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Fear the Bern? DNC Lifts Ban on Fed Lobbyist Donations, Special Interest Money Now Flooding In


Washington, D.C. – In what appears to be a move to bolster Hillary Clinton’s election campaign, the Democratic National Committee has reversed a ban on donations from federal lobbyists and political action committees introduced by presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

“It is a major step in the wrong direction,” longtime reform advocate Fred Wertheimer told The Washington Post. “And it is completely out of touch with the clear public rejection of the role of political money in Washington,” during the 2016 presidential election cycle.

The rule change was quietly enacted by the DNC within the past few months, as to not alert a public that’s already fed up with an unresponsive elite-dominated system. There’s a general view that the DNC’s action was meant as a means of bolstering the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, who receives massive amounts of special interest money, against the insurgent populism of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

According to a report in The Washington Post:

In recent months Sanders’s supporters have accused the DNC of trying to prevent more primary debates, trying to tilt the race in Clinton’s direction. Just this week, his backers were enraged that the DNC allowed the senior members of the Congressional Black Caucus to use the committee’s Capitol Hill headquarters to announce that their PAC had endorsed Clinton over Sanders. DNC officials have said they had no involvement in the black caucus event. As dues paying members, the caucus can reserve shared meeting space at the DNC.

Some Sanders backers have also expressed concern that the DNC is not playing a more vigorous role in checking out disputes over voting in the recent Iowa caucuses, which Clinton narrowly won. The DNC has declined to comment on this in the past.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this move by the DNC is that the decision only highlights the stark difference between the candidates and whom they truly serve.

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While Sanders has continually spoken out against the influence of lobbyists, particularly those that represent the financial industry, Clinton has instead pandered to the special interests, raking in over $2.9 million in speaking fees from 12 speeches given to Wall Street financial powerhouses between 2013 and 2015.

When requested to release transcripts of those speeches, Clinton flatly refused.

So much for transparency, eh?

The Democratic political elites are pulling out all the stops in an attempt to install their preferred candidate, regardless of the will of the American public. Democratic party operatives will utilize virtually any means necessary to achieve their goal of installing Clinton as their nominee – even changing the rules of the game while it is being played.

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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    • I don’t think anyone who was paying attention can dispute that Ron Paul was robbed.

    • Umm Gore 2000?

    • Lol what was the original post about? Fuck it… bikini boobs!

  • they cant stop us now!!! no matter what they try!!! they more they try the harder we will double down!!! #feelthebern

    • He can win every primary and caucus and the party can still pick a different candidate. that’s facts the whole presidential election is just a dog and pony show to amuse the public. we don’t decide who the president is either

    • Heath Springer can but won’t! There will be a major uprising if that were to occur! Even those trying to stop this aren’t that stupid!

    • They can, have before and will if that old communist wins. Sheep er I mean Jeff Madonna there was no uprising in the past when the powers at be went against popular vote. Won’t be now either. Sad really

  • The DNC has been corrupted. It isn’t going to work, because we are awake and Feeling the Bern!!

  • The bilderbergs will do every and anything to put her in office to further their agenda… But yet “we’re all just a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists…….” What do we know?

    • Bilderbergs?

    • There is absolutely no difference between Hillary and the GOP, and that is her appeal to the big bank crooks that support her.

    • Yes Josh. Please Google the group and their existence.

  • Tell me again how the 99% have a say in who is elected…

    • Write in Bernie Sanders if he’s not on the ballot. Can’t give up and let the criminals win

    • Kevin Gillis Look up the definition of ‘Statism’, then ‘Anarchism’. Then return to my comment and answer it.
      If you give the same response then you need to repeat the above a few times. Because if you don’t change in response then you are a ‘Statist’, not an Anarchist. (mentally) Enslaved, not free.

      (This is not an attack – This is a wake-up call.)

  • The DNC just declared war on the working class.

    • I think they are just joining the war that Reagan started and the Bushes continued.
      If Bernie doesn’t win I bet they will all want to push for gun control then.

  • No words I am really in shock they would do this

  • No. Jeb Bush will be sworn in.

  • If Hillary gets the nomination…Trump will be president.

  • In spite of being a career criminal, Clinton is the Establishment Candidate. Sanders is only “in the race” to ‘rev up’ (energize) the Democrat supporter base – to legitimate her election! They do it every election – and EVERY election they get away with it. Please meet Madam President … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kypl1MYuKDY

  • Sickening!

  • It already has,,,

  • They(the establishment) is going to everything they can to get this Bitch elected.

  • Our country has gone rogue. It’s time for a revolution.

    • You are witnessing first hand why you separated from England in the first place.
      Feel the Bern fight the power.

    • it’s NOT escaping being controlled by choosing another controller. What is wrong with you people?

    • Not feeling the Bern here. But definitely down with a new age revolution! All this greed and corruption in politics needs to end and NOW.

  • Shirley Guzman

  • If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination by establishment rather than democracy, I’m one “D” who will vote “R” in the general election. I would rather have someone who got there fair and square than someone who was placed there by the establishment. Democracy is under attack here, if we lose democracy, we lose everything.

    • Just write in Bernie Sanders. A lot of people have already expressed that they will do just that. If The DNC wants to split the vote with a bias towards Clinton the GOP could win anyway.
      Feel the Bern and fight the power.

    • I’d encourage you to watch this https://youtu.be/igbBItLemsM

    • There is no far and square on a broken system. I hope someone independent shows up or I will write Bernie on my voting ballot. Fuck the system!

    • Junior Oliver Bernie is an independent…. He just is riding the Dem ticket or he would be more shut out of the closed and rigged game than he already is….

    • I will vote for Bernie. In NO way will I vote for Hillary Clinton. If it comes down to her of Trump, I’ll swallow the rising vomite iin my throat and vote for Trump. Even though…

  • lets start a gofundme account for the best hitman to get rid of that corrupt lying beyotch, kidding of course I wouldnt want the secret service at my door but they would probably agree with me theres a secret service memoirs book out and they hate her she treats SS members like shit and makes people hide behind curtains in the white house when she passes bye

  • DNC rules specifically do not and the DNC Chair said not only can superdelegates ignore the popular outcome of state primary elections and instead vote for establishment candidate, they SHOULD. Essentially Wasserman Schultz suggested that the party elects the candidates and the voters don’t really matter.

  • The GOP threw out all the rulebooks and set up the super pac system so they could pull in hundreds of millions. Over 80% of the money spent by Republicans comes from this dark money and not donations from the people. They are not financed by the people they falsely claim support them. The Democrats are fighting fire with fire and they may have no other choice if they don’t want to be buried by the GOP propaganda machine. Hillary is not the one doing this and this post is just more Hillary bashing because she is a big threat to the Republican machine

  • This is not right at all! The head of the DNC is one of the Clinton’s best friend and has even worked for Hillary!

  • I personally hope they fail.

  • I hate democrats as much, if not more than, republicans but I’m pulling for Bernie. I hate to say it, but *augh* he’s the *megck* better of *AARRGHG!!!* two *RRGGAACK!!!!* evils. Oh gawd!! That was painful to say.

  • corporate whores and lackeys

  • Sounds like Calvin Ball.

  • Hillary, this is for you

  • Yea,if she can’t win fair and square,she win win otherwise

  • You mean their owners preferred puppet

  • lobbyists buy our government…..and we have allowed it by keeping these people in office….change as many as we can

  • Sanders/Warren will be the 2016 democratic candidates I HOPE!!!!!!!

  • Feel the Bern

  • Better save some for bail.

  • Took money from Goldman – Sachs, claims to be a “progressive.”

  • Enough said

  • just proving that ploticians are bought and paid for, are representitives of the PAC, not the people

  • Hillary (or Hitlary) and the DNC are frauds. I guess there will be more countries accepting refugees (Americans) if this continues

  • Is this the America you want? I sure as hell don’t!

  • Go Trump, Go!

  • Not going to work this time, the people are sick of money in politics, watch and see. They are desperate, and going to crash.

  • a small fist full of filthy rich no good bastards,are getting ready to rule 300.000.ooo. people,by paying and owning ,and controlling trash like this piece of trash.they no longer follow the rules,insted,they make and change the rules as they see fit.people of america, please waik up before its to late for not only you , but for all man kind.

  • Even so called alternative media was doubting Bernie Sanders… Glad they are finally realizing that he the one for the people unlike ALL of the republicans including Billary.

  • just shows you the corruption of Washington politics

  • vote for a light bulb, nothing enlightened about politics.

  • If Hillary wins the nomination, I am not voting anymore.

  • Imagine that!

  • disgusting

  • Bernie will run Independent and win any way in yet another history making achievement.

  • To quote Spock from one of the original Star Trek TV shows, “There is a big difference between wanting something and actually having it. It is not logical, but it is so. You may quickly find yourself to be unhappy with your choice as soon as it is yours.”

  • Lol! There was a ban?

  • This is manipulated political propaganda. You are losing credibility. The Electoral College has been in effect since 1789 and has been misused by both democratic and republican parties since then. Case in point, Gore won more than half a million more votes than Bush but lost the Electoral College.

  • Yes. Yes it will.

  • I thought this page was called “the free thought project”. Then why are you always trying to force that idiot Bernie Sanders on people. How many articles now have been pro-sanders?

  • Corruption at its finest

  • Bernie will win… This is all a part of the charade.

    America loves an underdog.

  • So it will basically come down to the one with the biggest sponsors. It actually has been like that for a while but it’s becoming more and more obvious

  • so once again money overrules the people well done humans well done

  • If this is true it is shameful

  • I suspect Bernie can’t overtake Clinton, but who knows? He’s been raising lots of money himself. And remember Jeb Bush has been swimming in money and going nowhere.

  • I would disagree that the “superdelegate” system is cheating, however. Sanders was quite aware of the system when he got in the race. I’m not aware he has even brought the topic up. I suspect that if Sanders wins the popular vote, the super delegates will back him or they may have a riot on their hands.

  • All I have to say is “go the white dragons”

  • good news for bernie as the people are obviously fed up with this kind of crap.
    this will only have more voters drop hilary and vote sanders.

  • Corruption in full view.

  • Of course it’ll work. I hate to say it but she’ll be the next president.

  • same old shit. one of the many ways to rig an election. dont want to wake up ? have fun with this psycho

  • No way in hell will I EVER vote for the career criminal Hillary!! NEVER!!!!

  • Piles of money rolling in from influence peddling corporations and lobbyists? If only the Supreme Court could have stopped that situation. Wait a minute, they had that chance! Scalia led the charge FOR special interest and Super PAC money being able to buy and sell elections. The Senate also had a chance to set aside that ruling with legislation and chose not to. Can’t complain about what you asked for once you get it. Reap what you sow.

  • Bernie Dangerous to the rich and greedy.

  • Nobody wants that toxic bitch

  • They sure know how to spend other people’s money.