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FBI Exposed for Letting Child Predators Walk Free Just to Keep its Hacking Tool Secret

The Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Department of Justice would rather let hardened pedophiles go free than to turn over information related to their methods of gathering evidence against such suspects. In some cases, the FBI has reportedly run porn sites in order to gather information on child porn seekers. And in other instances, the FBI has infected suspects’ computers with malware, all in an effort to gather the evidence necessary for a conviction.

Labeled “The Playpen,” the FBI’s kiddie porn sting operation on Friday saw the latest suspect to walk free. His name is Jay Michaud. His lawyer successfully argued in court that the FBI must turn over to his team of lawyers information regarding the Network Investigative Technique (NIT) it used to gather evidence on Mr. Michaud. The FBI said it would not turn over any information regarding NIT to the defense team, and the judge in the case, Judge Bryan then ruled all evidence gathered from NIT must be therefore suppressed.

As a result of the FBI’s refusal to turn over any information about the NIT used to gather information on Michaud, the FBI then chose to let Mr. Michaud go free. According to Techdirt, this is a common practice for the FBI when forced to choose between handing over technical data or letting a suspect walk free.

“The FBI is developing quite the reputation for dropping prosecutions in the face of challenges of its secret tools and techniques. The NDAs it hands out to every law enforcement agency seeking to purchase Stingrays not only tells them to obscure the device’s use, but to let suspects walk if it seems some of this info might make its way into the courtroom,” Techdirt writes.

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The FBI has been criticized for its practices in evidence gathering. Techdirt writes, “The FBI argues in court (often obtaining the court’s agreement) that these questionable tactics (deploying malware, warrants that ignore jurisdictional limits, running child porn sites rather than shutting them down, etc.) are justified because the people it’s going after (child porn viewers/distributors) are that terrible. But then it turns around and lets the very bottom of its basket of criminal suspect deplorables go free rather than hand over information to the defense. It does this even though the defense, the judge, and the DOJ would do all they could to protect as much of the NIT information as possible, including sealing documents and redacting those that are published.”

During the trial, the FBI drew the criticism of the court which found it acted in an “outrageous” manner. The court then described the six ways the FBI acted recklessly in its evidence gathering against child porn suspects.

(1) The Government ignored the statute forbidding such conduct: “In any criminal proceeding, any property or material that constitutes child pornography . . . shall remain in the care, custody and control of either the Government or the Court.” 18 U.S.C § 3509(m).

(2) The Government facilitated the continued availability of Website A, a site containing hundreds of child pornographic images for criminal users around the world.

(3) The Government, in fact, improved Website A’s technical functionality.

(4) The Government re-victimized hundreds of children by keeping Website A online.

(5) The Government used the child victims as bait to apprehend viewers of child pornography without informing the victims and without the victims’ permission—or that of their families.

(6) The Government’s actions placed any lawyer involved in jeopardy for violating ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct 8.4, and raise serious ethical and moral issues for counsel.

It is the conclusion of the court that the FBI ran a kiddie porn website, used kids as “bait,” and improved access to the child porn website, all in an effort to gather evidence on porn users. The most damning criticism from the statements seems to be the knowledge that child porn victims, the children, and their images, were used without their knowledge, once again, to draw in pedophiles to the government-run website.

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It really seems unnecessary doesn’t it? Here at TFTP, there’s absolutely no mercy for pedophiles, especially when those perpetrators are police officers, or people in positions of authority, such as pastors, missionaries, or priests. But knowing the government is in the business of kiddy porn to entrap such people is arguably more disturbing.

Even after being caught red-handed, instead of sharing the technology behind their evidence gathering, they chose to let the perpetrators, whom they admitted are the worst of society, walk free. Those actions may serve to demonstrate the FBI has a greater commitment to its secrecy than it does to protecting children caught up in the world of child pornography.

In light of the fact that Edward Snowden has revealed to the world the capabilities the federal government has to spy on all Americans, what harm would come from revealing the small ways the government was able to gather information on child porn purveyors and users? If they are, after all, the dregs of society, and we believe they are and should be shown no mercy, then risking exposing your methods to jail a pedophile predator, is more than worth taking that chance.

According to the court, “The only justification for the acts of the Government, as provided by counsel, is that the end justifies the means, or in the Government’s words, ‘Because those who create, obtain, trade, distribute and profit from the imagery of the rape and sexual exploitation of children have turned to Tor in an effort to hide their activities, the United States has been forced to employ creative means to unmask the individuals engaging in the destructive and heinous criminal conduct.’”

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But instead of revealing those creative measures, they’re now letting the despicable crooks go back to their pedophile ways, possibly emboldened to keep their activities further hidden from the prying eyes of big brother.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Couldn’t any future victims have grounds to sue the FBI for allowing their attacker the freedom to pursue them?

    • disqus_ZBXJDbYJHe

      How about suing them for being accomplices to their future crimes?

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        That’ll be a little harder to pull off.

    • David Daisy May Boldock

      I don’t see why not lass, as no one is beyond being sued, including governments. F.B.I. Being accountable to government, and the ironically named :Department of Justice. Justice is a joke it seems, and both are highly culpable in their malevolent, nasty deeds.

      • amber.webb

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        • David Daisy May Boldock

          Bully for you, now lend me a few quid.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    The injustice in so called justice is justified.

  • Liz O’neill

    its not the children of the fbi, or the police, or those in power who are being raped and abused, so this is just more proof that as far as the cops, the fbi and the government are concerned, everyone else is just prey.

    • roslyn.ma

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      • Geezer Grunt

        You made 84K and your still going to college??? Don’t tell me. You study Economics, right?

  • palvadore

    The FBI also allows city police departments to abduct citizens and administer compulsory INJECTIONS of the falsely arrested inmates! Tuskegee and the forced sterilization of Native American women in the 70’s proves the government can NOT BE TRUSTED to inject undisclosed substances into Americans.

  • shad182

    Very disturbing, especially when I think of the victims being exposed on the internet, (forever) to make someone’s job easier. Should we rob banks to catch bank robbers? Should we murder people to catch murderers? Should we join the mafia and commit crimes to catch some criminals, oh, wait…..we did that already!

  • Peggy Gordon

    The more I read about the evil CIA and the FBI the sicker I become, Is there anyone left in the FBI that follow your constitution?? now the CIA is a loose cannon,doing whatever they like,crimes which the ordinary hard criminal is incapable of doing.God Help America.!!!

  • Kweden

    silly pedos. They can go completely legit just by becoming a moyel (and then they can be as sadistic about it as they want, and drink infant blood, and even spread genital herpes to them and not be charged or banned, in fact, they’ll even still be praised and worshipped by the faithful.) The fbi knows about them too