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Exclusive: Marine Combat Vet Kicked Out of Senate Meeting for Speaking Too Much Truth

Lansing, MI — After returning from Iraq, Dakota Serna found himself battling PTSD and taking prescription pills for roughly three years after leaving the service. Due to a botched hernia operation, doctors began prescribing painkillers along with his antidepressants, leading to ulcers in his stomach and intestines.

With the prescription pills taking their toll on his body and mind, Serna abandoned the FDA-approved medications after a friend shared a joint with him. No longer suffering from incessant nightmares and insomnia, Serna found that his anxiety had decreased, and his patience had returned. Instead of making him more hostile, cannabis offered Serna a peace of mind that the nauseating combination of pills never gave him.

During a Senate Committee meeting last week in Lansing, Michigan, Serna spoke before the members to discuss HB 4209 and how it affects medical marijuana patients. According to Michigan state law, patients suffering from a number of illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, HIV, seizures, and PTSD, qualify for medical marijuana. Before his microphone was suddenly cut off, Serna had been attempting to explain how HB 4209 places a greater tax burden on people who barely survive on fixed incomes.

“I am a veteran,” Serna addressed the panel. “A Marine. Served my country. Fought in Iraq. And I’ve received, and battle with PTSD to this very day. Now, I didn’t just get my post-traumatic stress from rolling down the street and seeing car bombs or having mortars falling out of the sky and hurt a few people. No. I kicked in doors, and I killed people from distances less than we are from each other.”

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“I’ve seen children skewered from rebar from collapsed buildings. Skewered! I’ve seen human remains. I’ve watched my friends die at my feet. And that’s just my struggle. And medical marijuana is the thing that saved my life.”

While asking the Committee to vote “no” on HB 4209, Serna explained that many people on disability cannot afford the tax hike in the bill. Upset that many patients would no longer be able to afford both their food and medicine, Serna explained, “This bill not only takes more money from them, it taxes their medicine – you’re going to give some of that medicine to the sheriff’s department, the jackboots, the thugs that come into people’s homes and kick in the door.”

At that point, State Senator Rick Jones had Serna’s mic cut off and ordered him out of the building. After being unable to finish his testimony before the hearing, Serna recently spoke with the Free Thought Project to discuss his political actions and his experience with marijuana. Unlike the Michigan legislator, we did not interrupt him.

DS: The point I was making to senator Jones is that lawmakers and current laws allow for drug task forces to kick in doors and ruin American citizen’s lives over a plant. The sheriff’s departments make up a significant portion of these task forces. I used the term thugs because that’s how I viewed my own self sometimes when I was kicking in doors in Iraq. I had no idea he would react in such a manner.

AE: You were prescribed antipsychotics, antidepressants, xanax, vicodin, tramadol, oxycodone, depakote, and apresoline all at the same time. How adverse were your reactions to that horrid cocktail?

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DS: Oh man… It was bad. I had no idea it was the pills early on. I struggled with anger, guilt, suicidal, and homicidal thinking. I couldn’t grab the bull by its horns so to say. I kept digging myself deeper into a hole that resulted in a ruined marriage and drinking binges. I was on scripts for about three years after leaving the service. I was still having the same mental issues, but I noticed I was having internal issues as well.

DS: I found out I had ulcers in my stomach and intestines. I was put on more medication to start treating that. One night after a week of being on depakote, I had a bad episode which scared me. I stopped taking all my medication. The very next day I found a friend, we smoked a joint. I haven’t looked back since. I’m off all prescriptions.

AE: How does marijuana affect you in comparison?

DS: I’m able to go a few nights without dreaming. I’m not waking up every other hour in a pool of sweat, screaming. I don’t react to situations with immediate hostility. I’m able to process things much better before I make a decision. I’m able to keep myself from going overboard with anger. I have such a higher quality and love for life now. I wouldn’t change a thing.

AE: From your perspective, how does HB 4209 negatively affect patients?

DS: I don’t think that the legislators really know how disabled some of the patients are. These are some of the sickest people I’ve ever met. A majority live on minuscule disability checks and already struggle to survive financially. 4209 takes even more money from them.

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AE: Is there anything you’d like to say that you were unable to at the senate meeting?

DS: I met with Jones a few weeks prior to testifying. His belief is that cannabis is okay to use only in terminal cancer patients. He hasn’t received proper medical cannabis education and therefore in my opinion, shouldn’t be on a panel that makes decisions that affect the lives of Michigan’s patients. Would you trust a plumber to fix your car?

DS: I have the upmost love and respect for law enforcement. I have friends and family on the blue side. My comments weren’t directed at all police. Just the laws and lawmakers.

AE: Do you think it would be more effective if marijuana patients contacted Jones and told him their stories or is there no hope in changing his mind?

DS: I don’t think so. He is pretty dead set at opposing any new “social drug.” I think it would take a big demonstration or two, to maybe get favor from more of his colleagues rather than worry about one man. Although it wouldn’t hurt to flood his office with calls.

  • Anonymous

    Its really is time for a complete overhaul of the system.

  • State Senator Rick Jones needs fired! His behavior is disgraceful. Shame on him. Another GOP fool! Vote him out of office next election.

  • Miracles start to happen when you give as much as energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.

  • Video cut off on me!!

  • The only reason why people do not have what they want is because they are thinking more about what they don’t want than what they do want. Listen to your thoughts, and listen to the words you are saying. The law is absolute and there are no mistakes. – The Secret

  • So much for the public having a right to speak. Pretty much sums up what our country has come to.

  • They will send people out to die for these wars of profit yet we are not allowed to smoke a plant… Well I guess that would cut into some of their profits…

    • Right on!

    • It is not “they will send” as they problem, but those who go…..

    • No, those who go are normally forced to sign up for service because they can’t afford college, or they are in a small low income area with 0 opportunities for a life beyond drugs without either college, or the military.

    • We all are given the choice to not become tools of war for the government. Few people are actually legitimately forced to enlist in North America as far as I know. People need to start taking personal responsibility for the choices they make, even when given no opportunities to succeed otherwise. Be your own man. Choosing to remain a slave by becoming a different kind of slave that’s more easily controlled and manipulated into going and killing people for the sake of profits and revenue generation for a wealthy elite ruling class is indeed a choice! Have some integrity as a human being and don’t willfully become a murderer of whole groups of people you’ve never even met just because the government said it’s okay! Authority is an illusion. So are money and politics.

  • There’s something messed on this link cant read or watch anything it’s messed. Would love to read the story but I cant.

  • Did the bill pass or not? Does anyone know?

  • ‘They’ forget that they are public servants.

  • Won’t load

  • The Senator is an ass, if you dont agree with him he cuts you off and throws you out. A small minded backwards, obviously illiterate moron in charge of other peoples lives-who votes for these pricks? And no i wouldnt let a plumber fix my car! Cannabis needs to be free for ALL medical patients especially VETS

  • This is business as usual in these hearings. I’ve experienced this myself. Politicians like this are common. Constitutional rights/principles be Dammed !

  • Hallo, mag je niet eens meer je mening zeggen ???


  • Geez, seems like lots of Government committed can’t get along either. If you lol on YouTube there’s 100s of board meetings gone wrong.

  • When will the masses realize that gov-ment is a evil, unnecessary self serving bunch of crooks?

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    Thanks for view: This video and his testimony gave me the chills..

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  • gotto love that , get out , oh btw thank you for your service …actions speak volumes , words are cheap , thats WHY politicians give token lipservice ONLY to vets

  • Sorry bro.
    But you have done your job and now they’re done with you. That’s how they are. Your life means nothing to them.

    From: USAF Veteran 1974-1982

  • Well in reality he did not fight for our freedom of speech, he fought for the interest of big corporations.

    • Oh come on now… some people still have their blinders on… you’re gonna ruin the surprise lol

  • You got to be very careful when talking to these idiots of the state because they look for any little thing to dismiss you. Cheers to that speaker for his service to our country but I wish he would have choose his words a bit more wisely that way he would have lasted longer.

  • this senator is a “closed-minded” idiot. This VETERAN has more right to free speech (he fought and defended our rights and freedoms) than this “DRAFT-DODGING” puppet does!! this guy needs to loose his senate seat!

    • And his teeth

    • David B. Johnson ??

    • Than take his seat from him.

    • Randall Burks Term limits and outlawing gerrymandering would fix tons of it.

    • He did not defend our rights and liberty by invading another country! What he was doing in this instance has done more for the fight for our freedom than anything he has been a part of over seas. It’s disgusting that people still believe the perpetual wars we’re in is because of freedom, our rights and personal liberties.

    • Jay Tillquist Gerrymandering is political segregation, period!

    • Raden Duran Very true, but he is just a victim of the government and the elite who lied to him and brainwashed him. I am sure that his ideas about “serving his country” have now been modified.

  • This.Made.Me.SICK. This senator… NOT a good person..omg.

  • Remember this when its time to vote….

    • Doesn’t matter who you vote for the outcome is the same. They all have their strings pulled from behind the curtains

    • Amen, Bro!!

    • But now, more than ever, selecting the absolute least of a not-so-great selection is key. It’s like George Carlin said, these are folks who are the product of the American education system and society. We all “suck” for letting it get to this level…..

    • Picking your favorite colour of poop

    • ?

  • Yall voted for him, Stop Voting for idiots that promise all these lies and go run for office

  • Upon hearing “jack boot” , he reverted to a jack boot. Like how Germany hates hearing “NAZI’s”? They only hate these words because they know that is what they are.

  • He started callings names.

  • I suppose these so called public servants think that stating “thank you for your service” absolves them of any real responsibility to help veterans struggling to survive.

  • Eva MoreauDutil

    Serna, thank you for caring. Thank you for taking your diagnoses into your own hands and share what you have learned. The thing is, senate never cares bout something costing the disabled more,,,or risk their life for that matter. You are still a soldier, but I gather you have better perspective of whom and what are our true enemies. Just thank you. Eva [email protected]

  • Police ignoring constitution, check. Senators, check.

  • I wish someone would call out the suit for his lie: “I honor you for your service”, and then proceeds to shut him down because he uses the term “jackboot” because the veteran needs medicine as a result of the damage he sustained in the course of his service. If he cared in the SLIGHTEST he would want to help him and he would not have shut him down at the earliest opportunity.

    Medical Marijuana should be available to veterans who suffer from PTSD without being taxed. Likewise, psychiatrists should be able to prescribe ecstasy to be used in therapy, it’s an absolute miracle drug to help people with PTSD.


    Anyway, here is the contact information for State Senator Jones, feel free to reach out to him and express your support for helping veterans with PTSD.

    (517) 373-3447
    [email protected]

  • Hella funny how the next speaker was the Sheriff and she got up and left.

    They are all idiots.

    AF Vet ’99 – ’07

  • The reign of the Angry Old white man is about a generation of being a thing of the past. Let them die out.

  • pussies !!

  • The Senator is an ass, if you dont agree with him he cuts you off and throws you out. A small minded backwards, obviously illiterate moron in charge of other peoples lives-who votes for these pricks? And no i wouldnt let a plumber fix my car! Cannabis needs to be free for ALL medical patients especially VETS (comment)

  • Wow. Thank you for sharing this.

  • If someone came to my house and started accusing my family I would kick him out. It is very easy to criticize without having all the facts. The journalists should ask this person to give the truth with evidence.

  • Yep! Just love those Republicans … Not!

  • Thank you Dakota… For your service and for your efforts to call out this Bullshit. You are a true hero.

  • Fuck that senator puppet,!!! Shows you how truly free we are especially to those that sacrificed it all for their country… What a disgrace !

  • logan, that’s the truth.. where do they get there nerve, boys that fight there wars.. shame on them//

  • I like this guy. I guess they’d like to have Clapper back to tell more lies and suffer no consequences.

  • Freedom of speech, as long as you toe the party line.

  • please read this article,Mi senate and their transparency.

  • Time to lock and load and spray all these lying political leaders dead. Leave no one alive.

    • Agreed. They’re a cancer on humanity

    • Their laws are shit. The truth is never found in them. You will know these people by their seeds..

  • Just the whole attitude tells it all. This is not a public servant hearing testimony from his masters as expressed in this case by a member of the public who is also a veteran. Rather, it seems to be a monarch or aristocrat indignant at the impudence of a common peasant!

  • piece of shit

  • This Vet just exposed the truth, thanks for your service and your efforts, you stuck it to the man brother, and your truthfulness made him look like a tool, lol we are with you, and changes are coming,…

  • How soon they forget that work for the PEOPLE.

  • things like this make me happy i got discharged from basic training, you go fight and can’t express yourself, after u put your life on the line hmmm.

  • They denied his right to speak! They are scumm! That soldier has more rights than that idiot behind the desk!

  • Santa Ana Problems #justsayin

  • He used the word thug. Quite low level offensive language which should have earned him a caution but not a eviction..

  • Can’t call a spade a spade in front of Congressmen who make a living pretending that up is down, and that wrong is right. It upsets them to hear the truth.

  • The truth is the last thing THEY want you to know. -_-

  • The seats need to be replaced. People get too comfortable with power and power corrupts.

  • He said “jackboot”! This is the VERY DEFINITION of being Civil! He didn’t cuss and say slanderous words…did he?

  • jack·boot
    noun: jackboot; plural noun: jackboots

    a large leather military boot reaching to the knee.
    used as a symbol of cruel or authoritarian behavior or rule.

  • Mega corruption in the USA.

  • Those greed heads would never endanger their favorite lobby, Big Pharma. Turn the rascal out!

  • He fought for this the USA and in being denied he’s right to free speech that’s just not right

  • That’s what they do to US ! From local , all the way to the top , with few exceptions .

  • My how sensitive, it is almost impossible to get a word in these days because some delicate person may be offended.give us a break

  • What a fuckwit. Here is the person who is suffering from a serious problem brought on by his service and some clerk will not even let him speak his mind. No respect whatsoever.

  • We are no longer a Free Country! It disgusts me how our freedoms are slowly or sometimes quickly are stripped away.

  • the senator or should i say parasite violated his oath of office by supressing that mans right to address the state panel of thieves abd traitors.

  • Brien McRae

    His story of pharmaceuticals prescribed by the VA is not unique….

  • Do you ever wonder why we seem to seek out the least competent people and elect them to public office?

  • Parliamentary Procedure needs to be followed. If this vet was serious, he would’ve chosen his words carefully, and cleaned up his appearance. That’s just the way it is, you all know this.

  • Just what are we fighting for? Answer More War. Democracy is dead.

  • Fight for your country and your country doesn’t fight for you?

  • You can change any negative situation, by changing your thoughts about it! Think as many thoughts as you can that are the total opposite of the situation. – The Secret
    The Law of Attraction/ The Secret

  • Shameful! Vote for Bernie. He cares about vets.

    • No disrespect but, politicians don’t care about ANYONE! They’re nothing than puppets for the rich elite.

    • Not so with Bernie. He led with John McCain the Committee to improve the way the VA works. It’s far from perfect ,but it was a disaster before these two gentlemen fought to improve it. Bernie has been fighting his whole life for us, it’s provable. Now we supporters are fighting for him so that he can fight for us on a much larger scale. Have a good day, Sir.

  • Not the first time that’s happen

  • This is freedom in USA….ahahahahahah

  • That “speaker” with the gavel is WAY out of line!!!

  • This is a picture of me at 18 years old in 1995 in Bosnia where I spent the better part of a year digging up mass graves of ethnically cleansed Bosnian Muslims. Im on the left. Mostly women and children.

    At one point I found an infant who couldn’t have been more than a few months old barely grasping for breath laying next to the corpse of his mother, who had been brutally gang raped had her throat slit and her breasts cut off just in case this infant was able to latch on and feed after she died.

    The infant died in my arms as I picked it up with bones so brittle I could feel them cracking as I picked her up.

    I came back from there a different person.

    I suffered through night terrors, insomnia, paranoia, agoraphobia.

    The only thing that came close to alleviating my symptoms is marijuana. But the legalization of marijuana was still 20 years away.

    So I was forced to Live Like An Outlaw. Simply because I wanted to be normal again.

    This shouldn’t be happening to our veterans, or anyone who suffers from anything that medical marijuana can help alleviate

    • So sorry

    • You have my respect . Thank you for being such a caring human and thank you for your service in difficult times .

    • holy shit brother. ppl dont get it they joke about how weed makes you forgetful, that picture is something I want to forget and I hope cannabis helps you to forget and find peace of mind.

  • Coming from another vet, this pisses me off. Every level of government says they are committed to veteran needs, thank you for your serivce, blah blah blah. None of them care

    • ….thought they did?! Ur just cannonfodder to them and there’s plenty of suckers out there that will believe that “fighting for freedom” bullshit so they will keep being that way cuz their power isn’t challenged. If u wanna fight for freedom then subvert the state and fight corporate domination and the Obama police state.

    • I knew they never cared. Here’s my experience with veteran care… I had a skin infection and needed a simple doctors visit. Went to the VA, doctor said come back in a month and we will see what how it’s doing and decide if we should give u medicine or not. So I come back in a month, still needing medical care, and the doctor says, come back in a month and we will see what it looks like. Long story short, I had 4 VA visits, and each time they told me to come back next month for treatment, until I finally stopped going. Yeah I’m a veteran and have health care thru the VA, but I reality, I don’t have any healthcare. It’s unbelievable. Pertaining to this video, it’s so fucking frustrating to see these asssholes not even let the guy finish explaining his situation before they kick him out.

    • ….such is the arrogance of those u have served. They can be like that because they have political power and u don’t. From a medical perspective THC is the only solution for PTSD because u can’t use sedatives due to their addictive nature and it was wrong for this guy to be Rx’ed anti-depressants. THC is the only effective substance for controlling PTSD attacks,however politicians don’t care about human lives,aside from their own and their privileged friends.

    • They really don’t my boyfriend is a veteran and so is his friend and the government literally are no help to them what so ever and even with veteran preference my boyfriend still cant get a real job! the poor guy has to live for so little especially after defending and keeping all of us safe. I never thought this shit was real but boy it is. Its pretty stupid that he has to settle for McDonalds or some other bullshit low wage job. I mean if he wasn’t a veteran of war I could understand and I would tell him to quit bitchen but he has served to save lives as a core man and he comes back to burger flipping. And to top it off that, he had told me numerous times that he had his GI bill but was completely denied to go to college to better himself because apparently he doesn’t have it now. :/ I mean yeah he can still go but compared to what a GI bill can do for him, why even bother anymore? so he can sit in debt like me? Am I just overreacting?

    • just to add a little more, it is completely bullshit that after filling out boatloads of applications to these shit jobs none of them have replied to him.. why?????

    • That’s aweful. I’m using the gi bill now. It’s helpful but it wont last until my degree is obtained. The last semester or 2 I’m gonna have to get a lot of loans. Finding a crappy job as a vet is pretty easy. But nothing substantial is ever available because most of us don’t have a degree because military life is to busy to ever get more then 1 class in a semester. I went to the job fair on campus and talked to just about everyone there. Everyone was happy that I was a veteran, but each one told me they weren’t interested unless I had a degree. So we are stuck. From delivering missiles on the flightline to delivering Pizza in the hood

    • It’s such a shame! Even how you were talking about the VA he also gets fucked around there same with his friend. But I’m praying and hoping for you guys that this mess changes for you soon, along with all the other folks who deserve more than this. ❤?

  • From 12–08-15…

  • I hate people that say Thank you for your service while screwing over servicemen.

  • Unfortunately, he went down a disrespect path. I agree with what his issue is, but calling down on LE, he better remember he was a Jack Booted thug breaking down doors in Iraq for our tyrannical federal government. 99% of local LE are just doing the their job, and enforcing the laws that we allowed to come in to being. If we don’t like them, then we need to work to change them, not blame a third party for enforcing them. The only person we can blame is the one we see in the mirror.

    • I’m sorry, but what do you think he was trying to do? He was there trying to make changes and because “words” hurt the “Oh Powerful One”, even after the apology he was not allowed to finish. Look at the bigger picture. Clearly from his stance on it, as soon as the word medical marijuana came out of the Marines mouth, he was done. He was waiting for anything to silence him and he got it done.

    • He was acting a fool, his inability to to hold a civil conversation with out having to insult people hurts the cause, it does not help it. And why does it not help it? Because it make him and his cause look as stupid as others say it is. I have faught and changed laws, it can be done, but once you sling mud at a third party that is not even directly involved in the situation, you might as well pack up and go home. You are no longer being helpful. The only point he got across that he was too dumb to do anythign but sling mud like a 4 year old, and that is a shame, cause he started out strong.

    • No one asked the knuckledraggers to enforce state violence. The Pigs are directly involved with anything they can corrupt and extrapolate profit from. This man has the right to use any adjective he finds suitable to express himself. What this suit is doing is censoring discourse and no one gets to decide what words are civil or not.

    • Now please stop being dogs and join us on the side of reason.

    • How can you push for reforming laws and police protocall, if the conversation itself is too much for this grown man to handle. “You said something negative about a police officer??? Stop talking, fuck you and your service, get out, your voice will not be heard”

    • Kojic Andrej: you asked them to enforce the laws. He has the right to use what ever words he wants, but not the brains to converse in a civilized manor. unfortunatly you are not on the side of reason, you are on the side of passion which is self centered and self serving and will, in the long run, if not properly offset with true reason, will hurt what ever cause you are involved in. Bobby Ryan: He didn’t say something negative about the police officer, he used the equivlant of the “N” word about police officers in general, if he had exchange the term “Jackbooted Thug” with “Heavy Handed Policing” the conversation could have had a much more civilized tone, and maybe some one would have actual got to hear his point of view. If your going to try and fix the system you have to work smarter not harder. How many people here complaining are police officers, or were, or know what it even means to try and do that job? His passion is great, but as he should know, passion will only get you so far. To fix core issue you have to have surgical percision. Insulting people is not going to win you points with the people in the middle who you are going to need on your side to get the changes. We all know that there is something wrong with the system as it stands, but if we keep doing this kind of stuff nothing will ever get solved. And important voices, such as this mans, will be lost in the noise.

    • I didn’t ask for anyone to rule, that was imposed upon me. You and individuals of the same capacity believe in the need of metaphysical structure to dictate your decisions. Who gets to decide what terms are appropriate? What gives you the right to monopolize authority. You in fact are responding emotionally because a word is shaking your foundation.

    • Jackboot- a specific type of boot

      Thug- violent person

      Sounds like a reasonable description of a person who enforces laws with force and violence.

    • Kojic Andrej: and you can leave those country and denounce your citizenship at any point in time. A word has not shaken anything with in me. I responded because what this man has to say was important. But he will never be listed too when he acts like a fool. You seem to have no willingness to see things from another perspective, and that is your right. But if you don’t like some situation find a constructive way to fix it. Call it names is not going to make it go away. Or as I said if you don’t like it you have the freedom to walk away from it.

    • No, I can not live anywhere that hasn’t been infiltrated by the gangster global capitalists. I will always have to pay taxes to exist on this planet or risk prosecution or death. The point of my observation was to empathezise the point that words are interpreted, they are nothing but vibrating atmosphere until you create subjective meaning. If we decide to shut people out due to their vocabulary then, we subject the speaker to a fixed parameter that will continuely be restrained. free speech would become only accessible to the few who know how to balance this sacred line. The asshat with the malet has no authority to tell him how to express himself.

    • The land of hypocrisy

    • When you are in some one else’s pool, you play by there rules. And their are several countries where you will pay no taxes and will live free as you wish, I invite you to do the research for yourself.

    • They were just following orders amirite

    • We are not talking about a pool. We are talking about the planet earth, which you share fundamental properties with. I am an animal of this planet and I do not understand your concept of ownership. I own nothing but a brain encased in flesh. You’ll figure that concept out before you die. The pool you speak of was being inhabited by a native population until the “civilized” world wiped them out. Please inform me of this magical land free of state theft? Until you do, I’ll just continue to disregard law in this country. Thank you very much.

    • Just doing our job

    • Walter Robinson: That I agree with. Kojic Andrej: if you are are a simple animal with no concept of ownership, then how are you communicating on a device that is clearly the property of some one else. (Social animals clearly understand ownership, try walking towards me when my dogs are at my side, they will show you who owns me). If you are just a brain wrapped in flesh, then none of this even matters, your actions have no meaning making this discussion pointless. Keep being and acting like the animal you are. But in truth you and I are more than the sum our parts. I wish you well with the path you have chosen, but when one day you become part of the machine you hate and it eats you alive, I will mourn your loss.

    • Land of the free and the home of the brave (providing you’re not critical of the cops). Then your first amendment rights go straight out the window.

    • Fuck you asshole.

    • Travis, it’s called adaptation. We live in a world where you are required to have possession to maintain a source of nutrition. I am not given any other choice. I was born into this society with no ability to survive in wild. I’m currently attempting to reprogram that skill into my day to day. Every day that I wake up in this prison complex, I strive to free myself of the material world you prize. I will find my way back into the wild. First, I will have to climb the proverbial ladder and cut throat like every other psychopath in this country. I will have to pay property tax or the government will send a tomahawk missile into my residence. I will find sensibility in the near future. You keep your “civilized” world and continue to support murders/criminals.

    • What are you talking about? You are nothing more than a biological organism (an animal). ohhh! You think you exist on some metaphysical plane? I see…. good luck with that. I do not need a spirit to find meaning.

    • Travis J Fasko the way i see it is this man is not a politician hr is not a lawyer he is a soldier and spoke as such. he has the right to be heard that much he has earned, his critical choice of words towards law enforcement is no worse then some of the things i have seen posted. For which he apologized. That Senator was looking for an excuse to have him removed.

    • Barry Waekens: I agree, and he gave him a reason, and I think we are all the lessor for it. The points he was starting to make need to make it to the ears of the masses. His concerns need to be addressed.

  • Does this surprise you It has been going on for a long time. I would suggest that these politicians live a week in the life of these great men and see what there opinion is then Thank you Vets for your service in all that you have done

  • Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. Fuck that up tight senator… won’t even hear out a vets story. America shall stay doomed until these old fucks are purged out of office!

  • He didn’t fight for no fucking freedom,he fought for the interests of the ruling classes that now want to make money of his illness and if he fought in Iraq he did it for Zionist political domination as that is the very reason we are there.

  • Get similar treatment at my job,too

  • Has the committee guy serve his country by picking arms agains the enemies of the USA or is he one of those over sensitive fat guys defending the status quo letting others preserve his right to be a chicken shit telling those who have preserved his way of life hey are out of line by calling the agencies that have benefited economically from. I would send that commitee guy to war war to fight for the rights to defend the country first then let them defend the country from his desk.

  • Why Are we surprised, the only thing politicians like hearing is the sound of their own voices

  • In order to get cannabis legalized we need to do it the proper way. Maybe we should have a big benefit, raise a bunch of money and pay off the politicians.

    • Our tax dollars here in Wa state and Colorado are doing it as we speak. They are actually talking about limiting THC content to around 16% THC so they can make more money.

    • In GA they legalized medical cannabis oil for certain conditions. Problem is..it can’t be made here or even grown. Which means people have to go to Col. or someplace to get it. Of course crossing all those states might end up being a problem. But hey..I guess it’s a start.

  • What a joke

  • Hopefully these men will stop fighting for the sole benefit of our psychopathic leaders and we all fight to get this psychos gone out of power.

  • “Mellow out or you will pay”

  • That was bullshit.

  • this suit and tie people that think there better then the rest of us wont let this VET tel his side even after he said he would tone it down…come on, this man went to WAR for a country that wont let him talk !!! Think about that.

  • the problem with this is he and everyone else is still begging the political masters for something. Wake up, and see the reality of that. If “We the People” are supposed to be the bosses, then why do we need to ask them for something?

  • Angela Ashley Justin Lopp

  • Another elected douch.

  • I don’t know much about American politics but from what i have seen the government do not care for ANY ex service man/women unless they are willing to suck up to these self serving politicians.

  • Darius Laxbro Venables Kevin Pakula

  • Ooh rah !

  • While asking the Committee to vote “no” on HB 4209, Serna explained that many people on disability cannot afford the tax hike in the bill. Upset that many patients would no longer be able to afford both their food and medicine, Serna explained, “This bill not only takes more money from them, it taxes their medicine – you’re going to give some of that medicine to the sheriff’s department, the jackboots, the thugs that come into people’s homes and kick in the door.”


  • weak.

  • Yoram Andres Roman

  • Fuck the courts!!! This is outrageous!

  • Never understood why people become baby killers…I mean soldiers…

  • judicial pompas ass! no he doesnt care i hope he has children that served in the military yea you know?he already has his mind made up so do I what a scummy polititian vote his ass out!

  • I agree , completely, with Barry Waekens, though I would extend their stay a little longer. Thank you VETS

  • For telling the truth?..The Vets are used..When use by date is up there thrown to the wolves with P.T.S.D…Weak as piss governments puppeteers of bankers..

  • Es giebt sie also doch noch , ——– ein paar rechtschaffende amerikanische Leute , auch am 1. April 2016 . Ich bin erfreut !!!!

  • If anyone deserves to be muzzled, it’s definitely the senator (and while we’re act it, he should be neutered too, just in case…) 😉

  • Forced retirement…

  • He did disrespect LEOs but he also apologized and said he would refrain and should have been left to finish his speech

  • Chicken Hawks !

  • Tell me again, what the 1st Amendment means ? oh wait…it means nothing when you’re the one with the gavel in your hand….

  • qcubed

    this senator needs to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan a few months

    • AshenTech

      years, forced to be in places he will see horrific and damaging things as often as possible, then put in a padded room and give him all the drugs they give these people and keep telling him he can get out when he starts acting like he expects vets to act, oh and, no, he cant go off the drugs that make it worse, and he cant have anything like cannabis/mdma/magic mushrooms…those are bad and illegal for good reason(according to him)

      keep him so he has to live with it, make him work to support himself food/clothing/ect as somebody keeps an eye on him constantly to ensure he dosnt suicide and get out of the life he wants to force others to live…because hes so fucking stupid he really thinks reefermadness and all the propaganda the govt put out about weed(and other drugs) was true/real….

  • cptplanet

    This senator and his supporters are an enemy to Freedom of Speech and a pitiful disgrace to their country.

    • Ricky Ross

      Exactly! lol … That Veteran did not “serve” his country! This is GREAT! I’m glad that he did not get to finish his speach! He believes and he even said that he fought for his right to speak >>> MY ASS! The only people that have EVER tried to take away our Rights, including our Freedom of Speech, is the very people that he SERVED and Followed their Orders! He served multimillionaire career Politicians who serve multimillionaire Corporations! He is a cold blooded killer that followed ILLEGAL orders and murdered people that were defending their country from invaders that wanted to steal their resources and convert their Banking system over to the NWO Central Bankers system! … now he sits before Politicians and gets exactly what he deserves … the same theft of Rights that he served to extinguish in Foreign Countries, never minding that the people that he murdered, were simply trying to defend what he is speaking against for himself in this video!

      • Kaine R M Hancock

        your a cockwomble

        • Ketch

          Considering your pure, unadulterated ignorance, it would be too obvious to conclude that your lack of intelligence instantaneously makes your opinion void

  • Ricky Ross

    lol … he did not “serve” his country! This is GREAT! I’m glad that he did not get to finish his speach! He believes and he even said that he fought for his right to speak >>> MY ASS! The only people that have EVER tried to take away our Rights, including our Freedom of Speech, is the very people that he SERVED and Followed their Orders! He served multimillionaire career Politicians who serve multimillionaire Corporations! He is a cold blooded killer that followed ILLEGAL orders and murdered people that were defending their country from invaders that wanted to steal their resources and convert their Banking system over to the NWO Central Bankers system! … now he sits before Politicians and gets exactly what he deserves … the same theft of Rights that he served to extinguish in Foreign Countries, never minding that the people that he murdered, were simply trying to defend what he is speaking against for himself in this video!

  • No politician has ever met a tax they didn’t like. This senator needs to be out of this job since he clearly isn’t acting in the interest of his constituents.

  • Lawrence Beerbower

    The jackboots, the thugs
    So hear what he really said from an educated point of view.
    He was calling the Sheriff’s department
    Jackboots means Nazi
    Thugs means a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer
    That’s why they closed him down.
    It was not because he was being to real. It was he chose to make a derogatory statement and called law enforcement Jackboots — Nazis.. Thugs —- cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer. that is why he was stopped and was told he could no longer speak.
    So let’s get real. I get his point of why he is saying no to HB 4209
    An up to the point when he made that statement in regards to the Sheriff office he was doing very well.
    But the manner and wording he chose to describe the Sherriff’s office and their personnel was inappropriate and that is specifically why he was shut down.
    I believe one could be much more effective without using the terms jackboos and thugs to describe law enforcement. For myself I find those specific terms to be crude and totally inappropriate when you are in a professional setting and are representing a specifc group of people.
    If you are going to choose to be the voice for our veterans you should take the time to seriously think out what you are saying write down what you will say and maybe have a few good professional friends proof read and correct your wording. You need to speak in a professional manner to get your point across to politicians and you need to leave the name calling and inappropriate terminology out of it totally. If you cannot say anything nice about the sheriff’s office leave them out of your speech. It is that simple keep a civil tongue in your mouth.
    I agree with him HB 4209 does make it harder on people who need access to medical marijuana. Most politicians no nothing about the more recent studies on it’s uses and it’s benefits in many applications. Also the big pharmaceutical companies do not want them to know and are willing to pay for the votes to beat down anything that suggests positive out comes with the use of medical marijuana. An no it is not always smoked and it is not always in leaf form. There is a lot most people are very ignorant of when it comes specifically to medical marijuan. It is not the same thing as was available in th 60’s and 70’s when we had no laws against it’s use. It was the pharmaceutical companies who pushed to have it banned. An it was banned without any studies being done.
    Also have you even bothered to actually read the wording in the bill?
    After reviewimg the bill in total a 3% gross earning tax on the business makes sense and out of that only 5% goes to the Sheriff’s office as decribed within the legislation.
    This does make sense due to the added cost of law enforcement patrols in these areas of the facilities to ensure their safety and consumer safety.
    So yes you are going to have to pay taxes on your medical marijuana.
    An yes for some it may unfortunately force them to make a choice. Stay on the prescription medicines or sacrifice a bit and buy medical marijuana. So while writting this post I took the time to read the 52 pages of the legislation and actually educated myself on what it specifically is saying.
    So in the end it boils down to this regardless of agreeing with or not agreeing with the legislation.
    It is how you speak in the forums and your specific wording that will allow you to be fully hear or silenced due to being disrespectful of people who serve and protect us every day.
    Calling law enforcement jackboots and thugs is a very stupid idea when you are speaking to professional people.
    So that’s the real of it. He was not shut down for being to real. He was shut down for disrespectful commentary in regards to the Sheriff’s office and their personnel.

  • Dave

    politicans don’t care about our military guys and girls.. Thats why the VA sucks they DON”T care. They sit up in their conferences for show and to buy votes. time to get rid of all incumbents

  • Butch Taylor

    That is a very clear example of the kind of person this country does not need as a Senator/Congressman or government official for that matter.

  • baruchzed

    State Senator Rick Jones is probably on the take re: Big Pharma, as most legislators who oppose accessible cannabis turn out to be. Corruption is so rampant among politicians that in some states they are passing laws to make it illegal to investigate political corruption. Shameful, eh? Oh and I bet Jones LOVES to pretend that he “supports our troops.” What a scumbag he is for turning off Dakota’s microphone.