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BOMBSHELL: Gun Used in Paris Attacks Linked to Fast & Furious Gun Running Operation

Yet more fallout from the government’s notoriously ill-conceived “gunwalking” scheme as Judicial Watch found one of the guns used in the Paris terror attacks of November 13, 2015 appears to have been sold illegally, without repercussion as part of Fast and Furious.

“A Report of Investigation (ROI) filed by a case agent in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) tracked the gun used in the Paris attacks to a Phoenix gun owner who sold it illegally, ‘off book,’ Judicial Watch’s law enforcement sources confirm.”

According to the watchdog group, a paper trail left, in part, by a 4473 form — which tracks a firearm’s ownership history through serial numbers and other means — traced the weapon to a Phoenix seller who had previously been caught selling illegal weapons.

Evidencing a hallmark of the Fast and Furious scheme, the unidentified Phoenix seller had been caught twice previously for federal firearms violations — “for selling one weapon illegally and possessing an unregistered automatic” — for which no charges or prosecution ever developed.

In fact, according to unidentified and unverified “law enforcement sources involved with the case,” the ATF acted to ensure the seller’s identity and information pertaining to his involvement remained concealed from scrutiny — “kept quiet,” as Judicial Watch sources put it.

“Agents were told, in the process of taking the fully auto [mentioned above], not to anger the seller to prevent him from going public,” Judicial Watch says a “veteran law enforcement officer” explained.

For those unfamiliar with Fast and Furious, the ATF office in Phoenix devised an ill-fated plan, beginning in 2009, to allow gun buyers — “straw purchasers” for Mexican drug cartels — to purchase weapons and cross into Mexico without interference from agents. Ostensibly, this would allow the ATF to trace firearms to those powerful drug cartels; but whistleblowers and various investigators later discovered the feds made no attempts to follow through in tracking any of the thousands of weapons sold in this manner.

Many of these weapons have, however, been tragically linked to crimes against Americans, including the shooting of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry — killed in a shootout along the Mexican border in 2010.

Now, if what Judicial Watch uncovered holds weight, another Fast and Furious weapon has been used against civilians in an horrific way — thanks to the utterly irresponsible, nefarious scheme unleashed by the Obama administration’s feds.

As the watchdog group notes, it isn’t entirely certain whether or not the Phoenix seller’s identity has been suppressed by the ATF — the agency putatively tasked with reining in the selling and use of illegal weapons — because of his participation with Fast and Furious.

ATF spokesman Corey Ray opaquely told Judicial Watch “no firearms used in the Paris attacks have been traced” by the agency — leaving open the possibility the ATF hasn’t bothered to try. Asked to discuss the ROI report linking the Paris weapon to Phoenix, Ray flatly stated, “I’m not familiar with the report you’re referencing.”

Repeated calls by Judicial Watch to the Phoenix ATF office were never returned.

As the group noted, the Los Angeles Times reported previously a weapon intended to be used to carry out an attack last year at a controversial ‘draw the prophet Mohammed’ cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, had been purchased in a Phoenix gun store associated with Fast and Furious.

For obvious reasons, considering the ATF and feds never tracked the scheme’s weapons, most of the over 2,000 Fast and Furious weapons have been lost.

Apparently, however, the guns have a nasty habit of showing up in rather telling incidents — a weighty responsibility for the U.S. government, considering. It remains highly unlikely those agencies or individual agents will ever be called to task for tragic repercussions from the ill-begotten and scandalous program.

  • Dan

    This story has been debunked several times in different places already today. When did this site become so pro-gun? Numerous stories lately that read like something straight from the NRA. Very disappointing…

    • Lord Humungus

      How is reporting on corruption pro gun. On top of which this is an extremely libertarian/constitutionalist site… are you honestly surprised by a slant that favors private firearm ownership?

      • Timbits20

        It’s one thing to favour private gun ownership, but buying into conspiracy spamming a subject is something else. Regards.

        • moneygame

          Are you saying Fast and Furious never happened?

          • Timbits20

            Well no I’m not, but linking Paris to Fast and Furious via a Phoenix gun dealer implies “Obama dun this – hez gonna take our gunz and hez a Muslim anyways cuz his middle name’s HUSSEIN”.
            The lesson here should be that them guns of yours need better regulations so that they don’t end up in the hands of nutters or terrorists. Instead you’re making it about that narrative I mentioned above.

    • moneygame

      Right…better to misinform the public thru Liberal broadcasting of fictional gun stories and ‘common sense'(laughable) policies. Get a grip Dan.

      • Dan

        90% of American media is owned by six giant corporations, there’s not much room for “liberal broadcasting” in that, and this site, which I have always taken seriously chose to use a debunked conspiracy to write a story. That’s disappointing, and I think you’re the one that need to get a grip…

    • sweetsuzee

      Please provide one reliable source where this has officially been debunked. My friends at ATF allege it is true.

      • Dan

        Your friends at ATF? Right.

        You and Free Thought Project should have to provide a reliable source to support the headline, anywhere you may have seen this is all based on one carefully worded paragraph in a “Judicial Watch” blog post. A conservative “watchdog” group that has, since obama took office, filed about 900 FOIA requests and 90 lawsuits dealing with the bogus IRS Targeting scandal, “fast and furious”, and the dead horse that is the Benghazi scandal.

        So, since it hasn’t been “officially” reported anywhere, it can’t be “officially” denied, but I’ll keep it simple for you;


  • Keiron West

    Next time try leading with defining such things like “Fast and Furious”.

    • I think the author was trying to convey the connection that I made between Fast and Furious I & II.

      Columbus, N.M.

  • I would rather see a story about the connection between Alan J Lansing, Gen. Pershing, Remington Arms, George Herbert Walker, Fernando Pancho Villa, Samuel & Prescott Bush, David Mellon, Harry J Anslinger, David Rockefeller, Marijuana, La Cucuracha, George Herbert Walker Bush, Mitchell Daniels, Columbus, N.M. and Fast and Furious I & II then the connection between Fast and Furious I where Fernando Villa was sold bad ammo by Remington Arms (David Rockefeller) only to lose men in a battle. Villa then rode into the Calvary Garrison at Columbus, N.M. (Get it “Christopher Columbus”?) to collect what he believed was owed to him. The U.S. version says he torched the town. My Spanish version VHS tape with Telly Savalas says he rode into town peacefully. So we can know the CREW are capable of burning their own people if necessary, seeing some of the images at the Library of Congress demonstrates the level. To further the mystery, Mar Iguana means “Sea” “Lizard”, Mariguana Islands (See: “Mariguana” books.google.com, circa 01/01/1800 to 12/31/1845) are the Landfall of dispute for Christopher Columbus’ arrival in N.A., Columbus flew the Templar flag, N.A. is being run under a Templar claim of 1362. Albrecht Durer (See: Durer Cipher on youtube) depicts Columbus’ travels in several woodcuts around 1492, including Las Meerwunder with the image of a ship traveling to a new port with the Dauphin on board, and Der Reuter, Reuters news having been controlled by the Rothschild family since the late 1800s. With Freemasonry in Al Sham / Syria (ISIS) and Freemasonry in Levant / Iraq (ISIL), what better way to honor their Knight Templars brothers, founded in 1113, and burnt at the stake with Hemp shocks (See: attached) on Friday the 13th, with an attack upon the French on Friday the 13th, 11/13/15?

    Oops, I think I just did!