Americans are up in arms over the alleged gas attack in Syria. Although there was no investigation, and many high-profile individuals have called it a sham, the US has pinned the blame on Syrian president Bashar Al Assad. So, we thought it would be a good idea to remind our fellow Americans of an occasion where the federal government got away with gassing its own people, an action which, consequently, led to the deaths of 86 men, women, and children. It all came to a violent end 24 years ago today, in Texas.

Our source material comes from the FBI’s own vault, which contains two files on the case against Vernon Howell, also known as David Koresh. Koresh was the leader of the “Branch Davidians Seventh Day Adventists.” According to the FBI case file, Koresh was believed to have been holding people against their will at his compound in Waco, Texas, potentially guilty of “involuntary servitude and slavery” charges.

In 1992, Child Protective Services (CPS) was called in to investigate the accusations. After a thorough investigation, CPS concluded no one was being held at the compound against their will, nor any child abuse, and the federal prosecutor, who reviewed the report, saw no reason to prosecute Koresh. On October 16th, 1992, the FBI closed the case against Koresh and the allegations he was abusing children and holding his followers against their will.

Still, however, the FBI proceeded with investigating other allegations the Branch Davidians had converted semi-automatic AR-15 (assault) rifles into fully automatic ones, a violation of federal law. Also alleged was that the group was planning a mass suicide. The FBI concluded, “no information has been developed to verify the accuracy of the allegations.” Still, the FBI put local law enforcement on notice.

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Despite having no concrete evidence Koresh, who some have said was delusional, had violated anyone’s civil rights, or abused any children, the investigation into the weapons violations continued. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives pursued the allegations the group was stockpiling weapons and explosives. According to the ATF,  the bureau found:








Wishing to further investigate the compound’s armory, the ATF secured a search warrant and attempted to raid the compound on February 28th, 1993. The Davidians, possibly feeling they must protect their home, property, and persons from the intruders, opened fire on the federal agents, an action which led to the deaths of several ATF agents and compound members.


The raid initiated a 51-day standoff with the ATF as well as the FBI. Koresh released 24 members from the compound, who were mostly children, and continued the stand-off with authorities which was broadcast daily across the country until day 51 arrived. On that day, the government brought in heavy equipment and penetrated the compound with a tank-like machine which pumped the compound full of CS Gas. What happened next, in the minds of many who saw it, can only be likened to a horror film.

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The compound became ablaze with a roaring fire. The all-consuming inferno killed 76 people who were huddled inside. Later, it was determined many of those who’d perished were also shot by firearms. Researchers, who later investigated the incident, concluded federal agents were observed shooting from the compound’s grounds into the building already set ablaze by fire. While the official government narrative is those individuals committed suicide, the researchers were able to demonstrate they were likely killed by automatic weapons fired by federal agents, possibly killed as they were attempting to flee their burning compound.

To this day, the ATF maintains the fire was, “set by cult members, as law enforcement attempted to force them out by introducing tear gas into the building.” And for years, following the fiery destruction of the compound, the FBI maintained the same story line. That was until 1999, when then-Attorney General Janet Reno made the following admission, “I am very, very troubled by the information I received this week suggesting that pyrotechnic devices may have been used in the early morning hours on April the 19th, 1993, at Waco. At this time, all available indications are that the devices were not directed at the main wooden compound, were discharged several hours before the fire started, and were not the cause of the fire. Nonetheless, it is absolutely critical that we do everything humanly possible to learn all the facts as accurately as possible and make them available to the public and Congress.”

Those facts, according to some of the survivors of the fire, who were inside at the time the fire broke out, are undeniable. They are convinced the government used incendiary devices to set ablaze the tear gas which had been pumped into the building. And they’re not alone. According to CBS News, “Independent filmmaker Michael McNulty came upon some evidence that appeared damaging to the government. He found a shell casing from a certain type of tear gas round that could start a fire – a device the Justice Department had denied using for more than six years – publicly and to Congress.” That shell casing led to Reno’s acknowledgment, but the government still has not taken full responsibility, as Reno denied the devices were used to penetrate the building. Questions still remain as to why they would be used at all.

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Even though it was later determined Koresh had, indeed, molested children, and was by all intents and purposes a pedophile of the worst kind, the fact remains. The government used gas on its own people which either directly or indirectly led to the deaths of 76 people. There was no international outcry. Foreign governments did not threaten to retaliate against the ATF and the FBI. Russia did not feel compelled to launch guided missiles into the Waco, TX airport. And neither should the United States.

The U.S. has no business in the affairs of Syrians. And just like in Waco, it may take years to know precisely who was responsible for gassing and killing 83 Syrians in the Idlib Province. But go ahead and believe the official government narrative if you’d like. Here at TFTP, we prefer to deal with the facts.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • Mother Earth

    Their is no democracy these days when you have a murderous Govt. intent on bashing or shooting and freedom out of what you may think you have, I have a strong feeling that American Administration will start the next world war which will leave the Planet on the brink of total destruction.

  • Domina Elle

    BULLSHIT it was NEVER proven Koresh molested children. Sometimes I really hate this fucking site.

    The FBI used that claim to demonize the Davidians and to justify their murderous acts.

    It wasn’t hard for the government to paint it that way because the Students of the Seven Seals believed Koresh was the decoder of the hidden Seven Seals and some of their practices defied social norms.

    The rumor of abusing children stemmed directly from a past rejected member who was angry and together with a non Davidian whose wife was a Davidian (and he wanted sole custody of his daughter because he was moving out of state) those accusations were born.

    I have always wanted to ask that ex member: Marc Breult- why he waited over a year to step forth with that accusation and only did so when he heard about the custody battle as an opportunity- to report such a horrific thing! Why would he not report that as soon as he could if he knew such things were happening?!

    That same ex member also claimed almost a year prior to the date of the raid, that the Davidians were going to kill themselves in a Jonestown style suicide. It was a LIE to get the authorities to react. The day the Davidians were supposedly going to kill themselves they were outside playing with gocarts and noticed strange vehicles driving back and forth along the rural road where they lived. It was miles outside of Waco and it was rare to see cars especially the same car driving back and forth by the church grounds. Point being- he LIED just to try to bring heat on the Davidians.

    I should write a book. I knew most of the survivors and was in a very close relationship with one of them. I know many things that were never made public but I know very well what happened and researched the situation at great depths and with an objective mind. I investigated the allegations and had I found anything to truly substantiate those claims I wouldn’t deny it. (Seek the truth even if it turns out to be the last thing you wanted the truth to be).

    The claims of abuse stemmed from a custody battle where the father a non Davidian wanted full custody and it was not unlike many other cases where a parent brings forth false accusations of abuse to accomplish full custody. Texas child protective services investigated the Davidians for a full year and found no evidence of abuse!! Get your facts! Do your DUE DILIGENCE.

    Why is that so fucking much to ask?!

    He who wins writes history.

  • Domina Elle
  • Domina Elle

    I’ve always thought ‘WACO a new revelation’ was much better. It shows the evidence that was hidden from the public, footage of the agents bleaching evidence at the crime scene, testimony from special forces operatives and others. It shows actual photos taken by the BATF (who investigated the fire if you can call it that) of the pyrotechnic devices found at every point where the fire started. This doc and the evidence it shows was given to every member of congress when it came out. It resulted in the Davidian prisoners being released on habeus corpus.


    • Steve Rusk

      Good video, thanks for the post.

  • Domina Elle

    Very interesting!! Remember when the press was forced to move back 2 miles two days before the fire ‘for their safety’? In negotiation tapes between Koresh and the FBI Koresh says “we know you’re going to kill us all” because the tanks were busy outside pushing debris up against the building literally making it a pyre. And here you’re saying you were informed almost a day before that there was going to be a fire?! What were you told and by who? Why haven’t you stepped forward? On one hand I can understand why. When the congressional hearings took place- a key witnesses who was to testify regarding the FLIR footage which showed operatives rolling out of the tanks and shooting into the back of the building where many had tried to flee the fire- was found dead in his office.

    • palvadore

      Herd it with my own ears as relayed to my unit commander when our unit recieved the “warning order” (Mission assignment.) The very night the building burned to the ground, federal agents were in the officer’s club giving high-fives and buying drinks “for a job well done!”
      I’ve been beating the drum from day one!
      I tendered my resignation as an officer/pilot soon after this event. It WAS INTENTIONAL!

      • Domina Elle

        Wow. Right on. Sounds like this was a pivotal life changing event for you as well as it was for me.

        • palvadore

          I knew two of the men that died that day.

          As the flames licked the sky and the smoke rose, every honorable and noble deed credited to me on behalf of our country was reductio malum in se! I had become a Nazi: the strong-arm of a tyrant. Evil personified.

          Now…I see it as my American borne duty to resist the abuse of power in my community.

  • Domina Elle

    David Koresh claimed to be able to reveal the Seven Seals. The Davidians knew their bibles. I’ve never met people who know the Bible better than the Davidians. ‘Study to show thyself approved’. He didn’t say “I am the son of God” he said he could open the sealed mysteries of the Bible. The only way to know if he was full of crap would be to listen to what he had to say and study it. I didn’t meet David but I knew people who were very close to David who were survivors. I had to pry it out of them. I spent seven years studying the Seven Seals and my mind was blown. At first it really freaked me out because I was seeing it and I knew what the world thinks. Davidians didn’t brainwash people. You were required to study alone and see it for yourself, unlike other churches where you sit before a preacher and hear conjecture. You had to have a concordance, And were only given a ‘key’ to work with. The ‘key of David’ consisting of symbols found in many verses, unlocked the meanings by searching ‘here a little’ and ‘there a little’ throughout the scriptures. The first day sitting alone by myself when I first began to see it- I couldnt stop studying and sat for 17 hours I was so blown away. I tried to tear it apart. I tried to prove it wrong but quickly had to accept that they were on to something. This gets lost in all the talk about what the government did. Something interesting is that Lois Roden- who was considered a prophetess and was the head of the church before David, she put out a pamphlet many years before the raid which showed a tank on the cover. Why? Part of the prophecy states that the most powerful government in the world was going to attack the people who had the truth of the Seals. There are verses that coincide.

    Many have and will say that the Davidians self fulfilled that prophecy but here’s the deal- they were peaceful and had not taken ANY hostile actions to bring that on- in fact what led up to the raid was lies and an over zealous agency that wanted a big bust they could gloat over.

    The raid was called ‘showtime’ and they invited several news agencies but not one ambulance was present. They didn’t intend on there being any real resistance. The first shots were fired by the agents around the side of the building who shot and killed all of the dogs that were contained in the dog pen and you were of no danger to those agents. I have always believed that the agents around front heard those shots and started firing into the front door that’s when David Perez was shot inside and Terry Jones was murdered By a shot to his stomach. Both men came to the door unarmed! But when they saw that there brother had been shot and killed an elderly man an armed elderly man when they saw that david had taken a shot to his side that’s when they started firing back.

    The Davidians did NOT fire first! The Davidians fired back in SELF DEFENSE. Which by the way- was not allowed as a defense in the trial. The words self defense were barred by judge smith! Along with many other words. Tanks had to be referred to as forward moving personnel carriers. Grenades had to be referred to as rapidly expanding gases tank tracks had to be described as ground disturbances. The gov wanted to control The narrative at all costs but still even after the jury saw all of the evidence the jury sought to acquit finding the Davidians not guilty of count one. They misunderstood the jury instructions and the judge was able to twisted around to his preference. The trial was just as much of a travesty as the raid and the siege. The surviving Branch Davidians were railroaded.

    This site sucks. Due diligence means nothing. This site has progressively degenerated into truly a fake new site. Having bits of truth mixed in with bullshit doesn’t impress me one bit.