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FBI & Memphis Police Have Admitted Their Role in the Assassination of Dr. King

Nearly 50 years since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the FBI and Memphis Police Department have sparingly released information implicating themselves or members of their agencies in facilitating and directly causing the untimely death of Dr. King. Although the Justice Department officially claims James Earl Ray assassinated MLK, a civil suit later determined that a Memphis cop was involved in a conspiracy to murder the civil rights leader.

During a rainstorm on February 1, 1968, two black sanitation workers in Memphis lost their lives when the truck’s compactor accidentally triggered. On that same day, 22 black sewer workers were sent home without pay while their white coworkers received compensation. Less than two weeks later, over a thousand black sanitation workers went on strike wearing placards reading, “I AM A MAN.”

On March 18, 1968, Dr. King spoke at a rally in Memphis promising to lead a march later in the month supporting the striking sanitation workers. According to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, a black civil rights group named the Invaders sabotaged the March 28 demonstration by distributing hundreds of two by two sticks attached to placards into the hands of impressionable black children caught breaking store windows. The Invaders allegedly incited violence against Dr. King’s orders of peaceful resistance.

Because of the violence perpetrated during the March 28 demonstration, the city of Memphis filed a formal complaint against Dr. King and his associates within the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). On the last day of his life, Dr. King spent most of his time with Dr. Ralph Abernathy of the SCLC. While Rev. Andrew “Andy” Young of the SCLC had convinced U.S. District Court Judge Bailey Brown to allow Dr. King to organize a peaceful march scheduled for April 8, Dr. King was preparing for dinner with Rev. Samuel “Billy” Kyles.

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On April 4, 1968, Dr. King’s Memphis PD security detail had been withdrawn, a black Memphis PD detective posted near the Lorraine Motel had been removed, and two black firemen in a station near the Lorraine Motel were transferred shortly before the assassination. Former Memphis PD Detective Jerry Williams had been assigned to Dr. King’s security detail twice before his final visit in 1968. Det. Williams asserted on Dr. King’s final visit that no black officers had been assigned to his security detail. The day before Dr. King’s death, Inspector Don H. Smith requested to remove his detail. The request was granted.

Accounts differ regarding Dr. King’s final words. According to FBI documents, Dr. King was discussing the weather with his chauffeur, Solomon Jones Jr., when the fatal shot struck. Rev. Jesse Jackson instead recalls Dr. King chastising him for not wearing a tie. Dr. King then turned to musician Ben Branch, who was standing beside Jackson, and said, “Make sure you play ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord.’ Play it real pretty.” According to Jackson, those were his final words.

Since revealing its illegal COINTELPRO harassment of Dr. King and the existence of at least 5 paid informants who reported to their Memphis Field Office, the FBI also disclosed that Dr. King’s trusted friend and renowned photographer, Ernest Withers, had been secretly working as an FBI informant. In addition to the FBI informants, a black undercover Memphis PD officer named Marrell McCollough had infiltrated the Invaders in 1968. McCollough stood in the parking lot of the Lorraine Motel on the night Dr. King died. He claimed to have been the first person to reach the body.

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Although the Invaders had been removed from the Lorraine Motel a few hours earlier, undercover MPD officer Marrell McCollough remained on the premises until Dr. King’s death. McCollough claimed he spent the day shopping with Rev. James Bevel and Rev. James Orange of the SCLC. Standing in the parking lot of the Lorraine Motel, McCollough witnessed Dr. King’s assassination then ran up the stairs to view the body. ABC News confirmed McCollough went on to join the CIA, and he later testified on March 12, 1978, to the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

While recalling Dr. King’s final moments, Rev. Billy Kyles who was standing beside Dr. King on the balcony admitted decades later, “Only as I moved away so he could have a clear shot, the shot rang out.” Kyles has denied working as an FBI informant, even though he was accused of being a confidential Memphis PD informant.

In 1999, civil trial King v. Jowers determined former Memphis PD officer Loyd Jowers had been complicit in a conspiracy to assassinate Dr. King. In December 1993, Jowers appeared on ABC’s Prime Time Live confessing to his participation in Dr. King’s assassination. Jowers admitted he believed MPD Lt. Earl Clark fired the shot that killed Dr. King, not James Earl Ray. Although the U.S. government claims that Jowers fabricated his allegations, they have also admitted responsibility in attempting to ruin Dr. King’s marriage and persuading him to commit suicide.

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  • And puts it on what is typically the coldest time of the year to boot, effectively minimising any public gatherings.

    • Yeah, because no public gatherings ever happen in the winter. Umm…

    • Way to totally miss the point Anne Keckler. Do you typically attend memorial events in sub zero weather?

    • You are full of shit, Randy. Just looking for any reason to be divisive. Go fuck yourself.

    • ^Seriously? 2 really mean comments replying to a very innocent comment. I hear you Randy.

    • I hear you Randy! It’s because his birthday is this time of year x

    • The date wasn’t picked at random it was his birthday

    • Yea a very innocent comment but not a well thought out one there Kelly Ganley…. I’d like to point out New Years Eve in Times Square at night isn’t usually a balmy 60 degrees nor is most of our Thanksgiving and Christmas parades either… Now you may say well those are major holidays so people will go regardless well that still doesn’t explain why people will PAY to watch a game in Buffalo in February. Face it poor comment with little thought put into it…

    • Actually Kevin Warner his birthday was the 15th

    • Brian Mellow the difference being you seldom see large amounts of alcohol or see many people clapping, cheering, or doing celebratory dances at memorial observations for assassination victims.

    • And Zarathustra Perkins I was actually being supportive. Try to learn the difference

    • They always celebrate MLK day, the following Monday after his bday.

    • Whatever, it’s still an innocent comment. He clearly didn’t realize it has to do with his bday. I only knew because my bday is January also and sometimes is the same as MLK day. He was just making a point about weather, and everyone started throwing hostile comments at the guy. Anyways, hostile comments help to easily identify people with a lot of built up anger and too much time to kill. So Brian Mello, why don’t you ‘mellow’ out.

    • Hayley Ayers all that proves is they are more interested in celebrating a federal day off than honoring the man

    • “Ah yes let’s put it in a cold month so that no one will have a barbeque… Yeah that’ll really piss off the black people…” (That’s what the evil white people were planning in their secret meeting shhh it’s a conspiracy…) Smdh

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  • Trying to change History? He was assassinated by his own “”Black Minority””!!!

    • That’s what people on this site do. Change history to benefit them or their opinions.

    • no. Wrong black guy.

  • We ought to stop all this name calling and start calling each other earthlings!

  • most Americans don’t even know that the FBI was found GUILTY in his killing.

  • Him and his mother assassinated by American government.

  • He was a drunk, philanderer, plagiarist, adulterer, and general phony. Be weary of the heroes they hand you…

    • How do you know? What are your sources?

    • Actually, Joanna Lee, you are wrong.

    • I would be interested in those sources also that confirm that he was like the majority of the human species…in a nutshell, normal.

    • King David, philanderer but was still a man after God’s own heart…sorry we all have sinned and come short.

    • And communist. I can’t believe I forgot the worst one.

      Haha people get so angry when they are confronted with truth. I am not your Google and I am no journalist so I am not required to site every source I’ve read on the matter. If you are interested, research it and see for yourself! If not, call me a liar and keep your head in the sand.

      And yes he was a human and “sinner.” I’m just saying he was not the saint they portray. If the system is trying to cram a hero down your throat, most likely the person is not who they make him out to be. They don’t have a Malcolm X day and discuss him in school for a reason.

    • Said a white woman that never had to fight for a thing in her life

    • hahaha discredit fact by silly assumptions. What do you know about what I’ve had to fight for? You have no insight to my family’s socioeconomic status and the conditions of my upbringing. Dispute he didn’t cheat on his wife, party it up, steal his dissertation for his Phd and parts of his speeches from others then.

    • btw I’m not even white dumb ass…

    • Lies spread under COINTELPRO

    • Well Joanna, you had me until your statement of communist being the worst…now you fall under the masters Imposition of perception. Evidently you haven’t studied the doctrine of communism vs capitalism. I still like your tendency towards individual thought though… I suggest a little more study on Carl Marx before you accept a capitalists point of view. I’m not trying to be adversarial here either… This is a positive statement on your behalf.

    • @jerry I’ve read the communist manifesto. I actually was quite the leftist in my teenage years. My father escaped communist China in 1949 and I guess I don’t fully appreciate the struggle he went through until i was an adult. These days I don’t subscribe to labels. The closest one would be voluntaryist but I can’t stand so much that goes along with that whole culture as well. Nothing can be perfect 😉

    • I have to agree…I have said many times a lot of things look good on paper but when implemented Into life…humans will find a way to pervert it.

    • Never heard about any of this but interested in researching…. do you know for sure who killed him then? Just curious on your perspective.

    • “I’m not your Google” means: I’m talking out of my ass.

      Maybe don’t make such bold statements if you can’t handle people asking where you got the information..

    • @Kelly I would imagine it would have been the same snakes he was in bed with from the beginning. I believe they utilized him and then martyred him. Glad someone is interested in looking into it more rather than going off on the “You are a liar and a racist” tangent. 😉

    • Rachel Doe I’ll go ahead and find you a few sources because you seem like a simpleton. http://www.nytimes.com/1991/10/11/us/boston-u-panel-finds-plagiarism-by-dr-king.html There are many sources on the adultery, one being a memoir by his friend and colleague Ralph Abernathy. Someone sites that in this https://www.quora.com/What-evidence-exists-that-Martin-Luther-King-Jr-engaged-in-orgies-with-white-prostitutes-and-other-women Jackie Onasis alluded to her late husband telling her of orgies and such but that is not really hard evidence http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Jacqueline_Kennedy/jacqueline-kennedys-feelings-martin-luther-king-jr-revealed/story?id=14478321 and it was also found that he drank heavily. Many sources on that. So, no, I’m not talking out of my ass. There’s many more sources that I simply don’t have the time to find for you. Like I said, if you are interested, dig a little. If not, go on with your dismissal of these facts as lies because it challenges the history you were handed from the system. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch 😉

    • Very interesting Joanna! I like how you put it above: “the history you were handed from the system.” After making the discoveries I have in the past few years, I am open to literally anything because now I know that our “history” does not equal the truth.

    • And I’m sure this retard is a perfect angel with clean hands. Probably a child molester trying to lool good.

  • I must say, I admire the eclectic avenues of demagoguery you take to manipulate and create discourse and dissention. One would think you were an arm of the government propitious to the divide and conquer theorem. Get everybody drunk on their emotions, create havoc, and we can initiate martial law. Just to clarify, I’m playing devil’s advocate here to highlight a perception.

    • Yeah….

    • Thanks, Jerry Gott, for your eloquence. Very well stated.

    • You can tell this guy uses his thesaurus…

    • Lol…I’ve read the dictionary about as many times as I’ve read the bible. The dictionary is believable…;-)

    • Or maybe it’s just a graphic to simply help spread some truth. ??

    • The government admitted killing Dr. KING in 1999

    • Hmm, I didn’t think the government would “admit” to anything… But then who actually knows what is real?

    • Dear Angie Stolz, it does spread truth in many ways.
      It helps profile dissidents or what some as well call terrorists in some instances.
      It goes deeper it also helps profile drug addicts , child perverts, killers etc etc etc. Though the basic main area for internet profilingv is facebook.com . City State as well as Federal law enforcement including NSA and CIA can and do infiltrate pages including even citizens who join. National security as well as city and State. Jerry Gott is speaking some truth. And definitely playing devils advocate as Satan as well states there is no GOD. Then says worship me.
      Myself I know GOD IS REAL.
      So no one can convince me other wise. Do I agree with all English translation of biblical text? No .
      Often fishers of men
      ( humans in proper translation)
      Bait must be set. Be it drugs, children, murder, hate, skinheads , gangs etc etc etc. The trap is set no need for a hook line sinker as in actual fishing. A net or web is used . ( web-site) ( inter- net)
      P.S. I love Spiderman <3
      And superwoman. <3

    • Jerry Gott dictionary…..

    • I feel the same…

    • Dr. Martin Luther King’s family and his personal friend and attorney, William F. Pepper, won a civil trial that found US government agencies guilty in the wrongful death of Martin Luther King.

    • Jacob, the suit didn’t find any government agencies guilty of anything. It found Jowers and unnamed co-conspirators guilty. The government wasn’t listed in the suit, nor were they allowed to defend themselves from the allegations made by the King family.

      Jowers identified 4 different people over the years as the shooter. 4 people. He couldn’t get his story straight. His sister said he made it up so he could get a $300k book deal. She even said the only reason she backed his story was so she could get money too.

    • You got it ?

    • I find their methods interesting as well. I imagine and hope it leads to the pursuit of further knowledge and understanding from the people bickering amongst each other. I get the angle you are coming from. I tend to be skeptical myself from time to time. Most opposition is controlled and utilized in some way.

  • The government did not assassinate MLK Jr. MLK Jr. worked for the government. A racist redneck that wanted fame to his name and to go down in history murdered MLK Jr. Why would the U.S. government kill their own agent?

    Malcolm X was murdered by the government who stood by and let Elijah Mohammad’s followers murder Malcolm X in front of his wife and children and onlookers and let the armed murderers walk right past them and on into history without being caught; sort of like the JFK murder.

    • Agreed on the Malcolm X point, but MLK was murdered by the government. His family won a wrongful death suit in court.

    • Yes, against the redneck that shot him; James Earl Ray for any future earnings he may have if he were to write a book or sell some painting or some sort of redneck memorabilia that may turn on some rednecks.

  • For MANY reasons, this man shouldn’t have much support. For this thread though, I’d have to say, believers in freedom proclaiming him to be a hero doesn’t make total sense, simply because he was a statist (an avid communist) who might’ve said he wanted equality, but had a loaded gun behind him to make sure it happened. Idk…I feel like if it would’ve been anybody else, there wouldn’t be a holiday made after him.

  • Huck Redd

  • I would like to share with my friends and family some of the reasons I am celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s Day today. This is from my own experience that occurred on the day after his murder. I lived in Memphis TN. at the time.
    I had not heard of his death until the day after it occurred because I had not watched the news. I went to school at East High riding the city bus as I normally did then. I didn’t understand that first of all, the bus was quite devoid of the normal complement of passengers that day. Also that the people riding the bus (predominantly black) had looks on their faces ranging from extreme anger to utter disbelief to a sadness that words could not explain. At that time I didn’t understand just what had occurred the night before at the Lorraine Motel.
    When I got to school, there were chains and locks on all of the doors. Now, I was truly puzzled. I had a friend who worked across the street at a pharmacy so I went over there to try to find out what was going on. He told me that Dr. King had been assassinated the previous and that a curfew had been put into place.
    So, I went back home and told my mother what had happened and she was devastated. I was 15 at the time, and had not truly grasped the impact to the black community but realized enough that after the murders of JFK and Malcom X that something was very wrong in our country. I was not raised to discriminate again religions or people of color and I have my parents and my schooling to thank for that.
    Also, having been raised in the south and witnessing some of the atrocities committed against the black people, I made a decision then and there that I would not ever mistreat or name call any people based on their race. For the most part I was successful in this endeavor, although I also must admit that at times I did fail to live up to my own convictions based on the company I was surrounded by. To do otherwise would have been suicide on my part. I still feel shame for those moments when I was weak.
    I have been mistreated by blacks but never retaliated because I understand their anger, frustration and sense of betrayal by many in the white community. Many still don’t understand this vital point.
    Dr. King is one of my personal heroes because he did the impossible and lost his life in the process. Over the decades since his death many have tried to destroy his legacy by bring his personal indiscretions in an attempt to discredit his accomplishments. I say, “Shame on them.” I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have their own personal demons past or present.
    For those of you who believe in equality, real justice and the right of all to share life in a positive and productive way, I hope you will join me in celebrating this day.

  • Yep… and then encourages Corporate to profit from it.

  • …..and takes a paid day off in your “honor”

  • Kam Kam Aleisea Guzman

  • MLK was a greater American than many “heros” of today.

  • The government nor red necks did not assassinated MLK. The people he surrounded himself with murder him,.his own people. Check your history folks.

    • Check your grammar first

    • My bad you don`t have to be rude, oh you must be perfect!!!

    • Leona-Lee Lewis
      I’m sure you think same happened to JFK?

    • Stop watching Fox news

    • No I don` think that about JFK. Why are you people so hostile?

    • A report proving the government did it came out not too long ago. Google is your friend.

    • Your thinking of Malcolm X

    • Had a dissident of one the original civil rights fighter Nixon tell me this very thing , that MLK was very corrupt and owed the wrong people $$! , i was shocked. , who knows the truth .

    • Actually the government admitted to killing dr. King in 1999

    • U silly girl. The King family successfully sued the u.s. government for the murder of Martin Luther King. …how can u b so brainless and speak too??

    • You said check your history. I said check your grammar. That’s all – not trying to be rude. I do think more people should check their grammar before posting though – many comments are illegible because of this. Your comment is confusing for other reasons though. You said his own people, those who surrounded him, murdered him? Maybe be more specific and offer proof because I am more in line with the king center link posted above.

    • Welcome to the internet Leona-Lee

    • Wow are you dumb, sssh just shut up before you spread your stupidity around.

    • Les Hardley Hahaha for real tho

    • Leona-Lee Lewis bc we don’t like stupidity.

    • Cognitive dissonance at its finest, Leona-Lee.. smh
      Time to wake up.

    • You’re retarded. Of course the government isn’t going to get directly involved in it. But they are still responsible for his murder. How about wake the fuck up and stop going by what the media feeds your puny brain? Check your history. JFK wanted to take power away from the federal reserve and got shot for it. All the good people that go go against the system and are famous for it, end up dead.

    • Leona-Lee Lewis

    • Nah baby girl do your research. The government was found guilty in a civil case in 2000

      This is a link to news one they have a full transcript of the case

    • Not the 1st or last time the government assassinated our civil leaders ether by ether false by incarceration or death

  • Thanks-givin……. G

  • You need a fucking history lesson.

  • Correction if I may…..they are not oppertunists…..they are great planners and exploiters….and we (the masses) play right into their hands. We are clay and they are the potters. We are gullable and divided. We do not create an oppertunity….we ARE the oppertunity…..they have a saying ” Divide and Conquer”…….a saying that really suits us is ” Divide and Complain”

  • There are truly a lot of stupid fucks in the world.

  • Just another example.

  • The same government, yes, but not the same administration. Let’s get that straight.

  • #True

  • We’re slowly waking people up to the reality of the world around them, but we need more minds on our side. Please (Y) + Comment + Share this story.

    • To others You will sound like a crazy lunatic when you educate your self

  • Not everything is a conspiracy. Some folks just get shot.

  • Michael Joseph Garza so bogus

    • I need to do more research into this. It just sounds too true to NOT believe.

  • Happy Black Panther Day!

  • David Olsson

  • Honorable.!!!

  • Jessica Marymoon Casler

  • Vinnie Von Vucci MLK JR said hos dre turned into a nightmare and he must save his people doing the poor mans campaign. Aka prior to his assassinatioN. MLK JR dream was to get reparations for all black people so we can build a safe community for ourselves. SO LETS TALK ABOUT THE REAL MLK JR DREAM AND THE REASON THEY KILLED BEFORE HE COULD REACH IT AND WHY ARE LIVING BLACKS NOT CONITUING TO FIGHT FOR HIS DREAM INSTEAD OF ACTING LIKE THEY DIDNT GET HIM KILLED TO HAVE MOST BELIEVE HE WAS HAPPY AFTER THE I HAD A DREAM SPEAK. ATFER SEEING INTERGRATION AND STARTING THE POORMANS CAMPAIGN,,,,,

  • It IS, in fact, far easier to honor the man through a holiday than through practice.

  • This came out when Ray was sued in Civil court for his death, He admitted to the conspiracy and the King family got what they wanted, A Dollar and the statement of conspiracy

  • Google the truth about Martin Luther King ^^ He is no hero ^^

  • I would belive this is true they Killed MLK and JFK..

    • JFK was higher up than FBI.

    • When you read this, look around you in all the things that have changed. The people need to wake up. The NWO is in place using Obama to complete it. When Dianne Sawyers announced on national television in 2008 Good Morning America that all electives from Hillary to McCain to Obama through his caucasian mother were related to.the Bush family, i knew we as Americans were doomed. I was an advocate Ron Paul supporter & when the GOP with McCain people walked out when Ron Paul won the majority of the votes for the delegation for Nevada, that was enough for me to take heed in all state & federal government corruption. Finding out who created & ran the CIA Prescott Bush & then his son George, well then you know who killed JFK. JFK knew he was going to die, he was already suffering an auto immune illness. But wanted to go as far as he could to try to change it & exspose it. Read & pay it forward… educate, educate, educate .thats the only way to change everything that is evil and corrupt

  • Nothing new

  • Every society honors its live conformist and dead trouble makers.

  • Lol true words

  • The us government was found guilty in the state of Tennessee in 1999


  • This is the first I’ve heard of this, imma do some digging if anyone got more links lemme get em


  • They were found guilty of that crime in a civil trial verdict …IN 1999! “We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you as members of the media, and we call upon elected officials, and other persons of influence to do what they can to share the revelation of this case to the widest possible audience.” Coretta Scott King– King Family Press Conference, Dec. 9, 1999.

  • Racism by the slavery competition of who is the beast labor,skilled labor,degree,religious,or business slavery,Fueled by coerced and forced rewards of money and materialism or punishments from poverty to death.All with indoctrination,coercion,force,peer pressure,mind war,guilt trips,emotional manipulation,fake thought implant psychologically,subliminal messages,flash rate hypnotic mind control,contradiction,confusion,brainwashing,propaganda,NPL,Social engineering,false flags,no real ownership,no equality,controlled not equal life and death laws,religions,economics,politics,education,and myriads more..Done by Race Baiting and By Religious Baiting to make wars,separation,division,and slavery to mass murder..All by the means of laws and punishments placed in religions,legal laws etc that replaced no laws or punishments Ethics,Morals,Honor good thoughts,good works,good deeds for the good life by righteousness.Also they use your desire,craving,lust,pains,pride etc for money,materialism,sex,drugs,and myriads more to blind your thoughts enslaving you by your own self deceit that use to deceive you out of your mind into slavery to them via religions,racism,political systems,money,economics,work,business,and more..Done by and in all nations on Earth by and for the Elite,Wealthy,and Rich….

  • I would like to share with my friends and family some of the reasons I am celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s Day today. This is from my own experience that occurred on the day after his murder. I was raised in Memphis TN.
    I had not heard of his death until the day after it occurred because I had not watched the news. I went to school at East High riding the city bus as I normally did then. I didn’t understand that first of all, the bus was quite devoid of the normal complement of passengers that day. Also that the people riding the bus (predominantly black) had looks on their faces ranging from extreme anger to utter disbelief to a sadness that words could not explain. At that time I didn’t understand just what had occurred the night before at the Lorraine Motel.
    When I got to school, there were chains and locks on all of the doors. Now, I was truly puzzled. I had a friend who worked across the street at a pharmacy so I went over there to try to find out what was going on. He told me that Dr. King had been assassinated the previous and that a curfew had been put into place.
    So, I went back home and told my mother what had happened and she was devastated. I was 15 at the time, and had not truly grasped the impact to the black community but realized enough that after the murders of JFK and Malcom X that something was very wrong in our country. I was not raised to discriminate again religions or people of color and I have my parents and my schooling to thank for that.
    Also, having been raised in the south and witnessing some of the atrocities committed against the black people, I made a decision then and there that I would not ever mistreat or name call any people based on their race. For the most part I was successful in this endeavor, although I also must admit that at times I did fail to live up to my own convictions based on the company I was surrounded by. To do otherwise would have been suicide on my part. I still feel shame for those moments when I was weak.
    I have been mistreated by blacks but never retaliated because I understand their anger, frustration and sense of betrayal by many in the white community. Many still don’t understand this vital point.
    Dr. King is one of my personal heroes because he did the impossible and lost his life in the process. Over the decades since his death many have tried to destroy his legacy by bring his personal indiscretions in an attempt to discredit his accomplishments. I say, “Shame on them.” I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have their own personal demons past or present.
    For those of you who believe in equality, real justice and the right of all to share life in a positive and productive way, I hope you will join me in celebrating this day.

  • The truth is out there , but most Americans just don’t care as long as the football game is on , and the beer is cold!

  • Hope Blundell Finn Blundell

  • It’s very similar to building the 911 memorial. How tragic it really is and yet people do not care at all. People are so indifferent about it.

  • O the iront

  • Kyle Bishop for real doh.

  • Hoover had it in for him.

  • One of our greatest Educators. Thank You MLK!!!!!!!!

  • Keep on voting, and watching tv…

  • Snopes:
    The one thing the conspiracy rumor correctly states is a 1999 civil trial reached a verdict that cited the existence of a conspiracy to assassinate Martin Luther King, Jr. What it neglects to mention is the relative worth of such a judgment: The verdict in question was civil rather than criminal, the sole named defendant was someone who stood to gain both publicity and money from repeating his claims, and the King family’s motivation in bringing the suit was to validate their long-held suspicions a larger conspiracy was at play in the death of the civil rights leader. Given the minor sum of money awarded, a jury would have little incentive to not find in favor of an account supported by both sides of a flawed case.

    The U.S. Justice Department concluded in June 2000 the “allegations originating with Loyd Jowers … are not credible”:

    After reviewing all available materials from prior official investigations and other sources, including the evidence from King v. Jowers, and after conducting a year and a half of original investigation, we have concluded that the allegations originating with Loyd Jowers and Donald Wilson are not credible.

    We found no reliable evidence to support Jowers’ allegations that he conspired with others to shoot Dr. King from behind Jim’s Grill. In fact, credible evidence contradicting his allegations, as well as material inconsistencies among his accounts and his own repudiations of them, demonstrate that Jowers has not been truthful. Rather, it appears that Jowers contrived and promoted a sensational story of a plot to kill Dr. King.

    Questions and speculation may always surround the assassination of Dr. King and other national tragedies. Our investigation of these most recent allegations, as well as several exhaustive previous official investigations, found no reliable evidence that Dr. King was killed by conspirators who framed James Earl Ray. Nor have any of the conspiracy theories advanced in the last 30 years, including the Jowers and the Wilson allegations, survived critical examination.

  • #troof

  • WL LeLand

  • Fo real!

  • The Land of the Free and the home of the Brave.

  • Keisha Blocker

  • His own words!. Too little too late..

  • Here you go! look closely his own words!..

  • Twisted evil fucks. RIP dr King.

  • We don’t have a holiday for John Lennon yet, but having made a martyr of him apparently the fascist warmongers that hated him so are just hoping we will forget him – which we NEVER will do!

  • politicians are lot worse then opportunists. Evolution created the opportunism as a method for survival of the individual. Politicians are mostly the antisocial criminals

  • Once you understand that Obama is not on OUR side, not on America’s team, it will all be clear. He is not incompetent. He is destroying America more quickly than anyone thought possible. With malice, forethought, and intent.
    He is not in over his head. He is advancing tototalitarianism right under our noses. And thumbing his nose at us.
    He is not stupid. The stupid are those that fail to see what he is doing. The useful idiots Stalin talked about. The long-indoctrinated and brainwashed leftist that blindly support him.
    He is embracing our enemies and rejecting our long time allies.
    He is acting lawlessly and unconstitutionally. His stance on (fake) refugees is proof. He has stated publicly that his “Islamic experiences GUIDE HIS CONVICTIONS”…Really?
    He ignores our Constitution. He disobeys our laws. He has decimated our Military.
    **********Is Martial Law the Goal? **********
    He is aided and abetted by the complicit media. His staff is filled With Muslim Brotherhood supporters. His top advisor is an Iranian Muslim LOYAL TO ISLAM.
    Congress has done NOTHING to Stop him. Even though it is their sworn duty, they ignore the will of the people.
    He promised to fundamentally change the greatest Country in the history of the world. Destroy is more appropriate.
    He has promised to utilize his phone, his pen, and the assumed Executive Power of his office to institute Gun Control and infringe even further on the rights of Citizens.
    The Constitution, Liberty, Freedom, Wealth, Our Future and Children are no longer at risk…the risk is past. We were warned and did nothing. It is lost.

  • And now they get a day off because of it

  • Just proves that guilt works

  • Someone at the NSA is smiling big at all the bickering and fighting. Ahhh yes divide and conquer…

  • Ray

  • Peace out…..

  • HEAR, HEAR!!!!

  • Mitchell Llewellyn one of the things I mentioned lol

  • You can’t step in the same river twice.

  • Actually Stevie Wonder and artists like Bob Marley were the ones who pushed for the MLK holiday!

  • Two months later they killed Robert Kennedy.

  • it’s about time, I was in Memphis at the place where he was shot and the old lady in the booth out front had a lot to say.It was very kool to see people carry the message.

  • U r correct Chad McIntyre

  • Bullshit

  • Prime DaLou!!

  • What about JFK?

  • too young to understand the truth of this holiday. Coretta King, Stevie Wonder and many others fought long and hard to make this holiday a reality. learn your history. the truth will set you free.


  • I wish it was MLK that assassinated J Edgar Hoover, God damned fascist prick, I would volunteer to chissle his name of the FBI building in DC.

  • Court Decision: U.S. “Government Agencies” Found Guilty in Martin Luther King’s Assassination in 1999.

  • I may not get there with you.

  • A little strange…..

  • Littlelarueapiary.com

  • Jennifer Wilson

  • We need legislation,petitions,protest,with new laws and hard core hard ass punishment,fines,and laws suits to enforce and reinforce the Constitution,Amendments,Bill of rights etc for any and all Corporate,Government,and all including all citizens who violate the Constitution or that attack or punish,ruin,destroy,or kill others for doing it they call consequences..The Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion is not laws,rules,policies,or the like against it like no profanity,no abusive language,no speaking without raising the hand,no talking to save you life in court or it is contempt,and myriads more,All involved and allowing it should be fined,sued,and caged..All making and forcing crimes to be and happen by economics,to many laws,mind control,and myriads more are doing it illegally because a conviction for a crime only allows illegal slavery so when you are pulled over,or arrested,or detained,or told to leave,are interrogated,and myriads more it is all illegal as is the taxing and fining of us to pay for it all by the 13th amendment because we can voluntarily go to court for trial,if we do not show up bounty hunting to bring a person or group to trial by conviction of not showing up for trial law breaking instant conviction by the judge is all legal.There are so many violations of the Constitution by Corporations,Internationals,Government,Medias,Courts,Military,Police,Banking,and myriads more it should pay off all the inflation and debt by the violators being fined,sued,and caged doing inmate slavery labor..Demand Equal Justice,No double standards,That the Constitution,Amendment be fully implemented and enforced,and reinforce by the religious,on the street,and the states spy state,spies,informants etc to get all of those evil suckers!!!!!

  • HILLARY CLINTON: “I remember well when my youth minister took me to hear Dr. King. I was a teenager. And his moral clarity, the message that he conveyed that evening really stayed with me and helped to set me on a path to service.”
    – #DemDebate

    But do you remember this?
    In 1964, Hillary campaigned for Rep Barry Goldwater who promised to overturn Civil Rights Act. She changed over the years though, but why? For better career prospects as a liberal?
    In 1963, Bernie Sanders participated in MLK’s Civil Rights March on Washington. He hasn’t changed.

    Bernie Sanders is the real Social Democrat. Choosing Hillary Clinton over Sanders is like choosing the status quo… the same mess and unfair system that won’t change anything. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that corporations invest into politicians like Hillary only for profits and favors at the expense of our interests.

    To the feminists who support her just because she is a woman… Bernie Sanders is more feminist than her and understands women’s issues. She just doesn’t care.

    Bernie is a hero who deserves a lot of respect. A true leader. A person who has lived by consistent set of principles throughout his entire political career without ever compromising for self-gain. A person who is fighting for what’s right for the people, not what’s right for him to become the president, who has real ideas and an agenda to really change his country and ultimately the world.

    Remember that all the ignorant Republicans are going to vote in huge numbers ‘religiously’ because most of them think their ‘God’ wants them to vote for the ‘not so Republican’ GOP morons.

    The GOP, Hillary Clinton, her billionaire/Wall Street friends, DNC, Media and all corrupt politicians and corporations will try their best to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ political revolution. We the People must not let that happen. We cannot ignore this real, just war against the oligarchy destroying/controlling our lives and the world.

    Vote for Hillary => Government Of the Rich, By the Corrupt, For the Corporations
    Vote for Bernie => Government Of the People, By the People, For the People

    So on ‘Democratic Socialist’ Martin Luther King Jr. Day, think about this and choose your candidate wisely to honor his legacy.

    • Or we can balance the budget and get government out of our lives. Rand 2016

    • Something I would rather be able to do

    • Bet People Forgot Jimmy Carter was much. The same as Hillary. was with the Southern/racist Democrats until “seeing the light ‘ got him more votes

    • Brandon, the budget… Balanced???? You are delusional, son. The Billions of dollars the Pentagon claims to not be able to trace; the flimflammery of the Banksters…. Even if you Wanted to, you cannot “balance” an invisible budget. Sorry.

    • If you remove corrupt politicians, then yes, a budget could be fixed.

    • Only a libertarian can give us more liberty, balance the budget, go the right direction rather than more government trying to fix government created problems.

    • The federal reserve controls everything. They are not part of the government.Take power away from them and you can give power back to the people

  • Motus Operandi

  • He was a filthy communist who plagerized his way through college. Good riddance.

  • Wake up

  • Consciousness(Natural Law), Free Energy, Disclosure, the Occult, all DEMYSTIFIED:
    We need to spread the word!!! Earth is a living organism!!! The universe is a Living Mind!

  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. continues to be an inspiration. The man stood defiantly in the face of things that were wrong in this nation’s history and fought to make change happen. There is still much work to be done and I hope the rest of us can continue to learn from his legacy.

  • Gee what a surprise.

  • Sad but true!

  • Keep drumming up the past and you’ll never move forward

  • this is a history we need to discuss and consider cointlepro then and now

  • State sponsored murder….terrorism for want of a better word!

  • they need to admit this one too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t3f1M6ohoM

  • Even King’s family says James Earl Ray was framed.

  • get the fuck this is on the button – keep up the great work guys to spread what is real

  • Well if it helps they fought tooth and nail for the holiday NOT to happen.

  • Philip

  • Clay

  • Well put some old fogies in prison then

  • They did it for people getting put in jail over the weekend,thinking they will see the judge Monday and bail out, have to wait till Tues! Its true! happened to me. lol

  • Can you prove it is the same government? I am the government and I did not assassinate this one.

  • That’s real talk!

  • the government didn’t willingly create this holiday!

  • so what has changed since then appart from method.

  • #shotsfired

  • so when will the american government and FBI be classed as terrorist organisations?

  • I didn’t see where the FBI admitted their involvement. Your whole theory hinges on a civil lawsuit from 1999 against Jowers and unknown conspirators. The key word there is UNKNOWN.

    I looked over the case, and info about it. I agree there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that points to fed involvement. But the civil case doesn’t prove anything.

    On the surface, the case violates the 6th Amendment. Since it did not name the government directly in the suit, they could not take part and face their accuser and defend themselves. Had the government been named, they would have been able to refute anything presented, and I’m sure the case would have ended differently.

    Jowers identified 4 different people as the shooter. Jowers own sister says he made it up to get $300k book deal. She even helped him by backing up his statements so she would get money. That right there casts serious doubt on the entire suit.

  • Happy MLK Day

  • JFK,MLK,Bobby Kennedy;the three biggest voices of dissent of the 60’s,all “terminated” by “lone gunmen.” Pretty damned coincidental I’d say.

  • Ben daarmee niet akkoord. Als (ex) bureaucrate, moesten we vaak kiezen tussen de wet en een behoorlijke opvang van onze cliënten.

  • Emma Buck Emmi Bee

  • How do you think the markets work now. They operate to only make money for those who own the system. Nothing good will come out of any system that does this. We are a long ways away! When I see people voting for trump or many of the other controlled establishment puppets. I don’t see anything close to any awakening. What I do see is a country of followers.

  • Check this out everyone. I hope that you all enjoy it, read it, and hopefully it can make us understand how to band together against tyranny instead of promote it.


  • Travis

  • what happens when you might have an effect on the oligarchs.

  • This is negative and unhelpful. Disappointed, unfollowing. God bless.

  • Brody Walker

  • Yeah they need to get rid of this holiday for ever

  • Free your mind and your ass will follow.

  • After all this time they come out with it. Hopefully this will remove the blindfold for alot of people.

  • here’s an article about the 1999 case of the murder of MLK re-oppened http://www.thekingcenter.org/assassination-conspiracy-trial

  • Dawn Hughes

  • Bang

  • The FBI has never admitted to being part of MLK’s assassination. What’s wrong with you?

  • What an irresponsible and specious statement.

  • Hahahaha tooo funny

  • I wish that they admit to the J F Kennedy assassination

  • Except it probably was many elites not only in the government who conspired

  • Same as with JFK and RFK.

  • I always believed there was a Cover Up when we lost Dr.King.

  • The Shadows kill off the Good men and scare others from entering public service. It will catch up to this country in the end. It did to the Romans.

  • Bull Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bull Shit!!!!!!!!!

  • Bull Shit!!!!!!!!!

  • Bull Shit!!!!!!!

  • Please talk about immigration
    Tell him no more promise
    Time to fix immigration they started tearing up families

    Yes I will vote for Bernie but address this !!!

    As of January 2 ice police is everywhere and nobody has our representatives has called Obama !!!

    We Hispanic help him win
    Which no one talks about!!!

    No more promise!!

    I pay so much taxes
    For rich people’s war
    I rather spend it on humans

    Mexico don’t ship people this way
    And Mexicans are not the only family they are tearing apart.

    What do you this those new orphans will do in the future with their lives or even to society
    We are probably building the next generation of killer or terrorist
    We are building them!!!

    No more promises
    Find a solution now

    No more promises!!!!

  • It was no secret. They had orders from J. Edgar Hover.

  • Quotations:

    Governments don’t want a population capable of critical thinking…
    They want obidient workers; people just smart enough to run the machines and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation.
    …………….George Carlin

    No matter who you vote for,
    the rich stay rich,
    the poor stay poor &
    the bombs never stop.

    MONEY. ……
    Humans are the only species that pay to live on earth

    The truth is there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda.
    And any informed intelligence officer knows this.
    But, there is propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the “devil” only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind his propaganda is the US….”
    ……….Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook Inter-Services Intelligence.
    (Cook died while hiking in the Scottish Highlands.)

  • Even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was smart enough not to want to be disarmed and wanted to conceal carry a weapon. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adam-winkler/mlk-and-his-guns_b_810132.html

  • And he was an American. So FBI had hand in this man’s death

  • such a good man, such a waste for us

  • Need to revolt ASAP. We need a world revolution against all governments of this world to let the true laws of nature prevail. At the moment we are under dominion of evil, the evil is the current greed, selfishness, it’s destructive nature towards nature and fellow humans. The evil is sections of humanity rulling the world, the rich, the untouchable.

  • So TRUE

  • And we have a JFK day?

  • Good one.

  • So so true! Thanks Danielle Mottale for snapping me back to reality! BTW…I didn’t get the day off! That privilege goes to those we pay in the public sector!

  • or the fact they push his “i have a dream” film clip instead of the ones he was doing before they killed him, where he tells people to rise up and fight.

  • Chaede Vig

  • Martin Luther King would not appreciate that headline, it was done without love, He was a great man I think he would be spinning in his grave knowing that with all the great strides we’ve made in this country

  • You people know the guy who assassinated MLK was a democrat. And MLK had more conservative beliefs then liberal.

  • They never taught us that in school.

  • Lol, they did the same thing to Jesus

  • Ryne what I was saying…. Fuck the US government, all day and tomorrow. Shit is disgusting.

  • Love this post

  • Same as the face they make, when they realize sweet Jesus… resembles Muhammad…

  • Since MLK was neither what does the comment above have to do with the meme?

  • Is this North Korea or North America?

  • Jo Gooden Robert Brooks Sr. Wtf!!!

  • Eddi Sosa

  • The day after Dr King was murdered I drove through D.C. Troops and machine guns on every corner and only a few of us with our headlights on in mourning (I was a white US marine on leave). The very next day I took my shotgun and rifle to the closet pawn shop.

  • Is hard to believe that the people we put faith in to do some shit like that

  • His ass
    Ain’t making no face. Looking like this

  • Thank u for the amazing comment every one mark I learn lot from it about MLK.

  • Rasmi

  • Nice one !

  • Know government in the world has a slicker propaganda machine than the U.S.!!!!

  • Probably know about jfk too

  • Maria V. Valdez Guerrero

  • Oh Martin eras demasiado peligroso para el sistema americano

  • Facebook truly don’t want my COMMENT!!!#!

  • That’s so not the face he was making there.

  • I new that lol

  • tony delmonte

    they all were dems

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      And that means precisely what to you?

      • Undecider

        Something you’re not.

    • Tim Coon

      Proof or shut the fuck up. And as you clearly have zero knowledge of
      Nixon’s “Southern Strategy”, I’m not going to do the work for you. Your
      attempt at a slur still doesn’t change the absolute fact that the current Rethuglican
      party is the party of the bigots, racists, thieves and hate mongers.

      • James Tolliver

        Hi I’m aware of Nixon’s Southern Strategy. I’m also aware of his treason committed to win in 68.

        The problem then as now is “we” knew about it but let it slide on the theory the American public couldn’t handle the truth. Isn’t that what we’re doing now?

        I never saw such a chaotic people get that way to avoid chaos.

        I wish they had just ripped the bandage off back then. Then we’d have the courage to do it now.

        • Dale R

          Treason to win? Jeffrey Hart, who worked on the Nixon campaign said there was no “Southern Strategy” but “Border State Strategy;”The 1968 campaign knew the Deep South was going to George Wallace. Hart says press called it a “Southern Strategy”, which was lazy. If by treason you refer to Watergate in 1972, please explain how a third rate break in of the DNC, ended up with Nixon winning 49 states?

          • JayGoldenBeach

            I inferred his comment as a reference to Nixon-Kissinger sabotage of Paris Peace Talks-Vietnam War.

          • James Tolliver

            No I am referring to Nixon as a private citizen making a deal with the South Vietnamese government to keep them away from the peace talks until after the election promising them a much better deal.

            It only prolonged the war another 4 1/2 year costing 20,000 American lives and countless Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian lives, since Nixon expanded the war there.

            Henry Kissinger helped with this and WON a Nobel Peace Prize for making the same deal he had made in 1968.

            That’s the treason I’m referring to and the only reason Nixon won 49 states and not 50 is (according to Harry Truman) that the people of Massachusetts were such a bunch of crooks that they knew one when the saw one and went and voted for McGovern.

      • Devon Kelly Muchmore-Mulhaney

        I believe that the point in the post was that without conflict, if resolved by Dr King, that the there would be no party platform to exploit. Keep in mind that the primary opposition to the Civil Rights Acts of the 2nd Civil Rights movement was the Democratic Party.

      • FreemanAmerica

        I know it hurts Tim…But truth be known if you are man enough to research it.. No one should do the research for you, because you will throw it out as bias.. Look it up Most of the Racists back in 1968 belonged to the Democrat party.. Think George Wallace.. Most of the south was a democrat strong hold.. It is easy to prove to yourself …I will give you a hint…Henry Loeb, Mayor of Memphis is the place to start..

        • James Tolliver

          The southern Democrats were called Dixiecrats and could be differentiated from northern Democrats. Look at the votes in Congress for the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. If you look at a map of the states north and South that contested the Civil War you’ll find that not one Republican from a “Confederate state” voted in favor of either act.

          In fact,many Dixiecrats left the Democratic Party and became Republican.

    • SallysRock


      • Peter Standhart

        you have no clue.

  • Ham_Phobe

    Jesse Jackson pours ketchup on his shirt that day, Kerry eventually marries Tereza Heinz. Coincidence?

    • Courtney Wheeler

      and what? stay on task

    • acme


  • Lauren Procyk Mastorakis

    Closing the divide in America through honest and civil debate. Join our cause!


    • The Cat’s Vagina

      I’ll pass – Facebook will happily sell out every byte of your “honest and civil debate” to any rich and/or powerful person it threatens to inconvenience! Search this site for “Facebook” and see if you notice a whole lot of support and/or endorsement.

  • Susan Rising

    We the people are clueless even reading this article confirming what has been suspected for over 45 years the commentary shows this. First comments vilify a political party, why? Both parties participate in strangling representative democracy for expedience, access to riches beyond the common man and political power. It is sad really that the powers that be think we are stupid ignorant little gnats so invested in our own little pathetic lives that they can steal anything even our very lives and we won’t give a hoot nor hold anyone to account. The weapon being developed now will kill you with an invisible energy beam fired from a remotely powered drone. Three drone operators whistleblowers sit in prison without counsel without a trial because they tried to tell the people the truth and nobody was listening, they are not listening still.

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    • pamela.agnew

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  • SallysRock

    Not Trump’s people pay off thugs to incite violence at Democrat’s rallies. Nice to see nothing changes.

    • Undecider

      You made a mistake. You meant to say Soros and Clinton.

      • SallysRock

        That’s what some people would like you to believe.

        You are free to think whatever you like. There are several instances on tape. There are lawsuits going forward. You can think what you like and leave me the hell alone. I’m not engaging conversation with you.

        • Peter Standhart

          because your wrong…. it never happened….

          • [email protected]

            The Reichstag was never burned either. lol

        • Abdul Muhammad

          Don’t be afraid of the truth for it WILL SET YOU FREE

      • Abdul Muhammad


    • Peter Standhart

      when…where… your talking out the side of your neck..

      • Abdul Muhammad

        Keep the pressure on Sally. People are just repeating the propaganda. There is a difference between bein ignorant and purposely telling lies. Why do people hate Trump? Hate is not good. Love peace,joy and GRATITUDE. That’s what’s up. Stop hatin.

    • Abdul Muhammad

      That is an ignorant statement that cannot be proved. If you can prove it then I will apologize.

      • SallysRock

        It’s on camera.

    • tom

      The media also reported that dog crap is actually healthy to eat.

  • junktex

    Those conspiracy theories are dropping like flies huh?

    • Abdul Muhammad

      When does a theory become a fact?

      • junktex

        When sheeple wake up and learn critical thought

  • Ian Sean

    I failed to see any evidence. “So he could have a clear shot”? Yeah. Shooters wait for that. shooting 101

    • Abdul Muhammad

      Does that matter. LOL was murdered by the same power and principalities in high places. Think big.

  • JayGoldenBeach

    Even if no orders were issued per se, J. Edna Hoover and others created an environment for law enforcers that seemingly condoned extrajudicial killings and political assassinations.

    • Abdul Muhammad

      Now that you people understand that the government assassinated all of our top leaders in the sixties, do you see the connection with today’s situation? Are you willing to take responsibility for your so-called republic. Are we responsible for all of the assassinations going on today because we refused to hold OUR government responsible in the past?

  • Courtney Wheeler

    I have one for you…both parties are racist. Only white ppl seem to think there is a difference between dems and repubs of any era. Minorities only support dems because they act like they care a little more than republicans. Allegiances has nothing to do with the illusion of inclusions aka integration…voting rights act….whatever else you all think you did to level the playing fields…atone for the evilness of the american power structure …elites and those poor dummies who support them.

    • Abdul Muhammad


  • Richard Whitesides

    i saw live on tv. his death. as i saw JFK and others all live. not reruns