Washington, D.C. – A new piece of legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives, H. R. 378, labeled the Responsible Body Armor Possession Act, which if enacted would deprive law abiding citizens of another means of self defense.

The legislation, forwarded by Rep. Mike Honda, would ban citizens from ownership of enhanced body armor, defined as “body armor, including a helmet or shield, the ballistic resistance of which meets or exceeds the ballistic performance of Type III armor, determined using National Institute of Justice Standard-0101.06” in the bill.

Level III and higher body armor can defeat most common rifle ammunition.

The body armor in question has a sole purpose of protecting the wearer from potential serious injury or death from being shot.


If passed, this bill would usurp people’s ability to own a truly defensive form of protection, with penalties for possession/ownership ranging from fines to jail time or both.

In his press release, Rep. Honda states:

“This bill allows law enforcement to respond to active shooting situations more effectively. The bill prohibits the purchase, sale, or possession of military-grade body armor by anyone except certain authorized users, such as first-responders and law enforcement.”

This speaks to the heart of the law enforcement problem in America.

Laws are continually being proposed to solve problems that don’t exist, which is exactly how we have gotten into the current police state mess we find ourselves in.

The reality is America has less major crime than at any point in the last 40 years, and yet we have cops patrolling American streets as if they are in the Korengal or Fallujah, and treating the citizens as such, with absolutely no regard for the Constitution.

Perhaps if Honda put as much effort into disarming the overly militarized police, as attempting to take away law abiding citizens ability to defend themselves from would-be shooters, people wouldn’t have the impetus to wear body armor.

The armor is purely defensive in nature, and people should always have the ability and right to defend themselves against attack.

The right to self-defense is the right from which all other rights are derived. As John Locke stated, self-defense is the first law of nature. Each person owns his or her own life and no other person has a right to take that life, or hinder the preservation thereof.

The Supreme Court has held that the police have no duty to protect citizens, so that responsibility now falls squarely on the shoulders of individuals themselves.

To take away people’s ability to access defensive armor, after telling them that they are on their own and are owed no protection by law enforcement, almost seems like a cruel joke.

Why should a law-abiding American, that takes steps to defend themselves passively, be criminalized?

Interestingly, government employees and personnel who work for the various government agencies, departments, or “political subdivisions” are exempted in the bill.

Additionally, the bill states that citizens who own body armor prior to the bill taking effect, would, in essence be grandfathered in and be treated the same as government personnel.

Where is the sense in government banning something that provides people protection from harm?

The logic of this bill is so askew that it wouldn’t be surprising if perhaps next they will try and pass a bill that outlaws hiding behind things while being shot at.

In a continuation of that logic, law enforcement could use the PR line; “If you haven’t done anything wrong, why would you need to hide behind anything?”

Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, freethinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has previously been published on and You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

Jay Syrmopoulos is a geopolitical analyst, freethinker, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs and holds a BA in International Relations. Jay's writing has been featured on both mainstream and independent media - and has been viewed tens of millions of times. You can follow him on Twitter @SirMetropolis and on Facebook at SirMetropolis.
  • REALConservative

    The only idiot here is someone who thinks that mass shooters will comply with such laws.

    Using your logic, the only law that needs to be written is to criminalize the use of Level III armor in the commission of a crime…such as a mass shooting.

    • NYCTim

      Don’t use my logic. You’re not equipped to do so.

      • REALConservative

        No equipment needed. That’s the point.

        • NYCTim

          Thanks for proving me to be correct.

          • REALConservative

            That you are an idiot? No problem.

          • NYCTim

            LOL Your stupidity, inability to grasp reality and low-information ignorance really are amusing.

          • REALConservative

            Well that explains it; you were talking in “low information” based on your own reality.

            I should’ve expected it to be a wreck.

          • NYCTim

            LOL That doesn’t even make sense, which is absolutely what I expected from a moron who voted for Trump. He loves the poorly educated,” which means he probably wants to have a baby with you.

          • REALConservative

            Doesn’t make sense to you…which makes you the ‘poorly educated.’ I should expect nothing less than a child m()lester like you.

            Trumpie? I’m not a liberal, sooooo, you fail again.

          • NYCTim

            No, it doesn’t make sense because you are incapable of expressing yourself in English. Like your messiah, Trump. Your baseless claim is both false and disgusting. Lying Conservatives get blocked, so guess what, Ahole?

          • REALConservative

            My messiah? You haven’t read very many of my posts. Your straw man just cr()pped all over your ridiculous post.

            Run away, chickens()t.

  • Liz O’neill

    well lets face it, when you are trying to cure your cancer, with a plant, and the cops show up to murder you, it would’t look very good for the cops if you actually survived.personally I think every dog and cat in America should be fitted with one, before the cops wipe them all out.

  • Big_Gay_Al

    This is OLD news. From last year, or longer ago. It did NOT pass. Essentially, FAKE NEWS.

  • Big_Gay_Al

    It’s already against the law to wear body armor while in the commission of a crime. And this bill was put forward last year, it failed, Thank goodness.

    • NYCTim

      Thanks Gay Al. If you noticed, my comment was made four months ago. But, of course you didn’t notice.

  • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

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    Go ahead, kill me!!!….Make my day!!
    I dare you!!!…I double-dare you!!!
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