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DoD Orders Police Nationwide to Give Back Grenade Launchers, Bayonets, & Tanks


When you tell someone that their police department has bayonets, their immediate reaction is denial or ridicule. “Why would cops need bayonets?” they ask.

Exactly, why would cops need bayonets? Why do they need grenade launchers, .50 caliber rifles, Apache attack helicopters, camouflage uniforms, or tracked tank-like vehicles for that matter?

While there are multiple reasons public servants attempt to justify their need for weapons of war, the fact remains that they do have them and denying it, doesn’t change that fact.

Over the past decade, police departments have been using the 1033 program to acquire these weapons of war. The feds provided surplus military hardware to local police to fight a seeming war against its own citizens. These actions went unchecked and very little government, or public oversight existed.

Then when the events that took place in Ferguson beamed across the globe, the militarized U.S. police state revealed it’s ugly face to the world.

The images of the militarized police in Ferguson made clear that the days of Andy Griffith and Mayberry are a distant memory. They have been replaced by something that looks as if it belongs on a war-torn battlefield in Afghanistan or Iraq.

These revelations caused many to question why small police departments across the country were procuring mine-resistant armored personnel carriers, grenade launchers, and other weapons of war.

Because of backlash from the citizens, the federal government was forced to act. In January of this year, Obama signed Executive Order 13688. However, this EO appeared to have very little effect on the departments, and largely went ignored, until now.

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On Thursday, however, police departments across the country were sent a memorandum that sets a deadline for them to return prohibited military equipment.

The memo references Recommendation 1.1 to EP 13688 which prohibits the following items in police departments:

  • Tracked Armored Vehicles:  Vehicles that provide ballistic protection to their occupants and utilize a tracked system instead of wheels for forward motion.
  • Weaponized Aircraft, Vessels, and Vehicles of Any Kind:  These items will be prohibited from purchase or transfer with weapons installed.
  • Firearms of .50‐Caliber or Higher
  • Ammunition of .50‐Caliber or Higher
  • Grenade Launchers:    Firearm or firearm accessory designed to launch small explosive projectiles.
  • Bayonets:  Large knives designed to be attached to the muzzle of a rifle/shotgun/long gun for the purposes of hand‐to‐hand combat.
  • Camouflage Uniforms:    Does not include woodland or desert patterns or solid color uniforms.

The memo states:

State and Local LEA’s are directed to return the following equipment to DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Disposition Services.

  1. Tracked Armored Vehicles
  2. M-79 Grenade Launchers
  3. Bayonets

The above items, according to the memo, are to be returned no later than April 1, 2016. Missing from this memo, however, are .50 caliber firearms, camouflage, and weaponized aircraft.

The entire process of issuing these weapons only to later recall them speaks to the sheer inefficient manner of the state. As if there would ever be a scenario in which police would need to affix bayonets to protect the public at large; yet departments across the country have acquired thousands of them.

While this memo is a start, it does nothing to address the unaccountable and brutal nature of police in America. A police officer does not need a grenade launcher nor a bayonet to violently assault an innocent mother in front of her children.

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If the federal government were genuinely concerned with addressing the policing problem in the US, they would end the war on drugs. They would stop enforcing victimless crimes altogether. However, it appears that law enforcement is nowhere near ready to give up their ability to throw morally innocent people in cages or extort money from them as this is what justifies their entire existence.

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    • I used to live in Ferguson as a kid, and I approve of this message, because I’m not a person blinded by personal bias and propaganda.

  • Ya think?

    • That might be the most retarded thing I’ve seen all day

    • Step one,give police to much power,as to create a rift between them and the public..Step two,take it away publicly at the right time so that the people thinks its a good thing…Step three,declare marshal law once everyone is less armed (police too) and then bring in the military….but what would i know.

  • You see what happens when you piggies misbehave, you get your toys taken away. We’ll think about giving them back IF, and only if you can prove you’re going to be good. Now GO TO TO TIME-OUT!

  • unbelievable!!!

  • That’s what happens when you kill or brutalize too many people. You get your toys taken away. You abused them. Your uncle wants them returned.

  • Well done story, should be spread far and wide. DOD was mostly hoping to get rid of their excess equipment… I think they didn’t understand how it has the potential of misuse because much of the government abuse is NOT at the federal level, but at LOCAL AND STATE. I dont’ think DOD understood until Ferguson how much police love being militarized. They ALL wanna be SWAT. Letting that happen will start the revolution, and I don’t think DOD wants to come in here and clean up our own backyard.


  • Exactly. If law enforcement wants to use this equipment, join the military.

  • Tear down the Police State!

  • cops cant be trusted with any of it

  • The gpvernment is interested in creating the illusion that they care about what the people want. Although this weapons recall is good news at the moment, I don’t expect it to affect the elite’s sinister plan. The police still have other weapons, and there’s not a doubt in my mind that they’ll probably acquire more fire power in the future.

  • this speaks to the latest news by the Atty General about the International Police Force being set up in cities under the aucpices of the UN..

  • Sheeee-ittt… Taking away all the fun play-stuff?!… Maybe they have to play fair and take turns… DoD is giving it all, to the other side, for a spell…

  • Aw, they haven’t even had the chance to use em yet ? Send them all to Chicago.

  • arming police like the army is in many ways a violation of the constitution and the army operating within our soil .

  • DoD must need them for the “moderate” Syrians. ISIS doesn’t need them. They have all our equipment from the “moderate” Iraqis.

  • Demilitarization?

  • shared

  • The comments here are so cynical, Obama did the right thing. He just reversed and nullified a 12 year old program. Yes he could have done it sooner, and yes more could be done… But still this is huge.

  • I’ll believe it when I see police on TV screaming like little children who can’t have an ice cream cone when they want one.

  • It’s like a three year old getting a hold of a book of matches, eventually he’ll figure them out and burn something down if you don’t take them away….

  • They are recalling very few items.

  • Police had this at the county fair this last weekend.

  • “Any weapons you return to the US Military can and will be used against you…”

  • What happens when they disobey orders, or just happen to “lose” them, who arrests them?

  • Why bayonets lol

  • all the police have to say we lost that stuff and dod will say o ok

  • Good. Should never have had that gear in the first place. Being a cop and being a soldier are two ENTIRELY different things, calling for entirely different skill sets, attitudes and equipment. Unless of course, you want cops to function as an occupation army placing the whole country under de facto martial law.


  • BAYONETS…lemme guess, they all voted for Mitt Romney back in the 2012 Presidential Election right?

  • I am suttre it was for their own safety.

  • The should never have had them in the first place. All it did was make them declare war on the citizens they are supposed to protect.

  • These grants no doubt were popular with the arms manufacturers, who could make follow on sales, spare and replacement parts, and technical support.

  • they are to be used in the coming ‘War on Violence and Guns” against those they suspect still have weapons

  • Bayonets? Is this really a thing still?

  • Wow things really beginning to change ?? I wonder if we can get them sensitivity training as well ??? Could be too soon..

  • Let them keep the AK’S

  • Hope it’s true

  • Create JOBS!

  • They’re all trial balloons all these wannabe politicians don’t know what they’re doing. All they do is test and error, with a disregard for casualties and international security.

  • Wake up unconscious American peasant, they want to take our guns from us and the pigs are still armed and allowed to kill unarmed Americans under any circumstances, Wake the fuck up peasant!

  • Now they let in all the terrorist so they need the police to be out gunned. Then they can step in a federalize the police. Be careful what you wish for as you just might get it. Believe you me, these tanks will roll through the streets once again, but with different people driving them.

  • Finally. Please, sir, may I have another? Take the MRVAVs and the automatic weapons too.

  • (Y)

  • Why the hell do police have grenade launchers and tanks!!

  • probably needs them to give to IS ISIS ISL or Al CIAda

  • Ford.com

  • Its about fucking time, but I’m also calling bullshit. Omaha police and the Douglas County, NE sheriffs department still have theirs.

  • Recall so the local police cannot fight back against DHS

  • bayonets? Werent they deemed unethical already?

  • I don’t believe that the DoD has any interest in taking weapons back, if you do thats ok. your being lied to

  • what you want to be, its only from certain police forces, like the ones that will keep the arms, and use them FOR the people.

  • What??? it speaks to the success of the Conservatives to destroy the efficiency of the state and the perfect track record of the left to do nothing but whine about it.