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Tyrannical System Sentences 4-Year-Old Boy to Life in Prison for Alleged Crimes When He Was 1


Cairo, Egypt – Convicted of murder, inciting riots, destruction of government property and threatening cops, a four-year-old Egyptian boy was sentenced to life in prison this week. Although the boy was less than two years old during the civil unrest in 2014, he was convicted in absentia due to a clerical error and the court’s incompetence.

Born in September 2012, Ahmed Mansour Karni was swept up in an indictment listing his name along with 115 other defendants accused of participating in riots and demonstrations on January 3, 2014. Despite that fact that Ahmed was only a year and a half old at the time, he was reportedly charged with four counts of murder, eight counts of attempted murder, vandalizing property belonging to the Egyptian Health Administration in his home province of el-Fayoum, threatening soldiers and police officers, and damaging vehicles belonging to security forces. Convicted in absentia, Ahmed was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday.

Although Ahmed’s birth certificate was presented to the court, one of his defense attorneys accused the presiding judge of failing to review the case before abruptly passing down a life sentence on a four-year-old child. Lawyer Faisal a-Sayd asserted, “The child Ahmed Mansour Karni’s birth certificate was presented after state security forces added his name to the list of accused, but then the case was transferred to the military court and the child was sentenced in absentia in an ensuing court hearing. This proves that the judge did not read the case.”

In response to the absurd life sentence, another Egyptian lawyer, Mohammed Abu Hurira, wrote, “On the eve of injustice and madness in Egypt, a four-year-old child was sentenced to life imprisonment. He is accused of disturbance, damage to property and murder. The Egyptian scales of justice are not reversible. There is no justice in Egypt. No reason. Logic committed suicide a while ago. Egypt went crazy. Egypt is ruled by a bunch of lunatics.”

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In June 2014, more than 180 Egyptians were sentenced to death after convicted of participating in a series of violent demonstrations protesting against the ousting of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in 2013. Included among the 180 convicts sentenced to death was a blind man named Mustafa Youssef.

“He was born blind. How would he kill, burn, and loot?” asked Mahmoud Abdel-Raziq, Youssef’s lawyer.

Besides ruthlessly punishing innocent children and blind people, the Egyptian government has become notorious for imprisoning journalists and escalating police brutality in recent years. According to the Nadim Center, a local rights group, 474 deaths occurred in police custody while 700 cases of torture committed by the Egyptian police were reported last year.

Human rights lawyer Ragia Omran recently told CNN, “Conditions in prisons are extremely poor. If we look at all the reports by independent and national and international human rights organizations on the use of extreme force, violence, torture, violations in prisons and especially in police stations has gone up.”

The implications of sentencing a blind man to death for participating in a riot and sentencing a four-year-old child to life in prison for outlandish crimes that he could not have physically committed has revealed the staggering flaws in Egypt’s deteriorating judicial system. Without even bothering to review Ahmed’s birth certificate, the court has proven that justice in Egypt is no longer factored into the equation.

Andrew Emett is a Los Angeles-based reporter exposing political and corporate corruption. His interests include national security, corporate abuse, and holding government officials accountable. Andrew’s work has appeared on Raw Story, Alternet, Activist Post, and many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @AndrewEmett and on Facebook at Andrew Emett.



    • Rajab Abdur Rahim

      To ask bloody Yankees to export”democracy and human rights”and drunken Russians to protect the tyrant Sisi-the puppet and marionette of the Satan the curced one !USA&Russia are the roots of the all the evils in the world !

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  • how on earth can a 1yr old baby b held responsible 4 his actions????

    • They weren’t his actions… That’s the whole point..

    • It was a clerical error, hyped up sensationalist media feeding the agenda to destabilse Egypt. Dissappointed that the free thought project would post such claptrap propaganda.

    • How can a 1 yr old kill 4 people, loot, and vandalise should be your question.

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    Fuck their government.

    • it was a mistake they wrote his name instead of his fathers as his fathers is from the islamic brotherhood and it got fixed already .

  • Andre W. Davis Sr., prayers my brother… This baby can use them.

  • appalling

  • Mann

  • Most likely, he will be mute. With severe anxiety and PTSD. I hope to all gods and men this boy sees the light of day and a clean home sooner than later. It will take years to undo this damage.

  • Fucking insane…

  • First, do not look for logic in muslim world. They are frozen in philosophy 2000 years ago when people were totaly ignorant. Next look at overpopulation. I worked in Egypt and in Saudi Arabia. All work in Saudi is performed by mercenaries. We were just prostitutes. Hated every minute once of the plane. The money was good. This is the rationale of prostitutes sleeping with drunks and druggies. In Egypt if job needed 2 people to do, 12 was assigned. When I protested I was told: Whjat could we do with people? The most usefel guy was the old man bringing the tea whole day. Unfortunately his dress nade ne always afraid to drink the oversweetened tea, I worried about the germs. His pants were likely the sample for our idiots wearing them so low that one wonders if they have a fresh load in them. I find this article totaly believable but as always the journalist sensationalism does not explain that the 4 year old was not serving in jail. What I would believe is that they got his brother or father of similar name and he would be in jail for ever. Totaly inocent. I am very happy that I saw the sites, I wept over the condition of the artifacts in the Cairo museum and now I would not want to go to middle east even as a tourist.

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    • It’s sensationalist propaganda. It was a simple clerical error. The boy obviously did not serve time. Just another story misrepresented to perpetuate the hate.

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  • they wrote his name instead of his fathers mistakingly .. this hall thing was began by the brotherhood medias as the father of the kid is one of them and now ur supporing them showing the egyption systen as tyrant .

  • Even here in the usa we have children ending up in jail. Jail is no place gor a child. I was lock up at the age of 14 and i saw young kids as young as 5 years old in the system that will keep them in there. Eventually making them program to the prison system. It sad that we in the moat powerful nation in the whole world could look the other way. Imagen ur child being unavailable to run, bike have fun, in other words not being a happy kid. And yes moat kids that end up in jail need HELP!! So why would we as a civilized nation not grant them such help! Or is it that since they are not our kids and its not happening in our neighborhood we dont give a fucc! ?? U can post all ull want but if we dont do something to help then we all carry the blame of not doing something to help.

  • it was a mistake they wrote his name instead of his fathers as his fathers is from the islamic brotherhood and it got fixed already .

  • ~”His defence attorney, Faisal al-Sayd, told the Jerusalem Post the child’s name had been added to the list by mistake but the court did not pass Ahmed’s birth certificate on to the judge to prove he was born in September 2012. He said: “The child Ahmed Mansour Karni’s birth certificate was presented after state security forces added his name to the list of accused, but then the case was transferred to the military court and the child was sentenced in absentia in an ensuing court hearing.
    “This proves that the judge did not read the case.”
    He said: “The Egyptian scales of justice are not reversible. There is no justice in Egypt. No reason. Logic committed suicide a while ago. Egypt went crazy. Egypt is ruled by a bunch of lunatics.”
    Egypt has been ruled by a military dictatorship under President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi since Mohammed Morsi’s elected government was ousted in 2013.
    Approximately 40,000 opposition supporters are currently in jail as the government cracks down on dissent.”

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    • Morons! This has nothing to do with Islam. Sisi overthrew the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood president, Morsi, in a military coup,and is now terrorizing his own population. He is much praised by the Zionists, who owe much to his support in oppressing the Palestinians. Just yesterday, a 9 year old girl died in Gaza following a 2 year battle with kudney disease after being refused exit for medical treatment.

    • Umm yeah, that’s what the article said.

  • it was in absentia…and the judge never read the case file.

  • Fuck off free thought project. Link your sources. Which person would look at a 4 yr old and do that?

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  • Cam Alft

    man,that’s almost as bad as the cops here in the US!

    • Mark Langston

      Almost as bad ?

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        well that is because here in Soviet America, the cops would have shot the child and then said they feared for their life.

      • Cam Alft

        (sarcasm)~you know,all the cops in our schools arresting 5 and 6 year old’s for getting rowdy in class!?!?!and one cop arrested a 9 year old girl for wearing too much perfume,it actually went to court!!the cop called it offending to him and others!….so this is what i was comparing it to!

        • sunada

          Actually he is comparing it to the very real cases of grade-school kids getting shot by cops, kids as young as 8 and 12 being convicted for murder, and many instances of people being gunned down or convicted over little more than the description “black male” or ” white homeless”

          • Cam Alft

            yep,like the one 14 year old black boy riding his bike and talking on his phone and the cop just shot him in the back 3 times because he was still riding his bike while the cop wanted him off it!?!?!you are correct,and cops for the most part just make that up or they get it wrong!cops are just off the rails nowdays,they have already killed 113 people in january 2016 already!!one month and 113 people are dead by corrupt cops hands!they are pure criminals with a badge.

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  • Maurice Dutton

    I am emailing the Egyption Embassy in Australia & calling for this child to be released. What a system !!!

    • Hillarie Gilliland

      Can you post the email addresses? What else can be done to help this boy? I’m sp heartbroken for him and the lonely abandonment he must feel.

    • Rajab Abdur Rahim

      Complain to their boss USA&EU !!!

  • Gordon Klock

    I hope they release him, but if they actually incarcerated this kid in the first place with straight faces…
    I’ve been to Egypt in 1984, back then, the people seemed intelligent & reasonable, but a lot has changed all over the world since then, & things seem to be getting even crazier everywhere…….

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    This is an ally of the U.S, and Countries that have done far less were put on U.S terrorist list.

  • anon ymous

    This innocent child should be released at once! The judges should take his place.

  • Joel Arpin

    He can’t in prison. No one is going to lock up a 4 year old.

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  • If he was born September 2012 he would be 3 years old now, not 4

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  • Another Friend of US.

  • Assem

    Unfortunately this is not the only ridiculous case in Egypt ?
    Expect the unExpected from Crazy Military president.and his followers

  • Nury Vittachi

    This is all wrong. The child was not incarcerated. The picture is a fake. It’s from a stock agency, and is quite old. The story is wrong too. All that happened was that the child’s name was added to the list after the crime was specified and then the document was sent to another court where it was ratified without the judge reading it. The Egyptian court system is horrible and is always making this sort of mistake, such as finding dead people guilty!

  • Randall Covey

    Why am I not surprised?

  • John Seychel

    I believe this is the most moronic thing I have heard of, EVER! But one can not make this shit up! Our government still is friends with them too.

  • Timothy Yoder

    A clerical mistake. But from a backwards thinking military, government, and people nonetheless. ..

  • Keith Turk Jr.

    How is the imprisoning of journalists correlated to the imprisoning of a four year old child?!?!?! In fact there is only loose correlation with the blind man.
    Sure, imprisoning journalists is bad, and unjustly imprisoning other people is bad,…in my opinion.
    Is this the moderate left wing grey political propaganda you feed stupid people at thefreethoughtproject.com. I would find that most unfortunate. We already have CNN for that, and they are good at it.
    Perhaps we are all just lucky and the author lacks brilliance and made this mistake. I can handle that better.
    Free thinking is a great thing and an internet presence for it to congregate could be wonderful if it doesn’t descend downward to a few peoples opinions. When that is the place a site of this name devolves, intelligent free thinkers will come, see, and leave. Perhaps a free thinker can appreciate some one else’s opinion even if they don’t agree it, no one much cares what you want them to think.
    It is possible for a institution named thefreethoughtproject.com to state an opinion and facts without insulting free thought or the audience.
    To do that you’ve got to omit implied conclusions and subjective displaying of the facts around an issue, lest you press on that your thoughts are better than the ones they can come up with on their own and that you know what best because they are all a bunch of idiots.

  • Beatrix Muircastle

    so what are we doing? we demanding the un take action? demand his sentence be over turned? what?

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      • Beatrix Muircastle

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