Cobb County, GA — Arguably nothing is more devastating for a motorist than to be arrested, charged, and convicted for Driving Under the Influence. But now some Georgia drivers are finding their lives turned upside down after getting DUI’s for being entirely sober.

It may sound like something out of an Orwellian novel but Georgia law enforcement officers are now arresting people on the “suspicion” they’re impaired. Now, these new victims of badge abuse are speaking out and warning other drivers about what can happen when they’re being tested by officers with special “Drug Recognition Expert” training.

Below is a video of Katelyn Ebner, one of the victims of this insane rights-violating program.

Katelyn Ebner, the innocent victim in the video, was arrested by officer Tracy Carroll, spent the night in jail, and then spent thousands of dollars and many months trying to prove her innocence, even after all urine and blood tests proved she did not have any illegal or even legal substance in her system.


Officer Carroll: “I’m going to ask you a question, okay? When was the last time you smoked marijuana?”
Katelyn Ebner: “Oh, I don’t do that. I can give you a drug test right now.”
Officer Carroll: “You don’t smoke marijuana?”
Katelyn Ebner: “I do not, no.”
Officer Carroll: “Okay. Well, you’re showing me indicators that you have been smoking marijuana, okay?”

“I didn’t realize you could get arrested for something that you didn’t do, until it happened to me,” said Ebner to 11 Alive.

Carroll is considered a “Drug Recognition Expert” by the International Association of the Chiefs of Police. In other words, he can simply look at a person and determine if they’re under the influence, and make an arrest based on that assumption. Absent from that determination is probable cause, according to many critics.

Another such critic is Princess Mbamara. She, too, was arrested by Carroll. And like Ebner, she also tested negative for any illegal substances after being arrested and charged with DUI. She told reporters;

I remember my lawyer trying to talk about a deal…I was like, ‘I’m not taking a deal. I didn’t do anything! I want more than just a deal — I want more than just dismissal; I want my life back. Can you reverse time? If you can go back in time, then that’s what I really want.’

According to Mbamara, she spent the better part of 2016 fighting the charges in court. All the while, Carroll was racking up more DUI arrests, 90 in all.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be kidnapped and caged for doing absolutely nothing wrong but being accused by an insane cop who thinks he can magically detect that people have done drugs.

Princess Mbamara: “You’re arresting me because you think I smoke marijuana?”
Officer Carroll: “I think you’re impaired by cannabis, yes, ma’am.”
Princess Mbamara: “Sir, I don’t smoke weed! Is there a way you can test me right now?”

While the Cobb County Georgia police officers are celebrating their achievements, arresting 1,690 people for DUI, lawyers are likely lining up to sue the county’s law enforcement agencies for unlawful arrests and convictions, records which have all but destroyed the lives of folks like Ebner and Mbamara.

According to Georgia’s WXAI, Cobb County told reporters their officer’s training makes them more reliable than a scientific blood or urine test. We, at The Free Thought Project, beg to differ.

We’ve been warning our readers that, as police departments’ budgets grow, amid budgetary deficits and cutbacks, law enforcement agencies will become more desperate to fill their arrest quotas, thereby bringing in more revenue.

Now, it seems, these new “Drug Recognition Experts” are the latest iteration of such schemes, joining red light cameras, bogus field drug tests, nearly impossible to pass field sobriety tests, stop and frisk, car tossing, and sniff tests. Only now, it seems, they don’t have to go on the smell of marijuana, they can just listen to those voices bouncing around in their heads.

And they’re not open to any criticisms at all. According to WXAI, reporters were prevented from interviewing officer Carroll about his expertise at “Drug Whispering.” Who knows how many innocent people, among the nearly 1700, took the easy way out and plead guilty to a DUI they know they did not commit?

We encourage any and all persons who’ve been caught up in this latest Georgia DUI dragnet to get a lawyer and sue until the inhumane, unjust, violation of civil liberties comes to an end.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Princess Mbamara is an awesome name!

    • Guy

      I agree about the name. But do have one question of you and the Editor. Where in the hell is the ACLU and why are they not like snot on glass all over this one, thinking this would be right up their allie. I have never heard of anything more prosperous and damn right awful for people to have to endure something like this, which is at least to me, is a violation of every fucking right in the book ! The only other one that really yanked my chain, was when the lady cop shot the guy, killing him, who had his hands raised, for no more than she was convinced he was on PCP, because he looked like it in her friggin expert opinion, as the result of her going to some damn class on it !!!!!! Her husband cop, was the other one flying around in a helicopter, over em, saying he looked like “A Bad Dude” !

      This is the type of low down dirty Bull Shit, that would be enough to make people see red and mad enough to go on the hunt for anything that even looked like a cop, guilty or not !!!!!!!

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        “I have never heard of anything more prosperous…”

        I’m sure you meant preposterous. I don’t know if you’re paying attention these days, but the ACLU kinda has its hands full at the moment.

        • Guy

          How I spell I don’t give a shit about ! But what I think about this one I do, Big Time ! Thanks to your Editor for letting us know that it is going on. The ACLU are what holds the fabric together for us, between them and us, as far as I am concerned ! If they don’t take it on because they are too Fucking Busy right now ! Then they are just as bad as the rest of the pusy lawyers out there IMOP, that are just a bunch of assholes working for a buck of profit ! This is exactly the type of work they should be involved with, anything else is just chump change as comparison ! Preposterous as that may sound !!!!!!!

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    According to Georgia’s WXAI, Cobb County told reporters their officer’s training makes them more reliable than a scientific blood or urine test.

    Oh, bullshit! If they really believed that, they wouldn’t be dropping charges when the “scientific blood or urine test” comes back negative. In fact, why even bother with both blood AND urine tests if you think the officer is so goddamned “reliable”? Fucking fascist morons!!

    • Zackknowitall

      Drug test abs expensive. A company could save money by having tanks guy show up at work and do his thing and just skip the drug test. Oh wait a min companies are not protected from lawsuits with tax payers money like the the police departments. So they should do drug tests.

    • Joseph

      Bullshit is an understatement.. It’s really cops gone wild..

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    We encourage any and all persons who’ve been caught up in this latest Georgia DUI dragnet to get a lawyer and sue until the inhumane, unjust, violation of civil liberties comes to an end.

    If you’re going to make such a privileged “encouragement” to people who can’t even afford the wages they’ve lost sitting in jail, maybe The Free Thought Project should start a fundraiser to help pay the attorney’s fees associated with fighting back. I’d donate!

    • Matt Agorist

      We have done this. For 2 years we provided legal council free of charge to individuals who reached out to us through a partnership we had with an attorneys office. The shitty thing is, most people cannot win a case because they have only their word against the cop’s. The partnership dissolved eventually because most of the cases were not winnable.

      Encouraging people to get an attorney if they have video evidence of their assault, wrongful arrest, or otherwise violation of rights is not something for the ‘privileged’ if the evidence exists. In fact, most attorneys want no money at all if you have a case in which there is a potential for a settlement.

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        It sucks that your efforts didn’t pan out into something more permanent and helpful. The words if the evidence exists are such a HUGE roadblock that without having everything on video, I can’t imagine a lawyer wanting to take such lawsuits on contingency.

        Plus, there’s the heavy burden of people just wanting the whole ordeal to be FUCKING OVER already. Just today, Cracked posted an article about a couple of innocent people swept up in a drug raid and that was their sentiment as well. “I just want to get this over with and put it behind me.” http://www.cracked.com/personal-experiences-2467-6-things-i-learned-when-cops-raided-my-house-by-mistake.html

        Sadly, not many people can withstand the process involved in standing up to police wrongdoing.

        • Zackknowitall

          You right it’s not easy to stand up to the polices. When they made up a crime and framed me the instantiy put a 3 year offer on the table but said they would go for the full 5 if convicted. Unlucky for them my lawyer had a buddy at the PD that leaked to him a survalence video showing the cop lied. I was found innocent but not before my lawyer allowed the cop to tell his lies on the stand then busting him with the video.

          • n4zhg

            And now the cop is on the “Brady List” because every time he testifies in court the defense attorney can bring up this case where he was caught in perjury.

          • Zackknowitall

            Nice thanks for sharing I have never heard of the Brady liar.

      • Zackknowitall

        We also need to encourage innocent people to demand a lawyer as soon as the cop gets to the car window. Then on top of that don’t answer any questions and refuse to do FST by being quite and not doing them.

        By lawyering up the cops won’t be able to tell the jury you refused a FST and questions. The law says telling the jury a person lawyered up and refused questions is a violation of the 5th and 6th amendment.

        These people might not have ever been arrested in the first place had they envoked their rights.

        • Klingonj

          if you think a cop like this would not arrest you because you remaied silent, you are delusional- he will use his superpower of “I can tell when you are impaired” to bust you.

      • Guy

        What way does than not stink ! I would think that every case like this one would be absolutely winnable, just from the standpoint of the unconstitutionality of it ! But not being an attorney, I don’t know diddly myself.

        It sounds like, that either people wimped out and said just shoot me, or took their cookies and went home ! Even the shit in Ferguson, of folks getting railroaded through the debtors court system has noting on this one, because at least there, they got a physical ticket for a traffic violation, like a broken tail light etc. Here the cop uses no test to prove anything, and just say’s you look like it to me, you are guilty and going to jail ! How in the hell is that even close to being legal or enforceable. Thinking that any jury would just laugh the cop right out of court even if it did go to trial, befor the DA dropped the whole shiity mess.

  • Rick Goodrich

    What’s so surprising, is, that people are surprised. It takes a special kind of piece-of-shit to become a Cop in the first place. This is just a Cop being a POS Cop.

  • Gordon Klock

    “The War on Drugs”, is simply an excuse, they now use, to ‘do whatever they want, to whomever they want, whenever they want’, to the general public, they secretly declared war upon, decades ago….
    (Note how “drug kits” test positive, for almost anything one tests them with, they expect us to be incredulously stupid, indefinately)…..

  • Speckintime

    When Criminal Justice is just Criminal and no Justice at All 😮

  • Phasung Baccam

    they don’t go by the constitution that why their too much lawsuit wrongfuly arrest innocent people because wasteing a lot of taxpayer money million of dollar they should let the cop pay the victim

  • Guy

    Unfortunately this is the type of crap that is being pulled on innocent people, who are guilty first, then have to spend a friggin fortune to prove they are not !

    For this to be even allowed is an affront to every known principle of our laws and Constitution that governs over them and us ! We as the American People must put a STOP to this sort of outrageous bullshit, and thouse who make money and prey on us in it’s corrupted attempts at enforcement ! No matter who, what or were you are ! Please write, email, text, call or whatever, your Congressperson, Senator, House Representative, or Friggin Governor Of Your State. To nip this in the bud NOW and get it stopped immediately ! Focus on this first, as it is the most outrageous thing that has come down the pike in a long time, besides the other shit you may think that has been done to you or your friend or neighbor ! If we don’t get it stopped NOW. It will spread to other locations and States, used as the example of what they will efflict on us in the near future, as they try to get away with it, with us letting them by not doing something about it, preferring to let others do our work for us, and not giving a damn enough to get involved !!!!

    • Kent Blythe

      Wake up you people…….
      All true Socialists are fascists who believe in their own TOTALITARIAN government.
      Almost all Democrats are SOCIALISTS.
      The Nazis were SOCIALISTS.
      Lenin, Stalin & Mao were all Socialists.
      North Korea is a SOCIALIST state.
      99% of all actors and pop stars are SOCIALISTS.
      100% of journalists are SOCIALISTS.

      The German Banking Cartel invented SOCIALISM…………and have bought the support of every WESTERN GOVERNMENT.
      Which is why the Media hate Trump……….
      Socialisms GODS, the ROTHSCHILD family, can not BUY Trump.
      He doesn’t need their money.

      Remember folks……………exactly 40% of all your paid taxes go straight to Lord Evelyn Rothschild, as payment from your corrupt government for his “Counterfeit” greenbacks.

      • Leftykook

        Get psychiatric help Goober

  • Avril Horne

    I pleaded out to something I didn’t do. My own attorney told me of horrible things that would (not could) happen to me if I didn’t take the plea bargain. I said I thought it was their (the states) burden of proof, though I have a ton of proof that it wasn’t me. attorney: “It doesn’t matter whos right or wrong its who you know & what you can prove. & things look bad for you. Also they have a witness saying it was you (me) & You said you had been drinking earlier, so I’m sure the urine tests will come back positive & they will have another thing in which to hang you with. So now its just your word against theirs & they will believe the witness. Also your refusal to do a drug test will look poorly on your part.” I thought I could convince my attorney of my innocence by trying to make him see how unrealistic it would of been for some one behind me to have known I was driving. Or the reason of why would it matter if I had been drinking earlier if I wasn’t DRIVING! & I wasn’t even stable in the emergency room when the trooper started threating me & then demanded that I take a blood & urine test. If I was driving I would have & now was not the time in which to threaten me in to doing something. So he got the hospital staff to forcibly insert a catheter inside me even while I was telling the nurse that I don’t want one, or consent to this, nor do I need it. They tried to tell me “it was for my own safety by checking to see if any blood would be in my urine.” So I said you mean by the damage that the catheter will do by being forced in?! “They replied “we can do this the easy way or the hard way, now calm down since we don’t want to have to hold or strap you down for this.” But I thought you were going to do scans on me to see if I have any fractures or broken bones or a concussion since I was knocked unconscious from being thrown out of a moving vehicle. “Well we are going to do both.” Just wow. So back to my attorney & the false report from the trooper saying their were skid marks all over the road. I said “well if you don’t believe me then go look at said place & take pics & recordings of that portion of road. You will not find them all over the road.” Boom. One lie of heirs disproven, thus showing you that someone (them) is lying & so far you would have proof that it wasn’t me. (Because the human sized hole in the passenger side front window shield & me thrown from the car & bruised, cut & generally *ucked up, wasn’t enough proof for you morons.) I should of stood my ground. Don’t stop fighting. And I’m still dealing with this crap. & that’s only a portion of that.

    • Avril Horne

      I mean the judge in chambers eve said to us, “do you really expect me to believe your word over that of a cop?” I replied no, just the proof of which I thought you were supposed to make your unbiased decisions based on. But I see you didn’t keep your oath either. To say its been hell ever since would be to nice.

  • jimbro

    That poor girl is so polite, he’s just on a huge power-trip.

  • Little_Caesar

    I’m wondering why people run from cops, shoot at cops, curse cops, flip fingers at cops, etc. Ah, forget it, I’ll never figure it out. Anyone here have any ideas?

  • Ibcamn

    there was no traffic coming at her,none,for her to turn a corner and run over the double yellow and use that is horse shit,this is the new American terrorist..cops,they do this and get rewarded for it,arrest innocent people for nothing…in most cases,the cops are the ones that cause the problem,they break traffic laws to catch up to people,or to get over to them and most cops will sit right in the middle of the road and cause a traffic hazard and could care less….cops are the problem,they get rewarded for false arrest…hmm,geeze,ya think they won’t ever do it again.cops are the terrorists now days,not the people like they seem to think…..and she does not have to do any of these tests,none,and does not have to get out of the car…..he is fishing…what a prick

  • Ibcamn

    this terrorist isnt a doctor,what the fuck,stick out your tongue…all this is illegal,but the criminals don’t care[aka;cops]these criminals are loose on our streets,never answer a single fucking question…people say just co-operate and you’ll be on your way,it doesn’t work that way,these cops want you in their jail,they want you in court and spending your money,its all a scam,this alone proves it,wake up,cops are not your friends………..they are in fact the most corrupt gang in america….

    • Guy

      With respect , well said ! But unfortunately WRONG ! Now that Mr J. Session is at the head of the table, planning to take us all back to a time when people got 10 years in Prison for 1 joint.

      • Ibcamn

        dope laws aren’t there yet….im hoping common sense kicks in before that…..

        • Guy

          No ? But just wait awhile, I’ll bet they are working on that silly mistake to correct it. As to your remark about cops not being your’s or anyone else’s friends or not ! Why should they be ? Especially coming from knowing that. they have Truth, Justice, God and Mom’s Apple Pie on there side. So why bother with it ! This makes it way more easy to smash heads and arrest 7 yr old Autistic kids at school !

          • Ibcamn

            people have a tendancy to think cops are the good guys,so they think they are their friends,and they talk like their buddy’s to you…so i always tell people,cops are not your friends…lots of people forget this and get into more trouble,like this gal here,she should have just shut the fuck up and not got out of the car,but she thinks cops are her friend….well now she knows,cops are just criminals,and cops only have corruption and corrupt people on their side..just learn the law[s] and it all works out better..

          • Guy

            Amen to that brother, Ament to that fact, that when a cop approaches. It’s name, rank and ID and only that. Then it’s wise as hell to just smile and go mute. They are payed to figure all the other bull shit out, let em guess the rest of it, sighn on the dotted line and be on your way ! With the attitude of *See Ya In Court,* for at least that you won’t get shot, hogtied or jailed. Hopefully ! Or when out on bail, then make your case and not befor ! Cops in general are idiots, payed to be idiots and not friends. Treat em like K-9 attack dogs with thumbs, we would all be better off !

          • Ibcamn


  • tyedyed69

    I have 2 Uncles who were both Career Policeman. One worked in Transit for the toll roads and the other worked at a Detention Center. They were both good officers. With that being said they would never abuse the law as Officer Tracy Carroll is obviously doing. It seems like he is being supported by the Police force there and sounds like this is a new way to collect revenue from their the old famous Georgia Speed traps. If you think Police, Lawyers, and the Court System aren’t in bed together, go to a trial like this. The Police provide any extra supply of patrons to the Courts if needed. They will almost always overcharge you so they can get you on something. Very rarely will it be 1 charge. usually it will be multiple charges and you will be found guilty on the one that will get them the most effect, time or money wise.
    I’m sure the people who didn’t do anything wrong other than cross this officers path at the wrong time still got a charge or 2 even after the big ones got dismissed. All DUI and Drug charges need to be backed up by tests, not by some officer’s thinking it. Officers like Officer Tracy Carroll give the many fine upstanding Policeman a bad name. I’m sure Cobb County Georgia has been top of their Speed Ticket and DUI arrests for some time to allow this to happen.

  • Socal444

    Shout out to the police of Corona del Mar, CA, who are all ladies and gentlemen, and treat potential offenders with respect. They are well trained, and bend over backwards to make a favorable impression.
    Lesser police officers do the DUI tests with a smirk on their face. To begin with, the field sobriety tests are impossible to pass unless you are trained to do them. The cops are trained to do so, and they make it look easy. A normal person wouldn’t be able to pass them on their best day. Next, the field sobriety tests are designed to make you fail. Assuming that you pass the walking a straight line, touching your nose while standing on one leg with the other leg pointed out and your eyes closed (not joking here folks), they have page after page of tests. They simply continue on to page 10 and beyond until you fail. Then you get breathalyzed. When that reads 0.0, they proceed to the blood tests. When they fail to draw blood because of difficult to find veins or simple ineptness, they then default to their judgement that you are impaired, and off to jail you go. At that point, you have to pay bail, hire an attorney, easily a $5,000 minimum, just because you are dealing with these arrogant, power loving lowlifes. Once you are pulled over, you are fucked unless the cop is a nice guy, and this is RARE. Unless the cops have been trained to be respectful, they will treat you like you are a child rapist. They have quotas to fill, and you are just another patsy to achieve their number. Police should never wonder why they are despised when they treat law abiding citizens like criminals.

  • Tom Murray

    I only had one experience with the GA. Police and it was a bad joke. The skid marks from the truck that hit me were over 400 feet long. ( GA plates on the truck ) I was charged with failure to use caution at an intersection. These so called officers were complete assholes.

  • DavidMacko

    Where are the Black Lives Matter thugs when you need them?

  • Joseph

    When cops are being targeted and shot why can’t it be crooked pukes like this one..

  • jon

    just the new Georgia speed trap with the brothers all in on the deal the officer the judges and the prosecutors this is what you get after 8 years of obama justice dept mishandling !! the new i can lie to you and arrest you test !!

  • Mark E. Vahlkamp

    Haha! Drug Whisperer! That’s a hoot. There’s a whole 12 step process that has to be followed before a chemical test can be requested.
    You think DRE is all bullshit? Come to Baltimore, the heroin capital of the US. Bring your family. And when some addict, on the nod, runs into your car, remember, this is all bullshit, right?
    The program works. I’ve been involved in it for over 20 years. I’ve seen its success. Maybe this officer is misusing the training, but the program itself is solid. Don’t throw out the program because of one possible bad apple.

  • ← Irish Bunny → #BullShit

  • Darryl Van Rijn

    So profiling people no matter what race or sexual orientation and country of origin, Seems another way to discriminate. But placing another word on it. Seems the Law enforcement found a way to “BREAK” the law legally. THAT in itself PLACES officers ABOVE THE LAW. And that is the WORST CRIMINAL I ask.? What has Law reinforcement come to. OMG!!! Despicable!!! We have “Terrorists” Now we pay our taxes to. WOW!!

  • Nikki F

    The on air the news caster said that there was not an instant drug test that they could do at the police station. My research says that there are Walgreens in this state. Walgreens carries an instant urine test. Why is it that they can ruin innocent lives but not spend $6 on a drugstore FDA approved test?


  • Darryl Van Rijn

    So profiling people no matter what race or sexual orientation and country of origin, Seems another way to discriminate. But placing another word on it. Seems the Law enforcement found a way to “BREAK” the law legally. THAT in itself PLACES officers ABOVE THE LAW. And that is the WORST CRIMINAL I ask.? What has Law reinforcement come to. OMG!!! Despicable!!! We have “Terrorists” Now we pay our taxes to. on the payroll

  • Believe this folks, Cobb county Georgia is said to be one of the most corrupt organizations you will ever come in contact with, (in Georgia at least) They issue more speeding tickets than any other county in the surrounding areas of Atlanta. Now they don’t even need probable cause any more to arrest you all they need to do is to believe that they can detect impairment because they have been “Trained” to do so. These people are more than just Fascists they are intent on robbing you anytime you are in their jurisdiction, by allegedly fabricating numerous traffic violations which result in substantial revenue streams. Be glad you dont live in cobb county georgia.