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VIDEO: Elderly Woman Tasered, Her Arm Broken, for Not Removing Her Earrings Fast Enough

Chattanooga, TN — When 60-year-old Nancy Mason was in the process of being booked into the Hamilton County, Tennessee, jail on theft charges she refused to remove her earrings quickly enough setting off a violent chain of events. For not complying fast enough, Sheriff’s Sergeant Rodney Terrell tased her — sending the woman crashing to the ground, landing on and breaking her arm in the fall.

Before being booked, Mason is ordered to remove her jewelry but refuses to do so. “I will report you,” she says to Terrell. Terrell, can be heard saying, “Report all you want, I will not keep telling you.”

Then he fires his taser.

“You broke my arm,” Mason says in video footage, clutching her wrist in disbelief, after recovering from the fall.

“I didn’t break your arm, you broke it,” the officer retorts.

Meanwhile, despite Mason’s complaints of pain, a group of officers stands around and makes no move even to offer medical assistance.

This exchange is now the subject of a $1.75 million lawsuit for the ‘alleged’ use of excessive force by Terrell, and the failure by him and four other sheriff’s deputies, as well as the arresting Chattanooga police officer, to adequately protect her from harm. Mason had, in fact, suffered a fracture of her wrist — which she is still recovering from.

According to local ABC affiliate News Channel 9, Mason’s attorney, Robin Flores, said, “She was deprived of due process in that she was in a helpless position, or was in the care and control of the government actors, and they failed to protect her.”

The lawsuit names the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County for failure to “properly train its officers and agents to intervene and prevent injury.”

Despite the suit — and an internal affairs investigation by Hamilton County of the incident — all officers involved remain on the job in their same roles.

The Hamilton County Sheriff declined to comment due to the pending legal case and the City of Chattanooga. only saying that “their officer did nothing wrong,” reported Channel 9.

“Whenever there’s a constitutional wrong done to one person, it’s going to be done to everybody and someone needs to step in to help,” said Flores, according to WRCBtv. “Lawyers are usually in the best position to do that.”

After this unjustifiable exchange, Mason now feels about cops the way many across the United States have unfortunately concluded after experiencing excessive force. According to Flores,

“She fears police, she fears being around them and she fears seeing them.”

  • modurhead

    just give the pigs bull whips, like the slave patrols of yesteryear that they yearn to be

  • Bonnie Buck

    Yep, serving and protecting the hell out of her…Aren’t we lucky to have such big, brave men to keep us safe from her????

  • Andy Cripps

    Captors judge and jury all rolled into one. 2 wrongs no rights.

  • Matthew Scott Cunningham

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  • angel1948

    hmm…she white…he black…oh did i say possible hate motivation as well as power tripping…and what is a man doing patting a woman down….all those other men are complicit in this despicable cowardly act against this woman…she admitted her crime and judgement was made….now let us hope to see the same done for all these cowardly men….i am so ashamed for these men because men are supposed to protect women not attack women….the hardness of hearts is a spiritual matter….our country has fallen so far from common decency and so far from GOD!……not all police are like this….infact these thugs are bad seed and not representative of our police and should be removed permanently from ever being a policeman anywhere again.

  • Dieter Roristen

    What the fXXk is going on in your country?

  • Mike

    They did nothing wrong? I’ve never been in jail but my nephew was. He told me there was a guy in there not cooperating so they simply caged him in a really small cage and waited for him to change his mind. It was not long after that he was begging to cooperate with their booking procedures. NO one’s arm had to be broken, they did not even have to taze him. Just put people like that in a holding area and wait them out. If they want to stay in there forever and not be charged let them stay. The Staff has more time they they do.

    • Bernie Schuette

      You’re an idiot!

  • Gus Firchow

    Like when a cop is beating a suspect who is not resisting, the cop is trained to yell “STOP RESISTING!” In case their are witnesses (cameras) watching his brutality.
    The common response among law enforcement when they use excessive force anywhere from baton to gun is usually “I feared for my life”.
    Any reasonable person can surmise from the video the cop who tased her was in harm’s way. No way were the three other bull(ie)s next to him going to be any help to him if that 60 year old WOMAN attacked him.
    This is what is wrong with LE everywhere in the United States. Cops are so emboldened with their training that everyone is guilty of something and even knowing cameras are on them they continue to abuse. They know they are above the law and their pensions are safe.
    Why was a male officer allowed to do a body search on the female suspect?

  • Cam Alft

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  • Gabriel

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  • Jennifer Foster

    What the hell? Nobody should be treated in such an inhumane manner, certainly not an elderly person. What is wrong with these officers? Have they no shame, decency?would they treat their mother, aunts, sisters, children like this?

  • Rosalind Mays Welch

    Again, I warn over and over again. What you have seen cops do to the “disenfranchised people” of America . . . will soon be done to YOU. It’s not a joke . . . they are just testing out your responses when they did this to the homeless, the very poor and the black – YOU WERE QUIET – now they are coming after YOU.

    Keep being quiet, more grandmothers, grandfathers and YOU will be getting KILLED instead of just tased. Watch.

  • Tara

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  • kay renea

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  • Doreia Powell

    I was hoping that Chatt. wasn’t too bad considering what I read about the shooter they “coaxed” into giving up, but to do this, I guess not.

  • candyland7.0

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