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Elijah Wood Just Exposed Hollywood’s Organized Pedophilia Ring

“The Number one problem in Hollywood was and always will be pedophilia.”

-Corey Feldman, During interview with ABC News

Up until now, Corey Feldman’s attempt to blow the whistle on pedophilia and child abuse in Hollywood, have fallen on deaf ears. The actor’s troubled past made him easily dismissable in the mainstream, and his bombshell accusations were simply swept under the rug.

However, Feldman’s claims have now been backed up by another Hollywood child star.

Hollywood is in the midst of a massive sexual abuse scandal, which can be compared to that of Jimmy Savile in Britain, childhood star turned adult actor Elijah Wood has claimed.

Coming onto the silver screen for the first time in Back to the Future Part II in 1989, Wood has been a critically acclaimed actor for decades.

At age 35, Elijah has now come forward in a recent interview to blow the lid off of the dark underground world of child acting in Hollywood.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Wood dropped a bombshell, noting how child actors were regularly “preyed upon” by industry figures.

“Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood,” said Wood. “It was all organized.”

What Wood is talking about is the rampant sexual abuse of childhood actors which has been previously exposed by Corey Feldman as well as Corey Haim.

In an episode of their reality TV show, The Two Coreys, a candid fight broke out during which Haim claimed Feldman stood by and watched as a person Feldman “still hangs out with” and is “best friends with” proceeded to “rape” the 14-year-old Haim.

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“There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind,” continued Elijah Wood in his interview. “There is a darkness in the underbelly – if you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.”

When noting how he was able to escape the molestation during his childhood in Hollywood, Elijah noted that he had good parents who protected him and who did not let him attend these parties.

“She was far more concerned with raising me to be a good human than facilitating my career,” he said.

Wood says the abuse runs unchecked because the victims “can’t speak as loudly as people in power.”

“That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people,” he said. “They can be squashed but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”

What Wood is referring to is the immense power of Hollywood elites to control the narrative and quash any allegations of abuse before they even happen.

The same owners of Hollywood also own the majority of other mainstream media. While none of them are specifically implicated, a handful of people, News Corp. President Peter Chernin, Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey, Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger, Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton, Warner Bros. Chairman Kevin Tsujihara, CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves whose great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel, MGM Chairman Terrence Lanni, and former NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker, who is currently the president of CNN Worldwide, all run the movie industry as well as the television and news scenes.

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With the massive resources of the mainstream media, covering up the allegations of rape of dozens of children would be a simple task.

“If you’re innocent you have very little knowledge of the world and you want to succeed,” explained Elijah of the poor children and their parents who become easy prey as they seek out their dreams of becoming Hollywood stars.

Another sad facet to this underground world of child predation is the fact that police not only look the other way, but they’ve often been exposed for participating in it.

Last year, an abuse survivor bravely broke her silence to tell her horrific childhood story. In an interview with Sky News, Esther Baker, 32, explained how she and other children were raped by the elite and politicians as uniformed police officers stood guard.

Also last year, Jessa Dillow-Crisp testified at the Colorado State Capitol, during Human Trafficking Awareness and Advocacy Day, about the horrible experiences that she had in her past.

“I was a little girl and was sexually abused by family members. I had to pose for pornographers and was sold to countless men on a daily basis,” she said.

To make matters even more hopeless for the woman, she was unable to report the abuse or go to the police because there were a number of police officers who were actually involved in the kidnapping and abuse.

“There was gang raping, the police officer who handcuffed me and raped me, told me I would be put in jail if I opened my voice,” she said.

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Sadly, positions of power, whether state-backed or not often attract society’s worst. Knowing they are above the law, these sickos are allowed to target innocence for their own disgusting desires.

In his interview, Elijah Wood summed up this notion perfectly when he said, “People with parasitic interests will see you as their prey.” And, unfortunately, they continue to get away with it.

  • Beatrix Muircastle

    I’d love to see Anon take these people down.

    • Ketch

      Why be a puss and wait for someone else to do it? Grow a pair and step up yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do the job for you.

      • Beatrix Muircastle

        because I can’t hack. they can find the names and expose ’em like they did the panama papers. and grow a pair of what? I’m a girl. why don’t you stop being judgmental and do it too?

        • Richy Elliott

          You fished out a first class idiot there Beatrix. Seems like he needs to grow a pair, of brain cells ?

          • evonne97

            More like an entire brain, smh.

        • Bobbo

          I cant hack either but we could lead others to reading things like this. So many people cant imagine how deep these pedo rings go or how many there are. We let the media skip by on this. We need to all wake up and hold them accountable. One way would be waking others to it. Maybe you wake an internet sloth to it or someone who wakes another who later writes a book, investiagtes, make a Website storing all these cases, articles so its undeniabke who big it is. Awareness counts for something.

      • Lobo
    • Lobo

      Come and demonstrate and or donate- Investigate Pizzagate Demonstration- Washington DC- March 25, 2017, 11AM White House……. https://www.gofundme.com/investigate-pizzagate-demonstration

    • Never happen. Organizations like that are for disinformation and distraction purposes. Didn’t you ever notice that they never do anything real? Never expose certain types of people? Yeah. That’s why.

  • Tyrone Tyrone

    It’s mostly boys so people believe they should’ve “man-uped” and not let somebody do that to them.

    • rose528

      which sounds like the very men who raped them would say

      • Tyrone Tyrone

        Try reading and COMPREHENDING what was written. Though I doubt you will be able to.

    • evonne97

      Which is about the most asinine opinion to have of a victim. Don’t be like those “people” you’re talking about. They are complete morons.

    • SilverGuardian

      Mostly boys? You think so? Bill Cosby comes to mind …

      In my opinion, the reason that it is “mostly boys” who are now complaining, is because parents were STUPID. I didn’t know there was such a thing as being gay until I got married, and had no idea that boys ever got sexually abused until I was about 45. It’s my belief that the reason these are mainly boys, is because until we could … as a population … even TALK about things like sodomy, most of us couldn’t imagine or believe it. And the PARENTS of these children likely were totally careless, thinking their little boys were in no danger.

      We were a CLUELESS lot. But that doesn’t mean YOU should be.

      • Tyrone Tyrone

        Bill Cosby? Says a lot about your mind.

      • Tyrone Tyrone

        I’m not. And don’t be CLUELESS about Bill Cosby.

  • Paschn

    Hmmmm, who owns “jollywood”? And what is their “holy book” called? And what, besides incest, is condoned in it? When a culture/nation embraces “the synagogue”, there WILL be consequences.

    • Josh Thompson

      The so called Jews

    • evonne97

      wtf idiotic bs are you spouting off about. SMH. It never fails, you can always find a load of nonsense in the comments section.

      • Paschn

        It’s only idiotic if;

        Your “holy book” is the Talmud

        You too are blissfully ignorant and like it that way.

        You have “Roman Polanski Syndrome” and enjoy violating fat-butt boys and little girls as well and just can’t imagine why “everyone, (Goim?), is so upset”

        The true nonsense in it all is the abysmally small number of this “mutt” culture who cares enough to find the facts of a matter, eh, “shlomo”?

        Sigh, now I guess you’ll tag me an “anti-Hollywood-ite”. Hey! with any luck they’ll start putting people in prison for denying “Hollywood Pedophiliacs” just as they do for not accepting the hallow’dcaust!

        Now Shlomo, may I call you Shlomo? Read what they themselves say, then crush “Goim” for saying;


        Now, does it stand to reason those who CONTROL something would be privy to all things going on there? Or, is 2 plus 2 really 3?


        • Dean

          The last link you provide is a joke, especially the absurd pictures of white babies crying. Like it or not, we are a world of mutts.

          • Paschn

            If it’s a “joke”, the joke is on we “Goim”.

          • Paschn

            Speaking of “jokes”; What about a culture so absurd that, when shown pure evidence of the kosher media’s lies regarding their poor-little-“victimized” asses, they “kill the messenger” rather than see what they’re looking at, get up off of their knees and put these nation-killers in their place?

            A “mutt” culture so completely unable to break free of the false narrative of “political correctness”, they would rather embrace the lies than risk being politically incorrect?
            Sewer Nation – Idiot Culture

        • evonne97

          LMAO, we need some tin foil hats over here!! Who’s hospital did you escape from and what meds have you stopped taking?? Go back there and get back on them…lots of them, lol!

          • Paschn

            So, have you had a good belly laugh
            shooting off your “mouth” about conspiracy and aluminum hats?

            I wouldn’t broadcast my ignorance or
            arrogance about matters you obviously know nothing about;

            What part of my comment prompted you to
            attack me?

            Was it the part about “the chosen”
            owning Hollywood?


            Or possibly the other ignorant ass
            disagreeing with a perverse “malady” known as Roman


            This card-carrying “owner” of
            Hollywood never served a day of his 30 year sentence.

            Could it have been the item about their
            “holy book” the Talmud? Read some of it and you might come up
            with why someone would drug, sodomize and rape a 13 year old girl,
            then skip bail, remain free on the run SO well hidden the political
            pigs in the FBI can’t bring him in, then whimper about why
            “everyone’s so upset”?


            Why not worm your way out of that
            cocoon you obviously have spent your whole, miserable life living in
            and at least research a tad… Not the “Kosher” media though,
            well unless you’re “Annie Sprinkle”, Tell me, are you – Penis

          • Andrew Dube

            LOL … People like you who deny the VERY real possibility and dismiss the fact that its more likely than not; ARE COMPLETELY part of the problem. You are either complicit in this kind of behavior or you are astoundingly naive!

          • Bobbo

            Tin foil hats ? Those tin foils were on this, writting on blogs about this before any large website would touch it. I dont like the jew comments either. ithink a lot of the time its to turn people off. “Oh its extremist reading this” then exits off. That said so many blew corey f offwhen he first said it and those who believed or wanted to investigate or have an offical invetigation done before jusging were tin foil hatted conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy does not mean false. Im not saying what he said is true but i cant say for show its not. I havent opened his links and that wouldnt out it to bed anyway, but of casual dismissial of hard to believe things is what has keep hollywood and “elites” chomos with an unending supply of fresh victims.

          • Bool Mcbobby

            It’s not Jews, It’s the Talmudic Rothschild Zionists that are real life vessels for shadow beings and are responsible for the evil in this reality.

          • badspock

            Shadow beings? Dang, either someone’s off their meds, or on some SERIOUSLY doctored weed (or both).

        • Robert Salmond

          I sincerely hope that in the next ten years we see a massive surge in mixed race babies so that in 30 years no one is identifiable by race.

          It’s a pipe dream tho… It’ll take at least 60 years.

          Ahhhhh… But you’ll still call it White Genocide won’t you, you racist piece of garbage.

          • Paschn

            Hi there “Bobby-FishD”. Pull your “lover’s” Johnson from your poop-shoot, get off of your knees and read the articles. With smelly deviants such as you and “precious” warping terra firma it won’t matter, the human race will die out anyway. Your “buds” representing the synagogue call it, (along with the nearly every other real live, procreating human being not having their body waste “packed for shipping” in some twisted “act of love”), white genocide. Sub species of your ilk are working on your own form of genocide; while normal/healthy couples, (even multi-racial), work on procreation, you icky snakes work on fecal incontinence and buying adult diapers in quantity, they bring little ones into the world, you accelerate topping off landfill sites with refuse from your foul “coupling”, they, the joy of normal parenting – you and yours, polymicrobial infection, they, a normal, healthy act of love – yours, depraved lust resulting in chronic/acute “shit-dick”. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/281947d47a4c2de8f04b6bcb2b6cd22dfdcbe7ac8ef305619206074303d3bf9d.jpg

          • Robert Salmond

            Is that all you got?

            This old tired rant of yours is pretty standard copy/paste.

            Does you cabal have a manual or a book you copy this out of?

            A great majority of us, including those who do bring precious life into the world recognize what you are and who you work for. You are the real conspiracy. The real threat to Life, Love, Liberty, Happiness and our whole species’ survival.

            You and your ideas come from a place of great evil, and Come Earth’s judgement day, it is your cabal and your dastardly agenda that will be wiped from our future society and civilization. There’s no room for you or any other group too stupid to recognize that we are one race stuck together on this rock. No room for people so violent they’d rather men disembowel and kill each other than find ways to love each other. No room for people who would blame entire races or cultures for the actions of a few to justify their violent dark throughts.

            You are Toxic Paschn. You are a poison. A stain on all that is good.

            I calmly await your own self-constructed demise.

          • Paschn

            “. A stain on all that is good.” You intimate you and your lover are a part of what’s good? That’s a pretty good “stretch” of good, precious. hmm, one race. “stuck on this rock”, my “dastardly cabal”. May I call you “Fishy Cliche”? You must admit it has a certain ring to it, no?

            How many am I accurate on precious;

            You and your lover reside in California
            You both screamed uncontrollably when the self-crapping snake Hildabeast lost.
            You and your lover weep privately in the dark, nasty privacy of your “den” still, to this day.
            Your hearts are broken and beyond repair because Trump is removing criminals from within our borders and making ALL potential immigrants obey laws you and your lover feel are too, too cruel to force on them.

            Like so many “snowflakes” in Sewer Nation, you 2 were adamant about moving out of the country should Trump win and also like the other snowflakes you haven’t…..quite…..found….the balls to do it.

            Bad for Sewer Nation – silly of you.

            Having stains such as yourself attack me, actually tells me I’m doing SOMETHING right, thanks, precious.

          • Robert Salmond


            Fishy Cliche is actually kind of funny. I’ll remember that one.

            Oh, but that laughter was for just how far off you are. You have no clue. You are literally on the dark side of the moon with your assessment.

            Take another shot if you want…

          • Paschn

            Nah, I surrender, you win…

  • Dmax

    Jews !

    • evonne97

      Idiot! Yeah, I can shout silly crap too.

      • Dmax

        Yeah I already noticed.

        • Paschn


        • evonne97

          Apparently not well enough to notice that you are the one being called an idiot. The fact that I have to point it out…well lets just say, that’s not a shocker. Also the idiot below that’s laughing with you, is equally as retarded. I’ve read their other comments. Let’s just say his/her elevator doesn’t go to all floors and most likely never will, so I wouldn’t be to quick to think their response was anything special. It’s like watching two dumb people pat each other on the back for being dumb, LMAO. Like I told him/her, get back under the bridge you are supposed to be guarding. They should never let your kind escape out into the world to pester people with your idiocy. Get back under there, troll! Beat it! LOL.

      • Paschn

        In your case “Annie” it wouldn’t BE “silly crap”, it would be the “laws” of your lord and master… How was it The Christ put it prior to his framing, torturing/murder by you Talmudic scum? “The Synagogue of Satan”. It would appear you snakes have found a cozy home in Sewer Nation. Where Russia and Germany chaffed under their depravity/evil, Idiot Culture revels in it.
        Now you’ve aged a bit and your “nasty parts” sag, do you still charge the little “Goim” boys $5 bucks for a “look-see” up your polluted maw or have you become so worn out you PAY them to look?
        There’s a price to pay for “coupling” with the synagogue – https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ebc8b1c6af5a60cf10496b640aa664a868f2569e112234877c03661f96861c9f.jpg

      • Andrew Dube

        Well, they do control Hollywood … soooooooooooooooooo

    • Tony Mitchell


  • junktex

    How anti-Semitic!

  • JdL

    I am extremely suspicious of people who make claims about events that allegedly occurred many years in the past. I’m also wary of the air of hysteria that develops when a moral panic such as this is taking place.

    YES, let’s work against the sexual exploitation of children, but do it while the crime is still fresh, not scores of years later.

    • SilverGuardian

      This is a silly comment. When I was a child, the words “Spousal abuse” didn’t mean anything. If a woman was beaten up by her husband, she had no recourse. Child abuse, unless it was done by a drunk, was “unheard of” … even the police didn’t suspect anything when they’d see what almost anyone today would be alarmed at. The “crimes” you’re talking about weren’t seen, weren’t believed, weren’t spoken of. They “didn’t exist” in the minds of people who weren’t themselves doing it. To say that people should have complained AT THE TIME is utter childishness. They could have screamed to high heaven … but no one would have believed it even happened, and certainly you wouldn’t have been able to get an attorney to take it to court. I find it appalling that people today presume that the laws we now have just sort of existed ever since the beginning of time. People had a tendency to keep their daughters (and often even their sons, but ALWAYS their daughters) too innocent for them to even recognize danger. It wasn’t SPOKEN of. And it certainly wasn’t going to be prosecuted. WAKE UP.

      • SilverGuardian

        One of the problems that you seem to blithely dismiss, is that women were expected to be innocent … and they weren’t told things that might be “offensive”. I will always believe that the reason men still try to subjugate women, is because when women got a VOTE and a VOICE, they used it to put an end to INSIDIOUS things men of power had long been allowed to do with impunity.

  • Alex W

    “childhood star turned adult actor Elijah Wood”


  • DWS

    Is uspect this kind of thing is actively encouraged in ALL the high offices of government, media and military. What better way for the ruling elite to keep control of their puppets than blackmail? And what better reason for widespread surveillance under the guise of “protecting us from terrorism”, than to facilitate the easier collection and storage of evidence of this abuse, and make us pay for it.

    The REAL terrorists are likely to be those with the money and power to control the intelligence services.

    • Paschn

      Have you ever heard the term; “BULLS EYE!”. Kudos to you and your insight!

      Where ever there be perversion and depravity, there too will be “the synagogue”

    • BlackBoxBeing

      You’re really connecting Hollywood to the military? This is stupid on several levels.

      • DWS

        What’s the one common denominator? Money. Why do you think some movies get funded easily, and others not so much?

        • BlackBoxBeing

          You really want to know the economics of making movies? Lol

      • Donna Ticktoff

        no…no it isn’t

  • Sarin G

    in the same state of California Michael Jackson was ruined. Corey Feldman thinks MJ was not a pedophile. Strange.

  • Jim Colter

    Nice try attempting to change the subject which is the scumbag child molesters who are allowed to prey on innocent children in Hollywood. If you condone it you are one of them. These animals do indeed need therapy. The kind that comes in a box of 20 and has 357 stamped on it

    • Paschn

      Consider this, (remembering the synagogue itself brags about it’s ownership of that cesspool);
      Recall Michael Moore was booed off of the stage at their self aggrandizing awards for voicing his disagreement with the slaughter in Iraq? Then literally minutes later the pig Roman Polanski, convicted pedophile/sodomizer/rapist was given a standing ovation by the same crowd of perverse filth. Hmm, I wonder if that could be the reason I stopped going to the theater?
      Along with a deadly fear of seeing old re-runs of “Little Annie Sprinkle”, I’d say yup.
      Don’t forget, they never found those WMD’s – even with Bush laughing about them… while they shipped coffins home with U.S. soldiers in them.

    • Thelma Jakes

      With you there, mate!!

  • P S

    This does not surprise me..

  • RJ

    Nothing is exposed until names are said. This has been known for a long time but no one will say names. If these people want closure and to stop these sick f^%ks they need to name names and end it. I have no respect for these victims who don’t talk.

    • Rebecca Healy

      What a disgraceful comment – no respect for victims is right… Child abuse is traumatic and can lead to complex PTSD. It’s extremely difficult to have to relive those painful memories without causing more trauma

      If an accusation is made with insufficient evidence victims open them up to being sued, and therefore victimised again. Their own lives, including bad choices possibly made as a result of the abuse, will be dredged up and exposed. And it doesn’t guarantee ‘closure’

      • RJ

        You want to know whats disgraceful is the fact that so many adult movie stars know the people who are molesting children every day yet remain silent. This is a disgrace. These people have an obligation to speak up so that no more children have to be raped and molested. Yet, they remain silent while more and more kids are raped. This is what is disgraceful. So, screw them for not talking and giving names of those nasty f%^ks doing this to children and allowing them to get away with their crimes.

        • Paschn

          You’re absolutely correct, but…. In a culture where a person’s moral compass holds notoriety/money above common human decency and belief in a solid moral base, (Christianity/Islam etc.), Those snakes look upon we “normal” Goim and snicker; “Ahh, yes.. another VERY easy target”.

          Seriously, if you’re in doubt as to who controls us, simply look for the race/nation NO ONE can criticize w/o being attacked/ruined/murdered.

          I believe Voltaire made that spot on observation.

          The synagogue wields so much power, (thanks in large part to the Judas Class in D.C.), most western nations put academics in prison for years and sue them into poverty/deny them a forum to spread truth for simply trying to introduce SCIENTIFIC evidence of the dark-comedy called the “holocaust”. This, after the same bunch of rabid dogs slaughtered 66 million, (Bolshevik Jew/CHEKA/KGB), Christians/Muslims in Russia,

          WITH HELP FROM ROOSEVELT AND SEWER NATION! Did we learn? hell no, we’re allowing it and paying for it in Palestine while they harvest organs, snipe little ones, steal land and run a huge “white slavery” empire – this may shock some of you but, believe it or not there are Christian Palestinians being annihilated there as well as Muslim. Please don’t try rebutting this with silly-ass “articles” from the kosher media, it’s as big a joke as using kosher media articles about how “harmless” kosher owned Monsanto’s GMO/Glyphosates are as well as “safe” mercury/aluminum laced “vaccines” from the kosher pharmaceutical giants are. you just make a bigger fool of yourselves.

          Look what perverting SCOTUS with dual citizens has gained them;

          So, now in addition to a ridiculous “Kosher Tax” on OUR FOOD – they have immunity from civil liability! Whom do you think is saddled with PAYING those claims for death/damages from those “safe” kosher vaccines? WE TAX payers!
          If I’ve succeeded in “piquing” your curiosity, look up Public Law 104-14. And, no “Noahide Law” has NOTHING to do with biblical Noah, the seven laws which make up that obscenity are rooted in the Talmud.

          • Frie Van Nuffel

            You know Paschn, this hasn’t anything to do with religion, this is the disease of the rich and powerfull, and yes, there are Jewish amongst them, but also Christians, they can buy anything with their money, they get bored and want their kicks to become more and more edgy, so they end up in child prostitution, or just rape, even murder. I live in Belgium, we are a Christian (or used to be anyway) country, we are known for our pedophiles, be it Catolic priests, regular men and yes our high and mighty, the reason they can get away with it is, they pay everyone off, those that could actually do something about it are involved as well, so frankly, it’s a hopeless situation, just don’t make it a religious one.

          • Paschn

            Consider this, perhaps it’s a LACK thereof or a rotting of same from the inside out?
            In any case, religious dogma, (Christian/Muslim), condemns it whereas the Talmud justifies and even promotes it. Therefor it’s insane to label it purely secular. You stated your country used to be a Christian nation, the fact you spoke in a past-tense speaks volumes. I haven’t vetted it but I’ve been catching snippets here and there that Sewer Nation is working on legalizing various types of sexual depravity i.e. pedophilia, bestiality, incest etc. the bulk of which are, again embraced via the Talmud.
            FURTHER, taking into account the purely covert act by the Judas Class within Sewer Nation’s hallowed halls of justice betraying this, (what used to be), a Christian majority nation with Talmudic Noahide Law makes it pretty goddamn obvious whom is “running the show”;


            The following “boast” of the “good Pharisee” is a dead give away as to it’s eventual application, (unless, of course, one is a marrano or a westerner so terrified of appearing “politically incorrect”, they choose to ignore it).

            “It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed.” ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

            It all BEGAN as a “religious one”, most in the west just know so little about their various “Goy” religions they simply don’t recognize it as such. But, fear not. Eventually it’ll be shoved down our throats, or used to sever our heads from our necks. But, take heart, quite possibly your generation will all be dead and buried and it’ll be your kids/grand kids who’ll see the light as the axe falls. Perhaps they’ll find it in their hearts to forgive our self imposed ignorance/fear.

    • PoopyPants

      It’s not that easy bro.

    • Donna Ticktoff

      The same owners of Hollywood also own the
      majority of other mainstream media. While none of them are specifically
      implicated, a handful of people, News Corp. President Peter Chernin,
      Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey, Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive
      Robert Iger, Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton, Warner Bros.
      Chairman Kevin Tsujihara, CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves whose
      great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel, MGM Chairman
      Terrence Lanni, and former NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker,
      who is currently the president of CNN Worldwide, all run the movie industry as well as the television and news scenes.
      Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/elijah-wood-exposed-hollywoods-organized-pedophilia-ring/#v2CsXsAJBclRFOje.99

    • You do realize they’d be killed for talking? That’s how you f*ck around and “accidentally” commit suicide.

  • MaybeYes

    DEAD: Monica Peterson, in Haiti on November 16, 2016, working for the Human Trafficking Center and investigating the Clinton Foundation ties to child trafficking pedophile ring. #PodestaEmails #Wikileaks #PizzaGate #JohnMolesta Here was her blog post: http://thehaitianblogger.blogspot.com/2015/03/hillary-clintons-scandalous-conduct-in.html

  • Priszilla

    And look at the boys who later died of drugs. Like River Phoenix. Did Justin Bieber get tattoos to make himself not look like a handsome boy?

  • This is what caused the Columbine Massacre, AND Sandy Hook. True.

  • Adam

    This goes along with the #PizzaGate and #SpiritCooking with polticians and Hollywood.

  • Danielle Gordon

    when I was eight years old my grandmother sat me down and told me about the birds and the bees. She then continued to discuss with me about how if anybody ever touched me inappropriately to immediately tell an adult. She also told me that of the adult didn’t believe me to call her because she would believe me. That conversation I had at eight years old doesn’t normally happen with most children. I always wondered if something ever happened to my grandmother or was she just being cautious because it had happened to somebody she knew. Therefore when I had children we had these conversations. I wanted my own children to never be a prayed upon and if they did I want to know about it so that I could do everything to help them. Unfortunately most parents don’t think it will ever happen to their kids or are just too naïve not to take the extra step to help their children before something could happen.

    • Robert Salmond


      This is exactly the core of the issue Danielle… Too many parents make the mistake of being completely neurotic about the topic of sex with their children, and rather than protecting them, they’re basically gift wrapping them for predators to swoop in and teach them all they need to know.

  • Sonette Hill

    A pizza advert in a pedophile article? Really?

  • Jade W

    Hollywood definitely has that paedophile culture and it exists in other countries too. Without taking away from the endemic paedophilia in Hollywood, lets not ignore the most powerful paedophile in world was given to us via the music industry – Michael Jackson. Casey Affleck has become another celebrated sexual predator. He joins child rapist Roman Polanski, multiple daughter-rapist Woody Allen, and men like Bernardo Bertolucci, Marlon Brando,Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson… the list of celebrated predators is sadly endless, but not nearly as endless as the victims these men leave in their wake. :'( My heart goes out for those who have fallen victim to these perpetrators as they receive undeserved glorification. Hollywood turns a blind eye to predatory behaviour.

    • Robert Salmond

      As I’ve explained to others: This isn’t a Hollywood problem. It’s not even a Music Industry problem.

      It is simply just a problem that seems to exist in almost any organization you can put your finger on. From government to churches to schools.

      I’m not saying anyone should ignore Hollywood or Music, but if you’re going to take on the fight make sure you’re staying focused on the whole picture. To just target Hollywood or the Church or any one pit of iniquity merely creates cover for the rest.

  • Dakota Calhoon

    still, no names.

  • bill

    Sean Stone (Oliver Stone’s son) had a show called ‘Buzzsaw’ in which he interviewed an expert, and she said that Child Protective Services was so involved in kidnapping children, and prostituting children, including young children who are ‘sold’ or raped 75 a day, that Child Protective Services could not be reformed it was so corrupt and it must just be broken up and the people involved sent to jail.

  • Mary Stevens

    There needs to be a Congressional investigation. Don’t expect Democrats to do anything b/c Hollywood sends them money.

  • Hazel Guerrero

    Here’s the thing, and just my thoughts on observance of previous editorials relative to this article. If “they” control the majority of media and still lots of us in slumber, than they are the ones allowing these very small in the bucket perps to be exposed. What we need to do is keep on this, keep sharing, keep it on everyone’s minds. Remember who controls Facebook and Google? I just got word of a decent search engine called ecosia.org, for every 50 searches made they plant a tree. You’re welcome lol. Hagd 🙂