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Family Awarded $1.2 Million After Cops Executed their ‘Unconscious’ Father in His Car

OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) — The city of Oakland has agreed to pay $1.2 million to the family of a man shot to death by police who found him unconscious in his car.

The settlement, which brings to a close two separate lawsuits filed by Demouria Hogg’s family, will be split among his mother, two children and one other family member.

Oakland Police officer Nicole Rhodes shot and killed Hogg on the morning of June 6, 2015, after firefighters spotted him sleeping in a BMW parked near Lake Merritt with a handgun resting on the passenger seat next to him.

Rhodes and two other officers spent the next hour trying to wake Hogg with a bullhorn, loudspeakers and by firing beanbag rounds to break out the car’s windows.

When they finally roused him, officer Daniel Cornejo-Valdivia used a stun gun on Hogg while Rhodes fired two shots into the car, according to an amended complaint. Hogg was pronounced dead at Highland Hospital.

John Burris, an attorney for Hogg’s son, said that Hogg didn’t wake up right away because he was hard of hearing. He said the officers should have given Hogg time to comply with their orders before shooting him.

Instead, the family claimed, police killed him as soon as he awoke. Hogg hadn’t committed any crime or made any aggressive move that would have led officers to believe he was dangerous, the family said.

According to CBS SF, Rhodes thought Hogg was reaching for his gun and that’s why she fired two rounds into the car. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office declined to file criminal charges against Rhodes.

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The killing sparked several protests in Oakland. Many protesters said Hogg was killed for simply sleeping in his car.

After the killing, the California Department of Corrections said Hogg had a criminal record involving drug charges and was in violation of parole when he was shot.

“Defendants express their sincere condolences to Demouria Hogg’s family,” City Attorney Barbara Parker said in a July answer to his son’s complaint. But she added that “defendants maintain that that the city’s officers’ actions during the subject incident were in line with the United States Constitution and with state law.”

Hogg’s family settled with the city on August 12, according to court filings. The Oakland City Council approved the settlement 7-1 on Tuesday, with Councilmember Desley Brooks dissenting.

  • JennaTrull

    “Rhodes and two other officers spent the next hour trying to wake Hogg with a bullhorn, loudspeakers and by firing beanbag rounds to break out the car’s windows.”

    Why the hell wasn’t an ambulance called after a few minutes of trying to revive him?

    • Nishi

      The gun on the seat.

      • JennaTrull

        Well, that is some POWERFUL cowardice!

      • Doll Phace

        He was sleeping in his car, he’s probably done it before and was robbed, you don’t know the circumstances.

        • Nishi

          I was answering the question about why medics weren’t brought in sooner.

          • Doll Phace

            I know I put my comment under the wrong person sorry boo

    • Thomass22

      They look at every situation as a threat, because they’re cowards and shooting their guns and killing people comforts them.

  • Tom

    I’m sure the cops wanted to claim he had a concealed weapon.

    • Michael Langley

      If it’s on the seat,then it is not concealed.

      • Tom

        Exactly. But that wouldn’t stop the cops from lying and making up fables to cover their ass. Everyone knows that cops lie. Yet for some odd reason, judges seem to take them at their word.

  • OvidiuGOA

    What despicable actions from the piece of shit cops

    • Michael Langley

      deplorable! Wait!,…Are cops more Dem or Rep?

  • doucyet

    Please……..from now before you “go to sleep” in your car, hide your gun.

    Friggin cops. They see a gun and want to kill someone!

  • Guy

    In other words: We payed you your blood money, with out admitting fault ! Now, shut the hell up and go away !

    If you ask me they settled pretty cheep, considering the split with the attorney is usually 60/40. Wonder how many cars and large screen T.V.’s they ran out and bought ?

    Average time to run through the money, less than 7 years, most times less than 4.

    Everyone got’s there price !

  • Ed

    Desley Brooks should find her GOD, quickly!

  • Badcopwatch

    Cops’ union should pay, not the taxpayers. Cops are cocksuckers.

  • Drogan

    Another non-threatening situation which the police escalated into a deadly force incident. Seriously, I check the news daily now, just to see how many people the police have killed.

  • Abz B Zbas

    someone should do a report on the amount of money paid to settle court cases against LEO vs their annual budget.

  • Rhonda White

    how is a sleeping man a threat to anyone? even with a gun on the seat he is not threatening anyone, so sick of these stories of police executing citizens in cold blood

  • irrefudiate

    Citing a parole violation to ameliorate the shooting is pretty damn lame. The cops didn’t know his gun was a violation until they killed him, but, to the main point, is summary execution now the penalty for violating parole?