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Megabank Caught Laundering for Terrorists & Drug Cartels and the Feds are Keeping it Secret

When a bank is found guilty of doing business in countries where they’re not supposed to be, and when the same bank is found guilty of helping drug cartels launder money, shouldn’t the public have a right to know about the banks’ efforts at correcting such actions? That’s the question being raised with respect to HSBC’s 1.92 billion dollar settlement with the U.S. and oral arguments are taking place in federal court this week on whether or not the compliance report should stay sealed.

The bank lost in court in 2012 when it was discovered they had business dealings in, “Cuba, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Burma, racking up violations of the Bank Secrecy Act, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the Trading With the Enemy Act,” according to CNS. The bank’s executives, who knew full well what the bank was doing, were given deferred prosecution agreements, so long as the bank, going forward, would reform its business practices and comply with the law.

“HSBC admitted to violating U.S. sanctions laws and failing to stop Mexican and Colombian cartels from laundering hundreds of millions of dollars in drug proceeds through the bank,” but now is fighting to keep the contents of the compliance report a secret. And the bank is getting help from what should be considered the most unlikely of sources, the Department of Justice. Yes. That’s right. The same justice department which prosecuted HSBC and won, is now seeking to keep the progress, or lack thereof, in complying with the law, a secret.

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One lone ranger, a mortgage holder with HSBC, is fighting to make the compliance report public. Hubert Dean Moore believes HSBC’s progress with complying with the law should be a matter of public record and is arguing his case this week in Manhattan, NY. The DOJ’s lawyer, Jenny Ellickson, argued for the government on Wednesday saying Gleeson shouldn’t’ be involved in the proceedings. She argued that releasing the report would make it harder for the federal government to enforce the deferred prosecution agreement adding that doing so would mean that HSBC would be less likely to cooperate going forward. “The importance of the monitor’s confidential sources is critical here,” she said according to the New York Post.

Yahoo News writes,

Circuit Judge Gerard Lynch, one of the judges on the panel, expressed skepticism of that argument, saying that sources were most likely to suffer retaliation from HSBC, which received the monitor’s reports anyway. Paul Clement, representing HSBC, said it would not be fair to the bank to have the report released, when the original agreement called for reports to be confidential. David Schulz, who represents Moore pro bono, said it was prosecutors, not Gleeson, who had overreached. When Lynch pressed him to explain what gave Gleeson the power to order the report’s release, Schulz cited his ‘inherent supervisory powers’ over the case.

For the moment the report will remain confidential, as judges continue to hear arguments both for and against releasing the compliance report’s findings. The federal government’s own lawyers are helping to keep it that way, and the bank is more than happy to keep their movements in complying or not complying with the settlement, a continued secret.

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Discovering HSBC engaged in illegal business dealings is almost as shocking as the slap on the wrist settlement it was given. According to one estimate, the 1.92 billion dollar figure amounts to five days worth of business earnings by the bank. Even more surprising may be the fact that not one person has spent any time in jail or prison over dealing directly with drug cartels and rogue governments leading many to question what would happen to an individual caught doing the same things. Are banks who are “too big to fail” also too big to prosecute?

Moore’s attorney, David Schulz said, “The appellants in this case try to argue that this is judicial overreach into a realm that’s exclusively left to prosecutors, and the fact is, just the opposite is true…What is going on here is not judicial overreach. It’s prosecutorial, executive branch overreach.”

Schulz wrote in his legal brief to the court, “Disclosing the report serves the important interest of informing the public about any substantive reforms actually being made by HSBC, and is needed for meaningful analysis of the propriety of the government’s decision to enter into the DPA (Deferred Prosecution Agreement),” with HSBC.

In a nutshell, HSBC was found guilty of some pretty nasty business dealings. The good old boy Wall Street network and its cozy relationship with the federal government likely resulted in a drop in the bucket type of settlement with the government, and deferred prosecution (some might say immunity) was given to its executives. And now, precisely how HSBC has shaped up its dealings is being kept from the American people, by our own Justice Department. And we call this ‘justice’ in the land of the free.

  • mike keane

    HSBC bank- a Chinese – English hybrid
    proves, in my post, below, a criminal laundry. The elements of “Law
    Enforcement”?, within my post, prove Treasonous behavior. HSBC is referred
    to, among banking as the English, “Crown Jewell”, even as they are
    corrupt to the bone. Our country is now and for some time, in thrall to an
    international, criminal, cartel, that is “English-based”. You may
    wish to disagree; so be it. In my post you may learn the British Finance
    Minister, George Osborne compelled American “Law Enforcement”?, to
    commit Treason, in order to conceal the behaviors of the “English Crown
    Jewell of Banking”. Our politicians have sold US all, on the cheap, to an
    international Scam that centers on “Mortgage Fraud”… of that, there
    is absolutely zero doubt.

    The “deferred prosecution
    agreement” and criminal admissions of HSBC Bank were Booked in Sept 2012.

    The agreed-upon, criminal behaviors, in
    what amounts to a plea bargain agreement, include: (Violations of) “TWEA-
    Trading With Enemies Act”; “BSA Bank Secrecy Act”; all
    “AMLs- Anti-Money Laundering Acts”; “IEEPA- International,
    Economic Emergency Power’s Act”.

    The Moore Family of Philadelphia first
    exposed the DPA and Federal Judge Gleeson wrote the following analysis:

    You may read the court document here:

    Case 1:12-cr-00763-JG Document 23 Filed

    The violations occurred in Brooklyn.
    Loretta Lynch signed for Brooklyn as Prosecutor on Dec 2012.

    Lanny Breuer signed for Eric Holder as
    Assistant AG on Dec 2012.

    So… Holder, Breuer and Lynch all know
    and 3 months after they conspired through the DPA to conceal their plea
    bargain, James Comey was placed on the Executive Board of the English – Chinese
    hybrid, HSBC- “Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation”.

    Of course, Eric Holder’s Law Firm,
    “Covington-Burling”, created the MERS and it has been used for over a
    decade to counterfeit titles to American Homes.

    The counterfeit titles allowed the
    REMIC Trusts to be violated and Pension Funds to be robbed.

    The REMICs- “Real Estate Mortgage
    Investment Conduits”, are now, instead, REMIFs- “Real Estate
    Monopolized Insurance Frauds”.

    Holder’s MERS allows banks to
    “pretend” ownership of real estate, on “loans” the Pension
    Plans have already paid, in-full.

    The banks then place the Assets (title
    to American Homes) in Shadow Trusts in the Cayman Islands (Google

    The banks then sit back and use the
    30-day monthly payments to cleanse terror and drug money in the HSBC criminal
    laundry. Some “loans” are for 20-30 years (of payments, on titles,
    paid, in-full, by Pension plans, every 30 days).

    The banks also use counterfeit title to
    place “Naked Short Sale Derivatives Bets” that Americans will default
    (go into foreclosure), so they can collect on the “Derivatives”, as
    “Insurance Pay-Offs”.

    The banks also use counterfeit title to
    cheat all 3142 county recorders, across 50 US states.

    This is one reason why there is zero
    money for representative government in places where children are poisoned to
    death because of the lack of fresh water… places like Flint, Michigan.

    ~Michael Keane 10/7/16

    Holder’s law firm created the counterfeit machine that is
    the MERS- “Mortgage Electronic Registration System”. It is an imposter to
    lawful, as set by precedent, paper, wet-ink signature, original contracts,
    entered into county offices, as opposed to electronic, digitized COPY, entered
    into an electronic, privately-owned and operated, never vetted as legal,
    computer boutique.

    Please contact me directly if you think
    an electronic copy of a contractual signature is the same as the original- I
    want to sell you a Babe Ruth-signed, baseball.

    Read : http://scholarship.law.wm.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3399&context=wmlr

    Particularly p. 116. It describes the
    MERS as a “shell company” used to “pretend” to own American real estate. Read
    footnote 23, from p.116. R.K. Arnold, the CEO explains it his intention to
    “capture” every “mortgage” in the country.

    (The author, Professor Christopher L.
    Peterson wrote the MERS critique while a law professor at SJ Quinney Law
    School, in Utah. He is now the chief counsel for enforcement of the CFPB.)

    Arnold and the MERS now claim an
    “ownership” ability to transfer some 70 million American real estate titles,
    despite Arnold’s deposition in court he is the sole employee of his company.

    Arnold’s claim he is the sole employee
    is refuted by some millions of rubber stamps he sold for $25.00 a throw that
    now show any number of mortgage-industry-insiders rubber-stamping forged
    documents that claim they are, in fact, MERS Employees.

    Their position in the company
    invariably describes these frauds as “Senior Vice Presidents…

    To a company the owner claims has no

    Holder and Breuer worked 8 Obama years
    and never prosecuted a single banker. Now, Holder and Breuer are back working
    for their old law firm, “Covington-Burling”, that created the
    hopelessly fraudulent MERS.

    In fact, Holder’s other creation,
    “TBTF”, is yet another, intentional lie; read David Dayen, from
    “Livinglies”: https://livinglies.wordpress.com/…/david-dayen-eric-holder…/


    Lynch, Comey, Holder, Breuer are all
    aware of the contents of the DPA as those criminal admissions are given in the
    name of Clinton’s Criminal Laundry of choice: “HSBC”, “Hong Kong
    Shanghai Banking Corporation”; a bank that supplied the Clintons 80
    million from among a cast of the usual suspects within the banking industry http://www.salon.com/2012/09/14/clintons_no_liberal_hero/

    So, 6 months after Two Attorneys
    General are aware an English-Chinese bank is laundering terror and drug money
    for known enemies of the US, killing our soldiers, the present FBI Director
    James Comey is placed on the executive board of that bank. Holder’s wife and
    Loretta Lynch are sorority sisters and Comey’s brother makes millions as the
    Clinton’s accountant- just one big, happy family.

    ~ Michael Keane (written 10/7/16)

    Please post this on your wall, share it
    and spread it.

    The current head of the FBI is engaged, along with the
    former, English Finance Minister, George Osborne, in behaviors that have
    resulted and are currently resulting in battlefield deaths of American and
    British Soldiers. James Comey and George Osborne are joined in Treason and
    Conspiracy, with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, past-Attorney General Eric
    Holder and his Assistant AG, Lanny Breuer. FBI inaction, coupled with DOJ inaction,
    have allowed funds from terror and drug cartels to be used to murder American
    and British Soldiers. These funds are linked to Iranian “Quds
    Froces”, among others and in particular to the use of IEDs and EFPs, as
    used against Coalition Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. The American FBI is
    ignoring a criminal laundry, in the form of the “English Crown Jewell of
    Banking”, HSBC and has done for some time now. The result of their
    inaction has resulted in the murder of at least, some 1380 Coalition Soldiers,
    since 2005, in Afghanistan alone.


  • bojimbo26

    No doubt Trumpy has shares in the Bank .