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Dying from Agent Orange Exposure, the VA Denied this Vietnam Vet His Last Wish — A Wheelchair


Las Vegas, NV — The Department of Veterans Affairs still has a massive backlog of nearly 900,000 healthcare applications ‒ including more than 300,000 from veterans who died waiting for their benefits to be approved.

The VA’s internal watchdog, the Office of the Inspector General, released a report last year that looked into a whistleblower’s claims of extensive, persistent problems in the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Health Eligibility Center enrollment records.

The OIG found that the VHA’s enrollment system had about 867,000 pending records as of September 30, 2014. On top of that, at least 307,000 applications ‒ or about 35 percent of all pending records ‒ were associated with individuals who had died waiting for care.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that nearly 50,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Another 140,000 are currently in jail, many of them for victimless crimes like drug possession.

As if the numbers aren’t bad enough, veterans are often the target of unjust attention from law enforcement. On multiple occasions, the Department of Homeland Security has referred to veterans as potential terrorists and noted that they pose a threat to national security.

The Free Thought Project has reported on case after case of veterans returning home only to be beaten and locked up for speaking out, or killed by police during a PTSD triggered episode.

It is no secret — the US government couldn’t care less about those who put their lives on the line to fight wars for them.

In the latest example of their cruel treatment of US veterans, Vietnam vet David McKinney-Smith was denied his last wish from the VA — a wheelchair.

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McKinney-Smith’s body is is riddled with cancer, and his dying wish of mobility was torn from him by a bureaucratic agency rife with complacency and corruption.

McKinney-Smith says he knows exactly what caused his cancer too.

“We were over in the Gulf of Tonkin and this huge tanker was flying from the coast of Vietnam over the water spraying orange substance. It turned out it was Agent Orange,” McKinney-Smith recalled to Action 13 News.

Sadly, McKinney-Smith still supports the country that is treating him like a piece of trash. “I think we have the greatest country in the world. And I would do it again. I would do it again,” he said.

According to Action 13 News, 

That makes it all the more difficult to understand why the VA would deny him his freedom in the form of an electric wheelchair.

“If I can’t move around, I know that I will die earlier than the five months,” David said through tears.

The VA approved him for home hospice, but told the dying vet he’d have to cancel that care to get an electric wheelchair.

He did that, but then the VA denied his request, leaving him with no hospice, no wheelchair and no faith.

After covering his story, Darcy Spears, with KTNV called the VA to investigate the matter, and two days later, only after being ousted as horrible people, the VA got McKinney-Smith his wheelchair.

The VA is predictably calling this an accident and said it was due to a misinterpretation of policy.

“Our entire team out at the VA was kind of taken back by this case,” said VA Public Affairs Chief Chuck Ramey. “We’re going to go back and look at this and see what we can do to make sure that if this comes up and happens again that we’re taking care of our people and our patients accordingly.”

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In the meantime, despite being treated like garbage by the very people he fought for, this veteran remains sanguine. “This is like heaven now,” he said. ” I can go out, go up the street, come back and get my sunshine. This feels so good.  Wow.”

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • Guy Kelley

    You dam fools. Why would you want to serve a country that, kills innocent children, mothers and fathers in a country that has a diferent faith than you. Then treats you like dirt as they did this man and the 10,000’s of thousand like him. So our country can exploit another country for there oil. What good did we do in Vietnam and what good did we do in Iraq and Afghanistan, other than make enemies out of entire nations of people !

    • USvet

      Fuck you for calling people who served fools. You’re an ungrateful piece of shit. I don’t care what your views on war are, don’t disrespect veterans. You’re just as bad as the shitheads that spit on vets returning from Nam

      • Guy Kelley

        I am one, you midget brain. Served my time in army in vietnam. got blown too. So go suck a egg. if you don’t like what I say, piss off.

  • And people want to put the guy that was in charge of the VA (Sanders) in charge of the country. Smdh.

  • Who ever made this decision should be fired at the very least !!!!

    • Can’t do that. Not only are they gobment employees, but they are also unionized.

  • Soldiers are just cannon fodder to these people.

  • It has always been so.

  • To all of those actually went a fought, came home in their right minds and recieve some type of pension, kuddos, but stories like this are beyond sickening and there are more than enough to make me ask. What are you fighting for?

    • Anybody know?

    • Hmm what about the victims
      Of these soldiers? I dont hear ya saying anything about them. Dont forget that 95% of so called american wars are really invasions and terrorist acts, removing the rights and freedoms of civilians and non combatants in other countries to feed a hungry corporate american monster. Is it any wonder that same anerican monster could care less about its “patriotic” robots they send to do their bidding? These soldiers are being misled and manipulated by the governments who are controlled by corporations. When corporations beed more profits the first heads to roll are the ones that were the most gullible

    • Hey John, r.i.p to the victims and thanks for reminding me of that same corporate monster that stands with a torch in her hand. That american monster looks down upon my head as well, we are at war in america, dying daily so trust me r.i.p is not used loosely but meaningfully.

    • On the day the american people stand up and wake up, they will cast that statue of slavery into the ocean and with it that blood soaked flag. Those are the rmblems of your enslavers, they dont represent your freedom they represent your enslaver

    • The soldiers of wars past and present are not to blame for the evil intentions of a corrupt government. We were lied to. We were fed patriotic propaganda and still to this day are shamed if we ask questions. Those of us that woke up and realised the truth did so too late. If anything soldiers are guilty of being gullible. We are the ones who have to live with our actions committed under false pretenses, for the rest of our lives.

    • John its funny that you say that because people are quick to say get over slavery here but the system reminds us of it daily, the kkk has remerged and campaign right along with presidential canidates, hate groups have popped up all over this country, teachers are teaching with replicas in classrooms, a version were slavery has been changed into immigration etc etc, good point.

    • Why their parents tell them it’s their duty to protect the country and be a patriot recite the pledge everyday at school and more importantly don’t ask why just do it.well we teach them well but we don’t make the same demands of are representatives most listen to 20 minutes of sound bites and there ‘s your man.

    • John Steve I guess we should have sent you

    • Lol

  • Not the place for your girly tattoo shit. GTFO.

  • So true that, great post tftp.

  • puts a real face on ” tis not ours to reason why tis but for us to do and die ” and ” ask not what your country can do for you , but what you can do for your country “

  • pathetic excuse for “government”

  • Sounds just like the America the world already knows.

  • Sad

  • Keep fighting for those who do not give a shit about anyone.

  • why do you have the smutty ads FTP? Not everyone wants to see that

  • The same happened to my cousin,,,,, served in the army 68-69 came back died of a weird form of cancer….the VA didn’t help, they claimed there wasn’t enough evidence to support this clam,,,, also his first born had birth defects and requires special needs??????? your VA doing its best I guess???????

    • Worse yet they/the war machine uses words like, patriot, freedom, country. Defending country. When in fact wars are fought not for freedom but for resources corporations are after. Follow the money.

    • Vickie Darling You are so right!!! Tha’s why we need Bernie!!

  • And brothers still are enlisting in the military they haven`t learned yet the military will use you and when they are through with you they will discard you like a pair of old run down shoe`s.That is a shame how they did this vet.

  • Bless you brother and damn their eyes

  • Doesn’t surprise me. Really the US wages wars for profit and throws aside all civil liberties of its citizens to do so again and again.

  • just look at how they care about the millions of people who actually have to live in those intoxicated areas

  • Virginia is a Democratic state – why no wheelchairs for vets?

  • I could get up on my stump about this, but it would do no good. To much politics in the veterans administration, the left hand don’t know what the right hand is doing. and there hundreds of horror stories like this. Nam was bad, but coming home to this………………

  • Very sad.

  • We have used and abused these veterans who had little choice about going to war. We owe this man big time!

  • not right and disgusting

  • They are cruel to some vets when they need benefits!!!

  • That’s a shame

  • Monsanto

  • All military are expendable. The government is OK with them dying. Even less money to the vets..

  • They are considered expendable , collateral damage ,, they were NOT supposed to return and require medical assistance .. The REPUBLICANS are now solving this problem by denying benefits and reasonable care to insure that the Veterans despair and take their own lives .. So far its working remarkably well .. ten times as many veterans have died on AMERICAN SOIL than have died in the IRAQI WAR ……

  • Hey isn’t the VA socialist medicine? The future of Obamacare I guess


  • No veteran should be treated like this by the institution that sent them to battle

  • The US powers that be, seem to have become completely lost to what their humanity is, and singularly live to obtain more money.

  • That’s our government they take care of our veterans. .. NOT

  • How about compensation for the Vietnamese ?
    Whos children were born with deformities for generations after?
    Where contamination still exists in soil in some areas?
    Have America ever paid 1$ in war debt?
    How about Laos where the US dropped more bombs during the Vietnam conflict than the 1st and 2nd war wars combined?
    Need I go on.
    The democratically elected government’s of the USA are a product if generations of brain washing of ignorance.
    And it still goes on today.
    And the damage that has been left behind by the American dream still continues to plague this planet.
    This man I’m afraid is just another sad porn in the game.


  • It was agent orange inVietnam and here in the USA we are being poisoned with chem trails and fluoride and chloramine and lead in our water. Our soil is loaded with round up and the glyphospates, herbicides are in our foods. Our foods are mostly GMO’s and these are known to cause cancer. So not much has changed since Viet Nam folks. Our government has been slowly poisoning us all for many years.This is why almost every kind of cancer is on the rise. Our EPA is not protecting us. And neither is the FDA or the CDC. Mr. Bill Gates has funded vaccines that are actually giving people cancer and autism and neurological diseases and sterility. These are all part of the NWO and UN agenda 21.The global elite have been working very hard ever since WW2 to continue their Eugenics experiments. And we here in America have been their lab rats.

  • Va denied my brother’s agent orange exposure (claim) for years.He served in the Marines and deployed to Vietnam 2 times. When they finally accepted his claim and funds were awarded , he died 6 months later.