beatenSimona Tibu was beaten within an inch of her life after a routine traffic stop. This Camrose dentist, says that the assault occurred after she was driving home from work, and was pulled over by an Alberta sheriff for speeding. She has now launched a formal plea to see charges filed against the officer.

 Tibu represented herself in a Wetaskwin court hearing on January 30, presenting her case to a judge regarding the August 3 assault. What she revealed was disturbing.

She claims that the violence began before she had even exited the car. The officer violently hit the driver’s side window of the vehicle. She said that if he continued to hit her window so violently, she would not roll it down, as she felt she was in danger.

 The officer became unhinged by her demands. “He became violent,” Tibu said.

She began recording the incident on her cell phone. That’s when he ordered her out of the vehicle, and began punching her in the groin, breasts and backside.

Tibu screamed, hoping someone would help her, but that just made the officer “even more aggressive.”

She says that is when he smashed her head onto the pavement, soaking her in blood.

Two weeks later, the sheriff filed charges against Tibu for assault and resisting arrest.

The judge in this case said that Tibu has reasonable grounds to file charges but, higher officials will have to “determine if the case moves forward,” or “if there will be charges, if they’ll be dismissed or stayed,” an Alberta Justice spokeswoman Michelle Davio, said.

Tibu is petitioning the court to allow the public and media to see the evidence from the dash camera footage, as well as hearing the 9-1-1 call, and witness testimonies. That hearing is scheduled to take place on April 9.

“I have big medical records, lots of pictures and three witnesses that came forward to help me, therefore I am confident I will get justice,” Tibu said.

Why hasn’t the dash cam footage been released yet? Wouldn’t this settle the case?

(Article by Ari Simeon; image Simona Tibu) Source: Political Blind Spot

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