Versailles, MO — Nearly two years after Trooper Anthony Piercy was charged in the death of Brandon Ellingson, who drowned in the Lake of the Ozarks with his hands cuffed behind his back, the case has been closed. Predictably, the offending officer is getting off with less than a slap on the wrist.

For handcuffing a college student, negligently casting him into a lake, and watching as he drowned, Trooper Piercy pleaded guilty to a simple boating violation.

On May 31, 2014. Trooper Piercy arrested Ellingson under suspicion of OWI and negligently placed the wrong life jacket over the handcuffed 20-year-old’s torso. Piercy then drove his patrol boat away from the scene at a high rate of speed. Ellingson was thrown from the craft when it struck a sizeable wake, the life jacket came off, and he drowned with his hands still in cuffs while Piercy callously watched on.

“He’s an evil person,” Ellingson’s father Craig told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “The reason we decided to go to the plea deal was it was tainted down there,” in Morgan County, Missouri’s court system.

During the investigation, it was determined that Piercy did little to nothing as he watched Ellingson drown.


As the Beast reports:

Piercy did not jump in to save him.

When a bachelorette party passed on a nearby boat, the passengers threw Ellingson a life ring “but they didn’t know my son was handcuffed,” Craig said. “Piercy didn’t say he was handcuffed.”

The women told investigators that they screamed at Piercy to extend a pole to Ellingson, which he did “but he knew he was handcuffed,” Craig said.

Piercy did not call a supervisor for help until an hour after Ellingson drowned. Footage from his boat shows Piercy having a chillingly casual conversation with his colleague, referring to Ellingson in profane terms.

“I’m banged up a little bit, but I’m alright. I don’t know if I’m sore from treading water with the bastard,” Piercy told a supervisor of the dead 20-year-old.

As The Free Thought Project previously reported, following the familiar full-court press to prevent officer accountability, the jury in a Coroner’s Inquest ruled Ellingson’s death to be accidental. It was subsequently revealed that Amanda Grellner, the prosecutor who declined to file charges against Piercy, had received a personal favor from the MHP three years earlier when the department declined to charge her then-18-year-old son with DUI.

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Last September, a circuit court judge found that the state had “knowingly and purposefully” covered up the crimes of Piercy, violating the state’s Sunshine Law in the act.

After seeing that they were getting zero help from the perpetrator and his subsequent conspirators, the family of Ellingson launched a campaign for justice. During this campaign, they were joined by Missouri Highway Patrol Sergeant, Randy Henry.

Henry witnessed first hand, the incompetence, negligence, and cover-up and took to exposing it.

“We killed Brandon Ellingson,” Henry bluntly told the Lake Expo newspaper, following it with the question of “Why are we investigating ourselves?”

In a conversation with Piercy the day following Ellingson’s death, Henry expressed concerns about how the arresting officer had conducted himself. Piercy himself seemed remorseful, telling Henry,

“I feel like I drowned that kid…. I should have done more for him.”

In any other context, that comment would be treated as a confession to second-degree murder.

Henry then filed a report on the drowning and testified about the inadequate training Piercy and other water patrol officers received.

During an interview with patrol investigators following the drowning, Henry mentioned a state law dealing with the safety of people in custody and how the police are responsible for the lives of those they detain. An investigator interrupted Henry and insisted that the recorder be turned off, to deliberately prevent an official record of his disclosures.

The stiff arm of blue justice moved in and now we are seeing the results.

Instead of Piercy being held accountable for his negligence, it was Henry who was then run through the gamut of the thin blue line. He was cast out by his department, demoted to corporal, and forced to retire.

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Now, the man responsible for the death of a star college student is facing a maximum of a $500 fine and six months in jail. However, the chances of the officer spending any time behind bars are slim to none.

In fact, Piercy has already planned ahead if he gets sentenced to even a single day in jail. As the Beast reports, Piercy’s lawyer asked that Piercy be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea, should he be sentenced to more than probation. But after three years of fighting his son’s case, Craig said the closest thing to justice will be the opportunity to address Piercy during the sentencing.

“It was probably the best alternative, rather than have him walk free. This way we can sit in front of him and say what we want,” Craig said. “I’m a Christian. Ultimately, my belief is he’ll be judged by God.”


Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • Damiana

    That guy just has a crippling case of Resting Dick Face.


      It would a lot fucking more then a slap on the wrist if it was my kid.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    He needs Gods anathema right now. What a sick deviant bastard.

  • Guy

    When I come onto stories like this. I can’t help to wonder, what would I do had this been my son, that lost his life as the result of a cop. Knowing that a long time ago, I would have put my trust into the law and legal system, thinking that it was always fair and balanced to give folks like me, a fair shake, satisfied with knowlage that Lady Justice Is Blind, while she holds a set of scales.

    Now many years later. I have come to realize that She is not blind, and the scales are tipped to thouse who have the most money, best connected, and usually are the whitest of the bunch, and that if a cop is involved as the perpetuator of the crime, they are over 90% of the time let off, hardly ever jailed or to serve any sort or form of accountability, that is much more than a wrist slap, to account for their crimes against us, the people they work for.

    That is not justice too me ! No money no matter how much they throw at it, in there attempt to buy me off, will ever give me a sense of fairness to be equal to what losing a child would be like. Especially after waiting for it to be made right, listing to lawyers, and then seeing a system in action, that would allow cops who are surrounded and protected by a system designed due to it’s very own nature, allowing them to walk away free.

    I would not wait for God in his own time, to make it right. But do something about it much sooner than that, no matter how long it would take.

    I think that is what is wrong today. We keep waiting for equality from a system with promises that were made, that has been proven to be broken. With it used as to protect only thouse who are the cause of our misery, and then only to be bought off in the form of *Blood Money,* to serve us in the form for fair play, from all thouse who are affected by the disease of lack of
    accountability. When in actuality we get none, other than words said by cop politicians, judges and lawyers, who work for the system ! How is that fair and equal ?


      If it was my kid he would never be found. I’d drop his body into the Mariana Trench.

      • Guy

        Here we use deep holes dug in corn fields to make things disappear !

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          Nope bodies can be dug up. Either put it in the deepest part of the ocean or in a big bbq pit till nothing is left.

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            Jimmy Hoffa would probably agree with you.

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    That disgusting troglodyte should be glad it wasn’t my kid he murdered. I won’t even kill a spider, but when it comes to my children, the mama bear comes out. They’d have to look for remains with a microscope when I was done with him. And I live near there. Stupid SOB better hope I never see him on the street.

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    They are nothing more than a criminal gang.

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    Revenge is a dish best served cold. The family needs to take justice into their own hands, maybe kidnap, handcuff and throw this POS cop overboard and just drive away and let him drown, then they are even and all is well in the world!!!!

  • Frank Busse

    So how do thy explain the handcuffs behind the kids back when thy found the body that’s what I would like to know. I think the feds need to look into this case and charge him with murder and violation of his civil rights. I f that was my kid that cop would have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life.

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    cowardly fat , ugly , doughnut eating PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!! if that was my kid, me and fatso would have a little walk the plank handcuffed party!

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    When the police investigate the police the answer always seems to be “Inadequate Training” Yeah I’m sure that’s it. From most of the Cops I’ve been forced to deal with I see a definite lack of “Intelligence”. They have plenty of training. This is evidenced by the fact that they are very easily confused when they end up outside any situation they are not trained for. They do not seem to be able to do any critical thinking whatsoever. Most of them don’t even know the law very well. To the point that they are surprised when you point out one of their actions that is illegal. To them nothing they do is illegal because they are cops, when nothing could be further from the truth.

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    So I guess no one in the family will hunt the scumbag down for execution???

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    Mr. Henry,
    thank you for having the courage and integrity to speak out.