Well That’s Embarrassing: Two Miami Cops Duke it Out During Traffic Stop

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“Do you know who the f**k I am?”

July 15, 2014

In a bizarre and embarrassing display, Miami cops duke it out during a traffic stop.

According to WSVN News, the incident happened on June 24 when an on-duty officer caught a vehicle speeding on Flagler Street in Little Havana.

Officer Marcel Jackson proceeded to pull the driver over, but when he asked for the driver’s license, the driver refused and an altercation ensued.

Jackson had no idea that the driver was Lieutenant David Ramras, a Miami Internal Affairs Lieutenant.

As more units show up the uniformed officers aided in the fight against Ramras.

Ramras is heard yelling on the video, “Do you know who the fuck I am?”

Then, just as quick as the fight started, it was over. Once officers realized that it was one of their own, they quickly stopped the assault.

A spokesperson for the police department said Jackson was relieved of duty pending the outcome of the investigation. Lieutenant Ramras has been reassigned to a special investigations section, considered a promotion by others.

Had a civilian conducted themselves in such a manner they would have likely been arrested, charged with resisting, and/or severely beaten, or even killed.

This incident serves to illustrate the ‘above the law’ mentality and special privileges assumed by police officers.

The video was discovered and uploaded to youtube by blogger Al Crespo. “I got it, and I saw it, and I thought it was something that the public should see,” said Crespo.


The next video below is the phone call made by Officer Jackson to his friend “Rick” explaining his side of the story.

Stay classy Miami….

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