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Family Wants Justice After Cops Taser Their Son to Death then ‘High Five’ Over Body

Coweta County, GA — (RT) Family members who called 911 over a relative’s drug-induced attack on his girlfriend have accused Coweta County, Georgia police deputies of tasering the man to death. The medical examiner’s report ruled the death a homicide.

“His parents did what everybody is supposed to do, you call 911, because 911 brings help. But in the case of Chase, 911 brought death,” said Chris Stewart, the attorney representing the family, at a press conference in Atlanta on Thursday, according to WXIA.

In November of 2015, Chase Sherman, 32, was full of life and jokes while attending his brother’s wedding in the Dominican Republic just days before he died. The family was supposed to take a connecting flight back home to Florida after a stopover in Georgia, but Sherman began suffering from a hallucination in the Atlanta airport.

Sherman had told his mother earlier that he had taken Spice, also known as K2 or synthetic marijuana, which is known to cause hallucinations. His family said they called the Atlanta police, who responded to the call and “were a great help.” They calmed him down, spoke with his parents about their plan to get home, and helped them to a car, as the family had decided to drive home instead of continue their flight, in light of Chase’s condition.

As the family was driving home and passing through Coweta County, Sherman had another hallucinatory attack and began biting his girlfriend. His mother called 911 again.

Kevin Sherman, Chase’s father, said that while she was on the phone, Chase “told the 911 operator he didn’t know anybody in the car, he was being kidnapped, help him,” WXIA reported.

When Coweta sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, a struggle began, and deputies began to taser Sherman, who allegedly continued to resist until he went into medical distress. Deputies and EMS performed CPR on Sherman before he was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead.

It is not clear how many times deputies employed their tasers, but the parents said they counted three times between the two of them. Chase’s girlfriend put the number closer to six. They say they remember the deputies high-fiving each other after their son was removed from the scene.

“Homicide,” the family’s lawyer, Stewart, told reporters. “And those aren’t my words; they are the official words on the death certificate.”

Coweta County coroner Richard Hawk said Sherman’s death had been ruled a homicide. The death certificate listed the cause of death as “sudden death during an altercation with law enforcement with several trigger pulls of an electronic control device, prone positioning on the floor of a motor vehicle and compression of the torso by the body weight of another individual.”

Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager has said that the deputies were acting to defend themselves, according to Atlanta Journal Constitution. An internal investigation is complete and has been turned over to the Coweta County District Attorney.

  • LBrothers

    Another flat out murder ruled justified.

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  • paschnn1

    There is no justice in Sewer nation.. except for the rich, illegal liens, deviants and the Synagogue.

  • Cam Alft

    corrupt cops love to use their toys…what the people don’t seem to know is,there are rules to using these police toys…they can only be deployed from a certain distance,for a certain period of time and on a certain setting and for only a one shot deal.same as pepper spray,it is all the same,the police have rules to follow when using all their tools of the trade and in what order…but almost every time you hear about shit like this,the criminal cops never ever follow the rules they agree to or are even sworn to follow and uphold…cops of today are criminals with a badge,a god complex ridden bully…so when they get to play at the death of other humans,they get off on it and you get the high five’s from these disgusting human beings..they want the thrill kill and the bragging rights with their fellow gang members[blue gang],they will litterally pour pepper spray into a persons eyes and mouth and leaver it for hours,they turn their tasers up to full and on the longest duration of time,and fire it several times in a row and over and over even after the person is either cuffed or out cold.these cops like it when they can inflict pain,they are told not to worry,they have impunity,so they murder at will and in cold blood,cops are criminals,they do not walk on water,they are just bullys from school,or the victims of bullys and they are criminals.

  • Wendy J. Colby

    It is never the right thing to call 911 anymore.

  • William Keen

    It will have to turn into suicide to clear the paperwork.

  • anarchyt

    Ever notice that police unions are “fraternal”? This should tell you something. The “thin-blue-line” is a gang, little different than street gangs–at least when it comes to “covering-up” questionable behavior by police.
    In today’s day and age, “officer safety” trumps de-escalation of force. This, in part, is due to the militarization of the police along with training in Israeli police tactics. This becomes a problem, with the “us vs. them” attitude that is fosters, along with the fact that Israel is a very different place, being on a constant “war footing”, and by necessity, its police tactics are very different.
    There are too many instances of police being “given a pass”, even when incontrovertible video and audio evidence is presented. Grand juries, guided by police-friendly prosecutors, quite often refuse to charge those police officers who abuse their authority.
    Police officers, who want to do the right thing, are quite often marginalized and put into harms way, by their own brethren…When a police officer is beating on someone that is already restrained while yelling, “stop resisting” THAT is but one reason police have a “bad name” in many instances…
    Here are changes that can help reduce the police-induced violence:
    1. Eliminate both “absolute” and “qualified” immunity for all public officials. The threat of being sued personally would encourage them to behave themselves.
    2. Any public funds disbursed to citizens as a result of police misconduct should come out of their pension funds–NOT from the taxpayers.
    3. Regular drug-testing of police officers as well as incident-based drug testing should take place whenever an officer is involved in a violent situation with a citizen–no exceptions.
    4. Testing for steroid use should be a part of the drug testing program. You know damn well, many police officers “bulk up” with the “help” of steroids. Steroids also affect users mentally as well, making them more aggressive. The potential for abuse of citizens increases greatly with steroid use.
    5. Internal affairs should only be used for disagreements between individual officers–NOT for investigations involving citizen abuse. State-level investigations should be mandatory for all suspected abuses involving citizens.
    6. Prosecutors should be charged with malfeasance IF any evidence implicating police officer misconduct is not presented to the grand jury.
    7. A national or state-by-state database of abusive individuals who should NEVER be allowed to perform police work should be established–a “blacklist” of abusive (former) police officers.
    8. Get rid of police unions. Police unions (fraternities) protect the guilty, and are responsible for the massive whitewashing of questionable police behavior that is presently being committed.
    9. Most people are unaware that police have special “rules” that prohibit them from being questioned for 48 hours. This allows them to “get their stories straight” and makes it easier to “cover up” bad police behavior. Police must be subject to the same laws as civilians.
    10. All police should be required to wear bodycams and utilize dashcams that cannot be turned off. Any police officers who causes a dash or body cam to be turned off should be summarily fired–no excuses. Today’s body and dash cams are reliable enough to withstand harsh treatment. Body and dashcam footage should be uploaded to a public channel “on the cloud” for public perusal.
    11. All interrogations must be video and audio recorded. Police should be prohibited from lying or fabricating stories in order to get suspects to confess. False confessions ARE a problem in many departments. Unknown to most people, police can lie with impunity while civilians can be charged with lying to police…fair? I think not…
    12. Any legislation passed that restricts the rights of ordinary citizens, such as firearms magazine capacity limits, types of weapons allowed, or restrictive concealed-carry laws should apply equally to police. No special exemptions to be given to police. Laws must be equally applied.
    Police work is not inherently dangerous…there are many other professions that are much more dangerous.
    A little “Andy Taylor” could go a long way in allaying fears that citizens have of police.
    That being said, I have no problem with (the few) police officers who do their job in a fair, conscientious manner…however, it is time to call to task those police officers who only “protect and serve” themselves

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  • Lydia Howell

    People MUST STOP CALLING POLICE in mental health emergencies. Call fellow family members,. frineds of the person, their therapist 9if they have one)–anyone EXCEPT police. Everyone should look to see if there is an ALTERNATIVE TO 911 for situations involving MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS in your area. Only recently did I discover that we have such an alternative in Minneapolis-St.Paul: mental health crisis team will COME TO YOU 24/7. Call COPE (Community Outreach for Psychiatric Emergencies): (612)-596-1223

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