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Clinton Foundation CEO Declared ‘Missing’ By the Internet After Going Public Saying ‘Follow the Money’

Twitter users have started the hashtag #WheresEric in reference to Eric Braverman, the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, because some think he has been a possible missing person since before the November 2016 U.S. election. Braverman’s last public activity, accessible via the internet, was an October 12 retweet.

A common understanding of the events surrounding Braverman’s possible disappearance centers around his abrupt resignation from the Clinton Foundation in January 2015, which many thought was caused by his discovery of internal corruption at the non-profit organization. Braverman named was CEO in July 2013 during the immediate aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State which ended February 2013.

A popular Youtube channel run by a man named George Webb has been tracking Braverman’s story and features daily video updates. Webb thinks Braverman has been missing since October 24, which was two days after it became public knowledge that he was suspected of being a traitor to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta thought Eric Braverman was the source of information leaks to the media, according to a leaked email sent March 8, 2015, which was published on October 22 of this year by WikiLeaks. This email was one week after a March 1 POLITICO article which detailed his struggle against the tenured Clinton staff, titled “Eric Braverman Tried to Change the Clinton Foundation. Then He Quit.” The article was described as “Not a pretty read” and forwarded to Podesta less than 24 hours after it was published.

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While these events occurred in 2015, many believe that the ongoing FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation may be a factor in Eric Braverman’s lack of public activity. The Podesta email releases by WikiLeaks came at the height of campaign season in October, and featured proof of many theories related to Hillary Clinton’s corruption that occurred during the tenure of Braverman at the Clinton Foundation.

The Benghazi scandal unraveled during that time, leading up to Clinton’s testimony before Congress and the subsequent investigations. Near the end of 2014, the discovery of Clinton’s private email server began to cause problems and eventually broke into public view in March 2015, right after Braverman’s resignation.

One of the most damaging emails revealed what has been called a “pay to play” mechanism, where the Clintons sold influence with the U.S. government to wealthy foreign interests. In January 2015, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and John Podesta discussed a problem related to the deal Hillary Clinton made with the King of Morocco for $12 million.

August 2014 emails revealed Clinton sent Podesta a memo that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding ISIS. While it is clear that Clinton would have known about the Saudi and Qatari links to Islamic State, it is not confirmed if Clinton wrote the memo herself.

The New York Times admitted in April 2015 that untold millions flowed to the Clinton Foundation after a series of deals allowed uranium mining rights to be transferred to Russian state-owned interests. The Russian takeover of the conglomerate Uranium One was approved during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department despite national security concerns which should have prompted more scrutiny. The full scope of the scandal was being discovered late in Eric Braverman’s tenure at the Clinton Foundation.

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One independent media outlet claimed to have made attempts to contact Braverman by phone and email, both of which were unsuccessful. The same organization claimed to receive no response after contacting Yale University officials about Braverman, who has taught courses on government and policy in the law school and other departments.

Braverman is still listed on Yale’s website for Spring 2017 classes in the School of Management and the law school. The Free Thought Project was not able to reach Yale University for comment before publishing this report due to the holiday season.

UPDATE: 01/04/2017

The Free Thought Project spoke with Nathan Williams, the Managing Director of Public Relations at the Yale School of Management, who commented “we have nothing further to add to your story” and referred us to the University’s main Public Affairs office. He repeatedly stated he had no comment to specific questions regarding the completion of Braverman’s Fall 2016 courses or the expectation of beginning the Spring 2017 courses. The university’s main Public Affairs office is currently processing the request.

  • He, probably, committed suicide by shooting himself, multiple times.

    • doucyet

      In the back of the head….

      • From a distance (20-30 feet away), even.

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          • Even more reason to THOROUGHLY ‘sweep’ the WH for listening devices, bombs/explosives, & what you described in your post. I’d never heard of this. Interesting.

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      • Susiev

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  • skyp0ckets

    I have concerns about Trump, but I am so glad Hillary is not our next president. No more Clintons.

    • doucyet

      Trump is much more “liberal” than he lets on, we’ll see how it plays out. I hope he focuses on the economy, immigration and stopping these needless “wars”. Like you, I couldn’t stand the thought of another Clinton in the W.H.

      • Ted

        I hope the SS have more guys on him. I can see some nutcase going after him.

        • Trisha Hicks

          What I’m afraid of is the security now since the Russian ambassador was killed by a muslim officer in turkey. And Obama was pushing from the beginning of the immigration of refugees that they could and would be inlisting in our police forces and military to show their patriotism to America. I think Obamas been setting the U.S. up and this would just fall into place for his advantage.

      • Joe Woehrle

        Yeah I do think he has both liberal and conservative views depending on the issues, would that make him a moderate. All you hear about these days is conservative vs liberals and the people stuck in the middle are just shaking there heads.

      • tpc4545

        you know this, How?

    • Pat Engness

      NEW YORK: Listen Up! Don’t ever vote for Chelsea Hubbell Clinton for anything…..not even Dog Catcher! or we’ll have her and her Hedge Fund Manager first in the State assembly, then in the U.S. Senate……we’ll you get the picture. With the Clinton Crime Organization behind her, with all the Foundation MILLIONS and having Dirt on every Politician, Chelsea will get Win another RIGGED Election! I’m hoping both her kids look a LOT like Grandpa Hubbell and she won’t be able to Explain THAT Away! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TucRv_01D04

      • Sylvia María Valls

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      • Jeff Conner

        Nice Hubbell reference…

  • doucyet

    It’s very dangerous to be “friends” with the Clintons!

  • As a journalist, I’ve really appreciated The Free Thought Project–especially for its unapologetic look at police brutality. Please don’t undermine your credibility by going the Alex Jones/Breitbart route of fishing in muddy Clinton “conspiracy theories”. The right-wing ahs already claimed 80 murders by Bill & Hillary since their Arkansas days—-and now, Free Thought wants to dive in that putrid pool??? And I’m NOT a Hill-bot: I I despise the Clintons & voted Green Party.

    • Ivy Lee

      As an Independent, I didn’t vote for these two candidates as well. Let me tell you I followed Vince Foster’s dead pretty closed then. In early 90s as a business student, WSJ was a source of writing business paper, Wall Street Journal did some detail reports about his dead, first he was a left hand, but the gun was placed next to his right side, second, there was a suicide note was found in one of his bags after his dead to claim he killed himself under the jobs pressure and there was nothing to do with the Clintons. Also I recently watched a short doc called unsolved mysteries about this suicide in tv, there were side by side of the comparison of Vince Foster handwriting and the “suicide note”. Even I am not the expert, I can tell the handwriting from the fake note was not from V Foster. PArticular the B, he wrote his B in a unique way probably whoever wrote that didn’t do a good homework. Even the sheriff who handled his dead clarified that the bag was empty. Could you explain why? Had had Vince Foster arisen from resurrection to write a note to clarify the Clintons?

    • LOL, and you call yourself a Journalist? Where?… The Enquirer, covering alien mating on mars? What a joke!! I’m from Arkansas and know all about the Clintons first hand. The likelihood of Clintons NOT being involved in murder is as likely as Barrack Obama admitting he was the worst president in U.S. History and apologizing. You Liberals truly are suffering from an incurable mental disorder.

      • Obviously, someone like you who obviously listens to Limbaugh, watch Fox or Alex Jones Info Wars & read Breitbart can NOT be reasoned with. Living in a FACT FREE UNIVERSE makes rational debate impossible. Thanks for giving us Cheeto Mussolini for President (NOT that Hillary “Warmonger for Wall Street” Clinton was any better). I just hope that all the racist right-wing FOOLS who voted Trump have it BIT THEM IN THE ASS with losing THEIR health care & jobs—as so many other people will under this Corporate Kleptcratic Billionaire going into the White House. What will YOU say when your Beloved Billionaire Leader takes away Social Security and Medicare?

        • jandr0

          Obviously someone as sophisticated as you – a self-proclaimed reasonable journalist – is not to be “reasoned with.”

          The small matter that the above article highlights, namely that Braverman has apparently gone incommunicado under – at the very least – dubious circumstances, does not seem to factor into your comments (and, one assumes, your oh-so-enlightened, very intellectual thought processes) at all.

          Clearly in the postulated FACT FREE UNIVERSE that you attribute to others, this simple fact does not matter to you. Which must be why you IGNORE it.

          On top of that, however, you have NOT utilised your ALLEGED journalistic expertise to actually be a journalist and either confirm or deny the fact, or even better, to locate Braverman.

          No, you rather decided to engage in denigrating and labelling tactics such as “Cheeto Mussolini” and “Corporate Kleptcratic Billionaire.”

          Conclusion: Your credibility at present: ZERO.

          • Roman Marquez

            Cheeto Mussolini, is also a skin color, racist remark.


          • jandr0

            [WHAT A RETARD YOU ARE!]

            How NOT to make friends and influence people. Denigratory labelling does not help.

          • Ah, just one (of) dem ‘victims’.

        • Al Martel
        • Roman Marquez

          And here we go: another dose of wing and skin color obsessed hating FOOL stereotyping.

        • doucyet


        • 3GSimpleton

          You are just another 2-dimensional cartoonish clone leftie/commie other-hater.

          How original you are! zzzzzz…

      • bohicasis

        Remember the Airport! (MENA)

    • Vida Galore

      Helloooo, 60+ people associated with them are dead. If you think that’s a coinky-dink, lemme sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. I am not a conspiracy theorist but facts are facts. Seth Rich is dead, and Wikileaks has hinted he was a leaker. The NSA said the leaker was from inside the DNC. Braverman IS missing. So… maybe wake up?

    • alexandra

      Since you are a journalist Lydia if you are able can you do some light investigative journalism and delve into the seemingly odd disappearance of past Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman.. and also if you can find out why mainstream media obviously thinks nothing strange of this mystery. Looking forward his Spring classes at Yale, I might pop in and audit a couple hopefully he is not a no call no show.

    • Roman Marquez

      You don’t have any credibility as a journalist or a human being since you can’t seem to check your personally biased baggage for any subject you might address , please don’t admonish or advise others for it.

  • Dygene

    Bet he was “Arkanized” by the Cliton wet work association. 🙂

    • Yes, like Supreme Court Judge Scalia… referred to “wet work” 2 days before it got wet in Wikileaks email. How are these criminals not in a firing squad?

      • Christopher S. Jannette

        The end stage on a republic when the oligarchs take over and corruption is the modus operendi before it collapses into deep autocracy.

  • FiuToYou

    It’s REALLY hard to accept the fact that neither one of the Clintons is in prison! Also, nobody says anything about the 1.8 billion$’s that Hillary sent to Qatar! Must be nice to be invincible!!

    • Pamela Watson

      Can you imagine how she will squirm when she stands before God?! Can’t buy her way out of that one.

  • It’s very common for Hillary associates that talk too much to Shoot themselves in the back of the head 4 times at a distance. The biggest mystery to CNN is how they do that.

  • Pat Engness
    • Hillary is NOT GONG TO BE PRESIDENT so ENOUGH ALREADY with this DISTRACTION. If we NEVER heard from Bill or HIllary agian it would be too soon! Just as good, would be for the rightwing fools who have ONLY HATE4 –of the Clintons, Obama, Black people, immigrants,Muslims, LGBT people–to just STFU. You ADD NOTHING to the country and are COLLUDING in its destruction.

      • Okay Ms. MSM,
        You think that disagreement equals hate. OMG, stop proving that you are an uninformed ‘voter’ who parrots MSMs’/liberals’ talking points!
        Maybe, you feel much hate when you disagree with someone or something. If you want to be a ‘hater’, fine. Do not label the rest of us because of your feelings of hatred & inadequacy!

      • jandr0

        […would be for the rightwing fools who have ONLY HATE4 –of the Clintons, Obama, Black people, immigrants,Muslims, LGBT people–to just STFU.]

        1. As CintiCB also comments: Disagreement is not the same as hate. Yet you feel no compunction in summarily labelling and dismissing other people as haters.

        2. You continue with your denigratory labelling, e.g. rightwing “fools.” Have you ever looked in the mirror and seriously asked yourself whether your trait of denigrating others is not one that nice, caring people generally have?

        3. And you top it all off by trying to coerce people from freely sharing their thoughts (whether those thoughts are correct or incorrect is not the issue here), by proposing they just STFU. Once again, have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself where you got that authoritarian streak from?

        Hhmm. Falsely labelling people as “haters.” Denigrating people as “fools.” Revealing authoritarian tendencies. From your observable behaviour, you don’t seem like such a nice person.

      • Roman Marquez

        Typical comment of a wing and skin color obsessed hating FOOL, stereotype much?

  • SpartaCross

    Between a petulant child with major ego issues and a homicidal sociopath with no moral barriers whatsoever, I think the American people did make the right choice in picking the lesser of two evils.

  • JimZimmerman

    I would bet that he is stuffed in a 55 gal drum stacked 2 miles underground in Yucca mountain radiologic repository. Nothing to see here folks just some barrels filled with Nuclear waste and a few guests,if that is the case he will never be found. He should had a deadmans switch. Poor Guy. He danced with the devil.

  • bohicasis

    Just walk over to Yale and take a look yourself . Next lecture class to begin January 17th. Hopefully George Webb has enough sense to do so

  • Ibcamn

    everyone near or in that foundation or the clinton circle will die…………………..every one does.
    [check out the long list of bodies tied to the clintons…very long list]

  • Al Martel


  • Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan.

    They are all corrupt, the two parties are simply in place to divide you, the 99%, and keep you fighting each other and not those truly responsible, the Oligarchy.

    Owned & Operated

  • Laurie

    Hey Free Thought Project. Your text flickers along with the highlighted box links of facebook, twitter, google, pinterest and the top of the page title and options for this site. It could give someone with epilepsy a seizure. You really need to fix that shit, very difficult to read

  • qweztionz5

    Where is Brian Pagliano for that matter? And when is the pro-Clinton election fraud uncovered by the Stein recounts going to be investigated? And when is Podesta going to explain what his creepy coded emails were about? waiting, …..waiting……

    • Paul Kersey

      Aha I remember that name ! Brian “5th Amendment” Pagliano. I hope he’s still with us. he setup the
      Killary email server that she used to sell out her office of Sec. Of State and try not to leave a cyber-trail. It didn’t work out too good for her bid 4 Prez ! Nov. 8th 2016 greatest day for America !

  • Richard Hadlock

    Could somebody go knock on his door?

  • Christopher S. Jannette

    Shit like this is why after Bernie or Bust I quietly admitted Trump might be the one we need. I hope he goes Stalin and purges brutally the corrupt. Root them out and put the fear of god into them. Podesta Pederasta first.