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Elderly Deaf Man Beaten by Cops for 7 Minutes for Not Responding to Their Yelling

Oklahoma City, OK — Police officers assaulting or even killing deaf people for being unable to hear their commands is a tragic reality. Pearl Pearson Jr. has learned that reality the hard way. For nearly seven minutes, Pearson, 64-years-old at the time and diabetic was beaten and arrested by police officers as they yelled at him to stop resisting.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers, Eric Foster and Kelton Hayes were the two officers that were involved in what an affidavit claims was a 7-minute altercation.

When the original incident happened on January 3, 2014, police refused to release the video. However, weeks later, after the media frenzy died down, police quietly released the dashcam. The disturbing video shows troopers yelling at Pearson and drag him from the vehicle.

He was dragged from the vehicle in spite of the fact that he did everything he was supposed to as a deaf driver, according to his family.

According to Pearson’s family, Pearl pulled over and rolled down his window expecting an officer to ask for this identification. An officer struck him in the face before Pearl had the chance to do anything.

The photos of his swollen and bruised face clearly show the result of the police action.

After Pearson was beaten by police, he was arrested and charged with resisting arrest. He was thrown in jail, and, according to his family, an interpreter was never provided while Pearl was under the care of law enforcement — not during the booking, hospital, or time at the jail was an interpreter provided — even though Pearl requested one.

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Pearson was sitting in a jail cell, battered and bruised, and had no idea ‘why.’

Pearson has no criminal record, and in fact is a father to a police officer, his son-in-law is also a cop. In 2015, Pearson was given an award for his amazing service to the community for working with people with disabilities.

Finally, after 3 years of holding it over his head, the District Attorney’s office decided to drop the charges. However, they dropped the charges, not because they thought the cops were in the wrong, and not because they thought Pearson was innocent. In fact, neither of the cops involved in beating a deaf man for being unable to understand them has faced any discipline at all. The sole reason the case was dropped was because the trial cost was too high.

Pearson, who learned sign language during segregation, learned a different way of communicating other than the traditional American Sign Language (ASL). He needs a translator for court officials to understand him. Because the cost of translators was so high, the DA decided to toss the case out.

The DA announced this week, that Pearson would no longer face the charges.

“It is the District Attorney’s responsibility to be a good steward of the taxpayer’s money,” District Attorney David Prater wrote. “Though it is important to prosecute matters to promote public safety and assure that the State of Oklahoma’s laws are enforced, the financial burden placed on the State to prosecute a matter is a legitimate consideration; especially as in this case, the matter is a misdemeanor.”

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Below is the video of this glaring incompetence.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

  • Phil Freeman

    Protecting and serving the shit out of you! ACAB!

  • Wendy Colby

    So sick of untrained officers who don’t evaluate situations before incorporating violence.

    • Guy

      Oh No You’re Not ! The point being, that these are (Highly Trained & Skilled Officers) you and I, are talking about !

      With every department Chief, Union Head and Cop worth his or her salt, here in America, will all tell you and us, they are, while receiving ongoing training and constant upgrades in every conceptual type, of the latest techniques of Law Enforcement, and Issuance of the Latest Modern Form Of Hardware needed to Fight Grime in The 21’s Century !

      Chiefs all over know this, and constantly on the prowl for more money to add to there budgets, that allows them to expand there departments with more personnel and hardware, in the ever increasing cost and urgent need to do there jobs, of keeping us all safe and warm in our beds at night !

      It’s called growing big government dear ! But you do not need to believe me, just go to your next City Councel Meeting and watch the magic work, as the Chief works his Councel and Mayor for more money and goodies, that he thinks he needs to do his important job of keeping us all safe.

      A Chief asking for less money for his department, would be like me wishing for tit’s on a goat !

      • Wendy Colby

        It has to be training because the real military doesn’t work the same.Even vets from Iraq and Afghanistan say our LEO need proper training on accessing situations,how to treat the so called enemy (which we have become) and when to use what weapon.They(LE) may say they are highly trained but a 3 hr seminar sitting in the squad room doesn’t count as training.The truth is they are drilled over and over that all we want to do is kill them and they need to be the aggressor to make sure they get home at night.When most cops die from not wearing their seat belts.The present rise in police killings is retaliation for their cowardly terroristic acts now lumped together with righteous shoots…they still have safer jobs than so many other professions but you don’t see them killing and maiming because they shoot first and think later.

        • Guy

          Good valid points Wendy, being well worth consideration, with me agreeing with most of what you say, because I have been one of thouse sitting in on a 3 hr safety lecture. Just a different application is all. So I do understand, although limited, what you are saying !

          One question I do have. Have you seen the movie “American Sniper?”
          If you haven’t you should check it out, and see for yourself, how closely parallel our law enforcement people mimic the military, in just about every situation they encounter today. The military seem to have the stronger selvdisiplin and training needed to do there job, while our police seem to be more knee jerk reactionary to there situations, as the result much more dangerous, with them causing much more mayhem, resulting from there purposeful escalation and lack of self control, with too much reliance on the police policy book, to cover all the different scenarios they come up against. I think this is the “training” you and I are talking about.

          If I had my way, every beat cop in America would be replaced with military soldiers, to fit the style of police work needed to fight the gangs and dangerous thugs, who now prey on our Cities and Towns. I was raised in the early 50’s and once seen officer friendly, who has been now replace with officer Monster Idiot ! IMHOP no longer works for this day and age, with maybe something in between needed that dose ! At least it would be better and safer for us all, that what is now currently used !

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    What’s even WORSE is that any attempt to communicate with sign language will be construed as “threatening gestures,” which gives them grounds for summary execution!

  • Mike

    I hope and pray that all these cops kids are born deaf and they themselves become deaf, or dead!

    • carrie.chaney

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    • Dylan Callaghan

      FUCK REALLY ,Nah bro that puts you on the same level as the cops praying for an innocent child to be punshed for anothers senceless actions!

      • Mike

        You will never know what it’s like to deal with a deaf person until you actually have to deal with one, and if the cops kids are deaf, they will be aware and hopefully treat others with respect instead of beating them. I still hope the cops end up dead in the gutter like the trash they are!!!!

  • Greg Raines Nance

    God dam those stupid pigs

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      It’s damn, dear. If you’re gonna ask God for favors, make sure He understands that you want them to be cursed, rather than merely plugged up.

      • Peace and Love

        haha -good one, only take out the “don’t” in the second sentence.

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          Yeah. way ahead of you on that… I think, since I can’t see the “don’t” there anymore.

  • David Hall

    Cops, Judges, D.A.’s are all corrupt POS MF low IQ scumbags turds that don’t deserve to exist on same planet as anyone else. Cops only know how to escalate & collect revenue for their pig chief’s. Only because costs were too high for tax payers!. Because they know a jury would bust their ass and find him not guilty. I hope some felon puts a bullet between their beady fuking eyes.

  • Guy

    This yahoo of a DA, must believe that there are lips on a Chicken too. If he thinks anyone with a IQ above .01 is going to fall for his BS.

  • Michael Loflin

    To the next person who decides to kill cops, please make it these scum bags. That would be justice.

  • Tom

    The only real difference between cops and criminals is, cops have badges.

    All the bad cops are giving the other 1% a bad name.

  • mensarino

    Now, tell me again how we don’t need BLM.

  • Seth Tyrssen

    Can’t see a damn thing on that video.

  • rick s

    after asking 50x wouldn’t you step back and wonder why he wasnt complying, i mean it was a fucken traffic stop

  • Ibcamn

    cops are terrorist period,they have no time to figure out shit what so ever,nothing…cops are too fucking stupid to realize they are wrong about 99 percent of the time,and they are so retarded they can’t even figure out this guy is deaf…because cops are stupid low brow thugs,nothing more.

  • Real Truth stings

    what was the original reason that pearson was stopped?

    • Laurie

      He was driving while Black.

  • Gordon Klock

    Does that D.A. or any of those cops have any idea how ugly, horrible, shockingly stupid, uncaring, seriously despicable they look in light of this incident, & do they (really) even care ? This kind of blatantly stupid corruption is truly scary to those of us trying to really pay attention. It would seem that our entire civilization is morphing into something no one in their right mind would want to be anywhere near, much less live in…..

  • John

    Take the police to court,only thing they understand is when it hits them in the pocket.