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Exponential Growth of Pot Sales Have States Frantically Pushing to End the War on Marijuana


An “exhaustively researched” report by analysts with ArcView Market Research show that the legal weed biz is exploding — exponentially.

According to the report, the legal sales of this amazing plant have jumped 17%, to $5.4 billion, in 2015 and they will grow by a whopping 25% this year to reach $6.7 billion in total U.S. sales.

The marijuana industry is quickly becoming a market force to be reckoned with.

According to The State of Legal Marijuana Markets report, the legal cannabis market will see a whopping $21.8 billion in total annual sales by 2020. By comparison, at that point, according to Fortune, the legal marijuana market could be bigger than the National Football League, which saw roughly $12 billion of revenue last year but is aiming to reach $25 billion by 2027.

These numbers are staggering considering the first time recreational marijuana was sold legally in the United States was only two years ago in Colorado. The tax revenue from legal weed has politicians, in states where the plant will get you thrown in a cage or killed, chomping at the bit to tap into the high times windfall.

2016 could be a record year for ending the war on pot as ballots are underway in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Nevada, while a handful of other states could also put legalization to a vote.

Over the last two years, a paradigm shift has begun as the state’s reefer madness crumbles and polls are showing that now, a majority, 58% of Americans back legalization.

The legalization of cannabis can not happen fast enough. Aside from recreational use, cannabis research for the treatment and prevention of disease is proving to be nothing short of miraculous. From healing broken bones to treating PTSD and killing cancer cells, the benefits of this plant are seemingly endless.

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Despite cannabis prohibition, even politicians are starting to break the law to provide people with cannabis. Rep. Allen Peake, a Georgia lawmaker, admitted that he defies unjust cannabis prohibition by bringing medical cannabis into Georgia from states where it is legal, such as Colorado. He recently delivered medical cannabis to a mother whose son suffers from seizures.

As Fortune reports, ArcView expects the legal pot market to show a compound annual growth rate of nearly 30% over the next few years. “I think that we are going to see in 2016 this next wave of investors, the next wave of business operators, and people who’ve sort of been watching or dipping their toe in, really starting to swing for the fences and take it really seriously,” ArcView CEO Troy Dayton said in an interview.

The times are changing, and those who continue to throw people in cages or kill them for possessing a plant are being exposed for the vile tyrants they are. No amount of state-sponsored violence and force can stop the idea of ending the war on marijuana whose time has indeed come.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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    • …………….unfortunately you can get shot for being homeless…….peace……

  • We passed medical marijuana in MA a few years ago and I believe that so far we have on dispensary open. I hold out zero hope for recreational pot in the BayState even if the ballot initiative does pass. Passing it might be only half the battle in some states.

  • About fucking time they got off their asses and Legalized It for the whole country.

  • The ONLY reason the states are pushing for legalization is for profit…. This is no major victory my friends… Just government doing government shit…. Their goal is MORE money NOT more freedom…..

    Do not be fooled into trusting these power and money hungry assholes…..

  • Its saves these states a lot of $ on police costs and work.As the cost of jail… People get more relaxed its more save then alcohol.

    • The whole court, legal, prison and police systems make a lot of money off of the arrests and summons that they issue. Here in Va each officer has to meet weekly arrest quotas.

    • John Cowlishaw Yeah and all those bill’s will be add up to the national debt of the USA.Its rediculous a waste of good money.I hope Bernie wins,the USA could use this man as a leader.

  • Except in IL, where, they approved it , but not for some approved everywhere else and with ONLY 4000 approved statewide, creating $100k in sixty days, Gov doesn’t sign to renew. Please advocate inIL–people will go back to suffering

  • Hey, this is great, now where is all that tax money for our; roads, schools, bridges, all that stuff we were promised?

  • For all the wrong reasons…

  • End the war on drugs

  • Melody Newcomb Edward Newcomb tag jarvis

  • Florida also has medical marijuana on the ballot. Forgot that one.

  • not that politicians are greedy bastards but …

  • And Florida!

  • Its time to end State sponsored violence against cannabis users. It is and has been available to anyone who can afford the black market quagmire. Lets end prohibition and start to build a better world free from the powerful self-interest lobby of monopolized pharmaceutical alcohol tobacco and private prisons that cling to their tyranny on citizens and commerce. We all know it’s a narrow group of moral mindsets and corporate cronies that keep politicians greased with dark money and bigoted influence. Stop cannabis prohibition and start running politics for people and not self- interest of monopolized commercial interests. After all this country can and should be fair.

  • It is Medecine….. treat it as such

  • Ya, lets fight something that has merit like poverty, hunger, medical needs, parenting classes for the kids that think they know it all before the get PG not after.

  • If I found myself in the fortuitous situation where I had all that pot, I’d hate it. All except for one fat, juicy bud and even then I’d be living for pay day (tomorrow actually).