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Cops Swarm Family’s Home During ‘Walking Dead’ Because Neighbors Called 9-1-1 on the TV


Great Falls, MT — Sunday night, a family sat down to watch the mid-season premiere of the show “The Walking Dead,” and nearly ended up getting raided by dozens of police officers because their neighbors thought that they heard something suspicious. What they actually heard was the nearby family listening to the show at a high volume, but the neighbors alleged that they heard screaming, and talks of someone “having a gun.”

Without checking out the situation for themselves to see if anything truly suspicious was going on, the nosy neighbors instantly called the police, who showed up quickly and in large numbers.

Sgt. Brian McGraw told WFAA that, “We had a whole bunch of guys on that one.”

As police began to surround the house, they looked through the window and noticed a family sitting peacefully in their living room and watching The Walking Dead.

It was reported by UPI that police did approach the house with their weapons drawn.

Luckily, the police were able to see what was going on while they were outside, or else the situation could have ended up very badly.

In situations like this, police will often storm into a residence, where they will shoot at anything that moves and ask questions later. This is why calling the police at the slightest hint of something suspicious happening is extremely irresponsible and dangerous.

The family was not able to make a statement about the incident since there was no report filed, and there were no other witnesses nearby to document how the search was conducted.

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While the family was able to end their night safely, this should still serve as a reminder that calling the police has serious consequences.

The location of the incident and the names of those involved were not released by police. It was also not revealed whether or not the police attempted to conduct a search of the home.

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  • Paul Law

    Insane POS people always calling on someone and more and more people are being murdered by the cops.

    • John and Linda Robel

      As Orwell wrote “the pigs are running the farm.”

  • Paul Law

    Americans are afraid of their own f****ing shadows these days and gettting so many killed by the POS coward, bully cops.

    • John and Linda Robel

      Damn Right, I don’t call 911, I call upon my gun.

  • John and Linda Robel

    Orson Welles would be amused. Think “War of the Worlds”.

  • Cam Alft

    nosy shit stains!……………….people like this need their heads bashed in and left to rot(sarcasm)…….
    why would they call you ask?because the NWO told them too!remember obama’s big ad,”see something~say something”!?!well here ya go,this is the resault of that,total idiocy in the US!

  • Fernesque Golan

    I had a similar incident where my kids were outside playing on a summer night. It was about 8:00 pm. The kids were chasing each other (on their own property in a very rural area) and were yelling and laughing loudly. I was at the stove cooking when two sheriff deputies barged in and confronted me. They wanted to know what was going on. I told them, “spaghetti and salad.”

    They told me they got a call from a neighbor who heard screaming and became alarmed. The strange thing was that one of the neighbor’s kids was also on the property playing. The cops just walked in the front door, unannounced. Luckily, there were five other people in the kitchen having a good time, so I didn’t make a big deal out of it. I did, however, confront the neighbor and told her to do a little more investigating before dialling 911 and to get a life.