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So it Begins – Western Politician Calls for Muslim Immigrants to be Locked in Internment Camps

During World War II, many Dutch citizens courageously resisted Nazi efforts to round up Jews for deportation to concentration camps. Today, a prominent Dutch parliamentarian has become the first significant European politician to demand that all male Muslim refugees, whom he characterized as “walking testosterone bombs” in a “sexual jihad” against the West be interned in “asylum centers” — an antiseptic euphemism for “concentration camps.

In a video produced by his New Freedom Party (PVV), Geert Wilders referred to attacks carried out against women in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Day by assailants identified as Arab and North African men.

“Recently, thousands of Arab men raped, sexually attacked, and humiliated hundreds of women,” Wilders declared. “All women are fair game.
I have called the perpetrators `testosterone bombs.’ We have seen what they are capable of. It’s sexual terrorism — sexual jihad. And it is happening all over Europe — in The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Austria. Everywhere where they let in hundreds of thousands of mostly single men from a culture of oppression of women. Everywhere where irresponsible open-door politicians … have rolled out the red carpet for these testosterone bombs. Everywhere, we are now confronting a rape epidemic.”

In The Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, Wilders continues, “People are right to be angry and afraid. People are justifiably angry. Thousands of Dutch women have justifiable questions about their own safety — who will protect me? Thousands of Dutch men have questions about their [wives] — who will protect them? Thousands of Dutch parents … are afraid of what might happen to their daughters; who watches over them?”

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Rather than providing reassurance, Wilders sought to amplify that alarm:

“Horrible mass assaults such as in Cologne can also happen here in The Netherlands, and it’s time to finally face the truth: The perpetrators come from a culture where women are inferior beings — a culture of honor killings and humiliation of women; a culture established by a so-called prophet who had sex slaves and raped a nine-year-old girl called Aisha. It’s time to face the truth about Islam, as well, and anyone — anyone –who looks away is guilty.”

European political leaders who refuse to close the borders “have abandoned our women, and are therefore partly responsible,” Wilders insisted. “We have to close our borders to all asylum seekers, and all immigrants from Islamic countries. But as long as this does not happen, as long as our women are in danger by the Islamic testosterone bombs, I propose that we lock the male asylum seekers up in the asylum centers. For them, the asylum centers must be closed institutions, so not a single asylum-seeker can go in the streets, and our women — finally — are protected.”

Like many other right-leaning figures both in Europe and the United States, Wilders has accused the German government of seeking to suppress the truth about the Cologne attacks and the alleged “rape epidemic.” An official inquiry into police handling of the New Year’s eve assaults criticized the police chief and his administration for responding too slowly, and being tardy in informing the public.

A total of 516 criminal reports were filed, forty percent of which described incidents of sexual assault, but it’s unclear how many of those inexcusable acts of violent aggression involved rape. Information from a police report leaked to the German publication Bild, and summarized in the British press, referred to two documented accusations of rape.

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Police in Cologne have identified 19 suspects, 10 of whom were asylum-seekers, the rest in the country illegally. The German federal police, which has jurisdiction over the train station where the attacks occurred, has identified 32 additional suspects, 22 of whom were seeking asylum. That second figure also includes three German citizens and an American.

It is clear that genuinely horrible things happened at the train station in Cologne on New Year’s Day. Wilder’s claim that “thousands of Arab men raped” and otherwise brutalized women appears to be a specimen of opportunistic hyperbole by a politician who has called for legal restrictions on the religious liberties of Muslims in his country as part of a global crusade against Islam.

Wilders’s proposal was made primarily for its shock value and most likely won’t become policy — at least immediately. It plays very neatly into the strategy outlined by ISIS of destroying the “gray zone.” Updating the classic terrorist strategy described decades ago by Carlos Marighella, ISIS seeks to provoke Western governments into imposing draconian measures — such as confining Muslim men in concentration camps, by whatever name — as a way of convincing peaceful Muslims in the “gray zone” that coexistence with the West is impossible.

“The Muslims in the West will quickly find themselves between one of two choices, they either apostatize and adopt the kufri [infidel] religion propagated by Bush, Obama, Blair, Cameron, Sarkozy, and Hollande in the name of Islam so as to live amongst the kuffar [infidels] without hardship, or they perform hijrah [emigrate] to the Islamic State and thereby escape persecution from the crusader governments and citizens,” explained the ISIS strategy blueprint.

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Although Wilders clearly is seeking to rally opponents of Islam, he is serving double-duty — perhaps unwittingly — as an ISIS ally and recruiter.

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    • unity with savages? please point to a western country that is not having a muslim problem or a country run by muslims that you’d like to live in. seriously, how stupid are you?

    • This is not about Trump. It’s about Wilders. Reconsider the meme; it detracts from your post and your comment.

    • I actually lived in a few Muslim countries and everyone was really nice and respectful, many foreigners living peaceful, people live better than in the US. The richest countries in the world are Muslim. Learn geography asshole. You are a fucking loser idiot, you need to be in a mental institution.

    • Wendy Borbon please bitch, name these wonderful countries you’ve lived in. Your lies don’t hold up under any sort of scrutiny.

    • If 1.6+ Billion wanted you dead you would be dead, you ignorant bigot.

      There are areas in Asia, Africa, and middle east
      where there is no law.
      Yet Muslims and none Muslims live happily. Have a look at the population of just Christians in Muslim countries.

      Before Baning Muslims they should ban bombing their countries.
      Stop buying oil, toppling govts or selling weapons. They whole mess is Middle East, Africa, Asia can be traced back to west.

      Percentage of Christians (excluding other none-Muslims) in Islamic countries:

      Bahrain – 9%
      United Arab Emirates – 9%
      Kuwait – 15%
      Pakistan – 1.6%
      Oman – 2.5%
      Qatar – 13.5%
      Egypt – 18%
      Algeria – 2%
      Azerbaijan – 4.8%
      Indonesia – 10%
      Iran – 0.4%
      Iraq – 3%
      Bangladesh – 0.3%
      Jordan – 6%
      Kazahstan – 51%
      Kyrgystan – 17%
      Lebanon – 41%
      Libya – 2%
      Mauritania – 0.04%
      Saudi Arabia – 5.5%
      Morocco – 2.1%
      Nigeria – 48.2%
      Syria – 10%
      Tajikistan 1.4%
      Turkey – 0.2%
      Uzbekistan – 2.6%

    • While your at it, do research on Muslim Empires and their advancements, along with how they treated their non-Muslims.
      In Sharia law, the laws for none-Muslims are made according to their religion and believe.

    • Iran is the only country U.S have had little intervention apart from Sanctions:

      Every developed Muslim nation was bombed by the west.

      Recently Libya, it was flourishing before U.S intervention, because it did not wanted U.S blood dollar, it was destroyed.

      Here is the achievements of Iran: While U.S used people from all around the world to built what they have. That includes Scientists from Iran and Nazi of Germany.

      * Even with over 30 years of sanctions, whatever, Iran built is all by themselves. Tanks, fighter jets, Subs, Air Defence systems, Drones, medical research and other advancements.

      * Iran has worlds fastest Torpedos. Their navy has no match in the region even in sanctions. They have capability to strike with 8,000 missiles at once.

      * Iranian Missiles are their own, no one can help them due to sanctions.

      * Iran is top of the world in science growth (search yourself) they supply scientists to the world.

      * Iran is pioneer in many Medical advancements.

      * Iranian among top world scientists.

      * Iranian Researcher Created artificially linked DNA

      * Iranian helps cultivate synthetic stem cells

      * Iranian scientists discover a rare bacterium.
      Actinomycetes are valuable microorganisms used for the 1st and 2nd metabolism in food industries.

      * Iranian Cinnagen Company is the first company in the country and the second in the world to produce such anticancer drug.

      * Iranian researcher’s method shows how brain recognizes speech sounds

      * Iranian Universities are one of the best,
      University of Zanjan among top academies.

      * Iran ranks third in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) in the world.

      * Hepatoblastoma treatment by stem cell injections in Iran
      Hepatoblastoma is the most common form of liver cancer in children, although it is a comparatively uncommon pediatric solid tumor.
      Iran is the 4th country, after US, Italy and Japan, which has been successful to treat hepatoblastoma in the world.

      * Iranians help achieve early diagnosis of prostate cancer

      * Shiraz ranks 1st in world liver transplant surgeries.

      * Iran’s Professor Madjid Samii Awarded as Top World Neurosurgeon.

      * Iran ranks 17th in world in medical science productions

      * Iranian researchers developed new methods in gastronomical cancers

      * Iranian researcher have found a way to shut off a gene that causes a third of all tumours, including some of the most deadly.

      * Iranian researchers regenerate kidney using stem cells

      * Their cyber is one of the best even U.S admits that, else you can not hack into drones.

      * Iran unveiled 180 cyber-tech breakthroughs in 2014.

      * Year 2011, a year for launching Iranian satellites, domastic built.

      * In 2009 Iran launched a living creatures into space.

      * In 2012, Iran got successful in returning the first living creature from space

      * An Iranian researcher at University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, has come up with a new idea for the generation of electricity from solar power.

      * Dr. Milad Rezvani, the Iranian researcher at the University of California – San Diego, has found a new way to turn skin cells into mature and efficient hepatic cells.

      * Professor Nader Engheta, the Iranian scientists and professor of the University of Pennsylvania, has won the 50th international Benjamin Franklin award for 2013

      * A group of American researchers headed by an Iranian scientist have revealed the role of genetic factors in susceptibility to cholera.

      * Shahriar Mobashery, the Iranian researcher of the United States’ University of Notre Dame, has discovered a new category of antibiotics which can be used to fight various resistant strains of bacteria.

      * Dr. Pedram Khalili Amiri, the Iranian researcher of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and his colleagues have found a new way to reduce the heat that is produced in electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones.

      * Researchers of Cornell University lead by Iranian scientist Maryam Shanechi are trying to make brain implants to overcome paralysis of human limbs.

      * Iran ranks among the 10 leading countries of the world in nanotechnology

      * Iranians Remove 90% of Arsenic From Polluted Waters

      * Iranian researcher Kazem Kashefi along with his American colleague has created gold in Michigan State University using bacteria in a way called ‘microbial alchemy.’

      * Researchers from the Islamic Azad University combined bitter dimenhydrinate with taste buffers in a palatable chewing gum that reduces nausea symptoms.

      * Iran is among the top five countries in the fields of orthopedics and arthroscopic surgery.

      * Iranian researcher Ebrahim Khaninzadeh has invented an auditory system that helps the blind recognize banknotes and assess the value of the money.

      * Iranian Researcher Helps Treating Muscular Dystrophy Using Stem Cells

      * Iranian Scientist Designed Smart Surgical Navigation System

      * Iranian Researcher Made Biosensor to Detect Cancer Growth

      * Iran’s soccer-playing robots stood 2nd in the International RoboCup Dutch Open Championships.

      * An Iranian researcher has developed a new method to cure congenital heart diseases in newborn babies

      * Iranian researchers at Mashhad Medical University have developed a local anesthetic for eye surgery that eliminates pain.

      * Iranian grad student Kamyar Saeedi, together with Professor Mike Thewalt of Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada, have taken a fresh step in advancing quantum computers through the distinctive properties of highly enriched and purified silicon.

      * Two Iranian researchers from the Universities of Pennsylvania and Stanford jointly with a university research team succeeded in developing an invisible photo detector by using plasmonics.

      * Iranian researchers at Amir Kabir University have designed a system that uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to treat tumors.

      * An Iranian researcher from Wisconsin Medical College has developed a device that could provide relief to patients suffering from severe acid reflux.

      * Iran has achieved a significant victory in London 2012 Olympics. Iranian Team has won 12 medals including 4 Gold Medals

      * Wristling: two-time champion at freestyle wrestling World Championships: 1959 and 1961, Iran is considered among the elite nations in this sport.

      * Chess originated in Persia, and later found its way into the Indian subcontinent.

      * Basketball: gold medal in the 2007 FIBA Asia Championship

      * Weightlifting: Hossein Tavakkoli, Iranian weightlifter who won the gold medal in the Men’s 105 kg weight class at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

      * Hossein Rezazadeh : Iranian Olympic weightlifter. 2 time Olympic champion, 4 time World Weightlifting champion, and 2 time Asian Games champion, also record holder for Snatch, Clean & Jerk = 472Kg.

    • Today you are using Computer, the Algorithm is from a Muslim.

    • In 2015 U.S dropped 20,000 bombs in Muslim country. While the creator of terrorism Saudi Arabia is their ally.

      A country that was built by the west.

      * US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II


    • So do some research. Media has washed you well.

    • Muslims are not the problem, Islam is the problem

  • no, they should be deported back to their home land. Pretending these savages aren’t a threat to civilization is to be part of our least intelligent and most dangerous segment of the voting populous.

    • Trumpets are by FAR the least intelligent, it isn’t even close.

    • They are victims of savagery not savages. Shame on you.

    • They should deport your loser ass back to whatever cave you neanderthal ancestors crawled out. Disgusting and a coward, if you stand by what you say show your ugly face and real name

    • You must be a huge hitler fan. Savages?How are mostly women and children savages for being displaced by groups our government admitted aiding? Would that not mean that our nation perpetrated acts of savagery? If they are savages for wanting to not be murdered or forced to fight with guns, is the government acting as a barbarous group acting as savages? I guess it must be the fact that the statue of liberty has a certain quote on it,and that making people go back to where our army and isis militia men have been known to rape women and children, that makes me believe that some of the founding fathers would break your fucking skull.

    • Maybe if we didnt invade, bomb & kill their people they would stay in their country…

    • gotta love the intelligent responses from the terrorist sympathizers.

    • lets pretend its ISIS to fool the liberal idiots until its too late to realize its ALL muslims. muslim terror attack india-
      muslim terror attack Indonesia-
      muslim terror attack Thailand-
      muslim terror attack china-
      muslim terror attack in Australia-
      muslim terror attack in Sweden-
      muslim terror attack in Norway-
      muslim terror attack in France-
      muslim terror attack in Spain-
      muslim terror attack in Scottland-
      muslim terror attack in Britain-
      muslim terror attack in philippines-
      muslim terror attack in somalia-
      muslim terror attack in Kenya-
      muslim terror attack in South Africa-
      muslim terror attack in Russia-
      muslim terror attack in Finland-
      muslim terror attack in Netherlands-
      muslim terror attack in United States-

    • How would you like a foreign base in our country? Anyone who attacked it would called a…..terrorist. Beat it Trumpet.

    • So what I see this “common sense” guy saying is that he is against bloated, intrusive government unless it is enforcing his agenda. Typical socialist

    • how about we deport all you bleeding heart liberals and your terrorist rape gangs back to syria and you can FIX THE MIDDLE EAST .. AND IN A 1000 YEARS WHEN THEY ARE STILL KILLING EACHOTHER ..WHAT WILL YOUR EXCUSE BE THEN … WHY IS SWEDEN BEING RAPED TO DEATH ( because of liberal marxist ideology ).. WHY ARE GIRLS BEING GROOMED IN EUROPE BY MUSLIMS (because of liberal marxist ideology) … WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING NAIVE TO THINK THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE …. (because you are brainwashed and think it is somehow our fault that a group that has been savage for thousands of years …some how is the result of recent attacks … when the truth is .. these people are killing eachother ..way before america was even a thought .. way before the crusades … Islam is evil and anyone who supports it should be sent to rot in the dessert hell they created …)

    • John Mitchell , I guess amongst society’s bottom you think all of those terrorist attacks around the globe are cause by America having a base there? Christ, no wonder you’re unemployed.

    • Oh. And any accusation of me being a terrorist sympathizer will be met with a challenge for your chickenhawk ass as to what you have done to fight terrorism.

    • Wendy Borbon you must look forward to wearing stuff over your face and having no rights …. you must love seeing human rights violations … do you believe in stoning adulterers and cutting off hands and feet for theiving?? do you endorse honour killings ?? so why the fuck would you endorse islam………..

    • Robert L Collinsworth OWNED

    • What I’m seeing here is a scared little rabbit asking government to regulate religion

    • It’s Muslim fever right now, not sure what to believe, definitely don’t believe Muslims are dangerous simply because they are Muslim, but whatever.

    • Facts:
      > ISIS was created and is controlled by the CIA and Mossad.
      > About 2,000 Syrian refugees have come to the US since 2011.

      You were saying?
      – AnCap

    • “I fought for your freedoms by serving government, which exists to take away people’s freedoms”


    • Rob. I don’t throw down the veteran card by habit. But since some chickenhawk is arbitrarily throwing around the “sympathizer” label, I thought I’d ask him what he’s done to fight terrorism, aside from Internet badassery

    • Corey Ronson Fuck you ignore asshole, I’ve traveled to many countries all over the world including many Muslim countries and I’ve never had to cover myself. You are a moron loser, you have no culture and everything you know about the world you either learned from Fox news or the internet. Get a fucking life. Disgusting piece of shit living your miserable life full of hate. Your world is so small

    • All too, you are sympathizing with “America” which is the biggest terrorist organization in the world.
      ISIS was funded, armed, and trained by the US and apartheid Israel.
      Citing Wikipedia as a source is very telling of your research abilities.
      Do you have any credible evidence to support your claims?

    • Corey Ronson Wow, it’s disappointing that you think Americans are so defenseless. Do you worry that when Italians immigrate to the U.S., we’ll all be forced to speak Italian and take gentle after dinner walks? Are you frightened that Argentinians would make all vegetarians eat delicious beef? I hope you get some help for your crippling fears of other people, otherwise you’ll spend your life shaking and quaking.

    • Robert L Collinsworth I paid your salary. why do our dumbest resort to name calling when the more intelligent are talking about ideas?

    • Lisa Harris its shocking how little you know about the world around you.

    • You call people terrorist sympathizers, then cry the blues by saying others are name calling when it’s thrown back in your face.

      You argue like my ex mother in law. Were you ever taught to be a man? Obviously your father failed.

      As far as the overused, “I paid your salary” cliche. It’s always the fat guys on disability that say that. I did my bit, got out and have been quite the success in the private sector.

    • Robert L Collinsworth , hahahaha. you hurt my feelings! you really did. and I’m sure you’re quite the private sector success. why, you probably make a whole 80k a year and pat yourself on the back as if its an accomplishment.

    • I’m not looking to hurt feelings I just pointed out your martyr complex in conflict resolution. It’s as plain as day.

      Common: anyone who disagrees with my utopian vision of social order is a terrorist sympathizer.

      Me: being that you have not done anything aside from Internet badassery to enforce your vision (you want government to do it for you), you are a chickenhawk.

      Common: you’re calling me names!

      Seriously, you’re a reincarnation of my ex mother in law.

      As far as speculation on my yearly earnings. Figures that a suburban dwelling Internet jockey surviving on disability payments because he is too fat to work would use money to measure wealth.

    • FYI playing a martyr in a debate is a feminine trait.

    • wow, on top of being an internet tough guy, you’re also delusional. you posted a picture of you and wanted someone (anyone) to be impressed and then tried to extrapolate that into you having some (any) sort of knowledge. You’re a nobody from nowhere who wants to be noticed because he once did something most people are too smart to do. I guess you needed to prove that tiny dick was only physical. whatever.

    • I think that I made my point clear. Everyone else following the post understood. I didn’t throw the vet card down to gain an edge in the debate. I threw it down to counter your “terrorist sympathizer” label that you put out to anyone who disagrees with your utopian vision of government enforced order.

      Also, I have consistently edged the discussion away from my combat time to point out your feminine ways of debating. Hell, I’m a lot more proud of my accomplishments in ranching and moving my family away from dependence on a centralized food system than I am of anything I did ten years ago.

      If I wanted to be noticed, I’d set up a little league Rush Limbaugh show on Facebook.

      I think you were the fat kid on the playground that picked fights with little kids, then cried to the teacher when one of those kids handed you your ass. A quick backhand followed by a lecture from an involved father would have prevented that from evolving into what you have become.

    • All too common sense, would you please clairfy what exactly it is that Robert once did, that “most people are too smart to do”.

    • Ya. I’m kinda curious too. Being that I have told zero war stories and made zero claims that I fought for his right to express his views and his right to his SSDI

    • still fighting off that tiny penis tag, eh loser?

    • Dude. You gotta get some new material.
      Notice how there is zero denial that you subsist entirely on government entitlements

    • dude, its not material. you’re a typical case. nobody from nowhere looking for an argument. come out of the gate with a dopey picture of yourself in uniform like that gives you some sort of credibility. start name calling, start explaining how you’re the big man and I’m your mother in law. classic tiny dick syndrome. And trust me son, I can buy everything you own with pocket change. the only one who’s ever sucked on the government teat is you. there’s no need for “new material” you are exactly what you are.

    • Actually my “out the gate” response was pointing out that you claim to be libertarian while advocating government enforcement of your agenda.

      The picture posted (second) was in response to your labeling of any dissent from your agenda which would be enforced at gunpoint as “terrorist sympathizer”. It’s all very simple to follow.

      There you go again, crying because you were called names after you called names. You’re completely unapologetic about your lack of testosterone.

      Sure you could buy everything I have with your “pocket change”. But first it would have to be for sale. Or are you expecting government to do that for you too.?

      I think you’re acting like Daddy Warbucks because you just recently got a big disability settlement or backpay.

    • dude, post the picture of you holding the knife with blood on your face. your dick will look huge. especially on the internet.

    • You mean a picture of me butchering? My granddaughter does that. Nothing overly manly.

      Let me guess. You’ve never gotten your food from anywhere but Costco or Walmart

    • the most raped people on earth are liberal / feminist / welfare state supporting / islam sympathizers …

    • where can these people go they don’t have a home to go too whose to blame??? what a horror.no one cares///

    • Wendy Borbon you made no sense .. no where in your incoherant rambling could their be anything that resembled a rational thought… ad hominem attacks and trigger words will not shut me down .. your pollitical correctness will not Trump the facts .. people are done with liberal bullshit propoganda … I have traveled aswell .. Your baseless assumpions of me hold no wieght in grown up conversations … Liberal / marxists are destroying western culture…..

    • Lisa Harris it’s actually amazing at how hard you tried to shame me for saying what needed to be said. Islam is a real threat to the west .. if you can not understand this then please …. Stay away from a voting booth.. this is not just an american thing it is an entire western society thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCtY1o48yuA

    • Keep living in denial .. Rome didn’t fall in a single day

    • True Rome did not fall in a single day. It only took about 135 years after it became a Christian stste

    • became christian state .. allowed it’s self to become weak with frivilous things and distractions ,allowed unchecked immigration , liberty disappeared for the cause of safety …. sounds exactly like western civilization today

    • Unchecked immigration? You know that importation of slaves rom conquered lands ain’t exactly the common definition of immigration.

      Loss of liberty for safety? Rome had seat belt laws? You might ask Cicero’s ghost about that.

      Honestly it comes down to two historical constants
      All empires fall.
      All theocracies whither

    • An attack from the inside would be least expected, but it would be a false flag setup if so.

    • Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.

    • Tell that to the victims of Tom McVeigh and Eric Rudolph

    • Steve Voorheis LOL !

    • https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6b/SittingBull.jpg Savages… that ancestors exterminated… ON THEIR OWN LAND

    • A simple meme to counter the stupid.

    • Les american civilisé u dear call ur selfs cevilised bitches bitsh please who u fucking go look up at ur history le shame ??????????

    • Les american civilisé u dear call ur selfs cevilised bitches bitsh please who u fucking go look up at ur history of shame ??????????

    • You’re talking about the American military right? When you start slinging the word “savages” the only thing that comes to mind is how savage our military is. Following orders to put millions out if homes and then we say that it’s their problem. Blind, brainwashed sheep.

  • there’s around 80 trillion $ money in the world.

    the world owes 200 trillion $ money to banks.

    interesting mathematics…

    peace in space (8


  • Those who do learn history are doomed to watch it repeat itself anyway.

  • and rapidly deport them back to their home lands!!!


  • History is repeating itself in the most terrible way!!!!

  • Go wilders…

  • Im am from Holland. Wilders knows it’s not something that would ever happen. How ever, he knows allot of dutch People are ignorant sheep who refuse to help refugees and are just racist. It’s wilders tactic to shout these things to get their support. He even admitted in a interview with Pownews that he just did it for the attention it would get him. He gets most of his money from Israël and American jews so once I a While he says some stupid shit his masters want him to say

    • If you don’t stand up for your women and your way of life, someone else will. SHAME ON YOU. With men like this, no wonder the clerics are saying you will be BRED OUT IN FIFTY YEARS. WAKE UP!! We WESTERN WOMEN do not wish to live under Sharia law, thank you!

  • Kalen A Klei

  • Im am from Holland. Wilders knows it’s not something that would ever happen. How ever, he knows allot of dutch People are ignorant sheep who refuse to help refugees and are just racist. It’s wilders tactic to shout these things to get their support. He even admitted in a interview with Pownews that he just did it for the attention it would get him. He gets most of his money from Israël and American jews so once I a While he says some stupid shit his masters want him to say

  • get your facts straight,the ones in europe are nothing but young single males,they have a name for people like that here too : deserters.and dont even start with how they act towards our women.meanwhile,the real refugees,the women,children,the real family’s that need help,where the hell are those?all we get here is a ton of A-holes who can barely make their rather luxureous demands understood in the language of the country they are demanding this free stuff from.

  • “Today, a prominent Dutch parliamentarian has become the first significant European politician to demand that all male Muslim refugees, whom he characterized as “walking testosterone bombs” in a “sexual jihad” against the West be interned in “asylum centers” — an antiseptic euphemism for “concentration camps.”
    Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/dutch-politician-calls-muslim-refugees-rounded-thrown-asylum-centers/#i8H2SAfzqU6JZGYu.99” it says all male Muslims… if they weren’t ona raping spree it would not be so…U cannot just go around raping people either:P

    • I’m really ashamed of my country for this.. he’s the new Hitler. I hope someone shoots him just like Pim Fortuyn.

  • A true version of history would be a key , going forward on a false idea is a bad idea.

  • U r pretty dumb to say something is happening when the sexual harassment is pretty damn bad…

  • IF they came and wanted to assimilate and not change the very fabric of our nation it would be different. But they want to take over. Send them back to whatever 3rd world hellhole they crawled out of

  • Well, we learn from history that we never learn from history…!

  • Just like the Native Americans and the Japanese….. Ugh.

  • the human race needs to be extinct

  • The beginning of the new world order… :S

  • Sigh…

  • FEMA camp them.

    • Why not just put all non whites and the disabled in concentration camps and then we’ll change the name of country to the homeland or something…I bet you wijkd like that…

    • You nazi pig

  • why do you show a pic of a family if the topic is about men? And I also don’t feel save any more.

  • the chinese would have them in the countryside getting reeducation.

  • I find it interesting that you didn’t link to an article sourcing the attacks until you put the blame on authorities for not responding fast enough. Don’t think we don’t know the tricks of the media 😉
    However, something similar is going on in Terhir square, and some academics suspect political islam to be behind these sexual attacks. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-21441624

  • there is plenty of room in eastern countries for these people, we don’t need them here when we cant even take care of our people

  • The Japanese didn’t have to be interned because they weren’t raping anyone. But the Muslims are.

    • yoire a liar…and you sound like a nazi fascist

    • John Ploughing …take a look at the situation in Sweden and Germany. You’re the ignorant one. So pointing out facts make me a fascist huh? Sounds like youre a bigot.

  • If they behave like savages, they must be confined.
    And please change that photo: 90% of immigrants coming to Europe are males below 25 years of age.
    Stop spreading BULLSHIT.

  • Is that why they built all those fema camps?

  • Didn’t we do this to the japanese?

  • There has been talk of FEMA camps for a while now.. Scalia, a corporatist on the SCOTUS warned that internment camps would make a return… And there were reports homeless were being placed in camps and being microchipped.

  • See whats going on in europe and be worried.

  • Well i dont remember Trump saying this i do believe much like jimmy cater he called for a ban on visa refugees ect into the country, and to investigate those already here and deport them back. much more humanitarian than interment camps, ive had friends over there who where as left as they can be come back and tell me about the brutality and savagery of these people (or should i say ideology?) and while i will agree only a small minority of them carry out attacks i have yet to see acta non verba from any in those countries who can act against them. i would say for the safety of our own it is a smart idea.

  • Obama White House created ISIS. I am not worried about a fake group of terrorists. I am worried about the terrorist infiltration in the White House. CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood who wield unmitigated influence over domestic and foreign policy.

  • So with reports of problems throughout Europe…you propose to just let refugees continue to flow into countries at a cost to their taxpayers? Why are other Arab countries not accepting these refugees into a culture that is more compatible with their belief system?

    • You are so articulate in your response. We did not do anything…the US government bombed the hell out of them…once again under false pretense. And your logic is to bring the problem in to the US, which is already bankrupt…quite the bleeding heart genius.

    • Europe is in Middle Eastern countries. Your bankster owners, like ours, want the resources. And they seem to want Europe destabilized as well. Shut your doors to the flood, and do as Iceland did and throw out your banksters

  • Europe should hang to death a few Muslim male rapist. Perhaps they will get the massage and not rape or assault women. Shame on them. Europe opened the doors for them now they go raping women. Go back to where you came from and do that shit there as you have for decades Muslim shit brothers don’t you have mothers and sisters of your own. Shame that you are making this hard for the families. Women and children. Deport and luck up all the single males. I agree. And yeah hang a few too that are caught doing such animistic acts towards women.

    • So what do we do with the rapists that are not foreign? Do we hang them too? Or is this just a special for the muslims?

    • And not to be harsh but it looks like your an immigrant too, or your parents were. So if they have to go home, do you have to too?

    • You’re*

    • The topic is about young middle eastern men raping and assaulting women in Europe which made a path for them. I am a proud immigrant and I have not assaulted or raped anyone. They should go rape their own mothers.

  • Stop being muslim and the problem goes away.

    • Denial, eh? Seems to be the poison of choice for many.

    • Yeah, nah, muslims are bunch of homophobic cunts ay:


      What is Islam’s position on the treatment of homosexuals?

      Islam goes beyond merely disapproving of homosexuality. Sharia teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death.

      Beneath the surface, however, there are implied references to homosexual behavior in paradise, and it has been a historical part of Arab and Muslim culture.

      Quran (7:80-84) – “…For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds…. And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone)” – An account that is borrowed from the Biblical story of Sodom. Muslim scholars through the centuries have interpreted the “rain of stones” on the town as meaning that homosexuals should be stoned, since no other reason is given for the people’s destruction. (The story is also repeated in suras 27 and29).
      Quran (7:81) – “Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you?” This verse is part of the previous text and it establishes that homosexuality as different from (and much worse than) adultery or other sexual sin. According to the Arabic grammar, homosexuality is called the worst sin, while references elsewhere describe other forms of non-marital sex as being “among great sins.”

      Quran (26:165-166) – “Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, “And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing”

      Quran (4:16) – “If two men among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, Leave them alone” This is the Yusuf Ali translation. The original Arabic does not use the word “men” and simply says “two from among you.” Yusuf Ali may have added the word “men” because the verse seems to refer to a different set than referred to in the prior verse (explicitly denoted as “your women”). In other words, since 4:15 refers to “your women”, 4:16 is presumably written to and refers to men.

      Interestingly, the same rules don’t seem to apply in paradise, where martyrs for the cause of Allah enjoy an orgy of virgins and “perpetual youth” Quran (56:17) (otherwise known as “boys” Quran (52:24)). Quran (76:19) bluntly states, “And immortal boys will circulate among them, when you see them you will count them as scattered pearls.” Technically, the mere presence of boys doesn’t necessarily mean sex, however it is strongly implied from the particular emphasis on the effeminacy, handsomeness and “freshness” of the boys. The female virgins of paradise are also compared to pearls (56:23).

      [Editor’s note: We are not implying a link between homosexuality and pedophilia here anymore than we are implying one between heterosexuality and pedophilia when recounting that Muhammad’s preferred wife was a 9-year-old girl.]
      Hadith and Sira

      There are several lesser hadith stating, “if a man comes upon a man, then they are both adulterers,” “If a woman comes upon a woman, they are both Adulteresses,” “When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes,” and “Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to.”

      Abu Dawud (4462) – The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Loot, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.”.

      Abu Dawud (4448) – “If a man who is not married is seized committing sodomy, he will be stoned to death.” (Note the implicit approval of sodomizing one’s wife).

      Bukhari (72:774) – “The Prophet cursed effeminate men (those men who are in the similitude (assume the manners of women) and those women who assume the manners of men, and he said, ‘Turn them out of your houses .’ The Prophet turned out such-and-such man, and ‘Umar turned out such-and-such woman.”

      al-Tirmidhi, Sunan 1:152 – [Muhammad said] “Whoever is found conducting himself in the manner of the people of Lot, kill the doer and the receiver.”

      Reliance of the Traveller, p17.2 – “May Allah curse him who does what Lot’s people did.” This is also repeated in three other places.

    • Yousaf, go ahead and say everything in that photo isn’t true, I really dare you, under God, to say it isn’t true. Sorry babe, WE DON’T WANT IT.

  • Holland has it’s very own Trump, right down to distractingly goofy hair? WTF, is he franchising?

  • so true

  • And those that learn it are doomed to watch others repeat it.

  • and thankfully…we have old conspiracies coming back into the spotlight

  • Of course, Facebook is even into censoring old Hollywood movies from 20th Century Fox.

  • This reminds me of something but I can’t think what, people being put into camps hmmm.

  • fuck off..

  • Before Baning they should ban bombing their countries also.
    Stop buying oil, toppling govt or selling weapons.

  • They wanted Muslims here to imprison them for the private prison corporation

  • Strange is the thing that america built those camps 5yrs ago.
    Why build camps for more than 10 million people????

    • Not for the terrorist invaders, that’s for certain. For the patriots, maybe.

  • yeah, but was it trump or someone less obviously mental?

  • This can not happen something has to change we can’t let politicians do this kind of crap

  • Les american civilisé u dear call ur selfs cevilised bitches bitsh please who u fucking go look up at ur history of shame

  • This already happens in Australia.

  • “Those who do no learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Exactly Just look at the recent history of what is happening in Europe with these immigrants. There should be exactly “0” Muslim immigrants to the U.S.

  • evocative photo that ignores that most of the refugees are fit and healthy men , what bleeding heart chose this shot?

  • Oh my God! We’re those FEMA Camps for refugees?

  • i am aware of how bad this could get, but the actions of Islamists flooding Europe are unacceptable. I hope you report on that too. The rapes, the sharia zones…. Those Western leaders are in the pocket of a few billionaires with financial interest in destroying Assad and are destabilizing Europe to do so. I don’t want a Muslim Europe, or a war torn Europe. Find a solution. Changing the population isn’t it. Accommodating Islamofascists isn’t it. Europe has an average 1.5 fertility rate. Muslim immigrants are at 5 kids per family. What do YOU think is going to happen? You like democracy? Turning Germany or Britain into Syria isn’t the best idea here.

  • By design. Divide and conquer. Order out of chaos you getting played. This was all planned.