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FBI Finally Releases Tesla Documents on Death Ray, Ball Lightning and More

At long last, the FBI has released its document cache of files containing information on Nikola Tesla, including his inventions like death ray and ball lightning, as well as how the government obtained his notes and memos following his death.

Tesla, an inventor and innovator considered at least decades ahead of his time, predicted and helped develop an early prototype of a smartphone, among many other things.

In the Volume 100 of Popular Science Monthly in 1922, for example, Tesla predicted video calling:

“It will soon be possible to see as well as hear by means of electricity. ‘Television’ will be employed as generally as telephoning. As one listens to a voice at the other end of the line, he will also see every expression of the speaker’s face,” explained Tesla in his article.

“In a general way the instrument used for television will closely resemble the mechanism of the human eye. Success in transmitting vision depends upon four things, and of these I have already perfected two.

“The radio transmission of sound will also be developed in the future far beyond the present system. It will be possible not only for any person with a station to listen in, but also to transmit at the same time to every other station. I have already accomplished this in my experiments.”

Tesla’s experiments and inventions, and incredibly forward-thinking vision, made him the target of FBI and government surveillance. Upon his death in the midst of World War II — which had been documented January 7, 1943, though the new cache of documents suggests he didn’t pass away until the following day — the FBI rushed to seize trunk loads of his work in order to prevent anything falling into the hands of Axis forces.

But considering his inventions centered around electricity and involved the amplification of power, the United States government likely had motivations it never put to paper.

According to the newly-released information, the FBI even plotted to arrest a family member Tesla despised — who was believed to be friendly to the enemy — to prevent him using the familial bond to make a legal claim for the work.

Despite Nikola Tesla’s astonishing achievements, he has been all-but omitted from government education.

A smattering of individuals have been post-mortem students of Tesla, both furthering and fleshing out his experiments. One such inventor, Jim Murray, has studied the unparalleled scientist for over five decades — and the two have an FBI following in common.

After years of experimentation and projects, Jim contributed greatly to the development of SERPS (Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply) device. As The Free Thought Project, which has interviewed Jim on multiple occasions, previously described SERPS:

“This highly specialized electronic circuit has the ability to “Magnify” the effective power applied to it by nearly 50 times. When Jim coupled his device with his friend Paul Babcock’s patented ultra fast 5 nanosecond switching technology, they achieved a 4790% increase in electrical power compared to the input. This type of performance, if commercialized, would cause the largest electric utility companies to shake in their boots.”

You can read the FBI’s Nikola Tesla files here.

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  • john smith

    and its all behind a permissions fire wall
    “Google Drive You need permission”

  • Lans_Starsider

    Edison being an asshole probably did immeasurable damage to the advancement of technology because of what he did to Tesla.

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    • Brendan Lounsbery

      Yeah, fuck Edison

  • Telepathy

    I wonder what teslas thoughts on ball lighting were, because I highly doubt that it’s even a form of lighting at all. I’ve seen it once, a blueish white perfect sphere out side of my house, and it appeared to act controlled, not in any way random.

    • Razedbywolvs

      It’s a ball of plasma. Exactly how it works i don’t know. Charged Ions are floating around in the air, something is causing them to condense into a sphere and transform into a ball of light & heat. Once the sphere is formed, it probably sets on a directional path to collect more Ions. If the ball hits a patch of denser ions on one side of the ball than is grater than the amount of Ions it can collect going forward it turns.


    • Peter

      Burn some matches until the are completely burnt and nothing but charcoal and carbon left, then put them in your microwave oven. Then turn the oven on, you will see ball lightning and you can even open the door of your microwave and release the lightning. Not dangerous at all. Try it and let me know how you go. cheers from Australia.

  • Hill Billy

    I love how JP Morgan ceased funding Tesla’s free energy research when he found out Tesla’s plan was to provide electrical power to everyone at ($0) charge.

    • Di

      This is true and I have known for a long time the government stole his documents at death.

  • Agetha Besonson


  • Joshua Seal

    Here is an high extensive list of links, downloads, databases, and more on Nikola Tesla that i put on my facebook:

    and if you’re interested, here is a list of reports, compilations, and infographics on many many touchy subjects: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1198584513541364&set=a.124983007568192.22875.100001694794509&type=3

  • GetRektbyTheTruth

    FFS, it’s called PEACE RAY, NOT death ray. Tesla said the device will help defend against any attacks, and can be devastating when used as a weapon. But if everyone had one, nobody could attack anyone. Hence, peace.

    • McLovin

      Now, instead of the Ray, we have atomic bombs.

      Only, Tesla could not predict that people are too stupid to realize they could blow up the whole world with a push of a button.

  • Yvonne Hurt

    these people have stoled his stuff …and act like its theirs they wait for people to die and than wanna take claim to things that arent theirs…thieves

  • Nik Digo

    In case you missed something: involves trump, gov, tesla, ww1&2, etc

  • Eric Bolt

    The FBI, is criminal in this as w/ others who steal your Thoughts, stolen along w/ Business, ideas Stolen. The FBI seems to be a major criminal party to these crimes. And the most Criminal non American Agency of Incompetents-! This Agency is a terrorist or criminal stealing Psychics thoughts Genius thoughts for criminal means beast friend it is a do nothing criminally infiltrated Agency