San Diego, CA — An extremely graphic and disturbing video was uploaded to Facebook this week showing San Diego police officers allowing a K9 to maul a handcuffed man.

The horrifying video begins as the man is on the ground in handcuffs. Instead of the officers attempting to get the dog off the man, two of them hold him down as the K9 tears into his forearm.

No commands to get the K9 to release are given and there is absolutely no reason to even have the dog near him.

Exactly why police were apprehending the man remains unclear as The Free Thought Project’s calls to the San Diego police department have not been returned. However, it doesn’t matter what the man did prior to being mauled by the K9 as he was in handcuffs, face down on the ground, and posed absolutely no threat to anyone.

The video, taken and uploaded by Facebook user Angel Nunez, was posted with the following description.

So today at work I was able to capture this go down. This K-9 officer had no control of his K-9. There is something definitely wrong with this picture. The officer doesn’t seem to have the proper training. Also that dog is not we’ll trained……

Nunez also posted another video that showed a bit of what happened prior to the man being put into handcuffs.


In the brief first video, the man clearly appears to have some mental issues. He is unarmed, wearing nothing but shorts, and walking in the street, when the officer unleashes the dog on him.

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“Show me your hands! Show me your hands!” screams the officer as his K9 brings the man to the ground.

Amazingly enough, the man manages to show one hand as the K9 tears into his wrist.

“Snap clip I captured……clearly you hear the Officer scream a command in a distinctive language at the K-9. why was the same command not giving to release the suspect????” Nunez wrote to Facebook.

Nunez brings up a good point. the officer was surely able to command his dog to attack, however, he was entirely inept at getting him to stop.

As the next video begins, the man is already subdued, laying on the ground and, for no good reason, the dog is biting his arm.

His screams of agony are hard to bear.

“I’m comfortable. I’m comfortable,” the shirtless, shoeless man repeated over and over as the cop refused to give the dog the release command.

The scene is so horrifying that onlookers begin yelling at the officers to get their K9 under control. Instead of helping to remove the K9 from the man’s arm, the other officers held him down and yelled at the witnesses to “get back!”

If and when the Free Thought Project hears back from the San Diego Police Department, we will update this story as necessary.

WARNING: Extremely graphic video.

As TFTP has reported before, the San Diego police department has a brutal history involving their K9s.

A gruesome body cam was released in December showing cops needlessly and sadistically sic a K9 on an unarmed naked man who posed absolutely zero threat to the half-dozen cops who had him completely surrounded.

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The incident happened in August of 2015, however, the body camera footage was kept secret for over a year. If you have the strength to watch the entire video, you will know exactly why it was kept a secret.

At 8:30 that August morning, police received a phone call about a naked man walking through a canyon. This man had not attempted to harm anyone and the only ‘crime’ he’d committed when police arrived was to simply be naked.

The man, a 25-year-old businessman who was in San Diego for a convention, admitted that he ended up naked in the canyon after a particularly hard night of partying. However, when seeing how police reacted upon confronting the man, you would think he was a serial child murderer.

What these two videos illustrate is the dire lack of training within the San Diego police department. These videos are evidence enough that something needs to happen immediately.


Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • Damiana

    Cops shouldn’t have “attack dogs,” plain and simple! Once upon a time, they might have been necessary, before we had things like pepper spray and tasers. These days, they’re mostly being used like THIS – as a way to terrorize and torture certain kinds of people out of sadistic SPITE, nothing more!

    • Mat Irving

      K9 units are just as relevant now as they ever have been. Obey police when they give you a lawful command and you won’t get bitten! Disrespect police and ignore their warnings, then you are asking to get bitten, tazed, belted with batons ,or pepper sprayed. The police are not out there to lose, they need to win every time and if that means setting the K9 onto a naked man refusing to comply with police commands so be it.

  • Justin

    That was really fucking awful to watch.
    Something needs to be done with the animals, and when I say animals, I am referring to THE SAN DIEGO POLICE DEPARTMENT!

  • Reuven Mizraha


  • Howard

    The cop NEVER gave the command to release. Instead he is playing a game of tug with the dog no different than giving a dog a rope and playing a game of tug with him. In this case, this is designed to look good in front of a camera but this is a blatant attack on a handcuffed man! THIS IS A CRIME. Pay attention to the way the cop is lifting the dog which inflicts more pain on the man by contorting his arm. Notice the other cops hold the man’s legs down and the other cop orders people back so they can not film. PAY ATTENTION THIS IS A CRIME!

    • Mat Irving

      In the first video the cop was trying to get the dog to release but police k9’s are trained to hold until the offender stops resisting, the guy kept struggling which made the dog hang on. If he wasn’t breaking the law he wouldn’t have a police K9 hanging off him. He got what he deserved, they both did.

      • Damiana

        One day you’ll get what YOU deserve. Sooner or later, everyone does!

        • Mat Irving

          I’m sure I will, but it wont be because I was stupid enough to disobey a lawful command from Police

          • Damiana

            Yeah, maybe it’ll be when you cross paths with a cop who doesn’t give a fuck if you’re obeying lawful commands or not, because his girlfriend just dumped him for a guy that kind of looks like you.

          • Mat Irving

            If I’m compliant and polite, and do everything the police officer tells me to do when they tell me to do it, it will be clear I am no threat to them and it won’t matter who I look like. The Police may be hypervigilant but they aren’t psychotic. The problem is people think they are special, and they aren’t! Some people think they don’t have to respect police, and they don’t have to do what a Law Enforcement Officer tells them to do. None of us are special and get to dictate terms to Police, when you are dealing with police, they are in charge, no matter how big an bad or cool or brave or stupid or rich you are, when you are interacting with a Police Officer you must comply or you will be forced to comply with force. It’s not rocket science but all these idiots who think they are special just don’t get it, and then they try to play the victim when they got what they deserved. This is the real world Mate, not a movie.

          • Damiana

            *snorts dismissively without even reading his post* Go piss up a rope, copsucker!

  • Mat Irving

    In the second video the police can clearly be heard saying “turn around!” “TURN AROUND!” The guy was naked wouldnt turn around an kept walking towards the police officers, this is threatening behaviour!! He refused to obey a lawful command from a police officer so they put the dog on him! Deal with it!! Respect the Police and obey their instructions and you’ll be fine!! Refuse to respect Police and refuse lawful commands from police and you will lose every single time!! He got bitten by the K9 and he deserved it!! He might obey instructions next time