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Woman Reports Cop for Stepping On Her in the Donut Line, So He Smashed in Her Face


Philadelphia, Pa — An ex-transit cop has been found guilty of false imprisonment and official oppression stemming from a Christmas Day incident when he stepped on a woman’s foot and refused to apologize — after cutting in line at Dunkin’ Donuts in 2013. When the woman attempted to alert the officer’s superiors, he slammed her head into an ATM machine — and placed her under arrest.

Douglas Ioven, a former officer with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA), cut in line on Christmas in front of Muibat Williamson, a nurse at Einstein Medical Center, who was on her way home from a night shift. When Ioven was leaving, with coffee and doughnuts in hand, he stepped on Williamson’s foot.

In testimony about the 2013 row, reported philly.com, Williamson said she confronted the officer and demanded he apologize — but Ioven refused. An argument ensued, and an unnamed witness said she even inserted herself between the pair to remind them of the holiday. She overheard Ioven tell Williamson,

“Next time, move out of the way.”

Williamson decided to file a complaint and knocked on the SEPTA police station door. But, as she testified, Ioven — attempting to prevent his superiors from finding out what had happened — cursed at and then chased her. Williamson said the officer banged her head against an ATM machine as he tried to place her in handcuffs to arrest her for disorderly conduct.

Defense attorney Joseph Silvestro Jr. tried to place blame for the entire incident on Williamson, telling the jury, “This all happened because Muibat Williamson decided that her value system had to be imposed on Doug Ioven.”

Assistant District Attorney Andrew Wellbrock countered that all Williamson wanted from Ioven was an apology and “some basic human decency.”

“Does ‘next time, move out of the way’ sound like somebody who didn’t do anything wrong?” he asked.

In fact, according to philly.com, “Ioven’s face reddened as the verdict was announced” — and for good reason. The cop’s indignant rush for doughnuts could land him behind bars for up to four years — though sentencing guidelines recommend probation.

This incident could best be characterized as Blue Privilege at its ugliest and most ironic — a rude cop falsely arresting a woman because his craving for doughnuts was that urgent

Perhaps the true spiteful nature of that Blue Privilege came in testimony from a retired SEPTA police sergeant. After the incident, Ioven told him,

“I think I screwed up because I thought she was a homeless person, but she was a regular person.”

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Indeed, that speaks volumes.

  • Lawrence Neal

    And the lawsuit was rewarded how much?

  • Sharon Shearrill

    Whom are “Regular” persons? What a piece of SHIT, This creep epitomizes ALL that is wrong with this country, Entitled White folks who seem to THINK They above & beyond reproach, Angry IGNORANT white guys with Weapons OMG

    • Al Tinsley

      What does any of this have to do with the color of his skin?

      Sounds to my like your an angry what ever you are with a spiteful nature. Yeah, the cop was wrong. Yes, he was ignorant but the color of his skin had nothing to do with it. We don’t even know the color of the victims skin. So trying to paint this as anything other than a man being dumb is in itself racist. Stop being racist and start being human.

    • Charlie Picco

      These Psychopaths couldn,t give to sweet fucks about ur color , creed or age ! Remember , you have the dredge,s of society protecting you , raping you , murdering you !

  • Bill Wingard

    Whoops, well better luck after you move to the next town over

  • Sharon

    Typical Cracka Pig behavior ..“I think I screwed up because I thought she was a homeless person, but she was a regular person”????? THAT tells you that these FREAKS Harass, Demean, Beat, arrest & KILL Homeless folks for sport!