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Exclusive Interview With Oregon ‘Militiamen’ – “We Have an End Game…This isn’t a Crybaby Protest”

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Harney County, Oregon — Members of the group calling itself “Citizens for Constitutional Freedom” told The Free Thought Project that they intend to remain ensconced on federally owned land while legal researchers explore ways of “returning the land to the people who should control it.” They went on to say that they are enjoying both moral and material support from ranchers whose properties are imperiled by the BLM and other federal agencies.

“We have an end game in mind — this isn’t merely a crybaby protest,” insisted controversial activist Jon Ritzheimer, who spoke to The Free Thought Project while acting as a security guard at the top of a long driveway leading to the administrative headquarters of the refuge. “We are going to town on the land rights issues. There are researchers investigating title and land rights issues, mineral and resource rights issues, and we intend to stay here until we can build a legal case to return control of the land back to the people who should have it.”

A recent essay published in this space explored the federal dispossession of the Paiute Indians, who in the 1870’s had been promised the territory now called Harney County as part of a peace agreement following the Snake War. Asked if the CCF had made overtures to Native groups regarding land rights issues, Ritzheimer replied that he and his associates would be eager to reach out “if we knew how to contact them and who we should talk to.”

“We are very aware of the treatment of Natives, and we have offered to help them in Arizona,” added Blaine Cooper, who — like Ritzheimer — is a native of the Grand Canyon State. “We offered our support to the Apaches after Senator [John] McCain snuck through a deal to grab their lands on behalf of his cronies last year.”

In late 2014, Republican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake stealthily attached a rider to the National Defense Authorization Act arranging a land swap that deprived the San Carlos Apache tribe of 2,400 acres that includes Oak Flat, revered by them as a sacred site called Chich’l Bildagoteel.

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Former tribal chairman Wendsler Noise, Sr. told The New York Times that his community regards Oak Flat to be as sacred as “Mount Sinai … how the holy spirit came to be.”

The beneficiaries of this surreptitious deal — which was arranged at literally the last moment before the Senate approved the must-pass military spending measure — are the owners of Rio Tinto, an Australian-British transnational mining consortium, and BHT Biliton, a multi-resource mining company also based in Australia. Front groups for the mining company have been generous McCain campaign donors, and prior to his congressional career, Senator Flake was a paid lobbyist for Rio Tito Rossing Uranium, which had a huge operation in Namibia. McCain and Flake succeeded where several previous attempts by Arizona congressmen had failed. One of them, former Republican Rep. Rick Renzi, began a three-year federal prison term for money laundering and corruption a few months after the dirty deal was consummated.

Beginning roughly a year ago, members of the San Carlos Apache Nation have staged an occupation of Oak Creek, which is scheduled for delivery into the hands of its new corporate “owners” sixty days after a federal environmental impact statement is completed.

Last August, when McCain visited the Navajo Nation Museum to honor World War II “Code Talkers,” a group of protesters literally chased him from the site in a dramatic illustration of the Proverb that “The wicked flee where none give pursuit.”

The proposed copper mine would destroy many irreplaceable cultural and historic sites, the most notable of which is “Apache Leap” — a ledge from which 75 warriors are said to have plunged to their deaths, rather than surrendering to the U.S. Army. That act of heroic intransigence inspires the contemporary defenders of Oak Flat, whose tactics are broadly similar to those of the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom — with the significant difference that the CCF is armed and has expressed the intention to use force in the event of a violent confrontation. (None of the CCF activists displayed firearms during our visit.) It also must be acknowledged that the core of the CCF consists of people who are not native to Harney County, and that some residents of nearby Burns have expressed an earnest desire that they leave.

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Several CCF members interviewed by The Free Thought Project claimed that local ranchers who reside within the federal Refuge area have expressed concern and support and offered material assistance. During a January 5 visit to the site of what has been called an “armed occupation,” The Free Thought Project spoke with one couple from neighboring Clark County who had brought a cord of firewood for the CCF, which would be useful in the event law enforcement official cut power to the facility.

“They’re probably not going to be able to do that,” one CCF member (who declined to give his name) responded when asked about that possibility. “They would have to be on-site to cut the power unless they want to take down the grid supplying power to all of the local ranchers in the middle of winter, which wouldn’t exactly win their hearts and minds.”

Harney County Sheriff David Ward, who has appealed for help to the Oregon Sheriffs Association, told Oregon Public Radio that the FBI is preparing criminal charges against the CCF. For its part, the group claims that it is well-supplied and prepared for a lengthy standoff that it hopes will end peacefully.

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  • was that a sarcastic joke about the natives?

  • The tables are turned!! but not even close what they did to the real native Americans

  • NATIVES FIRST THEN !! And perhaps only them as it is THEIR LAND !

  • It’s a psyop. Completely fake and set up with the Freemasons.

    • Do you have any proof that the Masons are involved?

    • Jason Edward : There are rocks on the ground in the photo. Rocks that are free to pick up. Therefore, Freemasons. Dur!

    • That’s a new one.

    • So you guys believe MSM still? Sad.

    • Randy, I love that! I hope you don’t mind me stealing that one.

    • Actually there is a lot of evidence. Look it up. Never tell someone to teach you. Find the truth yourself.

    • Marie Ann, there’s evidence of the Masons participation in this? I’d love to see your proof of that. Do you have any links?

    • I looked up Sanrelli, he’s a fraud conspiracy theorist. How’s that any proof of Masons involvement?

    • Did you even read the article?

    • Yeah it’s a joke government isn’t giving nothing back

    • Hence the native lol

    • Love your pic. Thank you from a family with lots of native blood. But we are all American. We fight back

    • Fight all you want . The government is to powerful now they give everyone a little to shut them up . The new world order is only year away . To many have fought for freedom. To find out nothing is free . All we can do now is protect ourselves and play the game they have set up .

    • The BLM has no9thing to do with government! That is why our military is showing up! Are you people really this fucking stupid?

    • Josh that is a defeatist attitude. You should have more respect for yourself and stand on principle. All men die, few men truly live. Resist! All evil needs to succeed is for good men To do nothing.

    • Trust me I know what’s happening they want a war . The question is do you have the means to and supplies to fight them? I sure don’t have a tank and air planes . The government is gonna do what they want ask the Native Americans or Iraqis .

    • Blm is not government, but they are backing this plan up.

    • Imo, the battle is lost when we accept that there is distinction between us and the government. Too many forget….the people are the government. Men in suits only have power because the people give it so freely. They are supposed to work for us, not the other way around.

    • Let me know how that works out for you .

    • When’s the last time they listened to you?

    • When was the last time you tried? Sitting back and complaining about government without doing anything to change it is exactly what gives government control over the people. Forgetting our rights and handing them over without question is where we lose our power. I have respect for those who ask the question, and it saddens me when others lie down and get rolled over because they convince themselves there is no other way.

    • Ok I am ready!!! Fight fight fight . When are we taking back the country ? I just know that if they have been doing what they have done in Iraq this long lost that many soldiers and that much money and if all these take overs and riots keep popping up here it’s gonna be handed over the United Nations. They come in and do sweeps . New world order becomes . And your 30.06 and 9mm and AK isn’t gonna have much chance against a military force . Shit doesn’t look good have seen the stock markets?

    • Look at the dispute white man wanting land rights back on native land . This shits a comedy show. Who stole it first? Bam!

    • I agree with you, Josh. That’s exactly what I’m saying. For too long too many have say back and said, “there’s nothing we can do”. The UN took over long ago, and no, fire power is exactly what men in suits want. It’s what they expect. What they don’t expect is we, the people standing together and saying, “No. We will not comply.” If we stand together, there are more of us then expected, and power is not in the hands of those that act radically, it is in the hands of those that stand for something rationally. Division is a most mighty weapon. What can not be divided will not be conquered.

    • Every thing you say sounds great trust me it does . But I have seen what happened to native Americans and Jews and now Muslims . Hopefully everyone calms down or its gonna get ugly

  • In 239 years have they ever told the truth? Nope, No More Treaties!

  • this is about mineral rights, not letting the Paiute return to their land.

  • Be aware. Blm and Feds want to sell some of that land to China. Hmmmmm. Used to be one of Oregons wealthiest towns. Now one of its less fortunate. It’s was surveyed and found to have gold and uranium on it. Hmmmm. Wanting to sell it to China. Isn’t this America.

    • Define “America”.

    • Exactly!

    • the same trick has been used in south america for decades, only those governments were selling to rich americans.

    • And Australia… Our Govt just blocked a land sale that would have seen China owning 150km if our northern coastline! Not to often they see sense but I suspect the military said NO WAY

    • God bless our military. They do not agree with the administration.

    • Funny how it’s ok for American company’s to operate in other nation’s. But not Ok for others to operate in America. How un American

  • Be advised. Same shit on Indian res in Arizona. Land illegally taken and sold to the Aussies. Isn’t this America. Wake up before they take yours too. Other countries using fracking to mine and destroying our land. Wake up!!!!!!! N

    • Kerry packer and his kids may have been born here, but for taxation purposes, they’re definately not aussies.

  • Go home we don’t need your help….your government check is waiting for you….

  • It’s odd, these guys haven’t said one racist word, nor do they use divisive rhetoric. They are simply critical of the federal government. But for some odd reason every criticism and hateful comment they have received is nothing but that. Good job liberal America, perpetuating the mindless hate and proving your just as ignorant as the conservatives you scold.

    • “Liberal”, as in left wingers?

      It seems you’ve failed to realize that it takes TWO wings for a bird to fly.

    • yes anyone who dares speak against them are clearly just liberals perpetuating mindless hate…

    • @Step: Agreed, I for one am done with the herd mentality. Liberal and conservative are just labels we use to streamline our ignorance and unwillingness to engage in critical individual thinking.

    • We are critical of them because they are not fighting for all of our rights just a few ranchers ability to poach and profit. Notice how they are not going after BLM directly or storming D.C.

    • @Ridge: no if you truly disagree with them and wish to speak out, then do so. That is our right and duty. But people need to check their motives and really look at themselves. Is it hate and division that you seek or are you just petting your ego? Are you looking for truth and honest progress? These are the things that people need to think about. Im speaking in general terms of course, nothing personal here.

    • Nor are they going to allow all of us access to those lands.

    • @Kimberly, I agree with you to an extent. But what people need to realize is that it is not their job to speak up for you, that’s why you have your own voice and own free will. If people everywhere stood up to the oppression that affects them personally then tyranny wont have a leg to stand on. Just my opinon though.

    • Armed takeover of a federal building. Hmm. Every one standing up in this manner for what they want is the definition of chaos. They’ve already got a good deal and one they’ve shown no respect for.

    • Who is speaking up for me where exactly? I own my own land and am able to grow whatever I want. Where am I being tyrannized?

    • @Russel, you do realize the federal “building” in question was an unoccupied bird sanctuary 300 miles out in the middle of nowhere. I for one advocate the non-aggression principle. Google Voluntaryism.

    • @Kimberly You mean that land your going to be paying property tax on for the rest of your life? I would use quotations when using the word “own”.

    • There is information available on these guy’s, their business’ affiliations in the region and bordering states, and business practices(multiple government loans). You don’t even have to get into the Mormon empire stuff, just the business of the family. This will explain a lot and what they are doing. This land really belongs to the native tribes. These guys are sore losers with a false sense of self entitlement. They are not liberals, they are righties. The BLM is also from the right. This is looking more and more like a staged land grab or a hand off. I guess they will do whatever they can to get whatever they can…before you, or before me.

    • @Jt I’m a realist and you might be right my friend, only time will tell.

    • Or you could stop assuming

    • Okay tell you what let us start over. How many people in the entire continental U.S. are ranchers? So how many actually will benefit from out of state dudes taking over lands they feel they are entitled to?

    • Do we all get to start invading cities and deciding that our actions are just because we did not like the outcome of some court cases?

    • Now getting back to the ranchers. Will they let the homeless pitch tents on their lands? Do they even care about the homeless?

    • @Kimberly What these guys did was indeed unlawful and stirred up a hornets nest of misguided discontent. But think about it, they choose to do this out in the middle of nowhere on purpose. So that if there was any form of aggression it would have to come to them. But i still personally believe they’re sincere in their fight for constitutionality. But personally I prefer MLK style of protesting via non-violent civil disobedience. What they did was sloppy and potentially self defeating to their cause.

    • Kimberly Steffon so you live in Oregon where it is illegal to own your own pond unless you have the proper permits?

    • Apparently a couple of em run a site bashing Muslims

    • @Kurosh Source?

    • Kimberly Steffon not just ranchers. Many corporations make their bank off of exploiting public resources, so the attitude promoted by those businesses to their bought servants in government is one of acceptance toward such exploitation. In other words, while establishing accountability and law by supporting the Black Lives movement for instance, is unfriendly to the law-optional atmosphere business prefers, oposig those who feel entitled to the commons is also unfrpiendly to that same corporate-preferred lawlessness.

    • Nick, good point. I often wonder how none of them on both sides can see how they’ve played right into their masters hands.

    • @Michele Very true, it’s a two sided paradigm designed to keep people divided, disillusioned, and arguing amongst themselves. But in reality these two groups have far more in common than they realize.

    • I am so liberal I don’t think even the liberals would accept me and I stand up with these guys……

    • all hat, no cattle. Brokeback Y’allQueda

    • Yeah they’re such a noble group of BLM cock suckers, that’s all they are and this rebellion is just them getting mad that their pimp stiffed them.

      If anyone starts a real armed anti-government protest I’ll be more than happy to join. But I’m not about to join a band of Jerry Springer rejects.

    • Social Engineering is what divides all citizenry into opposed groups. Once people become aware of the tactics used by our rulers, it all becomes transparent.

  • The patriots on the #OregonFront are showing us what founding fathers look like. Our goverment has terrorized the people for long enough.The stand thus far is moral, Constitutional and bold. Appeal to heaven and stand up for liberty.


    • lost me with the downplaying of the arson they committed and the religious rhetoric

  • I think standing up for the guy who went to jail for selling Ron Paul themed bullion would’ve been a better battle to pick.

  • The government is at it again. This time, stealing land from native americans for foreign mining companies. Maybe we can get those liberal statists on our side now.

  • What a load of shit.

  • You wanted a confrontation and gun battle with the feds and they are not playing your game. You do not know what to do if they don’t try to remove your traitors. That is why you did not bring enough supplies, you did not expect to be alive to have to eat. The feds are saying, “Sucks to be you, we are not falling for this!”

    • Regarding the image: Sure, make fun of people for the specific types of words they use. People who say ‘yall’ are idiots, and it’s ok to make shitty puns from them. Who cares who or where they come from, or what they stand for? They’re just ‘skinhead terrorists’.

    • So , they’re getting 72 underage cousins when they go to heaven?

  • What constitutional rights are they protecting here. Right to redress the bird population. Seems to me the freedom fighters confused B.F.E. Oregon for Washington D.C.

  • We the Humans stand with you..
    God bless

  • We Natives have been wronged one too many times to fall for such a desperate plea. We know their game as it was their fathers, and their fathers fathers game… So fuck these gits and lets hope they all get frozen out and placed in cozy warm jail cells

    KrisAnne Hall, a constitutional attorney, discusses what’s going on in Oregon and she is ON POINT!! https://www.facebook.com/tiffany.house.96/videos/1070795146273987/


  • #fuckthem

  • I live in Oregon….they are not wanted.

  • Here’s a crazy “socialist” idea.

    Since the U.S. Federal Government “controls about half of all land in the West” — see below referenced article — land that was taken away one way or the other from Native Americans — wouldn’t it be fair to transfer ownership of all that land to a Native American Tribe/Nation chartered trust for management?

    You can call it reparations or your can call it moral and lawful restitution of improperly (wrongfully!) confiscated land!

    Can you imagine what would happen if the current Oregon Ammon Bundy armed stand-off had been executed by armed Native American activists demanding their land back?

    FYI, just look up Leonard Peltier and the American Indian Movement. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_Peltier and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Indian_Movement

    But that’s what our federal government has been afraid of all these years — that if Native Americans lost faith in American society and its court system’s willingness to give them back what was theirs, young Native Americans would take up law into their own armed hands and demand land returns, reparations, royalties or rental fees.

    And that kind of organized and armed protest could make the Bundy and other recent Militia stand-offs look like a child’s sandbox fight.

    So what do you think?

    If it’s fair and just to give control, management and/or ownership of vast federal lands back to the people, shouldn’t that transfer be to Native American Nations & Tribes?


    Leader of armed group wants land transfer, then will go home.
    The Associated Press
    January 5, 2016

    “The federal government controls about half of all land in the West, which would make the wholesale transfer of ownership extremely difficult and expensive.

    For example, it owns 53 percent of Oregon, 85 percent of Nevada and 66 percent of Utah, according to the Congressional Research Service.”


  • Ammon Bundy and his band of armed thugs have declared their purpose: “This is about taking the correct stand without harming anybody to restore the land and resources to the people so people across the country can begin thriving again,” But that land is now owned by the American People through our Federal Government. What Bundy wants is for the land to be owned by a wealthy rancher — and thus take it away from the American People.
    Right Wing thinking in action.

  • As if the natives would want anything to do with a bunch of crazed beer swilling white fatties ……. I hope the natives deport these idjitz to meth island


  • wha wha wha

    If they ere legit, theyd give the land back to the indians

  • Natives have basically told them to fuck off.

  • why now?

  • I am proud of any Americans who stands up for what they believe in

  • Riiight!

  • Here’s What Happened When These Unarmed Native American Sisters Defended Their Land from the Feds


  • This needs to start happening everywhere before the feds go in and burn these gentlemen out. After that it will be too late. All landowners need to take this opportunity to stand up against unlawful and unconstitutional property taxes if nothing else.

  • Still not taking the word of a Faux Militia Welfare Rancher.

  • These “militia men” are a bunch of bullshit.

  • All these people in support of these fools, were you also in support of Ferguson or Baltimore protests? Or were you calling those people thugs?

  • Kevin Buhler good deal on some solid sights, brother.

    • Are you suuure this is the right post/article. I don’t see any sights on sale lol

    • Nope. Lol wrong article. Hang on.

  • So…are they agent provocateur types or revolutionaries? I’m confused Free Thought?

  • Find out why this Nevada Tribal Leader is suing the BLM:

    Tribal Leader Raymond Yowell, the Hanmonds, and Bundy have in common? The BLM.

  • Home grown american terrorists

  • These idiots have occupied a frigging bird sanctuary! How the heck can you take someone who does that seriously! What are they afraid of? Do they think that the Feds are arming ducks?