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The FBI Looks Silly Now — Video Shows How Anyone Can Unlock an iPhone in 45 Seconds

Many security experts believe that the FBI and NSA can already hack into an iPhone without Apple’s help, using a number of techniques such as “infrared laser glitching” or “de-capping.” Edward Snowden backed this up last month in a virtual interview with Johns Hopkins University. These techniques, although risky to the chip, are already in use by the most advanced hackers and, very likely, the NSA.

Even John McAfee has spoken publicly and explained how unlocking the iPhone is ‘trivial.’ In an interview with Russia Today, McAfee detailed the brief process.

I am going to tell the world exactly how we do this. Now I’ll probably lose my admission to the world hackers’ community, however I want to tell you. You need a hardware engineer and a softer engineer. The hardware engineer takes the phone apart, and copies the instruction set, which are the iOS and applications and your memory. And then you run a program called a disassembler, which takes all the ones and zeros and gives you readable instructions. Then the coder sits down and he reads through. What he is looking for is the first access to the keypad, because that is the first thing you do, when you input your pad. It’ll take half an hour. When you see that then he reads the instructions for where in memory this secret code is stored – it is that trivial – a half an hour.

If the government already has its own access to the iPhone, then the FBI’s chosen “debate” with Apple is an exercise in wearing down public resistance to the surveillance state.

What Americans are likely witnessing as the Apple vs. FBI debacle escalates is little more than a propaganda campaign to force them to surrender privacy for ostensible security.

A video, uploaded by the Facebook page SoFlo this week, provides even more evidence that the FBI’s public chest pumping is merely a charade. In the short video, the speaker explains a series of steps which allows anyone, not just advanced hackers, the ability to unlock another person’s iPhone.

With the release of this video, Apple will surely send out an update to patch this vulnerability. However, millions of people, including the FBI, are able to do this right now — proving that the FBI’s intentions have ulterior motives.

The FBI should have done this! ????????

Posted by SoFlo on Saturday, March 5, 2016

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Follow @MattAgorist
  • Scott Miller

    This does not work if you notice he unlocked his phone with his finger print

  • LadyMephisto

    How do you access Siri without the passcode or fingerprint?

  • Billy Schallerer

    The fbi screwed the phone up.they changed something and couldn’t get back in because they didn’t know what they are doing.

    • Reese ErchGuy

      They didn’t WANT to get back in. They wanted to have a big staged public debate. They told San Bernardino County officials to reset the password. The phone belonged to San Bernardino County so they could have just unlocked the phone using the password that they already knew. If they had tried to unlock it and one of the dead supposed terrorists had *already* reset the password, then they wouldn’t have needed to tell San Bernardino to reset it; it would already have been locked.

  • Huh

    The soflo video was satire. The author lost all credibility

  • Cam Alft

    ive told people now for years…cops are low brow IQ morons,all of them…they will not hire a smart person to do this job,and think about that one will you,now these people try to solve crimes,oh wait,no they don’t…because solving crimes doesn’t make them money….this Iphone thing is like latin to them,they have/had no idea how to do any of this whatsoever,they are all braindead ass holes…..they would rather have someone else do it and do it the illegal way…they are idiots,they live in a pampered bubble,worthless idiocy of a world..

  • Plainol American

    NSA has all this info. They are just attempting to get legal cover for what they have already been doing during Obama’s reign of horror. It’s CYA!

  • Jon Doe
  • PJ

    McAfee’s recipe only works if the memory is a separate integrated circuit, and you have direct access to the memory cells. If not – if you have to break into a much larger chip to access the memory cells – then (while still perhaps theoretically possible) it becomes orders of magnitude harder.

  • Adrian Wong

    Seriously, the SoFlo video is FAKE. Watch the debunking and proof videos @ http://www.techarp.com/articles/soflo-iphone-unlocking-hoax-debunked/

  • Kristenrose Gauvin

    It worked but it only worked once and then would not do it again

  • Adrian Wong

    You are not very intelligent if you can get fooled by a con artist like SoFlo.

    It’s a HOAX! See http://www.techarp.com/articles/soflo-iphone-unlocking-hoax-debunked/