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WATCH: Cowardly Cop Mistakes Wallet for a Gun and Shoots Innocent Airman

Lee County, AL — Fear, cowardice, dread, hate — training — one or more of these traits are present more often than not when a police officer shoots an unarmed person. And, in the dashcam video below, that assertion becomes apparent as Opelika police officer Phillip Hancock shoots Airman Michael Davidson for no reason other than fear.

The incident happened on March 6, 2014, however, the dashcam was kept secret until a little more than three years to the date after the shooting. Hancock was responding to a minor accident in which Davidson had swiped the back of a tractor trailer, and both parties were waiting for police to arrive after they had exchanged information.

When Hancock arrives on the scene, he immediately becomes aggressive with Davidson, who was merely trying to get out of his car. Because Davidson was parked on a slope, opening his door was particularly difficult as it was much heavier at this angle. Instead of realizing this was a factor, Hancock, applying his training while experiencing high levels of fear and cowardice, escalated the situation to violence.

“Show me your hands,” screams Hancock as Davidson frantically tries to comply.

Davidson’s attorney’s, Brian Mosholder explains, as reported by WRBL, that Davidson’s wallet was in his left hand while pushing against the door to get it open, and then he reached back with his right hand. Soon after, Ofc. Hancock asks Davidson to show him his hands. Davidson brings his right hand through and up to his left hand, turned and got out of the vehicle as quickly as he could and put his hands out in front of him with his wallet in both hands and began to raise his hands. Soon after, the first shot is fired, which hits the ground. Then, Mosholder said Davidson’s hands went up and the second shot was fired, which hit Davidson.

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“It’s very obvious from that part of the video that Officer Hancock is creating a situation that he wished had happened that would have justified this shooting,” Mosholder said. “When you look at the video, none of that happened. When you look at the video, in less than six seconds, from the time Michael Davidson opens his door, Officer Hancock shoots him, and he shoots him for absolutely no reason.”

After he was shot, the Airman was seen writhing in pain on the ground — as the blood spot in the back of his jeans grew increasingly larger. Davidson was shot in the abdomen and suffered severe artery damage and “extensive internal bleeding,” according to the suit.

During the melee, the innocent truck driver was also in danger from this irresponsible cop’s fear as he fired rounds in his direction as well.

For the last three years, Davidson was hoping to seek justice against the man who shot him for no reason. However, as is the case in so many other police shootings, the shooting was found to be justified — because the cop expressed a justifiable reason to fear for his life.

“The City, the Chief of Police and its officer have always denied any wrongdoing,” a statement from the City of Opelika in response to the most recent court ruling read. “This case has now been analyzed by two federal courts … The judges have unanimously determined after a review of the evidence, which includes the dash cam video, there was no wrongdoing on behalf of the City, the Chief, or the involved officer. In reaching their respective decisions, these Federal Courts reviewed all of the evidence. Their opinions are clearly supported by all evidence.”

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In affirming the district court’s ruling, according to oanow.com, the three-judge panel said it had reviewed the evidence, including dash cam video, and provided the following summary statement: “After careful consideration and review of a video recording of the shooting, viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to Davidson, we conclude that a reasonable officer in Hancock’s position would have feared for his life. Accordingly, we affirm the district court’s grant of summary judgment based on qualified immunity in favor of Hancock on all claims.”

Below is the end result of too much fear pumped into cops during their training. Thankfully, Davidson lived, no thanks to the cops who let him bleed out for more than 5 minutes before providing any life saving methods — but he will never be the same again.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. , Steemit, and now on Facebook.

  • YMIHere

    I’m going crazy over here trying to find what your described – the uploaded video is time stamped September 2016. Maybe if you put the MATCHING video, people could make an assessment.

    • Matt Agorist

      embed displayed wrong video, it is fixed

  • I’da sued the crap out of that cop, the police dept and the city.

    • Tspud1

      What good that do? Did you not read the article?

      • c_chandler

        kind of like the personal situation behind eric frein and shooting a state policeman. the behind the scene screwing of a known family member who did not want to be screwed anymore seems to vanish in the media coverage.

    • Alan

      Unlike you and I, the officers have qualified immunity. So, they do not have to worry about lawsuits.

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  • Capt Turk

    Fat, trigger happy, pansy ass, scardey ass, piece of shit pussies, absolutely disgust me. And what is even worse, is the piece of shit judges that let them get away with it. Glad I don’t live in the United police States of Murica anymore.


    • Marlow Mosier

      Me either. I left that police state in ’89 and never looked back.

      • FiuToYou

        I left three months after ‘Kent State’, but I still have family living there. I remember a good America and then JFK was murdered and it’s been downhill ever since. I do feel there’s hope with Trump, if he stays alive. Keep draining and go a little faster!!!!

        • timothy nelson

          That good America you speak of never existed. They were just shooting blacks in the Jim Crowe era.

        • keith sw

          Are you fucking kidding me? It will only get WORSE under this racist cheetolini mother fucker Trump.

  • Chaiyz

    How could this possibly be justified? We’re so fucked!!!

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  • Dean Woodlief

    Worthless scum says he told him “don’t move and show me your hands” which was a lie he just tell him to show him his hands ….what the hell was he suppose to do and did you notice that the other piece of shit was looking all around the victim trying to find a weapon ….. I was waiting for him to drop his throw down gun by the victim…. Welcome to the NWO police state where the most dangerous thing about marijuana is getting caught with it

    • LawrenceNeal

      There was no marijuana involved. It was a minor accident report.

      • FiuToYou

        But he does have a point. It’s all connected!!!

    • DAY8293A

      I am surprised one of the other dirty cops did not throw a gun in the car somewhere…

  • Shellzb Roberts

    So this cop thinks this man Sat around after an accident to shoot him? If he had anybuthing illegal on him he would’ve left this is just stupid what person cop or not think after a car accident oh imma sit here wait for the cop and get out and harm them

    • WoodOnTheBall

      Right, just a brain-dead fucking moron. What a disgrace…

  • JackmeOFF

    Fucking pigs

  • dilbert

    Time for Dallas 2.0
    Should include ignorant ass judges too.

  • LawrenceNeal


  • Joseph Estrada
    • BINGO

      • David Marchetti

        Yup why Trump needs to set some better standards……we found like here 90% of police depts are in violation of a ACLU ruling to provide complaint forms in their lobbies….

  • William Hickey

    This is an example of a Barney Fife who needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.This is unacceptable. He needs to be found. This is proof they have no standards this is pathetic.

  • William Hickey
  • William Hickey

    Watch this and learn!!

  • Marshall

    This is so wrong. Man gets out of his vehicle, wallet in hand and he gets shot…Thank God he’s not dead…All Lives Matter…This shooting can in no way be justified…As we relinquish our humanity and draft into a police state, the world will not moan the next 9-11 disaster that strikes the US…And this was B-4 the Thumpeteer…Me thinks we all are screwed!

    • Jim Jimjim

      No shit all lives matter.

  • Kim Detorez

    If the prosecutor charged this cop, the police would retaliate buy not arresting people for non violent offences. What this tactic would do is empty the courthouses of lawyer paying customers. If the courts are empty, nobody will be making any money.

    The police are trained that nine out of ten attacks on police happen at vehicle stops like this so they are on high alert.

    • LawrenceNeal

      It wasn’t a stop, it was an accident report. The two drivers had already exchanged information.

  • JR85

    This is fucking ridiculous. Some people shouldn’t be police officers as you see how this pigs fear puts the publics safety at risk. This could have been any of us getting shot for no freaking reason. If I was a cop with half a brain and was dispatch to car accident, why would I show up with the mentality that this guy is armed with a gun.

  • Gordon Klock

    Really seems like they’re gradually fixing to kill most of us……

  • jeremiah

    The nazis will fucking KILL you. We aren’t important.

    • Elroy Hatfield

      lol, the Nazis lost. its the JEWS STUPID

      • jeremiah

        WTF are you talking about?

  • Ricky Hemstreet
  • Jer Paxson

    this is war! i dont care how! because justice system is fuck broke! included government is involved too.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    The State investigating a worthless state employee. It is so fucked up it took 3 years to release the dash cam. The victim should win big time in civil court.

    • Doboy

      If there’s a civil suit I’d love to be on that jury. He’d be a rich man if it was up to me.

  • IceTrey

    If this is what reasonable cops do we need some unreasonable ones.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    The only good thug with a badge is a DEAD thug with a badge.

    We live in a world where untrained citizens are expected to remain calm while a gun is pointed in their face, while a trained pig is allowed to panic, and act on impulse.

    • IceTrey

      The standard for cops is supposed to be same as civilians, would a reasonable PERSON be in fear. Notice the judges said, reasonable officer.

      • Actually the police are TRAINED PROFESSIONALS, so their standard should be much higher.

        • A1701

          I think the “training” little more than a few extended sessions on a Sony Playstation!

      • flipshod

        The standard is lower than what a “reasonable” police officer would do. The judge may have used that term (I wondered why when I noticed that), but the analysis is not an objective one, but what was subjectively going through the cops mind. Source: in past life defended cops in qualified immunity cases and won in state and federal all the way to no cert at SCOTUS.

        • IceTrey

          That may be what it is in practice but it’s not what its suppossed to be, would a reasonable person fear for their life. That is an objective standard. Just saying “I was in fear for my life” shouldn’t cut it. What was really in their mind is impossible to know.

          • DAY8293A

            You can bet the ”fear of my life” would not cut it for you or me.. look what happened to Zimmerman…

          • IceTrey

            Uh, it did work for him. Of course there was physical evidence to prove it.

          • Jeff Brodhead

            If you can call that “worked”. Look at how Zimmerman’s life has gone since.

          • JzzE1 .

            Zimmerman’s trials and tribulations are the result of his own asinine making.

          • Jeff Brodhead

            He was trying to be a good citizen, but the Leftists had to make an example of a “white” man with a gun and make a martyr of a “black” thug, for their racist, a-hole imPOTUS.

            Being thrown in jail and tried as a racist murderer and threatened by many could not have had any negative effect on Zimmerman, now could it…

          • JzzE1 .

            Man, miss with that mess. He stalked and killed an unarmed kid. Then he bragged about it.

          • Jeff Brodhead

            Bull! The thug came at him and was bashing his head on the sidewalk BEFORE AND WHILE HE DREW HIS WEAPON. It was proven in court with evidence, which stood in the face of the lies.

          • JzzE1 .

            I have recently seen “EVIDENCE” of actual video footage where a man was killed in cold blood and the cop was taped placing a gun near his body and in court it was proved that it wasn’t even near his dominant hand so again, miss me with that mess.

          • DAY8293A

            Duh, Zimmerman’s life was destroyed because he exercised his right to defend himself. This cop is getting off without being charged, and not having to spend one day in court. Great ‘justice system’ for COPS AND CRIMINALS”… We got rid of the Attorney General who thought she would make a name for herself by charging Zimmerman.

          • IceTrey

            Killing someone even in self defense often ruins the persons life. It’s traumatic. Gives them PTSD.

          • DAY8293A

            Being falsely accused and having to spend all your money in court is what is traumatic! That OFTEN RUINS ones life! Makes one begin to under stand the BLM movement. Cops get a pass while citizens get run through the ringer….

          • IceTrey

            He wasn’t falsely accused he was just accused. He was tried and found not guilty. Happens all the time.

          • DAY8293A

            IN CASE ANYONE WAS IN DOUBT, TREY MAN IS OBVIOUSLY A LIBTARD TROLL… Cases like Zimmerman should ‘not happen all the time’.. That is the point. The police did not charge him. An over zealous state attorney falsely charged him. That helped her lose her last election. Funny how our local state attorney is not interested in looking into some dirty cops who falsified my friend and my statements on an incident report. A video clearly shows at least one part is clearly a fake story to cover for a ‘snitch’ of theirs, who got away with a hit and run, and felony assault. Snitch/thug had no driver’s license, and no proof of insurance. Claim they only look into a case when the police ‘refer’ it to them. Lying A holes all…..

          • David Serra Sr

            he was guilty and proven a coward and does not need a gun if he that unstable

          • JzzE1 .

            I’m sure it’s no picnic for the person who was killed either…especially a kid with a pocketful of Skittles and a cell phone.

          • better12than6

            Oh, do you mean the 17 year old ‘kid’ who was attempting to murder the man by smashing his head against the concrete sidewalk?

          • JzzE1 .

            Come at me with intent to do bodily harm and see if you don’t get smashed against something. He was a coward. A grown man who was not even defending his own ground, much less anyone else’s. The kid had a right to be there as his father lived in the community and he had a right to not be accosted and to go on his way, instead, some zealot decided he was out of his element and killed him. The police told him to keep his distance and remain clear but no, Mr Wanna be a bad ass cop whose questionable mental status and abilities (thankfully) kept him from having an actual license to kill. Long before he went hunting and encountered this kid, he had a laundry list of violent encounters that had been reported and he was an abuser of women. And after the trial, he went on to have several more incidents of violent behavior and poor judgement and decision making. Trayvon Martin was a kid, just a kid. He had a school suspension for possession of marijuana, but unlike Georgie Pudgy, he did NOT have a criminal record.

          • JzzE1 .

            No, I mean the 17 year old kid who was minding his own damn business and suddenly found himself fighting for his life against a grown ass man who had noted anger management and abuse issues AND a gun. And if the concrete sidewalk was his only weapon, he made good use of it.

      • Jeff Brodhead

        “Reasonable” is NOT being applied to Citizens. Anyone who “stands their ground” must be prepared for severe trauma in the courts and “public opinion”.

        I’ve seen comments by retired officers, who say “I never fired my weapon, in 25 years of service.”, etc…

        I live within ear-shot of the local police firing range. Semi-auto fire is the most common we hear. They practice emptying the magazine into the target, as fast as they can. THAT is not practice, except for slaughter. Terminating the “perp” prevents the “perp” from suing, IMO.

        I’m sorry, but this video brings out anger I do not want to hold toward those who serve – which pisses me off even more!

        • DAY8293A

          A retired cop told me, that for every dirty cop story I might know, he could tell a hundred! Most cops come on a scene with the attitude that everyone is a criminal. Yet, they want us to think most of them are ‘saints’. Never talk to a cop without recording it on your phone! They will falsify your statement to protect one of their ‘snitches’ and internal affairs will back them. It happened to me and my friend, when we were simply taking a photo of a hit and run driver tag! The thug had no driver’s license, no proof of insurance, and only charged with ‘improper backing’. And he gave my friend 3 broken ribs and a punctured lung. Got away with felony assault and a hit and run! Make no mistake, there are more dirty cops out there than good ones. I am a retired military officer with NO police record of any kind, as well as attending sheriff watch meetings, yet, this is how they treat honest tax paying citizens. ALL DIRTY COPS.

        • Thebob

          We in the Military were trained Controlled Pair to the body, emptying your magazine into even an enemy combatant could get you brought up on charges…

  • Eric Bolt

    This is what happens when Wrong Way Worriers come home to serve you when they should never be allowed out of the YARD-! The only way to stop this is to go to his house shoot his wife, Kids, Dog, then him-! This is what happened to the Head FBI Agent Investigating Clinton-!


  • Speckintime

    Welcome to the New World, Hitler would be so proud.

    The whole plan of those hiding behind the curtain is to destroy nations, crash economies, shut down free speech, flood the world with terrorists then get the people to beg to have their rights and freedoms taken away in order to be safe.

    These powers that be want you to be a slave, a criminal or dead.

  • Timothy Belvin

    Check out that poor Truck Driver. HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT!!

  • Michael Cannon

    This is the kind of shit that makes me not give a fuck about dead cops.

  • slimelaws

    Poor cop, pacing around, certain he was losing his career over being a pussy. He doesn’t even care the kid is shot, all he can think about is how this might hurt him professionally. Doesn’t he know pretty much ALL cops are cowards who will back his cowardice, no questions asked?
    It’s long past time to stop letting cops tell us they deserve to be called brave, or honest, or even just decent.
    The profession has been stolen by cowardly pussies.

    • meconiummm

      His thoughts were not with his victim as that person has no value to a cop. However he did remain composed enough to start acting in front of the camera.

  • Swapster_com

    Learn a lesson here: cops are dumb and unaccountable. You have to move slowly and show them your hands. The way that guy got out of the car… will get you shot by a certain percentage of cops. Sort of obvious to those who pay attention. It sucks, but that’s the way it is these days.

    • frank

      Easier said than done when you are the one the dumb and unaccountable cop is screaming at with a gun pointed in your direction. Move too fast, he shoots. Move too slowly and he sees that as non-compliance and confirms the suspicion he had before he ever saw you, that you are plotting to kill him.

  • Lorne Allen

    Bizarre and Evil. Why does the slob pig keep yelling “don’t move” to an unarmed, nonthreatening person that he just shot because he is a scared coward with a pistol. I can’t shoot people because i am scared, why can a cop? I fear for my life every time i see a police officer. These kind of things must have been going on for the last 50 years but unknown until the use of dashcam. If there had been no camera he could have planted a throw-down gun and made it all better.

    • DAY8293A


  • THAT made him fear for his life? He is either the biggest pussy or the biggest liar in the world.

    • Jeff Brodhead

      The “stance” of the victim, as he struggled to get out of the vehicle, looked just like the targets at the shooting range, I suspect.

  • canucanoe2

    Look at all the cowardly cops scurrying around trying to find SOMETHING to charge this guy with. Meantime, he’s bleeding out on the ground for five minutes before they even start to administer first aid. Buncha power crazy pussies!

  • Ed

    All Cops can’t keep saying they “Feared for their Life” to justify shooting someone. We must let a jury of their peers decide in each and every case, the prosecutors will have to work to Free a Cop! I can’t see how we let Prosecutors decide without a legal explanation!

    • davidoffon1

      Prosecutors don’t work for us and most likely never did. The “law” has nothing to do with human rights!!

  • paulmsmith

    When it comes to policing America’s streets, the deck is irrevocably stacked against the American public. Every effort is made to make every police shooting, regardless of circumstances, to be justified…and if the evidence is blurred, it blurs in favor of the police. Is that the way it must be?? …..So, this poor young airman found himself in a minor accident awaiting the arrival of the police and only wanted to comply with a police order. He was simply exiting his car with his wallet in his hand. He appeared to want to do the right thing and show his drivers license and registration. And some poorly trained, nervous, trigger-happy coward of a cop decided he saw the man’s wallet as a deadly weapon. The poor-excuse-for a cop panicked and fired. So as the man lay writhing in pain, the cowardly cop cowered in his cruiser for five minutes before anyone came to check the wounded man. If this is American policing in 2017, defend and protect no longer pertains to you and me.

    • DAY8293A

      The supreme court ruled the cops have not obligation to ”protect” the public.. Serve and protect is a farce.. We are all just potential victims waiting for the next criminal to attack us, and that criminal could very easily be a dirty cop..

      • c_chandler

        the supreme court is wrong. their duty is to protect otherwise why are they being paid at all?

        • DAY8293A

          I AGREE WITH YOU, BUT, WE ARE SCREWED.—— — People who don’t understand taking responsibility for your own safety often ask me why I wouldn’t just call the police to stop a crime instead of drawing a gun. Well for one, a great police response time would be 1-2 minutes, but most crimes take place in a matter of seconds. Two, police have no duty to protect me, or you.
          Based on the headline of this article you might think this is an important new ruling, but it’s not. The court has kept this stance for over 30 years.
          The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that police officers at all levels of the government have no duty to protect the citizens of this country.
          ——It is the job of police officers to investigate crimes and arrest criminals.——
          —————-We are on our own for protection.
          While we are quite sure most police officers will help someone in need when required, just remember the next time you feel you might need protection that police officers have no duty to provide that to you.

  • dujaa74

    There are no accidents in government absolutely none .. there’s a cause for this perhaps from bad hiring practices to piss poor training and supervision to perhaps even over work but there’s most certainly a cause. #FUBAR!!

  • 1nf1del

    Because it’s reasonable to think your life is in danger responding to a minor traffic accident?

    • FiuToYou

      I hope you’re being sarcastic. If not, you’re sooooo wrong and I bet you’re a cop!!!!!

  • Zorba Greekthe

    The cop was clearly at fault, but we should all be equally if not more enraged at the judges, bosses, etc. who subsequently covered for him even with the dashcam footage. THAT is the real outrage here, folks—the whole system enables and excuses shit like this.

  • Huskerfan44

    Another example of the standard:
    1. Shoot first
    2. Concoct a story
    3. Superiors will justify

    • DAY8293A


    • DAY8293A

      Dirty cops lied to protect one of their snitches ,, concocted a story, and their ”integrity unit” ignored a video proving they lied… Record every thing you say to these dirty cops…

  • WoodOnTheBall

    That cop is a complete piece of shit.

  • carlos

    A cop has a split second to justify what he sees….did the officer ask him to get out…..did the officer asked him to show him his wallet…..he shouldn’t never have gotten out of the car….especially getting out of the car with something in his hand…..oh well shit happens…learn common sense!

    • WoodOnTheBall

      That is something that can commonly happen and the Cop’s reaction was completely unwarranted. He’s not in fucking Iraq, he’s in America. He NEEDS to use more discernment.

    • Guy

      Their are names for guys like you Carlos, that comes to mind ! Like *Rat and Bug* and well, you get the picture ! Have a nice day !

  • Echo Moon

    if your that damn f’ing afraid?? STAY HOME! you do NOT belong in a uniform carrying ANY kind of weapon!!!
    Like · Reply · Just now

  • Guy

    I could not take any more than half of the video, and couldn’t watch it any more, and shut it off ! It is to me, extremely disturbing to see what happened to a innocent man, as the result of a cop that not only abandoned all reasoning abilities, but turned into a complete coward as well !

    Then for the courts to officiate with their pompous ass statements, that they found “No Wrongdoing By The Cop” Just convinces me that not only are they knowingly protecting the system that keeps them seated as Judges, but as well the Police Department and the Cop. This is Collusion and Conspiracy !

    I hope this man is able to have peace, and the Cop is no longer one !

  • Lehua

    90% of Cops in the USA use expanding bullets that expand into jagged sharp pieces of metal ripping organs and blood vessels apart like a meat grinder. Cops should be forced to use FMJ only like in some European countries (Italy for example). They are more humane and have a lesser chance of killing the person.

  • ♓Ξ▲ѴƳ Ƙ∆RM∆~Ð∈ßϯ SᏝ▲V∈

    They’re setting a future standard for when they start shooting Cop Watchers that hold recording iPhones.

    • meconiummm

      “yet upon arrival he convinces himself that the one driver of the SUV is just like a “America’s Most Wanted” fugitive, i.e. armed and very dangerous”

      They literally train them to think this way. They teach them to imagine the world is waiting to kill them and everyone is a deadly threat.

  • Ron Webb

    Tell me again why I care when cops get shot

  • Anthony Cruz

    I can understand the adrenaline and shear stress from being in a life or death situation. But this might come out more worse then I intend it. Now when you swear your oath to serve and protect, you go into training, the academy knowing full well what your job is, correct? When you join the military as an Active or Reserve, you join knowing full well, if a war breaks out, you will possibly be shot at. Police officers would know this too, correct? There is a risk, and I know that humans natural response is to defend ourselves, but when you join the Military or Police Force. You sign your life to the job, your main goal should be to do the job, take the risks so you don’t make mistakes like the one in this video.

  • Marina Popov

    cops not even trying to help him…wow …what kind of people they are…..no heart no brain …

    • davidoffon1

      Monsters, with a touch of brain wash!!

  • Mark

    Something like this is why a Jury should be the one to decide who is right and who is wrong. Not some Judge that is bias already. I can just about bet that a Jury would not side with the Cop. Cops, District Attny. and Judges are all on the same side.

  • Damned he had a deadly lethal wallet in his hands..Perp could have killed the officer if he had a chance to shoved the wallet down the officer’s throat ,or maybe,who knows it could have been a gun disguised as a wallet..not to mention it looked like a grenade also…Yup shooting was justified…a wallet can do a lot of damage to a law enforcement officer..

  • bojimbo26

    `Twould be a lot easier if `legalised thugs with badges` just used gatling guns . /Sarcasm

  • mike

    So any cop that much in fear for his life seems to be a danger to everyone around him. Lets say someone, the other guy or a third party up and shoots the officer to stop him from shooting anymore people because he fears for his life. Aint it a two way street? Anyone in the cops vicinity has the same excuse. In fact more justification because one person was already needlessly shot. This shit is why we have riots.

  • Richard Flynn

    We all justifiably fear for our lives every day unless we are comatose.

    • c_chandler

      how many have been starved and beaten in the jail where they cannot help themselves? lately a lot.

  • Im awake

    Officer Hancock, Coward Cunt earning the hate.

  • Steve Lane

    Obviously if being “In fear for one’s life” is a justifiable reason to shoot someone then anyone who is innocent of wrongdoing and is approached by a police officer may lawfully shoot that officer! Especially as it is a fact that in the US police officers are armed! It works both ways.

  • FiuToYou

    Unfuckingreal!!!!!! And the courts said the cop was within his rights. BYE BYE AMERICA!!!!

  • scarolina oceanside

    This police officer “MUST” spend the rest of his life in “PRISON” jurors, no excuse making should ever be tolerated for inexcusable actions by this officer. This is the only way these type of free wheeling actions will stop at the citizen / officer level in the streets. Where was his command to stay in the car before taking the steps that he did.

  • Karen Bonner

    If he feared so much his safety I’d make sure to give him something to fear after that bullshit, piece of shit coward.

  • ben dover

    Hey cops , If your reading this please do all of us a favor and go put your barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger !!!!!!!! Dont worry about your wives some real men will take care of what you cant with your little dick syndrome

  • Brav Ocado

    Well since he was white it’s ok. BLM won’t care about this.

  • Talula59

    Best thing to do is if you accidentally hit someone, run, not worth dying over.

  • Mala Subramaniam

    screw those cops and those who were favoring him….police is there to protect civilians and not shoot them for no apparent reason….fuck them

  • Megan Steuer Pope

    Does anyone stop to think that this all goes around in a circle? Cop shoots someone, showed on national tv and all over social media…then people calling all police officers pigs, mf’ers, etc….creating groups that want to kill police officers….then police officers sense of security goes down…then the same thing happens all over again…..who do we blame? Everyone.

  • O hunt

    I am ex police officer the police today need to be held responsible for their actions they carry a gun and badge and the power over life and death in a second. The judges also need to uphold the law and not be blind by politics of the job. It’s on camera that this was handle sloppy at all levels we do not live in a police state YET.

  • Budisweiser


  • Mariah Miracle

    Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves. This IS NOT how they intended our government
    to be. Police officers have been given a license to kill with NO consequence, and they know it. The oath of protect and serve is now harm and disregard. If someone is so fearful of the public, they have no business being a police officer. Most people understand that police officers put their life on the line every time they go to work, however there are some people who should not be police officers.

  • Elroy Hatfield

    lol this white privilege is out of contro

  • keith sw

    Fat fucking pig. These cops are so pussified they feel the need to immediately shoot first and ask questions later

  • Sam Taylor, Jr.

    I don’t know how a police officer responding to a traffic accident where he was called would reasonably be in fear for his life. If he were executing a traffic stop, I could maybe see it. But that’s not the situation that occurred here.

  • Michael Chapman

    it about time we kill all gun happy cops or sack then all and start again. you can see man had phone

  • Matrix

    If a cop pulls a gun on you, and you haven’t committed a crime, pull your gun on him.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      That’s the worst advice I’ve seen all week.

    • Gary Smith

      Never draw on a drawn gun. You will die.

  • Matrix

    And the cops wonder why they’re being shot at today.duh.

  • Matrix

    An Amoeba has a larger brain than ANY cop.

  • flipshod

    The absolute nightmare of modern police training is a local and state political problem. The ridiculously low standard there is to meet for a case to be thrown out on qualified immunity is a judicial problem. The people have to organize en masse to demand that the whole system be reformed from tail to snout.

  • A1701

    Thank FUCK I don’t live in FUCKING YANKLAND!

    • SirDankentheTall


  • DAY8293A

    My friend and I took a photo of a hit and run car tag. The thug left the car, and charged at me, standing there with a cane and a camera, alone, and disabled. I had no choice but to place my hand on my weapon and say ‘no you don’t”. The thug re entered his car immediately, and left the scene. We then returned to the Sonic to find the victim and my friend jumped from the car to give her the tag number. The thug returned and parked behind our car, with me calling 9-11, not seeing him charging for my door. My friend stopped him, as the thug stated he was ”going to take that old man’s gun and kill him”, and the thug attacked my friend, breaking 3 ribs and collapsing a lung. The thug then fled the scene A SECOND TIME!. A VIDEO CLEARLY SHOWS THE THUG FOLLOWED US BACK TO THE SONIC. The cops fabricated the following story, and the thug and victim went along with it. They claim we had an argument in the street, my friend ”told’ the thug he hit the car, and ”we followed the thug” (remember a video shows otherwise) and that we had both approached the car from behind. One cop even falsified a statement ”Mr Y… advised Mr B.. left fast and returned to the Sonic and they followed him up there”.. I never told the lying A hole anything, as he would not even talk to me. The thug was only ticketed with ”improper backing, NO PROOF OF INSURANCE, AND LEARNER’S PERMIT VIOLATION”. How do you own a car with a learner’s permit and have a tag on it? They are covering for this guy because he is a snitch or a relative… only explanation… They did not know of the video when they made up the story.. BUT STILL ARE COVERING FOR THE THUG, EVEN THE ”INTEGRITY UNIT”… JSO IS OF, BY AND FOR THE CRIMINAL”…. I HAD A RETIRED COP TELL ME ”FOR EVERY DIRTY COP STORY YOU TELL ME, I CAN TELL YOU A HUNDRED”,, FROM A RETIRED COP……… THE POLICE STATE IS OUT OF CONTROL…. IF YOU ARE PROTECTED BY THE DIRTY COPS, YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH FELONY ASSAULT, HIT AND RUN, NO PROOF OF INSURANCE, ETC ETC….. I NOW HAVE A BODY CAM AND DASH CAMS… NEVER TALK TO A COP WITHOUT RECORDING IT ON YOUR PHONE…. 90 PERCENT ARE DIRTY….

  • meconiummm

    Not one cop helps the innocent victim. Yet many of them are comforting the shooter and looking for the imaginary gun. The officer needs to place his gun in his mouth and make one more shot.

  • xyankee

    What annoys me is that as a police officer, you choose this line of work to “protect and serve” the public. With that said, and the fact that you are wearing body armor, (or should be) I think it is inexcusable for one to make a mistake of this magnitude. An officer should accept the risk, of that fraction of a second to identify whether it is a true threat, or an innocent man. If someone is unable to accept this, knowing they have a great deal more protection, as well as “the jump” as an officer already in most cases has the bead on the suspect, they should not be in the “protect and serve” business. Furthermore, if one makes a mistake such as this, they need to accept responsibility.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    What happened to “To protect and serve”?

    You’ve got people (police) with guns, who are so quick to draw and fire, they do not check for a clear target (the truck driver was in the line of fire, as were other citizens in vehicles driving by).

    Those who serve deserve respect, but DEFECTIVE TRAINING, UNION CRAP and “HOMELAND SECURITY” interference, must be flushed-out and proved to be safely de-programmed from the brains of police, or the officers must be retired from service. The People deserve and have a RIGHT to better than this!

  • Butch Taylor

    Through this case, two federal courts have spoken to the public’s face about there being equal justice for all here in America. “FUCK YOU”. “FUCK YOU”, “FUCK YOU”, “FUCK YOU”. The only justice you will receive is that in which you exact for yourself. Fear for your life and protect yourself.

  • David Marchetti

    Nope sorry cop is a pussy coward! he should not be carrying any firearm…cop is let off the hook by qualified immunity which should be ABOLISHED! ” THINKING ” someone may have a weapon is NOT legal justification to use deadly force as it should be a last resort…i.e. you must see a weapon or have good probable cause they have a weapon – I swear a lot of these cops today are pussies and lack judgement and sound reasoning skills, like the cop that shot the legally deaf man who could not hear is orders and tried to read the cops lips, or the diabetic who was shot as they appeared intoxicated but really was having a diabetic incident…lucky this guy lived…..handled VERY POORLY! We just had a cop here who got his jaw broken – his own fault for handling the situation wrong and being macho…

  • Tyler Mathis

    fat fuckin peice of shit should retire on his own what kind of fuck almost ends someone elses life then says sure why not i can do this job

  • Tyler Mathis

    i like how even 5 minutes after the truck driver STILL has his hands up LOL hes so scared

    • DAY8293A

      Dirty lying cops abound. Only out to protect each other. They care nothing for the safety of the public.

  • David Serra Sr

    no excusse cop shold be tried and given jail time if hes that chicken he dosnt need to have a gun

  • David Martin

    As an armed forces veteran and a expert marksman I would say the cop was wrong in every sense. Prior to firing a weapon at anything you should positively identify the target. Plus why was the officer so ready to shoot someone at a routine accident call?

  • Kit Marten

    Stupid cop. So sick of these criminal cover ups.

  • Jim Bronaugh

    And this cop is still out there and your family is going to face him. What if you young son or daughter makes him fear for his life. As has been said, ‘we’re so fucked’. Bully Queer cops given guns and free rein.

  • HipJipC

    I could imagine this man felt as helpless as all those people in all those countries the U.S. has invaded. Just add drone strikes, torture and rape on top of what the police officer did here. If one can’t see the karma going on, then one is truly blind. If you don’t believe what you give out to the world doesn’t come back to you sooner or later (live by the sword, die by the sword) then you’re a fool. It all boils down to the same thing, fear and ego. Same as any other day in the recorded life of humans and their perpetual violence, destruction, killing and inability to evolve.

  • Hearseman

    Citizens stop bitchin! Form a citizens committee and try this officer in a citizens court and then hang him! Remember that the supposedly serve at our pleasure. We are the final say, not them. As their employers you have the right to see fit to punish them as you see fit!

  • violetteal

    All police officers should be evaluated independently, annually. They should work no more than 5 years and upon retirement, be forbidden to work as a cop anywhere. Term limits, essentially. It doesn’t mean they can’t work in an office or some other forms of law enforcement, but being on the streets with a gun and a taser is off limits after 5 years. That’s my proposal.

  • Ibcamn

    faggot cop shot the guy through the dick because the cop was afraid of his wallet,what to think of this cop if he saw a puppy or a kitten….holy hell fire would have come down on the town,all people within 20 miles would have been dead…cops are cowards and pussys,all cops are criminals,every last one….

  • Kevin Mock

    This dumb fat piece of shit walks around trying to figure out how he can lie his way out of this, all the while the guy’s bleeding out on the ground.

  • Thebob