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As Cops Throw People in Cages for Weed, the Makers of Deadly OxyContin Join the Ruling Class

These Drug Dealers Killed More People in the Last Decade than the Mexican Cartels


There is a dubious new addition to the Forbes 2015 America’s Richest Families list.  The Sackler family, which owns 100 percent of Purdue Pharma, amassed the 16th largest family fortune in the U.S., estimated to be worth $14 billion dollars.

What makes this distinction dubious is the fact that the Sackler’s built their fortune by peddling the highly addictive, and often deadly, opiate painkiller OxyContin as a supposedly non-addictive version of oxycodone, labeling it as “abuse resistant.”

Purdue Pharma has generated estimated sales of over $35 billion dollars since releasing OxyContin in 1996. That first year the drug accounted for about $45 million in sales, by 2000 that number had skyrocketed to $1.1 billion, an increase of over 2,000 percent in just four years.

By 2010, OxyContin would account for annual profits of $3.1 billion. Simply put this family controlled almost one-third of the U.S. prescription pain business in America.

In a seemingly methodical manner, Purdue Pharma, under the guidance of brothers Arthur, Raymond, and Mortimer Sackler, began a propaganda campaign to push their new drug, as described in The American Journal of Public Health, “The Promotion and Marketing of OxyContin: Commercial Triumph, Public Health Tragedy.”

One of the primary missions of Purdue Pharma was to identify the doctors across America prescribing the most pain medication and strategically marketed the drug directly to them as a safe alternative to other pain medications.

According to The Week:

“During its rise in popularity, there was a suspicious undercurrent to the drug’s spectrum of approved uses and Purdue Pharma’s relationship to the physicians that were suddenly privileging OxyContin over other meds to combat everything from back pain to arthritis to post-operative discomfort. It would take years to discover that there was much more to the story than the benign introduction of a new, highly effective painkiller…

“This was indeed one of OxyContin’s greatest tactical successes. According to “The Promotion and Marketing of OxyContin,” from 1997 to 2002 prescriptions of OxyContin for non-cancer pain increased almost tenfold. Meanwhile, in 1996 the FDA approved an 80mg version of the pill; four years later it approved a 160mg tablet. According to the FDA’s “History of OxyContin: Labeling and Risk Management Program,” higher dosages were approved specifically for opioid-tolerant patients…

“Perhaps knowing that doctors would be vigilant against prescribing drugs with the potential for abuse, Purdue set out to distinguish OxyContin from rivals as soon as it dropped. The cornerstone of its marketing campaign was the drug’s incredibly low risk of addiction, an enviable characteristic made possible by its patented time-release formula. Through an array of promotional materials, including literature, brochures, videotapes, and Web content, Purdue proudly asserted that the potential for addiction was very small, at one point stating it to be “less than 1 percent.”

As doctors began to readily hand out this new drug, these high dose pills became a scourge across main street America. Drug users increasingly turned to OxyContin for the powerful high and euphoric effects, comparable to heroin, but which can reportedly last for over eight hours.

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But what about the claims that the drug was “abuse resistant?”

Drug abusers quickly figured out that all it took to usurp the time release of the pill was to crush it, and so began a deadly story of snorting and injecting this powerful opiate, which has led to the deaths of thousands of people per year.

It’s ironic that this family is celebrated for amassing a fortune from selling a drug, which has killed tens of thousands, while good people rot in prison for life for selling a plant that grows naturally and has never killed a single person.

To add insult to injury, in 2007, in United States of America v. The Purdue Frederick Company, Inc., the company plead guilty to misleading patients and doctors about the addictive nature of the drug. Prosecutors cited a “corporate culture that allowed this product to be misbranded with the intent to defraud and mislead.”

None of the Sackler family was charged.

Purdue was given a $600 million dollar fine, a very minor slap on the wrist for a company that has generated over $35 billion since 1996 by lying about the deadly dangers of their drug. The company still faces a lawsuit from the State of Kentucky, the place worst hit by the drug epidemic, for false marketing, with damages potentially exceeding $1 billion dollars. The company denies any wrong-doing in the case.

From 1999 to 2010, the sale of prescription painkillers to pharmacies and doctors’ offices quadrupled. In the exact same time span, the number of overdose deaths from prescription painkillers also quadrupled, rising to almost 17,000, according to the Center for Disease Control.

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The number of deaths caused by the use of OxyContin dwarfs the number of people killed during the deadly Mexican drug war, while overdose deaths, from prescription pills, have now surpassed that of cocaine and heroin combined.

In an entirely irresponsible and hypocritical move, the FDA just approved a measure to give OxyContin to children!

The fact that some people are freely allowed to market potentially deadly drugs, while others are thrown in a cage for the same activity, seems to highlight that not all people are equal in the eyes of the state or the law.

Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on BenSwann’s Truth in Media, Chris Hedges’ truth-out, AlterNet and many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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    • weed does not kill at all tho, should not even be included but be free for all, natural herb, could replace all of the above

    • The reason weed is in the illegal section is because, sadly, it’s still illegal in many states… ?

    • I know I know I know!!! It’s in there because Mexican and black men rape white women when they smoke it…. It’s true I tell ya, the government said so!

    • ? ? ?

    • 3rd leading cause of death

    • Come on, talk about slant- how many prescriptions are given vs deaths? How many help and don’t cause harm? Too vague


    • Because there’s more people who take legal drugs than people who take illegal drugs. Legal drugs are also easier to get.

    • there has literally been no situation where weed has killed someone, or has influenced someone to kill another or kill themselves by accident.

    • Hritika Kadam

    • Yeah when will america wake up?

    • A MEME said it!!! I’M CONVINCED!!!

    • Lol*

    • Stupidity kills more people than anything!!!!!!!!!!

    • No, what kills is that your the friend who is pressuring everyone else to still take the drugs even the mainstrem crowd says it’s cool man. These drugs do nothing more or less than street drugs. It is all in differnt moderations to be given to you in a pill.

    • Laura, please read comments. You can start getting educated all of a sudden. These are not made up facts. You can look at old pharmacy photos and see the ingrdeients. Wait, don’t call me a lier yet Laura! Don’t forget, pharmacies didn’t exist back then. They had drug stores a.k.a supermakets that you bought even your gas for your car. Just look at the pictures of the companies who used to “OWN” these street drugs.


    • Government hypocrisy is the result of corporate power.

  • Dear whoever is reading this,
    Don’t worry. Your amazing and don’t let anyone make you think that’s not true. There is someone out there for you. Keep your head held high! and don’t ever frown. Because you never know you is falling in love with your smile.

  • They just pay protection to different ppl only difference

  • Matthew

  • Ok I get what your saying but drug abuse has to fall on the responsibility of the individual.

    • Exactly.

    • All drugs are and will be deadly if they are not taking appropriately.

    • Toni Thomley Many people die when they take drugs as directed by their physicians.

    • Not if you are prescribed an opiate like oxycodin for pain and by the time your done the script ,yer hooked.

    • Then you make an executive decision to seek other medical options such as cannabis. That’s why they tell you to get a second opinion.

    • In the end,,,personal responsibilty for action must be the responsible agent,If someone doesn`t know about what drugs do then they are either ignorant or in denial, Pain medication exists for a reason. The fact that these drugs are powerful is no excuse.

    • I disagree. The doctors should be held responsible. You prescribe your patient with a highly addiction substances that should be carefully monitored. It shouldn’t be given out as the first pain relief, there’s a lot other drugs that will work just as well.

    • That’s why you read the label, drug facts, and side affects. No one is forcing pills down your throat or is even forcing you to see a physician.

    • The problem with this country is taking ownership. Yes they make pills but it’s up to you if you choose to take them.

    • No cures , just pain relief , and cures they have and no money in cures I think.

    • My uncle got hooked on them when he was going through a knee infection and they nearly killed him. But he took responsibility and kicked.off them.

    • Over prescribing is the leading cause of addiction.

    • Oh give me a fucking break have you ever been addicted??? That’s obviously where your coming from,that is the most ignorant comment you and people with your view ARE THE FUCKING PROBLEM RIGHT ALONG WITH THE TWO IN THE PICTURE!!!! THESE FUCKING HOSPITALS ARE TURNING PATIENTS INTO JUNKIES EACH AND EVERY SECOND IF YOU ARE ON THESE MEDICATIONS FOR LONGER THAN THREE DAYS YOU ARE ADDICTED

    • ^^^ actually that thought process is a huge part of the problem

    • Until someone forces the drug in you. It’s the individuals responsibility to swallow the sumbitch. This is the same thing as saying guns kill people. And yes I’ve been addicted. But I chose to quit..

    • When people take it for pain, they also get high, and often take more, forgetting they just took one an hour before

    • But why approve a lethal drug?

    • Drug dependence is also a leading cause in addiction.

    • And Michelle Baus it’s called mind over matter plenty of people have and continue to beat addiction by taking it one day at a time. Once again that falls on the individual.

    • Toni please look into opioid addiction statistics and tell me why 9/10 opioid users die by the hands of their addiction? Addiction isn’t an easy thing to get over, and you are over simplifying it. Yes, responsibility falls on the individual, but should we not also hold doctors accountable for not explaining the severity of the drug, not looking into the dependence issues it causes physically which lead most to eventual addiction? How is it that those that sell the drugs shouldn’t also be held accountable? That’s like saying a bar that over serves, and let’s someone drive drunk shouldn’t be held accountable. And that’s not the country we live in. Responsibility of intoxicating drugs also falls on the seller in this country. You can’t sell booze to minors, or already intoxicated people’s, just as you shouldn’t sell an opioid derivative and act like it isn’t just as addictive and dangerous as heroin. <<<<

    • Toni Thomley, I’ve never been in this position but I can understand, if a person is in great pain, they go to the doctor (who presents as an expert) and they take the medicine they are prescribed, as prescribed. That’s why they go to a doctor, to get what is presumably “good” advice from an expert. It’s why one goes to an accountant when one needs that kind of expert, or a plumber, or any number of people who have the expertise we don’t. Of course, you can say that we should all take responsibility for everything that affects us, but most often life doesn’t give us enough hours in the day to become an expert on everything, and we are especially “gullible” when we’re not feeling well. Is it so hard to drum up some empathy?

    • Michelle Baus I was an opioid addict for over ten years and now am in recover for almost two years. It is mind over matter. ANYONE who takes OxyContin knows the risks. This drug has been on the market for so long and no one that takes it starts on it. Most are well into taking narcotics by the time they are given OxyContin, so more then likely they are already an addict WELL on there way deep into addiction. That my friend is truth from someone who has been there, fought it and overcome it. Would love to know what you have to say about that!

    • Jerry your anecdote doesn’t disprove medical science. Drugs are definitely habit forming lol

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  • CIA are the biggest drug dealers in the world these guys are small time

  • Cannabis cures, heals and is far safer than opiates. Educate the self.

    • You know this is true I think , I hardly ever get sick ,

    • I have had my 14 year old son off “big pharma” meds for 3 years. He is autistic and I use high CBD cannabis to keep him from hurting himself, us and others. I recently had a burst appendix, emergency surgery, and was given a scrip for 90 Percocet for post op pain management. I refused to take those at home (hospital I had no choice) and managed my post operation pain with homemade cannabis extract. Worked wonders!

  • Pain killers will keep you coming back. Sorry you have to live with the sickness

  • Scum of the Earth

  • Drugs don’t kill people! people kill people. STOP DRUG DISCRIMINATION

  • Big Pharma Carte!

  • Is there anybody out there who still doesn’t understand this?

  • I didn’t know…. I don’t take prescription drugs.

  • nobody will force you to put anything in your body,guns dont kill if you dont pull the trigger,heroin dont kill if you dont use it etc.etc.etc.

  • …….and ???? ……are we supposed to be surprised in this appalling capitalistic society????… They look very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh thank god for the FDA…lol

  • I quit a two year 120mg a day prescribed “Oxycodone immediate release habit ” cold turkey ’cause I got tired of the fact they lose effectiveness after a year.. Not oxy contin cause it dont work that well for me.. It was a bitch for two weeks, but I did it! I now use marijuana instead.. Works for me!.. I feel much better without that SHIT!…

    • Congrats! You did what many cant.

    • But marijuana creates a high effect that oxycontin does not. You can take your oxycontin medicine and then go drive a car. You can’t with marijuana. Don’t you think that the high effect makes it more attractive ?

    • Been drivin’ high for 37 tears! no-one agrees with you!…

    • OxyContin is oxycodone genius.

    • No shit dumbass but oxycontin is time release oxycodone hits you all at once like a shot of herioin! Dunbfuck!.. Call your local walgreens and ask!..–>

    • Cary Smith – So, you take marijuana for the high effect that you didn’t get with oxycontin. No wonder why you are so against oxycontin. It didn’t do what you wanted it to do.

    • I’m not against ANY thing! you’re delusional! .. just talkin ’bout MY experience! why someone gotta’ be for or against everything?.. Some people on here need a “Checkup from the neck up”!…

    • Next you’ll be callin’ folks anti-gay ’cause they’re straight!.. Put a sock in it!…

  • How is it their fault that people abuse oxy? Are they forcing it down peoples throats?

  • but but but it’s legal

  • Tathiana Moreno-Sanchez

  • BIG Pharma and their drug pushing doctors and corner pharmacies get a free pass from Uncle Sugar.

  • Dr. Drug Dealer will help you

  • Just because you can go to a doctor and get class A drugs prescribed without it been carefully monitored, it doesn’t means you aren’t abusing the system eventually. Pop pills America, once you are hooked on the drug your governments will take them away and the real shit begins! I don’t understand the incarceration system – it’s set up to fail!

  • Sophie Kathleen Ross xxx

  • I have chronic pain and can’t get shit….don’t believe all the hype

    • That happens to many people… how sad is that.

    • you could thank Obama for that…. now that insurance companies can only provide one month prescriptions at a time, and that individual must actually show up at the doctors office rather than a call in, and present their ID to the pharmacy with hopes the insurance counted a full 30 days only then can a patient get the script….. BUT not before the doctor telling them no while begging because the docs are only out to protect themselves in the event someone screws up and takes it wrong, rather than actually providing medicine to remove the pain

    • I’m sure you already know this, but for some reason I felt compelled to reshare the knowledge 🙂

  • Killed more people than small pox and the black plague.

  • Because they literally shove pills down your throat…? Personal responsibility, how does it work?

  • EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU will be begging for it at the end if you end up with cancer or some other horrible wasting disease, which is what this is meant for, so shut the fuck up you loser/can’t think for yourself crybabies. Here’s a novel thought, if you’re not dying or don’t have level 8+ pain DON’T TAKE THEM and if you do follow the directions. Wow!!!

    • The point is not that drugs are objectivity bad, but drug prohibition is.

    • And that these drugs are over prescribed is another huge problem. Especially around where I live. A good percentage of the people who get prescriptions for these opiates don’t even take them. The are diverted into the illegal drug market.

    • ^^^true^^^

  • Greedy unscrupulous doctors and patient abuse/irresponsibility wouldn’t have anything to do with it, would it? Lol Own up to YOUR end people.

  • When people argued that weed was safer than alcohol,the drinker would always say,”But it’s legal.”

  • Drugs don’t kill people people kill themselves ignorant ass motherfuckers

  • The Republican way

  • Ron Berlowitz

  • These two need strung the fuck up !!!!

  • Oxycontin is a near chemical twin of heroin. It exists because after decades of demonizing heroin the government and Big Pharma couldn’t very well couldn’t just start marketing heroin as a prescription pain killer. Smoke and mirrors.

    • Well said!…

    • Learn reading before you write. Learn being nice before being a total stupid dick to people you don’t even know (yeah I know, it’s so much easier being a dick if you don’t have to look em in the eyes 😉 )
      Nothing about morphine in his comment. So y u’re talking about morphine? I rest my case.
      Rest of your comment is valid, though. (too bad..)

    • Christopher Martin diacetyl morphine is the scientific name for heroin you dumb shit.

    • I agree with Steve. dilaudid is pure shit. Morphine is not the same as heroin or oxycodone. Morphine doesn’t have the narcotic high that heroin or oxy’s have, heroin and oxy makes you less sleepy. I don’t even consider dilaudid to be a pain killer, they’re just worthless pills.

    • Steven Sigmon In favor of ميكائيل ميكائيل ميكائيل he has valid points you dismiss. He is making an analogy in medical terms which flew over your head.

    • No actually fuck you you rude asshole. Oxy is the heroin substitute of choice on the illicit drug market. The fact that it was marketed a hundred years ago before the government saw it’s value as a social control is irrelevant. They couldn’t bring it back to the market now. Normally I don’t interact with asstrolls but you were just such a tiny dick I couldn’t resist. ميكائيل ميكائيل ميكائيل

    • ميكائيل ميكائيل ميكائيل you seem to be a bit morphine-cranky….

    • It’s called the rich man’s heroin for a reason.

    • Heroin is morphine.You never test positive for heroin.

    • Mikael mikael, you are a total dickhead. I deal with obnoxious now-it-alls like you everyday in the hospital. Keep slinging screwdrivers Einstein!!

    • Christopher Martin Steven Sigmon
      Obviously you guys have internet. Are y’all just so certain ur right that u don’t check b4 u say b.s ? Heroin or (diacetyl morphine) is only 2.2 times stronger than regular morphine, oxy is almost 2 times stronger, dilaidid aka hydromorphone is 5 times stronger, opana aka oxymorphone is 7 times stronger than regular morphine and fentynal is 50 to 100 times stronger than regular morphine

  • BIG Pharma creates new clients by lowering the BP range, lowering the blood sugar range and telling us we need these drugs and others so we can be ‘happy’ and not depressed 🙁 every other add on tv is for some kind of drug and it should be prohibited!

    • I don’t know about happy. But when your in some fuckin pain that shit works.

    • i have to agree with you Patrick Irby … this is about the only thing that DOES work, short of anesthesia or pain shots.

  • well they are LEGAL, so blame who gave them the OK

  • Thank the feel good Dr. who prescribe what ever a person wants for as long as they want.

  • Heroin and cocaine don’t kill very many people anyway. Heroin deaths are a myth since it takes so long. Most heroin deaths are due to adulterants, not heroin. But it sucks this family profits.

  • Yep.. I do know.. Pricks, the lot of them..!!!

  • Yo Free Thought Project; stop hating and get money.

  • Yea !! Long live the government Cause their damm sure killing and stilling from US.

  • And they are white. Mind blown….. NOT!

  • Hang em high!

  • Jeez! Any drug that have effect may also have side effects and with a drug mainly used for pain treamtment of cancer patients in severe pain excatly how did you seperate cause and effect here? Was it really the drug that killed or might it have been the cancer?
    But I guess if these patients choose let say a homoepathic “drug” and died you’d also blame the “drug”?
    Also: http://ascienceenthusiast.com/the-david-avocado-wolfe-effect/

    • No, it’s a widely abused drug by drug addicts and was handed out like candy, by doctors, to any patients complaining of pain.

      These “patients” complaining of pain make a profit by selling their prescriptions, illegally, to drug addicts..

      This is very common with many pharmaceutical drugs to find their way to non patients…

      You can even go to Mexico and get any drug prescribed without even having a medical condition and then return to the U.S. with these drugs at discount prices..
      This is how the pharmaceutical black market works…

    • Lol oxycontin is most definitely NOT just just a cancer drug. Where I live, there are “pain management” doctors writing more Rxs for that stuff than for anything else. Have been for years.

    • I was going to making a long response to that, but Randy & Matthew covered most of it, I will say that big pharma is the largest drug cartel on the planet, they can make pain medication that is not euphoric or addictive, they know exactly what they are doing, and they count on people getting addicted and abusing them to make their insane profits….

  • They pay tax drug cartels refuse.

  • Legit gangsters

  • Population control.

  • Sackler…is that jewish (ashkenazi)?

  • So can we now start releasing the majority of blacks in prison for petty drug charges like for marijuana and concentrate on the real drug abusers like Pharmaceutical companies, that don’t do their due diligence before, they release these drugs on us!

    • Now why would the gov. Do that? All those dealers who they sold the drugs for marijuana are now considered legit.

  • Hmm FDA approval….

  • Don’t blame the drug. The people that misuse them are at fault

  • Nice

  • But if I sell a little lot I got to jail for 20 years,msg American its grate

  • I wonder what these people will say when they meet up with Jesus

  • There’s a special place for them in the “afterlife”…

  • Yet Testosterone is only legal and perscribed to Males that are over 50. When there are young males that produce more Estrogen than Test…

  • This is hog wash. My Mom took Percodan,(oxycodone for over 30 years with back problem) if you are a drug addict it will kill you but not if you need a pain pill. don’t know if oxycontin is the same..but people need pain pills. She had 2 back operation. Any of those pills can kill you if you take too many.

    • Thank you. I have broken steel in my back and can’t function not even walk without oxt but I don’t take too much

    • No one is saying anything about those who need it. But to act like it hasn’t hurt others as being marketed as safer than heroin is ridiculous….. It’s addictive. That’s science. Yeah your mom took it for 30 years…. If it helped, good for you! This story doesn’t apply to you.

  • Makes me sick, pharmaceutical drugs a real worse than street drugs, an it’s legal. Makes no sense does it.

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  • No wonder she married that old goat. I wonder if she’ll feed him enough viagra to blow his heart out

  • now you have this information….do something about it. or sit behind your computers and be apathetic

  • Not healers.

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  • I think we should head over there for a Knock and Talk.

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  • Look how young she is ….tell me she didn’t marry for money Loool! …and that’s how the wealthy substandard ethics continue! ..on and on and on!

  • Look how young she is ….tell me she didn’t marry for money Loool! …and that’s how the wealthy substandard ethics continue! ..on and on and on! You just know there is a rich GOPher at the root of that FDA approval!

  • You just know thee is a GOPher at the root of that FDA approval!

  • I’m sorry this is misleading. If cocaine/heroin were legal and more readily available and prescribable. These numbers would probably be even if not reversed. Just saying.

  • Damn right!!! I live it when you call them out!! Keep it up, the world needs to know who the true enemies are!

  • after half the kids have used oxys no longer can get them on the street ihey use heroin now that the Taliban isn;t in Afganistan opium is growing again whats up with that????????

  • If it could be used safely, it’s a wonderful drug for people in pain. Trouble is, when you get stoned on it, you might take more than you realize. I personally know someone , a 40 something Mom that died.

    • If your stoned on it then your not using it safely. I never get stoned but I only take enough to keep my pain at a reasonable level so I can walk

    • It’s as close to heroine you can get, so how are you not feeling any narcotic effects? I am only asking because I haven’t had personal experience taking it

    • I’m not sure of the chemical compounds but if I took a big dose then I may have some narcotic effects. I only take enough to help with the pain. Also the have studies that show for true pain when you take the appropriate amount it works on different receptors in your brain. Sure if you take enough anyone can get high, but if something gives me a buzz I won’t take it. I have tried most narcotics because every doctor likes something different. And a small dose of oxycontin works the best for pain without side effects for me.

    • For me taking an oxy is the same result as someone with minor arthritis taking advil. Just pain relief

    • I have been told by doctors that if you need the medication for pain, you will not develop a dependency problem. that has been true for me and I have had five neck/back surgeries and have a steel rod in my leg. I know people who suffer from chronic pain and they deserve to be as free from pain as possible.

  • Am literally shaking with abnormal anger!!!

  • And I’m sure they think of themselves as ‘Good God a’ fearing Christians.


  • Cold killers

  • more mindless bs

  • Off with their heads

  • Did you know people have the stupidity and free will to take those drugs.

    • Did you know most deaths are pain patients therefore they’re not just taking the drugs to take the drugs.

    • Most sick people are offered addictive or harmful meds as their only option. We are actively discouraged from trying natural health. I have rheumatoid arthritis and was nearly disabled in two years from the pain and symptoms. They told me to give up and accept that I’ll be in a wheelchair soon and that I’m just delaying the inevitable and giving people false hope by learning about natural health. I studied natural methods for six months, completely turned my condition around and now I’m almost in remission when I could barely walk less than two years ago. They lie to patients and give them poisons when we could heal ourselves through diet, natural methods and by avoiding sickness in the first place. But those options won’t make them billions of dollars. Most of them are parasites living off of our pain. Meds like this should only be used in emergency situations for acute injuries and whatever is least harmful should be what we regularly take. Cannabis products could replace hundreds of medications but its still illegal in many states except for patients who can be approved for the most serious conditions. Ibuprofen kills millions too but is supposedly harmless.

  • The thing about this drug is even though you may not need to take it, once in your system you have to keep taking it or the withdrawls will take over. I won a major lawsuit against these lying bastards telling me it is non addictive because it was time released. I hope both these bastards get just a little of the suffering i went through with this drug

    • If you had been taking it correctly, you probably would not have become addicted. Any drug abused will become addictive.

    • How about the doctor who prescribed it? Isn’t he the one who should have told you? Shouldn’t he have prescribed it in a manner t hat didn’t addict you? Shouldn’t you blame him instead of the people who make the drug?

    • Will you clearly know nothing about addiction or about opiates. Sandra the doctors get the same info as we do. Back when this was marketed the pharma companies said it wouldn’t cause addiction. Don’t get me wrong doctors throw scrips around way to much but we were all lied to by big pharma.

    • Dear sandra the doctor went by what the pharmaceutical rep was told to tell him. We meaning me and my doctor contacted them about the withdrawls and were told that they would go away

  • Unbelievable

  • Oxy has the same molecular structure as heroin,

  • Gosh now that Marijuana is legal with a prescription I guess it will be ok right. Thats what ppl are thinking and already there have been how many deaths attributed to it. Oh that’s right its legal do it is no longer a threat. Yea right. The survivors if the ppl who die due to the abuse of oxy contin need to get an atty n sue. Based on the fact u can get it easily must mean one of those drs ain’t doing his or her job right. Let me guess the ppl getting the prescription aren’t using the drug right.

  • ain’t that the shit they give 11 year olds?!

  • And ppl wonder why we went into Afghanistan……POPPIES!

  • Getting rich with FDA approved poison….yet people are going to JAIL for Marijuana…..Wake up America!

  • Hillbilly heroin, nothing to say about the “pain clinics ” that dispense this drug by the thousands to people who drive from all over the east coast

  • International drug traffickers!!!

  • god bless capitalism and the sacklers and afghani poppies undergod by nato/us forces

  • N Chris s. Those drugs don’t kill the pain they make u so ur so doped up u n’t care. Go to a cancer ward n talk to some of the ppl there.

  • Oxy is fine IN SMALL DOSES

  • If you’re actually denying medical benefits you’re a moron. Same with the people who demonize pot

  • Federal Death Act….

  • Federal Death Administration

  • But think of all the good they do ???

  • Wrong on so many levels!

  • They look as though they’ve been dipping into the Oxy jar themselves. Painted smiles is a dead giveaway.

  • And they test marketed in Appalachia. Bastards.

  • Disgusting. Yet another reason that I’m voting for Bernie Sanders; he has brought this conversation into the presidential race.

  • Technically drug dealers don’t kill their users I mean who wants to stop thr flow of money? If we blamed them then we have to blame acid dealers for hippies thinking they can fly. Yes this drug is bad and should be banned till you break a bone(just happened and no amount of pot took that pain away)
    What I’m getting at is whatever happened to blaming the user who knowingly ingested it?

  • Monsanto owns the government, man.

  • People choose to take it in unsafe quantities and as a recreational street drug rather than as intended. What are the actual deaths proven to be from Oxycontin that were monitored? Any drug can be lethal in large doses.

    • For a page that is all about personal accountability this post sure missed the mark, huh? Annoying.

    • Yep. But that’s part of its charm! Keeps us on our toes as “consumers” of information.

    • I was thinking the same. I take strong painkillers for a medical condition. Don’t get much in the form of side effects or addiction, probably because I stick to the doctor’s strict dosage that he gives me. But some people go nuts with this stuff by ignoring all of the recommended safety limits and so end up in trouble.

    • It’s addiction. You get prescribed the meds by a doctor you take them as told and for some folks that’s all it takes. But yeah bitch about how stupid the page has become or whatever makes you feel cool. They don’t choose to be an addict. Get an understanding of the situation before you spill your bile.

    • Some DO choose and that’s the point is that the statistics are not accurate.

    • And about spilling bile… try not cussing at strangers

    • Didn’t cuss at you I said bitch as a verb you know an action. Geez some people.

    • Yes a technicality to defend your vulgarity

    • Even if you take exactly what the doctor has prescribed , you still develop Tolerance …. The same dosage doesn’t work as well and doesn’t have the same effect … So your doctor ups your dosage …. Time passes , and repeat …. These are OPIATES …. Please Educate yourself more on OPIATES and ADDICTION …. For with mostly every and any instance , you truly don’t understand something unless you’ve felt it, experienced it , and lived it yourself …

    • Yes but that doesn’t happen to everyone. And to be on point, the article is demonizing a legal painkiller because it kills sometimes. What I dispute is those circumstances under which it kills. If a body has developed a tolerance and has gotten addicted, it would make logical sense that it would take MORE to kill the person. Therefore… do I even need to state the obvious and finish my “therefore”?

    • I can see the point of people’s opinions here. I actually take Tramadol which is less strong than oxycontin I believe and less addictive. Some people unfortunately get addicted even when being careful with it. I guess it is a pros and cons trade off. Yes, taking the pills may reduce your pain thus creating a better quality of life, but they are the addiction risks etc. But in my case, not taking the medication leaves me with such unbearable flare-ups that I can’t live my live anyway – so which is better?

    • Great point Ian. The other point I saw as I scrolled the comments is that many people whose “deaths” were caused by Oxycontin were also dying from something horrible like cancer, so then which REALLY caused the death? The cancer or the pain killer?

    • These are all hypotheticals of course. And I bring them all up because we need to THINK about what we actually interpret when we hear statistics. The article wants us to demonize pain killers. I won’t do that, plain and simple because statistics rarely mean what they imply. Of course, most people don’t seek truth–they seek validation of their wrong opinions.

    • Ian tramadol is a non-narcotic painkiller, and not an opioid based medicine. So that is an entirely different ballgame. Laura, NO ONE CHOOSES TO BE AN ADDICT! You said it yourself, not all people become addicted. But sometimes with doctor prescribed and regulated medicine, opioid addiction is unavoidable, and that doesn’t make that person a bad person, or wrong for it. It just means that marketing a drug as a safe alternative to addiction, when it has proven to be just as addictive as heroin, if not more addictive due to its longer half life, then how are you missing that? It’s lying to the public. That’s the point. It’s legal drug dealers, marketing addictive drugs as “safe”.

      You don’t have to demonized painkillers, and people are not doing that. But clearly you are unfamiliar with opioid addiction, and how it scientifically, and physically manifests, and why. Or else you wouldn’t have such a misunderstanding of what the article is saying. Praise opioids all you want, but they are dangerous. And honestly more dangerous than heroin. And that’s the implied point. How is it that we have drug laws against heroin, and marijuana, yet legal drug marketers can sell a drug more addictive, and easier to overdose on, and be completely ok. And break no laws?

      Fact of the matter is at the end of the day people will abuse any and all opioid painkillers and there’s no way tons of the success of this drug had to do with its black market sales as well.

    • Cheese from McDonald’s is addictive. Sugar is proven to be more addictive than crack… I never said squat about addiction anyway so I don’t know where you’re getting all this “you don’t know anything” attitude from. I’m saying people die from oxy because they are A.) Stupid with the drug B.) Dying of something else anyway so we can’t prove cause and effect or C.) Actually taking the drug as intended and dying or D.) Some other scenario not mentioned. The statistic given as “proof” is too broad, too open to interpretation and it is these leading statistics that people need to question. And YOU Mitch Dickard, are not on point. Yes, addictions are bad. We ALL know that… now can we possibly move past that point or do you have too much flouride in your water for your brain to be of any use?

    • And YES I’m getting feisty now! This isn’t about anyone’s sob story with addiction. It’s about statistics masquerading as facts when the truth is much more slippery. It’s about how to see the truth through “statistics” that people use to deliberately scare and sway people into one way of thinking or another.

    • I am desperately concerned for this world… so many people can’t THINK so they fall prey to fear campaigns. Even the followers of this Free Thought Project… crazy. Where are the smart people at? Hit me up if you know what I’m talking about!

    • Did you read the article? The article was all about addiction. What statistic are you talking about? Because the chart with graphs showing deaths from painkillers, was literally showing deaths where painkiller overdose WAS the cause of death. So I’m not sure at all what you’re talking about now honestly…. Madame, sugar isn’t as addictive as crack. It might cause the same brain patterns to light up, but smoke some crack, and eat a donut and tell me how you feel.

      Secondly, the entire thing is about someone’s “sob” story with addiction. It’s about everyone who’s been addicted to OxyContin’s sob story with addiction, because they were told the drug had less than 1% potential for abuse. An outright lie.

      It’s very easy to understand why people die from an OxyContin overdose Madame, and there’s only 1 reason, not 4 like you described. And that would be taking too much. Deaths attributed to other factors don’t count as an overdose, so they wouldn’t even be factored into the numbers in this statistic. So I’m very confused what veil you think you’re seeing through in understanding statistics….

    • I want more doughnuts. I feel happily addicted to doughnuts. Those will kill me in mass quantity too!!!

    • If your replies don’t do it to me first….

    • I guess I’ve proven my point? You didn’t read the article….

    • Doughnuts don’t kill people like crack or OxyContin. So I don’t see how comparing apples to oranges is beneficial, or relevant. I might have had an attitude, but I’ve refrained from name calling and being melodramatic. Is logic not a valued part of your argument, or is personal glorification and “smart”-ness just the goal? Your point hasn’t been made clear yet you seem to think you’ve somehow accomplished something. Please define your terms Madame haha

    • Not to YOU I have not made my point clear. Think what you will at this point. Not every door opens with the same key…. your mind and my words are seemingly not compatible.

    • What? Lol you’re not even making sense ma’am.

    • Now I feel like you’re not reading the comments hahaha

    • scientists skew data all the time for their own ends. Not saying that it did happen here… it’s just that cause and effect must carefully be considered. Lots of people die and the trend is up… they say it is from doctors prescribing it too liberally, but the charts Daniello Milopezki gave showed that other drugs are also on the rise. Maybe just all drug use is on the rise. There are other factors… the population can grow at an exponential-type rate. Therefore deaths by any number of things can grow as well

    • The baby boomers all dying of cancer sure would make the death rates higher as well… and if they had oxycontins… well it had something to do with Oxycontin and dying, so let’s put it in this chart!

    • Get it???? Statistics are basically the devil. So are privately funded “studies” to come up with statistics that people take as facts. People interpret thing literally… words are used for trickery… I’m not debating that addictions to every type of drug or cheese or doughnut are harmful. They are harmful. I’m saying that this article demonizes a great drug that helps with the most unbearable of pains. And I’m saying that when used properly, I highly doubt overdoses are really a problem. The statistics also do not say if other drugs were also a contributing factor. You take oxy’s and decide to go drinking, you’re stupid. Then maybe you mix an energy drink into the mix… people do that shit ALL the time. Then the hospitals report what they find but each hospital would find something different in different patients or choose to report on it a different way. See? People don’t consider ALL the factors that go into these mass-compiled statistics. And–are they including the US territories like Puerto Rico? Maybe one section of the US has a bad problem but the rest does not…. I like that the article brings awareness. I like that people are talking about the problems of our society. BUT we can’t demonize a drug or the FDA or two rich people for the deaths of thousands when statistics are not defined very well. Now, if the statistic was defined as “number of people who died as a direct result of Oxycontin while taking the prescribed dosage as monitored by a doctor and who absolutely did not die from anything else” maybe I’d pay a bit more attention. But the trend for drug use in general is on the rise.. there are JUST too many factors to CREDIT the statistics. And by presenting these statistics they want us to demonize a great pain killer and the people who got rich off of that AND other things… but the article is meant to “outrage” by the free-thought projects own admission as stated in the comments. Also, the article mentions that drug abusers bypass the time release by crushing the drug. Is THAT taking a drug as prescribed or is that recreational use at that point? I won’t demonize a drug simply because of flimsy modern-day statistics.

    • SIR

    • Or should I say, my good sir haha

    • Now I really must be done here… say something valid instead of insulting and I will reply.

    • I’m focused on the “why people are dying” statistic being a smokey half truth… you are focusing on people lying and marketing the drug as non-addictive and the fact that it IS addictive and the corruption of the FDA whom anyone who knows the history of aspartame already knows… so we really have no argument on main points. Free Thought Project should try to teach people HOW to analyze what they hear completely… you know… promote thought!!! They are perpetuating dull minds by leading people into what to think instead of presenting both sides of a story.

    • I haven’t said anything insulting, but again the owners of OxyContin weren’t being blamed for the deaths of OxyContin overdoses. They are being held accountable for selling OxyContin under the misleading notion that it has less than 1% risk for potential abuse. That’s not true, as proven by the statistics showing the numbers of deaths. Again, you’re missing the point.

      No one is demonizing OxyContin, but you seem to refuse to believe that it actually has negative affects for thousands of people who use it as prescribed, and don’t crush it.

      The point being, everyone knows that there are doctors who overprescribe just to have recurring patients, and “pill mills”, and “pill doctors”, that essentially fund and fuel a black market pill trade, that still gets to the street with the intention of being abused.

      The pill was marketed as being abusable, and clearly it can be abused.

      No one is saying those deaths were the drug makers faults.

      I’m sorry but you’re missing the point continuing to harp on statistics when your comprehension of who came up with these statistics, how they are factored and derived, by your own explanations is very far off from the truth.

      Yes statistics can be used to sway and mislead, but statistics here were used to prove that people profited off of a lie that their medicine is completely un-abusable. And that’s just simply not true.

      That’s false advertising.

      Like a car company selling a car claiming they’ve NEVER HAD ISSUES WITH THE CAR MODEL, yet the have records of thousands of makes of the same model breaking down for no reason.

      It’s misleading, and illegal, and unethical, and immoral. And evil.

      No one is demonizing using opioids as a painkiller. That’s your right as a human, and if you achieve your standard of happiness through that, then so be it.

      But should I be lied to in a business setting and be taken advantage of and put at risk for someone else’s happiness?? Seriously?

    • I will agree with you on your last comment, but WHY people die from a drug overdose is simple. There’s an LD50 For every substance. And once that level has. Been reached in the blood a body can no longer function properly and death is imminent.

      The statistics shown on these deaths come from medical records that attribute the SOLE CAUSE OF DEATH to OxyContin. Meaning, nothing else was a factor in that death at all. Such as drinking on oxy’s, wouldn’t be factored into an OxyContin overdose. It would be considered an alcohol related death. Not even an alcoholic overdose, but an ALCOHOL RELATED DEATH. Not an even an opioid related death.

      Have you ever worked in statistics? Your fear of numbers seems just as irrational as the red scare Madame.

      All information everywhere should be considered biased.

      There is no, unbiased news source. We’re human.

    • Nope, you should not be lied to but we all are subjected to lies all the time so we need our brains for the purposes of discernment. Good job debating and keeping it civil BTW. Not many can do what you have done. It shows an incredible amount of patience and fortitude. It is what it takes to get through to others. Now by what we have hashed out, I conclude that my original comment was not 100% on point with the main article and I totally get that that can throw people. So I see I should have put a precursory statement at the beginning like “this is not on the main point but…” and I should have been more upfront instead of just insinuating that the choice to misuse a drug should not count because all prescription drugs are meant to be taken as prescribed and not any other way. So that’s why I’m all crazy about the statistics on death and overdose. Misleading the people in a lie about a drug is bad, but then to provoke the people with “statistics” that are used to “prove” a point… that’s wrong too. People just need to wake up and care instead of having to be provoked all the time. I want to see a world where we are no longer “the masses” but a connected species who thinks and cares. Two lies does not a truth make!

    • I don’t fear numbers. I just know better than to believe everything I hear/read and take things at face value. I am a literalist… so, when people start saying things are facts I hold them accountable and question whether what they say can possibly be fact.

    • The trend does not reflect the growth of population or the ages of the people involved in these deaths.

    • I will research this LD50 you speak of and also this red scare you speak of before replying.

    • And I need to reread the charts in question to confirm that the deaths are from oxy alone because it’s nearing 6am here and I am getting drowsy now

    • You sir are amazing though. Most people just argue but do not hash things out until a sort of enlightenment is reached.

    • I understand way better where your coming from now, ignore the red scare that’s just what the name of the anti Russian propaghandi movement was called in America. The LD50 is real.

      And I believe that’s what’s scary, is the rise in these deaths doesn’t attribute for population growth. Meaning we have a drug problem being fueled by what?

      More than likely doctors and pharmaceutical companies misleading patients into taking medicines with addiction potential when many of these people might have chosen an alternative route if they knew the safety hazards involved when starting an opioid based pain treatment.

    • Agreed!!!! We can’t grow together, if we don’t work together, and disrespect and vulgarity won’t help us. We’re all on this planet together, only through logic, and intellect can we help each other see the truth and find a way to all exist, coexist, and live happily on the same planet, ideally, peacefully.

    • I just realized also, I was never responding to your original question. Now that I read it, I see where the major miscommunication happened…. My bad, it’s super late here as well. Have a nice day Madame, and I hope we can both walk away from this better understanding what it is to be a part of the human condition, and find some compassion for those who are dealing with things we don’t have to deal with.

    • It could be a population shift though… cultural. Things that are awesome generally tend to go up in popularity, not down. A drug that induces euphoria? More people try it and have a good experience… more people want to try it, more people DO try it… more people try to GET it… more people try to KEEP it… more people try to SELL it…. robberies of pharmacies are on the rise because of all the money in untraceable pills…. there is just so much to consider when determining something… and most people can’t think beyond their nose. I think we have both proved something here and made a small step forward for anyone who wants to really be a free thinker. Let’s bring back the Junto! (Benjamin Franklin reference)

    • Well we already know doctors are being put under momentus pressure to not tell us homeopathic cures.

    • They are being given free samples of new drugs to try left and right. And the more they push the drugs on people the more the drug companies buy them lunches or give them vacations or other incentives. It was ALL over John Oliver. Anyone here a Last Week Tonight fan?

    • Just go to YouTube and search John Oliver prescription drugs

    • Laura you win the troll of the day award. I see the problem John Oliver is your news source. While I love me some John he is a comedian unlike you you’re still a dim witted troll who would argue with a tree. And get a life I’ve went to bed woke up and you are still bitching a verb again and not vulgarity. It’s not like I’m saying you are a bitch but sister if the shoe fits.

    • Basically why are we using all these opioids when there are other alternative much safer methods of healing pain. We can all argue the nitty gritty like Laura above; the point is pain pills kill more people than many other “drugs.” The big pharma is purely CAPITALIST! Without big pharma the government is fuxked because let’s be honest where funding really comes from…And then people want to stand up for such a ridiculous drug and say it’s not that bad by arguing futile arguments that are countered EVERYTIME. As with Laura above, she has many “generic” arguments (as generic as the drugs themselves) and she falls into an emotionally vested argument and feels the need to complain about the word “Bitch” when used in a manner to describe the action of “bitching,” which is to say you are complaining…get a grip and use all this energy to find out the real truths. I’m never one to say stats aren’t misleading, because they are, but pain pills are crisis and if you were to maybe leave American soil you would realize how little of the rest of the world relies on opioids. Food for thought

    • Seems to me if your building a tolerance you’ve been taking the drug for to long and you need other forms of treatment or in conjunction with.

    • Honestly big pharma is all about greed and capitalism at any cost. Sheep are actually defending them? Hahahaha.. Wow.

    • Except pot

    • Hey….Everyone stfu for one damn minute….guess what yo…lol..omg
      Hey….i know a black man who pushed a british man and a american mans shyt in while in prison…the only white folks he had any respect for were the Irish/Scottish and the Italians and Russians…
      Maybe yall should aspire to be like them.
      Brits n Mericans are Pussies…Poor white women…ashamed of their gay lil white men. A damn shame…

    • because of slander and the hypocrisy of the drug war people find a false sense of security taking pills. Sure theres tons of legal stuff that kills you ex:soda, but all it’s negative attributes are fine print or unknown until the dmg is done. There are also a ton of illegal drugs that you can take casually without suffering addiction or risk of being killed. Coming right down to it I think the point is to highlight the hypocrisy of big pharma and the war on drugs.

    • Laura Gottfried , like i said “… Please Educate yourself more on OPIATES and ADDICTION …. For with mostly every and any instance , you truly don’t understand something unless you’ve felt it, experienced it , and lived it yourself …” … it’s your CHOICE to be narrow minded , or not …. smh

    • Def give up on this thread though. …. “some people just aren’t that smart” …. n they’ll never change. … simple

    • Laura Gottfried first a person Doesnt have to die of an overdose. Garbage like this kills the liver, kidneys, and the lining of ur stomach. Second the vast majority of junkies started out as a pain patient and when the scrips dont work anymore go to stronger street drugs. Third please do talk about a subject if you get your information and knowledge from things like YouTube and Facebook it just makes you look like a fool.

    • Ian Moran
      I dont know what ur condition is but I live with chronic pain everyday. I stopped taking all my pain killers and muscle relaxers when I tried kratom. If you are interested in something that cant kill you no matter how much you take and is totally natural then look it up. Just a suggestion for a fellow
      pain patient.

    • People assume many things…. where I get my info, what I “really” mean, even saying I have some need to prove my “smartness”… everybody saying like I don’t know stuff first hand just because I have a different opinion… you know what a troll is? Someone who doesn’t have an agenda other than to add negativity to a topic and get people angry. That is NOT what I was doing. This isn’t about ME. It’s about an article that was meant to “outrage” the public that I don’t completely agree with. I believe in being responsible for your own person, to have SOME knowledge before you CHOOSE to consume something, and to not demonize things that work for some people. It’s a very much “LIVE AND LET LIVE” philosophy. I don’t want things to be banned because SOME PEOPLE can’t handle them. Some people can’t handle their liquor either… just sayin’

    • People abuse what is meant for one thing. Which winds up being the person who is abusing it’s problem. I rarely even take tylenol. So I know if I was in severe pain this would work for me. Funny how when someone continues taking a medication longer then recommend there are always side effects. There is warning signs on everything you do. Your choice to be blinded to it or not. So what is this post for to get rid of pain meds? So people with cancer or whatever will have nothing. People are always talking about getting stuff off the market because someone they know has a problem. Grow Up and take stuff in recommend dosages. Then stop crying. Go try and save the world some other way. Just because what she said makes sense you guys get butt hurt over it.

    • Wow thanks Paula Brown. I have a hard time always conveying what I mean and then people like to just respond to try to make me feel bad and back down instead of having a rational conversation. And then it seems that the things that they accuse me of are what they are doing themselves. Like being too emotionally invested in a topic and arguing to “prove smartness” or whatever… there typically ARE warning labels on everything you do. I didn’t know the big wigs were marketing these pills as non-addictive and I’m surprised because I kind of feel like it’s common knowledge that these pills can be addictive, but if they did that they should change it and be held accountable definitely. BUT, the big wigs in charge whomever they are, are not responsible for all these deaths because personal responsibility DOES NEED to factor in somewhere here. Just like cigarettes or McDonald’s food. Lots of stuff is addictive, but WE have the responsibility. We can’t just get “outraged” and use the blame game to negate our personal responsibilities.

    • And Paula Brown, thanks for jumping into this shit storm because now you’re probably going to take the heat with me:-)

    • Jay Witt Thanks mate. I will certainly take a look at Kratom – it certainly can’t hurt (excuse the pun). The pain condition I have is called fibromyalgia. Had chronic pain for 21 year. I should really be used to it by now (I’m 42 now) but no, when it hits hard, it still feels as bad as ever. I hope you are okay mate.

    • Awww! A happy ending for Ian and Jay. Good vibes!!!

    • Kratom is something I have never personally used, BUT there was a junkie living on my couch for a few weeks at one time and she would go get the little packets for 25 dollars a pop. It’s rediculously expensive too.

    • It’s people that abuse drugs and mealy mouthed Liberals that screw it up for everybody.

  • bastards should be convicted of drug dealing

  • Everyone on here is fucking stupid, they do not force people to take them excessively or to not follow a doctor’s instructions for them, did you know you can overdose on water too, lets fucking ban that as well jesus fucking christ people are fucking dense

  • Crazy

  • They don’t kill people. #personalresponibility

  • It helps my pain

  • DID YOU KNOW? That the reason so many people die from oxycontin is because they’re TERMINALLY ILL and it’s worth the risk because they’re in incredible pain?

    I’m no fan of big pharma, but get your facts straight and stop it with this propaganda or no one’s going to take you seriously.

  • The inconvenient truth is American capitalism is deadly. Inconvenient for its fic5ims, very convenient for the masters.

  • It’s still up to us to make better choices. We can place blame on thousands of companies, products, or institutions, but ultimately it is US who buys what they’re selling.

  • Wow wtf

  • they probably contribute to obamas campaign.

  • SuperEvil .

  • They should be charged with murder

  • Dont abuse it!!! Idiots!

  • Why no comparative numbers? Why say far surpassed? Too ambiguous. Believe that big pharma is a problem, but not enough to believe stories without raw data.

  • I liked Oxycontin when I was in acute, chronic pain.
    But my (smart) doctors weaned me off ASAP.

  • Profit any way you can get it.

  • This drug is useful to those who use it as directed. One day when you have pain so severe try not taking Oxy, percocet, dialudid, mor0hine….you’ll be thankful it was made I promise.

  • Hritika

  • Sean Nelson Ali Rogers Jr. Thought it was something you would enjoy to learn

  • Overdosing on anything will kill you, don’t blame them for other people’s stupidity.

  • Surprise! The FDA only has big pharm’s best interest at heart

  • Maybe just maybe people tend to trust their doctors to much! Then wake-up one day to late! They do get the ball rolling! But don’t blame the people who make drugs that people need!

  • :/

  • Opiate addiction is an epidemic in our nation, especially with the millennial generation. However the drug companies who make opiate pain killers are not responsible for the epidemic. Perhaps the medical system which over prescribes painkillers could be blamed. I’m not sure if that would do much good either. Maybe we should all look in the mirror instead.

  • Outrageous!

  • Just legalize oxycontins and heroin and keep the government out of it.

  • WOW – a very sad situation for those people

  • This “drug” has also HELPED MILLIONS who suffer from chronic debilitating pain. It’s the people who abuse them that give this a bad name.

  • The Sackler family has killed no one. ABUSE is the killer. My husband took oxycontin for months until he had the back surgery he needed. He took his last oxycontin the day before the surgery. He never took another one, and never had any withdrawal symptoms. People who die from oxycontin are either over-dosing, snorting, or mixing it with other drugs. Articles like this are just another liberal media contribution to class warfare.

    • Please stay out of the argument with your anecdotal, one size fits all explanation of science, and how your husbands body must be the only source for opioid addiction science. L OH FUCKING L

    • My husband took it for shoulder pain. Got addicted. Lost his family,his job and all of his friends. Never snorted/mixed with other drugs. I hate this drug with a passion.

    • Good for your husband !there are exceptions to the rule !

    • Sunny, he had back surgery so clearly he had anesthesia and after surgery pain medication in the hospital. His body went thru withdrawals, you just didn’t see it. Those medications in his system helped him come down off the OxyContin in his system. Taking it, as prescribed for a few months will definitely produce some withdrawal symptoms. He was very lucky. Withdrawals aren’t pretty.

    • Look y’all I don’t hate it if it wasn’t like y’all make sound; there a lot of people sick that take it the right way, that are not drug addict,; and it help them with pain that dam insurance don’t cover for doctors to help them,; I’m been going through yrs to get to help me where the pain is coming from and they still have done anything shit I don’t want to take pill all my life but I can’t walk without them that not right eighter to young and cannot fix me with surgery so I don’t have to take this pain killer and be able to walk. The drug dealer should note be taking if y’all don’t drink the right way the doctor say to take this is a lot BS!

  • Good GAWD!!! And I am NOT surprised at this crap!

  • Money, Power and Corruption are all relatives.

  • Nancy Drew

  • just like guns….it’s the stupid people killing themselves…not the pills. Idiots!

  • Doctors ultimately responsible for prescribing it.

  • Sally

  • wow billionaire killers

  • Actually not true. Liberals and abortions have killed over 60 million in the last 2 decades and the murders are still killing today and its FDA approved.

  • Look they’re white

  • Its ok obama care pays for it. Lol hahaha taxpansies

  • Junkies Unite.

  • Etrit Beselica ku o drogaaa o etriiiit?

  • what the government around the world are upto no know can understand.., something very very fishy indeed…, Thanks.

  • Yikes.

  • Get a joint replacement. oxycontin lessens the pain dramatically. Don’t be so fucking stupid.

  • No lifetime sentence for them? Of course not…as long as the big guys make money is legal

  • This meme is misleading for two reasons I can see:

    1. Unfortunately prescription drugs do kill more and this is largely due to misuse (drug overdoses) and no people are harmed in the making of the drug. Whereas children, women and men are often brutally killed by cartels wanting to make their drugs and money.

    2. It’s not just the Oxycontin drug responsible for causing more deaths than Heroin and Cocaine as this picture depicts. It’s all prescription drugs: http://www.businessinsider.com/painkillers-kill-more-americans-than-heroin-and-cocaine-2012-9?IR=T

    • Actually a third reason is that it is a graphic by David Wolfe, the guy who likes to spread woo.

  • I blame the Doctors who write the scipts.

  • ANd NO WHiTE PEOPLE convicted of selling it on the black market get LIFE IN PRISON.

  • Fuckin society

  • Briana Michelle Wilson

  • Duh!

  • Cheese kills more people than all the drugs combined… Poverty related deaths kill more people than any type of death.

    The problem is abuse and lack of proper education on how to enjoy a drug… Then there is scarcity causing a hoarding effect once people get a hold of the drug again, it’s like they’re trying to store up for a hard winter ahead and make up for lost times… When you know how to do it responsibly and there’s no fear of running out then abuse is not as likely to occur, I know from first hand experience.

  • intersante

  • How is this their problem? How about blaming guns for murder and alcohol for impaired driving. Use it as it was intended and get your head out of your _ _ _ .

  • Julius Christiansen

  • Government forces the working population to subsidize the cost of legal drugs for it through “insurance”. The working population also gets to buy it for those who are on Medicaid through taxes.

    You don’t think government and big pharma aren’t in this together?

  • I bet they had a lovely Christmas.

  • it’s NOT their fault that idiots either can’t read the directions or choose to ignore them. i’ve NEVER seen a script say,”TAKE 10 AND LAY DOWN AND FALL ASLEEP.”

  • Legal deaths because it’s FDA approved?! Only in america. Our leaders like it that way.

  • That’s because the cartels don’t want to pay their “taxes”. Let me explain government in layman’s terms. The people are hoes, the government is pimp daddy. As long as pimp daddy gets his money, the hoes are safe! But remember, we’re free! Lmfao

  • Joachim Lehmann

  • This drug does not kill anyone unless they abuse it. It is not meant to take for any other reason than for pain in a physician monitored doze over a limited amt. of time for pain. If used in this manner, it is not addictive. If anyone dies because of this drug it’s because the person who died abused it.

  • No, it could not be morons that sell their RX for profit, or abuse it rather than how it is prescribed,and yes maybe RX kill more people than illegal drugs (?) but again that falls on a society that is so broken down it looks for any excuse to get out of work or to shut down, so lets not make any drugs, because someone some where will abuse it!

  • .

  • more pharma parasites with friends in high places,

  • Another reason not to trust the FDA

  • The lesson to be learned is don’t take OxyContin!!! It is not rocket science. It sure doesn’t mean take heroin or cocaine instead.

  • Lost many friends to that shit! We all make choices.. But that shits as bad as Crack Cocaine!

  • And that’s why they want only THEIR drugs to be legal. They don’t want to lose a penny.

    -“asdag habk sd”

  • Wow!

  • If people didn’t abuse it most of the deaths probably would,’t happen

  • Audrey Lajoie now I’m scared of oxycodent

    • Well this is for people who abuse it. You took your prescription and stopped, you didn’t go all Lindsey Lohan.

  • People are responsible for taking their medication properly. This drug has helped many people by freeing them of pain. Unless you have experienced chronic pain; don

  • don’t judge those that have and accuse us of abusing drugs and the drug makers that produce them.

  • Too much of anything can make a person an addict the problem lies in the individual

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • You can not trust the law to determine the safety of any drug. What is safe is not always lawful and what is deadly is not controlled.

  • So they’re evil for starting a legitimate company that created a product specifically to help people reduce pain, and even warns them to be careful because it could cause addiction and or death by over dose… right, because the idiots who prefer to get high are the victims

    It could be argued that decades ago when this first hit pharmaceutical shelves, there was no warning, but then no one warned about the cocaine in coca cola either

    And the cartels who produce illegal profits by selling illegal drugs, and even murdering any one who stands in their way are still lesser criminals

  • let me get this straight pot has killed no one and is number one on the bad drugs list but this is legal mmmmm more psychos shit that i cant get my head around ffs, i guess that’s how they want us huh

  • Yea and it also makes dying cancer victims not be in pain, I bet if it was your mama dying of cancer u would want her to have them. Its not their fault people abuse them

  • And look at them smiling like they are Lilly white and innocent…

  • Wow,,,what a mess up world we let be created,,,

  • Some Doctors Are In With The Insurance Companys And Who Pays The Price Yup The Patient My Thoughts Schedule 2 Drugs Are Not Hard To Be Prescribed And Only Hard To Get Off But There Is Light At The End Of That Dark And Lonely Tunnel

  • Gee when people abuse a medication show people intend to get hooked on it I had surgeries and gave taken this medication has so many side has effects why get addicted but everyone just have to fine something to get latched on


  • Whose holding guns to people’s heads and making them OD??…
    people kill themselves, blaming an inadimate object only enables abusers

  • This is more proof that your government is not interested in the safety of products… Just the amount of bribery $$$.

  • good for them

  • Beware the legal drug pusher

  • Sounds like we got some pharma junkies that got butt hurt. I’ve personally seen this drug destroy lives time and time again. Keep eating those opiates that you claim don’t get you high because you take the dr recommended dose. You’re lying to yourself and perpetrating misinformation that his harmful to people. But, hey, the fact his that addicts are nothing if not totally selfish, right?? It’s all about you and your pain meds

  • Ivan Ninkovic

  • You think we invaded Afghanistan to spread freedom? Lol

  • ¡¡¡¡ ””’ Is it thrue?

  • OxyContin is a stronger dose of Heroine than one could buy on the streets. Fuck the Sackler Family!!!!!!

  • Ur right it’s there fault because people want to go get high off of prescription pills and ruin there life!!!! My God, it’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it so typical

  • outrages

  • They have killed no one ! The make and sell a legal product ! If someone CHOOSES to ABUSE this product to the point of killing themselves ! That’s their own STUPIDITY ! Trying to blame someone or something for your PERSONAL CHOICES is B S ! And anyone trying to blame others is just as guilty as the person who is STUPID enough to kill themselves and have others make excuses

  • It’s ridiculous… It’s like blaming Kalashnikov for the deaths caused by AK 47 cause he invented it…

  • Ya vistes Ramirez Alfonso Ramirez deja De tomarlas!!! Pinchii pill popper!!

  • all controlled by our lovely gvt …js

  • What’s the likelihood of dying from the use of Oxycontin vs heroin or cocaine? Yes prescription drug abuse is a big problem, but that doesn’t mean that it is any more dangerous than illegal drugs.

    More people die from alcohol than cocaine, but I would say that it’s a problem because of that fact.

  • Viktor Poiasnik kingpin

  • more addictions to line their pockets.

  • Did you know that some people really need that pain killer?
    Those who died from it either had bad instructions from the doctor who prescribed it, or they abused it themselves.

  • Shocking

  • Chris Rock said it best, “It’s alright if it’s all white”.

  • Adam Gates

  • Oh it’s ok because it’s fda approved to fill pockets with money……throw it away folks.it’s crap.

  • This is total bunk. Cars operated illegally kill many more people too. Is that the manufacturers’ fault? Hardly.

    I was on high doses of OxyContin a few years ago to manage pain at home. For a few months. W/o it, I would have been hospital & IV bound instead. I did not abuse it, I did not become addicted, and I did not suffer health problems or death. That some choose to abuse something meant to do good for those using it as intended does not make the original intention invalid.

  • Jack McGrath. I should start dealing

  • I believe it! “prominate” white ppl…ha! No nobody thinks about it…cracks me up!

  • Burn those evil coakaroaches and let the weed dealer feeding his family go free.

  • There is a proscribed way to drive a car that is typically safe. Is it the manufacturer’s fault that some crash their products into trees?

  • People who are in pain would thank them. People on their death beds looking comfortable are thanks to them. Just because some morons choose to take more then the dosage amount does not make them killers. Go to the hospital and go tell the ones just outta surgery you are taking their pain meds away. I rarely even take tylenol but if I am ever in need of some strong crap to not make me feel a thing. I will be thanking them! You always have people trying to take something that actually helps others away. Go try and save the world a better way. There are side effects on everything. There is a limit to everything. They are there for a reason. When I wind up needing pain meds one day and they take it away because everyone gets butt hurt I will be pissed off! You can choose not to and that’s your choice.

  • Legal heroin

  • Wow! Makes ya think! I had no idea! Wow

  • Like any tool..it can be abused…Ya don’t stick a screw driver in your eye…

  • Most sick people are offered addictive or harmful meds as their only option. We are actively discouraged from trying natural health. I have rheumatoid arthritis and was nearly disabled in two years from the pain and symptoms. They told me to give up and accept that I’ll be in a wheelchair soon and that I’m just delaying the inevitable and giving people false hope by learning about natural health. I studied natural methods for six months, completely turned my condition around and now I’m almost in remission when I could barely walk less than two years ago. They lie to patients and give them poisons when we could heal ourselves through diet, natural methods and by avoiding sickness in the first place. But those options won’t make them billions of dollars. Most of them are parasites living off of our pain. Meds like this should only be used in emergency situations for acute injuries and whatever is least harmful should be what we regularly take. Cannabis products could replace hundreds of medications but its still illegal in many states except for patients who can be approved for the most serious conditions. Ibuprofen kills millions too but is supposedly harmless.

  • Drugs are there. You can prohibit drugs. That increases their price. You can control it. That make them the same expansive, but you know where they are (nearly) and doctors control them. If you don’t produce them, others do. If you try to control and channel them, it’s better than drugs in the street without medical control. That’s all.

  • Send me samples, please.

  • Use, don’t , abuse .

  • You all realize this is a gun control argument with oxy plugged in in place of the gun, right?

  • Most deaths from oxygen occur when the individual takes a large dose without building a tolerance if you were legitimately perscribed oxycontin or oxycodone for a medical condition the doctor is not just going to punch you on a milligram pill right off the bat that build your tolerance up before you ever get to add especially for most of the deaths occur when kids are people trying to get high for the first time take too much and not realize what their doing

  • This country is a dive!

  • god bless usa

  • They should be treated like any drug dealer cause a death and go to jail for this poison pill. The feds can use the ill gotten gains to get people off oxy and health care . those at the fda that approved it too

  • Wow bunch of idiots responded to this wtf

  • MAKE THIS VIRAL. ‘Like’ + Share + Comment (even 2 words) so people can see how corrupt government really is!

  • “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ? Eleanor Roosevelt

  • no harm but legalise them and take them for fun. patent’s should only last a year

  • Statistics Don’t Lie unfortunately

  • all wrong

  • SAD TRUTH!!!

  • Very sad to think this is legal and medical marijuana that heals cancers, epilepsy etc and other life threading diseases is not…

  • This drug destroys ives … There are MANY in jail from addiction to this that lead them to commit crimes… Meanwhile this is legal and people are in prison for cannabis

  • Governments kill more people annually than ANY OTHER criminal organization

  • A travesty of justice. Disgusting.

  • I’m a recovering heroin addict who got started on Oxycontin, and 9/10 of the other addicts I know also got started on opiate pills, again with Oxycontin being among the most popular.

    • It’s a terrible epidemic, glad you’re doing well man

    • I am in the same boat jeff, i feel sorry for you wish you the best of luck. I am a little over 2 years clean now but still on suboxone low dose.
      I dont really consider my self 100% clean until i can stop taking suboxone but some do lol. anyway good luck

    • I just saw you work in the auto industry. I worked as a manager for 10 years and half of that time i was using H. The auto industry has a bad habit of being a bad influence on people like me and you. It is hard work and opiate drugs kind of take the pain and stress away from all that. I drive tow trucks now, I dont have many people that i deal with that i see every day. it kind of helps me get away from people that are bad influences on me and the pay is better 😉

    • I’ve done both myself and to be honest, I actually find Oxy to be much more potent.

  • this is actually so true.

  • Damn Freemasons

  • and the FBI is involved in street level busts…arresting the lowest of the low level dealers……..fucking joke.

  • But it’s legal!!!! BS!!!

  • Decriminalize cannabis now go to norml.com !

  • yep these people forced you to take and abuse the drug they created…like any alcohol companies, tobacco, car ,etc… The real person to blame is yourself…..

  • ruling scum

  • Money buys privilege

  • Sick

  • The truth is finally coming out, those of us who have worked in the field or dealt with drugs in one way or another have known this for years. We talk all the time about corruption in third world countries, it is more open than the huge corruption in the so called developed world

  • That’s some crazy milligrams going on there.

  • Fuckin’ where are they throwing them in cages?!!!!!!

  • I have it they’re putting them in prison, sometimes being a bit heavy handed.

  • Fucked up

  • Big Pharmacy and the doctors that push opoids, anti-depressants and benzodiazipine like candy should be locked up. They are ruining families.

  • What a contrast!

  • the cops (and the govt) are backing the cartels, so they can’t bust them. instead they bust pot dealers so the sheeple can feel that SOMETHING’S being done about drugs – truth

  • Shit crazy they no what they doing y’all trust me….. Shit ain’t chest…. Wake up y’all..

  • I wonder if this product uses opium from Afghanistan, that is heavily protected by US troops.

  • make drugs legal

  • And the bastards are smiling like true sociopaths.

  • disgusting

  • it’s so wrong, it’s so blatant and so ignored!

  • arrest these killers

  • I watched a documentary on this . I understand there is a class action lawsuit against Purdue Pharma , but no amount of money can compensate the harm done

  • Pharmaciststeve

    Those who abuse some substance suffer from the chronic disease of an addictive personality disorder.. be it alcohol, tobacco/nicotine, food, sex, gambling, Adrenalin..etc…etc… alcohol and tobacco use/abuse kills 550,000/yr but our society does not seem a bet concerned about all of these preventable deaths… we have 1,000,000 that attempt suicide and 50,000 that are successful.. 400,000 people die of medical errors and yet we spend 51 billion/yr fighting a war on drugs trying to keep 2,000,000 substance abusers… of which some 24,000 die… way down the list of other preventable deaths. Oxycodone was available as a Rx item ( Percodan/Percocet) long before Purdue brought Oxycontin to market…

    • KevinLaurine Lessor

      Ya but they are like ibuprofin compared to oxy’s.

      • William A Finch

        You’re full of it. It’s the same drug. OxyContin=oxycondone.

  • Sista Lisa

    Wow investigating reporting you say…..highly addictive, one must crush it and snort it or shoot it? Percocet has been around for a long time YOU DON’T SAY. Regular people who don’t have the addictive gene do not crush it YOU DON’T SAY, nor snort it YOU DON’T SAY, or shoot it YOU DON’T SAY. Yes Purdue made it extended release just like some heart medicines YOU DON’T SAY. You wrote they claimed this drug had a 1% chance of addiction….in people who don’t crush it, snort it, shoot it… turns out it’s between 1-2% YOU DON’T SAY THEY WERE RIGHT EITHER! Everything Pharm. Steve commented on…YOU DON’T SAY EITHER! WHAT DID YOU ACTUALLY SAY??

    • RKM

      sounds like you need to take less of it your own self YOU DONT SAY?!

  • KevinLaurine Lessor

    People need to start sueing the family. They knew what they were doing. Another class action law suit yep. Then donate all the money for re-habs. And now trying to give it to children are they out of their f’in minds. Who ever ok’d this in the FDA should have their head checked. Better yet make them take oxy’s by shot where the Dr. administers it everday then see what they have to say. They have to start giving it to kids now because older people are starting to question what the hell is going on. And children are the easiest targets. I smell lawsuits all over the place. Now the Sackler family wasn’t so smart now were they. If they were really smart they would have forsaw the trillions they could have made through cannabis. Then they would have been held high like heros.

  • Don bahrman


  • Bart Burroughs

    Alcohol is far worse and yet we don’t get angry at the Coors family or Bush or Bud etc, etc, etc. there are 15000 deaths per year in America from pain killers and 1000 of those are from oxycontin. there are 88000 deaths in America from alcohol. So if we are going to be angry that the FDA approved something that kills people and that it shouldn’t be legal or whatever the message of this is supposed to be, then we need to be mad and punish alcoholic beverage manufacturers since they kill 88 times more people than Oxycontin. sources: https://www.niaaa.nih.gov/…/alcohol-facts-and-statistics and http://www.castlemedical.com/…/On-Average-How-Many…