The city of Chicago saw a staggering number of homicides last year, with over 760 murders in 2016. President Trump is combatting the problem by following in Obama’s footsteps, and ramping up the confiscation of “illegal” guns—and he’s using the federal government for assistance.

The Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force is now made up of both Chicago police and 20 agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Because the federal agents bring their technology and weapons with them, the city now has access to a van outfitted with ballistic testing equipment, specifically devoted to targeting “illegal” guns and repeat gun offenders.

During a news conference on June 30, acting U.S. Attorney Joel Levin said prosecutors are working on increasing federal gun prosecutions, and his office has prosecuted “more federal gun cases this year than in all of 2016—and in 2016, his office prosecuted more such cases than it had in a decade.

As the homicide rate skyrocketed in summer 2016, Chicago police claim they seized nearly 6,000 guns—making the average rate one gun seizure per every 59 minutes. This practice is nothing new, as a report on the gun confiscations in Chicago revealed that in 2012, police seized 7,624 guns, which was more per capita than New York City and Los Angeles… combined.


All of the guns Chicago police are confiscating are defined as “illegal guns,” and it raises the question—what exactly is it that makes these guns, and their owners, illegal? As with many things that are prohibited in the United States, the guns are illegal because the government says they are illegal.

“If you had some guns in that club the night that this took place, if you had guns on the other side, you wouldn’t have had the tragedy that you had,” Trump said in a CNN interview after last year’s tragic shooting in Orlando, noting that only good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns. With the thousands of gun confiscations taking place in Illinois, there are undoubtedly good people losing their means of self-defense to Trump’s gun confiscating army.

Trump has even made note that the strict gun laws in Chicago do nothing to stop gun violence as bad guys will always find ways to get guns.

While Illinois doesn’t actually have the toughest gun laws, it is known for having some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S., and it is currently ranked 8th out of all 50 states on the “Gun Law State Scorecard” created by the pro-gun control Law Center to Prevent Violence.

That ranking is largely due to the requirement for all gun owners in the state to obtain a “Firearm Owners Identification Card” or FOID card from state police. Illinois then passed a law in August 2016, making it a felony for anyone to so much as bring a gun into the state for the purpose of selling, delivering or transferring it, without a FOID card.

Based on a Tweet from President Trump on June 30, in which he said, “Crime and killings in Chicago have reached such epidemic proportions that I am sending in Federal help,” one might think that this was his plan all along.

However, as pointed out above, it should be noted that—as with many things—Trump had vastly different sentiments toward gun violence in Chicago when he was on the campaign trail. During a debate against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, on Oct. 19, 2016, Trump criticized the amount of gun violence in Chicago, despite the strict laws.

“In Chicago, which has the toughest gun laws in the United States, probably you could say by far, they have more gun violence than any other city. So we have the toughest laws, and you have tremendous gun violence,” Trump said. I am a very strong supporter of the Second Amendment.”

As The Free Thought Project reported in August 2015, one group of Chicago moms combatted the level of violence by taking to the streets, and helping those in need. As a result, violence began declining in one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

The current tactics used by Chicago police, including the mass confiscation of guns, have been ongoing for years, and even though thousands of guns are confiscated each year, the number of homicides continues to climb. While the addition of the federal government’s agents and their equipment will certainly increase the number of gun confiscations, it will also likely increase the death toll, raising the question of when city and state officials will start looking at the root of the problem, and stop increasing the power of the police state.

Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Damiana

    The Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force? What 10-year-old with a G.I. Joe DVD is thinking up these names?

    • Jennifer Cummings

      There is no gun problem in Chicago they just have a black people probem like all chocolate cities.

      Chicago is 32% black but the blacks commit between 95-99% of all the gun crimes and 90% or more of all violent crimes. Over the 4th of July weekend 18 murders all committed by blacks and they did all 218 shooting crime.

      I dare you to dispute them facts.

      • Damiana

        Actually, I dare you to tell us all why this matters to you.

        • Jennifer Cummings

          Why does it matter? Well black violence is not just a Chicago thing it’s a thing anywhere blacks are.

          • Damiana

            The same could be said about “white violence.”

          • Jennifer Cummings

            LOL you know nothing. I’ll tell you a secret all races commit at least 85% of their violent crimes against their own race.

            Blacks are the only race that commit 65% of their crimes against other races mostly whites and Asians. If whites committed 65% of their crimes against blacks all hell would break out.

          • lawmanjed

            Who’s stats are you using and how do you really know they are accurate numbers? The government’s stats? Easily manipulated, not to mention, these are the allegedly solved crimes only.

          • Jennifer Cummings

            Yea your right many black crimes go unsolved. Don’t argue that all people are the same. Blacks have a tendcy for violence.

          • Jennifer Cummings

            But it can’t be said. I tell you what if 60 white people rioted through a fair only attacking black folks all hell would break loose. Large scale violence is a black thing. I challenge you to find 1 case in the last 20 years where a large group of whites shut down a mall because they were attacking and targeting people of other races or a fair, movie theater, or a school. I’ll pull up 10 of each one of those from this year.

            Large scale violence is a black thing. Have you ever heard of a “let out fight” it’s what blacks do when the club lets out. Blacks have avg at least 1 shooting a day during lest out fights for the last 5 years.

            There are cities that have to shut down the mall and restaurants in certain parts of the town to keep blacks from going their and fighting, stealing and disrupting things.

            Black did 218 shooting over the 4th of July weekend just in Chicago I wounder if they stayed under 1,000 nationwide.

  • That very action is the cause of the problem for Chicago!

    December 28, 2016 **Gun-controlled* Chicago fast-approaching 800 homicides for 2016

    At first, the 2016 murder figures for gun-controlled Chicago drew attention by hitting 500, which was 32 higher than the total number of murders in 2015. Then the number of murders rose to 700, followed by a Chicago Tribune report that the number of murders between January 1, 2016, and December 6, 2016, hit 731.

    “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.” George Washington

    • Zorb

      False quote.

      • “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” Dr. Seuss

  • tz1

    Obama lets this fester for 8 years.
    Obama crushes gun rights around the country for 8 years.
    But Chicago is Trump’s fault?
    Do you even have any evidence that Trump directly ordered them in, or is it because you just hate Trump, and even if he signs reciprocal carry and the people of Chicago can get permits and defend themselves, will you find some other reason to blame Trump?

    • Dan Quixoté

      Trump is betraying the righties and Libertarians who “elected” him. Just like Obama did to the lefties and commies who “elected” him. Like the prior pre-vetted figureheads the deep state allowed the proles to cast their pretend votes for.

      • tz1

        Libertarians stayed on the sidelines (See Tom Woods and Lew Rockwell among others). The alt-right probably would agree that Trump should disarm the felons and …no…no… violent minorities shooting everyone in Chicago. Sorry, but MS13 illegal immigrants aren’t first in line for the second amendment.

        • Dan Quixoté

          I’d guess we Libertarians were probably split three ways during the November 2016 federal opinion poll that some might believe was an election – Gary Johnson (*cringe*), The Donald (*cringe more*), or practicing abstinence as you mention. Despite making my living from corporate and megacorp clients, my Voluntaryist principles won, and I “voted” for the figurehead who claimed he would kill the TPP and TISA globalist takeovers. Plenty surprised that panned out. The rest has been a predictably mixed bag. Like failing to decriminalize gun ownership by non-violent folks the authorities unjustly labeled “criminals”.

          • tz1

            The sheep, yes, sir, yes sir, three bags half full.
            Not half empty.
            As Jeb! would have done.
            Gorsuch. EPA. Immigration down.
            Listening to Rand Paul (my 1st choice) on Obamacare Repeal!

            And Gary Johnson, and that ugly guy that stripped to his underwear while CSPAN covered it? The LP is a parody of itself. Clowns have more dignity and gravitas. And between Johnson and Weld it was to the left of Trump.

            Trump is the product of crushing Ron Paul in 2012 (ok, I see we have to do this the hard way). He was the bomb thrown into the establishment. He is not what we wanted, but what we needed.

  • Gordon Klock

    Didn’t vote for Trump, but has anyone else noticed how he has ‘done a complete 180 degree turn’, on just about every campaign promise he made ? Really looks like this country’s secret owners gave him all his ‘marching orders’, & right now they really seem to be getting desperate to force “gun control” further down, upon the chattel, in order to keep them relatively powerless, & helpless, against the miscreants that will always have access to the same weapons…
    Besides anyone can look up the blatant correlation between “gun control”, & increased gun violence, that the city of Chicago serves as a ‘classic textbook example’ of…

    • lawmanjed

      100% agree. Trump is literally flipping the “Right” like a burger over to the Left, and they are lining up to kiss his butt and convert like mindless lemmings. I supported Rand Paul.

  • Lorne Allen

    In my opinion the disease in Chicago is poverty and the war on drugs, and the symptoms are violence and fear.

  • Brent Garner

    OK, let’s not mix our metaphors. First, the “illegal guns” the Feds are after are the ones in the possession of persons who have lost their 2nd Amendment rights primarily because they are convicted criminals. That is vastly different that the kind of “gun confiscation” advocated by anti-2nd amendment folks. Second, Trump is also right that if more citizens in Chicago could legally own guns and use them in their own defense, that the murder rate would decline. Such has been the case in every locale where concealed carry has been liberally allowed. Why? Very simple. The bad guys never know who is packing so they never know who may shoot them. Since they don’t want to die, they turn to other kinds of crime where the risk of death is lower. Plus, gun control laws are only obeyed by law abiding citizens even when those same law abiding citizens know the gun control laws are a bad idea. However, criminals don’t care what the law says. That is why they are criminals. Therefore, all that gun control succeeds in doing is disarming the populace and leaving them at the mercy of the criminal element. You should do a good, thorough research of what has happened in Australia since they implemented their very restrictive national gun ban. It isn’t pretty.

    • lawmanjed

      How do you know how many of these people having their guns taken are convicted felons? Nowhere in the article does it specify that. As far as I can tell Trump’s Executive Branch sent the ATF to Chicago to help Chicago enforce it’s unconstitutional draconian socialist gun-control policies, the very policies at the heart of the problem (along with prohibition/war-on-drugs). Once again Trump is a proven liar and hypocrite. I understand people really thought Trump was anti-NWO and a conservative and here to help America, but sorry folks, the truth is he’s just another lying elitist who will say anything and then do the exact opposite once in office. He’s not really in control, he’s a spokesman for The Corporation. The sitting US President hasn’t been in charge since JFK. Reagan for a short time before they shot him. Got played by the 2-party system again.

      • Brent Garner

        I happen to know a bit about Federal firearms laws. The article is very poorly written. It is written more to enflame than to inform. The author succeeded in his aim as evidenced by your response to my post. You, like the author, make certain presumptions without presenting evidence. Having researched many federal and state firearms laws, I can feel strongly assured under this president that the target of any gun confiscation would be criminals who have illegally obtained firearms or possibly citizens who have obtained weapons illegal to own under federal laws. Additionally, certain weapons or classes of weapons require specific federal permits. A citizen possessing such a weapon without the proper permit is in violation of the law. Go have a long chat with a Federally Licensed firearms dealer and you will come away very enlightened. Now, if this were occurring under Obama or any democrat you can name, I would be worried. Obama, et al, showed no respect for law and governed more like absolute monarchs than duly elected officials.

        • lawmanjed

          I asked you a question and you haven’t answered it, because you don’t know. Again, how do you know how many of these people having their guns taken are convicted felons? Again, you don’t know, and are simply putting your trust in the federal and local Chicago governments, who absolutely deserve nobodies trust. Let’s not forget the financial situation the state of Illinois is in currently, which has been described as a potential Venezuela like situation. This could also be Martial Law preparations.
          You can keep chatting on about how you love and worship Federal gun-control laws like the hypocritical phony conservative-in-name-only you are apparently comfortable being, but I am not listening. I don’t care, the 2A of the Constitution still says “shall not be infringed” and that makes those corporate statutes null and void. You might as well be an ATF agent trolling this site for all I can tell, I’ve seen that type of thing before. You’re not defending liberty, you’re defending gun-confiscation of Americans you do not know personally, or their individual situation. You’re part of the problem, go tell G. Washington why we need gun-control.

        • Dave

          So a Republican doing this is GOOD. A Democrat doing the same thing is BAD. I think your bias is front and center. Good thing Trump isn’t acting like a Monarch. Bad thing, he is acting more like a dictator.

          • Brent Garner

            Obama and the democrats hate the 2nd amendment. Just google their comments. Ergo, I am justified in feeling that a democrat doing this would be a potentially bad thing whereas a republican may be less of a problem. Why? Because gun control is a central plank in democrat politics. It isn’t in republican politics. No bias. Just facts. Now, you say Trump is acting like a dictator. Care to present your documented evidence?

          • Dave

            Gun Control IS in the Republican politics. As in…DO whatever the NRA says to do!
            As for Trump ACTING like a dictator…..what do dictators do? CONDEMN THE MEDIA. Have ONE media outlet to convey their views, and condemn the rest. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, are ALL FAKE news. Foxnews and Brieitbart are the ONLY REAL news. He is also doing a masterful job of moving attention away from any negative news, by claiming success and credit where it isn’t warranted. American car companies moving jobs to America? HE DID IT, ignoring the FACT that these decisions were made after YEARS of thought. Lastly, take a look at his Cabinet, and his closest advisers. Do you see ANY of them saying NO to him? His closest advisers call him DADDY…..think they want to risk their inheritance? His Cabinet is chosen, NOT by expertise, but by their willingness to do his bidding.

          • Brent Garner

            So you don’t like that Trump has called out the lying main stream media? Have you noticed what is happening at CNN? Should the media be in the business of shaping the news or should they truthfully and honestly report the news? Why should a president or any individual have to put up with reporters who lie? Obama took credit for things he had nothing to do with, but you’re fine with that? How two faced, hypocritical are you?

          • Dave

            Call out the media…OK. What about that story a couple of days ago that FoxNews admitted was WRONG? Are you seriously trying to tell me that FoxNews is NOT attempting to shape the news? That they HONESTLY and TRUTHFULLY report the news, with ZERO bias? Brietbart does NOT slant it’s coverage? I agree, WHY should a President have to put up with reporters who lie? He SHOULD NOT have to…..yet Trump considers FoxNews to be the GOSPEL TRUTH, while everybody else lies. Did the NY Times LIE, when they reported that Don, Jr , accepted a meeting with a Russian lawyer, anticipating getting damaging info on Hillary, straight from the Russian GOVERNMENT? Even getting the campaign manager, and favored SIL in on the meeting? Proof is in the emails that Jr provided. One more question….should reporters have to put up with OFFICIALS that lie? Spicer, Conway, Huckabee, Trump, Trump, Trump? (There are at least three).

  • xxxlibertine

    Every responsible and eligible gun owner in the country wants the gun laws already on the books to be enforced, even though they DO NOT want to see any MORE gun laws infringing on their second amendment rights. The Left is always screaming for more and more laws but, the problem is, is that the laws that exist haven’t been enforced to best effect to date. This program is specifically aimed at identifying weapons that have been used in previous gun crimes . . . Let me know when a rightful and lawful gun owner’s 2nd amendment rights are violated by an action taken by LE in the course of this targeted crime fighting program. The thing with Trump is, he’s damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t in the eyes of those who can’t adjust to the changing tide of history . . . Anything and everything will be used as a source of media manufactured controversy, indignation and outrage.

    • lawmanjed

      That is simply NOT true. True 2nd Amendment supporters want gun-control policies (gun-free-zones for example) removed. All Americans enjoy that right, as it is enshrined in the Constitution. Please stop this blind followership of the government just because Trump is the new spokesman. If you’re still buying into this two-party paradigm you’re nuts. I just have to LOL at government-hired trolls all over the internet pretending to be redneck podunk cowboys and hillbillies when you’re probably in some call booth in India. You’re not a conservative if you support gun-control policies, you’re a pretender with no clear or consistent principles or ideology.

      • xxxlibertine

        1. It IS true . . . only red neck podunk hillbillys want to protect the 2nd amendment rights of, and arm, known criminals and violent offenders . . .
        2. I am NOT a statist . . . I don’t “follow” the “government”.
        3. I have NEVER bought into the two-party paradigm . . . you’d have to be nuts to do so . . .

        4. I am not a troll and I don’t collect a pay check from the government . . .

        5. I’m in Grand Junction, Colorado.
        6. I am NOT a “conservative” . . . Nor do I, nor would i “pretend” to be. I loath conservatives nearly as much as I despise “progressive” leftists . . .

        7. I fully support measures that separate firearms from those who have shown they do not deserve them.

        • lawmanjed

          Chicago’s arcane sweeping gun-control laws do not at all limit access to guns for Chicago’s criminals, only it’s law abiding citizens. You can bark all the non-sense claims you want, but 2nd Amendment supporters do NOT simply want all the gun policies on books enforced, like you claimed! We want most gun-control laws repealed! Gun-free zones are a prime example of that. Criminals will always find a way to access guns if they want them, I’m concerned about good law-abiding people being able to defend themselves. Go ahead and ignore what I actually said. I’m sure you do loathe conservatives and I’m sure you can’t define what “conservative” actually even means accurately. You’re massively full of crap, that’s for sure. You aren’t a libertine either.

  • We are Anonymiss

    We think the people Rumpelstiltskin is going after are felons in posession…which is a crime under federal law. If you don’t want to like your right to carry a firearm, don’t allow yourself to have your rights taken. If you are charged with a felony, fight it.

    • lawmanjed

      Are they illegal “criminals” because they are in possession of firearms, which Chicago made illegal in blatant defiance of the Constitution? Or are they actual criminals whose firearms may or not be legally possessed, but are criminals for other, legitimate crimes? Do you even know? Does anyone know? Or are you blindly supporting the government simply because Trump is the new spokesman? What are you even talking about? If they are felons under Federal law, which law(s)? Federal gun laws? The Constitution (2nd Amendment) is the highest law of the land. But all these guns are “illegal” under local Chicago law (though that violates the 2nd Amendment)… Is Trump simply using Federal forces to enforce unconstitutional local socialist gun-control laws, which are likely the heart of the problem in the first place, in order to quell the violence there? According to the article, yes, his Executive Branch is sending ATF agents to enforce Chicago’s failed socialist gun-control policies. More police-state, no actual solutions, goodbye American liberty, hello bi-partisan totalitarianism, and you’re supporting this? Or are they surgically targeting specific well-known violent criminals in possession of highly illegal full-auto machine guns, with judge-signed warrants, only?

    • Steve Rusk

      All it takes is money, not many people in this country have that much these days. Twenty years ago it cost a few grand just fight a speeding ticket and lose. That’s why most people plead guilty to a lesser charge and take the hit.

  • Steve Rusk

    Doesn’t sound very gun friendly to me. Gun ownership should be a private matter, once the government knows you have guns, then the real risk of losing them begins.

  • Thomas Wellnitz

    When did we start asking permission to exercise our rights we don’t need their ok to have any guns . The gov. is violating our natural rights by even suggesting gun laws . They have become tyrannical, there needs to be a new one done by God fearing men and women.

    • lawmanjed


  • lawmanjed

    Trump is literally flipping the Right like a burger over to the Left, and they are lining up to kiss his butt and convert like mindless lemmings.

  • crazytrain2

    The gangbangers with guns in chiraq are the problem, not the gun laws. When you arrest one of these gang members with a gun, and they are felons, they should be hammered with long sentences. These are the people that are the cause of over 700 homicides last year and over 1700 shootings this year. There are root causes that need to be addressed, such as education, poverty, as well as various other criminal behaviors that contribute to the violence. Let’s start with locking up the violent criminals and the felons caught with a firearm. When you lock up the violent criminals with guns, the shootings will start to drop. Provide better education and vocational training, and provide help with housing to the people that need help and are willing to work. Do everything that we possibly can to help those people, and that is a foundation to start chipping away at the poverty issue. This is not something that will turn around overnight. You could give those people free housing and money to pay bills, and you would still see many of the same problems because this violence and the criminal mentality is deeply ingrained in certain segments of Chicago(and many other urban areas as wel). You have so many children growing up in fatherless homes because the fathers are criminals, guilty of everything from drug dealing, to violent crimes, car theft, robberies, and on and on. Legalizing drugs is not an option. Regardless of what your opinions are on this subject, it is not going to happen. We can’t even get marijuana legalized everywhere yet, and no state is even remotely ready to try the harder drugs yet, so suggesting we do that in Chicago is not a plausible course of action.

    So let’s start with freeing up some space for the violent criminals and those felons caught with firearms. Target the gangs and flood the streets with officers to try and get a handle on the daily violence. Then start working on the education, job training, and poverty issues. Whatever your feelings on trump, at least he is willing to do something about chiraq, unlike the previous eight years.

    • Jennifer Cummings

      Black in Chicago are the problem not guns

      • crazytrain2

        While black suspects may be the biggest perpetrators in chiraq, there are gangs of all races in that city causing issues, black gangs just happen to be the biggest issue.

        • Jennifer Cummings

          Blacks just happen to commit the most violent crime in every category. They commit 53% of all murders only bc they suck at aming otherwise it would be 89% of all murders. Blacks are the problems.

          • crazytrain2

            Listen, I get what you are saying, but they are not the only problem there. I watch the kids with gold teeth bragging about their AK’s and other guns on YouTube videos, and I just hate them. Not because of their race, but because of their sheer joy in being violent shitbags.

          • Jennifer Cummings

            That’s bc their is a big difference between blacks and the rest of the human race. The early human wich were all black as they evolved from apes.

            Then some of they early black human stayed in Africa and did very little evolving and barely becoming more human over time.

            Then there were the groups that left Africa evolving and mating with other type of human species such as Neanderthal and many more.

            Between selective mating and interspeices mating the more civil and smarter racist of people evolved. Larger brains than blacks with much higher IQ.

            Black that stayed in Africa were so primitive when Europeans showed up on the African door step. In the 1600 blacks were living in mud huts with straw roofs.
            They were basicly hunters and gatheres with stone tools. Let’s talk about what they didn’t have due to their small brains and extremely low IQ. Black Africans to day have an Avg IQ 65 while their black Americans brothas and sistas avg an 85 which is borderline retarded.

            They didn’t have the:
            Metal tools
            Domesticated animal
            monetary system

            They found over the most basic resources as they do know. Understand why morden day blacks in America have a slightly higher IQ than current black Africans can be explained by the interbreeding with whites over the last 400 years.

            So why so much crime and violence? There low functioning brains and low IQs effect the way they react to their environment. This is why they have an 85% school drop out rate. The 15% that do finish school don’t amount to much because finishing high school is so easy anyone should be able to do it.

            Then you have to understand their tendency for violence also revolves around high testosterone and very poor impulse control. The high testosterone levels explain why they have so many gangs and fight over turf like other males from other animals species. These blacks are very territorial. Poor impulse control is many of their down fall. This leads them to act with out thinking about consequences.

            I grew up in a time period without the internet where we only had local influences and the liberal media telling us race is only skin deep and everyone is the same. When a teacher tells you these things you want to beleive and trust them.

            Well we know due to DNA race is more than skin deep. We also know because of the numbers and the internet blacks commit 53% of the murders in this county. some stats show them committing 80%+ of all violent crimes. Blacks committed 218 shootings in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend. Whites didn’t touch 10% of that nation wide.

            Blacks commit violent crimes against whites 25-1. Black crime is unique from other races in the fact that 65% of black crimes are committed against othet races. While the other raise commit 85% or more of their crime against their own people.

            Then we can look at all black majority countries in Africa. They are all shit holes and barely 3rd counties ruled by war lord. In Africa blacks don’t build il their counties and the ones that were colonized by whites they couldn’t matin what they were given.

            So look at these so called chocolate cities here in the USA that are no better than African countries. Detroit is a dangerous and dark chocolate city. It didn’t become an 80%+ black city because are flocking to that city. It’s that way due to white flight. When people start to see how dangerous blacks are and how they target whites they leave.

            There is not one majorly black city safest enough for me to live in. If you Google America most dangerous cities then compare it to highest percentage of black populated cities you will find a direct correlation

            To fix this problem of black violence first we must admit we have a problem and race is more than skin deep.

          • Andropov

            You took a really long time to write this when you could’ve just said “I’m an awful person.”

          • Jennifer Cummings

            Are you disputing anything. It’s very clear blacks are diffent than the rest of the world due to their evolutionary path. Did you know blacks have the highest percentage of lactose intolerant people in their race. This due to the fact that they didn’t drink animals milk after they stopped breast feeding. This was due to the fact they didn’t have any domesticated animals when whites showed up and inslaved them.

            Also they have the highest rate of obesity in the county with black men around 69% and black women at 85%. This explained by their diets and being hunters and gatherers before the white man showed up. While Europeans and the rest the world were civiled and grew crops eating a what’s refered to a cereal diet consist of lots of grains and more.

            So the blacks didn’t evolved to eat foods that are so rich in carbs. So their nasty bodies store away calories and fat like a hippo.

            Now that I said it every time you see black women in public 8.5 of out of 10 wil be obese.

            Thank you very much.

          • Jennifer Cummings


            After you finish this let me know I’ll post more

          • Andropov

            I cannot express to you how little I want to continue this interaction. I will leave with this thought: literally no educated person, no scientist, biologist, sociologist, absolutely zero of the people who make a living examining, studying, and discussing these problems, has come to the same conclusions you have, which might cause even a mostly stupid person like yourself to consider that they are entirely and ridiculously, with no caveats, fucking wrong.

          • Damiana

            That’s some pretty impressive work you’ve done there, Ms. Cummings.

          • Jennifer Cummings

            Really you want to debate facts of out of control large scale black mob violence. How about you find me 1 case of large scale white mob violence in the last year. I’ll find you 1,000.

          • Andropov

            How about every Trump campaign rally?

          • Jennifer Cummings

            Glad you brought that up. You are talking about white liberals and black liberals. It was a white libeal smashing heads with bike locks. Whites are not running around killing each other over who has the better gang, public housing parking spot. It happens but it’s not proportional.

            Blacks are 13% of the country and should only commit 13% of the murders but this is not the case. The actually commit 53% according to the FBI.

            Then looking at the cause of death for whites murder don’t come up to number 4 for any age group. This is the same for all races but not blacks. The reason for this is a lack of respect for life and low IQs.

            Number 2 cause of death for blacks ages 1-14 is murder. The the number one cause of death for blacks ages 15-34 is murder. Murdered by other blacks. Then blacks 19-24 half of all deaths of black males is murder. The actual number for some years is 49.9%.

            So tell me smoething. Murder is the most serious crime and they commit 4 times what they should for a group of 13%. The truth is they are doing the same for every crime category. The sad part is when 20 blacks beat down a white couple in New Orleans and rob them that’s counted as 2 crimes only. When it should be counted as 2 crimes against each victim time 20 so 80 crimes in all.

            I still stand behind my 80%+ of all crime. In this case they didn’t catch all the black thugs.

          • Damiana

            Actually, I’m not going to “debate facts” with you or in any other way encourage or engage your damaged little psyche. What I will do is ask you – once and nicely – to tone it down with your racist bullshit.

            You’ve had the chance to get your theories, beliefs, and opinions about black people out of your system. Keep harping on it, and I will make you stop.

          • Jennifer Cummings

            Thank you I’m only trying to end the out of control black violent crimes.

          • Damiana

            I’m not sure you fully understood me, special girl – I’m impressed you knew which hole to breathe with while you typed all that.

          • crazytrain2

            I find what you are saying to be bigoted, and that is being kind. Beyond saying that there is an issue in the percentage of black males(making up just 6% of the population) and the amount of crime that six percent is responsible for, there is nothing generic or iq wise that make blacks inferior in anyway. The issue is cultural and social-economic. The rest of what you say is highly offensive and untrue

  • Ibcamn

    WTF,this better not turn into a seize the weapons just because and arrest the owner just because he has the gun…doesn’t mean he used it,just bought it….some of the guns are in fact owned by scum bags,some are even scum bags with a badge,this can go south in a heartbeat if the feds do this wrong…..everybody is watching this one Trump…tread lightly and keep your eyes open and an eye on the cops doing this…..cops are criminals too and they lie to cover up their own gun play…..keep an eye on them,just a warning.