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WATCH: Facebook Live Video Catches Cop Ram His SUV Into a Man Holding a Knife

Buffalo, NY — A disturbing video was streamed to Facebook live over the weekend showing a Buffalo police officer ram his SUV into a man holding a knife.

While the details of the incident, like who the man was and what he was doing with a knife, are unclear, the officer’s decision to ram him with his SUV is very clear.

According to Buffalo Police spokesperson Michael DeGeorge, the incident began inside of a residence before escalating outside into the streets.

In the video, posted to Facebook around 12:30 pm Saturday, we can see the unidentified man walking slowly forward as officer begin to surround him. Within a few moments, the officer in the SUV makes the decision to slam the gas and plow his SUV into a man, smashing him into a wall.

After the SUV smashes the man into the wall, nearly a dozen police officer then moved in. A few minutes later, we see the man being loaded into an ambulance.

About 24 hours after the Buffalo police department became aware of the video, it was removed from Facebook for unknown reasons.

According to WGRZ, Tom Burton, the attorney representing the officer through the Police Benevolent Association, said his officer acted appropriately in order to protect the safety of a fellow officer. According to Burton, another officer not seen on camera in the Facebook Live video faced a specific threat from the man, who was wielding a 12-inch butcher knife.

According to police, the man with the knife was walking toward another officer and engaged in a threatening conversation. However, in the video, it appears that just before he’s run over, the man with the knife turns and starts to walk away.

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“There’s no hiding from what happened,” Burton said. “This cop was motivated by preventing this fellow from hurting himself or anyone else.”

So, why didn’t the multiple officers on scene simply surround the man and taser him or attempt to use a less than lethal approach — other than ramming him with an SUV?

Well, for starters, Buffalo police do not carry tasers.

“The Taser is an in-between alternative between physical force that might entail having to grapple with someone,” Burton said. “One would think the Taser would have been an absolutely ideal alternative here.”

However, that was not an option due to the ridiculous policy of the Buffalo police department not carrying tasers. So, this officer is being praised for his decision to ram the man instead of disciplined.

According to police, the man was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Also, the officer who ran the man over has not been placed on leave, according to Burton.

Internal affairs will now investigate the incident as a use of force case.

  • john smith

    holy shit
    what is wrong with these people!

    • jennifer.reinhart

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  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Support your local police.. Beat yourself up.

    • Marten

      Yup, next time the’re gonna use a tank….

      • Capt Turk

        The only reason they didn’t use a tank is because they didn’t have one available at the time. Their tank was probably being used to arrest a pot smoker.

  • I think the Officer did right. Better the suspect be taken to for soothing a few bruises than in a duffel bag to the morgue.

    • The_Photographer

      Yeah because running over your suspect is a perfectly viable way of apprehending a suspect…WTF is wrong with you?

    • Liz O’neill

      are you for real, its a pure accident, that the man is still alive. the cop attempted to kill him.

  • Butch Taylor

    According to the “white man’s law”, (that’s Constitutional Law altered
    to accommodate the twisted facts and manufactured lies by the blood
    thirsty murderers of the nation’s police departments), running an
    individual over with a motor vehicle is a crime only during a traffic
    accident. Using one as a weapon to run over and subdue a mentally
    disturbed citizen is absolutely far more dramatic, not as time consuming
    and almost as much fun as but not as messy as shooting them. WARNING;
    To be administered by officers of a “white supremacy status” only. “Pet
    niggers” and “coons” are only authorized to harass and arrest by
    standers videotaping such events.

  • Ibcamn

    cops are the criminals and they love to murder people in cold blood….they earn the hatred america has for them.

  • IceTrey

    Thank god the cops were there to hurt him instead of him hurting himself.

  • doucyet

    At 20 feet away (go ahead, step it off) a man with knife can be on you, stabbing you, in 3 seconds or less. Some people are just never satisfied. At least they didn’t shoot the guy, they bumped him with a car and you all are freaking out. Had they of shot him I guess you’d really be coming unhinged!

    Tell me, how would you experts handle this situation?

    • David Bollinger

      From 1999 to 2014 the number of officers hurt or killed by knives is 2, number of suspects with knives killed by arresting officers in the same time period is 243 most by multiple gunshots. Sad that you feel compelled to defend these bullies with badges.

      • doucyet

        Stats don’t mean a thing when a thug is holding a knife on you. And yes, it’s the prudent action of an officer or a civilian that keeps the knife out of your neck!