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Immoral Patsy – How the FBI Groomed Mentally Disabled Teen With a 51 IQ into an “ISIS Terrorist”


It isn’t clear what use ISIS or the Pakistani Taliban would have for an 18-year-old American student with an estimated IQ of 51, is marginally verbal, and has little ability to perform routine tasks like tying his shoelaces. Peyton Pruitt, described by family and school officials as a developmentally stunted child, displays little understanding of terrorism and has no skills a terrorist group would covet. However, he is able to participate in online chats, which made him an irresistible target for FBI agents trolling the web in search of patsies to cast in Homeland Security Theater productions.

Although Pruitt is unable to use the bathroom without assistance, the FBI and the St. Clair, Alabama Sheriff’s Office are pretending that he was part of a plot to provide “material assistance to terrorism” on the basis of online conversations with FBI agents posing as recruiters for ISIS and the Taliban. He remains incarcerated in the St. Clair County Jail on $1 million bond.

Following an evidentiary hearing on December 22, Judge Alan Furr refused to reduce the bond and referred the case to a grand jury. In what might be an indication of the case, the FBI, rather than seeking charges under a federal statute, is assisting the effort to prosecute Pruitt under an Alabama state anti-terrorism statute.

Anthony Pruitt, Peyton’s father, told the judge that he had given his son a laptop computer for Christmas last year. The teenager had been part of a program for handicapped people at the E.H. Gentry Technical Center – a school for deaf and blind children — until last May, when his father withdrew him. It was during his time at Gentry that Peyton was lured into compromising internet conversations with FBI agents. The father didn’t know anything about that activity until his son’s arrest in November.

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If he had known that his son was being trolled by federal agents posing as terrorist recruiters, Anthony Pruitt testified, “I would have gone to the school, smashed his computer into a billion pieces and grounded him for life.” Owing to the legal expenses involved in trying to protect his son, Pruitt explained, he has “lost everything – my home, my land, my job.”

As a younger child, Peyton was diagnosed with “Mental Retardation, Intellectual Disability, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and Attention Deficit Disorder.” Educators have described him as an invalid who cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy.

During the probable cause hearing, prosecutors argued that Pruit was reading bomb-making instructions in al Qaeda’s online magazine, Inspire, and communicating with people identified as overseas jihadis – by way of a messaging service called Wickr — about potential sites for an attack. Prosecutors insist that they were shown a considerable amount of information during a meeting with the regional FBI director, but that supposed evidence was not presented during the pre-trial hearing.

During that hearing, defense attorney Gibson Holladay asked investigator Tommy Dixon: “All you’ve got is Peyton’s statement [following his arrest], right? You couldn’t tell me if Peyton contacted Santa Claus or a terrorist, can you? Was it a bomb or a recipe for banana pudding? You don’t know, do you?”

In cross-examining defense witness Helen Waldrop, an employee at the Gentry Center, St. Clair County District Attorney Richard Minor insinuated, without directly claiming, that Peyton “could quote the Koran” and had accessed an encrypted website. Assuming those statements to be true, neither would constitutes actual evidence of a crime or criminal intent, and both could reflect efforts of FBI provocateurs to manipulate the suggestible young man into doing something that would fit the familiar Homeland Security Theater narrative.

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The FBI employs a large number of agents who specialize in talent-scouting marginalized and emotionally troubled young men and – using skills similar to other child predators – luring them into pre-scripted “terrorism plots.” In one such case, that of the “Newburgh Four” in New Jersey, the trial revealed the use of a Pakistani career criminal named Shahed Hussain, who was described, on the record, by a federal prosecutor as a “terrorism facilitator.”

Craig Monteilh, a convict-turned-FBI “terrorism facilitator,” has described that procedure in a civil rights lawsuit he filed against the agency. About a decade ago, Monteilh was approached by two FBI agents who explained that they acted “pursuant to a National Security Directive called OPERATION FLEX, which was signed by President Bush as executive order #12356.” In exchange for assistance with his legal troubles, Montielh was recruited for the purpose of “organizing terrorist activities, making reference to `jihad’ (Holy War) and organizing terrorist plots and activities.”

His chief assignment was “to infiltrate and spy on the activities of the members of the [Irvine, California] Mosque in an effort to uncover potential terrorists and plots against the Government. He was instructed by his handlers to act in a manner that suggested that he was a terrorist.… His actions made many of the members of the Mosque uncomfortable and the Attorney for the Mosque … contacted him in an effort to get him to stop attending regular prayers.” (Emphasis added.)

Disturbed by Monteilh’s efforts to promote violence and incite terrorism, several people who attended the mosque, working with CAIR, contacted the FBI. Rather than thanking them for their vigilance, the FBI targeted one of them – an Afghan refugee named Amadullah Sais Niazi – for retaliation, accusing him of lying about a distant relative in a naturalization application and threatening him with prison unless he, too, became an informant.

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Nearly every “terrorist plot” supposedly foiled by the FBI since 2002 has followed this script, or some variation on it. When our supposed protectors go to such lengths to entrap and prosecute mentally retarded teenagers, it’s difficult to believe we face an existential terrorist threat.

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  • Every day it becomes clearer, that Our World, is being run by Gangs of Despicable Criminals !

  • Most relationships fail because we spend too much time pointing out each others mistakes and not enough time enjoying each others company.

  • How about saying mentally challenged? Hmmmm?

    • Because retarded is a clinical word with a clinical definition.

    • “Retard” came from the French word “retarder” which means “slow” and has been adopted by the English language to a clinical term (mentally retarded). How about you stop feeling offended on behave of people that aren’t even offended?

    • Actually^ the APA and the DSM-5 are changing “mental retartedation” to “intillectual disability”. And please, I’d like to see you say “retard” in front of any special education student, teacher, or advocate and see if they aren’t offended. “Retarted” took the place of idiocy, mental subnormality, and feeblemindedness, which you would never say because they are offensive too.

    • Changing words because someone is “offended” is precisely what wrong in this country.

      Retarded has been used by medical professionals for decades.

      Grow a pair and accept it. Stop demonizing words. Get mad at RELEVANT things, like famine and perpetual warfare.

    • Believe me famine a war are things I don’t like. but just because something the accepted norm does not make it okay.. if the professionals are changing the vocabulary, there must be a reason right? I’d argue that accepting the cultural norms because “it’s been that way for decades” it’s what’s wrong with our country. The label of someone due to their medical issues is very relevant to them, and if it doesn’t have a legitimate medical definition then it shouldn’t be used for such, right?

    • No, what’s wrong with our country is there is no respect for self or one another there is no love in our hearts for each other, there is no God!

    • Thts whrs wrong! God bless you!

    • God bless you too

  • Makes you wonder how many are sitting in jail now based on what may have occurred, baited into an overt step that wouldn’t have been contemplated otherwise, doesn’t it?

  • Newburgh sting . Watch that shit on HBO. Scarey how bad we are at catching bad guys

  • Taking job security, and vanity, to a vicious level.

  • This sounds like what happened to Martin Bryant (Port Arthur, Tasmania).

  • Join the Communist Party and support this page !!!!

    • Clearly, you too have been groomed.

    • What does that mean ? From a navy high school grad – piss poor logic.

    • People, such as I, who read & usually support this page will not be dissuaded by your comments.

    • Who said patriotism is the last vestage of a dying nation again? Is that even a quote( hope that isn’t from star ship troopers or something).

  • Check out Ali Mohammed.

  • The FBI likes to call these young men “Retards that don’t have a pot to piss in”.

  • only in America this can happen

  • Despicable

  • it’s the same way they get them to vote republican LOL

  • Meanwhile, Police in the US Kill Citizens at Over 70 Times the Rate of Other First World Nations

    In case you’ve been under a rock lately, it is becoming quite clear that police in the US can and will kill people, even unarmed people, even on video, and do so with impunity.

    The tallying methods, or rather lack thereof, used by both the FBI and individual police departments to count the amount of people killed by police, have been shown to be staggeringly inaccurate.

    However, this inability of the government to count the number of people it kills, has been met with multiple alternative means of calculating just how deadly the state actually is.

    One of these citizen run databases, is the website http://www.killedbypolice.com. The site is basically a spreadsheet that lists every person killed by cops in the years 2013 and 2014. In addition to naming those killed, it also provides a link to media reports for each of the killings, age, sex and race if available.

    As a comparison, the total number of US troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, in 2014 was 58.

    Is this some natural tendency of police in “free societies” to kill their citizens more, in an effort to maintain this freedom? Hardly, and hardly is the US a free country.

    According to the 2014 Legatum Prosperity Index released in November, in the measure of personal freedom, the United States has fallen from 9th place in 2010 to 21st worldwide—behind such countries as Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

    Other such rankings systems show the US as low as 46.
    China, whose population is 4 and 1/2 times the size of the United States, recorded 12 killings by law enforcement officers in 2014.
    Let that sink in. Law enforcement in the US killed 92 times more people than a country with nearly 1.4 billion people.
    It doesn’t stop there.

    From 2013-2014, German police killed absolutely no one.

    In the entire history of Iceland police, they have only killed 1 person ever. After exhausting all non-lethal methods to detain an armed man barricaded in his house who actually shot 2 police officers, police were forced to take the 59-year-old man’s life. The country of Iceland grieved for weeks after having to resort to violence.

    America imprisons almost 30% of all people imprisoned in the world, although containing only about 4% of the worlds population, an extremely disproportionate share of people imprisoned globally.

    The U.S. houses 2.3 million inmates, while China, a country with four times the population of the U.S., is a distant second with 1.6 million prisoners.

    What we are calling the militarization of police has already taken place, on a large scale. We are now seeing a domestic military, pretending to be a police force.


  • assuming this article is indeed honest and truthful.

    its kinda sad because it skips over the hows and whys of it all.

    like how did this kid become this way in the first place?

    why did his father take him out of those classes?

    why in the hell did his father let him use the laptop unsupervised in the first place?

    regardless of his mental disabilities he had enough about him to act this out, and nobody noticed a damn thing or even checked his belongings. who are the real idiots in this situation?

    the FBI know ANYONE can look up how to make poisons and explosives its not hard to do if you put enough effort and know how towards it. so why are they always and magically surprised when people do that?

    it seems a little strange if you asked me.

    its similar to the bowe bergdahl case.

    to where there is to many plot holes in all of this to make an exact judgement.

    • We appreciate your opinion and logical questions

    • “assuming this article is indeed honest and truthful.”

      We should never assume honesty anywhere. But I’m not sure how much more honesty you need beyond “kid who can’t properly use the restroom arrested for being an ISIS sympathizer”

      “like how did this kid become this way in the first place?”

      Retarded? Usually that happens at birth… but he could have had head trauma. I’m not sure why that matters? You mean talking to ISIS sympathizers? I have a much higher IQ and I find myself going down Internet rabbit holes into some weird places. I can easily see a kid with a 55 IQ talking to someone and just believing what he says because he doesn’t know better.

      “why did his father take him out of those classes?/

      Does it matter?

      “why in the hell did his father let him use the laptop unsupervised in the first place?”

      You don’t have kids… do you? Some of us have jobs or other things to do. This comment comes off as victim blaming to me. Though I don’t think you intended it that way. Maybe his son had never given him a reason not to be trusted with a laptop? Maybe it was something he, as a mentally handicapped teenager, enjoyed and the father saw no reason to hover over him for every mouse click.

      “regardless of his mental disabilities he had enough about him to act this out, and nobody noticed a damn thing or even checked his belongings. who are the real idiots in this situation?”

      You’ve not dealt with a lot of mentally handicapped kids… have you? And what did he act out? Looking at a magazine and allegedly talking to jihadists? He didn’t act on anything other than where he was most likely lead by the FED trying to justify his insane budget.

      “the FBI know ANYONE can look up how to make poisons and explosives its not hard to do if you put enough effort and know how towards it. so why are they always and magically surprised when people do that?”

      They aren’t surprised. It’s simply another tool in their arsenal to imprison people.

      “it seems a little strange if you asked me.”

      So does your logic here. But people think differently about things.

      “its similar to the bowe bergdahl case.”


      “to where there is to many plot holes in all of this to make an exact judgement.”

      I’m not sure what else we need other than a kid with a 55 IQ got convinced to do something by the FBI pretending to be ISIS. Keep in mind, if not for this the kid would have most likely NEVER run into an ISIS recruiter, and even if he did he’d be too much of a security risk to trust with an operation.

    • Do you ever think before you post?

      I mean seriously.

      When someone posts that they are just going to assume something. It typically means they are going on hypotheticals rather than taking it on face values.

      Aside from that cluster fuck you have just created.

      These are actual valid questions a person needs to ask. Considering that pretty much about 2/3 of the actual story is not there at all.

      It just doesn’t make sense. There are no dots to connect, and absolutely no real information to consider.

      Unless you are just a idiot who just loves to devour shallow information as proof and is absolute….

      If so I feel sorry for you.

    • It’s an ongoing trial. Facts will come to light soon enough. Hopefully…

    • It will be interesting non the less

  • 7x

  • This is way more information than we who live in Alabama were given through standard media outlets. How sad for this boy’s family-shame on the FBI & the judge. A million dollar bond? Seriously?

  • this is so nuts makes me think it mite be

  • The last sentence in the article sums it up. It’s difficult to believe we face an existential terrorist threat.

  • Cant make this stuff up John Grace