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Disturbing Video Surfaces Showing Cop Smoking Cigar Kneeling Over Lifeless Body

New York, NY — A disturbing video has surfaced which shows an NYPD cop kneeling over a man’s lifeless body while puffing on a cigar.

The video was uploaded to YouTube this week and it shows multiple NYPD cops standing around an unconscious man laid out on the pavement. Several moments pass before any of the officers attempt to tend to the man.

The Free Thought Project reached out to both the NYPD and the video uploader. However, we have yet to hear anything back from the uploader. The NYPD said they will look into the video, however, they were unable to confirm when and where this took place.

It is unclear as to how or why the man is laying on the ground. However, he appears to need medical assistance and is receiving none.

Aside from the sadistic nature of enjoying a cigar kneeling over the lifeless body of a man, NYPD policy prohibits smoking while in uniform. This policy appears to be entirely ineffective at preventing this officer’s cigar-smoking, however.

As the video begins, the smoking officer hands something to his fellow officer and then takes a big puff. The officer grabs whatever it was the smoking officer handed him and then puts it on the face of the unconscious man. The video then ends.

The Free Thought Project doesn’t normally cover stories with such little substance, however, we are hoping that our readers can help us figure out where this was and what happened to expose any potential misconduct — as the NYPD has been no help.

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If you have any information on the video please visit our contact us page and let us know.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    I thought smoking on the job was prohibited YEARS ago!

    • Melinda Craig

      like chokeholds

  • j James

    Some of the facts dont equal all the facts. I’d hate to have your opinion of peers on a jury. You’d be like your hero, Stalin or Pol Pot.

  • IceTrey

    Gross. He’s touching the body then the cigar and putting it in his mouth.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Yeah, that’s not sanitary!

  • john winchester

    This looks like an possible overdose. You can see the cigar smoking cop try to twist something together in his hand. He then hands it to the other police officer who then twists it together. He then kneels down and puts it in his nose. More than likely it is Narcan being used on a heroin overdose. So they are rendering aid in this situation. There is not much more they can do for the male at this point except giving him Narcan. If he were to stop breathing then you would give rescue breaths and CPR is his heart stops. And yes the Cigar smoking in unprofessional..he should have put that shit out.

  • Domina Elle

    Is that another white person whose privilege card expired?

  • Mark B.

    That’s what Trump’s new law & order injustice!