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BREAKING: FBI in Revolt — Top FBI Official Exposes Massive Corruption Which Let Clinton’s Crimes Slide

Washington, D.C. – A high-ranking FBI official has blown the whistle on what they say was a politically motivated, top-down decision to not recommend Hillary Clinton face criminal charges for her mishandling of classified intelligence.

The anonymous source that worked intimately on the Clinton investigation told Fox News that FBI agents working the case, as well as DOJ attorneys on the case, unanimously believed that Clinton should have her security clearance revoked, with the “vast majority” believing she should be criminally charged.

“It was unanimous that we all wanted her [Clinton’s] security clearance yanked,” the senior FBI official told Fox news. “It is safe to say the vast majority felt she should be prosecuted. We were floored while listening to the FBI briefing because Comey laid it all out, and then said ‘but we are doing nothing,’ which made no sense to us.”

The entire team was stunned when FBI Director Comey announced on July 5 that he would not be recommending a criminal indictment to the Attorney General’s office, according to the source.

“No trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute — it was a top-down decision,” said the source, whose identity and actual role in the case were vetted and verified by Fox News.

The year-long Clinton investigation involved over 100 FBI agents and analysts, as well as six attorneys from the DOJ’s National Security Division – Counter Espionage Section. Per their usual course of action, the FBI declined to comment directly on the damning allegations, referring people to their official public statements on the matter by Comey – which essentially say that politics didn’t play into the decision – a blatant and utter lie.

“I know there were many opinions expressed by people who were not part of the investigation – including people in government – but none of that mattered to us,” Comey said during his July 5 announcement that the FBI would not be recommending Clinton for prosecution. “Opinions are irrelevant, and they were all uninformed by insight into our investigation, because we did the investigation the right way. Only facts matter, and the FBI found them here in an entirely apolitical and professional way.”

But Comey’s statements seem at odds with the sentiments of a number of veteran FBI agents, who this week came forward in the New York Post to claim that FBI Director James Comey “has permanently damaged the bureau’s reputation for uncompromising investigations with his cowardly whitewash of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information using an unauthorized private email server.”

That claim also is backed up by a number of veteran FBI agents who have come forward to rebuke Comey’s politicization of a once respected law enforcement organization.

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“The FBI has politicized itself, and its reputation will suffer for a long time. I hold Director Comey responsible,” Dennis V. Hughes, the first chief of the FBI’s computer investigations unit, told the NY Post.

Retired FBI agent Michael M. Biasello also noted in the Post’s report that, “Comey has singlehandedly ruined the reputation of the organization.”

Andrew Napolitano, a former judge and senior judicial analyst for Fox News, said many FBI agents involved in the investigation felt that the decision was based solely on politics, with the White House in control.

“It is well known that the FBI agents on the ground, the human beings who did the investigative work, had built an extremely strong case against Hillary Clinton and were furious when the case did not move forward,” said Napolitano. “They believe the decision not to prosecute came from The White House.”

One of the biggest points of contention amongst the FBI team that had worked so tirelessly to piece together the case was the fact that Comey had based his decision on his conclusion that the DOJ wouldn’t charge Clinton – something that should be completely irrelevant as to whether or not a prosecution recommendation is made by the FBI as the agency’s role is to simply advise on such matters.

“Basically, James Comey hijacked the DOJ’s role by saying ‘no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case,’” the Fox News source said. “The FBI does not decide who to prosecute and when, that is the sole province of a prosecutor — that never happens,” said the senior FBI official.

“I know zero prosecutors in the DOJ’s National Security Division who would not have taken the case to a grand jury,” the source added. “One was never even convened.”

The FBI investigation was fatally flawed from the beginning, because there were no subpoenas issued, no grand jury convened, and no search warrants issued – absolutely anomalous behavior in an FBI criminal investigation.

“The FBI could not seize anything related to the investigation, only request things. As an example, in order to get the laptop, they had to agree to grant immunity,” Napolitano said.

According to a report by Fox News:

In early 2015, it was revealed that Clinton had used a private email server in her Chappaqua, N.Y., home to conduct government business while serving from 2009-2013. The emails on the private server included thousands of messages that would later be marked classified by the State Department retroactively. Federal law makes it a crime for a government employee to possess classified information in an unsecure manner, and the relevant statute does not require a finding of intent.

Although Comey found that Clinton was “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information,” he said “no charges are appropriate in this case.”

Just days before Comey’s announcement, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who was originally appointed as a federal prosecutor by Bill Clinton, met with in secret on the tarmac of an airport runway Bill Clinton.

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Another oddity of the investigation, signaling that it was intentionally being manipulated from above, was the fact that the FBI forced its agents and analysts involved in the case to sign non-disclosure agreements.

“This is unheard of, because of the stifling nature it has on the investigative process,” the source said.

Adding the strange behavior displayed by FBI during its investigation, immunity agreements granted to Clinton’s State Department aides and IT experts. Immunity agreements are par for the course in an FBI investigation, but immunity is given when charges are being brought.

Fox News reports:

Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s former chief of staff, along with two other State Department staffers, John Bentel and Heather Samuelson, were afforded immunity agreements, as was Bryan Pagliano, Clinton’s former IT aide, and Paul Combetta, an employee at Platte River networks, the firm hired to manage her server after she left the State Department.

Combetta utilized the computer program “Bleachbit” to destroy Clinton’s records, despite an order from Congress to preserve them, and Samuelson also destroyed Clinton’s emails. Pagliano established the system that illegally transferred classified and top secret information to Clinton’s private server. Mills disclosed classified information to the Clinton’s family foundation in the process, breaking federal laws.

None of these people should have been granted immunity if no charges were ultimately being brought, the source told Fox News. With no charges being brought, immunity only served to act as a cover for illicit actions.

“[Immunity] is issued because you know someone possesses evidence you need to charge the target, and you almost always know what it is they possess,” the source said. “That’s why you give immunity.”

Immunity was also given to Mills and Samuelson for what was found on their computers, which were then destroyed as a part of negotiations with the FBI – something well outside the boundary of normalcy in a criminal investigation.

“Mills and Samuelson receiving immunity with the agreement their laptops would be destroyed by the FBI afterwards is, in itself, illegal,” the source said. “We know those laptops contained classified information. That’s also illegal, and they got a pass.”

Revealing the extremely disturbing favoritism shown by the FBI to Clinton, Mills was allowed to operate as Clinton’s attorney while a witness in the actual criminal investigation – something that should never have been allowed.

“Mills was allowed to sit in on the interview of Clinton as her lawyer. That’s absurd. Someone who is supposedly cooperating against the target of an investigation [being] permitted to sit by the target as counsel violates any semblance of ethical responsibility,” the senior FBI official said.

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“Every agent and attorney I have spoken to is embarrassed and has lost total respect for James Comey and Loretta Lynch,” the agent said. “The bar for DOJ is whether the evidence supports a case for charges — it did here. It should have been taken to the grand jury.”

FBI agents were incensed with the fact that Clinton’s interview took just 3½ hours with no follow-up interview ever taking place, in spite of her “40 bouts of amnesia,” during the interview. Then, three days later, Comey cleared her of any criminal wrongdoing.

The FBI source claims that the majority of FBI and DOJ staffers involved in the investigation believe Comey and Lynch were motivated not by justice, but out of personal ambition.

“Loretta Lynch simply wants to stay on as Attorney General under Clinton, so there is no way she would indict,” the source said. “James Comey thought his position [excoriating Clinton even as he let her off the hook] gave himself cover to remain on as director regardless of who wins.”

Bolstering the contention that the entire FBI investigation was simply political theater meant to appease an angry public, WikiLeaks released internal Clinton communication records this week that revealed the U.S. Department of Justice kept the Clinton campaign updated to the progress of its investigation.

“DOJ folks inform me there is a status hearing in this case this morning, so we could have a window into the judge’s thinking about this proposed production schedule as quickly as today,” Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon wrote regarding the email documentation the State Department would be required to turn over to the Justice Department.

There is a painfully obvious truth in that the FBI itself has been co-opted as a tool to legitimize the oligarchy that rules. Instead of assigning responsibility for actions, the agency has shown itself to bend to the will of the political elite.

If the FBI ever hopes to be a respected law enforcement entity again, they need a revolt from within to show the American public that they stand with them.

Where are the brave FBI agents that are unafraid to go public with their feelings about the politicization of this case and the favoritism displayed to those with money, power, and political connections?

Please share this story as a call to action in hopes that some fearless FBI agents will come together and finally take a stand for the American people!

  • Sillywilly

    You can usually spot a turncoat, something in the eyes, Comey might as well be wearing a sign. Maybe he’ll get a nice 600,000 dollar beachfront home like BErnie

    • David Bedford

      Maybe if they inherit property and sell it like Bernie and Jane Sanders that would be a possibility?

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    • TecumsehUnfaced

      He’s already ruling class rich. Look at his history in Wikipedia. That’s the career path of born rich.

    • Di

      Sanders sold a family home and purchased this beachfront home. Brainwashing brought to u by CNN, NBC, Fox etc. Now ask yourself, why would a man who was winning even with proven election fraud nationwide drop out of the race? This article just tells us what everyone already knows and that is these people are above the law and if she is brought down many will go with her. It will never happen unless there is a revolution but there are too many low information voters such as you have demonstrated by indicating that Sanders was paid off. FBI director Comey received millions from Clinton Foundation, his brother’s law firm does Clinton’s taxes…Comey was a former member on the Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board. The world leaders have elected the next president before voting on. All the rest is a stage show for the sheep.

      • Sillywilly

        I already knew about his connections to the Clinton foundation and all the money he’s gotten from them, my comment was facetious. Loosen up DI.

  • Real Truth stings

    I don’t take the word of “anonymous sources” for anything much less something this big. If the law has been broken, follow your oath and expose it. Beyond that it’s just more benghazi style bs where you throw up a bunch of smoke and tell everyone there must be a fire.

    • David Wilke

      Thy Clintons’, Thy Grand Master’s, google and all the evidence and proof you need.

      • Real Truth stings

        no thanks. if an fbi agent has discovered a crime having been committed either by clinton or by the fbi director in this case, his duty is to stand up and bring it to light. “sources” could be anybody and with no way to confirm the data. here is a great example.

        “unknown sources in the trump household say that donald trump likes women to ream him with a specially created strap on dildo”

        see how that works now.

        • junktex

          You Clintoon trolls only believe what you want.When sources do come forward they are either killed or discredited in an orchestrated campaign,unless ther’s a blue dress involved,lol.

          • Real Truth stings

            either you can prove what you are saying or at least present substantial circumstantial evidence of your claim or you cannot. There is nothing to discuss beyond what you can substantiate. anybody can make accusations. anybody at all. sorry.

          • brownbreadandale4

            This is what Hillary the Hag is paying for! More double talk from double crossing Democrats. They see nothing.

            If Hillary was eating live kittens, and swinging their bloody tails to music, her followers would see nothing.

            If she was giving Soros a lap dance, they would quietly wait for their turn.

          • Vivian Lee

            The FBI spokesperson said it on nation TV. Are you too stupid to listen?

        • 30yrfed

          No one will stand up..All cops and prosecutors are corrupt. Just ask any cop
          or prosecutor if they have ever see a cop break the law (speeding, lying under
          oath, illegal parking, using excessive force etc) then ask them what they did
          about it considering that they have taken a sworn oath to enforce and uphold
          the law. You will have your answer..

          • Real Truth stings

            strong post. my thought is:

            women who were allegedly raped by donald trump, bill cosby, and bill clinton have stepped forward into the harsh light. But you are saying that an FBI agent ISN’T that brave, that dedicated? Then how can we trust what they are reporting? and how on earth could anyone trust fox news?

            Cops have come forward to openly discuss the racism, criminal culture and crimes of the police. I count them the 2nd bravest people in the nation. I count as the first, these women who come out to seek justice, particularly trump’s accusers. I have not seen as rabid a bunch of bottom feeders in all my life, and to have them blame you for the incompetence of trump, blame the media and attack them for the incompetence of trump, and be armed………who would want that to deal with?

          • brownbreadandale4

            The Clinton accusers have been attacked by Hillary and ignored by Bill.


            The Trump accusers are being proven to be LIARS.

            Big difference.

          • Real Truth stings

            Rape children… what are you on?

          • Vivian Lee

            You have overdosed on the Cool-aide. You do swallow everything your Democrat masters feed you, Truthless.

        • brownbreadandale4

          OK, you are either David or Peter! Paid by Hilary to post against Trump or for her, under 1800+ names.



          NO ONE CAN “do their duty” IF THEIR BOSS REFUSES TO LISTEN!!!!!!

          • Justmom

            They need to go to congress and get whistleblower protection and security. Talking about this case puts their lives in danget.

    • junktex

      LOL.If that guy wants live he needs to remain “anonymous”

      • Real Truth stings

        how convenient. just spread rumors, confirm nothing and then blame clinton for it.

        • billdeserthills

          Methinks there is only one bigger liar politician than hillary and that’s your queero hero, obama
          You can easily find all the truth about either that any sane person needs on your search engine

        • junktex
      • Vivian Lee

        The FBI has lost a lot of trust from the community and the law enforcement people. I wonder if it was worth it?

        • junktex

          A fish rots from the head down.Our govt is the most corrupt in history

          • Vivian Lee

            I wish I could refute that–but I can’t. You are completely right junktex.

    • brownbreadandale4

      Is this David and Peter? Paid by Hillary to post under 1800+ different names?
      If you are serious, you have to FOLLOW THE BOUNCING BALL AS IT BOUNCES! You don’t get to come along (long after the events have happened) and DEMAND that someone do things to your specifications, AFTER THE FACT!!!!
      The CRIMES have been exposed. The evidence has been jettisoned. The witnesses have been paid off. The Justice Dept (our ONLY Justice Dept) has been shut down.
      Trump is Superman with a cape. That’s all we have since the PRINCIPALS WERE PAID OFF OR KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vivian Lee

      Didn’t you watch the FBI say the Clinton broke the law and she will not be indicted, but if anyone else did it–jail time. What rock are you living under?

  • billdeserthills

    What’s the difference, obama said he would pardon hillary anyhow??

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Who would vote for her if that happened?

      • billdeserthills

        All the same people who want to vote for her right now–I hope you don’t think that anything will sway a true hillary voter. If you chat with them sometime, you will see what I mean. They are very stubborn, in fact they are downright
        f ucking stupid people.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Like Robert Reich?

          • billdeserthills

            Got me, I never met the secretary of labor

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Do a search and read some of his articles in AlterNet and TruthDig, if you really want to be convinced.

            But this is much more important…

            Towards NAFTA-EU Economic Integration? “Back-Door” Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA) Sets the Stage…
            The TTIP is Alive? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, October 13, 2016

            The ratification of the CETA agreement is imminent, with far-reaching economic and social implications. France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls is currently in Canada for meetings with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

            CETA is the object of protests in both Canada and the EU. It was also the object of a legal procedure in Germany.

            The logic of the agreement must be understood. It constitutes the first step towards the integration of NAFTA and the EU. This integration would create an Atlantic political entity broadly coinciding with NATO.

            NAFTA-EU integration would modify the political architecture of the European Union.

            EU-NAFTA integration is a part of Washington’s neoliberal agenda.



          • missinger

            Reich is a berkeley communist

          • junktex

            Reich I a Zionist and they like the womanoidan her wars

      • missinger

        School teachers , BLM, immigrants. welfare . people that want gov to punish for them Gov employees. It is not hard to see Democrats like people who commit crimes

      • junktex

        Several million dumbbells

      • brownbreadandale4

        The PARDON will come AFTER the election, bozo! Geez, rent a brain, will you?

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          You’re counting on that, I see. Good! You recognize already that she’s guilty.

    • Jack The⚡︎Ripper

      He really said that?

      • billdeserthills

        Close enough

      • brownbreadandale4

        Do you need everything spelled out for you? BILL THREATENED OBAMA! He said that if Hillary was indicted, that he (Bill) would make sure that EVERYBODY (that means Obama, since it was aimed at him) would BE TAKEN DOWN WITH HER.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          How dare he act like an Israeli genocidal country stealer!

        • Justmom

          And we have a bingo!

  • Rider

    Remove the confidentiality agreement that agents were forced to sign that threatens them with the loss of job and pension benefits and allow them to speak their minds. If Comey is telling us the truth he has nothing to worry about.

    • Jerry Jarvis

      Vote Trump.

      • DoctorFeelgoodMD

        Are you a pervert? Trump has proven he is.

        • Jerry Jarvis

          Whats that got to do with the corrupt American justice system?

          • DoctorFeelgoodMD

            I can say the same thing about your original post. No one wants a pervert and sexual predictor as President. Doesn’t say much regarding the people that will vote for him. Sad situation.

          • henrybowmanaz

            But you were OK with her husband, right? Hypocrite.

          • DoctorFeelgoodMD

            No I was not and still not. What does that have to do with Trump who is running for President? Name calling is so signature Trump supporter. Pathetic, childish and immature.

          • henrybowmanaz

            No Trump supporter here. Pathetic, puerile, and, presumptuous.

          • Furia

            Sorry system is corrupt there are Sexual Predators on boths sides one Talking about it the other two Doing it!

        • Furia

          Who cares system is corrupt! Time to clean it up! Voting Trump!!

        • Vivian Lee

          Are you a crook? Hillary Clinton has proven she is.

    • missinger

      The only problem Comey is not telling the Truth When I read the interview lasted only 3 hours I thought well Clinton refused to answer any more questions. Why would Comey destroy evidence unless he wants to hide the truth from the American people

  • David Wilke

    https://twitter.com/DSWilke1 has proof of perjury by Hillary on Financial Statements and perjury and tax fraud on 2014 tax returns signed 11/13/2015. Florida new filing of Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation on 4/28/2015 she was a director and still a director in another state that the book shows.

  • chuckxxx

    This doesn’t mean anything unless some people start growing a pair and do something!!!!!

  • sharon illenye

    was hoping that Preet Bharhara NY state attorney US district would have been bringing some charges. clinton machine really knows how to skirt the law.

  • The Plutocracy decided years ago Hillary would be the next president, so the FBI of course, being a tool of the Plutocrats, had to go along.

    Culture in Decline | Episode #1 “What Democracy?”

  • You’re Kidding!

    How can we, the average person, let our outrage known? Besides sharing on social media?

  • Freedomlover

    Exactly as what happens in communist country.

  • MKEPackFan

    Names of people or it didn’t happen. Until I see agents walk out in protest, I won’t believe it. This same story has been going around for some time. Nameless agents disgusted with it. If you’re that disgusted, then do something.

  • junktex

    That’s one guy that will need eyes in the back of his head

  • jeffrey

    Once again, these people are “Untouchables”. As long as we have a weak, and I do mean weak, DOJ, things will never ever change. So let’s all get used to the New World Order. Peroid.

  • Steve

    Even if this is only half true… disgusting.

  • TexasVetgal

    As a prior military memeber, mishandling of classified information was a serious charge. Usually resulting in article 15 and atleast temporary loss of security clearance.
    Hillary’s lawlessness, and incompetence dealing with above top secret info, should have resulted in loss of her security clearance forever.

    Ask any military member. Even Comey admitted, any such major infraction among his employees would result in loss of job as well as permanent loss of clearance.

    Its now apparent thru podesta emails, they colluded to hide and delete emails that were under subpoena.
    She’s lied to Congress, multiple times, lies to the FBI, Lies to the public as necessary to cover her corruption and incompetence.

    DEMAND ARREST of Obama, Hillary Comey, Lynch for criminal conspiracy and obstruction

    • Vivian Lee

      The people of the US have no say about it.

      • TexasVetgal

        Then “We the people” should be ripping down the fences around the whitehouse and arresting these vermin enmasse.

  • 30yrfed

    crooked cops at the federal level..surprise surprise surprise

    • Vivian Lee

      Who are at the beck and call of their corrupt Democrat masters.

  • OldeSoul

    FBI in revolt? Why don’t they make a citizen’s arrest on Comey then? Because this is just more whiny-ass whitewash from the same federal agency that puts cancer patients and senior citizens in prison for using cannabis. They have systematically destroyed the U.S. legal system and now they are outraged? Spare me.

  • Zolton
  • Police State

    “An anonymous source told Fox News” has all the credibility of an Elvis sighting.

  • Tom in Florida

    This is the greatest disgrace ever seen and far surpasses Benedict Arnold. James Comey’s name should now take the place of Arnold.

  • Tom in Florida

    The most powerful bureaucratic political branches of government in the world are in collusion to rape the United States Constitution ! Never would I have ever dreamt in my 68 years that I would live to see such treason that would make the reputation of Benedict Arnold appear noble .

  • brownbreadandale4

    SICKENING! If there was ONE agency I truly thought was sacrosanct it was the FBI! HOW DARE THEY! How dare even ONE of them accept a paycheck for being a corrupt defiler of American freedom and justice! How dare they do this to us! They were supposed to be “the best of the best” and now they have sunk to the bottom of the toilet. Gad, they stink!

    If there is no justice what is the point of the USA? Are we only a CASH REGISTER for the filthy corrupt Clinton Crime Family? And, is the FBI only the OFFICIAL COVER for the Clinton Crime Family? This is just plain heart-breaking!

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    If the FBI came clean on what they know, Reagan, GH Bush and GW Bush would be incarcerated for 20 years plus. Too bad Reagan is dead because he would look great behind bars for the Iran Contra affair.

  • InalienableWrights

    It’s 20 years too late. Where was the FBI outrage at murdering a woman holding her baby at Ruby Ridge? Disband the unconstitutional, criminal enterprise known as the FBI…

  • tommy 3step

    check this out …. Reports: “Quid Pro Quo” Discussed Between State and FBI in Hillary FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation http://legalinsurrection.com/2016/10/reports-quid-pro-quo-discussed-between-state-and-fbi-in-hillary-investigation/

  • Bill Meeker

    The key word in all this: anonymous. As a retired GI I always had high respect for the FBI and believed the agency’s agents to be the finest in the world. Oh sure, there can be dirty agents in any organization but they are eventually discovered and as employees of THIS agency, seriously disgraced on the way out. But Americans have looked up to and trusted this outfit since day one, knowing the honesty and integrity of agents was the highest. Of course we’ve been let down and now know our FBI and DOJ are as dirty as the IRS and EPA. How pathetic. And they’re hiding behind a “confidentiality agreement.” Does that trump their oath to uphold the Constitution? Apparently it does. In the military we expect our soldiers to follow orders without hesitation … unless it is an unlawful order. But we citizens are not idiots. We see a dirty FBI wheeling and dealing with an equally corrupt State Department, with multiple if not the majority of agents involved pushing aside their integrity to justify covering for an official who pushed national security aside for her own convenience. It just doesn’t get more pathetic, having a felon running for president protected by a corrupt FBI and DOJ.

  • Dale Underwood

    No one is looking at WHY Comey caved. The FBI botched the Omar Sateen (Orlando nightclub shooter) situation; HAD HIM IN CUSTODY before he did it.

    DOJ had Comey over a barrel and he was the perfect pigeon for that masterful play by the Clintons of shifting from problematic Lynch to Comey. House of Cards writers are jealous.

  • Lisa Marie Miller

    fbi are pussies if they dont come forward,period

  • Jerry Mael

    Her voter base does not care…

  • Vivian Lee

    The FBI is no longer a law enforcement organization, they are nothing more that the enforcement arm of the Democrat party, doing whatever their Democrat masters dictate.

    • junktex

      Oh they work for the repub wing of the party too

      • Vivian Lee

        Really? What fantasy island are you living on? But don’t worry, now that the FBI has become a political entity, they will be covering up Republican crime in the future—just like they are covering up Democrat crimes now.

        • junktex

          It’s you partisan hacks that are living in fantasyland,believing there’s any real differences between these two frauds.Both are controlled by the Rothschilds.FBI,CIA and IRS have been strongarms for the deep state for decades.They killed JFK for threatening to expose them and threatenibg to abolish the federal rederve.

          • Vivian Lee

            Partisan? Oh you poor idiot liberal! I am a moderate Independent. The Rothschilds are a fantasy. LOL, you really do have your tin foil on too tight.

      • Vivian Lee

        Only when they are in control of the WH.

        • George Reichel


  • So what is more likely that all of these agents are cowards afraid to put their names publicly to a letter and thus failing in their sworn duty to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies domestic and private (cause they would loose their jobs / pensions?) or that this statement:
    “The anonymous source that worked intimately on the Clinton investigation
    told Fox News that FBI agents working the case, as well as DOJ
    attorneys on the case, unanimously believed that Clinton should have her
    security clearance revoked, with the “vast majority” believing she should be criminally charged.” is false, and the alleged source either does not exist or is lying?

    If all these agents are lying, chosing their jobs over their oaths, then this country is in deep doo doo.

  • Sue

    KUDOS to FBI officials coming forward. They have an unbelievable amount of support. NO MORE CORRUPTION

  • Stacie Stevens Markham

    I’m not a lawyer, but it was very easy to understand that she broke the law repeatedly and should have been charged. This always happens with the Clintons. there was travelgate. Soon after her husband became president in 1993, first lady Hillary Clinton allegedly engineered the firing of seven employees of the White House travel office and the hiring of a firm with ties to the Clintons to replace them. Multiple investigations absolved the president of involvement but Hillary Clinton was found to have made false statements to investigators. Whitewater: In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Bill and Hillary Clinton were associates of Jim and Susan McDougal in the Whitewater Development Corp., an Arkansas real estate investment firm that went under when McDougal’s Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan was closed by federal regulators for illegal accounting. Taxpayers lost $73 million due to Guaranty. The Clintons lost an estimated $67,000 on their investment, but McDougal helped pay off Bill Clinton’s campaign debts, and Hillary Clinton’s law firm received an unknown sum in fees for representing a Guaranty project that also failed.And then there was the Lincoln Bedroom Scam. http://www.weeklystandard.com/man-behind-lincoln-bedroom-fundraising-scheme-defends-clintons-taking-foreign-cash/article/863353
    Benghazi…she was indeed running guns there. Thanks to wikileaks. The scandals never end wtih the Clinton money making schemes. And now it looks like the clinton foundation is just another in a long line of schemes. I wonder what happened to that money that was donated to the clinton foundation that was for “Haiti”? It didn’t go to haiti, i can tell you that.

  • Mixelflick

    Now that Trump’s in, these FBI agents should feel empowered to do the right thing and tell their story. It was painfully obvious to the rest of the world that she got a pass, and that justice depends who you are in the United States. If you’re a nobody, you would be in prison for this – probably for life.

    Americans (and the world) need to know we’re better than that. Trump’s going to drain the swamp, so any persons found to have manipulated her crimes into a non-event need to be prosecuted too..