminal.

  • Him and Bush are CRIMINALS worthy of DEATH.

    • Tarred & feathered before the American people then hung in the gallows for treason !


  • Not at all surprised

  • I once met a group of people that knew “Buckshot Dick” back in Wyoming when he was a Congressman for the State. Their exact words were “If he could have sold his mother and grandmother for a buck on a corner, he would have done so without scruples or a single solitary shred of guilt.” So knowing this does any of this article really surprise anyone?

    • He is a textbook sociopath psychopath. Cold murderer.

    • Franco Gonzalez Yes he is, you don’t get to where he has been in life without being one.

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  • This is not unusual at all. All over the world waste is being burned to save space, poisoning the air. Tens of thousands make their living by salvaging pioeces of metal and plastic. These victims are mostly children. Animals that eat items like plastic caps that did not burn die of plugged up digesting tract. Until people stop breeding like rats there is no solution,. This planet needs a serious depopulation. Our children will hate us. Soon and for a good reason.

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    • Donna Slivka I can 100% say without a doubt that NONE of my decisions in life caused the painful death of hundreds of people. What I want to know is what your definition of “villain” is if he doesn’t fit that bill…

    • Let me guess Donna Slivka…Obama is the villain?

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    • I read the article. Asbestos Insulation was used for what?

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    • Donna do you REALIZE Cheney’s company made billions in profit for the rebuilding of Iraq?

    • Does she know whom he worked with before Bush?

    • Randy Carlisle IT’S called “what was NOT known “back then”…….wait a few years and see how much will have changed AGAIN…HELLOOOOOO once the earth was thought to be FLAT……..wake up ~~~~~~

    • i know I shouldn’t bother but yes, if exposing so many lives to toxins without care is simply “not making the right decision” then yes, in fact I have never made a wrong decision!

    • Jim Takahashi…..Hahaha, STOP IT!! #Niice

    • Donna Slivka, really?? In your obviously obtuse mind, do you really believe TIME, will actually change the course of events that transpired in Iraq!? That POS lied about facts, to gain support to attack a country, to engage in an illegal war, that had nothing to do with 9/11……so please spare us your flawed regurgitated talking points, you frigging Reich Wing minion parrot!! Too many people died for a profiteering draft dodging war monger!! Dick can go to hell….#gtfohwtbs

      Sarah Shawn Sturges, Bernadette Pryor, Clarence Payne, Jim Martin, Kim Hussein Brunelle

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    • Lowell Lenhardt _ There are many evidences to explain why Donald Trump is so popular. And this is one of them. I’m not surprised. 😉

    • It’s just a pity it is not Dick Cheney in the picture on the left. It should be.

    • Not to mention the money he makes keeping people in prisons all across America.

    • I’m sure it was a more than horrible situation just as agent orange was……AND asbestos ETC ETC ETC……i doubt Cheney had any ill intentions at the time…..use your brain IF you have one…….

    • Jim Takahashi You gotter Jim. the idiots that support Trump’s bigotry and Islamaphobia are the same idiots the believe that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld’s war to find Weapons of Mass destruction was justifiable. Brainwashed fools one and all!

    • Donna Slivka Buckshot Dick is that you???

    • Daryl Azevedo _ Seen from outside it seems unquestionable that Bernie is the only choice who can possibly save doomed America. But this kinda easy choice seems to be difficult for American idiots. I understand your frustration. My sympathy! -_-

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  • Your vice president helped make enemies all over the world.

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  • what about the civilians of Iraq that still suffer from the consequences of the irradiation and these burn pits? when demons like this lead your country i cannot fathom how any american can feel morally superior for the next 500 years. they simply must be be made accountable and a system has tp be inplace that these demons never get to lead a gas station much less an entire country!

    • What country are you from? What system do you suggest?

    • In a country where a racist nazi idiot like trump is about to win the general election or where bush is elelcted twice or where nixon blatantly sells the government to corporations then you can tell that the people they lead are ignorant…first and foremost thr Americans have to be lifted from their ignonarce and bigotry in order for that country to stop being a tool for those skull and bones demons

    • Why didn’t you answer her question? Where are you from that makes you morally superior to Americans?

    • moral superiority doesnt come from geography, thats where racism stems from, moral superiority is true when one doesnt feel superior to other and their only concern is to do good for no one’s sake except that of his maker


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    • Actually it is true burn pits were used, but for it to be Dicks fault is a huge fucking stretch; also the soldiers who were assigned to these pits had all the proper gear to protect themselves if they decided to refuse to wear their pro mask and mopp gear that is totally on them. It really like blaming the president soldiers died for getting shot in the chest, but the soldier wasn’t wearing his plates in the flak jacket. In my experience I saw this kind of dumb shit all the time. Stupid people die for stupid reasons usually cause by themselves. Burn pits are needed due to the complete lack of proper waste disposal infrastructure in (insert war torn country)

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  • Tarr & feather Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld before the American public and the world then off to the gallows and hung for treason against humanity and their assorted war crimes !

  • To say nothing of the depleted uranium those soldiers and civilians were exposed to. And are still being exposed to. Haha, the military machine having any consideration for the sanctity of life, now that’s a joke.

  • Byron Hill

  • finally something about cheney.. i still think you guys are republican based

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  • Is an Arrest Likely, any time soon?

  • Kenny Krause

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    • Probably not, but without Dick Cheney, it’s doubtful the invasion and occupation would have happened at all.

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  • I don’t doubt it. Cheney seems really, really angry when he talks about Trump. It’s like he is afraid Trump will reveal some information about this Iraq mess. Karma – Mr. Cheney. It can happen. Trump 2016. My vote/Myopinion.


  • Sorry, Dick didn’t do it, it was committed by those that blindly follow psychotic orders.

    Dick Cheney, the forgotten killer! …

  • War is horrible, especially when it is greed driven

  • They want to put up statues for this killer clown. People should be outraged.

  • Cheney is the human equivalent of a noxious substance.

  • and killed hundreds of thousands of pretty well defenseless Iraqi soldiers many of whom had daughters and sons – which is where ISIS comes from, and now it looks as though ISIS might destroy Europe through the refugee crisis. Quite the guy.

    • Do not take those consequences as accidental for granted. Yankee ingenuity in crafty unscrupulous deals is alive and well.

    • Bidnez as usual

  • This guy should be charged for war crimes….

  • That p.o.s made millions and I mean millions on the NO need war. Screw him.

  • Add KBR’s negligence with the burn pits to the horrible birth defects caused by the use of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq , the serious and tragic consequences only get worse .

  • Chaney, Bush and Gov. Snyder and HRc should be in jail.

  • .. when will they be prosecuted ..

  • he is a greedy self-serving bastard!

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  • Why would they want them to come back healthy and operable. They may expose the dark even harder.

  • sign the ceasefire campaign to get the open burning stopped at our munitions and waste disposal plants. check out: Hold Radford Arsenal Accountable about what is going on with open burning in Virginia. this is ongoing today at home: http://cswab.org/resources/cease-fire-campaign/

  • The sad part of this is that those ppl that made the decision 4 us does not affect them in general they are just laughing about it cuz they think that no harm is going to them ITS TRUE WITCH ONE of those ppl IS PAYING FOR THOSE CRIMES????????????

  • mass murderer war criminal cheney must be brought to justice.

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  • The government used Agent Orange in the Viet Nam jungles poisoning our troops and covering it up for decades and poorly treating the suffering Vets.

  • War monger of the first degree. Pure evil.

  • For Cheney, this is nothing new. He should have been put behind bars long ago. He is a war criminal.

  • Agent orange was no. Cake walk.


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  • George W. Bush was a good man with bad advisors. Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney were bad news. Rumsfield specifically was responsible for FEMA not helping Louisiana for 3 months after the flooding in New Orleans. Dick Cheney was the one who wanted the war to be non-stop. I even believe Cheney may have been the one that advised him not to take seriously the FBI agent that found data on a future 9/11/2001 attack 6 months before it happened. Had they prevented 9/11, where would have been no reason to be scared. We might have gotten better intel with less casualties.

    • Your as big a fool as Bush

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    • Wow, all you have to share is insults?? Are you done yet?

    • Bush may have been a “good” man depending on how you define that . Regardless , he was the chief and did nothing to stop the carnage. War criminal .

    • He believed the intelligence reports like any Commander-in-Chief would. Why would he stop the war if his top intelligence advisers were not telling him that he should?

    • Robert Yeckley a good president has eyes and ears everywhere and doesn’t just believe what he is told as he is well aware that there are vipers all around him. He was a good “puppet” is a far more appropriate term…

  • he is a gun runner.

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  • He should be in prison! Every time I think about the tax payers paying his salary I could just scream! All the millions of dollars he made with Haliburton! He should be giving that to the veterans! That was the reason Bush, Cheney and their Merrymen started the war! The bastards knew they were going to get rich! We are still paying them! They bent America way over on this one!

  • Of course.. Smh this guy is a real #warcriminal

  • Sorry you went through that… Stay up…

  • Our troopers were never told about the toxic smoke from depleted Uranium rounds from Abrams tanks and 30mm from the a10 in the first gulf war either!!!!!! F’n sad!!!!!!!!

  • Hope the author isn’t planning a waterfowl hunt with Dickey

  • WHEN ? last month OR years & years ago ? YEP Cheney said “hmmmm think i’ll poison a few thousand Americans, sounds like a good idea…….

  • If this is to be stopped! Then only the Military can do it. They must grow a set and arrest the politicains that are killing our soldiers. Take the bastards out of office and try them for TREASON. They are not so rich and powerful when are we going to realize it?

    • Americans are too busy celebrating their “‘freedom ” to do anything . Everyone is worshipping the troops and Law enforcement thanking them for their service and protecting us all while the country goes to shit!

    • Exactly……

  • If you don’t know already, please wake up and learn.

  • Please share this

  • hang the bastard

  • But how does that make you feel

  • disgusting

  • Makes sense

  • Troops in Vietnam were also poisoned

  • Does anyone think Trump will be any better?

  • Never mind mentioning the ~depleted uranium~ dropped by the US on Iraq as did Israel on Gaza soon after

  • Right, it was & is deadly BUT was it known WAY back then? Info & intelligence improve as time goes on for SOME of us…others are stuck in STUPID……

  • Jonathan Gilliard Terrance Patten

  • If they didn’t give a crap about spraying depleted uranium on them during desert Storm (Aka gulf war syndrome), they sure don’t care about this either.

  • He’s an asshole….

  • For those who agree these are crimes, what practical solutions or actions would you suggest individuals do or take? Out of the 110 comments not one touched on How we can change this. After reading all the personal attacks on this post, might I suggest we start with ourselves.

  • Haliburton is one fucked up company

  • Well I guess I didn’t know about that specifically, but it doesn’t surprise me. The environmental legacy of depleted uranium in the region and elsewhere shows that we have absolutely no regard whatsoever for life.

  • Tar and feather them. While we’re at it let’s tar and feather Henry Kissinger and anyone who supports him today. That means we have to get Hillary, too!

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  • Dick Cheney…the Anti-Christ

  • It’s almost like if you are a soldier then you become an experiment and no one really cares for the aftermath.

  • Dickhead Cheney one of the worlds worst criminal

  • I was a firefighter in Iraq and Afghanistan and we fought fires in these burn pits. We were exposed to the toxic smoke and fumes. Sludge would flow across the road. Everything on base was thrown in these pits and burned.

    Companies were payed to build incinerators but pocketed the money instead.

    • Not surprising.

    • Thanks for you sacrifice and I sincerely hope and pray you’re health is alright after you’re exposure to these toxins Jarred.

  • Leon Siems

  • Disgusting, but not surprising.

  • Jason

  • It’s funny here that so many of you some how believe that your fellow citizens give a fuck about something other than themselves. In fact most Americans don’t even give a fuck about themselves or their families, i.e. consider their lifestyles. Chronic indebtedness, poor diets, alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse, an obesity epidemic striking every segment of our society to include childhood obesity rates that have skyrocketed over the past two decades. Why are these large numbers of children becoming obese? Because their parents don’t give a fuck about them. Rationalize it and make all the excuses you want but the fact of the matter is no one gives a fuck.

  • What about all the poisoning from depleted uranium? It was used on bullets, shells and armament because it’s so hard almost anything is vulnerable to something tipped with depleted uranium. It causes birth defects and malformations in children. It can be inhaled from the dust after a fire fight or explosion. It’s just like agent orange was back during nam. Those in power really don’t care how many they kill on either side of these wars they just care about their profit margins.

  • Pbs did a documentary on this.


    • That’s what needs to happen, but I highly doubt it ever will!

  • Gabliel

    Department of Defense (DoD) does all it can to keep this knowledge from the public. Soldiers are just a name and a number, and they’re thrown away when the military machine is done with them.

    Young people, think seriously about this.

  • The Masters of War hiding in their mansions when the fast bullets fly. They threaten our babies, unborn and unnamed, play with our world like it’s their little toy. I hope that they die, and their death will come soon, follow their caskets in the pale afternoon, watch while they’re lowered into their death beds, and stand over their graves until I’m sure they are dead. Cheney got FIVE deferments to avoid Vietnam — and then had the utter gall to start the unprovoked and unwarranted war in Iraq. Pos.

  • Millions of Iraqi civlians were murdered, raped, tortured and displaced,because their country was invaded and bombed for a lie.

  • Michael Bkb

    3) [email protected] <> 3 <>
    Mich-Boat Entering New Goals
    Cheney made BILLIONS while poisoning young men and women in Iraq – thefreethoughtproject.com/ American police are not happy with Beyoncé – mx.dk


  • 50-shades-of-abuse Annastasia

    The main stream Media have been very silent. Rolling Stone Magazine did expose this along with the psychopaths who started this war. All over the oil rights in Syria. You can read three articles we have on our social media pages including from Rolling Stone. We have been sharing and exposing this for months. The world needs to know. I also have family who are serving in the Middle East; senior officers. Soldiers come back to their countries, shattered, broken, PTSD, maimed and injured. Their lives quite often destroyed. They receive very little help from the Government.
    Our men, women were sent to Syria have their lives destroyed, killed so billionaire psychopaths could control the oil rights. https://plus.google.com/+AlexandriaCMGoddess3000/posts/KQ2sywgwY5b

  • pat

    this article minimizes this deliberate genocide of soldiers who have ALWAYS been nothing more than cannon fodder for criminal rackets posing as government authorities. In fact, what can you expect from a being-Cheney-who gets drunk, shoots his close friend in the face with a shot gun-and then goes on tv AND LAUGHS ABOUT IT–and dares anyone to prosecute him-AND GETS AWAY WITH IT. His version of military retirement and genocide as a bonus-depleted uranium bullets and burn pits and toxic vaccines-takes out the soldier after he or she is no longer useful as a killing machine-and deform their children and for generations on. This is what happens when reptiles rule the world–nothing but death and destruction–these parasites are so stupid they can’t see how stupid this behavior is. Rumsfeld, Cheney, Kissinger, Bush senior, Baker et all need to be sent back to Source for recycling.

  • Dave Eboch

    why is he not in jail. This guy is a fascist murder and a complete pig and we know all of this but no one does anything or makes an atempt to bring this monster to justice?

    • Cj

      He’s too high on the Food Chain. His artificial,bionic heart is not available to the common pleb… well at a cost under $10m. If there is a Hell, he will surely go there. He is to me, as despicable as Hitler, or Pol Pot!

      • Di

        He is a globalist and these people have no allegiance to the people but follow the agenda of those at the top of the pyramid such as the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds

      • Kolo

        You are indeed dumb

        • Cj

          1. Do you not believe Hitler was descpicable? If no, explain.
          2. What makes me “indeed dumb”?

  • Dave Eboch

    People bag on both Trump and Obama and neither are the monster this son of a b1tch is. I just don’t understand my people in my country anymore. I bet ISIS bought their Toyotas from Haliburton………Sigh. got stand up to this creep Murica and ask for justice.

  • LLC

    He has the heart transplanted from a 17 year old girl. He will live forever!

    • Ragman69

      He probably had the girl killed for her heart…..

      • Di

        I do hope you are wrong but evil is running rampant in the world including pedophilia and nothing would be a surprise these days.

  • What veteran was denied care? Who later developed brain cancer and died? Believe me I’m no fan of Dick Cheney, I despise the man. But whoever wrote this piece needs to substantiate what they’re writing or they’re not any better than fakestream news. Substantiate, substantiate substantiate, if you claim something happened, especially something noteworthy, wonderful, horrible SUBSTANTIATE it. Or find a different line of work. This is sloppy journalism.

    • Di

      Cheney was at the helm and was during the entire war. Wonder where our military was during 911…it took forever in research but what came up was that he had the military on stand down.

    • Richard Norgard

      Try doing a little research. Many lawsuits filed over this. Educate yourself. http://www.nashvillepost.com/home/article/20403687/soldiers-claim-war-zone-contractors-exposed-them-to-toxins

    • Maureen Healy

      I think this is a book review, no? I assume the substantiation is in the book.

      • hardyandtiny

        No, not a book review.

    • lancelotlink

      perhaps you are unable to read or are suffering from some cognitive disability. Those GIs exposed to burn pits are suffering from cancer and birth defects 3 times the normal rate. GIs are also suffering from exposure to “depleted” uranium and they are going to die early and suffer from cancer and other dread diseases.

    • hardyandtiny

      agreed, poorly done.

  • Kehvan
  • Richard Norgard
  • Richard Norgard
  • Richard Norgard
  • Riz Riz

    This is an insignificant harm compared with the mass murder of millions of innocent civilians in a war waged for personal gains through their oil companies like Halliburton.
    Criminals like Bush, Cheney and Blair should be tried in a war crimes tribunal.

  • evader2014

    They volunteered to serve the overlord war pigs, and now they pay the price. Let that be the warning.

  • Swannyww

    Cheney is a Republican, so it’s understandable.

  • Quote “This reprehensible practice proves yet again that nothing is sacred when it comes to the military machine” unquote.

    That says it all to me.

    What we have lost with the rise of national policies in North America and Europe of ‘anything for a dollar’ is all the things that former generations viewed as sacred. Ask yourself right now what is sacred to you?

    It not just Cheney although he is an pristine example of the low level of life that wins success. He tied his coat strings to a succession of Presidents until a coterie of like minded felons had been assembled to do the dirty deeds that we have been witnessing these few decades.

  • thomas moselle

    I have felt and said that Cheney and Rumsfeld should be prosecuted for their actions. This is just more information to support such a position. why not get a Special Prosecutor to deal with such investigations? How many decades since our agent Orange issue and only recently has the government admitted culpability? Do our vets have to wait yet again until they are mostly killed off at our own hands?