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Off Duty Cop Thought He Saw a Child With Pot, So He Fired 7 Fatal Rounds Into His Back

Does the man on the right look like a cop to you?
Does the man on the right look like a cop to you?

Navasota, TX – A grieving family is fighting to bring justice to the man who ruthlessly gunned down their son. Jonathen Santellana was 17 years old when he lost his life to Navasota police officer Rey Garza.

On November 13, 2013, Santellana was sitting in his car in a parking space at an apartment complex in Houston, Texas with his friend, Kalee Marsteller, also 17. Garza was off-duty, wearing basketball shorts and a sweatshirt when he decided to rush up to Santellana’s driver’s side window, brandishing a gun.

Naturally, Santellana and Marsteller thought this deranged man was trying to rob them, so Santellana put the car in reverse to escape. Garza tried to open the door as Santellana began driving away. Garza, claiming that he feared for his life, then shot Santellana in the back of the head and back, killing him.

Why did Garza commit this unprovoked attack on an innocent kid sitting in his vehicle? Santellana’s parents, Joey Santellana and Roxana Harrison, commissioned an expert in crime scene reconstruction to produce a new analysis, since the investigation undertaken by law enforcement was grossly insufficient.

The report from Cam Cope, president of Auto Fire & Safety Consultants of Conroe, shows that Garza’s version of events “is not consistent with any of the factual evidence.” It is being submitted by Santellana’s family directly to a grand jury for the case to be reconsidered. A grand jury decided not to indict Garza in 2014, believing that he shot Santellana out of fear for his own life.

Garza’s statements greatly conflict with eyewitnesses and the forensic evidence which shows that Garza committed murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, aggravated assault and/or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Garza was acting as a “courtesy officer” for the apartment complex when he spotted Santellana holding something in his hands and grew suspicious. After crossing paths with Santellana, Garza went to his apartment and grabbed his gun. Garza then located Santellana in his car, and claims that he saw Santellana putting a green leafy substance into a prescription bottle.

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Garza felt that this behavior was cause for him to accost Santallana. Here is where the factual evidence contradicts Garza’s sworn testimony.

Garza claims that he “asked Jonathen to get out of the Chevrolet Malibu, then opened the driver’s door and reached in with his right hand to remove the keys from the ignition, as he alleges Jonathen was attempting to start the car.”

However, the car was already running, and Garza was banging on the window with his gun and demanding that Santellana roll down the window, according to Marsteller. An eyewitness, Sheila Moreno, states that Garza did not identify himself as a police officer, nor did she say anything about Garza holding a badge.

Garza claims that “he showed his badge and police identification as he opened the door” and “he had the gun and holster in his pocket as he attempted to remove the ignition keys with his right hand, then pulled the gun from the holster, showed the badge, fired 4-5 rounds, without aiming, as the driver’s door moved rearward 10-12 feet, peeling out (Rey Garza’s deposition).”

However, Moreno states that Garza was holding the gun with both hands. Garza’s holster was actually located on the front driver’s side windshield of Jonathen’s car. Marsteller states that Garza said he was a police officer only after Santellana had backed out of the space and began driving away. She also states that Garza did not begin shooting until after the car was moving forward.

Moreno states that she saw the car driving forward when she heard gunshots. She saw Garza walk toward the car and fire an additional 3 to 5 shots. Seven empty bullet casings were found in the middle of the parking lot.

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Garza testified that Santellana never threatened him nor did he feel that Santellana was a dangerous person. Yet that did not stop him from recklessly approaching the vehicle with a loaded weapon and firing when Santellana did not obey orders from this large man in gym shorts, who did not initially identify himself as an officer or show a badge. He also put the residents of the apartment complex in danger by shooting at the moving vehicle.

Garza claims that he became pinned between Santellana’s door and the car parked next to him. However, Marsteller states that Garza was never in danger from the door and it did not hit anything. Santellana pushed Marsteller’s head down to protect her from flying bullets, and that is how he got shot in the back of the head.

Cope’s report goes on to describe several false statements made by Garza, as well as a critical piece of bullet evidence that was not noted or documented by police. The report also describes the ill treatment of the passenger, Kalee Marsteller, who had just witnessed her friend be murdered by the brutish Garza, and that the officer wrote her statement in his own words.

The Grand Jury Package, submitted to the Free Thought Project by Roxanna Harrison, Santellana’s mother, reads as follows:

Rey Garza should be indicted for murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and/or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as probable cause exists. Garza was not in danger when he shot Jonathen Santellana in the back and back of the head killing him. Like most criminal homicide suspects Rey Garza has come up with an excuse. However, the forensic and credible eyewitness evidence refutes his version on the events. Furthermore, shooting a person for trying to escape a non-violent minor crime is not a defense to homicide or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The public and parents of Jonathen Santellana want justice to be done.

Two years later and this killer cop is still out on the streets because a grand jury, as is the case in most instances, failed to indict Garza — in spite of the overwhelming evidence against him. Blue privilege is nothing short of a license to kill.

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    • Is facebook becoming infiltrated by law enforcement?

    • Frits J. Bos most likely funded by government law enforcement, it’s much easier to provide the communication medium that people will store everything about people in a database of their own free will rather than try to force them using draconian anti-privacy laws.

    • Let the flow of information continue

    • Arficer frendly

    • and they use their ‘piece’ often and without provacation

    • I love cops

    • Just keep everything in perspective. The vast majority of cops are great Men and women doing a dangerous job. Most are looking out for us. We just have to weed out the power tripping jackholes than think they are the law.

    • noel do you have actual evidence or statistical proof to back that statement up? im not sure there really is a majority anymore. would love to see the facts.

  • Even if it was pot…………..really????????

  • If true then he should be hanged until dead

  • This is the kind of thing our tax dollars fund…

  • k

  • It wasn’t about the plant, it was about compliance, control, and dominance. It always is, whether you’re being beaten for jaywalking or shot for camping….

  • Where is the outrage about the disregard for human life that is so acceptable in among U.S.A. police ?

    • that would require them to be human- too late. If ever I saw a people taken over- it’s them. They’re robots now

  • i see a promotion in his future

  • I think this is called murder.

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  • Crazy!

  • Fuk the p0lice

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  • Thanks for sharing your thought invoking posts . I don’t always agree but I give it thought and often research them . Keep up the good work .

  • And the cop is now dead

  • Even if the kid did have weed, that’s no reason to kill him.
    Was it proven in the end if the poor young fella was actually carrying any ‘green leafy substances’??

  • disgusting

  • God rest the young mans’ soul..

  • Look how beefed up that cop is and how stupid he looks…goes to show that most cops are dumber than the characters of dumb and dumber and have no respect for their positions, to protect and serve? Nah, to harrass and kill more like it!

  • So did the kid have weed on him??? And yes it makes a difference. For two reasons. First, sounds like TFTP left that out on purpose, which is expected from them! Second, if the kid did have pot, the officer should only have to serve life, if he didn’t he should be executed.

    • What if he had a soda or a cigarette? Weed is less harmful than either of those, so should cops get away with life in prison for killing people who eat junk food?

    • You dont have the right to determine life or death of a living being. Nobody does.

    • So if he did have weed it was okay for him to die? Seriously? Sadly, there’s a lot of people that think like you.

    • Meelah Littles where did you read that I said that? I said nothing anywhere close to what you just replied with. Sadly you are a poor reader, comprehension is weak.

    • Steve ho, Your comment make no sense at all. You need to re-read what you posted. You are implying it. Even if the kids did have pot does not give any cop, clothed as a cop or an off duty cop, the right to shoot.

    • No, if the kid did not have pot, it was a false arrest anyway, and the cop flat out murdered him. If the kid did have pot on him, he was committing a crime which changes it to a person getting shot by a cop while breaking the law. In the eyes of the law it is a big difference. Either way, no the cop should have not fired his gun and the cop should be charged with a crime. But the legal system is much more on the cops side if the dude was in possession. Does not make it right but it is the way our legal system works.

    • Steve Ho That is not the way the legal system should work. Our legal system is broken. Non-violent crimes do not deserve lethal conclusions. That is why we need to get out and protest the way cops are treating citizens. That is why we are commenting on this post. That is why The Free Thought Project.com exists. You’re statements actually make you sound like you are complaisant on the issue & somewhat on the broken legal system’s side.

    • What if he had skittles! Would it make a difference- no one should die for smoking pot it just plain ludicrous – especially killing a kid for it! That cop should pull the trigger on himself!!

  • what’s the tattoo?…ex-military?….i hear a lot of people join the police forces immediately out of the services…and a whole lot about ex-military committing suicide due to p.t.s.d…might there be something like that involved?…just wondering is all.

  • Not over a plant, over the suspicion of a plant, this makes it even 100x worse!

    • Also, that cop doesn’t even look human, what is he, a cross between a monkey and a donkey?
      Police is supposed to inspire safety, how can anyone even think that this man is able of doing that?

  • Grand Juries and Prosecutors and cops. The trifecta of a broken scumbag judicial system. Nothing will change unless we fix two of the three.

  • Horrific! Lock him up!!!

  • EVIL

  • Looks like the cop should be drugged tested. Steroid problem.

  • Meagan Gabriel

  • Should have gone for head shots

  • murder

  • please end the war on drugs. decriminalize. thank you

  • Absolute power corrupts… has been that way for ages. Don’t make it right… EVER… and I don’t care who’s the one wielding the power.

  • My God, his poor parents. Unbelievable.

  • Yet another natzi coward.

  • what choice did he have?

  • :X

  • This is fucked up

  • First, please read entirely and with a calm neutral mind and with intent to discuss. I’m not here to argue or debate only to discuss matters.

    I seriously doubt a police office emptied half of a magazine into a child for marijuana. Also can’t believe how much hate all of you have for law enforcement. Hate does not fix anything. Have any of you tried to have an open mind, try to see things differently, and consider any other option then hating and demoralizing the police force? I’m not starting an argument because I see no possible positive outcome to arguing with people’s opinions when they have this much hate. Police officers are not dumb and violent. Violence is the last resort for police. There are levels of force and response, violence is the very last. Many have families, education, and passion for preservation of life and liberty. Dominance also has nothing to do with it. Law is law. Police react when law is broken. Because of the few police that mess up all are accused of evil. Brings up a great point, no one is perfect. Everyone is a human being. Mistakes are made (not justifying unlawful murder in the case that this story is true). Another thing, why target the military? The military had nothing to do with this story. Not every solider is a psychotic murderer. PTSD is a disorder from horrible interactions that no human should interact with. People suffering from it need help not to be ridiculed. I’m not going to post my opinion about the military on here, that’s a another unrelated topic for discussion. This brings me to my final point. Why are you reacting so violently? You say it’s unjust and unlawful that he killed a child (if the story is even true) yet you all are saying he needs to die, be hung, beaten to death, etc. I say again, violence is not the solution. Fighting violence with violence will make the people of this world implode upon each other. Lawful action is needed. If that means execution or life in prison then so be it. It’s right and it’s just. But if this story is completely blown out of proportion and incorrectly advertised like he media loves to do, then there are many other things that need to be fixed. Not the Grand Juries, Prosecutors, and police force. Please read in its entirety, consider all angles, try to see truth, and reply with your opinions and discussions. I am merely here to support truth, fact, and justice. My opinions are my own and I will not force them on anyone.

    • This comment is a reply to the previously stated comments of the people below. Not random remarks. If anyone wants to hold an adult discussion about other topics please message me.

    • Cops kill people just for opening their front door these days, that’s why we have the 2nd Amendment in order to defend ourselves from government. It’s also why you see people killing random cops for no reason out of revenge for all of the innocent people that cops have killed for no reason.

    • Knew it had to be a cop fearing for his life

    • The only time a law enforcement officer has ever killed someone for opening their door was if a SWAT team was raiding a known arms dealer gang. Or something along the lines. No police officer on a routine patrol walks up to a house and opens fire on a family because they opened the door. Police only open fire if their life or the lives around them are threatened by the actions or weapons of the individual they’re dealing with. If the door opens and a man with a shot gun is pointing in the direction of the officer yelling “F$&k you!” Then yeah the office will open fire.

    • Scott Bacon in this story? Or life in general?

  • When the Hells Angels look harmless compared to this blue thug it is high time to explore how civil servants became licensed murderers.

  • Makes me cringe to think a kid could get shot from posessing some pot and for trying not to get caught by attempting to drive away.

    • The way it sounds, it sounds like he thought he was getting robbed. Plain clothes, banging on the window with his gun, didn’t show identification, and didn’t say he was a police officer until after he was driving, which he may not have even heard, if he was scared and his heart was thumping with adrenaline.

  • thug police!

  • Why did this not make national news. Sounds a lot like the Trayvon Martin case, just wrong

  • They’ll let him off too, JUST like all the other MURDERERS !!!!

  • another dumb f***with a gun and no brain,

  • As long as we think that government has any business telling us how to live, we will always have this type of behavior. The quickest way to dehumanize a human is to give him/her authority over other humans. The ONLY answer to police abuse is to reduce government. Otherwise, it can only get worse.

  • String the pig up

  • TX !!!

  • So shoot him in the face. Fair is fair.

  • free to kill again.

  • What a badass Hero

  • Plain and simple Police are people .Some good some not

  • Yikes

  • I would run if he came up to my car with a gun banging on the window

  • Tag the cop** 😉

  • plants are bad

  • Roid rage and low cognitive ability make for time bomb cops. Drug test all of them weekly and fire the half witts.

  • Plain murder!


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  • Does America, have a problem with Killer Cops?

  • This is TERRIBLE!!! This is not a policeman, THIS IS A CHILD KILLER!!!!

  • They can’t justify it. That’s the thing.

  • AmeriKKKa can …Kill over and over and over, over a PLANT !!!!!

  • There is a long list of things that are more important than human life in a free market. Can’t wait until organ harvesting starts breaking the news.

  • Maybe i was asleep all my years, for i never realize ; How much Fear there is in ameriKKKa…! I like the government and people less and less ..!!

  • Waiting for the whole story.

  • If anyone can justify this, its theis shitty government of ours. Its not ever going to stop, because we allow them to keep doing it.

  • Many many dirty cops out there

  • The way it sounds, it sounds like he thought he was getting robbed. Plain clothes, banging on the window with his gun, didn’t show identification, and didn’t say he was a police officer until after he was driving, which he may not have even heard, if he was scared and his heart was thumping with adrenaline. I would have run too.

  • The Americans I learnt about in school.Would never accept this kind of thing from their government.They were good,honest and a nation we all wanted to be like.Wow how the mighty have fallen.Hitler disarmed Germany right before total domination.Can you get off the couch and save yourselves?

  • Quite certain the cop had drugs of some kind in his system…………Why not test…

  • what happen to protect and serve??? shame on the system//

  • he was off duty… can just pass by… damn police.. citizen should retaliate on them

  • Yanks cops are fucking mental.. It’s not just the odd one.. It’s odd when they are not crazy … They can not wait to open fire I would hate to live in the US.. Well some parts I wouldn’t mind

  • Disgusting!

  • Charge him with murder and put him in jail. They should be encouraging the best and brightest to become police officers/

  • I find it hard to believe a police man wakes up one day, and says, hey, I can’t wait to finally shoot someone today’. The question is, had this been an inclination from the time this man (and I use the words very loosely here) first joined the police force?. If so, how do these people find themselves employed by the police force? Or does a good cop turn bad somewhere down the track? Its time to find answers, because tragedies like this should not happen. simple. My deepest condolences to his mother and family. If it were my child, I would be shattered.

  • What the……………?

  • They kill people for selling cigarettes, sitting in their car, sleeping in the bed, answering the door, holding a cell phone. Bottom line, if you run into one of these trigger happy lunatics no matter what you’re doing or not doing they can murder you at will and go on with their lives.

  • excessive force??

  • Look at the fat pig the writing is definitely on the wall for the usa!! I’d move if i lived there..

  • Terry Ford

  • This needs to stop

  • This Psycho is no doubt a veteran back from Iraq or

  • Afghanistan doing all he knows how to do.

  • I will never understand the america “grand jury” system, nor the willingness of the american public to not hold cops to the same laws as themselves. I have said it before, america has an authoritarian stick up its collective ass and a desire for vindictive punishment. Stop employing psychopaths with low IQs as cops a d make them criminally and financially liable for their actions, just like e everyone else

  • NO- no justification for ANY murdering unless in self defense or defense of another! (and that’s why they use ‘self defense’ as an excuse most times) They’re killing everyone! This sis a war against the people and they didn’t think of it all by their little selves…count on the fact that it comes from the highest levels of government

  • only in America. This cop needs to be shot. i really thought neanderthals were extinct.

  • sick bastard should get electric chair..NOW

  • I don’t believe that guy is a cop I’ve seen better looking pigs

  • Xue Liang sumbak molek

  • protect and serve the police only!

  • This obese moron needs to be EXECUTED. FUK cops and anyone that supports the bastards.

  • Drugs are harmful to you, here let me help you

  • And yet when I say that being a cop automatically makes a person untrustworthy I’m the one who gets treated like an A-hole. Cops want respect and appreciation from their community, they need to get their house in order and deal with psychopaths like this instead of protecting them.

  • The cop should be killed.

  • wtf?!?!?

  • Shoot him in the back 7 times..let the punishment be equal to the crime..

  • Drug test them all. They’re on steroids.

  • Cops need to get their sh!t together. Deadly force is not allowed unless the officers is in fear for his safety It’s a last resort not a shoot first then see what really happened then lie about it to cover your a$$. That badge does not give you the right to kill.us cuz you’re a big pu$$y and can’t subdue an unarmed suspect. Of course I need to clarify not even close to all officers are bad..99% do a great and very dangerous job. But it’s a hard job and not for everyone. We gotta get rid of these bad apples spoiling the bunch.

  • sad

  • what a goof

  • cops are going insane,they should be put in padded cell

  • I hope the cop gets put away for it.

  • Well, I have full faith that as users of the internet, the people who made this post did their due diligence in researching both sides of the issue thoroughly and filtered out their own personal bias when reporting the facts.

  • They were right; that stuff will kill you 🙁

  • I would shoot the cop

  • Lying is the law of the land w/elite/politicians…on down the line

  • just another day in America

  • its quite obvious that the police recruits thugs and murderers into the force

  • Steroids Strikes Out Again

  • Yep, that dangerous pot.

  • no justification whatsoever.

  • You know when you click on a link and watch that little line move across the top of your screen showing that the page is loading, then right before it reaches the end it stops and you know your about to get a fucking ton of pop up adds?? I hate that shit.

  • I’m sorry but if you even look like you have pot you have it coming. Obey the law means also LOOKING like you are obeying the law. Common people, it’s not rocket science.

  • The state is not required to justify their murders.

  • FarmerTom

    Civil Wrongful Death suit. Looks like a slam dunk

  • JzzE1

    Are you on glue?! Having “a green leafy substance” does not justify you being murdered.


    Only in AmeriKKKa does this happen to Black & Brown HUEmans. If this were happening to white men/boys, this would be called an epidemic and the DOJ would be on this so fast, your head would spin. #BlaecknBrownLivesMatter #BlacknBrownChildrenLivesMatter. Don’t come at me with the bs “ALL LIVES MATTER”….you don’t hear every 28 hours a white man is murdered by these undercover racist KKK thugs, suited & booted in blue uniforms.

  • sarahm59


  • Ian Christopher


  • Tim Murphy

    Did you read the article at all? It was fairly objective and detailed.

  • Brett Rapley

    What right does that fat ugly bastard of a cop think he has just to shoot a child in the back when he didn’t even know if the poor kid was dealing pot ! Is it any wonder America is going down the shit pan ? It’s about time you sorted all this shit out and arrest these arseholes for murder, because you would be quick enough to prosecute anyone else for it. Never mind this blue badge protection shit, they are not doing their jobs properly.

  • This cop saved this kid from the life-wrecking consequences of using marijuana. WTG, hero!

    • Zikina Dinastija

      really i wondering that’s was your kids moron ,you are totally idiotic idiots

      • Justsomeguy151

        You actually called HIM a moron and idiotic idiot?? Yet you’re the one who doesn’t understand sarcasm.

      • Mike Oxlong

        Do you even speak the language? How can you understand it if you can’t even come close to being able to type it. Use fucking Google translate if you have to, but please stop fucking up the English language. Go back to your sheep, they miss you.

    • Don’t worry, plenty of us *can* read the hidden sarcasm font on the internet.

    • Bo Fren

      He could’ve founded Microsoft or become an Olympic Swimmer. Can’t have that.

  • MikeParent

    We’d all be better off if the police would focus on crimes with actual victims.

    • Justsomeguy151

      Except that this wasn’t a crime. A crime needs an injured party to be a crime. At worst this was an infraction or violation. He sure didn’t deserve to be murdered for it.

      • MikeParent

        Which is why I said, “with actual victims”

  • Justsomeguy151

    Grand juries are absolutely worthless if they don’t charge murderers.

    • Chris O’Guinn

      The problem is the DAs, who either out of a desire to not indict their pals on the police force or a worry that there will be retaliation from the police force, sabotage the Grand Jury process. They are supposed to present the evidence they have and make a case for there being a trial. In these incidents, though, the DAs have a habit of laying out a case for NOT going to trial. Then they can say they took it to a Grand Jury and the GJ decided it shouldn’t go to trial. It’s BS

  • Larry Morrison

    I’m tell’n ya’ if the police were 737s,
    The whole fleet would be grounded…and the investigation into why the tails are falling off in midflight would not be done by the employees and managers of Boeing.

  • Harry Houston

    Harry J. Anslinger quotes:
    …the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.
    He (Harry J. Anslinger) started the anti marijuana movement on nothing but racism.
    Harry J. Anslinger quotes:
    Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.

    • ichthyic

      good thing Anslinger’s been dead for 40 years, and nobody knows who the fuck he was any more.

      Now all we have to deal with is the remaining racism.

  • Harry Houston

    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242
    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnaping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  • I would have been absolutely terrified to see that hulk rushing at me!! That cop needs to be prosecuted for murder.

  • Missy Victoria

    Even if the kid was going to start his car and drive off… that cop still had no grounds to shoot him. Rogue-thug cowards like this fat pig need to be taken out somewhere and tortured then, hanged.

  • Gregory Hoard-Smith

    People must be telling lies on these cops. They can’t be as stupid as they are made out to be.

  • Aileen Cheetham

    Cop looks like a baboon

  • Lee Anne

    For the grand jury to indict the DA’s office has to convince them to do so. Guess who the DA’s work hand in hand with? If they do not want an indictment there will not be one.

  • Danny Johnson

    Cops don’t testify against other cops. Period.

  • Harlan Peaslee

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  • Lisulove loavesAbread

    What the FUCK is, a Grand Jury?

    • let me know if this is a serious question, and i’ll try to answer . meanwhile, search engines are your friends

  • purplediamond

    Here’s a novel idea. Lets take all the murders, rapists,etc, all criminals except those for DUI of alcohol or cannabis & ALL the cops ever accused of abuse, put them in a city with a huge wall & let them work it all out. Keep putting shitty cops with free range criminals & on the wall we can have some military personal sitting in turrets ready to shot anyone who tries to escape. Do you think that would work?

  • Rehbock

    It would be a great to provide the address for all the porcines who escape punishment for murder. Provide their known hang outs and phone numbers and also any other information that will assist in contacting them in case someone wants to pay a visit and present their objections or congratulations in person.

  • Mark McCauley

    He had NO reason to approach the car, much less try to “apprehend” this horrid “lawbreaker”. He’s a fucking murderer and needs to be treated as such.

  • Death2killerpigs

    Kill that fucking pig for the safety of the community. I will bet you $100 he was on steroids wgen it happened.

  • bye kido

    That steroid freak in the picture had no other options?

  • Mario Mannaro

    Just run over the fat fuck next time he knocks someone else car window

  • Trace

    Being as anybody can buy official looking badges and law enforcement ID online, some asshole in civilian clothes waiving a badge and yelling “police!” doesn’t mean a damn thing to me.

  • Rick Lewis

    This is painful. Hey, officer:

    a) You shot the guy in the back
    b) You fired at least seven times
    c) He was just a kid
    d) He wasn’t threatening you
    e) He wasn’t threatening anyone else either
    f) You didn’t even know if he had marijuana
    g) It doesn’t matter if he had marijuana, because having marijuana, even a hundred pounds of it, is NOT A CAPITAL OFFENSE!
    h) Then you lied about it to investigators

    are a terrible person, and I’m sure your family are embarrassed to
    admit they’re related to you. You have no business ever having a
    position of authority for the rest of your life, and the next twenty or
    thirty years should be in a state prison. And while we’re at it, your
    house and car should be sold to pay (admittedly inadequate) restitution
    to the family of your victim.

  • Ben Dover

    What is a cop suppose to “look” like?
    They’re all psychopathic superhero wannabes regardless to what they “look” like.

  • David Bethel

    Prosecute that worthless bitch cop for MURDER!!!!.

  • Mark Diaz

    Another murderous cop lying tos ave his cowardly ass. INDICT THE ASSHOLE!!!!


    When a cop gets killed, it’s always a tragedy and he died a hero! BS. They’re just like everyone else.