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First ‘Napalm Girl’, Now Rosa Parks — Facebook Censors Iconic Civil Rights Photo

Menlo Park, CA – Fresh off the recent controversy surrounding its censoring of the iconic Vietnam-era “Napalm Girl” photo, Facebook finds itself in the midst of another censorship controversy surrounding yet another iconic photograph — this time of civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks.

The historic picture of Rosa Parks being booked into jail in 1955, after being arrested for her refusal to give up her seat on the bus, was deemed by the social media giant as violating the Facebook Community Standards.

rosa parks

The iconic photos had been posted by an individual in response to a Facebook post by the Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Department announcing a recent raid on a cannabis growing operation.

This recent censorship comes on the heels of Facebook being publicly humiliated after being exposed by the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, for deleting the iconic Vietnam photo of “Napalm Girl” from a host of the social network’s pages following its publication in the Aftenposten newspaper.


The blatant censorship outraged users, who proceeded to post the “Napalm Girl” photo on their pages, with those images also being deleted. On September 9, Aftenposten printed a public letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, urging the social network to allow the photo’s publication.

Facebook eventually reversed its decision, acknowledging the historical significance of the image, and attempted to blame it on their recent algorithm changes – the common refrain from the company when caught doing something irresponsible or potentially even dubious.

Interestingly, the same cannot be said of the Rosa Parks photo, as the individual who uploaded the photo, who chose to not be identified, stated that they had posted the photo numerous places within the thread and that not all of them had been taken down — indicating that the censorship was not algorithm based, and more more likely due to human intervention.

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“This debate is about more than this one picture, and more than just Facebook as a network,” Solberg wrote in a Facebook post. “It is about the responsibilities large media institutions and platforms have to not pervert or distort reality.”

The idea that such historic photos could be simply deleted without any recourse shows the extreme power Facebook yields in controlling what people do and don’t see, thus think. From outright banning of some material, to soft-censoring other content by intentionally ranking it lower in the algorithm as to ensure very few people actually view a given work — the social media giant has uncanny influence on people’s perceptions.

Additionally, as we exclusively reported, Facebook has been caught manipulating their trending section in an effort to boost Hillary’s faltering candidacy. The recent news that Facebook has worked closely with the Israeli government to censor material the state considers offensive – and takes down 95 percent of material flagged by the Israelis — should raise serious red flags that what was once a social media company has now become a social engineering company.

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  • Nottheonly1

    Sadly, so called Farcebook users are painfully unaware that more and more FB members are belonging to the machine.
    Close your account and get over this pathetic piece of social surveillance. It is a freeing experience. The real world, especially the real U.S. nightmare needs your attention. Pull the plug on Farcebook – pull the plug on Zucker.

    • FiuToYou

      You got 5,000,000,000 thumbs up from me!!!! Everybody should get out and stay out of ‘Face Hook’!

    • hang3xc

      You actually HAVE to have it to post on many websites, like NFL for one, and you HAVE to post there now and then to straighten people out(!). Fucking ridiculous.

      • Nottheonly1

        Yup. Still, I deleted my account two years ago, because it made me sick. Every critical thinker will get sick from this infiltration tool.
        When I realized that more and more local ‘law’ enforcement departments had a Farcebook page, I knew it was time to get the hell out of there. That’s much worse than the mother of an adolescent being her child’s ‘friend’. No problem though for the lesser mentally gifted. They would befriend anybody to become a Farcebook celebrity: “Look, I have 16,932 FRIENDS!!!”
        Imagine the DEA page asking You to ‘LIKE’ them. It’s just so ridiculous that it would take somebody like George Carlin to point just out how ƒuçK€d up that really is.

  • JennaTrull

    Facebook is getting deeper and deeper up the asses of law enforcement. I think people should find another social media hub and send a message to fascist wannabes like Mark Zuckerberg that if you sell us out to the government, we won’t keep propping up your empire. Seriously though, stop using Facebook to speak out against police. All they’re going to do is censor you and possibly turn you in for retaliation reeducation.

    • Undecider

      Facebook is and always was a government operation. Of course they’re involved in censorship.

  • IceTrey

    People complaining about a service they get for free. Here’s an idea stop getting your news from Facebook.

    • Jose Quintana Tollinchi

      free but for other like mark is a money bussiness

  • FiuToYou

    Get your ass out of Facebook as soon as possible, like right now. Tell ‘suckerman’ that he sucks!!!!

  • Brian King

    fb is the police


    Looking to be the media arm of Big Brother they are…

  • Nexdeceptus

    Why do websites like Facebook even exist? It’s just a place for Narcissists to hang out and try to outdo each other. Sick.

  • Mary Anna Hilden

    1984 – enough said.

  • JdL

    What the FUCK is supposed to be objectionable about the Rosa Parks picture? I dumped Facebook years ago and haven’t looked back.

  • Cameron Blunt


  • Cynthia Cornelius

    Facebook is using it’s vehicle as a way to SILENCE those African Americans who are WAKING UP to the BS of what has taken place for hundreds of years.We are consistently being censored, restricted, suspended, and unpublish for speaking the truth.

  • Jason Harrison

    It’s funny how they will block a comment or photo that is pro-law enforcement, but refuse to acknowledge the hate speech and threats AGAINST LEOs. I reported a photo showing an officer who had been shot (nothing blurred) and comments mocking him saying things like finally a pig gets what he deserves…. “After review, this photo does not violate our Community Standards”. Graphic violence is one of those standards……