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The Deadly Zika Virus is Available For Sale Online, Courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation


Recent outbreaks of a sickness known as the Zika virus have sparked hysteria across the globe, and many reports have actually indicated that this is likely a man-made disaster, as the origin of Zika itself is somewhat strange.

The virus was “discovered” in 1947, however, it was not discovered in the wild nor did it spontaneously arise. In fact, it was discovered by Rockefeller Foundation scientists in a monkey that they had in captivity, leading many to believe that this was the result of some type of experiment. Since then, cases of Zika have been extremely rare, but in the past few years, outbreaks of Zika have been on the rise, especially in South America and specifically Brazil.

Oddly, the recent outbreak in Brazil coincides with the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in 2012, by the British biotech company Oxitec. Not only did the new outbreak occur just after the release, but it also occurred in the same area.

Ironically enough, the GM mosquitos were actually proposed as a solution to infectious disease, but many experts warned that there was not enough research and that a release of such an organism into the wild could have disastrous consequences.

As news of Zika spread this week, rumors also reached the internet that the virus was available for purchase online. Sure enough, there is actually a sale listing for Zika online through a website called atcc.org, where a number of different viruses and biological agents are sold to research teams. For the sake of investigation, the Free Thought Project tried to go through the application process that was required to buy the virus, just to see if anyone with $516 to spend would be able to get their hands on it.

In case there are people out there who think this may be a ‘conspiracy theory,’ you can plainly see that the source for the Zika virus is, in fact, from J. Casals, Rockefeller Foundation, and sourced from Blood from experimental forest sentinel rhesus monkey, Uganda, 1947.


After initially trying to buy the virus, we were prompted to create a user account on the website. After that, we were led through a dozen pages of forms, where we were asked information about our organization, tax ID # and the biosafety level of our lab. While this seems to be tight security, we were able to input false information and fudge the requirements to complete the application process. We are still waiting for our application to be approved, but we did not have to upload any type of proof that we are a legitimate facility.

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It seems that while the virus is available online, it is not extremely easy to get, and would likely require some extremely creative fraud in order to make it happen. However, it definitely does seem that it would be possible for a group or individual that is determined enough to make their way through the website’s security measures.


John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website www.JohnVibes.com.

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  • Not surprising at all…Fuckers….

  • So people can do research and cure it

  • They are trying to depopulate the planet. Watch Endgame on YouTube. They want the global population under 500 million.

  • population reduction. Keep the poor poor of course.

  • Sam Foster

  • I thought this virus only really hurts pregnant women.

  • How long has the water been funky

  • ?

  • Next week on CNN, zika outbreak linked to isis#

  • Joseph Graham

  • ATCC……American Type Culture Collection.

    I used to buy stuff from them all the time. Lots of freeze dried bacteria and stuff

    • How come? What did you use it for

    • Microbiologist…….taught at a University bout 25yrs ago. Bought for teaching purposes and to test efficacy of antibiotics. Was also used to compare a known culture to a foreign isolated culture.

      After the initial buy I just kept my own cultures.

      We could have just found and isolated our own cultures…….but a pain in the ass and time consuming

    • They came in little bitty packets……like hotel room coffee pods…….but MUCH smaller. Lypholyzed (freeze dried)

  • nwo

  • Pretty obvious where it originated

  • Jon Rappoport is destroying the Zika narrative right now. It’s just another hoax to push panic and another vaccine…and who knows what else.

  • Jonathan Edge

  • Josh Dennis

  • All the so called elite are hellbound

  • Been fuxking up the world for a looong time. I knew tha days ago and thats saaad and scary they have zika on selves

  • Put a couple of the mosquitoes in his granddaughters bedroom.

  • Do you have a link for the photo in the post?

  • When I was teaching, we bought many cultures from ATCC.

  • Lois Mary Donaldson

  • It’s from the original virus. Samples from first outbreak. Hiv is patented.

    Syphillia is patented. That wasn’t created by anyone…it’s for research. Before you Google in databases make sure you know what the data means.

  • If you are approved, we have s problem. If not, then this is sale to research labs and not to conspiracy theorists. I’m ok with that.

  • Is this true?

  • money loving mongols

  • Amber Tafoya

  • This is how we cure it. Making it available for study is a good thing. Let scientists learn and fight it

    • We sold the west nile virus to Saddam Hussein previous to 1st gulf war.. along with a multitude of other biological and chemical weapons. 4 billion dollars worth. To study I suppose…. 🙂

    • Neither west Nile, nor Zika have a very good military application.pathogens for biological weapons typically kill. Small pox, marburg, y. Pestis.things of that nature


  • Create a problem sell the cure.

  • Why is this not surprising?

  • It is another distraction just like ebola last year.Wakeup peeps

  • Firas ND

  • Well it’s available for researchers looking for treatments and vaccines. I find it more interesting that they have this new and rare virus ready for sale, freeze dried, etc… That takes a minute…

    • The virus has been around for 70 years

    • I’ll look it up more closely. I shouldn’t have relied of the news to give accurate information.

    • I was on this site last week…. the Biosafety Level is such that it is the responsibility of the BUYER to ensure they have adequate safety protocols, not the seller.

    • Phil Barton 1947 if I remember?

    • More accurately you shouldn’t have relied on freethoughtproject.org to provide whole, complete, and unbiased news.

  • Eugenics in steroids

  • Geezus weeps!!

  • Finally you guys post it…god

  • Must be a “Bio-Weapon “

  • Planetary population control on melaninated nations Africa, south and Central America the Carribeans and some of Asia

  • Not willing to spread the word on what they are up to, but always willing to spread some disease to thin out the population and leave more for them!

  • .

  • Now that we are in the final moments of approving the ttip, they would release everything to scare the population and so distract them from the criminal treaty that will destroy europe!

  • Why else… to depopulate the planet

  • Thankfully you just advertised it for them.

  • Omar Lugo

  • Why? Really?? Does Agenda 21 ring of fucking bell?

  • Witmon Eisenhower David Pickard Mar Kenglish

  • How is he still here

  • Depopulation?

  • What ?

  • I find it ironic that ‘zika’ means to bury someone in Swahili! Hmmmmm

  • Kemer Lefler

  • Michael Mc Intyre

  • Why indeed???

  • No one seems to be mentioning the fact that this virus became a problem when Monsanto released GMO mosquitos in Brazil.

  • Kiera Nachman

  • you can also buy ebola clones, leukemia, HIV, and other diseases from places like ATCC, research companies buy that to test different vaccines, treatments, cures. Stop fear mongering

    • Fuck off dude. These are facts presented. If that scares u go change ur pissy pants

  • Sooooo, there must be a flaw in their blood, a genetic weakness that ONLY applies to them and their breed. C’mon my african geneticists, fight fire with fire.

  • Travis G. Blanchard

  • Know when your creation started, and how to live to reach the fullness of being and existence without end. It is free in both languages. Download free 6 textbooks from site http://www.paulhertre.wix.com/ObsequioParaSerLibre

  • What vaccines are available to eradicate the planet of the dreaded Rockefellers ?

  • “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” – nothing is by accident, it’s by design

  • Not really a big deal. Anyone with the skills to produce it in a manner that they can abuse it already has the skills to harvest it from a mosquito. Any idiot could catch mosquitoes until they acquire an infected one.

  • Stephanie Martin

  • Agney Nalapat

  • Troy Phan

  • This virus story is a total hoax, designed to cover up the REAL cause of the sick and deformed babies born in Brazil. It’s all the heavy pesticide use and the GMO mosquitos released there recently.

  • eugenics

  • “ATCC is a repository where you can buy any number of cell lines (bacterial, mammalian), viruses, cell culture reagents, etc. Its widely used in the biomedical research community. You are not buying anything from the Rockefeller Foundation. J. Casals was apparently the one responsible for isolating the virus in 1947 from rhesus monkeys, which subsequently has been licensed/purchased and banked at ATCC. Hope this helps.”

  • Kelli Patterson

    • The virus being sold online isn’t of concern to me because if you’re going to do research on something, you need to be able to have it. Where do you think labs get their stuff? Aborted fetus parts, anyone?

      What is of concern to me is that the Zika virus is being linked to microcephaly with an astonishing lack of proof. Not only does the rise in microcephaly coincide with the spread of the virus and the release of GM mosquitos, it also happens to be 10 months after Brazil changed their vaccination policy to include pregnant women. Unlike the US where women are given the pertussis vaccine in their third trimester, women in Brazil are given the vaccine in their second trimester. This means women are being injected with known neurotoxins at a critical time for brain development. There are no safety studies for vaccinating pregnant women. Every vaccine insert clearly states it has not be tested for safety in pregnant women.

      Zika has been around for a long time and has never been linked to brain problems in the past. It makes a pretty convenient scapegoat. It’s also convenient that a Zika vaccine is ready for phase 1 trials. Ever seen the Wizard of Oz?

      Are you sure you don’t want to join one of my vaccines groups?

    • Invite me.

  • Nor can just anyone wander in off the street and purchase it:


  • this could very well be a plan to stop slow human reproduction

  • and i gotta say its really shity… but it will work

  • Es wird immer bunter Alexander Zick

  • Harry Groove

  • they do not have the control only the fear mongering and no one believes them ..fuckheads!!

  • Cunts

  • I saw that too a while ago – interesting.

  • Agenda 21!

  • Ross Thrasher a conspiracy for you to delve into x

  • Aakash Rathour

  • these outspread viruses are manufactured and then allowed to spread so that these people may earn huge by selling antivirus.
    fucking inhumane

  • Stuart Lyon

  • Sorry, We are at war against mosquito

  • beacuse they can make money from it simple really these subhumans themselvs need to eradicated

  • Neven Nemar Martinčević

  • this virus was first collected in 1947, in research funded by the Rockefellers. But it’s being sold by another entity and this ia a company from which all biological research specimens are available, it has nothing to do with the Rockefellers.

    • Why are you confusing these folks with the truth and common sense?

    • I can always count on the comments section of these click hungry for revenue conspiracy pages to do the debunking for me.

      Thank you Steven, for supporting my laziness

    • You can count on them to both debunk or, more likely, to confirm the suspicions of conspiracy. Two truths: 1. There are conspiracies. 2. They don’t do as much as is imagined.

  • Mike Thompson. Dale Ashby

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  • control the population #totakeinnocentlives #afuckingdickasshole

  • Population control are you really asking why?

  • Problem Reaction Solution. Hegelian dialectic[…
    Hegelian dialectic, usually presented in a threefold manner, was stated by Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus as comprising three dialectical stages of development: a thesis, giving rise to its reaction, an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis, and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis.

  • Maik Quiencke

  • another agenda 21 issue,,world population control

  • James Blakeney who’d of thought ay

    • The Mosquitos that have spread it are GMO too 😐 Probably had the virus from the start… guessing any cure is owned and licenced by the same people lol!

    • Yep my thoughts of exactly! They started off wanting to dump down the world now one step further there getting babies with undeveloped brains it’s fucking sickening man 😕

  • Why isn’t this on bbc and cnn ??

  • Camila Sarah Mofsovich olha aí

  • One of the Agenda of NWO to reduce population…

  • So scientists can purchase it to test vaccines? It’s not as if the researchers go into the jungle and bring the virus back themselves, they all have a quality controlled supplier..

  • People are slowly waking up! But we still need your help, Hit the ‘Like’ + Comment (even 2 words) and share! (y)

    • keep moving

    • conspiracy theorist , new term for the people that tell the truth


    • Ok, the CONCLUSION of what this means IS a conspiracy theory. A wealthy family that has their hands in/invested in many things to further grow their enterprise ISN’T default for “evil population control agendas”.

      When your basis for suspicion begins at the heart of countless conspiracy theories, this one being the Rockefeller family, in order to make a point, you bet your ass you’re a conspiracy theorist.

      Try and answer these questions without the necessity to turn the conversation into a conspiracy aka arguments lacking any empirically true evidence.

      What does the fact Rockefeller is involved say about the Zika virus?

      Many viruses are sold for further R&D to help *eradicate* those viruses/diseases. So, what does it mean that the Zika virus is being sold according to your insinuation with the Rockefeller foundation?

      I truly don’t understand how this is “waking up”. To me it seems that “waking up” is entirely focused on making assumptions without being able to prove a thing. Just a hunch about what you feel is obvious, and ANY form of skepticism to what you consider obvious without verifiable evidence is automatically dismissed as sheeple or willfully ignorant. Believe it or not some people’s standards for truth require confirmation not just “look at this shit, how do you not see it?!?!”.

      Had I known this was a conspiracy page I never would’ve liked it.

    • Immortal Technique is HUGE on conspiracies. Knowing about the history of this country isn’t default for knowing things Historians don’t. You think taking history lessons from a rapper is a smart thing? You think Historians specializing specifically in American History wouldn’t know this “truth” by now? There’s a reason it takes a conspiracy theorist, NOT a historian, to further push this bullshit thinking onto the ignorant masses that will believe a fucking rapper of all things regarding History.

      Would you go to a mechanic to take advice on medicine?

    • Mario A Goncalves they are selling a virus for ‘research’ purposes…are the buyers vetted? Why do they need to profit from it? Surely they would want to help.

      Honest questions, no argument here.

    • Enough of the fluff it’s time to get tough

    • it’s true…

  • To thin the herd

  • The Internet – Where the Truth comes to die.

  • Wayne E. Park

  • Population depleation. they think there are too many of us and to use thier words we are unsustainable.

  • Dee WasHier Edik Enderas Nert Len

  • So researchers don’t have to go monkey hunting every time they want to do research.

  • How else are you supposed to get a specimen to research it !?!

  • Jonathan

  • Zika is not deadly. In most cases you do not even have any symptoms. After an infection you have a life long immunity. So? Even your site is part of that public hoax.

  • Man made virus from genetically modified mosquitos apparently .

  • Muh bankers.

  • Not only that but it is for sale online…………..http://www.atcc.org/products/all/VR-84.aspx

  • More Asshole that need killing.

  • And you did know that the DtaP vaccine has been directly responsible for infant brain deformities we are seeing in Brazil and the US? Now you understand the cover up. http://content.iospress.com/articles/journal-of-pediatric-neurology/jpn00659

  • I wanna see Rockefeller go down a very steep hill on his wheelchair!

  • Their always right in the thick of it. Get some more context to it http://new.thelastamericanvagabond.com/health/zika-virus-mosquitoes-origin-versus-outcome/

  • Ya make this old douche sound like the umbrella corp

  • Johnny Holden

  • Matej Kozic

  • I think a smaller darker less oxygen filled place would suit them better.

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  • And he’s had six heart transplants if I’m correct in remembering…sick Zionist piece of shit needs a bullet between the eyes

    • Oooh snopes. ..didn’t that just get found out as bullshit

    • I fully agree. What i’m thinking though is why are we not sueing the federal reserve? They have gone completly against the constitution in printing worthless money so can’t we sue them for our money back hence solving the global economy crisis?

    • Its gone on so long that there are so many hoops to jump through to get to the banks…its bullshit, I agree…but once JFK hit them, they knew they needed to be protected more. If that makes sense.

    • Speaking of jfk. Remember what happened to the last president that tried to help the people. He got shot in the face in Dallas.

    • Exactly

    • Because snopes is a reliable source with no ulterior motive.

    • 6 heart transplants? If true, d’ya ever wonder where these hearts came from? Absolutely nothing to do with the organ harvesting done by Israel!…..lol

  • What thaaaaa?

  • John ahh and people say this family isnt in the works of a global government smh people are so dumbed down xD

  • maybe zika is being highlighted to mess with the US elections ????


  • The Rockefeller family should have been terminated decades ago, along with Soros and the Rothchilds. They’re all parasites and cockroaches.

    • Someone else would just take their place. Need to cure the disease, not treat the symptoms. Greed is a symptom. Power is the symptom. Eradicating the disease will be very tough.

    • Murdochs 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    • ABSOLUTELY–and leave no antastasias!

    • Man in inherently flawed. The cycle will never end

    • Absolutely

    • No! WE! are the parasites and cockroaches they hope to wipe out!

    • Jack Lopez the disease is money. The disease is statism. The disease is people thinking they are superior to others. What you call “Israel’s existence” I call fellow human beings living on the same tiny little planet in the huge vastness of the universe. All this division of our species is a disease.

  • Erica Ludley

  • sick people

  • Oh what a coincidence. The richest people own everything. Why are you all surprised?

  • I couldn’t buy it. I just tried.

  • They don’t belong in prison they need to disappear

  • Just another Red flag moment, to encourage the SHeeple to inoculate without thinking.

  • Crap! Hadn’t heard this before.

  • Jason Smith

  • Damn.

  • Amanda Miller fear campaign

    • Guess it’s working cause it’s making me paranoid

    • Haha Systematic population control. These kabillionaires are pretty fucked up!

  • How do you make a vaccine if you cannot work with the pathogen?

  • Shqiptar Zekolli

  • Hello everyone, The Free Thought Project….Are your IQ higher than Einstein? Are u ready? Test your IQ free now…
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    Tks for this post: NOT a ‘conspiracy theory’

    Details: …bit…/1nMT35V
    The Free Thought Project… (y)…

  • Was recently funded by Bill Gates who also spoke of population control…..

    • Interesting.. I can’t say for certain but heard Bill Gates owns 49% of the stock in Monsanto

  • Funny that because one of Rockefellers mate Prince Philip said “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation (1988)..but we have a message for them…There are more of us than there are of the elite.. Watch your Backs!

  • Alex Rickel?

    • See Noah, every candidate other than Bernie wants to CUT taxes for wealth abusing scum like him. Those people get away with that because we let them. There needs to be change or we’re all royally fucked.

    • See Alex, that’s why people should feel #TheBern

    • #FeeltheBern 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • One day this man and all like him will meet they’re creator and boy will they be in for a shock.

  • Brenden McGuirk

  • Shared!

  • What the F…?

  • Population control?

  • Cuneyt Usta

  • Wtf!!!

  • It’s easy to have an “outbreak” any time, any where when you can order it and have it delivered. If the government subscribes to Prime, they can mass hysteria in just 2 days!

  • Emily Heinz

  • Clinton Darrisaw

  • Veton G. Bejtullahu Tea P. Dujaka

  • Yes but I also think that virus should be spread further than a whores legs at a stag party, mix in a little anthrax and you have yourself a problem solver, win win!

    • Would you feel the same way if they dropped it in your neighborhood first?

    • Sure I’d volunteer to be the polit test, given that there’s a one in 376599231 chance of it actually happening. Joking aside the rate of worldwide population growth has become almost cancerous, something needs to be done about it but nobody is willing to address the issue

  • Tanya Jacquez

  • This page has officially gotten crazy. Sorry but I’ll be unfollowing.

  • Evan Thibault

  • Chemical warfare every year it’s something just like the water is poisoning people just like the water is eating peoples flesh just like you need to get a shot for the flu what is it the swine flu the h1n1 diya Mirza what else is there where did it come from man is going to create something unstoppable but then what

  • Conspiracy fact


  • even 2 words

  • Rachel Abad

  • Darrell Spence

  • There is also no definitive link between Zika Virus and microcephaly.

    At last we must ask the question, what causes Birth Defects such as Microcephaly, because there is no definitive link between the contraction of Zika Virus by Pregnant Mothers and Birth Defects in their children.

    An article published by
    Scientific American stated:
    Zika virus has been grabbing headlines because of its links to an alarming birth defect called microcephaly. The data to provide evidence linking the relatively mild mosquito-borne disease and babies born with small heads and potential brain damage, however, are not yet conclusive. World Health Organization and U.S. government officials today discussed this data gap today in a series of public comments and press briefings. -By Dina Fine Maron on January 28, 2016
    Furthermore, the article went on to say

    A top official from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told reporters today that to firm up the connections between the two conditions researchers must study the documented microcephaly cases, the case history of pregnant women and conduct case-control studies of babies born in affected areas such as Brazil to get further insights. Only then, following careful analyses, can scientists solidify the Zika–microcephaly links and the required preventative steps. -By Dina Fine Maron on January 28, 2016


  • Alejandro Coronado

  • Some might say, that these creatures need to be irradicated .

  • I think that some people would sell the entirety of Existence out, just to claim credit for the deal.

  • This.

  • He will soon die and regret every thing in hell Lol.

  • Do more articles on Rockefellers, Rothchilds, and the like and other previous ventures they’ve funded.

  • Wayne Lemos what?

  • Yea right they probably fabricated it.

  • Website link?

  • Kourt K

  • Any legal evidence?

  • Tara Tascione

  • Lisa Goetz-Spitko

  • Laney St-Pierre

  • Has anyone actually tried buying this? Does Obama require a background check?

  • Zika has been known to the WHO for decades. It does NOT produce these results.
    These defects are new. These defects began when pregnant women were VACCINATED.
    Big Pharma is blaming it on Zika in order to avoid admitting their guilt in the matter.

  • Jonathan Gilliard Randy Wright. Don’t believe in the hysteria. Oh and what happened to the Ebola virus? Or the swine flu, SARS virus?.…..

  • Nuka Peter Siegstad

  • Only a few are listening

  • get to know the full history of the rothschilds,it’s a shocker to read,plz spread word along :

    • Thanks for the info!

    • more then welcome 🙂 i wondered why i was suddenly beeing accused of anti-semitism,just for posting a rothschild-quote meme.those are recorded historical fact,wtf?one kept yelling “where’s the proof”,so i googled (sic) et voila,this was what i found.mind=blown.

  • Ok enough is enough. These mother fuckers need to be jailed or executed before they can inflict more global pain, suffering and death

  • Please share

  • Not in prison. Wiped off the face of the earth. Publicly and painfully.

  • So basically you’re upset that we are selling a virus to research companies to understand it better and possibly cure it. Your opinion is irrational. This is how scientific progress happens. You can buy most viruses with a license. Without this type of research chicken pox, measles, and polio would still be rampant. Pick one; sale of virus to labs, or rampant viruses.

    • Shouldn’t be able to sell it Bro , why should health be a money machine, it should be free to science n let them fix it , the cure should be too ,

    • David Robinson they need money to cultivate the virus. This money does not come from thin air. The required facilities to grow the virus safely without it infecting people is expensive. Nobody’s going to do the work for free. Unless you want it government regulated and paid for by your taxes ?

    • This is why

    • Jacob Cottle your answer to a nonexistent question doesn’t even make sense, it’s just a meme. I don’t think you understand what’s going on here

    • so you’re saying that finding the cure is less important than making money that makes no sense at all unless you’re working for the devil… if they wanted to find a cure they would do it Nikola Tesla would do and just give it without wanting anything back except for the cure for the people… but then what do I know about greed

    • Your arguments do not make sense

    • “This money doesnt come from thin air” this made me cackle!! Lots of scientists work for free to save humanity. Such hogwash talking about expenses etc when you speak about the ones who could end poverty and disease in a day. David Robinson is right! These psychotics shouldnt be allowed to sell it! They shouldn’t have this at all. Nature should be left alone! Playing god is very very dangerous and its no loss to them if thousands are born deformed or mentally challenged as long as they are making $$$$$$$$$$$$ Heartless evil faceless men.

    • Tracy Lee Tupua where do these scientists who work for free come from? Who feeds them? What do they drink? Where do they live? They can’t work for free. Sure a little side work for general humanity but that’s not the type of effort involved in making a vaccine testing it and then mass producing it. You’re fooling yourself. The resources have to come from somewhere.

    • Tracy Lee Tupua it took me a long time to.figure what to say in that response out, as you contradict yourself in the argument saying we shouldn’t play god but we should be ending the diseases. Honestly didn’t know where to begin.

    • Tracy Lee Tupua please find me one vaccine for a serious contagious disease that was invented through volunteer work and then produced and distributed through volunteer work.

  • just burn them all… they all responsible for the demise of mankind…

  • Just burn them all

  • Tom Darko

    • Blood sucking vultures would sell their own soul for profit.

  • Alexander Smith this is what I was saying earlier.

  • Yes I did and said so

  • Molly Taylor

  • They should be executed and their fortune spread to the populous

  • It’s not even fucking deadly you moron

  • Does this surprise you? Leah Friedman Diana Palicki Ryan Ortiz

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  • Population control.

  • Anthony

  • Money whore

  • Prison ?? That whole family along with the Rothschilds need to be hung from trees

  • Angie

    • Wow! This goes way back. I have been researching it and found a few different sources that pointed to Bill and Melinda Gates. Thanks for sharing this info. ✌🏽️and ❤️

  • Mike Chiarello

  • Will Pelsh

  • Kill them all I say

  • Sad

  • This is the definition of a conspiracy theory. Labs that discover diseases often keep them and sell them to labs so that more research can be done. Purchasing a virus is a very stringent process and can only be achieved by a lab with clearance. Yeah let’s make a virus and then infect poor people who can’t afford treatment and then spend millions to treat them. Brilliant plan. Nothing more dangerous than inflammatory ideas being spread by people who have no education relevant to the discussion speculating about what experts are doing.

    • *drops mic*

    • You expect these conspiracy nuts to get the logic behind that statement?

    • US government sold Saddam Hussein Anthrax and the West Nile virus along with 4 billion dollars worth of biological and chemical agents prior to the 1st Gulf War. Must have been for research. Not saying you don’t have a point but money is money and power corrupts. When the corporate media reports on the zika virus and the solution is a genetically modified mosquito… and then to find out that the same company had already released genetically modified mosquitoes in the epicenter of the outbreak months prior..

    • You can buy anything if you have money

    • Michael, please provide a source for your first argument. And for the mosquitos, a newer technique for dealing with arboviruses is to gentically modify mosquitos so that the virus can’t act as a vector and transmit the virus to humans. This is one of many potential ways to limit human infection. You are talking about this as if it’s happening behind a curtain and it’s a mystery to the public when really it’s common knowledge to people who choose to study medicine.

    • Please cite your sources, Michael, and nothing Natural(y, crazy) News.

    • In 1981 the us government released over 900,000 Mosquitos infected with yellow fever in there very own country, it’s a declassified file look it up. And who can guess at the motives the psychotic elite have

    • LOL like all those Water experts who are allowing dangerous lead levels to be fed to the masses? LOL

    • Austin Pierce LOL How you rant about THEORIES that everytime when unleashed into the enovironment cause incredible damage and weaken us all.

    • Deborah, another blanket statement with no evidence or actual point. I have not been ranting about anything. I am simply explaining that viral epidemics are a common phenomenon and they’ve happened long before the US was a country. You and Kazpa are only backing my point that people are quick to believe anything that they hear even if they have no idea what they’re talking about. Kazpa, that event was declassifid in ’81 but it took place in the 50’s. A lot of weird scientific stuff went on in the 50s. I’m not saying that everything is absolutely fixed and better but it would be stupid to assume that the world hasn’t improved with regards to the ethics of scientific research. The US has made massive changes to regulations since the 50s.

    • seems to me the world has not improved on ethics on many fronts. why would science be sacred?

    • Youre asking everbody else to prove their statements but eheres your proof? Yours is just an ooinion like everyone elses. Careful coming down of that high horse…

    • Haha easy there Sean. I’m a medical student. I’ll gladly bring you up to speed on this issue but it will take about 8 years. I haven’t said anything that is contestable enough to warrant evidence. That be like a professor telling me the stomach is below the diaphragm and me asking him to cite his source. I haven’t made any “claims.” The statements I’ve made have been common knowledge to anyone who has a slight idea about how research, epidemiology, and medicine work. If there is something I’ve said that you disagree with, please, point it out.

    • Yea so let them do all they want & never mind informin us ignorant backward citizens what they’re up to.

    • Ooooo. A medical student. Gonna be a doctor that bases their treatment on what kind of insurance a patient has or doesn’t have? And no, I can’t state sources. My methods are observational. Keep up your righteousness. You’ll need it after your ordination. Er, graduation.

    • Great comment, Bridget. Way to keep it classy and contribute to the discussion. I did not say that my methods are observational. I said that my arguments do not merit sources because I have not proposed any new claims, but instead, have stated common knowledge facts and pointed out the lack of logic in this conspiracy theory. My “claims” have been: diseases are commonly for sale so that certified labs can study them. Epidemics of viruses are a natural phenomenon and are more likely in places with poor infrastructure due to the decreased ability to manage the pathogen’s spread. And that it’s illogical to argue that money is the motive because infecting poor people and then using your money to treat them for free is not a great “get rich quick” scheme. So Bridget and Sean, please point out which of those statements you believe needs s citation. Also, please point out anywhere that I am wrong. Attempts to attack my character aren’t going to help you prove any point.

  • This is what we were talking about earlier.

    Derek Frye
    Scott Spinner

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  • This is the second article i have seen with the similar content and the purchase of zika on line? Can it be? Shouldn’t be hard to trace? Lets see if there is accountability.

  • Katrina Munce Anthony Paul Waite

  • Aaron Arndt

  • 69 years

  • Alright.. goodbye. You guys are nothing but a bunch of moronic conspiracy freaks.

  • Matthieu Fauteuilhomme ?!

  • yeah, true, but did you also know, it’s pretty much harmless most of the time? nomorefakenews.com

  • ShaSha Strigadae

  • They must be hanged till death…

  • Nikola Gjorgon

  • If they should be in prison, then so should all weapons manufacturers… Selling things doesn’t make you a criminal. Using them to hurt others does…

  • Top Journalist Admits On Air That News Agenda Is Set By Government……..http://yournewswire.com/top-journalist-admits-on-air-that-news-agenda-is-set-by-government/

  • maybe they want to exterminate lots o people

  • In my language what you’re doing is: “taking a dump on knowledge”. With your conspiracy theories.

  • ——– ——–

  • The news today.. = what I’m payd to hear..:)

  • What to believe?

  • sdfqw52asd8qw…FaCEBOOk.Com/?tCo4o%6q1eaynogw-wco%9e1iaynygw-pc%8o1raynegr-yc%wr&hc_location=ufi#/games/?fbs=-1&app_id=1659044981026600

  • Žiga always follow the money

  • Did you know that Nostradamus predicted there will be an insect or some virus that we destroy most of the population ?

  • Yasmin Kelly

  • Keith Hallam

    • I already told u this lol. What the image doesnt say is that the zika virus outbreak epicentre was where they released loads of gmo mosquitoes last year.

  • 2 words


  • Imprisoned, publicly flogged and his wealth redistributed

  • Alex Ktos we were just talking about this smh lol

  • Bet they also are working hard to make a vaccine

  • Tore Loos

  • I was trying to tell y’all this last week

  • Dumbasses Brazil has a problem with using pesticides that were banned in the US. it’s not some grand plot you fucks

  • Kelly Herbst

  • The only reasonable explanation, these is aliens fo-sure..

  • You are so fucking backwoods insane if you truly believe this…

  • Madalyn Watson

  • Madalyn Watson

  • And the are worried about people buying guns and ammo online!

  • Paul Brown thought you might like this

  • Mitch Timbs is this the one you were saying with defected babies

  • Brianne Marie Weathers

  • he’s a fkn vampire

  • Population control is very important to them : (

  • No, not just any Joe Schmo can walk in off the street and purchase this. If you’d read just a little more, you’d realize this.

  • Hold up, you can but a virus?? Damn nature you scary!!

  • You can buy almost any disease on the internet, they are intended to be sold to labs at universities/research facilities for testing and vaccine creation. So no, they shouldn’t go to jail. However you should be angry with how little regulation is in place to ensure that they aren’t being sold to people with the intention of bio terrorism.

    Also, the main concern should be that, much like HIV, the virus was ignored when it was discovered. So now, just like HIV, it can be transmitted through sex and blood transfusions. The world is at risk of becoming a very scary place shortly.

    • Do you think thats not the plan? They are “downsizing” and hitting the most vunerable places.

    • Dr. Sam Chachoua has a vaccine and damn near a cure for HIV.

  • Long slow hmmmmmmmm.

  • Yes discovered by them in their laboratory monkey

  • Charissa thoughts on this?

    • Well, they should certainly be in prison. Whether this is true or not idk and I don’t have the energy to check it out. But they’re certainly rich enough and evil enough, so why the fuck not.

  • The world is a fucked up place people OK god says his people will parish cause lack of. Knowledge and look . money is the devil. Happiness is god the government is the devil bringing diseases whores satanic music dance war distruction and distractions from god. The government is going to go down thanks to anonymous and make this world as it was suppose to be

  • Interesting, next week your going to me they have a vaccine to combat it.

  • Oooooh look you can buy it here to!!!!!
    It’s to detect the disease not fucking spread it,YOUR spreading a fucking disease posting that meme!!!!

    • First case was released here in Qld on the news this morning. We dont have this mozzie here. Just saying not arguing. She caught it whilst holidaying in El Salvador, she returned in December and is the 10th case here in 2 years.

  • It’s to detect the disease not spread it,your spreading the disease posting zero research meme’s dumbass!!!!!

  • Since when Free Thought is against Free Trade?
    What a bunch of authoritarian collectivists!

  • James Landry

  • Raven Russell

  • Anthony Bergeron ctu de ça tu parlais drette hier

  • Mandeep Gill

  • Joe Holden

  • Guy Forster do some research on this and vaccines

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    • Shawn

      Did you have to remove your tinfoil hat before you were treated?

  • disqus_M2OtKNOg3E

    i got mine it took a month but i received mine no questions asked

    • Shawn

      Uh, right. You have to verify your ability to work with and contain a BSL2 pathogen before placing an order.

  • Shawn

    A lot of virii are available for purchase online but you can’t just Add to cart, enter your credit card and a week later, FedEx shows up with your virus. You have to provide credentials and proof of your ability to work with and contain BSL1-3 pathogens. You can buy machine guns and explosives online too but you have to possess the proper credentials as well. This article is nothing more than fear mongering.