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“It’s Not the Zika Virus” — Doctors Expose Monsanto Linked Pesticide as Cause of Birth Defects

As fear mongering about the Zika epidemic runs rampant, separate organizations of doctors from Brazil and Argentina are directly challenging the notion that the Brazilian Zika virus outbreak is at the root of the recent increase in microcephaly birth defect cases.

After the dramatic increase in congenital malformations, the Brazilian Ministry of Health moved quickly to link the phenomena to the Zika virus epidemic. Microcephaly is a congenital condition in which a baby’s head develops abnormally small.

In spite of all the media hype surrounding the mosquito-borne Zika virus and microcephaly, there has yet to be a scientific link proven between the two.

In a recent report by the Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), the group revealed that the area in which most of the afflicted persons live had been sprayed with a larvicide known to cause birth defects.

The chemical, pyriproxyfen, was added to the state of Pernambuco’s drinking-water reservoirs in 2014, by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, in an effort to stop the proliferation of the Zika-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The report by PCST revealed that the pesticide, sold under the commercial name SumiLarv, is manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto.

“Pyriproxyfen is a growth inhibitor of mosquito larvae, which alters the development process from larva to pupa to adult, thus generating malformations in developing mosquitoes and killing or disabling them. It acts as an insect juvenile hormone or juvenoid, and has the effect of inhibiting the development of adult insect characteristics (for example, wings and mature external genitalia) and reproductive development. It is an endocrine disruptor and is teratogenic (causes birth defects).

“Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added pyriproxyfen to drinking water is not a coincidence, even though the Ministry of Health places a direct blame on Zika virus for this damage, while trying to ignore its responsibility and ruling out the hypothesis of direct and cumulative chemical damage caused by years of endocrine and immunological disruption of the affected population,” according to the report by Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns.

In addition, to the report by PCST, in January 2016, the Brazilian Association for Collective Health (ABRASCO) published an open letter to the people of Brazil, questioning the linear analysis carried out by Brazil’s Ministry of Health, which linked the emergent congenital malformations to Zika.

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The group took issue with the ignoring of other factors that could have a direct influence on the problem and worked to minimize the fact that the widespread epidemic in the Pacific and the current epidemic in Colombia, resulted in no cases of malformations, much less microcephaly.

According to the report by PCST:

Previous Zika epidemics did not cause birth defects in newborns, despite infecting 75% of the population in those countries. Also, in other countries such as Colombia there are no records of microcephaly; however, there are plenty of Zika cases.

While there has been no shortage of theories as to the origin of the virus, the World Health Organization has been careful to not link microcephaly directly to Zika

“Although a causal link between Zika infection in pregnancy and microcephaly has not, and I must emphasize, has not been established, the circumstantial evidence is suggestive and extremely worrisome,” WHO General Director Margaret Chan announced last month.

The WHO has officially declared Zika a global health emergency and officials are carefully monitoring the rapid spread of the virus. Scientists are currently racing to develop a vaccine.

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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  • Those of us who were not harmed by DDT think we should start using it again.

  • Martha Rosler

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  • Blame random virus for problems so no one can bitch because it’s a virus and everyone hates it already. Disguise the real virus as a friendly farming company that feeds the world. Seems legit

    • “Friendly” farming company? OLOLOLOL

    • When I was young “they” said it was to feed the poorest of the world,and would NEVER be for Americans. The poor don’t want it, and they are turning to us to buy it. They lied, I don’t buy it. It’s not the plant as much as the roundup that is on it. Why don’t you eat it, and see how your body likes it. And have a friendly day.

    • The plant has pesticide built into the inside of the plant, with the DNA change, if it is GMO. It is not just sprayed on the outside.

    • Lydia Plaster as I understand it, it’s DNA has been changed so it won’t die when sprayed, just the weeds.

    • all grain crops are sprayed before they are harvested all of them. its lets them dryout to get the moisture down to be harvested at the same time other wise it very patchie and you lose to much. most croppers are still only getting 1940’s prices for grain

    • Lydia Plaster Really interesting.

    • People can see the link between antibiotic overuse & superbugs. Why not this?

    • No, the spray isn’t “built into the plant”. The plant is engineered to be resistant to the spray. If you’re going to make assertions, please at least make sure they’re correct.

    • Crops aren’t sprayed with glyphosate to kill mosquitoes… mosquitoes don’t bother crops.

    • Janice Jopin your funny, Roundup is not a pesticide, it is a herbicide, get an education or become a farmer so you will no the difference! Geez…..

    • Hmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Leslie

  • heartbreaking..

  • Amanda Joy Holt

  • Michael Burrow

  • Its all about scaring people into the vaccines and spraying more poison

  • Pathos …

  • if true,no surprise.

  • THe problem with people whose attribute is described as a ‘free thinker’, seems to be that they are free to think PREMATURELY and with LITTLE EVIDENCE.

    I’m starting to see that pattern in this site’s ‘reporting.’ For in many cases, its’ not reporting. Its OPINION DISGUISED as reporting. Anybody down there actually have journalism training where you had to take an ETHICS class?

    Moreover, if today’s journalism standards were applied to reporting CHICKEN LITTLE, we’d all be living underground.

  • No more fake news has been covering this in detail.

  • poor wee babies 🙁

  • If this virus is patented,isn’t someone liable?

  • Jamie Ferrier

  • center for people depopulation is what they should be called. Wow and they keep spraying this stuff. Who’s gonna stop them from poisoning us?

    • We are when we stop buying their products.

    • Right on^^


    • Are you talking about the CDC, or Monsanto… You can’t stop buying from the CDC since they aren’t a company. And you can’t really stop buying from Monsanto either unless you’re a farmer. If you’re a farmer than I’d imagine you’d know the benefits and wouldn’t be so anti-Monsanto…

  • Terrance Patten Jonathan Gilliard Ethan Baer Randy Wright. Fear sells. Monsanto is the real enemy of this planet

  • Yohan Vandershmutt

  • They will blame (cause?) anything to sell their worthless, poison vaccines. . .

  • shared in several groups….and on my time line ofcourse…

  • This is false. I’m deleting you guys you are getting ridiculous

    • Zzzzzzzzzz

    • How’s it false? Please provide proof.

    • It’s only switching the fear mongering from the virus to the already constant fear mongering of Monsanto which has been proven by science to not be harmful or cause birth defects

    • Every scientific oversight organization in the world agrees that GMOs are safe, beneficial and environmentally friendly. To deny the overwhelming weight of evidence demonstrating this is no better than paranoia.

    • ???? Monsanto absolutely causes birth defects… Are you kidding me right now?
      You seriously believe Monsanto is legit? Because “science” says so? Did they tell you that on the news? Oh man… You need to research Monsanto more and the hell it’s causing world wide with their oh so safe products and the birth defects it’s causing world wide..and how just about every country has banned them because of this. The virus has nothing to do with this birth defect…its the patsy , the fall guy, the distraction from what’s causing this.

    • Don’t you think chemicals being used in such tremendous masses can cause disabilities in humans? Need to find a link, I watched a documentary about this some time ago, in a different country. Everybody there knows about the problem, even farmers and the people using the chemicals. It’s experience, simply as. Never before have chemicals used that much and never before have there been so tremendously many babies born disabled.

    • I’m am seriously blown away right now you think GMO and monsanto are safe. You have kids..you are willingly putting poisons in their bellies. Poisons designed to bust a bugs belly open to kill it. The food is grown with this inside it …from the seed…then sprayed everyday with more and more pesticides. Those “scientific” studies are bs and paid for.


      Do those crops look safe to eat?? Would you let your kidss run around that garden and eat the veggies/fruits?

    • So safe you need a full body hazmat suit

    • I’m sorry that you’re buying into the propaganda and fear mongering yourselves. Doesn’t mean it’s okay to just attack someone on a social media site because you have a difference in opinion. I’ll side with PhD Geneticists on this one.

    • Omg haha

    • James Reich

    • I totally agreed with Kelly. Plus the pictures of crop spraying that are on this thread captioned with things like “…designed to burst a bugs guts open….” and something along the lines of if you have to wear a hazmat suit you shouldn’t eat it, you really should look into both the products that Monsanto offer and the actual science behind them, as in the primary literature, structure, mode of action etc instead of second hand information. You will see that that spraying isn’t a pesticide, it’s a herbicide. It kills weeds by inhibiting the weeds ability to synthesis certain amino acids. The crops are genetically modified to resist the effect of the herbicide, so it only kills the weeds, humans are not, hence the protective clothing.
      I mean Monsanto is a money grabbing corporation with very loose morals, but that doesn’t have an impact on science. To use the morals of one mega corporation to discount GMOs is unfair, illogical and counter productive.

    • **facepalm**

      I’m done responding… Learn the hard way. #ifyousayso #justfearporn #nothingtoseehere #safeasapplepie #trustthenews #gmosarenatural #goodforyouposions #eatbugspray

    • Why do you think gmo’s are banned in European countries? Hmmm

    • Products of Monsanto like agent orange? Considering that’s how they started… yeah! Let’s totally trust those who created agent orange to give us safe products to consume/use. Monsanto GMOs are in everything from your food to your tampons so it must be safe, right Kelly? You’re so ignorant it’s scary.

    • Well they’re not banned in Europe, they’re strictly regulated, but far from banned.
      And yes they made Agent Orange, under contract to the US Department of defense, as a weapon, along with other companies, back in the late 60s/early 70s. How is it relevant? If you’d read my previous comment, you’d see I’m not supporting or vouching for Monsanto. I’m saying that one company can not be used to discount the actual science of GMOs.
      And yes they are in a lot of products and no that doesn’t make them safe. Proper scientific method, investigation and testing and strict regulation make them safe.

    • Hold on science can’t be bought??? Show me the link that science has deemed GMOs safe and then find me who funded the study! Lol I didn’t realize there was a long term study done of GMOs….

    • I guess this is only “free thought” if you believe in it ??

    • You’ll have to be more specific Sara. There are many many research papers that show no negative effects of GMOs. If you go to PubMed, you can search for GMO related research and can judge for yourself on the validity of it. There have been several long term studies involving GMOs (really depends what kind of GMO you’re wanting to know about, there was an excellent one in 2014 by the University of California-Davis Department of Animal Science published in The Journal of Animal Science concerning the use of GMOs in animal feed). Of course science can be bought, that is why we class sources as credible or not, any information from a source that isn’t credible should be disregarded. If you have links to research you think will change my mind, feel free to direct me to them and I’ll have a look, I’m also open to information.

    • Link them all to me please

    • I’m sorry Sara but that is a truly ridiculous request, you are talking about hundreds of thousands of research. However here is a link to a list of 2000 papers regarding the safety of GMOs in animal feed : http://www.fass.org/page.asp?pageID=52&autotry=true&ULnotkn=true
      You really can’t expect me to provide you links to every bit a research ever conducted on the matter. Especially when they are literally at your finger tips, I’ve already directed you to PubMed, which is a database of scientific papers, all you have to do is type GMO safety in the search bar and there will be hundreds of papers there for you to read at your leisure.

    • Here’s a video of one of Ted talks that skims over and clears up a lot of misconceptions about GMOs https://youtu.be/mz4_TwdaYeI

    • Sara why have you deleted your comment requesting that I link you to all the papers?

    • First off, Monsanto hasn’t done anything in Brazil, they aren’t in charge of the GE mosquitoes, nor do they produces pyriproxyfen. Monsanto has worked with the company that produces the chemical, but they are no one in the same, so Monsanto has nothing to do with this discussion.

      Secondly, the chemical you are talking about only affects mosquitoes. No other insects let alone humans. All it does is mimic a hormone that disrupts their growth, that’s it. It’s also used throughout the U.S., yet there aren’t a bunch of newborn’s with birth defects, any suggestion as to why?

      Finally, those pictures with the hazmat suits? Yeah there are no approved gmo strawberries or rice, so it’s not being sprayed because it’s a GMO. The corn that makes its own pesticide, Bt? It can only work in an organism with a basic gut chemistry. Mammals are acidic, so it wont affect us at all and would be just used like any other protein you take in. Not to mention this very same pesticide is used in organic farming, so if you’re afraid of this for some unknown reason, you’re kinda screwed.

    • Because you gave me where to look… Rather then you give it to me I was going to do a search from the Info on what u gave me. Lol damn

    • And then you provided me another link that lm looking at…. Is that ok with you? Lol

    • That’s absolutely fine with me Sara, just seemed odd to delete one comment from a discussion. I thought that perhaps you were embarrassed because I pointed out what a ridiculous request it was, but there’s no need to be embarrassed, if you’ve not had to use a research database before then it’s understandable that you didn’t know they existed.

    • I don’t know any of you to be embarrassed it literally was within 2 mins where I deleted it. Had I of known You were waiting for me to comment I would of left it there.

    • I’m not familiar with every study out there on GMOs ….. Never claimed I did in any of my post. I said show me a study deeming them safe and then who funded them….

    • I don’t think you need to know people to be embarrassed, but fair enough, I admire your confidence. You didn’t delete it until after I replied, hence why I thought you were embarrassed. I wasn’t waiting for you to comment before you deleted it, only once I asked you a question.
      I’m well aware you’re not familiar with every GMO study, I think your previous comments suggest you are not familiar with any (credible ones), as you weren’t aware there have been long term studies and needed directed to one that deems them safe. Perhaps you should have looked into the topic before you joined this discussion.

  • Zika was discovered back in the 40’s. Definitely a pesticide as the common denominator. Other countries like Columbia have a zika virus outbreak but no deformities in infants. Just sad.

    • Janice Jopin ITs not Monsanto’s fault. It’s OBAMAS 😉

    • They are immune to the harmful effects because they got the virus earlier in life. It’s like the chicken pox also very bad for pregnant ladies but if you got vaccine or had the chicken pox as a kid you are fine.

    • Viruses mutate all the time to produce different problems… More likely than not the Zika virus mutated and this is a new symptom. Zika so far has been the only linking factor (they tested for this pesticide and couldn’t find it in people with the deformation or the mothers, but they have found zika in all of them).

    • James Reich this Zika strain was tested against know strain. 99.75% same genetic sequence- no mutation. Virologist have concerns over the lack of deformities were the virus exists in other countries. There is some inconclusive evidence that Zika “can” cause deformities..

    • Greg Byron sigh… the ranks of the lower end of the gene pool have spoken….

  • Richard Yu Zac Mackay James Robertson

  • Ariel Kay Bybee

  • Jake Hart show kelly

  • its amazing to me how people dont realize the reason we dont use pesticide like we did in the past is from GM thank u monsanto


    The NWO got busted for Zika and need a new scapegoat ~ pesticides ~ to take the rap for vaccine damage

    ► Tdap shot and other vaccines being fingered by doctors as the real cause of problems

  • Sam Grimston bloody told you ha

  • Why is this not surprising?

  • This kid look fine to me, put his ass to work.

  • Gregory Croes

  • This isn’t the first place where disabilities have been linked to the overuse of chemicals on fields.

  • Jessica Pixie

  • Obama signed that one Mons_nto bill

  • Blake Brown

  • Mickey McMahon

  • We are nothing but a giant experiment for corporations. All on how to make more money.

  • monsanto was from beginning why do you think that Zika was spotted first in brazil…

  • Valerie Phelps

  • They just want to give more vaccines. It’s funny how people worry about eating GMOs and organic and hate Monsanto but will gladly inject themselves with anything the government tells them to. #noimnotanantivaxxer

  • Anyone remember the nuclear reactor that is leaking ungodly amounts of radiation into the Pacific ocean currently an has been for years. Just sayin I don’t think your on the right track with this birth defect thing. I mean discredit monsanto that’s good an all but I think u are over looking the actual cause. It is a crime in Japan to even mention the disaster so no wonder u hear nothing about it

    • I’m with you on that theory feel like I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall. This is an alternative completely viable option to tho! As they added larve killing poison to the water supply.

    • Brazil is also the most naturally radioactive place on earth

  • Unfollowed…

  • Cecilia

  • Kalen A Klei

  • Told you so

  • Jessica Camacho

  • Interesting any validity to this story??

  • Beverley Hall

  • “In a recent report by the Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), the group revealed that the area in which most of the afflicted persons live had been sprayed with a larvicide known to cause birth defects.
    The chemical, pyriproxyfen, was added to the state of Pernambuco’s drinking-water reservoirs in 2014, by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, in an effort to stop the proliferation of the Zika-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito.
    The report by PCST revealed that the pesticide, sold under the commercial name SumiLarv, is manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto.”

  • fnord

  • It’s full of shit. Another conspiracy theory.

    • Are you seeing how many here are eating it up though?

  • I guess people on here don’t like vaccines either…smh

  • hope there ass’s fry

  • Jojo Martinez

  • No

  • OMG…i totally believe this

  • YEAH !!! FINALLY!!! Bill Gates who OWNS 70% shares in Monsanto..and Hillary endorses Monsanto..can take a leap INTO the abyss of crimes against humanity..and environmental destruction..

    • Hi, where did you get this information. What websites please?

    • Its so common knowledge now..you’ll have to Google it ..as I found out over 1 year ago ..sorry Breane

    • Total and complete lie, not a stretch, this is more Liar liar pants on fire Lie. NASDAQ shows as of today there are 371,177,253 shares of Monsanto, most articles say Gates and his Foundation own 500,000 shares. Lets see, A divided by B = Percent, that would be 0.001347 Percent … yea one and one half TENTH of one Percent. An so ya know feel free top peruse my comments, I am as ANTI GMO as they come but am also 100% about being honest. Lies do not help us! Oh, and if your response is , “well its what I read” … lazy doesn’t help either, research before you post shit.


    • Hahahaah Im vegetarian, Became one mainly BECAUSE of things like Monsanto and hormones in food, and as against Monsanto and GMO as can be. You can scroll my feed and find hundreds of posts AGAINST GMO and Monsanto. My references …. http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/mon/ownership-summary ….. http://naturalsociety.com/big-owner-monsanto-shares-bill-gates-depopulation-agenda-exposed/ …. now …. lets see yours. I will make you an offer I made someone else, show me your proof and I will gladly donate $100 to your favorite charity, trust me there’s plenty on here would LOVE to hold me to it and live close enough they would if you can show links that can be verified.

    • I wouldn’t doubt it. All of them in DC are crooks

    • Thank you Gary Morgan. And I fully agree, the media lies, the government lies, we don’t need to! We need honesty otherwise how else is the world supposed to wake up! And Dlav Gaucher their was no need to call Gary names, you got it wrong; own up to it. That’s one of the differences between us and them. We’re all on the same team here mate. Thank you for your time.

    • LOL 😉 you OBVIOUSLY didn’t Google Monsanto 😉

  • the world’s water supply has been privatized & is currently being manipulated to maximize corporate profits

  • Have no fear of zikka virus but what you are eating or drinking might be the source.

  • If this can be discovered in utero kindness would be to terminate these children…they will live a horribly cruel life and who will take care of them when their parents are gone.

  • shocking

  • So which is it? I’ve posted on both….I hate when we’re jerked around

  • Either way, that baby is still ugly.

  • So, a cover up. There has been a long history of this.

  • So tragic

  • Miguel F. Velazco

  • I would not put it past those criminals….

  • is this a legit site or a POS conspiracy theory crap..I say conspiracy theory

  • I wouldn’t doubt it

  • Bieber

    Aaaaaaaaaand the coverup begins.

  • this does not surprise me there has been no confirmed leaks to the zika virus and microcephaly only speculationwould make a great cover-up to poison thousands of people and blame it on an insect to keep spreading the poison

  • Nell Dionne

  • Louie Genockey

  • Oh that explains it. For a short time I thought it was the genetically modified mosquito

  • Danielle Garcia

  • KLynn Thompson

  • Keryn Dewolfe


  • Sick

  • Brennan Simpson

  • No surprise that Monsanto is at the root cause.

  • And theyll use it here cos everyone fears the mosquito. Wake up people.

  • Not one single person sticking up for Monsanto…..so glad to see

  • This is horrific

  • Worthy of investigation.

  • Doctors need to expose something.

  • oh my

  • are “the free thought project” and “free thought blogs” related or ran by the same people?

  • Julie Storrs

  • Amie Little

  • Lucy Roberts

  • Robyn Blanpied

    Abortion on demand. It is a woman’s right not to be pregnant.

  • Of course.

  • Good well informed article.

  • Wasn’t agent orange another Monsanto pesticide that also caused horrible birth defects?

  • Nik Ryan the plot thickens

    • Scary shit, so by trying to fix one natural problem they cause a massive fuck up, humans are messed up hey

  • Samuel Gates has shares in Monsanto too

    • Bro thats not how shares work… Also this is from the free thought project. Hardly a reputable source…

    • He’s a stakeholder in a environmentally destructive company. I didn’t even read it just more potential ammo against Lex Luthor hahah

    • Uhhh read it. Nothing got exposed. People just questioned whether the zika virus is to blame (raising good questions) and the retarded free thought project turn it into damning clickbait. Also bro, thats not how shares work.

    • Who was the Dr they interviewed? Bro I know how shares work and it is. If you put your money into a company you are increasing its capital to help perpetuate its operations in exchange for dividends and profit from share price growth. If you put money into, you support it. And thats the point. Ethical investing is a thing.

  • I wonder what the next horrible disease will be

  • make sure you look at gmo and the cross connection

  • Agent orange all over again, idiots running around science like kids with guns!!

  • Dwane Smythe

  • Jasmine Clay

  • I think it’s the tdap vaccine they were all given starting in January of 2015….

  • Jamie Lee

  • Monsanto could start making sugar and all the people who needed their tooth cavities repaired would blame that “Devil Monsanto” org. Anti science conspiracy nutters.

  • Jennifer Watkins

  • It’s time to start using DDT again for mosquito control. It’s highly effective and apparently harmless to humans.

  • oh, gee, monsanto linked to more health conditions. FFS DESTRON MONSANTO

  • what i find truly amazing is that they said it will only be 18months for a vaccine . was this planned to make big pharma richer?

  • Td Walter Segall

    I do not believe this. Zika has been connected to microcephalic disorder in too many cases in Brazil.

    • vongoh

      Well naturally, since you saw it on TV. Obviously it must be true.

      • Paul Mitchell

        … and a report by a PCST is such a reliable source .. SURELY a group a group of physicians in towns that have crops sprayed have no bias at all…

  • Need more evidence, but this would not surprise me one little bit…

  • Rachael Dyer

  • Catalina Sierra

  • This is incorrect information. Monsanto indeed uses terrible pesticides, but the Zika virus is real, and spreading so fast because global warming caused by misuse of resources (such as monsanto factory farming) has caused mosquitos populations to rise dramatically. If you are a pregnant woman in a zika infected area, please do your best to avoid mosquitos.

    • Globe hasn’t warmed in about 20 years, that’s not the problem here.

  • So here we have a headline declaring something that is NOT a proven fact, as fact. Since this is NOT fact, let’s see what we do have here. We have an anti-pesticide activist organization (Physicians in Crop-Sprayed Towns) claiming a weak correlation based on loose timing that THEIR organization’s fear dujour is to blame (bonus points for invoking the demon Monsanto even though Monsanto is not involved in this at all). Just ignore the fact that Pyriproxyfen has been used in the US and many other countries for 20 years with no ill effects. That’s irrelevant! This is not science. This is not medicine. It’s tabloid hysteria.

  • If this company Sumitomo Chemical is responsible for this horrible virus and they knew about the side effects which they probably did, then I don’t want to be standing next to anybody associated with them in a thunderstorm.

  • Paul Paul Buchspics

  • That’s all very sad

  • Julian Mattucci

  • There was nothing scientific in this article. It was kind of throwing spaghetti at the wall.

  • Only ignorants believe in such a ‘joke’! Ebola didn’t do very good. Now they made up this false flag to mandatorily vaccinate rest of the ‘awake’ ppl. It will never work.
    For example all those millions of ppl died from Spanish ‘flu’ (false flag) It was vaccine it self killed all those ppl. Government depopulation plan. Evil.

  • олег отчиев

    а что вы можете сказать об этих исследованиях ? )
    Zika Virus Associated with Microcephaly
    Jernej Mlakar, M.D., Misa Korva, Ph.D., Nataša Tul, M.D., Ph.D., Mara Popović, M.D., Ph.D., Mateja Poljšak-Prijatelj, Ph.D., Jerica Mraz, M.Sc., Marko Kolenc, M.Sc., Katarina Resman Rus, M.Sc., Tina Vesnaver Vipotnik, M.D., Vesna Fabjan Vodušek, M.D., Alenka Vizjak, Ph.D., Jože Pižem, M.D., Ph.D., Miroslav Petrovec, M.D., Ph.D., and Tatjana Avšič Županc, Ph.D.
    February 10, 2016DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1600651

    AbstractArticleReferencesCiting Articles (1)
    A widespread epidemic of Zika virus (ZIKV) infection was reported in 2015 in South and Central America and the Caribbean. A major concern associated with this infection is the apparent increased incidence of microcephaly in fetuses born to mothers infected with ZIKV. In this report, we describe the case of an expectant mother who had a febrile illness with rash at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy while she was living in Brazil. Ultrasonography performed at 29 weeks of gestation revealed microcephaly with calcifications in the fetal brain and placenta. After the mother requested termination of the pregnancy, a fetal autopsy was performed. Micrencephaly (an abnormally small brain) was observed, with almost complete agyria, hydrocephalus, and multifocal dystrophic calcifications in the cortex and subcortical white matter, with associated cortical displacement and mild focal inflammation. ZIKV was found in the fetal brain tissue on reverse-transcriptase–polymerase-chain-reaction (RT-PCR) assay, with consistent findings on electron microscopy. The complete genome of ZIKV was recovered from the fetal brain.


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  • Because we should believe everything we read on the Internet. Try again, “Free Thought” Project… and next time, attach some peer reviewed documentation.

  • Mainstream media won’t report on it so we have to keep each other informed! Please ‘Like’ (y) + Comment (even 2 words) + Share!!

    • You do know it’s not exclusive to America, don’t you? I mean, there are others on this planet that get caught up in your paranoia media too. Just sayin’.

    • I’d take you more seriously if you didn’t use kermit the fucking frog and impact text to make your point instead. Has it ever occurred to you that these virus outbreaks are actually a threat to humanity and the only thing stopping pandemic scale infections are the brave doctors and volunteers who go out there to stop it? It doesn’t just blow over after a week, this shit is still going.

    • all created in gov labs

    • and there is no chance at all of pharmaceutical companies making millions from selling vaccines to counter these “infections” that they may or may not have started thenselves…..

    • And all the between years it’s “the terrorists will kill us all!”


    • Same shit, different day!

    • The same power bans Cannabis…for our own good.

    • Did you bother to actually research this? No no you didn’t

    • Amanda Harnden lol ebola

    • There is one reason these diseases aren’t affecting more people. And yes, if left unchecked, millions of people could’ve and more than likely would’ve died. There is no free thought here. This is carefully marketed bullshit catering to uninformed weak minded individuals who believe that feeling something to be true makes you an expert, rather than actually putting the work in and becoming an expert.

    • Thank you John. These people ignore the fact that the scientific community is a shield against the myriad of life altering diseases. Their ignorance is almost criminal, especially since they spend so much energy spreading it. If only they knew the horror that could have befallen them had something like ebola successfully breached their borders.

    • “Wake up America” is in on itself an oxymoron of EPIC proportions as the moment anyone actually DO wake up in America it seizes to BE America, as that nation can only exist as a shady dream among a sleeping population!

    • I think many of us are desensitized to these tactics at this point.

      That being said, we could say THAT’S the main point. Maybe they want us bored about these things?

      I can’t keep up with what I’m supposed to be worried about.

      I’ll just grab my tinfoil hat and wait outside.

    • Andrew Thompson

    • You forgot measles

    • There is no “they”, Samantha.

    • Before I interject, Gavin, consider that corporations are people too.

      Samantha Hopes, I also believe there is a perpetual desensitization in western culture. I’ll sit with you if you have an extra hat.

    • Chris Bastin give up as you can’t help the stupid in people

    • Spencer Crouch its too bad that vaccines were shared to 3rd world countries otherwise we would not have rampant over population of starving people who can’t take care of themselves.

    • This is an easy problem to solve..is pyriproxyfen ionized or non ionized? Is it water or lipid soluable? Polar or non polar and how small are it’s particles/metabolytes? Answer these questions and you will have at least a good idea to whether this substance can cause birth defects or not. And as far as zika goes, yea it’s a new problem, to us. If malaria (an old problem) suddenly appeared in the US, we’d be pretty concerned wouldn’t we? We’d all be talking about it.. Because it’s not supposed to be able to migrate here, that’s the problem and that’s why we suddenly care.. not because of some political distraction scheme.

    • Spencer Crouch – you’re actually 100% correct. Most vaccines don’t even make the top 50 list of profitable products for pharaceutical companies. If you were capable of a single critical thought in your life, you’d perhaps see past the activist propaganda and look into it for yourself?
      Most pharmaceutical companies ‘break even’ on vaccine costs, with many making losses on them by providing them free to third world countries via the UN and WHO.

    • My mom almost died of West Nile virus, and is now handicapped.
      Its not a joke. It can hurt anyone


    • I got swine flu in 2009 from visiting China, and it nearly did kill me and my wife. None of this is a simplistic as you can describe in a clever meme, also used to create a different fear campaign. There are plenty of reasons to hate Monsanto. We don’t need conspiracy theories that are easily debunked.

    • Ellen, ^^,

    • Din nya hobby att försöka motbevisa mig i allt jag skriver o tror på Saer Skrif ? :p

    • Näää haha
      Jag tror ju inte att Monsanto är något bra ändå haha

    • Why can’t I share? :/

    • oh, because it’s a comment. Where’s the post?

    • Polio.

    • I am starting to see a pattern…..

    • same fear.. same business.. medical mafiaaaz

    • in Arabic :

    • Robin Sallabanks just what you were saying…

    • oh yeah

    • yep – mandatory vaccines with nano tech in em is a real concern. Apart from the toxins in those ineffective shots, like MMR and Flu. (read the settlements)

    • I hate monsanto as much as the next progressive person… But politicizing this epidemic makes you look petty… Especially when it is a company often associated with monsanto and not actually monsanto. You have no scientific evidence as to the actual cause and while plausibe, correlation does not necessarily prove causation. Fight with facts or you’re just a Trump.

    • This needs to be shareable…

    • All those things were pretty fucking horrible for people that suffered and died from them. We’re lucky to have doctors and scientists that worked day and night to get those things under control. Ripping the bong won’t get anything done.

    • Paula Baldassarri Jessica Ailanda

    • Ha!! That’s it!!

    • all these toxics ARE SPRAYED on our food, even by flying pesticide airplanes


    • And/or it’s all designed to look accidental, but really, it’s population control or some sort of test or preparation.

    • In 1350 the Black Death killed 75 million people, the Great Plague in 1665-6 killed a QUARTER of London’s people, the 1918-1919 flu pandemic killed more people than WWI & WWII combined,AIDS is expected to have killed 90 million in Africa by 2020 (based on current levels of infection) the Zika virus currently has 1.5 million cases in the Americas spread over a dozen countries.SARS was contained by public health measures; Flu is contained by vaccine as is TB, Polio, Measles, Whooping Cough, Diphtheria, Measles, all serious killers in the 20th Century. Malaria continues to kill millions every year. These diseases are NOT invented scares, and vigilance is always needed.

  • Spellcheck

  • With lipton tea? Ahahah

  • Jay Dean

  • not to mention you can purchase it online…

  • Chad Hoof Peggy Huckabee

  • Raymond CoteKosza, coincidence?

  • To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions. – Deepak Chopra

  • Rofl, get your narrative straight. Was it those *GASP* GMO mosquitoes? Or sprayed larvicide? I think you’re grasping at straws, and really don’t know what you’re talking about. =^)

  • Repost, so a re-response: it’s also the exact same place lots of other things have happened and are still happening. Worth looking into, but correlation doesn’t always equal causation

  • Not just sprayed on crops. Also added to DRINKING WATER TANKS. People were literally drinking this nasty chemical.

  • Far too much text for a meme


    • They sure fucked my hometown-Anniston, Alabama. 60 Minutes called it “one of the most polluted towns in America”. And the Monsanto plant there is still running

    • In this case, its Sumitomo, a subsidary of Monsanto and producer of the larvicide, pyriproxyfen

    • It’s not a subsidiary. Monsanto has little to nothing to do with Sumitomo.

  • Jacob Harris

  • John Arne Løken

  • so much tea

  • Didn’t you jump on the same bandwagon blaming GM Mosquitos?

    • U missed the point huh

    • Take the time to spell out your words when insulting someone’s intelligence.

      Correlation doesn’t equal causation. I’d like facts before media fear mongering. Isn’t that what this site is about? Facts verses just believing shit the media tells us?

    • Laura York Squires y u give a fuck about the spelling when u clearly understood what i said…n u want “factz” handed to u huh y not go n research it urself

    • the main stream media is claiming it’s zika virus, and only zika virus. PCST published a paper on Sumitomo’s larvicide, pyreproxyfen. http://www.techtimes.com/articles/133548/20160214/monsanto-larvicide-not-zika-virus-true-cause-of-brazils-microcephaly-outbreak-doctors.htm

    • One paper does not equal facts. Someone published a paper that vaccines cause autism.

      I completely agree that the subject deserves attention and research. I wouldn’t put it past Monsanto or our governments but I don’t want to cause more panic than we already have on the news.

      Btw, I’ve seen the pesticide story on mainstream media. So, they’re all over it too.

    • Because “Loowiss”, burden of proof.

      I’d explain it but, look it up.

  • Meanwhile at BigPharma;

    Get your Zika vaccines!!!

  • Exactly… The umbrella corporation

  • Plus aren’t those the areas where they released the GMO mosquitoes, trying to control the mosquito population?…????

  • Thomas Bitzinger

  • No surprises there then ..

  • we need Bernie Sanders.

  • That’s because the pharma industry has an antidote for this ‘new’ virus

  • For years this has gone on makes me wonder are they trying to scare us to death?

  • Kurt Hodel Mike Kollarits

  • Erin Brockovich Non-GMO Project Monsanto Exposed Occupy Healthcare Environmental Working Group Environmental Action Environmental Defense Fund New Mexico Environmental Law Center Indigenous Environmental Network Southern Coalition for Social Justice Southern Poverty Law Center Michigan Radio

  • the usa sprays, around all citys, maybe the people should ck it out

  • Amy Kay Leslie

    • If you want the truth, you know who to talk to. I’ve been following this for a while now.

  • Spell check

  • Matt Carmean over the past few years since my Averie diagnosis I have researched and the amount of toxins the government has exposed to us through spraying, chemicals on and in our food and the vaccines use aluminum and mercury and human tissue. Its sick

    • Hear ya my father was sprayed with Agent Orange in Vietnam.They have now showed it can be passed on from my dad to me and so on. Crazy

    • They vaccinated my son against my wishes and now he has spasims and shakes when he is upset or really excited. My grandfather had that in Vietnam too. Its Awful. That’s why I’m all about marijuana treatments.

    • Search engine lawsuit-settlements CDC-vaccines-autism…5 billion $$$$$! 8 anti-vaccine doctor’s suddenly die? Mercury? Aluminum? Formaldehyde?

    • I have an apology letter from the hospital and his diagnosis now so I may be able to do that. Thank you Rich Murray.

    • Sue Ellen Vaccarella how was your son vaccinated against your wishes? I’m currently 7 months pregnant and I’m so terrified of that happening to my baby so I’m just curious how it happened to you!

    • It was in the hospital as soon as he was born. I signed the do not consent form and the nurse said oops I didn’t varify before giving it to him. I was cussing her

    • Sounds like the nurse chose to vaccinate your baby because that’s what she wanted; then proceeded to brush it off as a mistake.

    • That’s exactly what happened. I called the hospital to file a report and got a lovely letter apologizing but when I asked for the legal team they shut up. Now he just turned three and has issues since he was born. Autism severe SPD an he spasm and tenses up if he is upset he shakes if he is excited he shakes. He can’t control it it wakes him up.

    • Suellen, a homeopath and s naturopath can work together to move some of the harmful materials. Thuja homeopathy, and different cleanses can make quite a difference. Ask around until you find a homeopath that is very familiar with postvaccination procedures. There are things that can be done. For a nervous system reboot, I would recommend that you Google this very interesting researcher who offers treatments in Orlando: Svetlana Masgutova. I have taken several of her courses and have had some amazing successes with her procedures. Her instructors with more experience have better success than I. Both of these procedures are what I would do if this happened to my child.

    • Heather MacAuley he is now 3 and my almost 5 year old too. Can this help both of their issues with autism and sensory. My daughter has more learning problems .

    • You bet. The Masgutova method is for sensory motor re-integration. I have a physiotherapist who ordinarily does not work with children but my interest is chronic pain and this overlaps very much with sensory motor integration problems. Then I had a head injury and got some problems of my own. Fortunately one of my friends has also been taking the courses too and she has helped me. Truly so much can be done. Before I knew about this method, I was referring patients to a practitioner who is very skilled in applied kinesiology. That is literally what it is called so you may find someone who does neurological applied kinesiology if you were to google it. But getting the additives out of their system goes along way towards facilitating the brain to do it own reboots. Because of my work, I have had fascinating conversations with people that are very skilled in these sorts of areas and I know that lots can be done. Not every practitioner is equally knowledgeable, and sometimes you have to do things in a certain order. But just don’t give up. Masgutova has a treatment center in Orlando because it is pretty easy to get a kid to be willing to go to Orlando. There are courses for parents as well, so the sensory reintegration can continue at home.

    • A really excellent procedure, and one that the treatments start with, is called the embracing clasp or embracing squeeze. You warm up your hands by rubbing them together and start at the bottom of the body doing a gentle pressure by wrapping your hands in a cup shaped around the child’s foot. You gently press in for about five seconds and take five seconds to come back out so it is a wave. Then you move your hands up the width of your hands and do a slow pressure to a strong degree on that area as well. The point is to increase their proprioception so they can really feel the muscles and their bones. This helps to centre them and tell the brain where the different body parts are. You slowly work up the limb with your warm hands squeezing in a very slow methodical way and do all four limbs. You can then also use two hands and parts of your forearms to try to envelop their trunk and also work your way up. It is rather time-consuming but it really helps to put the brain online. As this was done for me, my concussion dizziness faded and faded as my brain could once again sense my body parts.

    • Thank you so much?

    • tin hats provide great protection from all this! Try it!

    • Kerry Day I personally know five children who were damaged by vaccines and were in comas within two hours of getting their shots. This shit actually happens.

    • How about you not be an internet troll and if it isn’t important to you then you know scroll on!

    • I wish there was a way to reply to these people personally. This person may never actually see our disdain for them. Sue Ellen, feel free to ask me other questions if you want to; it is definitely an area that I have knowledge in.

    • And our life expediency has went from 60 (?) to 80 (?) Damn science.

    • Bob Bjorkquist no it did not. This is a decade in which the life expectancy of the average North American actually dropped by several years. Most of our increase in life expectancy comes from sanitation and instructions on things like handwashing and vitamin D.

    • Heather MacAuley bullshit

    • Lol, OK, Mr. Miagi.

    • Heather MacAuley science plays the largest role ie vaccines, early detection cancer and heart disease . surgical procedures

    • So you’re advocating homeopathy…… hahahaha

    • Yes I am. Homeopathy done by a professional got rid of my concussion dizziness in two hours flat after I had had it for 28 months. I’ve been using it for over 30 years and it has never disappointed me.

    • I treat my kids with oils

    • Also good. There are so many things that are available. Spread your wings.

    • Moving to Colorado to treat them with cannibis oil too.

    • See if you can identify a city in Colorado that has lots of natural pathic and homeopathic care. You don’t want their treatment to be just a one note song, revolving around cannabis oil. You want access to other really fabulous practitioners as well. Sorry for trying to tell you what to do; hopefully you know what I mean.

    • I just had a thought. I just remembered that the top instructor that works with the Masgutova Institute works in Denver. She has decades of experience working with children with neurological conditions and is an occupational therapist, if I remember correctly. She has traveled with dr. Svetlana Masgutova to teach in North America and Europe and has worked with her at weeklong children’s camps where kids are treated and parents are trained how to treat their children. Her name is Pamela Curlee.

    • Thanks. We are moving an hour outside of Denver. That is so helpful truly thank you.

    • I really hope this whole thread is a joke. Homeopathic treatments? Squeeze treatments? Are you people insane? VACCINATE YOUR FUCKING KIDS. I MEAN HOLY SHIT, WHAT YEAR IS THIS???

    • Mila Firefly take you trollself on and watch you mouth about a women’s child whose has become disabled because of vaccines. How about educate yourself on what goes in each vaccine?Not what you have heard or what is told by doctors. How about really look at the research? If it doesn’t have anything to do with you why act like an troll hiding behind a screen.

    • This research you did. I’m surprised you have the equipment necessary to test what’s in a vaccine. Must have a big home lab.
      I’m saying this because surely you don’t count googling vaccines and reading a few 3 paragraph pages counts as research. Also there is mercury in tuna, better not eat sea food.

    • You people who comment just to comment on things you know nothing about are in need of prayer.
      I don’t have time for the ignorance of people who comment on things that are not relevant to them. Its look like being around someone with vomit of the mouth. They can’t help but here themselves.

    • I’m extremely educated, thanks. Vaccinations don’t cause disabilities. Idiots who rub oils on sick children rather than taking them to doctors do. Remember that time you had Polio? Oh right, you didn’t. Because of vaccinations. Remember that time you went deaf from scarlet fever? No? Oh right. Because of vaccinations. I’m very sorry that a child is ill but claiming formaldehyde in a vaccination caused it is as idiotic as saying the sulfur dioxide in rain cause birth defects. You don’t need to pray, you need to find a good doctor.

    • The squeeze treatments are neurologically suitable rehabilitation procedure that is used to increase a persons proprioception. Since you do not specialize in this, you cannot talk about it. It is the same as the weighted vest that people with autism wear. It is the same as the weighted insomnia blankets. Mila Firefly you’re obviously not a rehabilitation professional like I am, or you would not say such stupid things.

    • Actually the injections of mercury and aluminum cause the issue. Polio and scarlet fever still goes around. Oils have been used since the birth of Christ. Vit K shot has mecrury as well. Injecting it in babies can cause death and disability. I guess you haven’t watched your child react to them and then become a disabled child like Millon’s of parents have. Mila Firefly how many kids you have ? How many Austistic kids do you on know

    • Chemicals only sound scary to people who refuse to learn what they’re for and what doses they’re toxic. Don’t hide behind a child’s disability to rationalize your fear mongering.

    • Mila don’t be silly. For those of you who are laughing into your sleeves about homeopathy, you’re obviously not aware that in Russia to study homeopathy you already have to be a medical doctor. It is a four-year university-based specialization available only to MDs. You were not aware that there are many hospitals in Europe that routinely use homeopathy on the floors. You got brought up in a culture that likes to pretend that this is silly stuff and you have fallen for it. The rest of the world is not as blind. Do you think the medical doctors in Russia are more stupid than your amazing selves?

    • All look you can Google info from a website. Well there we go. I can’t deal with truly uneducated people.
      I notice you haven’t said how many kids you have? Are you a top chemist, pharmisist, neurologist?
      I have the countries top Peds Neurologist in this country in my phone and I’m in his. What other than internet do you get you valid info from?

    • Sue, sweetie, if you get to pretend to be an expert on science based on nothing but a few organic articles on the Internet, I certainly don’t need to validate my education or experiences. I stand on the correct side of history, with science and intelligent thought. I sincerely hope you never have to experience first hand, with your own actual body, the suffering of being told that your legitimate excruciating illness is something that can be cured with touch therapy and herbal remedies. Educate yourself.

    • I give up. You have no clue what you are talking about. I pray you never watch it happen to your children or yourself like my family has. You are a circle talker but that’s OK. I have these things at my disposal along with real life application. Heather MacAuley thank you so much. I will add you so I have your info. I’m gonna delete this threat for all the insane trolls that think they know what they speak about.

    • I’m glad you gave up. I was ready to give up myself. Your ignorance is astounding, and you do nothing but spout off junk philosophy that was debunked in the 1400’s. Read a science book please.

    • If you are ever near John Hopkins medical message me I will introduce you to the leading drs on this info you think I don’t know.

    • You don’t, but it’s fine. You won’t change your mind. I would like to know, though, if you got cancer, which I genuinely hope you don’t ever experience, who will you go to? A real doctor or a homeopath? Just curious.

    • Birth defects do not come from vaccinations. Say it loud, people. Don’t let fear mongering keep you from protecting yourselves and your children from real preventable illnesses. Autism does not come from vaccinations. Seizures do come from vaccinations. We need to raise our children to be less afraid of scary sounding chemicals and more afraid of the lunatic with the incense and the prayer beads saying they’re going to cure us.

    • Please tell me your field and education on these things. I will gladly hand over the drs at Hopkins and KKI that I work with in regards to this exact thing. I’m curious if you are willing to give up what your back ground is.

    • Lol to some random crazy person on Facebook? Yeah, let me pull up all my personal details.

    • I don’t have anything to prove to you. I just hate anti-intellectual thought presented as rational thinking. It isn’t. It’s reactionary. It’s fear mongering. And we’re done here. I’m done making you look stupid.

    • No personal info other than your actual education background and field of expertise on this. Show me you know more than what Google shows you. I don’t need you school or employee info. Maybe what degrees you have or the field you work in.

    • Well see that’s very narrowed minded. I am putting out what I know who I know and what top hospitals I work with. The only thing you are giving is your opinion without facts on how you came about this information.
      I think by the not answering of any questions an actual educated person would have ease answering shows you are doing a fine job of looking like you jumped on a thread that you want to comment on and give your input. If your screaming science, What’s your degree in what is you field on the matter. Heather MacAuley has openly spoke her expertise.

  • you mean business ?

  • mon satan

  • Jack Hurst

  • sounds like viet nam all over again

  • More population control. …..

  • The hell it isn’t my business.

  • Kerime Sert Polatli

  • David Edwards

  • Where is the sourve?

  • the assholes are killing us with pestacides

  • Wilfred Aguilar

  • Whaaat daaa fuhhhk!!?

  • By the way Kermit, That lipton tea you are drinking is loaded with fluoride….


  • Isabel Bonilla

  • Daine Haughton

  • Another coincidence in this “rule of law” world. How ironic this virus appears right where they’re spraying.

    • A.) WTF?

      B.) You don’t know what the word ironic means.

    • Spraying what you retard? You can’t even get the BS right let alone check against the facts!

  • Marc Blondeau Julien Gauthier Desrochers Arthur Limoges jai lu un article la dessus srx on a trop pas a s’inquieter !

  • Business

  • Sandra Bachmeyer

  • Monsanto needs to be charged with crimes against humanity

    • except for the part where they had absolutely nothing to do with this one…

    • Nicholas Jankowski How is that?

    • So your ideology is, spraying a potentially lethal pesticide near people which ironically should help them… Should be banned. And the company should be shut down and the employees jailed. By that logic, every family in America that used to spray DDT should be imprisoned along with the chemicals makers.

    • It’s the same kind of company so does that make it all right And DDT was not known at the time to be so toxic?

    • In penny’s defense I think they mean the broader damage done not just this one “incident” js

    • The chemical is not a Monsanto product. The Japanese company Sumitomo is not a subsidiary. whether or not the chemical is found to be responsible, monsanto was just thrown in as click bait

    • Blaming Monsanto for anything and everything is a crutch for tiny, crippled minds… So much for “Freethought”. I’ll take the mainstream professional media thanks.

    • The only thing main stream media has ever been good for is saying what they have been told to say.

    • Adam Micheal Wilson – whatever – but the science is still correct. The scientific community has said it’s not the larvicide that’s caused this. The fact that a dozen conspiracy sites repeat it doesn’t make it any more true.
      This particular larvicide has been in use in over a hundred countries around the world for over 20 years, and NOT ONCE has there been a microcephaly outbreak such as experienced in Brazil.
      It’s only an anit-pesticide doctors’ group in Brazil that is making this claim.

    • You are an idiot

    • And Earth! Crimes against Earth!!!!

    • Being from Hawaii (which has been the new target area for gmos for the past 20 years or so) I can tell you that any dumbass defending mansanto needs to also be jailed. It’s literally ruining all our soil.

    • Snopes is run by a husband and wife……. Not a legitimate source to check facts.

    • Jacob Sanders. Exactly! No matter how you feel about the health impact of eating the G.M.O. There is no denying that the herbacides and pesticides they use, in ever increasing amounts, is killing the micro biology of the soil. That part of the conversation is almost never brought up?

    • You do realize that the whole point of GMO crops is to decrease reliance on pesticides?

    • Agreed

    • #ramiassaf it’s to implant virus and other DNA to produce poison on the plan. Like growing it’s own pesticide. . It’s sick… but they also deal with other things not JUST go seeds

    • Alex Cabral Gaspar oh yeah, but organic farms can spray BT toxin all over their crops and you wouldn’t blink an eye.

    • Alex, bro… Caffeine is a natural pesticide produced by the plants themselves. Plants have always created their own pesticides. It’s part of survival.

    • Or capsaicin. You know, what gives peppers their heat.

    • They really need to as MDS to the DSM VI when that comes out.

    • Don’t forget nicotine in tobacco plants.

    • You need to be charged with crimes of stupidity.

    • The top brass of Monsanto are the untouchables; being the richest of this planet. How to fight them??????

    • Dana Marie and who exactly runs this site? Some fat whacko loner kid from his moms basement?
      At least Snopes LINK to the actual science and reporting that PROOVES what they are claiming.

    • Helga Zuijdam really? Last I heard, the Monsanto CEO isn’t even in the top 500 globally…

    • Alex Cabral Gaspar you apparently have no concept of either genetics or biology.
      No, not ‘implant virus’… Do you even know what a virus is?
      No, Monsanto deal specifically with agri-business. But if you’re talking about bigger GMOs, what about these:
      If it wasn’t for GMOs, most type 1 diabetics wouldn’t live past 35. All commercially available synthetic insulin is GMO.
      Sweet potato is a NATURAL transgenic GMO, where the DNA of a soil bacteria got into the DNA of a plant all by itself. No human involvement.

    • Crimes against humanity? What have they done, specifically?

    • Crimes againest science? crimes againest ignorance? get your shit together and dont argue againest ppl who got a phd about the topic while you dont even understand what the hell they are talking about. You dont have to learn eveything, just listen to what experts say. Easy.

    • … also see:

    • No wonder they seem to be untouchable, the ex CEO of Monsanto is sitting in the FDA now !!

      WAKE-UP eople !!!
      – Just follow the #MONEY !!!


    • The minute you start yelling at people to “wake up!” And be as enlightened as you, you should stop and take a deep breath , and then realize you are the crazy one. That’s how it works. Every time.

    • Monsanto does NOT need to be charged with crimes against humanity. They need to be CONVICTED of crimes against humanity, including, but not limited to mental distress and murder.

  • I hate that stupid nosy fucking frog.

  • Patented 71 years ago.

  • population control?

  • I have problems agreeing with a meme with such horrible spelling. Seems to detach a level of credibility to the point by making me aware how stupid the person actually is that made it

    • I can let the business typo slide, it’s just two letters reversed. “Coincidently” just shows me they have no idea that the word coincidentally even exists, which is worse

  • Luciana Da Câmara Placido Di Lorenzo Magdalena Teixeira de Oliveira

  • *Business

  • Live in fear!

  • And lipton’s do not use mosanto chemicals ??!

  • Fucked upppp

  • Jessica Kan

  • Tara

  • ……

  • April Turner

  • Dimitri Vallejo

  • Them chemtrials

  • Lana THornton!!!!

  • Taylor

  • Of course

  • The MSM is a cancer on the world and especially on the USA.

  • Anna Hussein FYI….

  • I was just in Rio for 2 weeks. It’s odd to me I only noticed 1 mosquito my entire time there and I had zero bite marks on me. Maybe I was just lucky

  • Boom!

  • Elli

    • Dude, it’s the monsanto larvicide idiots and they are paying to cover it up. Messin with our vacay is NOT cool!! So interesting…

  • Jeff

    • Also coincidently…millions of people are being diagnosed with Lymes disease….which coincidently was discovered at the exact same time Fluoroquinoles started being used heavily….

  • It’s not even a Monsanto larvacide, dipshits. Check your sources. “Free thought” shouldn’t mean “No thought”.

    • You get what you pay for… Lol

    • It’s is actually Monsanto’s chemical. It may be developed by a third party in Japan but the chemical is used by many big corporations

    • Drop the Monsanto name and the story remains the same.

    • Drop the Monsanto name and you get no clicks.

    • Two things…I’m not the OP, and I’m not looking for clicks.

    • Good thing I wasn’t referring to you.

    • It’s a Japanese subsidiary. Easier to pass the blame

    • It’s not even a subsidiary.

    • Ross Trent, so why did you use the word “you?” YOU should be a little bit clearer so that people like ME will not take your reply personally.

    • If I changed everything I said because of what people like you might take personally, I would have nothing to say.

    • Who cares what it is they shouldn’t be putting chemicals in water tanks accept for the needed ammount of cleaning chemicals. Why add a new chemical when everything is already okay?

    • Ross Trent i am happy for you, that you actually know where the shit comes from. Thank you for this very important information. Otherwise I could have thought…….

    • Hamid Reza, you don’t know what the shit is, what the shit does, or where the shit came from. All you know is you saw the word “Monsanto” and that was your cue to be outraged.

    • The fact that you fail to admit your mistake speaks volumes of you.

    • Let me fix it for you, “If the OP dropped the Monsanto name he/she would get no clicks.”
      To which I would have replied, “you’re right about that.” See, easy fix, and I can still reply to you with no worries of having nothing to say.

    • FFS, I was using the word “you” broadly, meaning to say in general that if you, someone else, or anyone for that matter wants a headline sure to generate outrage among the scientific illiterate, they simply namedrop Monsanto. Sorry your reading comprehension failed you. Now let it go.

    • Ok, you win…gotta go!

    • Ross you are a foul mouthed imbecile

    • Strong argument. You totally disproved my point.

    • Just out of curiosity Ross Trent, if it doesn’t have Monsanto’s name on it, then who’s name is on it?

    • Do yourself a favor and research it yourself. Or you can continue to form your opinions based on Facebook memes. Whatever, I’m done giving a shit.

    • Where does one go to find a trustworthy site? I’m afraid I’ll end up somewhere with just a lot of “opinions” much like what I read on FaceBook.

    • Maybe it should be renamed “thought free”.

    • They’re brainwashed idiots being duped into believing this environmentalist,pseudo-science crap, dude.

    • Are there faggots on here legitimatizing the poisoning of Life?

    • There is no “poisoning” going on. Do your own research and you would realise that.

    • Good grief! People basically agreeing with each other…. And still arguing. Sigh

    • P.s. I don’t mean all of you x

    • James Duro explain the “do your own research”. I should become some sort of a scientist or hire a team of researchers? Or listen to you? Frankly I don’t have an opinion on this subject one way or the other but it is concerning and I’m suspicious of all the medical engineering going on.

    • They are connected to Monsanto. Ross: You’re what I call a “smart idiot” wasting time and energy on meaningless things. Put your mind to use doing something useful. You don’t think Monsanto makes enough money to cloak themselves by now. There might be some good coming from genetically modified everything you get your hands on, but I doubt it. No going back now. We’re all modified in some way by now. Viruses have been around longer than us. They help w adaptation and are necessary. It’s know-it-alls like you, Ross, going around fucking shit up bc they think they’re so smart that the world would be blessed by their gifts going around tinkering w things they shouldn’t be tinkering w. A humble scientists, a truly wise and smart scientist (well rounded/not just one kind of smart) would keep it in the lab until they knew what they were dealing w. Smart idiots defending smart idiots…whadoyou know…

    • I failed to see a single point in that ad-hominem laden rant.

    • Steve Erickson not to mention media engineering also going on…!?!

    • Joe the chemical is called Pyriproxyfen, manufactured by an independent company by the name Sumitomo. Not clear scientific evidence to link microencephaly to the chemical….. Yet

    • Can someone please provide a paper trail or some sort of evidence, rather than hearsay and circumstantial evidence that backtracks the chemical to Monsanto ? Because without PROOF you are making ignorant allegations, and spreading misleading information.

    • Steve Erickson or you can continue to form your scientific opinions based on info from internet memes. Doesn’t seem very logical thinking to me. I was referring to maybe researching the topic a little further online. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

    • James Duro the problem with the information age, is that anyone can make any information they want, and people more often times believe it. We have become to rely so much on the internet, that we hardly take the time to research anything any more. In short we have become lazy, stupid, and naive. People have turned against legitimate science based medicine and backed wooery, people believe more from David Wolfe than they do people who have YEARS of training and degrees, and publish studies and research. Yet most frightening of all; people believe a .com over a .edu or .gov because they have been misinformed and mislead to believe everything is a conspiracy, and that the government is out to get you.

    • We have been modifying good for hundreds of years people. Wake the fuck up

    • Hahahaha! http://www.lmgtfy.com I thought that people on here were thinkers.

    • Bliss Poppet lol

    • Kellie Cobb – read more on the Sumitomo site. They are ‘partnering’ with Monsanto on a big agri-project in Asia. They (Monsanto) have NOTHING to do with either the larvicide nor the Sumitomo product.

      And the application in Brazil was undertaken by the WHO as part of a project to try and eliminate mosquitos who are causing hundreds of deaths from Malaria and Dengue Fever each year in the regions.

      Monsanto involvement = 0. Not hard to find if you don’t just read conspiracy theory sites.

    • Go to snopes if it’s a viral Facebook post, or just use fucking Google.

    • 1) The larvicide isn’t made by Monsanto it’s made by Sumitomo Chemical’s – here is their response to the claims http://sumivector.com/…/sumitomo-chemical%E2%80%99s…

      2) Pyriproxyfen has NOT been shown to cause birth defects (it is NOT a known teratogen). This is entirely being made up.

    • Bliss Poppet saddest thread I’ve ever read ISTFG!!!

    • The point, Ross, is that you have no honor. It’s almost like a bully picking on children. I’ve been studying all this stuff and anything relative for a long time. I don’t go around kicking greenies in the head. And this message is also for the people that liked your comments. Encourage the fight against these greedy, power hungry pricks. They’re ruining people’s lives, not to mention, the planet. Use yourself for good, use your energy to fight them.

    • “Pyriproxyfen a larvicide added to drinking water to stop the development of mosquito larvae in drinking water tanks has caused the birth defects.”

      It hasn’t

      “The authors said that the pesticide, known by its commercial name SumiLarv, is manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto.”

      They aren’t

    • Chris Gallacher also the birth defects are not just in areas using the larvicise

    • Like i said before, this bs is environmentalist,propaganda. Nothing but internet conspiracy hysteria bs. With little to NO actual scientific evidence to back up it’s absurd disinformation.

    • Something that is suppose to stop the development and birth or something else…can in no way effect something else that is trying to develop and be born….. yea…okay… and the fact that it has been proven over and over with how they can falsify documents… they are only going to put out what you want to see….what will make it sell. Just think for yourself. I gauruntee there are other options/ways of handling this other than harmful chemicals

    • Kaylee, pyriproxyfen has been around for ages, it’s even used on pets in domestic preparations. The fact is, there is extensive testing that has already occurred, which has arrived at a conclusion of low to no mammalian teratogenicity. This is based on evaluations by multiple regulatory organisations, the WHO, as well as the manufacturers themselves. To claim that documents have been falsified would involve paying off scores of scientists and regulators across many organisations in different countries. It’s quite an elaborate scheme to bribe this many people, when you really think about it…

    • Correlation does not equate to causation. This is a perfect example of that.

    • “You have a right to your INFORMED opinion, nobody has the right to be ignorant.”

    • Kaylee Nicole – it would affect you if you had insect hormones. Do you have insect hormones, Kaylee? Because you don’t understand how it works doesn’t make it dangerous.

    • You actually have a right to both. Ignorant people are happy people. Sometimes I envy the hell out of them.

    • I think this quote is timely and relevant:

      “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

    • Some facts I haven’t seen around here:
      1 – all the main (proven) causes of microcephaly are related to mal-nourishment;
      2 – Zika virus has not yet proven to be a cause of such a disease;
      3 – No public propaganda of any kind in Brazil against microcephaly talks about any of its probable causes, except for the Zika;
      4 – I’d hardly be surprised if Monsanto main areas of production which are the same for the microcephaly rise in Brazil had anything to do with this company’s chemichals (be it that larvicide or any other).
      5 – Brazilian government is more interested in protecting its corporate sector interests than duly informing its own people on what is really going on.

  • Send all media to Brazil.

  • The larvicide is not made by Monsanto, check your info again.

  • Shit Happens

  • “While the situation with the Zika virus is still evolving, there is a real danger in blaming a lone virus for any problem. It is not unlike the obfuscation of the real problem with Polio, where a single enterovirus (there are many) took the blame for a paralysis that would not have been possible if the population had not been well applied with DDT.
    The existence of the Zika virus has been known for many decades, but all of a sudden it has become a big problem? And a vaccine waits in the wings? Those are two red flags right there. How about the red flag that Brazil, ground zero for the crisis, uses more pesticides than perhaps any other country in the world – many of them banned in other countries?””http://bolenreport.com/zika.htm

  • Diseases mutate and adapt to be stronger just like any species. A pandemic is definitely gonna be the cause of alot of deaths one day.

  • Can’t trust Monsanto

  • Buisness?

  • These acts are comparable to WAR CRIMES !

  • Abigail Jane Sayers – sounds like something.

  • I love how people think you don’t have to worry about anything. There’s a lot to worry about.

  • I was under the impression that the chemical caused the virus- but if it’s been around for only 60 years what initially caused it

  • And I heard the moderators of this site were heavy methamphetamine users who will post unfounded and misleading conspiracy theories just to get clicks… but that’s none of my business… sources, what sources ?

    • Then why are you here?

    • Matt Murray He probably works for Monsanto .

    • David must be a moderator lol

    • what sources you want??? Facts are validated… except it is actually 70 years not 60… But spraying the water to cause birth defects in mosquitoes is true. Maybe your Google is broken? use another search engine then.

    • John Hanna Nice try, but it’s a ‘virus’, and not chemically induced … USA Today – “It’s ridiculous,” said Marques, of the purported link between the chemical and microcephaly. “These guys come out of the blue, and people believe them, with no evidence at all. It really shows the lack of science education among the public.” http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2016/02/16/experts-dismiss-claims-pesticide-not-zika-causes-birth-defects/80451116/

    • John Hanna Or are you so obtuse as to suggest that this Kermit Meme is discussing the tragedy of birth defects in Mosquito’s?

    • As far as I’ve found, there is currently no strong causal evidence for either claim. That article proves nothing except that the Brazilian government has a vested interest in suggesting that one option is the cause. For every article that says it’s zika there’s one saying it’s pesticides. And the point that while the zika virus has not been previously linked to birth defects, but the pesticides have, is the only bit of information I find even a little convincing. That being said, nothing is known for sure until more research comes out, so this argument is silly to have.

  • Really!? Wow.

  • aaaand mandatory DTAP vaccines administered into the pregnant women there… who knows

  • Ummmm…. “business”!!!

    • “Coincidentally”. It’s like this page is run by 10 year olds lol

  • Wow!

  • Declan Ashley Thomas McCarty

    • Every time Jay ?

    • That’s all fair and well jay, but why do you have to bring Kermit into all this, it’s not easy being green.

  • Natty Urquizo

  • Not home right now, just want to make sure, is this 100% confirmed? Please let me know, thank you!

  • Amanda Cotton

  • Beti Solsalgado The truth is out there. SMH

  • Monsanto represents all the evil and greed in the world. So sinister this corporation.

  • Payday Monsanto

  • Evidence must be based upon 60 day gestation period for humans, seems legit

  • some links leading to research on the link between cause and effect would give this more weight, I think

  • Leanne McKenzie

  • Monsanto is dangerous people.

  • Irvin Glanville

  • Glyphosate can’t melt steel beams!

  • Follow the money

  • Angela van der Meer

  • wow.


  • Charlene Lichtash

  • Lindsey Hinshaw Essing

  • James Vernon

  • Jessica

  • Please fix the meme.

  • Freethought Project=as dumb as antivaxxers, apparently. I’d have thought you understood and accepted science. ☹️

  • lol…just sayin’

  • You have violated FB terms of use policy and this page will be banned.

  • Brazil also happens to be where the genetically engineered GE mosquito was released….

  • Just fyi, Zola has been around for a lot more than 60 years but genetic sequencing has proven a recent mutation that also coincides with the current outbreak.

  • The Mainstream media hasn’t reported anything but the election for the last 2 months . Is there even anything going on that we aren’t being told about?

    • That’s just the mainstream media in the states. My news is not covering the elections at all.

  • Meme writers should always use spellcheck. 🙂

  • It’s not even larvicide! It’s worse. Genetically modifies organisms so they cannot reproduce. Halts essential development of nervous systems and other important tissues (ie. Brain tissue) fuxking idiots..

    • Wrong. There is no GMO crop that is designed not to reproduce

    • Hahaha are you serious? It’s not meant for fucking crops… it is designed to kill bugs

    • No Trent, it doesn’t ‘genetically modify’ anything. I’m studying biology at univeristy, and nothing you’ve said is correct. I’d like to see where you read that rubbish.
      It affects the growth hormones released by the larva, effectively stopping them reproducing by preventing their reproductive development. It doesn’t modify any genes, but works on the hormones expressed by the insects.
      These hormones are NOT produced by humans (they are purely entomological), and to be affected at any level a human would need to drink about a teaspoon of undiluted larvicide a day for several days.
      Or, based on the water content in the affected area – about 1000 litres (250+ gallons) of water every day. Which would kill them.

    • So what you’re saying is tampering with hormones in nature by releasing chemicals into water supplies will have no inherent effect on humans. Ok. Got it

    • I forgot science is a complete subject that will never change… fuck off

  • Gary Johanik

  • Wagner Silva


    • LOL I hadn’t even noticed that one!!! I thought the “typo” comments were meant for “coincidently” lmfao

  • Monsanto is slow death!

  • Brenda Lowry

  • no Zika, no Monsanto (this time) it is a vaccine that all those mothers have in common

  • Gemma Read, get down there Geo they need ya girl x

  • You mean a larvalcide that has existed and used unchanged for decades with no problems reported? Compared to a virus capable of changing, adapting, to transmit to and infect animals better…

  • Christopher B. James

  • Stefanie Barrett

  • That moment when the Lipton tea he’s drinking is full of Monsanto pesticides.

  • Rockefeller foundation, 1947

  • Kermit doesnt give a F***

  • Luis Aberto R M

  • Karim Peerbux

  • I don’t usually share memes with spelling errors.

  • Carlota De La Herrán Iriarte

  • If you want to be taken seriously then spelling words like a 3 year old kind of looks pathetic. Just saying.

  • Oliver Daniel

  • https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/zika-virus-microcephaly-and-calls-to-bring-back-ddt/ the middle of this article breaks down the correlation seen betweek zika and the specific birth defects seen. These defects are not seen in any testing done on this particular pesticide. This is a complicated problem but fear mongering around a bs rumor isn’t going to help anyone during this investigation, in fact if it is zika it could end up hurting more people who are being protected by this product.

  • The more fear the media can spread the more they can control the population on behalf of governments and special interest groups. What happened to all of the acid rain that was going to kill everyone?? Guess they gave up on that one….

    • Acid rain is still happening and it is dissolving the coral and limestone all around the world. Coral and limestone is where a lot of carbon is held safely for hundreds of years. Carbon is being released into the atmosphere because the coral and limestone are dissolving and releasing age-old carbon that should’ve been held safely. That is the consequence of the acid rain. No one talks about it because we are the frogs be slowly boiled to death and we have learned to ignore it. But climate scientists are very concerned about the coral and the limestone. That is nothing to do with media tried to control the population. When it comes to this sort of crap, that we need more fear not less. And we need a very large amount of distrust of big corporations.

  • #repost

  • Charles Lockley

  • Rodney Austin

  • Kirsten Quinn

  • Kelly Fugate

  • Thanks to Kermit for keeping us all informed! Keep up the good work!

  • Libby Payne

  • I need references…that is sacred for me.

  • Right!
    Yet another ploy to shift the blame from the VACCINE every mother of a deformed baby had FORCED on her WHILE PREGNANT!
    I HATE Monsanto too, but vaccines are the issue here.

    • Do you have any proof that all these mothers had vaccinated their children, Liz? Or, even better, what vaccines and whether they were actually “forced” as you claim?

    • Babies were not vaccinated.
      Pregnant women were.
      Forced thru government “health programs.”
      Vaccine identified by LONG string of letters & numbers.
      ONLY those vaccinated women produced encephalitic babies.
      Unvaccinated women are producing normal children.

    • Any proof or evidence of all of those claims?

    • Microcephalic not encephalitic… Smh

      And no there’s probably no truth to the idea it’s due to vaccines. Infection rates don’t even correlate with contraction rates, and are localized rather than nationwide as were the national standards for vaccination.

    • You are an idiot.

    • The area worst off is an area with almost zero access to health care, which means no vaccines for anyone…. you’re an idiot. And you’d think if vaccines caused it,it would be a global fucking issue.

    • Elizabeth Phoenix I blame Jenny McCarthy for your unfortunate ignorance.

    • Your nonsense is more dangerous than the original post. There is not one scintilla of evidence that the crap you are posting is in any way accurate.

  • Hey Ross Trent ….!!! ROUND UP IS …!!!! (a Monsanto product) don’t be a fool ….

    • Wrong chemical

    • Also Roundup is a brand name. The chemical it represents is manufactured by several companies in comp. With Monsanto.

    • Indeed it is, Ronnie. Roundup is Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide. What does any of that have to do with this though? This is not about Roundup or glyphosate, and Monsanto has nothing to do with this insecticide. Don’t be a fool indeed.

  • Ah Monsanto again….. The sooner that company is a past tense the better hope every body BOYCOTT Monsanto. whether on not this one is them or the so called vaccines this is one corporation we can do without.

  • THIS the media should be covering. Since they won’t, we need to get the word out. SHARING

  • Personally, I loathe Monsanto and hope its board members all contract bird flu.

  • I think it’s time to stop following your page. Monsanto is for sure an evil company but you did not even check your facts. This chemical is NOT made by Monsanto ! Two minutes of hunting around and I found out the truth. Why don’t you all try that before posting your bullshit.

    • I even went a little further and tried to find a connection to Monsanto and there simply is not one.

    • Shelia Lovett could you explain to me who is involved in this then? I am curious & would like to know the actual truth!

    • You can’t google?

    • Shelia Lovett because that’s the attitude to have when somebody actually wants to stand by you & hear real information. Damn grumpy old lady.

    • Oh look at the youngun trying to school me on manners. LMAO

    • I read last night that the company that makes the larvicide is a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto

    • Bet Sheila feeling salty af right about now

    • The producer of the pesticide (which incidentally has been used for ten years and there is no evidence at all it’s linked to the virus) is produced by Sumitomo who happen to be a supplier of Monsanto, but there is no ownership link at all, stop being sheeples and learn to think!

    • Not owned by or a subsidiary then is it, spot all the lies and stop believing BS

    • Pretty close though. The main point is that there is larvicide in the drinking water?


    • Shelia Lovett do you by any chance work for Monsanto ?

    • Shane Kern Wow – forfeit any credibility by accusing people who have facts that contradict your beliefs as ‘shills’? You lose.
      I don’t have ANY association with ANY biotech. But I’m not a gullible idiot who can’t check facts either.
      Sumitomo make the larvicide. The WHO initiated the program to spray it in Brazil. Zero connection wth Monsanto.
      The only connect that anyone can find is that Monsanto is partnered with Sumitomo (by providing seeds) on an Asian agri-project.
      And regardless, the actual scientists are now saying it’s nothing to do with the larvicide – The US (and globally) has used this larvicide without incident for over 20 year.
      Talk about a load of fabricated [email protected]

    • Kellie Cobb – yes, by providing seeds for an ag-project in Asia. Nothing to do with a larvicide in Brazil.
      You realise they’re on two different continents, right?

    • Today on the news they said that the Parmesan cheese has wood pulp in it. We do not know what we are eating or drinking

    • It’s not “wood pulp” it’s cellulose and is harmless Again, do some research.

    • Shane Kern I hate Monsanto just as much as anyone else but what I hate even more is SHITTY reporting and downright LYING just to get a damn story!

    • Hillary Clinton LOVES Monsanto????

    • Heather MacAuley because youve never had to experience living in the tropics. Larvicide and chemicals pale in comparison to dengue, yellow fever, and malaria, and chikunguya… And many many more

    • Shelia, if you found who made the chemical simply post it to make your point, otherwise you sound same as you criticize.

    • It’s in the thread, Sumitomo make it, please try doing the basic research! Sheeple………

    • I agree simon, but I am saying it is best to paste it instead of telling people to look, many don’t know how.. like this;


    • and Sumitomo is associated with Monsanto… according to this article.
      I am sure there is a club of poison makers that have conventions and discuss what poisonous cocktail they want to dump into nature next.

    • “Associated” by providing them seeds for a project in Asia.

    • John Hanna, you’re pathetic……you watched too much Captain Planet as a kid!

    • Because it doesn’t fit into their conspiracy theory.

      Confirmation bias at it’s finest. There’s a reason why people who use the word “sheeple” have low IQs and inflated egos.

    • Ddt was fine for decades too (sips tea) I do remember people like you guys defending ddt also

    • John Hanna I completely agree with what you’re saying. Thousands of people have come across this post on Facebook, they read it & believe it, they didn’t take the time to go google around to make sure it was the “truth” so if you’re someone like this angry Shelia lady why wouldn’t you post the truth that she obviously wants everybody else to believe instead of being rude when somebody ask for the information…. Like how idiotic is that? She made a public comment on this picture stating that it was completely wrong & when asked why it’s wrong and what the truth is she gets an attitude, I thought the point of her comment was to inform but apparently not.

    • Emily, rather than get holier than thou, why not point out that she actually did answer the questions posed to her?

    • Michael McElroy Nah.. I just checked… It looks like everybody else answered, not her… Not sure if you can read though, it’s cool.

    • Or that John actually posted complete BS?

    • “Nah.. I just checked…”

      Oh, so you’re illiterate AND a liar!

  • Citation or STFU!Did you think maybe if the virus has been around for 60 years that there may be other factors involved for the uptick besides blaming Monsanto? Maybe global warming? Maybe humans becoming more numerous? More awareness? Maybe do a little actual research, read real scientific papers and not just jump on the conspiracy band wagon you simpletons.

    • first human case was accident in a lab where a monkey had zika and was being studied. But since then Zika has been around almost 70 years and not one case of birth defects in Zika where it originated. Several other countries have zika too… but all of a sudden in Brazil a reaction happens and spreads like fire… and then stops again… not spreading outside of Brazil… the zika yes, but birth defects no. But if you just like to argue and dislike research, then I waste my time talking to you.

    • Kevin M Burgess , name calling and or insults. My trolling was successful. How’s if feel to be fished in so easily? Always so easily manipulated are you?

    • Lol stfu david

    • Lol David If by fished you mean how does it feel to post an article that very effectively proves the meme’s point and a comment that pokes fun at your trolling without actually name calling at all, then I’d guess that Kevin feels pretty good about his post.

      Thanks for the article Kevin, it was helpful.

  • Kendra Rose

  • First, proofread your spelling.

  • Maryka Orion Teltoe

  • Ana Silva Casey Cox

    • Hhhmmm interesting
      Dunno if I trust hermit the frog to tell me it’s okay to have a baby, but its worth looking into!!

  • The real story that actually should be the Featured story about Zika is that Zika was a created virus and patented by Rockefeller in 1947 .. Look it up .. Real facts .. Why is NO ONE talking about this?

    • Because it’s not true, Joseph. There is no ‘patent’ on it. What you probably saw was the screenshot someone took of a laboratory service company website, that had the name of the person who logged the virus for the first time – who happened to work for the Rockefeller Foundation.
      This is NOT a patent form. Even if it was, patents only last 25 years… do the math.

      The company site it’s on is one that sells samples of the virus to researchers who want to study the virus itself. The little ‘TM’ means Trade Mark – that just means the name they sell it under is registered under the Trade Marks Protection Act – not the product.

      Being a virus, it’s undoubtedly mutated many times since the original logged virus in 1947. It’s actually closely related to Dengue fever and West Nile virus.

      This is why no one is talking about it. It’s not even remotely true, and people (generally) aren’t that stupid.

  • You do know that viruses mutate, right? Right?

  • Big story with the Olympics in one of the most toxic atmospheres and waters in the world

  • Joseph Tannous

  • Same stuff had been sprayed since 1958. The company that makes it isn’t Monsanto

  • Yes I read an article yesterday about it. Scary stuff.

  • Yes put in the water reservoirs!

  • It’s actually all of our business, at the very least to sound the alarm and expose evil.

  • Samantha Klingner Kate Nesterwitz

  • Neal Young has been trying to expose Monsanto for years.

  • Robby Teeling

  • Simply shocking. 😛

  • The Saint Louis valley is suffering the same problem….Lots of Anacephalic and microcephalic…but there is not an incidence of mosquitos here…JUST PESTICIDES!!!

  • The situation is heaven for speculations.


    If you have time to go to YouTube and you will find all sorts of conspiracies. Pick your choice

  • Suzy Jones what I was saying!!

  • Interesting…..!!!, food for thought

  • Kermit can’t spell because of the Monsanto residue in his tea.

  • Anthony Cazacu this seems like a you thing.

  • This is only loosely connected to monsanto and has absolutely nothing to do with Monsanto’s crops. It is obviously the culprit of the birth defects and monsanto is a nightmare but the two are not linked with each other at all. This larvicide is to prevent mosquito larva from being present in drinking water.

    • During that time those same areas were being subjected to massive amounts of radiation emitted by a giant solar mass pointed directly at earth. Coincidence?

    • I read that the larvicide is made by a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto

    • Which may perhaps not be correct but I have also seen posts that neighboring countries that do not use the larvicide don’t have this explosion of microcephaly. It is hard to know if the truth will come out because we know how much the big companies cover things up.

    • Heather MacAuley Its made by Sumitomo who are a supplier to Monsanto and have a partnership on weed killers, you need to check more on the veracity of what you read!

    • to say Monsanto and Sumitomo are not connected is like saying Baptist and seventh day adventist are not connected. different branches, same tree.

  • VickyWalsh Seamy Mulgrew

  • Cindy Davidson

  • OMG

  • Jake WernerCarlos H. Rodriguez

  • Bryan Jenerette

  • Dustin Barca

  • SURPRISE !!!!!

  • Don’t let the media cover up the truth of Monsanto’s poison.

  • #spellchekcyouermemms

  • Valerie Ann Cazares

  • This is proof that people don’t pay attention to their environment events happening.

    Ebola, Zika, has always been around. The media, uses your own ignorance against you and it works!!!

  • Jeremy Oleson

  • Gov. & scientist killers :/ population control :/

  • when will they pay for their crimes?

  • DDT was better. Good stuff!

  • This is where we pause and THINK.

  • Monsanto trying to kill us all!

  • Wow wtf??? What’s the point of putting extra chemicals in the water? There is no good reason for that.

  • They spelled business wrong…

  • No way!!! Lol

  • Deise Reinert Morris

    • Also Colombia or Bolivia, has been having the Zika virus all over and there is no case of babies been born with microcephalic

  • Things that make you go hmmm.

  • Don’t believe everything you read folks. Check facts first.

  • Valerie Crist


  • Ellie Couture

  • yes

  • thank you guys for keeping us informed about MonSATAN’s latest evil.

  • hmmmm, why WON’T media report?

  • Yep!


  • Anita Aslı

  • what about the GM mosquitoes they dropped there a while back?

    • appears to be no provable link to the GM mosquitoes

    • thats what they say- …

    • Yep, no link to that. Those were just engineered to fight dengue fever…

    • Entirely different species anywho.

    • The male Gm mosquitoes seem harmless, but when they breed with the native mosquitoes and the offspring actually survive, you are left with a new breed of hybrid modified larvae hatchlings which nobody can say are safe. The Geneticists may tell you it’s to help things, but it’s not helping things. Some of these scientists just get paid to do as they are told. Don’t mess with nature, mankind has made it thousands of years without genetic mods, and all that can change easily with one wrong mod via butterfly effect

    • John D Cairns – except that EVERY food you eat has been geneticallly modified through selective breeding or irradiation (heat, infra-red, electromagnetic etc). There is barely a food on this planet that hasn’t been modified by humans to be more bountiful, pest resistant or edible… since agriculture began 10,000+ years ago.

  • Tottaly wrong. Do you know portuguese (Pt-Br) ? If yes, please read this:

    • Yep….this story is crap.

    • I’m not defending Monsanto, but this kind of article is a hoax.

    • French have found traces of zika in people with microencephalia in micronesia and polinesia and no sign of pesticide… Things never so simple…

  • “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”
    ― Rumi
    (Visit our page for more)

  • You idiots —-
    The Facts about Monsanto, Zika Virus and Microcephaly
    Monday February 15, 2016

    You may have seen misinformation and rumors on social media regarding Monsanto, the Zika virus and microcephaly. Unfortunately, this misinformation causes unwarranted fear and distracts from the health crisis at hand and how you can take steps to protect you and your family. Here are some facts:
    •Neither Monsanto nor our products have any connection to the Zika virus or microcephaly.
    •Monsanto does not manufacture or sell Pyriproxyfen. The product is a larvicide, and Monsanto does not manufacture or sell larvicides.
    •Monsanto does not own Sumitomo Chemical Company.
    •Since 1997, Sumitomo Chemical Company has been a trusted business partner of Monsanto in the area of crop protection. Sumitomo Chemical Company is a participant in the Roundup Ready Plus(TM) program, and it also supplies Monsanto with herbicide products.
    •Glyphosate is not connected in any way to the Zika virus or microcephaly.
    •GMOs have no role in the Zika virus or microcephaly.

    The Zika virus is a tragic and critical health issue. Dealing effectively with such an important health threat requires a focus on the facts. As a science-based company working to help meet some of the world’s biggest challenges, we support all efforts to combat this health crisis. We hope all efforts will be taken based on the facts, not rumors.

    • Everyone supporting MONSANTO SHOULD BE SHOT !!!

    • Obviously on the Monsanto payroll

    • Obviously you’re a crackhead who works for this killer Monsanto, you should also eat shit and die !!!

    • Idiots?

    • Tom, how about u STFU loser

    • This is true. It is not a Monsanto company that I can tell. However, it also not the Zima virus which has been around 60 years and never been related to birth defects before now. It is possible legal that it’s the pesticides, again though I has been used since 2004. Not to say the way they are using it couldn’t cause a difference in outcome. More research is still needed.

    • the truth will come out eventually. somethings not right …

    • The dangers are always there so you’re full of shit about needing more research, it’s poison and that’s all that killer man makes 🙁

    • ANYONE that believes ANYTHING Monsanto says is an idiot & I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona for you….FREE!!!!!!!

    • Tam Tam Daniels Stephens Shit = Monsanto,let them just eat the monsanto,it’s safe,just ask them.

    • Where did Ebola disappear to? H-1? Just poof went away

    • Tom, you sound like you’re delivering a sales pitch for Monsanto.

    • Tom sob

    • Monsanto or our products? Yeah, I bet you are really being objective about this.

    • Patricia Uilani Pfältzer He is

    • Monsanto is still being charged with crimes against humanity correct?

    • Yeah, you’re having good luck with that story in Europe are’nt you

    • Oh yeah,of course,,silly me.Just like the hysteria surrounding ebola a few years ago which up and disappeared..what a pack of lies that was,,whether Monsanto is implicated or not,this no doubt is another example of big pharma/money trying to cash in and fear-monger..you will have to do better than that to convince me.

    • The “idiot” label was meant for “the free thought” people who make money tricking you clowns to visit their site and prompt the adds. However since so many of you accepted the label – I guess you all own it.

    • There is a reason organic food is served at the employee cafeterias at Monsanto

    • SHILL!!

    • As a representative of Monsanto, as you clearly are, you have assumed the public are idiots for too long. Now people are waking up to your ways, all that is left for you is tantrums, name calling and many many law suits.

    • Louise Dear Idiot – just because I took the time to actually investigate the facts doesn’t mean I work for the company. Monsanto’s statement is easily verified by the Brazilian government so it leaves them open to massive lawsuits if not true. However should you choose to continue to believe all corporate institutions are evil – go for it.

    • No, not ALL corporate institutions are evil — but Monsanto has been proven, time and time again, that THEY truly are. Ask Maui residents, who actually VOTED them out of the islands last year, how they feel about them. Btw — Monsanto filed a suit right the next day after they lost the vote, to stay on Maui. Residents are PISSED. It sure does give one zero faith in the voting process, if a corporation can sue to stay, even after they were voted out by the populace, fair and square.

    • Tom Cavallero You said neither Monsanto or OUR products.. Unless you just copied and pasted those statements from their website, thus rendering them biased and inaccurate…

    • You don’t actually believe that, do you?

    • And he starts the sentence with…. you idiots.. lol

    • Tom Cavallero, going to the site of the company in question and asking them if they’re guilty of crimes against humanity is a little more than stupid. So before you start calling people Idiot, perhaps you should make sure YOU are not the real stupid, foolish ass.

    • Oh so Monsanto said this is not true? Oh well, that’s reassuring. No reason for them to lie…..

    • Liza Jasmina Stirling Get off your entitled ass and check it out. Monsanto does not manufacture or sell Pyriproxyfen. The product is a larvicide, and Monsanto does not manufacture or sell larvicides. Or just bitch and snivel like the rest of these idiots who will buy into any conspiracy that comes along.

    • Ok – for you ignorant fools. Larvicide Manufactured By Sumitomo, Not Zika Virus, True Cause Of Brazil’s Microcephaly Outbreak: Doctors http://www.techtimes.com/articles/133548/20160214/monsanto-larvicide-not-zika-virus-true-cause-of-brazils-microcephaly-outbreak-doctors.htm

    • Eric Mackrell – because he stated a fact? So if anyone DARES state that they believe something different, I don’t know… based on evidence or facts…. they “MONSANTO SHILL”?? Really?

    • Louise Dear you are behaving EXACTLY like the people you are so obviously against. You are on “Free Thought Project” page, yet rather than investigate and “THINK” when someone contradicts an assumption, you toe the party line and scream “SHILL”. I have NO love for Monsanto or any other corporation, but I’m not so blinded by irrational fear and BS as to blindly accept what is told to me by an activist either. If you think you are capable of reasoned thought, why don’t you look for yourself? Perhaps you won’t be a sheep then?

    • Devin Culley – how is that different to everyone calling him “SHILL” as soon as he contradicted your assumption? I think the moment he was accused of ‘working for Monsanto’ – with no proof other than ‘he doesn’t aggree with my ranting’ – you lost the intellectual high ground.

    • Tam Tam Daniels Stephens … Which ‘killer man’? I’m pretty sure Monsanto is a corporation…

    • So much stupidity on this page. And sheep calling others sheep.

      Hey, just found out a real fact. I’ll post the link soon, but the Zika virus has been directly linked to the Easter Bunny.

      No, it’s true. A friend of a friend saw a YouTube video that explains everything. I haven’t seen the video but I believe it because I’m gullible and it’s the kind of conspiracy theory that I want to believe.

    • And if you don’t agree with me then you are a SHILL!

    • Wait, I forgot the rest. You are a MONSANTO shill. You’re with BIG PHARMA, BIG AG, BIG blah, blah, blah.

    • I trust no statement from Monsanto, bottom line. This is the company that has been directly linked to crimes against humanity. Who is in charge of the FDA in the US, a former Monsanto executive. Who produced Agent Orange used in Vietnam = Monsanto. Sure Sumitomo is a subsidiary of Monsanto, they are all out to protect each others interests. It’s high time the people in high places face the due justice they deserve, from these money-machine chemical company executives, the crooked bank executives, wall street tycoons. They will all meet their fate someday. The people are slowly waking up and we all outnumber these slime balls.

    • Eric Mackrell Idiot – it wasn’t them. Get your head out of your ass.

    • Tom Cavallero aka ” copy and paste troll” YOU get your head out of your ass! Anyone who is so defensive about Monsanto or any o these MF, genocidal companies that are killing this planet where unfortunately people like you live, is a paid troll or a simple IDIOT. Go to sleep and don’t forget to swallow a cup of that yummy glyphosate, your favorite!

    • Idiot – it wasn’t Monsanto’s product. Stay on topic.

    • Did you even read the article you posted?
      The chemical, which is known as Pyriproxyfen, was used in a massive government-run program tasked to control the mosquito population in the country. Pyriproxyfen is a larvicide manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a company associated [PDF] with MONSATO. However, PCST has referred to Sumitomo as a subsidiary of MONSATO.
      I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but it seems to state the connection clearly.

    • VeeVee Oquendo Ya I did and I also looked for independent facts – not just idiot supposition. Since 1997, Sumitomo Chemical Company has been a business partner of Monsanto in the area of crop protection. Sumitomo Chemical Company is a participant in the Roundup Ready Plus(TM) program, and it also supplies Monsanto with herbicide products. They are not a subsidiary – they are customer for products that are also sold in the US.

    • VeeVee Oquendo – so Monsanto partner with Sumitomo on a Japanese ag program and you say “Proof”
      So, by your logic, you could blame anyone for anything, because there are associations

    • Tom Cavallero “get off your entitled ass”? What the hell does that even mean?
      Just because I don’t consider a copy/paste of a statement from Monsanto as obvious proof, that makes me gullible?
      I never stated an opinion on the subject, I simply questioned the validity of your “evidence” because I will “buy into conspiracy that comes along….!”

    • Tom Cavallero Why are defending these monsters?

    • Nick, Tom suffers from cognitive dissonance.

    • Tom, don’t you see the similarities between the two companies on the grounds of moraless choices that are a detriment to human beings? Yes, they should be using the right names of the companies. The bigger picture here is companies making these decisions should be held accountable for thier actions. I am curious do you believe that Monsanto is a good company that concerns themselves with the health of the American ppl? Again, the correct company names should be used.

    • VeeVee Oquendo I have no love for Monsanto or any other corporation. I have a great distaste for commercial web sites such “free thought” who capitalize on the ignorance of it’s followers to make mo0ney disseminating half truths and Bull Shit.

  • Cameron Barron MONSANTO its that seed i was telling you about

  • here you go kathy stager and dan

  • Really? Cite it, we both know you won’t.
    Fear mongers.

  • Hmmm….free thought censors posts?

  • vaccines

  • Correct this meme please. You’re grilling the WRONG company? Pyriproxyfen is manufactured and distributed by the Japanese chemical manufacturer Sumitomo Chemical Company which is NOT owned by Monsanto.

    • monsanto deservest it,they may not be guilty for thisbut its done alot more to people then this zika shit

    • They are, however; a strategic partner of Monsanto.

    • Not with regards to the chemical in question.

    • Kody Whitty, that’s not much different than saying they’re all humans and you are too, so YOU’RE responsible. Thankfully, in the real world that’s not how liability works.

    • But to avoid liability companies have clandestine partnerships.

    • Who gives a crap its bought and used by MONSANTO TRY AND CHANGE THAT FACT THEY ARE MURDERERS CHANGE THAT FACT !!!!

    • Kody Whitty – so blame them anyway? Makes sense.

    • Jerry Agee – Ummm… no, not bought OR used by Monsanto. Bought and used from Japan by the local Brazillian authorities. I have no love for Monsanto, but blaming them because ‘Monsanto!’ is intellectually lazy and makes you look stupid.

    • Have they not been partners since the 90s?

    • sooo bring more ropes

    • I’m sure Lazy Boy private labeled that shit and sprays it willy-nilly whenever and wherever as well. When ya “RAID” the cathouse arrest the piano player too!

    • Lisa Rae do you understand business? They are partnered in other projects – nothing to do with larvacide.

    • The problem is both these companies are involved in producing chemicals with questionable safety profiles.. its not like Monsanto hasnt already been linked to many health issues with its own herbicides.. both companies are guilty of knowingly producing and using chemicals that are known toxins and carcinogens to humans and animals. We have been pointing the finger at Monsanto a long time for good reason. Their track record is appaling so thankfully we still have enough free speech to speak our minds here and tell you Ronald Alan Davis go spray yourself!

    • All the facts speak for themselves Ronald

      ot A Coincidence?

      According to the Physicians in Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), a chemical larvicide that produces malformations in mosquitoes was injected into Brazil’s water supplies in 2014 in order to stop the development of mosquito larvae in drinking water tanks.

      The chemical, which is known as Pyriproxyfen, was used in a massive government-run program tasked to control the mosquito population in the country. Pyriproxyfen is a larvicide manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a company associated [PDF] with Monsanto. However, PCST has referred to Sumitomo as a subsidiary of Monsanto.

      “Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added pyriproxyfen to drinking water is not a coincidence,” the PCST wrote [pdf] in the report.

      For instance, the Brazilian Health Ministry had injected pyriproxyfen to reservoirs in the state of Pernambuco. In the area, the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which carries the Zika virus, is very high, the PCST said.

      Pernambuco is also the first state in Brazil to notice the problem. The state contains 35 percent of the total microcephaly cases in the country.

      The group of Argentine doctors points out that during past Zika epidemics, there have not been any cases of microcephaly linked with the virus. In fact, about 75 percent of the population in countries where Zika broke out had been infected by the mosquito-borne virus.

      In countries such as Colombia where there are plenty of Zika cases, there are no records of microcephaly linked to Zika, the group said.

      When the Colombian president announced that many of the country’s citizens were infected with Zika but that there was not a single case of microcephaly, the allegations soon emerged. Some 3,177 pregnant women in the country were infected with Zika, but the PCST report said these women are carrying healthy fetuses or had given birth to healthy babies.

    • Jay Barnett – another problem is that people who don’t understand science quickly assign blame based on coincidence and partial information.

      Pyriproxyfen has been used globally for years (without any such issues occuring). The hormonal interference component only affects hormones found in insects, not humans.

      Unfortunately, the reporting coming out of Brazil seems to be dominated by anti-Pesticide doctor’s groups.

      From a senior science lecturer (Dr in Pharmacology)
      “Pyriproxyfen acts by interfering with the hormonal control growth cycle of insects from hatching, to larvae, to pupa. This hormone control system does not exist in organisms with backbones, such as humans, and pyriproxyfen has very low toxicity in mammals as a result.

      An adult human would need to eat a teaspoon full of the raw pesticide to reach the threshold levels for toxicity seen in animals. In terms of how much is present in water reservoirs that have been sprayed with pyriproxyfen to control mosquito larvae, a person would have to drink well over 1,000 litres of water a day, every day, to achieve the threshold toxicity levels seen in animals.”

      Please – read this – from actual scientists with no connection to pesticide manufacturers (this is my alumni):

    • Oh no! Now you’ll all have to go back to blaming ZIKA!

      Unless you’re not an idiot, then you can just wait and see what can be conclusively proven.


    • Monsanto is partnered with them and probably ordered the spraying so they are to blame

    • Jason A. Miranda – No. Are you not able to read the links posted? Monsanto are partnered with them on a Japanese Ag Program – nothing to do with the larvacide.

      The spraying was ordered by the WHO as part of a pest control program due to the high incidence of Malaria and Dengue Fever prelevant in the area (of which Zika is related).

      But … facts!

    • Just; use’ all” the: punctuation, marks Adam Harris

    • Terry Hill “…intellectually lazy and makes you look stupid”

      Their grammatical skills give that impression already; blaming Monsanto for everything regardless of facts just further proves it.

    • so how do we know the Brazillian authorities that dumped this stuff in the water supply got it right? Perhaps they put way too much of it in? How knows what happened, we can only guess and make calculated guesses. Something is causing this and the evidence does not point to the virus or mosquitoes at all. Some circumstantial evidence points to this chemical that was put in the drinking water. Im not convinced its as harmless as been said. The same was said for decades about Monsantos Roundup, and we know better now that Roundup is actually dangerous. Please dont cite webistes that say otherwise. There is a lot of lobbying and hiding of facts and spin doctoring on the netb from manufacturers and their apologists. I appreciate your posts Terry Hill, you may well be right on some points.
      But lets see.. I suspect its not all black and white and it sure as hell isnt Zika virus.. something is been covered up here, whatever the real cause is. And it may just turn out to be a gross miscalculation of dosages!

  • Isnt it amazing how OUR government is protecting big business at the sake of humans? Why do they continue to allow this to happen in OUR country, love?

  • Yesenia Martinez

  • Perhaps more than coincidence?

  • Sheila Rambo i guess you’re safe to travel to Puerto Rico lol

  • And there isthe truth (Monsanto the killer) he needs to eat his own shit and die !!!

    • Do you even care that Monsanto didn’t make the larvacide? It’s pretty easy to check. It’s made by a Japanese company (that isn’t owned by Monsanto, either)…

    • he is still poisoning half the world

    • “HE”? It’s a corporation… you know that, right? Not a person.

    • Well I meant the head of that company is equal to a salamander or peanut shit :/

    • So you don’t care that the meme is actually a lie? This doesn’t make you think…
      “Hmmm, well, how much of the other stuff have they blamed on Monsanto, which I base my assumption that they are poisoning half the world, is ALSO made up?”

      I don’t have any love for Monsanto, Tam Tam, but if you are on a ‘Free Thought’ FaceBook page and believe everything you read that confirms your own personal confirmation biases without question, I’m afraid you don’t understand what ‘Free Thought’ is.

      And by swallowing things that are not true because you like the sound of them, makes you no better than the Mainstream you are against.

    • I don’t believe everything I hear, I have free thought and decision making skills so I take everything in and digest it, research it and then give it more thought if interested before making a final decision. This Monsanto company is an evil set of people and yes they are poisoning the world, them and others like them and they need to be stopped :/ hey maybe they’ll poison themselves, that’s a great free thought, hahahaa

    • Tam Tam Daniels Stephens – I am an educator who works in very technical and scientific fields. I am passionate about teaching people to think critically and to be able to recognise propaganda (manipulated half-truths). This is why I am commenting on this page.

      You say you don’t believe everything you read, yet then state “Monsanto is an evil company”. How did you come to that conclusion? How many websites and stories did you read that showed the positive things the company was doing? None, I’ll bet.

      Let’s take Agent Orange, for example. – Do you believe they invented it? They didn’t. Do you believe they knew it was dangerous and did nothing about it? They didn’t! They DID know it would be dangerous in the way the US Government was planning to use it in Viet Nam – because they actually sent official correspondence to the Department of Defense to warn them of the potential harm – however the Defense Department basically ignored them. From THIS fact, the anti-Monsanto religion has just chosen to take “they knew it was dangerous!” out of context to paint them as evil.

      Please, if you are truely capable of critical thought (not just emotive decision making), look at both sides of an arguement.

      From a purely business perspective, how dose poisoning your customers make business sense?

    • Terry Hill No I have not read anything good about this company and I don’t think they really care about their customers, they care more about getting rich at the expense of others :/ sad /crule

  • Alyssa

  • How long have they been sprayed ?

  • Fixed a huge typo.

  • Glynn Gromelski Anthony Gromelski

  • Yep keep dumbing down Monsanto people keep dumbing it down!

  • Wow…yep, just one big coincidence…Huh….
    really ??!!

  • You spelled “Sumitomo” wrong, dummies.

    • Science. For a start, Sumitomo made this larvacide.

  • Crystal Guadalupe

  • Wide scale panic?

  • Word

  • in washington state, a year before the zika scare began, in a monsanto ag county, there began an epidemic of babies born with microcephaly! there is no mosquito issue there, only a monsanto one…

  • I dont understand one thing the can not find the solution but the onow what is the name of the virus. Good job

  • As data was collected some things did not ad up, somme areas with Zika had little problem with microenchaply. the GM mosquito idea is somthing similiar to what was done with screw worms

  • But when they spell a simple word incorrectly on a meme with an important message smh

  • Of course!!

  • thanks for the Intel.

  • Hmm

  • Evil fucking bastards. Shared.

  • Monsanto is poisoning the world.

  • For sure they want a reason to invoke marshal law!

  • Jason Seymour

  • Hey Brittany Pannell shocking amirite?

    • That’s a major thing!.. and Brazil gots their own version of the mandated TDap for pregnant women (2014). It’s curious to me. All of it.. In the least.

  • Heather Perry

  • we need to spray all who work for Monsanto with their chemical Round-up

    • Sumitomo. You meant Sumitomo? You know, the company (not owned by Monsanto) that actually made the larvicide? Pfft.. Free thought. Not from you!

  • And Depleted Uranium has no adverse effects on us either,just a coincidence…….Pffffft

  • Anthony Wasem

  • Monsanto doesn’t make the larvicide that was sprayed, you fucking dolts.

  • mmMNO Way

  • Hannes Daa Fuuq

  • Adam Gray

  • To a lot of food over here across the pond too. I never understood, can someone explain to me? How can anyone knowingly, have their own company, make their own products, and distribute them to the public, for human consumption, with any kind of poisonous parts, materials, ingredients, etc. inside them? Isn’t that in a sense called murder? Premeditated? Seriously? How do they live with themselves?!

    • Greed. Money.

    • It’s actually not even true, Liz. This is nothing to do with Monsanto (and if you’re wondering, neither do I).

      I don’t have any feelings either way for them, but when I see these conspiracy theory nutjobs blaming a company for no other reason except they’re too intellectually lazy or unable to critically assess the validity of actual science vs. sensationalist hype, it gets my goat.

  • Which would explain a LOT .. Once the poison is in your system , then you can pass it on ..

  • even 2 words

  • Stefoni Davis

  • So far I’ve read it’s Monsanto, or Tdap vaccine, or Fukishima hits… So what is it really?!

  • Janice hmmmm

  • Wil Herman Puur vergif

  • Business is spelled wrong

  • Pyriproxyfen a larvicide added to drinking water to stop the development of mosquito larvae in drinking water tanks has caused the birth defects.
    The authors said that the pesticide, known by its commercial name SumiLarv, is manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto.

    • Reminds of the hexafluorisilisic acid and sodium silicofluroride in the water. It’s for your teeth don’t question anything Lol.

    • They are not a subsidiary

    • If they were they are for sure not anymore

    • Sumitomo Chemical – Monsanto’s “Strategic Partner”..

    • Are you positive about this?

    • They are a JUST a supplier to Monsanto, don’t believe the BS. Oh and no shown link between the pesticide and virus, but let’s stop using the pesticide so the Mosquitos (that also carry dengue and malaria) can breed, fuckwits!

    • Yes, they are partnered with them on an agri-crop project. They aren’t partnered with them to manufacture or distribute larvicide.
      The project to spray the area was initiated by the WHO to combat the thousands of cases of Malaria and Dengue Fever that were killing locals every year.

      No, there is no, and has NEVER been, any science or study that shows that the chemical has ever produced any birth defects.

      “Pyriproxyfen is a widely used chemical in agriculture and in the pet industry and has been around for a while. It is a growth inhibitor of insect larvae. There is no direct evidence that it is associated with human birth defects – insect development is quite different to human development and involves different hormones, developmental pathways and sets of genes, so it cannot be assumed that chemicals affecting insect development also influence mammalian development.

      Chemicals can be effective in local Aedes mosquito control, but it is true that the effects often are quite temporary because new mosquitoes will emerge as larvae develop and emerge from breeding containers. This is one reason why public health campaigns often focus on reducing the number of breeding sites around the home, which can be quite an effective control mechanism.”

      – Professor Ary Hoffmann is a Australian Laureate Fellow, Department of Genetics & Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne. He researches new pest control options to control mosquitoes.

    • *The same pesticide has been used for 20 years in tropical areas worldwide.
      *Sumitomo supplied seeds to Monsanto in Asia. They are not “partners”, Sumitomo is not a “subsidiary” of Monsanto.
      *The Zika virus has been known for 70 years, but outbreaks have been far more contained and in areas of far less congested populations than Brazil, with a much, much lower pregnancy rate.
      *Pesticides do not and can not cause virus’. A virus is a living, constantly and fast-evolving being.
      *Science. It’s a real thing.

  • And…. Brazil just banned it!

  • You spelled business wrong.

  • That’s the truth… There was an NPR special on Zika… It has been around for 70 years

  • Fabianna

  • Same company responsible for the largest mass poisoning in history. Same company who is trying monopolize the production in the U.S.

  • Lol man. Whoever knows all this needs to find a way to put this on the forefront, to the people that matter

  • Audrey ParsonsBill Jackson

  • wow our governments need to be taken down before were all dead

  • Go to Hell Michael.

  • the rothschild developed it in the 40s

  • Michael Vargas show dad

  • Please

  • Claudia Aquino

  • Faizal Abdoel Wahid

  • Blame it on a virus instead of the actual malady, the disease of corporatism.

  • :p

  • shity world !

  • Question everything.

  • Buisness. How about spell check when creating these memes so ppl can take you serious.

  • Desmond

  • Zika just seems like a cover up to something bigger


  • Inbal Kahanov Vellucci

  • Alexandria Wiggins so now the in laws don’t gotta worry

  • Chrystal Grigic

  • Sio Coughlin


  • monsanto-continuing to kill every day in every way

  • How do people know this kind of stuff?

  • Umm– curious coincidence

  • I do know that the virus has been known for sixty years, but was fairly harmless to humans until the recent epidemic.

  • OH yea I had to know that Monsanto was in this one way or another.

    • They don’t. Sumitomo made the larvacide. No, they aren’t owned by Monsanto, either.

  • Just like agent orange ! You think !!!

  • So. You are just freely admitting you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Noted.

  • Jesus fucking christ. It is not a Monsanto larvicide. The fact that you can’t spew this bullshit without going to your favorite whipping boy, Monsanto, is an indication that you are grasping at straws.

  • Now that is interesting – a coincidence? I think not. Damn Monsanto!!

    • This is entirely fabricated, from the idea that it’s happening where this pesticide has been sprayed more than anywhere else to the lie that it has anything to do with Monsanto.

      Next time you get your information from a picture on the internet of a puppet frog drinking tea, maybe rethink how you arrive at conclusions.

    • Thanks, Gavin – do you work for Monsanto company?

  • Gabby Sakran

  • Casey O’Laughlin

  • Kevin Rodriguez

  • Nina Ashley

  • Wow

  • Interesting fact! Wonder what else is going on!

  • And everywhere else with the pesticide are not affected. ?
    There’s no scientific basis for the pesticide causing itm

  • Mhh

  • And climate change will kill us all….

  • Fuck me, learn to spell if you wish for your message to not be shot down at the gate.

  • keep drinking the koolaid folks

  • Kyle McDonough

  • Here is some thought

  • Why am I not surprised.

    • ….tough question. Because a meme trumps thinking for yourself? Try reading up. It’s not made by Monsanto. I have no love for them, but this is just a blatent lie based on emotive BS.

  • They where adding the larvicide to their drinking water, but I doubt that could be the reason.

  • Matt Vuceti

  • Another divide and conquer or at least distract and conquer campaign or a real threat?

  • Already

  • Estefania Marquez

  • Interesting!! Gotta re-post.

  • I just read conflicting information on the i fucking love science page. who to believe?

    • Hard question… Scientific evidence over Activist Propaganda… Hmmm.
      (For a start, Monsanto didn’t make – and never has made – the larvacide. It was Sumitomo of Japan)

  • Maro Tsamalidis

  • Nick Bassano – untrue. The virus is very much present in the brains of the deceased infants.

  • Oh yea.
    Do not get your kids vaccinations because that may cause harm.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Gotta check the orthography before putting a MEME out or it’ll seem ignorant…

  • Time to burn their house down.

  • Told you Sammie !

  • I read a medical report on a vaccine that was tainted and NOT supposed to be given to pregnant women, which became manditory in Brazil a few months before the “outbreak”. Covering their ass with BS is all this is.

  • Alissa Bridgelall

  • Tim

    Your text says that Sumitomo is a subsidiary of Monsanto, but the link on that claim does not back it up. I think someobody misread what it says. It says that Valent is a subsidiary of Sumitomo, and has partnered with Monsanto on a project involving roundup.

    • Tim

      Btw, I’m not a fan of Monsanto, but it’s counterproductive to blame the wrong company here.

  • Read your facts This is a false story

  • Vinny Fontaine

  • To kill mosquitos which spread zika virus

  • Jade Plunkett

  • Fuck Monsanto …

  • Michael Lowe

  • PLEASE, correct your misspelling!

  • oh my…..thats fucked up….

  • So not surprising.

  • Billy Neher

  • Nabaz

  • Very Interesting but unfortunately not surprising 🙁

  • Another “gift” from the good ‘ole USA…

  • Anybody remember when D D T and asbestos were the best things around?Sometimes it takes awhile before the bad side of things show up.

  • Jenna Antine

  • Hmmmmm

  • Olha isso Pamela Muramatsu Bini…. Como a mídia internacional está tratando o posicionamento do Brasil.

    • Com certeza empresas concorrentes se aproveitando desta avalanche de informações desencontradas na imprensa e nas redes sociais do nosso país para tentar tirar vantagem em cima de uma multinacional (Monsanto, no caso).

  • Sort of like Agent Orange won’t harm you….

  • Lorna Duffy

  • Chloe Hamilton

  • This is absolutely wrong. There is no link at all with the larvicide. There has been SOME links withe the Zika virus and microcephaly, but not 100% just yet. No scientific link whatsoever to the larvicide, just people jumping up and down making a noise about “chemicals” and “Monsatan”, even though it’s not actually Monsanto that makes the pesticide, it’s Sumitomo. This is pure antiscience and you should get your facts straight.

  • Yes added to drinking water.

  • hope it isn’t true

  • Craig Langcake true

  • I’m sure the Zika virus has been a around for longer than 60 years. What’s the story on how it even made it to the Americas

  • I believe they proved it was Monsanto’s larvacide.

  • Monsanto they of the real bad track record

  • Time will tell, mother fuckers.

  • Hello, correlation does not imply causation. If the media informs it’s fear mongering, if they kept it hidden it’s a conspiracy. People, please.

  • Uhmmmm they spelled business wrong

  • 2 minutes of research would tell you this isn’t true at all.

  • Georgette

  • So how do you manufacture a link? “Blame Monsanto”.
    You claim to be ‘Free Thought’ yet you constantly overlook truth to suit your agenda.
    Please show us all how this is a “Monsanto larvicide” – I’ll wait.

  • Kermit can’t spell

  • Smooth

  • Look above we r being sprayed with it all day long across the boarders. Its called Chemtrails eeeeeeee

  • Samiiraa Breezy

  • Monsanto as well as major drug companies go into 3rd world countries where 20 people live in 500 sq feet, pay them lump sum money to use experimental drugs on women so having conjoined twins head to head from many of their experiments about 10 years ago. This was at a time when scientist were transplanting heads onto bodies but using the separation of the paid for experiments of the poor East Indians so they could successfully separate brains of new born babies………………what a marvelous thing the Drugs, and Drug companies do………………..and so this new virus right behind Ebola………………….lol lol How do you spell FEAR and STUPID

    • Are you speaking English?

    • Yes Disney Character…..I am

    • I don’t know what on earth you’re smoking, but go catch ebola and then lecture people about how it’s just FEAR and that the sheeple should wake up.

  • Yup

  • Maria van Derix

  • Yup

  • Monsanto suuuuuuucks

  • Madeline Marie Wozniak

  • Yup I remember seeing that

  • ahhh a coverup Milan DiGiacopo

  • Zika is the new Ebola

  • I agree but that is one helluva type-o in your meme lol

  • “Buisness” nice

  • Alicia Valese very interesting

  • Adrian Fernandez hmmm

  • Business*

  • Deborah Scott

  • Wait, I thought it was the GE mosquitoes? or was it the new vaccine they were using. Quit jumping to cause based on opinion – get some facts. I heard an in depth report on it tonight on NPR, another before that on the BBC and several news feeds have covered it. Your hype only makes it worse. Present facts not Memes.

  • They are also covering up the Mariana incident with this zika virus

  • This is total nonsense. The “report” isn’t really science, it is speculation and conspiracy theory. The Monsanto link makes for great click-bait, but even the report itself says the manufacturer of the pesticide in question, Sumimoto, is variously “associated with” and also “subsidiary of”. In fact, the companies are not related. These “doctors” say that the pesticide effect the human fetus the exact same way it effects insect larvae???? yeah, that isn’t how mammals and insects work.


  • I ❤️ Memes ☠ #Monsanto

  • just a “co incidence”

  • This is total nonsense. The “report” isn’t really science, it is speculation and conspiracy theory. The Monsanto link makes for great click-bait, but even the report itself says the manufacturer of the pesticide in question, Sumimoto, is variously “associated with” and also “subsidiary of”. In fact, the companies are not related. These “doctors” say that the pesticide effect the human fetus the exact same way it effects insect larvae???? yeah, that isn’t how mammals and insects work.


  • Kermit the ssttrrechhh

  • Igor M. Maciel Rocha

  • I thought the larvicide was in the water supply

  • Melanie Rodriguez Kiara Cruz

  • Hmmmm

  • ropes needed

  • it is everyone’s business

  • What is “buisness”? It must cause spelling errors as well.

  • There is no scientific evidence linking Pyriproxyfen and microcephaly. It has been used in the US for decades, it wouldn’t suddenly cause a spike in birth defects in Brazil, and one or two people getting it in the US. Ignorance abounds here, and it’s very apparent because you attempted to make a sound point using a meme. The true basis for scientific thought and… oh wait. It isn’t. You aren’t smarter than scientists. How about you use the “skills” required to type bullshit onto a picture to do a little googling.

  • Sumitomo chemical is not a subsidiary of monsanto. I’d trust WHO and our cdc to run down the root cause eventually. Im glad Im not the one there who has to decide to spray for mosquitos now in the face of uncertainty.

    • Sumitomo and Monsanto are like saying baptist and seventh day adventust are not connected… and to trust WHO and CDC is like trusted the united nations

  • Why haven’t we started a world wide boycott?

  • Keely Bee

  • I Mj Swope that’s that bull

  • Melissa Delaney Joe White

  • “Unlike the relationship between the Zika virus and microcephaly, which has had its confirmation shown in tests that indicated the presence of the virus in samples of blood, tissue and amniotic fluid, the association between the use of pyriproxyfen and microcephaly has no scientific basis,” the statement said.
    “It’s important to state that some localities that do not use pyriproxyfen also had reported cases of microcephaly.”
    The government said it only used larvicides recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

    So why are you lying? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/zika/12157747/Zika-virus-Brazil-dismisses-link-between-larvicide-and-microcephaly.html

  • For all you mindless bitches who follow this site – it’s all Bull Shit. This site only posts crap so you will hit their advertiser’s BS – it’s a commercial site. http://www.techtimes.com/articles/133548/20160214/monsanto-larvicide-not-zika-virus-true-cause-of-brazils-microcephaly-outbreak-doctors.htm

  • Gracesa Aliki VanHentenryck when is greenpeace going after Monsanto?

  • Monsanto? Check your facts.

  • Wow that’s huge!

  • Actually it was discovered ~~60 years ago. The birth defects have occurred for centuries. It is public awareness and the appearance of cases in the US and Illegal Immigrants bringing it into our healthcare system and consciousness. Instead of hiding your liberal guilt by funneling money to illegal workers and immigrants who dont enjoy or benefit the worker safety and standards both technical and progressive conditions in our communities where we live, educate yourself, support legal citizens and efforts for nationals to take their american experience and benefit their home nations not by sending cash and exports but by developing the infrastructure and technology to improve conditions there articulated to the local culture and resources. This is how my family made it here and everywhere they went they built and fought and died not for social rewards but for honor and common moral duty and within the Jurisdiction of this Great Nation.. The conditions internationally in impoverished areas that havn’t developed the infrastructure and rule of law to the extent we have are appalling and we will never import enough. The immigration system was set with caps to evenly or preferentially over time admit peoples and retain a push for skilled and enthusiastically assimilating immigrants. this allows people to move businesses here to grant quick access, all the more important to day as low wages and lax regulations, environmental or otherwise, as well as tax burdens domestically are causing individuals and companies to stream operations and ownership overseas. In the past (15) fifteen years we have charged forward with consumerism abandoning our social progress culture of the 80’s-90’s against child/slave labor, exploitation and worsening environmental conditions. We were concerned with regulations, preventing another Chernobyl, which still kills today, safeguarding and improving the environment, child/sex/slavery/worker exploitation/worker–community poisoning. We gave it all up for I-phones and Walmart, whipping out thousands of years of history and the natural toll from the flooding and damming in China, coal/production/labor and product safety concerns to today while we climbed that hill domestically a hundred years ago, but are scrapping the institutional infrastructure as well as the social and storied employment and apprenticeship culture of our skilled workforce. We rushed to safeguard stores of nuclear and biological threats following the soviet collapse and Putin rushed into the Ukraine to seize Chernobyl style and other reactors that have been producing weapons grade material as well as inherited nuclear silos still maintained and operated but residing outside of Russia following the context of the ‘Open Mic’ comments at the nuclear non proliferation treaty ‘non-signing’ between Putin and Obama prior to his second term. In Iraq the larger sticking point and the cause for the UN resolutions pushed by Clinton in the late 90’s concerning mainly Biological and Chemical developments not Nuclear, where their Scientists later confirmed but continued to refuse to release research, as the soviets had done, to the CDC and WHO and simply claiming it was ‘buried in the sand years ago’. But I’m sure its the Illuminati and viral stores not simply your inattention and moral degeneracy that has led to these outcomes.

  • And now they have stopped the spraying, so… win?

  • To quote the late great George Carlin”Don’t believe anything the government tells you”…. And that includes anyone/anything/any company etc that is in bed with the government

  • Actually its Sumitomo Chemical. Monsanto doesn’t make a larvacide. I’d love to point at them too, but get your shit straight The Free Thought Project.com

  • AND guess what recent tests revealed …….the pesticide is causing birth defects

  • Daniel Alexander mm mmmmmmm

  • Elo Koala

  • Amen

  • Some coincidence….another silent tragedy

  • Environmentalist propaganda, bullshit. Please do some research before posting this silly crap.

  • Nobody’s tells by that story brother. Reminds me of our nemesis agent orange

  • Pesticides have been used in Brazil for a long time, The Zika virus has only been in Brazil recently also related birth defects have been recent, anyone can make a stupid meme about they know nothing about do some research and use common senseree though before you make a stupid meme

  • Eric Bodin is this what you were talking about?

  • also think about this..The birth defects are only where the larvicide is being used..hmmmm

  • Leigh Markovic

  • can anyone say guinea pig..

  • They do report on it…but not in a way you would like perhaps…http://fortune.com/2016/02/16/monsanto-zika-virus-conspiracy/

  • This was exactly what I was saying!!’

  • Neda Real thought of you girl

  • Edmea Leite

  • Really ?

  • Michelle Hilgert

  • Dang that’s scary

  • Dang that’s scary

  • Zika hoax exposed by Jon Rappoport at http://www.nomorefakenews.com/

  • Andre Malcon, Pedro H. Fernandes Messias. Não sei até que ponto os defensivos realmente foram aplicado nessas regiōes e de que maneira, mas olha uma opinião externa ai. Ta repercutindo longe!

  • You’re free to think whatever you want–just don’t call it science. It’s obvious you don’t rely on science.

  • Monsanto has no conscious when it comes to humanity and I refuse to buy their products !!

  • Frances Sconzo Fitzgerald yeesh

  • Can’t share this meme because of typo

  • The Black Plague still exists. So Zika could be a plague. Monsanto, however, is it`s self a dirty plague.

  • Paul Daly

  • Needs publiciaing.

  • Alison Yparrea Pascual

  • David-lee CArey

  • I’m from Brazil no one in my family has mentioned anything or gotten sick. My mom was there this year for two months and nothing. I’m heading out there in two weeks.

  • Give it info som

  • Correlation is not causation.

    I’m all for regulating companies that mass produce food to make their products safer, but I’m not for making said companies a scapegoat for huge health problems when there is no substantial evidence beyond “Well if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but all genetic evidence points to this six-legged cow nobody’s paying attention to…”

  • Mandy Stone

  • Brian Seo

  • Jeaarim Ardila

  • smith Dave Smith

  • Maryanne Hayward

  • If you want to be taken seriously, spellcheck is a fantastic tool.

  • But not being sprayed with DDT which would actually work with no harm to humans …. Go figure!

  • Alisha Willis so it’s good you canceled. Hard to dodge chemicals :/

  • Christina Canzoneri

  • And vaccines cause autism. Thanks for the disinformation TFTP.

  • Bet you pro gmo’ers feeling salty af right about now

  • Oh, but Monsanto is trying to distance itself from the Brazilian company that’s producing the larvacide there!

    • Well they are just a customer of them, so they don’t need to distance themselves except to morons…..

  • Brittany Scott

  • Fiona Zheng

  • Najwa Khoukha

  • and dont forget the gm mosquitoes. by trying to eliminate the 3 main dis-ease that they carry, they have caused a large pandemic of zika. its been 4 years since those gmm were released.

  • Shared

  • Andy Knowles

  • No need for hysteria and fear based unwarranted anger. Read a few white papers on the subject matter and then put your newfound information into context of the lifestyle you enjoy. Your frustration will drop dramatically. And you will stop sounding like Chicken Little. Stop being afraid and start being smart.

  • Makes more sense than a conspiracy utilising mosquitoes

  • Not that I disagree, but I would like something more than a blanket accusation which has no basis in fact. These things take on a life of their own and, if shown to be a hoax, only make everyone look like fools. Having noted that, clearly spreading chemicals (think Agent Orange) does have huge unintended consequences.

  • People can argue about Monsanto and other big companies but shouldn’t our attentionrnbe focused on the fact that this epidemic is man made? And how to stop/defend against it? If there ever was a reason to shop organic and/or grown my own vegetables this is it…

  • We all know the truth so just stop listening or commenting on BULLSHIT . We need to do the posting of our own investigations . The news is a bought out commodity . ❤️

  • Yep, I knew you were a democratic. You will realize that one day.

  • Kathleen Silva

  • Anthony Reynolds

  • Cassie Kruse… Zika virus might not be the culprit after all…

  • wtf

  • What makes you so sure you’re correct?

  • Paul Mantel

  • … none of my *business. Please fix so I can share the meme.

  • Woah, stoner hippy conspiracy theorists overload city

  • Jasmine Humes

  • Stephen Potter

  • Not only is it a coincidence, it is demonstrably unrelated.

  • Steven Balue

  • Same old same

  • Ah the truth finally comes out!

  • John Weidele

  • Bloody monsanto

  • Karen Bekker

  • Josh van Bergen wasn’t the zika virus because of the tppa?!?!

  • Tania

  • Try spellcheck guys. Makes you much more credible.

  • they aren’t hiding it! the data is new! I’m on top of it!

  • The Rockefeller foundation has the patent for the Zikaviruset let that sink in for a moment…

  • Spell “business” correctly then maybe we’ll believe you!

  • Coincidentally, the medical profession in Brazil started pushing pregnant women to get vaccinated a few years ago. Which was considered to be a bad idea, was reversed. Not a surprise to see the dramatic rise in birth defects. Add to it all the chemical spraying with highly toxic products as Monsanto’s larvicide and Round Up the in that area, it would have been expected by any rational evaluation.

  • Eugene Matiu Jnr

  • Like the post but “Business” is spelt wrong ****

  • We the People should start a revolution!

  • Tim Monahan

  • It’s like agent orange all over again..

  • Source?

  • Julius Tarman Jessica Lane

  • Carly Chapman please show your mum this, this was the cup I was talking about yesterday ignore the writing bit

  • Please correct your spelling. I will never share memes with glaringly obvious misspelled words.


    Thank you.

  • Paula Costa

  • Makes one wonder! Grrr

  • This is truth!

  • Feed the virus.
    Free the bigwigs.
    Does not have a
    Mind on men and women
    Only on money.
    Z maybe the last letter
    In the alphabet.
    Let’s fight Zika
    Lest it becomes
    The killer of the last
    In the human race.

  • Not true. This time you have jumped the shark

  • Jude R Lo

  • Life is scary no matter what country your in . We are all targets ❤️

  • Oh you people need to get a life

  • Jimmy Geduld

  • Maree Skennar

  • “coincidently” and “buisness” detract from whatever intellectual rigour you hoped to apply to this comment.

  • I reckon it’s the Olympics. The closer its getting the more people are getting infected AND the reported symptoms are getting worse!

  • I love the smell of propaganda in the morning…

  • *coincidentally

  • Hold ur horses…… That “correlation” was said to be true by some scientists in argentina. It has not been reviewed by anyone outside of that circle. While I believe the use should be halted until further research, this post is purely sensationalistic.

  • Boris Walter

  • How is it this page keeps screwing this stuff up. How about a little research before you post. Or is it the gmos again

  • Man is destroying the Earth……We are our own problem.

  • Anthony Charbonneau

  • Coincidence, say that enough times and the reply is always …. ‘Conspiracy theorist!’

  • If you want your memes to ever go viral and send out a message and be taken seriously…..at least get the fucking spelling right for Christ’s sakes.

  • Maybe a spell check is needed before posting things??!!!☺

  • Yet they insist we don’t need food laws to protect us.
    This stuff is pure ignorance from the powers that be.

  • >:(

  • Angélica Lino

  • did many a march in Union Square against the agri giant Monsanto. The number ONE pesticide producer in the world (Round up) happens to also be our biggest food producer…with gmo and gmo ready crops and by the way, under the Monsanto protection act, M has carte blance over gene splicing and seeds. They make it impossible for the small organic farmer to survive costing them untold millions in fines for harvesting their own seeds essentially monopolizing the seed pool by eliminating seed sovereignty to the organic farmer! MONSANTO’s employees spray OUR food with Round up pesticide wearing haz mat suits but claim it’s safe for the consumer! their glocophate is what was killing the bees by making their stomach explode….as it is a pesticide….I will always stand against this AGRIGIANT by protesting and marching against them with my compatriots. In the meantime, anyone living in the USA demand congress pass a bill to LABEL gmos it’s a start. ELIMINATING gmo’s from our food is the goal. Buy LOCAL, buy ORGANIC, protect our Organic farmers RIGHT TO SEED SOVEREIGNTY! AND BOYCOTT ALL ROUND UP PRODUCTS. thank you, I’m off the soap box. but this is vital to people’s right to be free and not enslaved by Monsanto.

  • Lipton

  • Justin Walker

  • Jennifer Waterman

  • Austin Pierce

    Here are some other sources to consider. This articles is provided by one, very biased source and so it is important to read some other articles.



    The pesticide, Pyriproxyfen, has been proven to not act as a teratogen (birth dTefect-causing agent) in humans. Instead of just looking examining correlations and deciding that this chemical might be linked to an outcome, many labs have actually tested the safety of this agent.

  • Ken N Tricia Hurt well here is one of those news stories – we know there are many more

  • Oh btw its Business!

  • Let’s annihilate the Mosquito species! We know what’s best for the world.

  • The company that makes the larvacide used in the water is Sumitomo. They are not a subsidiary of Monsanto, they have partnered with Monsanto on another project but that is the only connection. Not to say the chemical is not a problem, but please do the reseach to lay the blame at the right doorstep, you will have much more credibility when you do. And by the way, there still is no proof the larvicide is the issue, it is a theory at this point.

    • It’s not even a theory, Sam. At this point it’s hardly a hypothesis.

    • Yes, but does Monsanto distribute it? If so they are culpable.

    • Merrill Resnick No they don’t. They have some issues they need to deal with, but this is not one of them.

    • to say Monsanto and Sumitimo are not connected is like saying baptist and seventh day adventist are not connected.

  • We’ve been getting eaten up by Mosquitos all our lives. Now they are blaming Them for a new disease. Prime example of “Something Fishy”.

  • When are these ppl going to be accountable for what they do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • And coincidently abortion activist are now pushing for legalized abortion in Brazil after all the press about the Zika Virus.


  • I love watching everyone argue, but did anyone notice the typo?

  • Leon Reyes

  • Fiona Lytton

  • Cmon if youre gonna make a witty meme, please spell all the words right.

  • Sarah Hobday

  • Lydia.. also read an article about GM (genetically modified) Mosquitoes released in same area as zika outbreak! The GM mosquitoes were supposed to not reproduce and although dengue fever was reduced, the zika virus population exploded!

  • Alex Porchas Whitacre Monsanto again!

  • Oh well, both are Rockefeller creations, aren’t they?

  • From Wikipedia: According to the WHO on 5 February 2016, a causal link between the Zika virus and microcephaly was “strongly suspected but not yet scientifically proven” and “Although the microcephaly cases in Brazil are spatio-temporally associated with the Zika outbreak, more robust investigations and research is needed to better understand this potential link.”[44]

  • Austin Pierce

    Here are some other sources to consider. This articles is provided by one, very biased source and so it is important to read some other articles.



    The pesticide, Pyriproxyfen, has been proven to not act as a teratogen (birth dTefect-causing agent) in humans. Instead of just looking examining correlations and deciding that this chemical might be linked to an outcome, many labs have actually tested the safety of this agent.

  • Zika virus. My own thoughts also.

  • Too scarry for me …

  • They were also genetically modified to kill other mosquitoes that carried other deseises

  • Andrew Thompson Georgette M.J. Parsons

  • I lived in a city where I had friends and one relative who lived near a Monsanto plant. Many died of cancers at a very young age. Coincidental? I think not. I don’t know if there is a link between chemical companies and zika virus. I wouldn’t doubt it.

  • Wow so much for coming together on the problem at hand….you bickering like this is one reason why shit never gets handled right! Humanities epic fail is it thinks it can do as it pleases!
    Come together on this page, don’t jump down each others throats, it gets you no where.
    My summary is that chemicals are chemicals no matter who developed them! All these companies are the same…done and done! Good luck letting your ego’s go….I didn’t join to see this sickness!

  • Freddy

  • ‘Monsanto has nothing to do with that product, and in fact doesn’t even manufacture larvicides.’… “Free thought”… haha sure it is… http://fortune.com/2016/02/16/monsanto-zika-virus-conspiracy/

  • A few problems with this meme.
    *Viruses mutate.
    *The larvicide, Pyriproxyfen, isn’t known to cause birth defects.
    *Pyriproxyfen has nothing to do witn Monsanto, at all.
    *Pyriproxyfen was been in use in the USA and Europe for decades.

    But let’s not facts (or spelling) get in the way of a good meme.

  • Interesting..

  • Repeat,Business,Repeat,Business

  • Holey s**t Kermit.

  • Whatever is going on the media are blaming zika ! However one should question what exactly is going on

  • That’s Spliffy

  • Right. They have a agenda to make money on it as well.

  • This makes more sense to me than a virus.

    • Really? Only that fragments of the virus have been found in the brain tissue of the babies born with the defect.
      And all the ACTUAL scientists actually agree it’s extremely unlikely to be the larvicide (only the anti-pesticide doctors group in Brazil believe – but cannot prove – there is any link).

    • Of course they say it is unlikely they get paid to. Any virus that enters the bloodstream is going to leave fragments in the brain

  • Ummmm, yes, but you misspelled business
    (Says the guy that had to confirm how to spell “misspelled”)

  • Hi can you spell things correctly so you are taken seriously?

  • Lyanna Jane

  • Why…. am I not surprised?

  • Alistair Black

  • Monsanto doesn’t produce the larvicide in question, for the record…but I guarantee you’ll never admit to being incorrect =^)

  • BUSINESS!!!!

  • Katharina Kapp ist Monsanto nicht ein toller konzern

  • Conspiracy theories !!!

  • Monsanto strikes again


  • Debunked

  • Robin Overton

  • Mosanto Larvicide. Mosanto was a pesticides company that produced Agent Orange for the US during Vietnam, which is a larvicide as well as a herbicide.

    • Monsanto was one of three US companies that produced it for the US government. They were the only one that officially warned the government of the potential harm of the proposed widespread spraying. You can look that up and read it for yourself – it’s documented.
      Whoever told you Agent Orange is a larvicide doesn’t know chemistry and is full of crap.
      Sumitomo make the larvicide that was used, on the direction of the WHO program, to irradicate mosquitos that were carrying Malaria, Dengue Fever and Zika virus.
      Sumitomo and Monsanto are partnered in an agri project in Japan… not a larvicide program in South America.
      Keep clutching for those straws to validate your ignorance – Or open your eyes and look past the obvious, emotive, agenda-driven nonsense. The choice is yours.

  • As much of your business as spelling apparently.

  • Maurício Cma !!!

  • Finn Williams

    • Ok you win lol

    • Noooo! I was showing you this where I got the idea from the thought from and there’s a lot of stuff that is really controversial on this idea right now

    • No I believe you, I just wasn’t sure about it myself. But if this is the case I’m sure it’ll be looked at closer. Birth defects are no good obviously.

  • Hey come on now..we have to fund secret military projects somehow!!!

  • Just another reason for them to destroy our rain forest!

  • This makes more since to me then the virus causing birth defects

  • rememeber seeing a pic of this birth defect in a book 30 yrs ago

  • Antonino Picataggi

  • Lee Pierce

  • Adrienne Bartol

  • Kendall Glover hmm

  • Poor masquito getting a bad rap!!!

  • Sad sad sad!

  • Mohammad

  • Had to share…..it’s sad that America still props up Monsanto through it’s political system.

  • Josh Walter Mellen

  • spell check!

  • not really a coincidence, more like correlation.