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Tragedy of Justice – Feds Dismiss Case Against Cop Who Paralyzed Innocent Grandfather on Video

Birmingham, AL — Although the governor of Alabama formally apologized to the Indian government last year and promised that justice would be served, a federal judge on Wednesday tossed out the civil rights case against the former cop responsible for partially paralyzing an innocent grandfather. Despite the fact that two separate police dashcam videos recorded the blatant use of excessive force on an elderly man, the judge dismissed the case because the officer’s two previous trials ended in hung juries.

At 9:00 a.m. on February 6, 2015, Sureshbhai Patel had been visiting his son’s family in Madison, Alabama, when he decided to take a morning walk through the neighborhood. Although the Indian grandfather had committed no crime, Madison Police Officer Eric Parker and his partner confronted Patel on the sidewalk in an attempt to question him. Unable to communicate with the officers or understand their commands, Patel tried to speak in broken English.

“He’s saying, ‘No English,’” Parker’s partner observed as they continued to interrogate Patel.

Parker later testified that Patel’s actions and appearance were “in sequence” with those of a burglar because the Indian grandfather did not answer questions and attempted to walk away during their encounter. Although Patel had not broken the law and was not carrying any weapons or burglary equipment, Parker suspected he was a burglar. At no point did he consider the possibility that Patel was visiting the country from India, struggling to communicate, and could not speak English.

Two police dashcam videos recorded Parker restraining Patel’s arms behind his back before suddenly sweeping the man’s legs out from under him while simultaneously slamming Patel face-first into the ground. With blood pouring down his face, Patel remained on the lawn unable to feel his arms and legs.

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As another officer approached them, one of the cops acknowledged, “He don’t speak a lick of English.”

While recovering from surgery after doctors performed a cervical spinal fusion, Patel filed a lawsuit against the city and the two cops who initially confronted him. Since Patel does not have health insurance, his family launched a fundraising campaign at GoFundMe.com to accept donations towards his medical expenses.

Six days after the incident, Parker was charged with third-degree assault and later fired from the department. On March 26, 2015, a federal grand jury decided to indict Parker for use of unreasonable force. Even though Parker was caught on video clearly violating Patel’s civil rights, his two previous trials ended in hung juries.

In September, U.S. District Judge Madeline Haikala declared a mistrial after jurors failed to reach a unanimous decision. A second mistrial was declared two months later. Arguing on Wednesday that the prosecution did not eliminate reasonable doubt that Parker had used excessive force in his prior two trials, Haikala decided to throw out the case against the cowardly cop who felt threatened by an unarmed, innocent elderly man.

Last year, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley formally apologized to the government of India for the brutal assault. Referring to the use of excessive force, Governor Bentley assured the Indian government that justice would be served while expressing regret for Patel’s spinal cord injuries

“I wish to assure you and the government of India that we will see that justice is done,” Governor Bentley wrote last year. “I deeply regret the unfortunate use of excessive force by the Madison Police Department on Sureshbhai Patel and for the injuries sustained by Mr. Patel. I sincerely hope that Mr. Patel continues to improve and that he will regain full use of his legs.”

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Instead of fulfilling Bentley’s promise, the U.S. justice system has once again failed an innocent person abused by an incompetent coward who should never have been given a badge and a gun in the first place.

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  • Who are the enemies of freedom, again?

  • The judge was in the back pocket of the police union. The question should be, “How much did the judge get bribed?”. It’s a given, judges accept bribes; in money or in higher judgeships.

    • The judge directs the jury and allows questions and answers, despite the instructions by Chief Justice John Jay and the Constitution. You do know who John Jay was and what he said? Don’t you Michael Michael Schooley

  • Two juries let the cop walk. That’s the problem. It’s impossible to get 12 citizens to agree to convict cops in these cases.

  • It is not happy people who are thankful. It’s is thankful people who are happy.

  • Look up. The tippy top. Corruption trickles down. Look up.

  • How can they dismiss this case, the cop intentionally knocked the elderly man down. Then wanted to act all concerned when he could not move. This is a travesty of justice, they are clearly guilty. There should be no such thing as a grand jury, cops are defended by the prosecutor.

    • The grand jury did indicted the cop. They thought he was guilty. It was the jurors at trial that couldn’t agree that he was guilty, resulting in a hung jury. The grand jury wasn’t the problem here.

    • if it had been anyone else (ie, not a cop), they would have had the book thrown at them. And the jurors were bought off by said department, more than likely

    • They are trying to start a war and will get it soon…

    • Unbelievable – WTF! This cop should charged for assault and ordered to pay restitution.

  • Fuck the police

  • Two hung juries? Well, they should be hung!


  • Did you see how much struggling was going on!!! There was ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO SLAM THAT POOR MAN TO THE GROUND. That was most definitely assault by the police thugs.

  • I think we are now living in a police state! They just do whatever the hell they want and nobody does anything about it.

  • The no-justice system at work again.

  • So wrong.

  • Of course.

  • Pathetic.

  • This is not right.

  • Black man kill a black man, it’s cool they loving that he get life
    Black man kill a white man & they sentencing him to death
    White man kill a black man then scream about selfdefense
    Break it down to manslaughter wit all of the evidence.

  • Law enforcement should not be in the position of enforcing the law against themselves. There is probably no way to change it now.

  • They need to be accountable for there actions period! Then they might think twice about how they treat people!

  • immunity to commit harm with impunity must be terminated

  • Governor Bentley apologized for the incident.

  • Male dominated societies are always full of violence. I blame men

  • Do you understand English? You are really going to ask him that after you threw him on the ground and broke his spine? Ridiculous, crying inside for this poor civilian

  • Dirt filthy barstard, doing that to an old man

  • there employer may have let them off but you had better not it is YOUR responsibility and duty to punish these criminals there employer most certainly will do noting it is profiting from this wake the hell up

  • Let’s be careful out there folks, there are cops everywhere.

  • That’s awful

  • doesent surprise me a bit.then they wonder why people have no respect for them to maney bad ones makes it hard on ones who care.

  • there are good cops and bad cops, but if the good cops refuse to turn in the bad cops are the good cops really that good?

  • Karma will serve better justice.

  • This is SO disgusting..no doubt it is one of many….they are not officers of peace ..they are nothing but thugs in uniform…..sickening !!!!!!…

  • In response to all of the innocent lives lost at the hands of corrupt law enforcement…

    The Thin Blue Line

    Keep on selling the American lie
    All puppets dance for the public eye.
    Can’t beat us all down so
    they’ve built their walls Berlin high.

    Brutality has faded the thin blue line.
    Drawn against freedom by political design.
    No justice for the piece that won’t fit in.
    No matter your style they label it sin.

    Hatred and violence suddenly back in demand.
    How many gotta fall til we take a stand?
    Seeds of destruction sow the promise land.
    Repeat after me and raise a bloodstained hand.

    Sworn to protect but who do they serve?
    Be careful the truth don’t strike a nerve.
    Don’t you resist or insist you have a right.
    Don’t get caught on the street in broad daylight.

    Even when a child gets shot like a criminal.
    Anchormen ensure the outcry stays minimal.
    Your local station doctored the newsreels.
    Gunshots ring as we’re crushed under bootheels.

    No justice for the piece that won’t fit in.
    No matter your style they label it sin.
    Brutality has faded the thin blue line.
    Drawn against freedom by political design.

    How many times can eyes stay closed before they stitch ’em?
    How many more slaves will we breed for their system?
    How absolute the power before we pull the plug?
    How numb are our minds from the subliminal drug?

  • Cops are NOT human beings. It’s completely alright to shoot them if they come near you. They are a threat to you, your family & your life. Get a gun, learn to use it well at a gun range, don’t become a victim.