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Drone Legislation to Require Owners To Buy Insurance, Get License Plates – Constant GPS Tracking

Los Angeles, CA — Assemblyman Mike Gatto Southern of California lawmaker introduced legislation this week that would require owners of drones to get insurance and license plates, similar to the requirements for motor vehicles. The bill is called the Drone Registration/Omnibus Negligence-prevention Enactment (DRONE) Act of 2016 and would tighten the restrictions on personal drones even further than they have been already.

“If cars have license plates and insurance, drones should have the equivalent, so they can be properly identified, and owners can be held financially responsible, whenever injuries, interference, or property damage occurs,” Gatto told CBS.

The bill has technical requirements as well and would require all personal drones to be tracked by GPS and an automatic shut off to prevent them from crossing paths with airplanes.

“Hundreds of thousands of plastic and metal vehicles will be overhead in the years to come. One could imagine the auto industry balking at the idea of registration requirements at the turn-of-the-century, but the industry survived. As technology evolves, so must our laws in order to protect our citizenry. This is a sensible measure that will increase public safety and encourage responsible use of drones in California,” Gatto said.

As we reported last month, the FAA has recently begun to require owners of private drones to register with the government and pay a registration fee. To make matters worse, their personal information will be exposed in the process.

The privacy concerns surrounding drone registration has grown with the FAA’s admission that the registration information would be available to anyone with an internet connection. This means that addresses and other sensitive personal information of drone owners would be publicly listed, creating an obvious safety hazard. The FAA says that the names and addresses would not be searchable, however, if you have the number to someone’s drone, you can easily pull up their address and other personal information.

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The registration move was just the beginning of a slippery slope that will quickly bring far-reaching, local, state and federal restrictions on drone operators.

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website www.JohnVibes.com.

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    • I agree in part. But it also gives protection against stalking and other related stuff. Not all drone pilots are going to be civil libertarians.

  • makes sense. Should apply to Gov’t and police drones too tho.

  • Bureaucratic terrorists. Their reign is coming to a close soon.

  • Shannon Ferguson

  • Most relationships fail because we spend too much time pointing out each others mistakes and not enough time enjoying each others company.

  • Statutes only applicable to your strawman. Strawman.Com

  • Drones suck the less the better I do not want one flying over me ever

  • It’s California. No surprise.

  • Too bad you cant shut this government down. It seems they are ruled by different laws then we are.

  • Personally, I think the next person to try to begin legislation of any sort to further control our live should be drawn and quartered

  • The goverment doesn’t make public reports on what happens with every drone they have.

  • Awwww…not so much fun and balloons for the droners now is it?: it was fine for you to be able to invade anyones privacy from your drone in the air but “OH MY GAWD HOW DARE THAT DAMN GOVERNMENT INTERFER IN MY RIGHT TO DO THAT!?!?!” That attitude of entitlement of some people is just f***ing mental, at times.

    • It’s always ‘the minority’ who do all the bad sh*t, isn’t it?…. I gotta ask ya, what exactly does a person need a drone for? Checking the roof? Get a facking ladder. Checking the tree tops? Pay attention as things grow instead of waiting till they get outta hand. Oh, checking downstream, see if there’s any fish/ducks/geese/crocs/bears/berries/weeds down there? Facking get off yer a-hole and walk down and look. ‘Check the paremiter’… you got no legs to do that? Ok, you can get a drone. Anyone else: What? What do you NEED one for if it isn’t to SEE WHAT SOMEONE ELSE IS DOING? I’m just asking…….

    • How about because I can? The same can be argued to you only in a logical manner… What exactly gives you the right to tell me what I can and cannot do unless I give you money? Nice try fuck head but if you want to win this one your going to have to use your hat-rack as a thinking device

    • Because if this brainless moron doesn’t need one, no one does. This is the United States of Narda the Retarda.

    • Alaska.

    • Edward Day, fuck me, that’s astute of ya!! LOL. …sigh..I bet you’re old enough to vote, too….

    • Shaun Niekirk I can’t even decipher what you mean by your question but whatever– I’m not telling you what to do, I’m saying what gives you the right to invade my privacy with your drone overhead but then bitch and whine and flail about in self-righteous agony when I SAY I DON’T WANT YOUR MACHINE FLYING OVER MY YARD UNLESS YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THAT MACHINE…as in, why the fuck would it be ok for you to anonymously invade my airspace (no license, right?) but not ok for me to say to you stay out of my airspace unless you have a licensed and insured right to travel there!! Sounds like you’re telling me the same thing you’re rattling away about the ‘government’ doing to you.

    • Considering all of the close calls in NY with drones and commercial airliners, it is a only a matter of time before some idiot brings one down. I would prefer that investigators have some way of finding out who is responsible.

    • Pay no attention to them, Narda. These fools think freedom means to do anything you please at the expense of anyone you please.

    • Don Hughes Thanks! You’re ‘a voice in the wilderness’! lol

    • Your a cunt, filthy fascist cop loving pig

    • Personally, don’t do this, make it legal to shoot them down. Had one hovering over my back yard a few months ago, one quick pump and it was over. I like buckshot, quite effective. Never did find out who it belonged to…

    • Fyi, my two girls sleep on that side of the house. Not happening. Idgaf what you were doing.

    • Michael Schooley LOL!

    • What? It’s posted private property, that includes the air above my house up to about 200-250 feet anyway.

    • It’s nice to be so far out there, I can shoot from my back door lol.

    • I agree! I’d do the same thing.

    • Michael Schooley That is such a great photo; I don’t know what that is unless it’s Jimsom Weed (which is deadly), so except that the pic is awesome, the idea is lost on me! LOL Sorry…..

    • That’s a hollow point after being fired into a target.

    • It “blooms” on impact. Massive internal damage. Pretty effective if you’re trying to stop something or someone.

    • Ho-lee free-holies, Batman. Used to know a fellow made his own bullets, used the hollow-points…I do know their reputation…but….I am so not a gun girl and yet.. that is some fine design on those things….

    • You sound mental..

    • Josh Springer — aw..here, let me fix it for you: Fuck, man, that’s crazy. Used to know a guy, made his own bullets but he used the hollow-polints. I heard they were fuckin’ mean shit, man, but I don’t like guns myself….still, that picture sure shows some nasty great fucking design when that thing is all blow’d up!! Better?

  • The government is the only one killing with these things. They should register them, not us.

  • I have friends in Fire Fighting, yes Drones need to be heavily regulated because fucking stupid self entitled people ruin it for everybody else. Or would you rathere we eventually lose an aircraft and flight crew in the name of bullshit freedom?

  • It’s Freakin California what do you expect from Governor Moonbeam.

  • FIne with me. Don’t want a bunch of stupid clowns flying those things around harrassing people and invading their privacy without a way to track whoever it is behind the joystick fucking with my life. If you’re legit, get it out in the open.

  • I don’t think there is any choice if they don’t do that and maybe much more people will shoot them out of the sky

  • WTF!!

  • Amazing how people who are annoyed by something are so quick to applaud the use / threat of violence by the government against the people doing what they don’t like. This legislation just sounds like a great opportunity for some civil disobedience to me.

  • Omg. Microchip us microchip our stuff and money.. The government has full control over you. When you realize it, it will be to late

  • License plates….

  • That’s funny.

  • Oh, how silly. Yeah, wait until one smacks into your kid, your car or your storefront, then try to identify the owner.

  • thugs in action

  • No

  • Some people only see possible revenue streams.

  • No. Your an idiot. Stop building over priced housing, and fucking shopping malls, and allow more open areas for human recreation. No more golf courses either. How bout better accountability and financial transparency from official offices. How bout officials take short terms with major pay cuts till they prove they can do the job.

  • Let’s be honest. Look up. People act like there everywhere. You will not see one very often. And. The stupid people ruin everything for the real hobbyists

  • LMAOI.. they created more money,,,genious…

  • Here’s a grand idea, fuck them. Do what you want, but do no harm.

  • I like it. !!!!!!!!

  • Hey Sam hope this doesn’t happen in Aust for a few more years yet. Have fun while you can 🙂

    • I wouldnt even it was a requirement, In the USA, they have the registrations now, And if you register. All your info goes public!

  • Told ya this would happen.

  • California is a prime example of nanny state

    Where moronic politicians feel they know what’s best for the citizens and feel citizens are just too stupid to make their own decisions.

  • As long as the government follows the same rules, it’s reasonable. Depends on the licensing requirements. You need a license to fly a plane or a helicopter…

    • I should add that there are a lot of stupid fucks causing a lot of problems with these things which why the government freaked out about it. Things like flying drones into commercial air space at airports. Idiots fucked it up for the rest of us.

  • Can’t blame the government for this one. It’s the fault of fools who think it’s cute to spy on their neighbors and that it’s ok to mess with traffic. Just the natural progression when you allow fools to have technology that their brains aren’t develop[ed enough to use properly.

  • All that’s needed is recognition of property rights that extend vertically. Then a company could come along to buy access to those rights and owners be paid a commission when companies like amazon use avenues over their homes. Everyone wins. But licensing by the state is probably better, more efficient and going to allow those rights to be violated in the name of tax revenue

  • So what do I do when some idiot flies his drone into my car, or what happened to a neighbor, was flying around his daughters bedroom window? I mean…I get why everyone is worried, but some kind of identification would be good to have on these things.

  • I’m sick of these legislators. Get a backbone already. Act like an American for fuck sake, instead of a corporate bitch.

  • Blades are sharp

  • Anything to generate revenue, right?

  • Fckn clowns, that’ll be the fckn you fascist pigs lol, make me follow your filthy fascist laws, I’ll open your face scumbags lolol.

  • and the Gov do the same right???

  • B.s. revenue

  • I think this law will suck my cock, I won’t be registering any of my drones.. FUCK YOU..!!