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Father Arrested for Trying to Pick Up his Special Needs Children from School

A Tennessee man was arrested yesterday for trying to pick his special needs kids up from school. The school wanted the parents to sign a form to allow their children to walk home “unsupervised.”

Naturally these parents questioned the safety of this new policy. They went to school and called the Sheriff’s department to voice their concern over the new policy, when one of the officers begins his power trip.

At one point the father cites the law that allows for him to pick up his children when school is out. The officer then has the audacity to tell the father, “Yes, school is out you can pick up your child, but it doesn’t say when, now, does it?” I’ll be damned if some bureaucrat on a power trip is going to tell me when I can and cannot have access to my children.

Soon after the cop is made to look like the tyrant fool that he is, he does what all cops do when backed into a legal corner, arrests someone.


  • Richard Chamberlin

    Are all cops fat and stupid?

  • dave

    One more power tripping cop who uses his badge to harass people. He is lucky that guy wasn’t an asshole.

  • Dennis Dematteo

    you can clearly see the deputy is getting pissed so he arrests the man that is abuse of power! but police see it as disobeaying and officers commands and enforceing the law! SO WHAT WE THAN NEED TO DO IS HAVE THE FATHER GO TO COURT BUT ALSO HAVE THE DEPUTY THERE ASWELL this deputy needs to be reviewd and actions taken against him he could of handled it better he let the farther get to him and out of anger arrests him and abuses his power as a lawenforcer the deputy should of stayed quietly out of the way let the farther pick up his kids and walk them home the deputy engauged the farther and exculated the situation this deputy is out of shape and has no social skills and needs to be put behind a desk not out in the field with the public un trained and unsupervised lawenforcement like this deputy is why cops are being guned down and are shooting and killing people in the streets city officales prosacuters and judges need to realise this make changes and not back cops up saying there doing there jobs NO THERE NOT!

    • scscanlan2004

      That would be nice but the problem is nobody cares anymore, and we just keep making laws to allow this nonsense. I live in Michigan and here the Supreme Court has decided that if they think they may be fired, an officer’s statement cannot hold them accountable even if it’s an outright lie. Good stuff eh?

    • Stephen Geiger

      Common Dennis, make use of a period once in awhile.

  • Stephen Geiger

    So the laws are supposed to be written to protect the children but this school wants the parent to give his permission that his child be allowed to walk home unsupervised. Something does not make sense here. Why the cop was involved also does not make any sense. The father has a right to pick up his child. So since the father was arrested what happened to the child?

  • Steven Clay

    And people wonder why cops get such a bad rap… You get what you pay for.

  • Ethan Deutsch

    That cop is one of the biggest assholes in the world. I hope he got sued personally.

  • Deanna Jackson

    WTF is wrong with that cop? This is is a man trying to pick his kids up from school. There is no law saying that a father can’t pick his kids up from school. I hope the man sues that idiot cop.

  • jfodfoegergoinr jdiofvdfpug

    WOW! Must be slow here if you have to use a 3 year old post to get clicks and comments. Interesting how free thought project just removed the date from an original post and reposts as if this just happened. And all the sheeple here latch right on and become outraged at what they think is a current incident.

  • Gary Blakey

    So what hapened after? Thers never any details on how this kind of stuff Ends, what was the outcome???

  • maser

    Look up obamacare and eugenics
    And you will understand why

    • turnerdog56

      Hi there Stupid! I knew you’d show up sooner or later.