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Facebook Announces they Are Now Banning ALL Talk of Firearms, Ammo, or Gun Parts Trading

(RT) — Facebook and its acquired service, Instagram, no longer allow users to make arrangements to buy or sell firearms, gun parts, or ammunition. The new rule has given users a hot topic to share and post about, whether they “Like” it or not.

“Over the last two years, more and more people have been using Facebook to discover products and to buy and sell things to one another. We are continuing to develop, test, and launch new products to make this experience even better for people and are updating our regulated goods policies to reflect this evolution,” Monika Bickert, head of Facebook’s global policy management, said in a statement on Friday evening.

President Barack Obama and state attorneys general, as well as gun control activist groups Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Mayors Against Illegal Guns – backed by billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg – had been urging the world’s top social media website to crack down on private gun sales, USA Today reported.

The last time Facebook took gun-related action was in March of 2014, when it blocked posts involving gun transactions to minors and required user-controlled pages to adopt wording telling others to obey local and federal laws and regulations. The site already bans arranging sales of marijuana, pharmaceuticals, and illicit drugs.

The one exception to the rule is licensed dealers, who can keep their businesses advertised, though online sales will still be prohibited.

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With 1.6 billion visitors each month, Facebook is expanding its marketplace capabilities, providing digital payment services and instant transfers via personal messaging. The users that make up that emerging marketplace will also serve as lookouts for banned gun sale posts, according to the New York Times.

Some users, however, are not so likely to help enforce the new rule, which they see as a violation of their rights, or an example of the website’s political bias or hypocrisy.

What the fuck of all fucks.Facebook has banned private gun sales groups… Uet it is perfectly acceptable for isis…

Posted by Michael James Rullo on Friday, January 29, 2016

So I guess all gun sales on fb will now occur using slang, code words, and subterfuge.

Posted by Robert Duhaime on Friday, January 29, 2016

Facebook says they are banning private gun sales so I want to test them. Anyone interested in an AK with accessories? $1,500 cash and a copy of your picture ID. No felons and 18+.

Posted by Cory King on Friday, January 29, 2016

The Facebook police are REAL folks. Took less than 12 hours for me to receive this message after posting my AK for sale. Just something to think about.

Posted by Cory King on Saturday, January 30, 2016

Facebook will first remove posts violating the new rule and then possibly take action against the user, depending on the situation, the Times reported.

Facebook joins other services like Craigslist, which don’t also allow gun sales either. Many ad services such as Google AdWords prohibit the promotion of weapons as well, The Verge reported.

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    • Hey man Facebook don’t want no trouble with the government .

    • They’re Facebook, what’s the government gonna do? Kill him? please, we all know that if he dies suddenly it’s of no coincidence.

    • go to the USA if you want to be “free” 🙂

    • idiots

  • (yourstate)guntrader.com

  • I’m selling one pARtato. Has a 16 inch…stem and an aimpoint…French fry slicer. Pm for pics

    • What brand farm did it came from?

    • It’s a hybrid I created myself. I used Anderson seeds as a base, and then did some gene splicing with high quality internal DNA

  • I’ll take a forty swizzle stick with 2 bananas.

  • Gun for sale. get your guns here!

  • Dumb… instead of a public forum- with anybody making sale and buying in FULL VIEW OF ANYONE…. now the BLACK MARKET SCORED A WIN!!!! LIBTARD IDIOTS

    • Geuss the government needs to sell more fast and furious guns….

  • Fucktard book can come up with more cunty bullshit than 3 entitled 22 year old blondes on a friday night…

  • what you sell a glock cup?

  • Ha ha stupid Facebook

  • Screw facebook! Dogs ket ISIS post beheadings but don’t talk about guns.Man if I lived there Id be armed to the teeth.They import terrorists and armed mercinaries then make you give up your rights to defend yourself? Obama must hate you all with a passion.One thing that stands out in US History they never assinate the bad guys.Only the Good Presidents get taken out.Be proud that Americans have never killed a president but your gov has.

    • You win

    • I don’t know where you’re getting your information from but no one is preventing me from owning a gun and no one is coming to take my gun. However if you are a dumb ass and seek the governments permission on what you can and can’t own, then you deserve to have your shit taken from you. I mean what kind of idiot actually trusts a government tool?

    • Wow…the Free from Thought project attracts all kinds of loonies.

  • lmao they think they have power to actually stop it?

  • How do they stop it???

  • Does make a nice trigger guard

  • John

  • Fuck that

  • No they are not, they don’t give a shit what you put out there….. your peers do….. don’t be a dick, you won’t have any problems….

  • Hahahaha, I gotta admit, this is pretty clever, 🙂 Gotta see if I have a holster for that ‘red solo cup’ !!!

  • why don,t you just give it to your kids?

  • Maybe Fuckerberg fears that one of those weapons has his name on it. He would do well to contemplate the phenomenon of observer effects.

  • Fuck you facebook.

  • Haha! Fuck facebook. I’ll talk about guns all day long.

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  • Facebook sucks I agree but I’ll use it till they ban me lol

  • nice cup

  • When I close my eyes I can’t see you!

  • Who the f would pay 550 for a used glock?

  • You can buy guns on Facebook? Has Facebook become Amazon?

  • I love how Facebook thinks they can decide what american citizens need to see.

  • Facebook isn’t the town square its a corporation.

  • Start by banning hate propaganda

  • Well…not now…the damn thing has a hole in it!

  • maybe obamma and suckerberg found out isis was getting their guns over facebook? if suckerberg wanted to actually save lives maybe ask his friend obamma to stop drone bombing kids.

  • lol

  • Guns and bullets and ammo and nuclear bombs and IED’s and plastic explosives, and tanks, and missiles and rockets and assault rifles and machine guns and shot guns and bird shot and explosive rounds, and FPS Russia on YouTube, and bang, bang, bang, ugh *dies* lol. Sorry. A bullet got me. I’ll shut up now XD

  • Who cares, that’s why we have Gun Broker!

  • Facebook is the new KGB

  • Who in their right mind would use Facebook to sell a firearm? I mean, if you’re a federally licensed gun dealer I could see it. However, if you’re just an individual looking to sell an old rifle it just seems like you’re setting yourself up for major headaches.

    • It’s even attempting to talk of it. Like striking up a conversation about doing it.

  • Should ban car pics and vids, maybe people will stop breaking into cars or stealing them. Could stop food ads in hopes it makes people skinny. In all seriousness, can we just stop paying attention to the kardashians, kayne and bieber.

  • Time for Freedombook

  • They have a problem with gun talk? Man I love CounterStrike, that AWP’s .338 Lapua Magnum rounds just punch a hole right through you. And who can forget the Tec-9’s amazing paintjobs you can get for it?

  • This is fucking retarded. It’s my and everyone else’s right to talk about guns.

    • It’s about talking about firearm and firearm accessories sales, which is completely legal. It seems like they are pandering to a certain uber-progressive audience or something.

  • i never owned guns or cared much for them until the Obama administration. now i can arm my entire family and some of their idiot in-laws and a couple neighbors if shit goes down.

  • Stolen guns don’t sell on fb because the person interested in it may be a cop and criminals don’t buy on Facebook because the seller may be a cop so this whole thing is dumb

    • It doesn’t even have to be guns themselves from what they are saying. Even parts, ammo, and accessories fall into the category.

    • Welcome to communism my friend free speech is gone and now when the second amendment is gone all freedom will be gone unless they give us permission

  • I have a GUN for sale. and AMMO, And parts for an AR-15 RIFLE. Which is a kinda GUN. And BULLETS to go in the GUN.

    • Sorry, I’m gonna have to have those bullets loaded into cartridges first, like in this picture about ammo for sale.

    • Im just being a smart ass. I didnt think AMMO would make the list… lol.

  • Fuckin america

  • Lol!!!!!

  • I’ve been saying this all day. No one buys guns on Facebook. They find out the availability of items and meet in Wal-Mart parking lot to purchase said items

  • Liberal gun mentality

  • Fb can suck it

    • How do you aim with that scope? Fuck…

    • Wide angle lense bro

    • I mean it looks like it has no riser on it. Maybe it’s just the angle or something. Like that SS barrel though.

  • Sick

  • Something is going on….two people on my friends lists had their accounts shut down this morning. Not one. But two.

  • This is bullshit

  • Bullshit !

  • Ha, good luck!

  • Great now we have social media step policing what we can and can’t do

  • fuck that gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun gun you can’t bann me hahahahahahah

  • Jeremy Garcia

  • Facebook is attempting to manipulate citizens. Shame on them.

  • I will not be silenced!

  • So what.

  • Luke Martin

  • Facebook is anti-american

  • then nothing’s going to stop them from using other names, such as life ender

  • I wish I was allowed to buy a Solo cup, damn background check prohibits me from buying the red ones.

  • You guys are retarded. You know there is a whole world OUTSIDE of Facebook where you can sell whatever kinda stupid shit you want. What is your movement anyway, you guys are paper thin. Create a solution to bring people together instead of being part of the divisive machine.

  • Guns are for idiots

  • Seems like Facebook is censoring Gun talk as well as Truthful Talk about the Evil that is Islam.

  • LOL good idea

  • Out a gun in a Sock next, or ammo sock packs, or Coardboard Cutouts of the gun your selling lol.

  • That surely will include politicians

  • The thought police are everywhere. Sad.

  • Chris Boyle:)

  • Face book is gay oh wait they took the right to say that away too

  • SO? The hook-nose is anti-gun? SELL THAT STOCK PEOPLE! The hook-nose is an OBAMA LOVER!

  • Looks like a Glock…

  • I’ve heard this rumor before and the gun pages are still open. I’ve been talking to the admin from one page and we will try to file a class action law suit if this does happen.

  • I suggest every page admin rally their member to file a class action law suit against Facebook if they even try such shit

  • If both people are licensed ccdw then there’s nothing wrong with it, this is the major reason we need a 50 state ccdw license. Person to person transactions are fine as long as you take the proper steps. I’ve sold firearms and bought firearms through hear groups and every time it went smooth. It’s rediculous for Facebook to ban sales for thought of being liable in some way, if your banning the sale of firearms you might as well ban all for sale groups before you sell a car to someone who gets into an accident and kills someone and then all these people say “well if they wouldn’t have been allowed to buy the car from someone on Facebook”.

  • Censorship will always be “arbitrary and capricious” to some extent. One man’s meat is another’s poison. To put it another way, censorship depends on … consumers or in this case the sheeple looking for a real free life on a Zionist controlled social media , whats next Zuckerman .. you jerk . OVER 1.3 billion people, nearly the population of China, are now active Facebook users. That means a whopping 18% of the world’s population logs on to the site at least once a month. The social network is the largest community ever: a place where ideas, stories, images and perspectives are communicated instantly and widely across national, geographical and ideological boundaries.

    But whenever a public forum for dialogue is established, rules arise, and Facebook is no exception. The website maintains a list of community standards “[t]o balance the needs and interests of a global population.” Facebook prohibits threats of violence to oneself or others, bullying and harassment, hate speech, graphic content and nudity. You might argue with these categories—an interesting debate has recently sprung up over how social media sites should handle beheadings and other images of extreme violence—but because it is a private organisation, not a government, Facebook has no obligation to publish anything it does not want to broadcast. The First Amendment to the American Constitution only guarantees that national, state and local governments will respect freedom of expression. As a non-governmental entity, Facebook can permit or prohibit whatever content it likes, just as any club can set its own rules for speakers and every newspaper can decide which articles it sees fit to print. If Mark Zuckerberg, its chief executive, wanted to, he could silence everybody with bad grammar, delete all videos related to ice-bucket challenges or block users who post too many photos of their cats.

    But given the staggering amount of content self-published by Facebook users every day, there is no way the site can pre-screen every, or any, post. It relies on users to identify breaches of the community standards. “If you see something on Facebook that you believe violates our terms,” the site implores, “you should report it to us.”

    My experience on both ends of the reporting regime suggests the process is neither rational nor transparent. Facebook censors operate under a cloak of anonymity, with no accountability to users. When the Supreme Court issues rulings, the justices present detailed, carefully reasoned (and often quite lengthy) written justifications for their decisions. So whether you agree or disagree with what the Court decides, you at least know the basis of their judgments.

    Not so with Facebook. As powerful as the nine Supreme Court justices may be, they are no longer the most consequential arbiters of acceptable speech around. While the justices’ decisions affect over 300m Americans, and establish precedents for years to come, it is a rare individual who says or publishes something that rubs up against the wishes of the government. But for the 1.3 billion users of Facebook, anything you post could lead to an anonymously issued user report. The judgment comes swiftly—and, as far as this correspondent can tell, quite capriciously.

  • Facebook cup loophole

  • Brooks Witherspoon better get a solo cup in that pic

  • People are so gullible these days…..

  • Hmmm! there has to be some Constitutionality issue brewing there.

  • Facebook is a private company and can do whatever they want.

  • Great. . It should really boast solo cup sales.

  • This article / new policy is NOT about “banning gun talk” . It’s about the private sales and trades in regards to illegal firearm sales . No where in this new Facebook policy does it say “Nomore gun talk” . Please , I urge you to read an article throughly before dropping your opinion .

  • good!!!!

  • It’s weird how libertarians think constitutional freedoms somehow apply on the corporately owned private company website people voluntarily participate on when it suits their opinion, but not when it doesn’t. Who the hell needs Facebook to sell guns anyway? This isn’t a 2nd amendment issue, it’s company policy. Deal with it or leave. No one forces you to use this stupid site.

    • That’s true but it’s cool for hate groups to continue to recruit on the same stupid site.

    • Um I’m a Libertarian and I don’t think that lol everyone has the right to express their opinion regardless of whether you agree with it or not

    • People are free to be pissed off about it – just seems weird when people portray Facebook as a public institution when it clearly isn’t.

    • Word

  • Magnus Whitman

    • Yup, been seeing this shit all day. Pissed. I really liked browsing the locals — there’s some good shit around here.

  • LMAO….good one…!

  • Sell a pencil and give the gun as a free bonus. But the pencil costs $300.

  • Holds quite a punch!!!

  • but then again you cant speak your mind on here either

  • Fuck that I don’t sell my joint’s period but I will talk about blowing your head off for fucking with me or mine

  • “Shortly after Facebook announced their policy change, a rumor began circulating that the company was banning all pro-gun rights groups from using their social media network. This is not the case: the new policy change only applies to private gun sales, which are often transacted without background checks.”

    This page really needs to check its facts http://www.snopes.com/facebook-firearms-gun-sales-policy/

    • So basically it told us to do what we were already doing…way to go fb

  • This is a direct Violation of Someones 1st and 2nd Amendment . If they let pages get shown of ISIS :poop: Then, Someone should be able to talk about Guns and related Issues.

    • It’s actually not a 1st ammendment violation. FB is a private company. I don’t like it either, but it’s not a violation

  • hahahahaha.. really..? im sure we all can find something much more interesting to talk about than Facebook.. who cares.

  • Well it’s only cause of fear you bought the gun anyway. You can thank the media for that. Now you want to sell it. Just melt it down and sell it for scrap metal maybe facebook will let you do it that way.

  • i highly doubt this

  • So who wants a 22. Rifle?

  • LoL!

  • Does this mean I can’t sell my truck anymore?

  • If someone don’t like facebook I strongly advice to delete his account. Scumbag should be punished for this action. I’m sure they will find him…

  • minds.com

  • It’s time to encourage a mass exodus from Facebook and the nazi scum censors that run it

  • Selling guns? what a horrible idea. Selling machines made for killing ourselves and each other. Warped thought !

  • LOL I got a gun for sale ban this while your at it

  • Cock Suckerberg strikes again!!!

  • Fred Jeffery

  • Good ‘ol DD’s got ya covered. Who wants to buy some aluminium ‘paperweights’??

  • “The ‘T’ fell off the sign. It should say ‘Peggy’s World of Books and Gunst’, but surely you didn’t come here… for a gunst.”

  • Well that could trigger a recoil, how many bullets are we to dodge from Facebook before we get a shot at free speach, which is clearly what is in our sights. Can we just have a little bit of life with the safety off? Both barrels if you will! Stop the thought police, and not the thinking!

  • good any gun other than for hunting should be banned

  • I still sell guns on Craigslist.

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  • Facebook Announces they Are Now Banning ALL Talk of Firearms, Ammo, or Gun Parts Trading

    Read More: http://bit.ly/1SRXgSo
    The Free Thought Project.com (y)

  • Slippery slope Facebook, you start making moves like this and people will think it’s actually Facebook that is causing these things. Just be a social media site and qquit trying to be the world ppolice social medias site.

  • Ill test this.


  • Open your eyes to the beauty around you. Open your mind to the wonders of life. Open your heart to those who love you. And always be true to yourself. – Donna Davis

  • https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/19/ce/53/19ce535eee31539aefc5219a5591bb5f.jpg Mirror for sale. Guaranteed to ensure you are the fairest in the land. Comes with lots of accessories for making sure that no one argues with you.

  • Facebook cant keep people from selling guns. They cant even keep bogus resturaunt passes and porn off here what makes them think they will be able to regulate gun sales?

  • A man once asked his father “Father, how will i ever find the right woman?” His father replied, “forget finding the right woman, instead focus in being the right man.”

  • Makes perfect sense……not.

  • Good! I personally hate guns and don’t want ANYONE having them!

    • Aren’t you a special little snowflake.

    • Jeff Wolford AWWWW…No..I’m just a red blooded american who actually cares about people!!

    • So you care about people while wanting no one to have a gun to protect themselves? I’m certain that criminals will repent and turn their guns in just for you and everyone can sleep with their doors unlocked.

    • Jeff Wolford Um…why would people need a gun if no one had them???

    • Going to buy another in your honor. Might give it away to a single mother who can’t afford a self defense firearm. Oh oh I know the answer to your question …………because the government would have them.

    • Jason Obney Good. I hope you shoot yourself with it like most gun owners do!!

    • Nan Rose or his spouse

    • Wow…from actually caring about people to wishing that Jason Obney shoots himself with one. Hypocrite much, Nan Rose?

    • Jeff Wolford I don’t care about people who don’t care about other people!

    • Here’s a gun for you nan lol

    • Want to become an instant billionaire Nan? Come up with a viable plan that ensures that no one , and I mean NO ONE, has a gun. You’re such a caring person that you just told a complete stranger to shoot himself over a comment. You see, the reason people like you dont want others to have firearms is because you think everyone is like you. In that respect maybe you’re right, You should not have a gun.

    • A special kind of stupid

    • Nan Rose

    • There has been more people killed in that mans name and his fathers than anybody’s nan we should ban jesus not guns

    • N lets ban cars if 10,000 gun deaths happen in a year then 40,000 are killed in vehicles

    • I love when idiots make that comment Mike Kohli. You fail to realize that cars are a necessary evil! You NEED cars! Too many people live in rural areas or suburban areas that don’t have public transportation! You NEED cars! YOU DO NOT NEED A GUN!!! And if guns were as hard to get as a driver’s license, maybe there wouldn’t be as many deaths! But you morons are against any laws that can possibly save lives!!!

    • If we do not need guns, we should take them away from the police.

    • You may not but I know several families that hunt for food. Some people actually do need guns. Sure they could use a bow. I’ll let you go hunt a bear with a bow though.

    • It would be great if there were no guns or means of the production of guns in existence. Then governments, by far the largest mass murderers in history, wouldn’t have any either.

      Even then, though, people wouldn’t have defense against physically stronger attackers or wild animals.

  • Time to switch to “MeWe”
    Better than Facebook and they don’t track you and sell your info like facecrook does.

  • Now Hold On Just One Darn Minute! How dare you try to use TRUTH and LOGIC and Reason to explain these actions! Why, these people’s heads will expolode with that kind of honest opinion and thoughtful commentary! They are not at all familliar with such things. Next thing you’ll be using Common Sense and Facts to make your point, I bet. Jeez, people. Have you no shame? These folks can’t be held to a standard of behavior like everyone else in the Country!! What do you expect? Personal Responsibility? Maturity? Adult Behavior? MANNERS?!? Don’t You realize that there is a Liberal Double Standard that you are supposed to notice but NEVER talk about? C’mon!

  • Amiri King, thoughts?

  • Except I imagine that facebook shuts them both down as they find them…

  • facebooks deleted conversations ive had about how 9/11 looks like an inside job. and the bernadino false flag

  • so, how will they get these folk,by using meta data or by a program that picks up on words and pics?

  • Example. I have a Palmetto. 98%. Nice Furniture. Call 555-1221 to discuss.

  • To be fair they shut down most of the isis accounts they find and keep the rest for surveillance purposes which is smart

  • Ha!

  • Us Govmnt just wants to sell more fast and furious weapons on the blackmarket so the cia can fund el chapos next escape

  • Guns got around before FB and they still will. Any argument for or against won’t change that.

  • Shrewd 3rd world kid is suppose to astute observations not dumb gun nut ramblings.

  • What

  • President Obama likes ISIS but dislikes armed Americans. It is really that simple.

    • Your parents were siblings and you’re simple.

    • ?

    • Your crazy obama is an american that is not a muslim n he does not repeatedly go around congress and he doesn’t visit mosques nor does he attend criminals funerals weather they were killed justifiably or not but he does go to fallen soldiers funerals he is a great leader so John Brost is probably correct im just surprised he took the time to release obamas shaft long enough to write such an impressive post cheers to u good sir MERICA

    • It speaks to your breeding and intelligence that you cannot hold a civil conversation or debate without resulting to insults.

    • Sorry this is a perfectly legal action. You can still as a private individual buy and sell firearms in this country. Facebook has the right do as they wish, but he has no right as a President to request a limit on the 2nd amendment. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-facebook-guns-exclusive-idUSKCN0V72QB

  • I believe that one is much easier to control than the other !!

  • How do we know those two people are law abiding? I see no problem with needing a license to sell a gun, i know ill get a lot of flack for that, but im not cool with the mentally ill or violent offenders being able to just buy a gun.

    • Right. …..yet ISIS can promote freely? You don’t see it dipshit?

    • Bob Dobson Wow way to conversate as an adult. I said nothing about approving of isis being allowed to use fb (which newsflash they’re booted off most of the time, and the others are allowed to continue so they can be watched). So tell me, who’s the dipshit?

    • All humans are violent

      Any human can easily be argued to be labeled “mentally ill”

    • Steve Landis I said violent offenders, as in people who have committed violent acts upon other beings. As for mentally ill, how can anyone be easily called mentally ill, there’s def a precedent or a range for what is considered normal behavior and thought, and what isn’t. But if you’ve got some kind of an example of how you can argue that you or I are mentally ill then im all ears (that wasn’t meant to be sarcastic or jerkish)

    • Case: Woman was raped during a home invasion. Woman sees psychiatrist for some years to help her with this devastating trauma. She is now married and has 3 kids. According to this same set of laws and rules that you have condoned and agreed to….she is now, not allowed to own a gun for her own protection, because she has a past psyche history during a dark point in her life.

    • Think this case is far-fetched? Why don’t you talk to my sister. She was denied entrance into the military due to her past psyche history with this exact scenario….because her record showed a point in history she was “suicidal”.

    • Kinork Epoh to be denied a gun, in most states (where gun restriction based on mental health is mostly a local and not federal issue) you have to be “adjudicated as mentally defective” i.e. you have to be IN A COURT OF LAW deemed mentally ill. Perhaps because of your sisters situation with the military you feel as if that must be the case for a lot of people, but it isnt. In the case of the woman who was raped, she wouldn’t have had to go to court because of the ptsd, she would have had to go to court because of the actual incident of rape (and many rape cases don’t even see the inside of a courtroom, let alone deem the victim mentally deficient) so she wouldn’t be on a database saying she was mentally ill, so her background check would clear and she would be able to purchase a gun.

    • ……..joining the armed forces is completely different then someone buying a gun. Antidotal evidence is lame go back to English 300. Kinork Epoh

    • Real-case scenarios are the factual-based standpoints that will hold water. In case you 2 geniuses couldn’t put two and two together, the woman and my sister are one and the same. Also, these same laws that is being pushed through by ignorant liberals that are defying the constitution of our 2nd amendment rights, that states the 2nd amendment is not to be infringed…will affect defenseless women, such as my sister and her grounds of owning a gun. She should not have to pay thousands in lawyers and court costs to keep her inalienable right to protect herself.

    • Do you need a license to exercise your first amendment rights?

    • Right, because criminals will obey the law & won’t buy guns on the black market or use a straw buyer.

    • Not a license, but you do need to go through background checks whenever you buy a gun from anywhere… This includes gun shows, etc. If you buy a gun online, the gun has to be shipped to an ffl holder…whom accepts the responsibility of doing the same.

    • Yes you might be mentally ill https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perception

  • Yeah… You can’t really sensor 2 of our constitutional rights…

  • You get more like infowars every day

  • Yeah, sounds kinda dumb doesn’t it!

  • Steven Martinelli check this shit out

  • After posting vital information of corruption in our government I was banned from fb until I showed proof of my identity there are youtube videos up if you want to look into it more but if I die it def wasn’t suicide

  • for sale : shoe box. may contain traces of Glock.

  • Yeah that’s what I thought. There’s all kinds of horrible shit on fb. Not only Isis recruitment stuff but kkk and animal abuse promotion pages. Get rid of that shit n

  • Why would you want to use Facebook for this when you know everything is tracked?

  • Lllol

  • Lol!!!!!!

  • Craig Moreau

  • …obama’s got a rich but boy

  • Lol. Oh your precious guns.

  • It’s a social media sight not a bazaar. Facebook would be sidestepping the law which will put them in a legal issue.

  • Isn’t it their right? It’s their business Stay true..

  • Also having an opinion and trying to have an actual debate also frowned upon by Facebook nazis

  • A Jew won’t let them….go figure…

  • Another bullshit issue from Free Thought something.

  • That’s Mark Cockzuckerberg for ya

  • So you’re telling me… this meme is going to continue to resurface, fml.

  • Then don’t use Facebook. No ones forcing you to. I love all the complaints. “how dare your website have it’s own rules that I agreed to”. Use email. Use yahoo messenger. Use MySpace. Or Instagram. Get over yourself.

    • Or build your own. 😉

    • I agree with you, however, Instagram is owned by Facebook.

    • We agree Leanne Deetz, and there is nothing about having to “get over ourselves” needed to point out inconsistencies. Thanks for your comment 😉

    • lol wtf are you following this page for Leanne Deetz. jesus, do u work for zuckerburg??

  • Of course! Zuckerberg just like the rest of the left hypocrisy! Wonder if he’s the man or woman in the relationship. ..?

  • Democide, ‘Death by Government’ killed almost 300 million people this last century, those were non combatants, University of Hawaii Study.

    1. In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves against their ethnic-cleansing government, were arrested and exterminated.

    2. In 1929, the former Soviet Union established gun control as a means of controlling the “more difficult” of their citizens. From 1929 to the death of Stalin, 40 million Soviets met an untimely end at the hand of various governmental agencies as they were arrested and exterminated.

    3. After the rise of the Nazis, Germany established their version of gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend themselves against the “Brown Shirts”, were arrested and exterminated. Interestingly, these “Brown Shirts” were eventually targeted for extermination themselves following their blind acts of allegiance to Hitler. Any American military and police would be wise to grasp the historical significance of the Brown Shirts’ fate.

    4. After Communist China established gun control in 1935, an estimated 50-60 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves against their fascist leaders, were arrested and exterminated.

    5. Closer to home, Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayans, unable to defend themselves against their ruthless dictatorship, were arrested and exterminated.

    6. Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves from their dictatorial government, were arrested and exterminated.

    7. Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million of the “educated” people, unable to defend themselves against their fascist government, were arrested and exterminated.

    8. In 1994, Rwanda disarmed the Tutsi people and being unable to defend themselves from their totalitarian government, nearly one million were summarily executed.

    The total number of people killed in the 20th century due to democide, death by government, is fixed at 262 million people. Each and every action of democide was preceded by gun confiscation.

    See a pattern?

    • And in the modern day in the developed world? Australia took a law for gun control in 1996, and since then there havent been any mass shootings there. In the USA there are mass shootings every goddamn day.

    • Jesse, Mass stabbings and incidents of violence with other weapons went up by 30%. Home invasions and small business robberies, up.

      Why do you ignore that when making your slanted point?

    • Not just that…but I find it laughable pseudo-intellectuals always want to tout places such as Australia when they compare. Australia has a population of around 23 million, juxtaposed to our 320 million. Lol it is nowhere near the same. Smh

    • Kinork Epoh I was actually thinking the same thing. How the fuck do you disregard the significant difference of the population?

    • How can one compare mass stabbings or invasions to mass shootings with automatic rifles? Not very fair, is it? But whatever, keep your guns, till some dickhead, who is mentally insane, shoots your family with his legal assault rifle. USA: the only ‘developed’ country to act this way about guns.

    • Did you not read this study on democide? By your logic, the state shouldn’t have guns either. It appears that you’re probably the most pro-gun person on this comment section if you’re not for disarming police officers or government agents.

    • Statistically speaking, not only is democide the number one killer in history by a far margin; gun deaths…as there are roughly 35k gun deaths a year in America…with 300 million guns in this population that is literally 0.1% of guns that kill people. Not even close to 1%. That is ZERO POINT ONE PERCENT. Yet, the mass media and political left politicians will fear monger you into giving up your only protection against a tyrannical government, the number one killer in history. Go figure.

      If you want to go by statistics…murders per capita of 100,000 people….the United States don’t rank in the top 10 of countries. Or 20, or 50, or 80, or even the top 100. The United States ranks 111. http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/VC.IHR.PSRC.P5


      I will also point out, gun murders are not even in the top 15 of killers in the United States. If you take out the statistics of things such as medical; I.e. heart attacks etc, it’s still not even in the top 5. Let’s take a look at medical malpractice. This kills 7 times more people each year than firearms, yet…you don’t see a single liberal or mass media outlet raising hell over the competence of medical doctors. Lol.

    • Sam Holmes

    • hmmm.

  • Merica yeh bai. I hate my country.

  • Screw fb. We have ma deuce .50 on our page right now for sale. It didn’t work did it. Lol

  • People post to Facebook because it’s convenient, not because it’s the only game in town.

  • Backpages are better anyways

  • It is their toy so, whatever. I did not feel FB was exactly a retail space. But weapon talk is a part of life pro or con.

  • Have they been asked to send in a valid I’d ? I was it worked

  • Facebook says any profile, page, or group related to a terrorist organization is shut down and any content celebrating terrorism is removed. “There is no place for terrorists on Facebook,” says Facebook spokesman Andrew Souvall. “We work aggressively to ensure that we do not have terrorists or terror groups using the site, and we also remove any content that praises or supports terrorism.”

  • Are you stupid? Wtf. You think it’s funny, kids getting shot? Guns end up in idiots hands because of idiots like you. It’s about banning the illegal selling of guns on facebook without proper background checks. Protest that and you just look fucking stupid. Like the fucking kid who didn’t read the book and is just spuing shit from that gaping asshole he calls a mouth.

  • Gun owners kill a lot more than ISIS does

  • Guns Don’t Kill People , FKN Idiots Kill People , the same Idiots who trophy kill ! C’Mon FB is not for things ,IT IS FOR IDEAS !! There are many better sites for selling things ! Tryin to keep it real , Peace

  • Pay attention Mark!

  • Fb is right in doing so .

  • If guns would change ANYTHING the middle East and the USA would be a paradise.
    So ban guns EVERYWHERE and stop demanding more rights to own guns.
    You want peace and safety? Thn stop being stupid!

  • I’m looking for a different social media platform to join because I’m sick of Facebook’s $#!T.

  • Banning xyz will only make it more desirable.

  • It’s marks website if he doesn’t want to allow it’s his right. Use another website.

    • Very true, but we can still point out how we disagree and find it inconsistent. Thanks for your comment Dan

    • Check out “MeWe”

    • Dan Mulhern Marks evil hes deleted posts about the suspicious events of 9/11 and the san bernadino shooting

    • Yes but it’s still his website. :/ that’s my point.

  • You page is a right wing page of bullshit!

  • What this says in plain English…. Other people use FB for something “bad” so why can’t I use FB for something bad? This is one of the most juvenile and inane arguments put forth by childish ignorant people. It didn’t work when you were 7 years old, so why are you still trying to use it as an adult???

  • Also never question regressives. Those get removed too.

  • Gun parts uh huh right…

  • The Free Thought Project.com> they let you on here. Don’t like it leave!!

  • Get over it!

  • Fuck Facebook

  • What’s a recruit without a weapon? Just a dude In a fan club.

  • Do we have a facebook competitor out there?

  • You are an idiot if you think unregulated sales of guns are a good idea. Free thought? More like dumb thought. You suck

  • Censorship is for the authoritarian regimes not for democracy Mark, don’t reduce facebook to rubbish not worth having, or people will find alternatives as they always have. Public media and free speech, if you do not agree you’ve gotten into the wrong business.

  • Fuck Mark Zuckerburg, he can’t control nothing ! Let him go cry to his mommy ! Let all those Pinko hairy ass fags at Facebook go overseas without a gun and make them fight for their freedoms that they love so much ! When the shooting starts and they find themself facing death, that’s when they’ll want a weapon ! If you aek me they are a bunch of panty waste asses !

    • I notice you have a Facebook profile….how do you say hypocrite in murican?

  • Mark zuckerberg is a liberal wussy that needs to stop pushing his own agenda and obamas crappy agenda on everyone and realize we have constitutional rights and kick rocks

  • Dan are you Isis, and it’s technically not his website anymore, because it’s a publicly owned and traded company

  • What a load of horse shit, Jesse.

  • What the fuck are you doing trading guns in the first place morons. There’s a reason gun sales have t be acounted for, so they don’t end up in A dangerous psychopaths hands. You people are idiots

  • well facebook is one of the best sources to know where they are located. They can from the background figure out where the pictures was taken and figure out the location. So why would they close down there best locator?

  • This is beyond stupid…find someplace else to buy guns…like there aren’t a thousand other websites to buy your precious weaponry…bitch bitch bitch

  • Lol i loooooove all these people that hate facebook, yet they still have profiles, and engage in threads…oh this is great, Murica #1

  • Mossburg double barreled shot gun for sale.. Clay pigeon gold insignia on the side.. Soft carry case and chokes and box of shells.. $500..

  • Really?

    Mark Zuckerburg doesn’t let ISIS use Facebook for recruiting. It specifically BANS terrorist organizations from using it.


  • RJ

    We don’t sell, trade or facilitate or link to any sort of firearms sales. We sell AR500 targets to law enforcement and the military. Our ads have never featured a firearm… and they’ve banned all ads pretty much forever.

  • Wubbsy