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DOJ Says They’ll Stop Investigating Police Misconduct — Promises More Drug War Instead

Washington, D.C. — (RT) The Justice Department should allocate more money to help police fight crime rather than spend scarce resources on lawsuits against police departments, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said. The DOJ has found much abuse within US policing in recent years.

Speaking before the National Association of Attorneys General winter meeting in Washington, DC, Sessions said his Department of Justice (DOJ) will include a task force that will analyze policing practices in the US in order to fight crime.

The Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety will employ the heads of major federal law enforcement agencies to “look at deficiencies in our current laws that have made them less effective in reducing crime, and propose new legislation.”

Part of the revamped DOJ mission will include reversing the suffering morale of law enforcement, which, “as a whole has been unfairly maligned and blamed for the unacceptable deeds of a few bad actors,” Sessions said.


“[R]ather than dictating to local police how to do their jobs – or spending scarce federal resources to sue them in court – we should use our money, research and expertise to help them figure out what is happening and determine the best ways to fight crime,” the attorney general said.

According to the DOJ’s website, at least 29 law enforcement agencies in the US and its territories have been the subject of a DOJ investigation in recent years.  Those investigations encompass a vast range of misdeeds and abusive practices by the likes of the Baltimore and Cleveland police departments, among many others.

In January, the DOJ said that the Chicago Police Department engaged in a systematic pattern civil rights violations and wanton use of deadly force in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution.

In 2015, the DOJ found routine constitutional violations by the Ferguson (Mo.) Police Department that severely impacted a “community where deep distrust and hostility often characterized interactions between police and area residents.”

On Monday, Sessions said he has not decided how the DOJ will handle the Chicago probe, nor has he even read DOJ investigative reports on the Chicago Police Department and other police departments.

“I have not read those reports, frankly. We’ve had summaries of them, and some of it was pretty anecdotal, and not so scientifically based,” Sessions said, according to the Huffington Post.

Repeating a familiar theme among Donald Trump administration officials, Sessions said there is a “disturbing rise in violent crime in our nation.” Crime statistics for 2015, the latest year with complete data, showed a 3.9 percent increase from the previous year, according to the FBI.

Yet, violent crime is down about half since the early 1990s and sits at a level not seen since the 1970s. The rise in 2015 came after two decades of decreases. Sessions acknowledged this “context” of decreasing rates of violent crime in the long-term. Nevertheless, he warned the recent increase cannot yet be written off as a “one-year spike.”

“These numbers should trouble all of us,” Sessions said in reference to upticks in murder rates of major US cities. “My worry is that this is not a ‘blip’ or an anomaly, but the start of a dangerous new trend that could reverse the hard-won gains of the past four decades – gains that made America a safer and more prosperous place.”

Referencing America’s “heroin epidemic,” Sessions first blamed Mexican drug cartels and “illegal drugs [that] flood across our southern border.” Heroin overdose deaths, for example, have quadrupled in the last five years, the federal government said last week. Experts on heroin use in the US point out that the drug’s skyrocketing popularity has been fueled by common availability of, and subsequent crackdown on, prescription drugs.

Increasing federal drug and gun prosecutions will be a priority for his DOJ after declining trends for both classes of crime, Sessions said.

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He also claimed that law enforcement officers “are becoming more cautious” amid criticism of policing practices in “this age of viral videos and targeted killings of police.”

“Our officers, deputies and troopers believe the political leadership of this country abandoned them,” Sessions said. “Their morale has suffered.”

  • Guy

    Talk about a man who has no firm grip on reality. Sessions seems to win the prize ! He dosen’t read the reports put out by the DOJ, and then only glosses over them, instead worrying about the poor moral of the American Police ! Because he thinks the problem seems that they have become to “Cautious and America Has Let Them Down !?”

    What the hell ? What about our moral Sessions ? How are you going to fix that of the common people, who are getting beat, shot, killed and arrested by these “Few Bad Actors” who just get there job’s back, after getting caught red handed, and when they do if anything happens, they are usually able to just go down the road and get a job someplace else !

    What about all the BS we hear Sessions of Police Accountability, Community Bridge Building and Transparency !? We hear you, but we will never forget either. Keep on talking MF, you are doing a great job of making the rope you will hang yourself with, F…. Jerk !

    • 174thandvyse

      Guy, why waste time trying to figure out that Redneck lowlife? You know what he is.
      He looks like a skinny “Bull” Connors, and he acts just as stupid as bull.

      So, any buyer’s remorse?

      • Guy

        Hell NO ! There is none as far as this boy is concerned. My only worry is about some of the useless idiots like Sessions, who have been selected for powerful positions, that may undo some of the good things that have been done for the American People over the last 8 yrs, like the DOJ investigations of City Wide Police Corruption in San Diego, Chicago and elsewhere, or what the EPA has been able to do in regards to Environmental Protections !

        Personally, I think that Trump is starting to stir the Hornets nest, and may not like all of the BS he may be causing with some of his rollbacks, but will have to wait and see how it plays out !

        As far as that other Corrupt Witch that ran for office ? Good riddance to political trash, and you can throw her out on the pile, along with the other dead fish !

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        • junktex

          BS.Sessions is just a seamless continuation of the disastrous Obomber DOJ.Hope & Change part 2.

          • Guy

            You got one thing right ! It is *Junktex*!

          • junktex

            We’ll see.When do you think he’ll prosecute Hillary and the legions of pedophiles in DC?

          • 174thandvyse

            Hardly. President Obama’s first Attorney General was intelligent, and wanted to END this disgusting, EVIL “War on the American People” — oops! I meant the “War on”, ahem, “Drugs”. This redneck imbecile wants to re-instate it. Not “seamless”, no, the correct word is ignorance.

          • junktex

            I have no idea where you get your info but Holder did nothing to end the bogus war on drugs.Holder’s main focus was shielding the banksters from prosecution and he did yeoman’s duty on that task earning for himself a $70+ million/year job on Wall Street.

          • junktex
          • 174thandvyse

            That is true, Holder and Obama were a bit too timid re: the War on the American People — oops! I meant the War on Drugs — no, actually, I REALLY meant the War on the TRUE Americans. However, there is a difference between Obama’s inaction and the aggressive drug war that Jeff “The KKK are cool guys” Sessions advocates. This man is an ignorant redneck who has no business in that job.

          • junktex

            I am not defending Sessions but Holder and Obomber were not going to end,or even hinder,the bogus war on drugs.Big Pharma has too much influence over DC no matter who occupies the WH.Corruption rules

      • Regrettably I don’t think Sessions is stupid at all, just evil.

        He knows perfectly well what he’s doing, he’s stoking old racist hate to mask economic inequality problems. Jim Crow today is no different from Jim Crow in the past, it just has this thin layer of bullshit over the naked racism.

  • tz1

    Hillary also did high crimes and abuses, both as SecState with her bathroom server and in the Clinton foundation – Sessions should keep Trump’s promise to “Lock Her Up” before worrying about other things. Police abuse? Hillary crimes!

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      I’ve read Mad Libs that make more sense than this post!

    • 174thandvyse

      Y’know, Hillary lost the election, so why the “priority” in going after her now? Your “boy”, Trump, won, so you should be happy. No? Well, after 1 month of that misanthrope at the helm, the disappointment must be heavy. Most folks are disgusted. How about you?

      • tz1

        Considering they are going after Milo, Flynn, etc. sometimes violently, sometimes to destroy their name, Hillary and her rapist husband should suffer some justice for breaking actual laws, not merely social norms.

        I’m not disgusted, I’m happy and excited. I’m not tired of winning, though I’d like to wind a few otehr battles.

        • 174thandvyse

          Oh really? The only thing that “SAINT” Flynn did was “break social norms”? What “other battles” would you like to win, eh? Throwing every non-white person out of this country, perhaps?
          This imbecile you support, Trump, will cause a civil war in this country, and the right (WRONG) wing will lose, trust me on this one.

          • John Lawrence

            I’d have to disagree with the right losing a civil war if one were to happen. Right wingers tend to have tons of guns where lefties, not so much. But, like every other ‘Anti-Christ/Hitler/Nazi/etc.’ president, nothing will ultimately happen and the status quo will return before long.

          • 174thandvyse

            Go to Harlem and see if the people there are UNARMED. The ghetto IS the real “Gun Country”. Not only that, but the white folks are SCARED to death to walk through the slums, but we are NOT afraid to go through the right-wing White areas…not at all!

          • John Lawrence

            You do raise a good point. However, there still are a lot more gun-toting right wingers than left wingers. Plus, how well organized each side could be would be an important factor too. Either way, kind of thing simply wouldn’t happen as, in the end, laziness, apathy, and distraction is ultimately king.

          • tz1

            That we will have a civil war in this country is almost unstoppable at this point – the goin’ postal coastals v.s. middle America will not be resolved. The right wing has all the guns, as well as producing all the food and energy. The think blue strip along the west coast would turn into Zimbabwe or Venezuela in a month if the right-wing red states cut them off. The left wing crybullies can’t take care of themselves. If the EBT cards stop working, there will be riots, burnings, starvation, and chaos in the lefty areas. In red-states, the churches will have food banks, and there will be enough farms and farmers.

            Excepting that I have reservations about Native Americans, I would throw out everyone who rejects the (original intent) Constitution out of this country, including Mexican Cronyism preferring parents and their anchor babies, 70% of those associated with most universities, Police who find the bill of rights inconvenient, and those who prefer Sharia. The demographics will tend toward the non-white but that isn’t my problem. Mexico could adopt our Constitution tomorrow, but won’t, and even if they did couldn’t run it. If Mexicans think America is so great, why don’t they turn Mexico into the USA instead of trying to turn the USA into Mexico through immigration?

          • 174thandvyse

            Alright, let me correct you on a couple of things…for one thing, when you wrote:

            ” The right wing has all the guns, as well as producing all the food and energy”.

            As the late, great John McLaughlin, of the McLaughlin Group would say, “Wrong”! Take a walk through the South Bronx, Bed-Stuy, Harlem, Chicago’s South Side, Compton, Watts, or any ghetto you wanna mention, and you will learn what the term, “Gun Country”, really means. I grew up in those areas, and let me tell you, those Black and Latin folks are MUCH tougher, braver, and much more DEADLY than their White counterparts. They have very little to lose, and with that mindset, they cannot be stopped. As far as “food and energy” is concerned, we New Yorkers got ALL the money. The banking system is there, the Stock Market, the Ivy League Universities are here, and the culture is here. You people would never be able to turn us into “Venezuela” because if you even tried to “cut us off”, we would go to your area and just TAKE what you have AWAY from you!

            “Excepting that I have reservations about Native Americans”

            Well, I would advise you not to bring your white ass into a Reservation…they would EAT you alive.

            “Mexican Cronyism preferring parents and their anchor babies, 70% of those associated with most universities, Police who find the bill of rights inconvenient, and those who prefer Sharia”

            What is it with you people (yes, I said “you people”) and Mexicans? Your words just prove that to most white folks…the Prejudiced ones anyway…it’s not the “illegal” part of immigration that bothers them…it’s the Mexican immigrant part that drives you, and your kind, crazy. Why does it bother you when an ethnic group wants to celebrate their culture? What’s so wrong with ethnic pride? Don’t you like to go to, say, a Greek neighborhood, and buy some authentic Greek products?
            The Universities are liberal-minded, so I suppose that bothers you as well. And, Sharia Law is preferred by a few weirdos, so I wouldn’t worry about it. The police ignoring the bill of rights is a Republican creation — they hate us so much that they enable the pigs — oops! I mean the, ah, “police” — to be abusive toward my kind.
            The Caucasians will be the Minority in a few years. That doesn’t bother me at all…it just means that members of my ethnic group will be one of the many ethnicities that make up this great country! Can’t you look at it this way?

          • tz1

            Your gang banging won’t last even hours if they try to attack the rural areas full of veterans that like to do drills and practice several times a year.

            The white fops and cucks in the big cities will be easy targets. You’ve probably not met a Trump supporter, much less someone in a rural area with guns, gold, and God.

            And New Yorkers have no money. They at best have federal reserve notes, and at worst accounting entries in computers leased by banks on something like AWS that can go down. Not even bitcoin, much less silver or gold.

            Can you eat the virtual balance on the EBT card when you can’t turn it into actual food?

            Well, I would advise you not to bring your white ass into a Reservation…they would EAT you alive.

            I’m out west where there are lots of reservations and I go there all the time. Most are normal and nice, but as sallow as the white cucks in the big cities. I doubt they could outrun me and I’m totally out of shape. They make money from their casinos, collect other subsidy cheques, do drugs (meth is very popular). While I won’t go that far, if there were an actual plot of slow genocide, it wouldn’t be much different.

            My problem with Mexicans is that they are Mexican and belong in Mexico, America is for Americans. If they come here legally, obey every law (e.g. buying the mandatory auto insurance), don’t mooch like going to the ER and racking up a $100k bill they expect me as a taxpayer to pay, and really want to live independent, productive lives like the forefathers here, WELCOME!. If they wish to turn America into Mexico, they should stay there.

          • tz1

            The police are abusive to “your kind” – do you mean barbarians raping and pillaging and doing worse violence, or some kind of class? If the former, they ought to do worse. If the latter, is your class strongly correlated with barbarity? Sorry if in a group there are 99 barbarians to one noble soul, but I can’t read minds, and neither can police. Pull yourself up into civility.

            The Caucasians will be the Minority in a few years. That doesn’t bother
            me at all…it just means that members of my ethnic group will be one of
            the many ethnicities that make up this great country! Can’t you look
            at it this way?

            Which means “this ‘great’ country” will turn into Venezuela, Mogadishu, or Detroit writ large. It bothers me that a first world country can so easily turn into a 3rd world country (see Argentina before and after Peron). The members of your ethnic group will eat the seed corn until they starve (excepting Asians, which will turn it into an eastern civilization tyranny – see Japan and China in practice).

            Blacks own Detroit, in more ways than one.

            But I don’t assert race per se is the reason for our greatness, but the culture which is western civilization, christendom, the rule of law, free markets, civil rights. That was created by whites, and others saw the shining city on the hill in all its great philosophy and philosopher kings and wanted in, and were admitted.

            But in 1965, instead of looking at the liberty, the rule of law, they just saw wealth from their 3rd world hellholes, and decided to move, but bringing the 3rd world hellhole culture with them. They removed the philosopher kings with and replaced them with panderers. They wanted the corrupt robbery and slavery of the producers, the makers (How much of my income do you claim? If over low single digits you wish me to be your slave). They wished to take, not make.

            The makers have rebelled. If you succeed in having your ethno-cultural-takers dominate, you will only succeed in turning Rhodesia into Zimbabwe. A 1st world Argentina ca. 1930 into today’s Venezuela. You cannot take what is not made. And slaves are really inefficient.

            End both personal and corporate welfare, including “must treat” in emergency rooms, and I welcome all who want to come and find an existing sponsor who will pay for anything the immigrant can’t and will be willing to be considered an accessory to any crime they commit regardless of race, class, or other status.

            If your group is so good, then ending any and every federal subsidy and payment – welfare, EBT, etc. should not be a problem. Do you advocate such?

      • junktex

        We go through this weak BS every 4 years.Trump is no answer and the massively corrupt Hillary was just as advertised.Circling the drain.

    • junktex

      Aint gonna happen.

      • 174thandvyse

        You would be surprised what would happen if you push people too far. Remember the Blackout of 1977 in New York…white folks didn’t believe that the re-distribution of wealth which occurred that night would actually happen…but it did! I should know, I was there, taking part in that “Redistribution of Wealth”. It was fun!

        • junktex

          My response pertained to the idea of Hillary ever being prosecuted.Aint gonna happen.Laws are for the little people

          • 174thandvyse


  • Domina Elle

    The numbers are fucked up.

    The only reason crime has ‘gone down’ in certain regions is because crime has actually gone up but the cops aren’t taking reports for things they used to.
    In some regions they won’t come anymore when called BECAUSE city officials want the crime rate to go down for the sake of presenting cities and neighborhoods as more desirable, in the name of PROFIT.

    There are numerous ways that cities are cooking their books. A story about this happening in Chicago can be googled.

    Homicides for instance- aren’t always reported as homicides. The data collecting systems of the gov are pathetic and kept that way purposely. They can tell you how many rolls of toilet paper a gov building has in it, but as far as police shootings? Or a clear cut collection of data pertaining to murders?

    Cops won’t even file reports in many instances such as shoplifting which has served to embolden criminals in various locations.

    Victoria secret stores is another example. It costs money to police! When you have consistent non stop flash robberies in a region eventually the cops say too bad shopping mall- too bad Walmart, too bad Victoria’s Secret- you need to hire your own security because the city or state isn’t going to pay to protect your inventory. I was just watching a report on this.

    Then there’s tons of cases in certain cities where victim intimidation is extremely common. Violent crimes, robberies, even murders that never get written in the books as being what they really are because the case gets dropped.

    Also- when people plea to lesser charges that screws it up too. Such as when a first time carjacker, often a very violent scary crime gets to plea down to something nowhere near as violent and this happens a lot. Especially in a political climate where many criminals are seen as victims because of their ethnic and or socioeconomic status.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    A Lamb dumb duck.

  • 174thandvyse

    He is a redneck son-of-a-bitch, isn’t he?

    • junktex

      Nope.Just another corrupt POS.

  • Eric Bolt

    He is a Trumper all the way-! what he doesn’t Say is there are no more U.S Citizens -! Did you know anyone-?

  • Mother Earth

    Poor ol America, if you’se aren’t at war with another Country home will have to do to enforce the chief’s brilliant laws to brutalize and empower your so called democracy by making up a phony war on the people to give you something to entertain yourselves with while you make yourselves accountable for your brutal existence and control and incarcerating people by the droves. Why o why cannot you calm down and think how your barbaric ways are turning your very own people against you , making and keeping good and fair relationship with your own people would be a good start, and stop jumping to conclusions (jumpin the gun) and unloading on people who aren’t guilty of anything but just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I hope that God gives America another blessing and I hope the devil’s are removed and punished and the people don’t live in despair and abandonment.


    I would advise them not to get too pushy. There’s another election in 4 years and killery won the popular vote.

  • doucyet

    Zzzzzzz *exhale* Zzzzzzzzz

  • Ninthlive

    It’s all about the money. If jobs were plentiful, there’s be little crime. If people weren’t addicted, there would little crime. If we didn’t live in an environment of scarcity, and loved our neighbors, there would be little crime. This fucking yahoo means little will change, so it’s time that we stop looking to these people for salvation. Local local local. That’s all there is to it.

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    So we have a heroine epidemic. Huh. Now, I’m not genius, but I was military intel, and if I’m not mistaken that Afghanistan has like the world’s largest concentration of that stuff, and we had said epidemic of this shortly after invasion of said country?
    Also, anyone defending the police department as a whole is a delusional narcissist and a coward at this point. You can defend good cops, but they are few and far between these days (well, in some areas departments can be level headed) and, ironically, the cops that are actually good, get mistreated, fired, or even killed by the bad cops these CJWs are protecting. It’s sad.
    Also, I don’t see how the government (Obama administration implied) let the police down. It was under that administration that they got ALLLLLLL that gear from the military, virtually for free. Disgusting. Now adays if you want to get fascists to support you, just blame shit on Obama and all the fucking lap dogs bark in single file.

  • jonbandit

    And if a few innocent folks get killed by the police in the process?

  • patriot156

    Becoming more cautious well that’s what the idea was Gawd damnit. We want them more Cautious jumped up geezes Christ. Sessions is a dick head tyrant.
    More Riots more civil unrest is coming how about that! You Fucking fireman who predicted Trumps win. I can predict too asshole.

  • patriot156

    damnit too I voted this cock smoker Wish Garry Johnson would of been not so much an idiot. Wonder if Jesse Ventura is thinking of Running?

    But if he does be on the GOP ticket, for a third party stands no chance.

  • patriot156

    Hey fireman POS predicter Police state America ring any bells POS Yep were heading strait into a Police state far far worse than Bush OR Obama ever had.

  • Gordon Klock

    He is clearly evil, & stupid, the only question at this point is, how much evil, vs. how much stupid..?…(not that it matters, at this point, ‘evil’ being basically, selfish stupidity incarnate)….

  • Of course the government (aka, the Oligarchy) does not want to punish the cops that are meant to protect them from the mob (the 99%), if they did that, they would not have anyone to protect them and implement their police state policies.

    Scary times people, time to WAKE UP!

    Wake up stupid!

  • junktex

    Hows about cracking down on the avalanche of corruption in DC and investigating and prosecuting the global pedophile ring??

  • Bill Manus

    “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” George Orwell

    • FiuToYou

      Get this POS Sessions out of there before he forks up the whole country. I thought Trump was smart. Now I’m beginning to think I was dumb. This prick Sessions is going to take the country back to hell if he stays in power. The people who NEED to be in prison are running his ass and the good people are getting screwed. All this guy needs is a sheet and a burning cross to complete his ward robe. What the hell is wrong with Trump? THE WAR ON DRUGS DOESN’T WORK AND NEVER WILL!!!! If this Sessions a-hole starts to put all the ‘stoners’ in jail then you’ll really see a war in the streets. Stop the war on drugs, period!!! It doesn’t work!! Look at the countries that have stopped and see the good that comes. Hey Sessions! Is your little ball sack afraid to take on the big fish? I’m talking the real bad ass scum like the Clintons, Obama, Bushes, Soros, you know, the real shit that’s killing this world! Or are they all your drinking buddies as you cuddle up to the little ones in the hot tubs? Trump needs to get this a-hole out of power before we see another Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler!!

  • Butch Taylor

    It has to be inexplicably clear to even the most dense minded sheeple that our new political leadership has no idea what has happened to law enforcement or how to fix it. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sounds like a fucking shit spewing moron from another planet. Just over a month into this administration, it’s beginning to appear that either the DOJ (including all of it’s sub agencies/departments), is either under orders to continue it’s path of corruption or maybe it’s time the President climbed down off of his ego and consult/employee his civilian constituency about policing in the 21st century. Sessions and other legislators are only going to get more people killed on both sides of the line.

  • NON beliver

    One underlying thing to keep in mind…Reprisals don’t always wait until you clock on, sometimes it goes strait to the place where you keep the things you love. Keep also in mind that Nuremberg showed us what following bad orders comes to: long dance…short rope. SLEEP WELL OINKIES

  • patriot156

    Breaking News Sessions Just lied during his confirmation hearing.
    He should resign!