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VIDEO: Cop Famous for Falsely Arresting Dozens of People is Run Over By Woman Who Refuses to be Arrested

Statham, GA – In a monumental twist of irony, a police officer’s dashcam – which caught another driver running over his legs – has led to the officer being exposed for victimizing several people with false DUI arrests.

As the video shows, when Officer Marc Lofton tried to arrest Jessica Fox after pulling her over, Fox fled the scene and Lofton attempted to cling to her driver side, resulting in his falling to the ground and having both his legs run over.

Lofton was able to get up and run back to his car. He was treated for a concussion and Achilles tear afterward. Fox was charged with a number of crimes related to the incident, including “aggravated battery” and “aggravated assault” on a police officer.

However, in the days that followed the video release, dozens of people began submitting complaints about Officer Lofton, and they all point to a corrupt cop using his badge to ruthlessly prey on everyone he can.

From other dashcam footage and the formal complaints, it appears that Lofton looks for the smallest excuse to pull someone over, such as “an issue with their tag,” and proceeds to ask them if they are on any medications or drugs.

Lofton isn’t asking about certain types of drugs that actually cause impairment, but any drug at all – including prescription medications such as antidepressants, and, according to one resident, “diabetes medication, for blood pressure medication, there’s a woman who has cancer medications.”

When people admit to being on a drug, even a perfectly safe one, Lofton makes them undergo a field sobriety test. This gives him a pretext for an arrest. The motives for such predatory behavior could simply be a power display, meeting some sort of quota, seizing cash and property under civil asset forfeiture, or a combination of all three.

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The video report produced by Ben Swann and CBS46 shows Statham resident being targeted in just this way.

“Kelly Pickens was pulled over by Statham Police Officer Marc Lofton because of an issue with her tag. But then she said Lofton asked her if she was taking drugs. Pickens responded saying she takes prescription medication authorized by her doctor.

“Just because a doctor prescribed them doesn’t mean you can drive on them,” Lofton said on dash-cam video.

“I take it every day, none of them say you can’t drive on them, none of them,” Pickens said on dash-cam video.

Officer Lofton then initiated a field sobriety test and later arrested Pickens and charged her with DUI.”

Pickens voiced her disbelief in an interview with local reporter Adam Murphy: “It was like being on the Dukes of Hazard…I mean does this stuff really still happen today? Is anybody paying attention?”

Mary Williams had similarly strong words after her encounter with Marc Lofton. She was arrested for DUI after telling Lofton she took antidepressants which did not impair her ability to drive, and being subjected to a field sobriety test.

“They are unlawful, from the get-go, everything about them,” Williams said. “It’s almost like we’re living in Hitler’s Germany and they’re the Gestapo who can pull you out of your car and take you to jail for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

The Mayor and City Attorney have promised that Lofton’s actions will be on the agenda at the next city council meeting. Meanwhile, nearly 200 others have signed a petition “calling on the district attorney to complete a formal criminal investigation into the actions of Officer Lofton.”

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It appears that Lofton’s appearance on national television getting run over brought him a different kind of fame than he would have hoped, as even people from Canada have signed the petition.

  • The Cat’s Vagina (Nasty Woman)

    This is just… wow. The irony!

  • Larry Brothers

    This is why you never talk to cops.

  • Abz B Zbas

    Officer, are you a physician? Because I only discuss my medical issues with my doctor.

  • John Lawrence

    It never ceases to amaze me that people actually support the cop on facebook and other media after seeing his history. Good to know that’s what kind of people they’re like. That way, if shit ever really hits the fan and you can’t go across the street without having four firearms on your person, I won’t feel bad at all for shooting assholes like his supporters if it came down to it. Nobody that stupid has any business existing, not with the fact that it’s so damn easy to find out anything about anybody.

  • Patrick McMillen

    The mayor, nor the council will do anything because he is filling their coffers plain and simple. Just more corruption at its finest

  • John Conner

    To bad it was not his head.

    • George Moore

      Tragedy! It should’ve been.

  • Samuel Lane

    There are several videos on YOUTube of encounters with this cop. He seems to have some sort of mental condition because he keeps saying: OK? OK? OK? Over and over to a point whereby it is most annoying. Somewhere up there the neurons aren’t firing properly.

  • Greg Geitner

    the asshole, and all like him should be wearing swastika armbands.

  • Katrina Turner

    dont forget people, you have the right to remain silent

    • Robert Gantry


  • Katrina Turner

    he got what was coming to him

  • Ibcamn

    cops are criminals,every last one of them,criminals…

  • J-Rob

    The sobriety tests are bullshyt. If they ask you to walk a straight line and you start before he says “go” they will fail you. They’ll have you could to 60 silently and if you land on 58 you fail. Always deny the tests and ask for you lawyer.

  • Robert P Szewczyk

    What kind of pos website is this, how can i watch a video with an advertisement that you cant turn off or kill the volume running on a loop?

  • Robert P Szewczyk

    Please stop running this as on a loop, so i can watch the video.

  • Robert P Szewczyk

    What kind of website runs an ad on a loop that you can’t turn off or kill the volume.

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    No surprise. He’s definitely not the only cop who does this kind of criminal crap.

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    Video does not load or play.

  • Beauford T. Justice

    Sounds like he needs to be run over.

  • Mike

    I hope and pray this cop ends up dead in the gutter like the POS he truly is. I am glad that he got run over, the woman deserves a medal!!!

    • George Moore

      Two medals!

  • Robert Gantry

    It would help if you simply refuse to answer questions. And you don’t have to submit to a roadside field sobriety test. If the oinker thinks you’re driving under the influence, then he can arrest you, and then you can take a breathalyzer.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    The chief is just as Fucked Up and believes in his lying POS officer. Time for a class action lawsuit….