Government Orders Banks to Call the Cops When Customers Withdraw $5,000 or More



Washington, D.C. – In a clear escalation in the ongoing war on U.S. citizens, the Justice Department has recommended that bank employees snitch on customers attempting to withdraw more than $5,000.

Federal regulations already require banks to submit a “Suspicious Activity Report” (SAR) when, “Transactions conducted or attempted by, at, or through the bank (or an affiliate) and aggregating $5,000 or more…” according to the handbook for the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council.

The banks are required to fill a certain number of SAR reports every month. This forces them to file SARs for perfectly legal actions (such as withdrawing cash).

If using the banks as snitches, by having them file SARs on bank customers withdrawing over $5,000 dollars cash wasn’t intrusive enough, now the feds are advocating that bankers actually call law enforcement themselves.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The U.S. Justice Department’s criminal head said banks may need to go beyond filing suspicious activity reports when they encounter a risky customer.

“The vast majority of financial institutions file suspicious activity reports when they suspect that an account is connected to nefarious activity,” said assistant attorney general Leslie Caldwell in a speech last Monday, according to prepared remarks.

“But, in appropriate cases, we encourage those institutions to consider whether to take more action: specifically, to alert law enforcement authorities about the problem.”

The remarks indicate that banks may be expected to do more than just file SARs, a responsibility that itself can be expensive and time-consuming.

Some banks already have close relationships with law enforcement, said Kevin Rosenberg, chair of Goldberg Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP’s government investigation and white collar litigation group. Ms. Caldwell’s remarks “speak to moving forward in a more collaborative way,” said Mr. Rosenberg.

A tip-off from a bank about a suspicious customer could lead law enforcement to seize funds or start an investigation, Ms. Caldwell said.

Don’t think for a moment that the government won’t potentially utilize this as a means of simplifying the seizure of property from innocent people with zero due process.

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Mac Slavo of writes:

“Do you need to withdraw cash to purchase a used car from a private seller? Or perhaps you are pulling out some emergency cash for a loved one.

Either one of these activities are now considered suspicious and if your cash withdrawal amounts to even a few thousand dollars your bank teller is under a legal requirement to alert officials about your suspected criminal activity. And before you argue that you can’t possibly be a suspect because you have done nothing wrong, consider that even being suspected of being a suspect is now enough to land you on a terrorist watchlist in America.”

In 2013, there was a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system. It authorized a secret process that requires neither “concrete facts” nor “irrefutable evidence” to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist, according to government documents obtained by The Intercept.

So potentially you can receive a visit from the police, be put on a terror watch list, and/or have your assets seized for doing nothing other than simply withdrawing your hard earned cash from the bank.

Let that sink in for a moment.

All of that for trying to withdraw your own money from a bank!

It’s always for “our” safety…  always about safety.

Just give up a little bit more freedom and exchange it for the warm fuzzy feeling of safety. Exactly how much more liberty must we give up before we finally achieve the ever elusive maximum security?

It seems everyone is a suspect in police state USA.


Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, freethinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has previously been published on and You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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    • Yep ..

    • Ain’t that the absolute truth

    • Same in Europe 🙁

    • How do we know its the truth? Cause a website on the net said so?!?

    • jamie only one thing to say about your comment. Long walk short pier, it will improve our society.

    • Same immature religious-political b.s. constructs everywhere Pawel Stawowczyk.

    • Jamie Sokey An Atlanta Rapper was arrested outside a Wells Fargo Bank at gunpoint after withdrawing $200,000 in cash from his own personal account, because the bank teller called police after he left the bank. He was going to pay cash for a new Mercedes Benz.

    • You need to add the EPA to that along with about a dozen other agencies

    • Jamie Sokey, you just need to pay attention

    • Sylvester Smith i know i seen that. Thats a lil more the $10 or $20,000 plus hes black n u know that goes. A black man with that kind of money, he must be a drug dealer.

    • Pat Follen n u can take a long walk down my cock n start sucking on my balls. I asked a simple question n look it brought out the dumbass in u n start to disrespect me.

      n then there’s people like u that have to be a smart ass n talk shit.

  • US government has all Americans with bank accounts under control through their bank accounts.

  • I don’t know if they do though I know few people who have withdrawn a lot of cash and never heard from anybody..

  • Then there is this tool

  • WTH?

  • Would seem fair …too bad this isnt fascist era Italy.

  • We Don’t Need Banks

  • A.j. Mills

  • No, banks are not required to meet a quota on SAR’s. At least not any of the ones I’ve worked for. And they aren’t ordering banks to call the cops on cash withdrawals over $5000, they “encourage” it in certain suspicious situations. I think this is stretching the truth just a bit. Just don’t keep all your money in the banks.

    • When a person withdraws $5000 or more, the police ARE notified and investigation is done on you, and I believe this is a Federal Law to prevent large drug transactions.

      The government does not like competition in it’s drug trad.

    • No, they are not called on you. I was a teller and teller supervisor for years at several banks. They file SARs when necessary and CTR’s for transactions over $10,000.00…. No quotas.

    • Federal law? Lol

    • How long ago Ashely, I heard a lil back but it’s pretty new. Maybe they lowered the amount

    • I was in banking for over ten years, i left December 2014. I still have friends in banking and haven’t heard anything like this.

    • Yea my brother took out 10,000 for a car they asked him why and he said non of your business and they wouldn’t give it to him so he just went to another branch and told them what happened and they gave him it to him.. Never heard from anybody…

    • Believe what she said they do do it , maybe you should reread her comment , she said they encourage it in certain situations ! So they are asking for them to do it lmao .

    • Yes, Randy it’s anything over $10,000 that is reported by CTR, so $10,000.01 or more.

    • Within a certain period of time of all at once?

    • Maybe I should have put quotes around “encourage” BC that came from actually reading the article…“But, in appropriate cases, we encourage those institutions to consider whether to take more action: specifically, to alert law enforcement authorities about the problem.” I’ve never been encouraged to file either while working. Only in situations we see as suspicious or when it’s cash transactions over $10,000.00.

    • 24 hour period, even if you go to other branches of the same bank.

    • People read stuff off the internet n believe it. Ive taken more the 5000 out at ones nothing. PLEASE PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE POSTED IT TO THE WEB DOESN’T MAKE IT TRUE OR REAL.

    • So tbis must be real right? It’s on the internet its real….. Get the fuck outa here.

    • Ashley- I’m curious what training bank tellers get to recognize “suspicious” money withdrawal. How is someone withdrawing their own money “suspicious”?

    • Ok, so it is $10,000. Had a friend in ’95 withdraw money from the bank to buy a car. He was investigated by the DEA.

    • So Ashley Lindsey Murray any thing over $10,000they report which is still no one business what one does eith ones money maybe your right every one should keep there money out of banks

    • That’s why you don’t use a bank if your worried about your money. I’ve seen drug dealers spend 80,000 in cash on new cars..

    • Brian, it’s more for new account holders and non customers cashing checks drawn off that bank. Or someone trying to avoid CTRs, like going to different branches and withdrawing smaller amounts.

    • If a certain number of clients withdraw cash all at the same time from the same bank the cops will intervene and arrest the clients like it happened at at a citibank branch in 2010. At some non distant point in time we will not be able to withdraw cash anymore. By the way how many people know that the money in the banks are credits to the same clients and not their property?

    • I’ll always deal in cash, if there is no cash use gold silver I like Bitcoin too once it’s built out more it will be ideal

  • I’ve not had $5,000 in any account … what a travesty of justice and an invasion of privacy for those who have to go through this … Big government … 🙁

  • Monique Lemann

  • what do you all think we should do about this?,I’d say to the bank’s and the cop’s,lock yourselves in the vault “for life”,with all your money,lock it.And were free,leave us alone!,cause none of you narrow mind’s,in the vault, are worth a drop of blood!

  • They want to do away with cash

  • remember movies before 1989 that told you this things but nobody listen…now your paniking in 2015 and 2016?

  • Another reason not to use banks

  • No freedom in USA.

  • And left so loves Obama and the Democrats…

  • Get a safe

  • Boiling frog symptom in the police state. Wonder when people will actually wake up or if ever.

  • That is insane and unlawful

  • Don’t you just love government? Government won’t stop until it controls 100% of the money.

  • So they can rob you on your way home

  • They have been filling out CTR (Currency Transaction Reports) very secretly for years. Tellers have had to cleverly ask detailed questions when people want to withdraw their own $$ before making the withdrawl. Why would they need to call the police??? Please explain.

    • CTR’s are not actually secret. Federal law requires a CTR to be filed for all cash transactions exceeding $10,000 but the intent is for them to be reported to IRS for tax purposes. This is especially a norm in the check cashing places and very wide spread in construction industry where workers are typically paid in cash. I doubt this “rule” about calling cops will get any traction. They would need to have an army of police officers to track all $5000+ transactions.

    • when a teller asks you what you need your money for you tell them because its mine and i want it now give me my shit.. end of story…

  • Lack of regulation allows corporations and 1%ers to buy our politicians.

    Regulate the 1%.

  • Unconstitutional. What if you are paying for a new car in the full amount with a cashier’s check?

  • So, the guy in GA who just got arrested for withdrawing his own money? That’s “okay”??? This is messed UP

  • When they try to transition us to a cashless society not even your own body will be sacred, they will want ownership of it as well. Never take the mark and forfeit your soul and dignity.

    • They have already monetized all humans with your birth certificate. It is a bond and trust held for collateral against the debt to the federal reserve bank(central bank) we are all tax slaves for the banks held by a bond(bondage)

  • Get your money out of banks !

  • Yup, and what they will tell you is the banks don’t hold large amounts of cash in the vaults due to robberies. Seriously folks, when was the last time you heard of a bank robbery?

    • All the time

    • and how much cash they get?

    • wtf does that have to do with the banks reporting to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT when you withdraw more than 5k of your own money?

    • Dont k ow Mark Johnston. I wasn’t there with them as they did it and u cant believe what u hear reported on the news or newspapers all the time. Dude just a few months back robbed a bank in my lil ass town in Florida. In New Mexico there was just one not to long ago.

    • Actually Mark, in Little Rick,Arkansas there was 4 bank robberies in the last few months. The suspect has been caught, but they do still happen, I just don’t think most new mediums don’t follow the real news anymore. Just nonsense to keep the masses satisfied that the world is okay, and not that our government is utterly destroying the future freedoms of our children right under noses. Even our f**k-in-charge openly stated that the United States of America’s Constitution was in his way.

    • They happen, but you’re only going to get maybe $1300…give or take a little

    • About Five months ago. Guy robbed a bank and fled on a bicycle in de pere. About Five years ago I was locked down in my apartment becausE the bank next door got robbed

  • Stretching the Truth a little…. We move larger sums than that, withdraw more cash sometimes, I’ve never had Red & Blue lights waiting on me outside….if that changes I’ll be sure to post the video….

  • It’s our money and we need it now!

  • Even Hitler didn’t dare to this, but our wonderful government and UK’s wonderful government is doing it.

  • withdraw???? you think it would be depositing

  • “Land of the Free”, right?….It’s about time to change the slogan.

  • I withdrew over 5k Many times

  • Be careful of exaggerated headlines free thought project, credibility can be lost in a moment.

  • I withdrew $8,000 before Christmas and no police showed up at my door. I do believe that the current oval office occupant will try and take our money before he leaves office

  • u can shove yur police state where the monkey shoved the nuts

  • Remember the Stallone/snipes/bullock movie, Demolition man???

  • Trent Chapman

  • SO withdraw 4,990 instead and have multiple bank accounts

    • that actually raises more of a red flag than the full amount would.. they then see you’re purposely trying to dodge their scheme so they hit you extra hard just cause…

    • then I’d get a lawyer considering I didn’t break any laws

  • All monies are mend for the the elites only…….and we are their slaves. ……..????????

  • propaganda

  • They need the banks to report these large withdrawals so they have a easier time asset forfeiture your hard earned cash!

  • Wow so now the cops will shoot you for withdrawing your own money from the banks? so can you see the down hill slope of humanity yet? when you can’t even get your money from a bank! Just pure Craziness if this is true? Theres so much fear with the establishment right now to do this!

    • It’s true. Even at a credit union I was told their new policies are like that

    • Wow that’s setting people up to be in more fear of the government! something tells me something else is about to happen like a currancy crash?

    • Sorry to tell you but…… it’s not your money. …. it’s only a promise on a sheet of paper

    • I checked this out with my bank. They said this is totally untrue !!!

    • Shoot? They will shoot you?? Lol…..this is how things like this get started to begin with.

    • Jill Tombyll They shoot for no reason now! lol well I hope this is not true I did ask my bank as well they said they no nothing about this?

  • Bitch I like to have cash buy 400 dollar shirts 1000$ pants they could suck my dick.

  • Yeah try taking money out of the country

  • This Government is FUCKED!!!! Easy fix buy a safe, screw the banks with theirs fees and all their other bullshit….

    • for real not like you get ANY interest off YOUR money that they borrow out to others at 3-29%% 10 times over for every dollar…

    • You’re The Most Logical Human being on this post that makes perfect sense to me sincerely surprisingly simple

  • I think most are corrupt not just the USA.

  • I’ve withdrawn more than that a a time, more than once and they never blinked an eye. Possibly because we live in a smaller town and our bank is familiar with us and our income?….Idk but it’s never been an issue for us.

  • if i won the powerball. i take out a million at a time.. keep em busy?

  • Why you think they have a war for to take ones right from them

  • Probably a boon for civil forfeitures

  • I’m now being restricted on how many times a month I can transfer money from my savings account to my other account with the same bank because of new federal regulations.

  • What if I need supplies from the Home Depot ?

  • no shit . i got 5 grand in money orders a few years ago for rent trying to not go hungry through out he winter months and i was put on the fbi watch list .

  • Problems.

  • Yo people I say fuck the banks

  • An this is why you shouldn’t put you own money in banks anywhere…. it’s all fake any ways the only time money was real is when JFK made green backs an he was assassinated for it. Wake up people are entire system needs an over haul

    • Actually you are close to some truth here. Greenbacks were issued by Lincoln during the civil war, as we know he was also assassinated.
      President Kennedy was making moves to give the treasury the power of money creation this taking it away from the Rothschild controlled federal reserve. I believe both of these men were killed by the Rothschild empire to keep control of the banks and currency of the United States. Happy truth seeking and may Liberty be with you.

    • You are very right an thank you for passing your knowledge to me. An yes the Rothschild family has been behind the killing because they would lose power over the government.

  • Americans,Canadians,and Europeans are told entry level positions are not supposed to be livable waged positions.To live in groups of youths..But they say they are wages above the poverty line..Then with super high cost tuition’s even if you get free tuition over 50% of degree grads are not even hired..This as the same lying deceiving are Developing nations to send more Corporate degree work out of nation to join the ones sent out by outsourcing,downsizing,and closures after they were built in places like Russia,China,and many other ones..THIS MYTHOLOGICAL ABOVE POVERTY LINE WAGES ARE A PERMANENT WAY OF LIFE because of all the above that stops hiring after graduation,that gets you told you are under qualified or over qualified..ALL THIS AS THEY POUR IN MORE IMMIGRATION,REFUGEES,LIFETIME WORKER VISA FOREIGNERS,AND ILLEGALS,,After all the outsourcing,relocation’s,downsizing’s,closures,automation,robotics..with 100 million Ethnic Diversity immigrant citizens being murder in mass in the next three months by no food stamps for those not with kids supplying the slavery killing machine..1 out of 99 in cages ding free labor giving these same liars and deceivers 800 billion a year the use to build more in China,Russia,and Developing nations world wide that will take away all degree jobs to..After they used trillions in taxes to pay for outsourcing,immigration,developing nations,refugees,wars,cages,inmate slavery cost,building up China and Russia,police spy state..and to force Inflation and Debt to massively Super high levels,While letting the infrastructure go to hell,as they build up other nations and ones they have destroyed in wars.All this with laws of everything illegal,felonies for most offences,Thousands of wars never on the medias,killer pharmaceuticals,processed foods,and more.Forcing massive poverty and severity of poverty..All as they force higher taxation,higher loan rates,more foreclosures,and mass millions of pennies on the dollar asset allocation of businesses,technology,inventions,intellectual properties,corporations,rental properties,hotels,motels,and myriads more all by Spy State,CIA Analyst,FBI,Open border illegal drugs,Prohibition,Drug War,Set ups,Planted drugs,Market manipulation,Insider trading,International trade,immigration,rigged markets,laws,policies,regulations,forced overpopulation for forced supply and demand,forced crimes,forced market bubbles bursting,and myriads more with all of the above..All so we have a not equal life and death system of laws,economics,education,wages,religions,and more..So we live in no real ownership,are taxed to pay for our own cages and murders by cages,police state,spy state,wars,immigration,outsourcing,and more as they seize what we have for back taxes,crime that is forced and no crime forfeiture,confiscation,asset allocation,search and seizure,paid set up artist professionals,planted drugs or evidence,forced high interest rates forcing foreclosures and repossessions..LAND OF THE FREE MY GODDAMNED ASS,REAL OWNERSHIP MY GODDAMNED ASS,EQUALITY MY GODDAMNED ASS,LAWS OF JUSTICE MY GODDAMNED ASS…Read all of the above and let it sink in..Read it a few times..pass it on..All this above evil shit is nothing more and nothing less than TERRORISM,TREASON,ABUSE,TORTURE,MIND WAR,NEGLECT,SLAVERY,THEFT BY FRAUD,RUINING PEOPLE,DESTROYING PEOPLE,AND MASS MURDER BY GENOCIDE..Go ahead fighting their wars,policing their streets,getting degrees working for their corporations,getting their loans,using their credit,doing free slavery inmate labor,working for,obeying,and behaving for them as they murder you and your kids of…After all the by the above forced waste,forced massive pollution and toxins,forced wars,forced crimes,forced poverty and homelessness,forced mental illness and insanity,forced disabilities,and murders..This is your true nations..No real ownership,no real equality,taxed to pay for others profits they also profit by never paying us back used to cage all the way to murdering us,As they kill us by pollution,toxins,chemicals,mind war,economics,trade,immigration,pharmaceuticals,vaccines,no work,below livable wages,illegal drugs,hunger,starvation,inflation,debt,as they are even wiping out lifetimes of retirement savings..All of it by propaganda,induction,faith,trust,medias,technology,psychology,tell a vision,indoctrination,coercion,peer pressure,social engineering,contradiction,mind war,confusion,stress,fear,sadness,mind control,and brainwashing,NPL,Subliminal messages,Flash rate mind control,and more..All by their Universities,Medias,Corporations,Religions,Governments,Banks,Monetary funds,human mass no consent experiments on us citizens results used for the above…What freedom is there to protect or defend?Now they are pouring in refugees along with millions of immigrants,and millions of foreigners with lifetime work visas..As it also forces abortions,birth control,death by malnutrition,sterilization forced in cages or by chemicals,vaccines,and the like..

  • Ahaa … this might explain this (except the guns part – which is racal and cultural) ..

  • We all did!

  • Wth?!? I mean, sometimes they ask for I.D. when you withdraw over a certain amount of money. Why would they report it to the cops if you withdraw over $5k when it is your own money. Oh, I forgot, I know how to use common sense. My mistake.

    • Three words “civil asset forfeiture” or more honestly legalized robbery.

    • they report it to the gov if you withdraw more than 10k and they start asking a bunch of questions. Deposits 10k and over as well.

  • Makes it easier to steal your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So withdrawing my own money is now equal to robbing the bank? Wow…things are really upside down.

    • If they did call the cops for my withdrawal, I would go back and take out the rest.

  • Unless I win the powerball, I won’t have ANYTHING to worry about

  • We have been compromised

  • Only if your stupid, withdraw only 4999.00 hope that helps you out on your next withdrawal

  • Thank the Bush family , thanks George Orwel you warned us

  • Most complainers don’t have 5000 dollars to withdraw

  • This is insane

  • That is Bullshit !

  • Fascist terrorist cunts…hope your kids get raped and killed faggots lol

  • This is all lies and bs. Not one bank is calling the cops for 1 transaction of $5000. How can people believe everything posted on the internet!!

  • Bodhi

  • Then withdraw 4900 per day until you get all the money you need. Problem solved.

  • Un-FKN-believable!!!!!!!!


    …the brave have 30 days to Vacate The Premises.

    ,,,and the Free are restricted to areas designated and approved for such activities.

  • Wow, that’s just ridiculous…and I am about to get a bit more than that and want to buy a camper..have no credit cards and don’t want em…It is high time we put the government in it’s place!

  • That is a very good idea for the safety of general public.Innocent civilians will save their money from swindlers.If this law were in force before my son would have lost his $30,000/- to international cheaters

  • hell, this isn’t anything new, that’s been happening for a while now.

  • That’s why they want to make everything electronic. To track everything you do. They can even go back and manipulate the numbers in your account. And if you don’t give companies direct withdrawal access today, they charge you extra to when you pay your bill the old fashioned way.

  • This will make more peole hold their money and not put it in the banks at all

  • Ridiculous. You obviously really do,have yourselves a nice little fascist (United) States of America don’t you….May I suggest only drawing 499.99 instead,thus keeping yourselves ‘within the Law’ and also possibly annoying the bankers and their fascist masters?

    • Excellent. But you would probably just make the bank teller more suspicious.

  • i think that started happening when the patriot act was passed

  • been telling you all for 6 yrs to read the obummer care laws! no one listens, but now you will! money is through this year. gov’t cards only to use your direct deposit money, unless you make over 250,000 a yr. and it gets worse, but you still won’t read the obummer care laws, that the supreane court said was legal cause it was a tax. obummer and the progressive liberals said, no, not a tax.

  • Hopefully this will make people not to keep their money in Banks.

  • Worst country in the world !

  • Haha where ? I took out 10k cash for my lawyer. Stop with the bullshit.

  • een like this for years,just take $5000.00 cash out & the IRS will be there. Happen to me !

  • America has become a land of cowards, happily giving up their constitutional freedoms for alleged protection from manufactured boogie men. Maintaining any portion of your wealth outside of banks is on the verge of becoming illegal. Even now if you are traveling with cash, say to buy a car, and the police discover this cash in your possession, under current forfeiture laws they can legally steal it from you without laying any kind of criminal charges. This is in clear violation of the principal of presumed innocents. What this amounts to is our government giving itself another way of robbing the people for their own gain.

  • Start living off the grid, fk the theivin lie’n government. Thats where im headin

  • This way the cops will know to pull you over a few miles from the bank and can steal it under civil asset forfeiture as suspicious.

    It will really save them time and energy and help pad their department budgets so they buy more assault rifles and military armored vehicles

    • They can not do that anymore in less it’s over 10k

  • Government turned to their true masters in banks and wall street even jesus comes up short next to that cult. You want more of the same elect hilary clinton, you want some change elect bernie sanders which they already are trying to assassinate because of the very real threats he poses to them.

  • If anything it’s flagged suspicious. Most people doing transfers like this their money is tax accounted for.

  • Consider for a moment and compare
    The differences and similarities.
    Perhaps you’ll chuckle with me
    At the glaring hilarity.

    The free world minimum security
    The unfortunate in super-max.
    Varying in degree of suffering
    Quality of life and purity.

    In a free world you can do what you want
    Cough, Within reason.
    To expose the mighty machine
    Well ‘That’s just treason!’

    You’ll eat what WE give you
    No you cannot grow your own.
    Water your grass and flowers instead
    Or risk the wrath history has shown.

    You’ll drink the water WE provide
    Nevermind what is in it.
    Don’t you worry about that Plant next door
    WE watch it every minute.

    Now the very air we breathe
    Chemtrails in the sky?
    Hit you from every angle
    Hoping soon you’ll die.

    You’ll pay more than your share of taxes
    Never you mind the rich.
    You’ll pay your taxes in prison
    Or you’ll end up someones bitch.

    Marijuana has been outlawed
    Inspite of the benefits you see.
    The honey bee being exterminated
    ‘Can’t have a cure for free!’

    When so many examples made visible
    ‘Well what to do?’
    Stand on a corner with a sign?
    Hell they’ll come for you its true.
    MY suggestion the 4th AND 5th of July
    Everyone stay at home too.
    Show those in power
    The many outweigh the few.

    Machine by Yohan 3/15

  • Another good reason NOT to put your money in bank.

  • Idk about cops being called because i can’t pull up your story but, i do know that your account is flagged if you pull the $5000 is pulled out of your personal acct. My question is, who the hell has 5 grand in their bank accts. in this economy.

  • My Company are not Allowed to use US Dollar on any transactions. So if banks gives problems to the population,, Fuck the Banks, stop using them. It works fine to me.

  • I am guessing why they arrested that on rapper from withdrawing 2 hundred grand from his own account then

  • Getting tired of this. One bad government does not mean the whole idea of government is bad. This is the logic of a child.

    • One bad, way more than 1 everyone that has ever existed has turned bad. That’s a pretty solid fact..

    • Bullshit. No government is perfect but I’d much rather have a government than not! The US government seems to be the an outlier in that it is not progressing as other countries are.

    • A country without a government is like a highway without traffic laws.

    • Of course good luck getting a highway without a government. ?

  • wait until they start with the bail ins…

  • This article is bullshit I worked at the bank and this is not normal practice. We only have to report transactions of 10,000 or more but not to the police, this is a new FINTRAC rule. A suspicious report can be filed for any amount at anytime. We have customers taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time daily no fuss no muss.

  • Rosenberg. Goldberg Lowenstein. Come on, people. Are we really going to pretend we don’t know who are the ones doing all this? Really? Is everyone so afraid of these bastards that you will just cower down and not say anything until they have you in camps? Or will you even speak against “the chosen” then? They’ve turned you into what they have called you all along. Just timid cattle is all you are. Just chewing your cud and waiting to be slaughtered.

    • Are you really going to let some 70 year old pity party BS cloud your judgement?

  • I bet this Suspicious Activity Report doesn’t apply to the Super Rich and State & Federal Employees such as Politicians right?

  • Question, did the Government and Bank call the police when he made deposits.

  • So I guess if I deposit a certified check over $ 5,000 the cops will be called.

  • He probably needs to get an attorney for stressng him for taking his own money and the harrasment of the other parties

  • I once amazed a car salesman by paying $30,000 cash. He got all confused and didn’t know what to do.

  • been like this in Oz for awhile now.

  • Unless your rich

  • But this together with civil forfeiture laws and you have the framework for systematic premeditated armed robberies on a massive scale.

  • So dumb!

  • The people asked for this when they said with the Patriot Act, “Take my liberties, make me safe.” It always happens that way when the people cower in fear. Who do we blame?

  • Fuckin’ government now wants the banks to let them know who to rob and when.

  • The only solution to this is to start keeping only a small amount in a bank to keep the account open, and only deposit what is needed when it is needed.

  • They can come over and make sure I get home safe.

  • So now days u cant even touch ur own money without reporting it to these nosy mfs.. What a world we live in

  • and if i had that kind of money and withdrew it the cops could kiss a big one

  • The amount is actually less than $5000. IJS

  • Think it should be “people used to think” not “people use to think.”

  • Easy. ….just withraw 4,999.00.

  • I call BS. I pulled out $11,000 cash out of one bank and deposited to another. They, the withdrawing bank, asked me a couple questions and I answered. No big deal.

  • Really citizens in society who withdraw large sums of money like 5 grand we are in question? Well our government is safe and know better when they go on ahead and withdraw billions even trillions of dollars to afford redicoulus things like wars and hostil take overs sure I’m sure!

  • When I withdrew $15,000 to pay for my own funeral the IRS Called me for 3 weeks.

  • U can always just take out 4,999.99

  • Which they can then seize for no reason and use to buy a margarita machine.

  • guess ill go armed to get money to go to boat

  • If this is true when the cops come say it is okay we were just gonna buy pot with it.

  • Stand up to your govt before its too late !! they are out of control globally and are really starting to screw the american people, you guys who live in the US will be just another case of collateral damage ! Unless you are one of the seriously wealthy I guess !

  • I cashed a $9,000 check for cash and watched the girl count it. There was a long line behind me so i did not rtecount because I did not want to flash that much cash. When I got home it was a thousand dollars short and bank was closed. I like to had a nervous breakdown that night because to me that’s a lot of money. I called and she said she had my money. Man what a relief. Always recount!!!

  • i do that all the time. if it happens i’ll tell everyone


  • Just another reason to not keep money in a bank. I do not cash my paycheck at the bank because they want to keep my money for 24 hours so they can earn interest on it.

  • that’s it, give us just one more reason not to trust banks

  • I’d imagine corps want you to do mainly electronic transactions So they can track your habits to better market to you. Every time I withdraw a grand teller tries to dissuade me and steer me twords cashier’s checks.

  • Ah that explains alot.

  • Funny part here is the bank secrecy laws started during the Reagan administration

  • Dont use banks and one more reason not to…


  • Corporate international can suck my balls

  • buy gold

  • over 20 years late on this….

  • This is otherworldly facist behavior. We are doomed.

  • Wtf??

  • it’s £3000 in the UK has been for years

  • Buy gold coins and bury them deep, save your savings now before the coming ginormous financial crisis !

  • America is going down the tubes faster and faster

  • It used to be 10K, then it was 12K, is it really 5K now?

  • WTF ?

  • Wow you poor Americans having to deal with this shit. Come to Canada 😀

  • THIS ARTICLE IS INACCURATE. Yes, banks and other financial institutions are required to file SARS but there is no monthly quota and they are not filed just because a person withdraws money from there account. I hate seeing people blow things out of proportion because they don’t REALLY know what they’re talking about. Stop believing everything you read and do a little research of your own.

  • Now they are going to keep our money.!!!!fuck the gov it’s not their money!!,

  • Used to be 10k and they called.

  • Large cash deposits are also supposed to be reported. Had a telller advise me to open another bank account at another bank or only deposit so much then wait a week and deposit the rest. I decided a safe was the best option.

  • Update its 3000 now

  • It used to be 10,000 this is nothing new really..In fact for about the last 60 years anytime anyone made a purchase, say at a car dealership for example and they paid in cash 10,000 or more they were required to notify the authorities.

  • If you aren’t desensitized to government f*ckery, please help us reach more people by clicking ‘like’ + commenting (even 1 word) + sharing. Thank you! (y)

  • That’s totally wavk

    • Batman is a tool of the establishment. A rich man who prevents revolution from evolving a flawed system that only benefits those as wealthy as him.


  • I WISH I HAD $5,000 TO WITHDRAW…..

  • True story, even when I withdraw that amount from my business account I get the third degree. i told them to screw off it was none of their business.

    • who contacts you, a detective, or attorney?

    • The bank teller asks you what you want the money for. They will not give you your money until you tell them. I have never been contacted by any authorities6.

    • I was a teller for many years. We were required to track. It’s to prohibit money laundering and embezzlement. You really think Uncle Sam wants you getting a bunch of cash and not getting a piece? It’s not $5000 either, it’s $10000

    • Crystal McKenna – thats what i thought, 10k. That number has been the same since 1976 (i think) Its probably time to adjust for inflation.

    • Ok. Which one was it? Drugs, hookers or gambling? Confess!

    • “for what do you need the money sir?” “oh good that you asking me. I wanne buy a minigun used in desert storm, what do the banks with theire money?”

    • I buy industrial stuff in auctions. Cash is king because they do not charge me a premium like when using a supposedly cheaper easier credit/debit card.

    • The IRS is the biggest money laundering operation on the face of the planet. They want to insure they’re minimizing their competition. Either stop using banks or start using a variety if banks in a multitude of jurisdictions. It might be a little cumbersome, but it might keep the parasites at bay.

  • This is what tyranny looks like.

  • I keep $5 in my bank account because thats what they make me keep in there to have one. Not that i have 5 grand anyways lol but fuck banks

  • It was 10 K three weeks ago.

  • Anyone tells me I can’t withdraw a any amount of money that is mine in a bank account would be the day I stop using that bank..

    • They won’t tell you they just submit the forms with your info

    • The bank is required by law to report it. Move your shut to another bank and they have to do the same thing.

    • You are under the wrong impression about banks .
      Once the “bank ” has your money or anything in a safe deposit box you no longer own that product it belongs to the govt at sny time they want for any reason.
      You have legally given up your ownership of that money .
      Every perdon in usa should know this .

    • im very aware of the banking system making something from nothing..

  • well im safe then..

  • I do know that as of about 5 years ago a CTR (currency transaction report) is required for deposits and withdrawals equal to or greater than $10k. The teller was required to ducument multiple forms of ID along with other personal info and submit it for review. Sounds like it could be further escalating. You wanna either confirm or deny this Kody Rogers?

  • I keep all my money cash. I don’t use banks. Since I’m a server, most of my profits are in 10, 5 and 1 dollar bills. Every couple months, I’ll take my profits… $4000-$5000 in small bills and deposit them into a checking account just so I can withdraw $100 bills later.
    Every time I go I seem to make the tellers nervous, security will eye me down the entire time I’m there and they usually write my license plate lol.

  • I had to show ID, tell my date of birth, etc. to DEPOSIT $25. in an account to help a friend. Seriously, I’m putting in $25. Bank of America.

  • What the heck? Desperate for funds are we? Going to hit us with a seizure and forfeiture?

  • Motto of the story? Don’t use banks…

  • in washington state they do it at 1100 dollars. no joke. if you spend 5,000 its like a big deal. i brought a deposit from a business to the bank with 10 grand and the branch manager personally got involved. Ridiculous

  • ha

  • Bullshit

  • Asset forfeiture.. they know you have money since you’re withdrawing all that cash. They want to see how deep they can reach into your pockets. I know several big time business owners who love to have large amounts of cash on them. Many have been harassed and some have had their money taken away. Asset forfeiture

  • I try to get their attention just so I can flex my rights and tell them to f off after my rant….

  • The government can lick me where I shit.. This I exactly why I don’t have a bank account. It’s my money they have no right keeping track of how much I have how much I spend and how much I withdraw so blow me softly government use no teeth or get back handed

    • Same here man same here my dirty socks do a better job than them

    • How do you go about paying bills etc Alex Stone? I’m wanting to later do the same but will find it difficult

    • Money orders is what I use to pay bills

    • I have also purchased $250 and $500 gift cards specifically to have on hand for bill paying.

  • I withdraw more than this amount from our business account on several occasions over the last several years, as we pay vendors out of a different account, and I’ve never ever once had any incline that this was going on. I’m all about less government snooping but this article is ridiculous.

    • this is the truth and nothing ridiculous about it.

    • I agree, never a peep from the bank or anyone I know has ever had an issue.

    • Your just very ignorant and stupid because you have no understanding beyond your tiny world as you have been indoctrinated to be .
      Only pay atrention to yourself &think that it applies to the other 300 milions citizens .
      The perfect product of govt education.
      Its been this way your entire life and has been in the news for decades .
      Your ignorance doesn’t make it not true .
      Wake up . Start paying attention.

    • It happens all the time

    • Most of the time they dont even tell ya but anytime you withdrawl 5G’s or more they notify the IRS cause there required to under federal law & they expect you to know this so just because they weren’t a dick to you about it doesn’t mean they haven’t notify the IRS because they already have.

  • “Oh meh gawd! Somebody’s doing supppin’! Let’s call sum ah-thor-ah-teeees!”

    How about shutting up and minding your business?

  • In Australia if you deposit large amounts of cash is the same… I volunteered for my work Social Club as treasurer & this would happen when we’d bank after social event ticket sales. Constant surveillance!!

  • It’s none of their business!

  • They watch you when you make deposits. They watch you when you make withdrawals. If they find you with what they consider a large amount of cash on your person they can seize it until you can prove you didn’t get it illegally. How long will it be before they can seize money right out of your bank account for the same reason

  • They pull this crap at certain times. I would suspect this a vain effort to curtail a possible “run on the banks”. Which might be foretelling possible economic issues – like economic circumstances that would prompt people, en mass, running to the bank to get the their cash?

    • Been part of the failed war on drugs for a long time. The legislators feel that the only people who need cash are drug dealers.

    • Because drug dealers keep there tax free money in a bank. Lol

    • It’s exactly what it is–watch the economic indicators for ’16

    • Joe Perri YEP. I see as setting the stage for what’s to come.

  • Our government can go fuck itself

  • On a side note. I wish I had friends that would lens me $5000 lol

  • I win, my bank account has never exceeded 5 gees

  • at US BANK they told me anything withdrawal or deposit over 1,000 in cash is reported to Homeland Security

  • How else are the police going to charge your money with a crime and not you?

  • It’s a good thing I could give two fucks!

  • There is no such thing as it came out of nowhere.

  • USED TO BE 9,999

  • The insanity continues

  • easy way to fix that is buy a safe and take youir pay out and keep in your safe 🙂

  • Yet a public servant can have a net worth of 40 million dollars and thats fine. Fuck.

  • had to make a reservation to get my own money,, im sure it was reported to someone, and that’s BULLSHIT!

  • Try withdrawing 20,000. That’s when the real crap starts.

  • Not true.

  • Get a cashiers check made out to cash problem solved that’s the end of the trail

  • My grandmother was a bank teller for 5 yrs and a manager for 25….this isn’t new policy.

    • Think about it this way, Banks are federally insured. So are you surprised this has been a long standing policy?

  • Wtf you you guys bank tellers should not have to answer shit for those pricks

  • What’s a bank? Lol

  • What about the bankers? lol Is 5 million their limmit?

  • So take $5K out two separate times. Or Bitcoin baby!

  • Such bullshit

  • Well put!

  • Don’t leave your money in banks then

  • Start withdrawing small amounts ahead of time…keep a few grand in the bank just to shut em up…keep the rest somewhere in your home where you know it won’t be found.

  • All the more reason to keep cash in a safe, and only put money in the bank when needed for using the debit card. Works great for me 🙂

  • i tried to share , thIs is what I happened instead…It looks like a link you’re sharing might be unsafe. If you can, please remove this link:

    Note: The unsafe link might be on the page you’re linking to.

    If you can’t remove this link and you still want to share it, please complete the security check below.

  • Sick!!

  • He’ll they call the police when we ask to use the restroom… Nothing new, next…

  • WTF !!!

  • And if you withdraw $4800 you are under suspicion of trying to skirt the rules…

  • In Canada, it the same if you make a deposit of 10 000$ and withdraw too… Rather bury it in the backyard…

  • Say’s you’re unsafe when sharing. I think facebook is just keeping up with the “company/government” line. Shared anyways.

  • havent had a bank account for over ten years …its none of their bussiness where my money goes

  • Absolutely disturbing

  • I’m tempted to do this just to see what happens

  • That’s why you keep a safe and an arsenal of weapons and vicious dogs in your home and lots of cameras.

  • Really?

  • Some states have cash caps. It’s a limit on cash on possession to reduce trafficking.

  • What if it’s for safety purposes for everyone involved you don’t know if the punk behind you will decide to rob you or the bank at that moment

  • Yeah, and that number constantly bounces around too. Sometimes it’s 10k, sometimes 5k, sometimes 3500, etc…. every year is different.

  • In Australia any movement of $10,000 is reportable

  • Actually it’s anything $5000 and over whether you withdraw it or deposit it and it’s cumulative so you can’t deposit 2500 in one branch the 2500 in another. Patriot act at work my friends.

    • Its 10000

    • Look it up. $10,000 is for total deposits including checks but any cash transaction of $5,000 or more triggers the Suspicious Activity Report.

    • Daryl Wagner your right,been there done that

  • Any with draw over $10k has to be reported. We ask questions because of the terrorism issues surrounding most of the world. We are required to ask you questions, till you hit that $10k mark. Then you are required to fill out paperwork. Don’t want to leave a paper trail, don’t keep your money in a bank. They have certain things they have to do in order to keep their FDIC insurance. And tellers have to ask in order to keep their jobs. Again, don’t want to answer questions like that then keep your money elsewhere. Have your mother buy you a piggy bank.

  • Been that way for at least 15 years.

  • so, they’re alerted every time Congress has a payday?

  • I believe this has been policy for years… it’s nothing new.

  • Declan Kennedy is this what you were talking about?

  • Been that way for a long time.

  • disgusting

  • go cash and barter

  • Try withdrawing just a bit less. They will accuse you of “structuring” your withdrawals. Same with deposits.

  • When it gets to twenty dollars we are all f…..d. Time to reinstate the bartering system.

  • Funny how when I was sharing this a pop-up appeared saying the content that you are sharing could be dangerous.

  • This is not new, it has been going on for many many decades now, anytime HUGE sums of CASH are deposited withdrawn or used to purchase anything, the authorities are to be informed. They dont do anything about it, they just note it, so that if per chance a bank was robbed, or something as such and it is linked to you, they have that evidence. It is bullshit, and I dont agree with it, but it is not new.

  • Over 90% of the money in circulation is created by banks digitally: if a small number of people were to withdraw money at once there would not be sufficient banknotes. One of the many reasons why in Switzerland there will be a popular vote to ban banks from creating money.

  • WTF

  • In Australia this has been law for nearly 20 years but it’s only when you withdraw or deposit $10,000 in cash

  • Did anyone get a message that this was an unsafe link?

  • 8yrs ago in queensland, australia here, i was told that the bank needed 24hrs notice, when withdrawing anything over 5grand. i know, its bullshit. but they have they’re ‘reasons’? i dont think so; they are monitoring the average joe 4 theyre dark ways of doing bussiness.

  • This has been happening for years.

  • We are borderline living in a dystopian society with cameras, government surveilance, all our names and info in govenrment databases, etc… It is only getting worse and most people do not give a shit. Sometimes I hate this fucking world.

  • Billy Moede is this true

  • so nrever put all your cash in one bank or in any bank alway keep some on hand for emergency

  • Haha..
    That’s so messed up. Make all the money you want, you just can’t take it out once you give it to them.. its theirs now. Screw that and screw banks!

  • I Had a $41,000 Cashier check cops were everywhere I’d loose one another would show up till it got deposited in another bank.

  • Adam Greenfield

  • They can kiss my ass

  • makes me wonder what type of criminal in this day and age would think it’s a wise choice to keep his funds for illegal activity in the bank

  • What the hell man seriously, looking at all these posts on your page about US all the time it seems like americans have been confined in a big massive jail under constant surveillance.

  • A $5,000.00 reporting requirement would be awesome compared to the gold purchase requirements.

  • What’s the difference between Nazi Germany and America? Absolutely fucking nothing. The end….

  • I am most worried that they will just confiscate it use civil asset forfeiture

  • The amount is 10k. Any withdrawal or transaction involving $10k or more triggers required paperwork stating intent of purpose. Thank the PATRIOT ACT. This $5000 figure is bogus.

  • Not true

  • I withdraw around that amount a couple of times a year. Because some of the Islands me and my fiancé visit don’t accept credit or debit. I will tell you the moment my bank treats me like a criminal is the
    Moment they lose me as a customer!

  • this been going on for decades its not new what is new is there now letting you know

  • Go withdraw all your money if you’re tired of them keeping tabs on you. Plain and simple. Plus the less of your money they have, the less powerful they are

  • The one and only answer you give them when they ask “why?” is “because it’s mine”. They don’t have to know any more than that. If they want to arrest you for it, that’s a lawsuit waiting to give you more money for that bank account.

  • Nazi state.

  • I tried to share this and FB said I have to complete a security check because the link is dangerous…what the hell…???

  • They don’t call the police but they do make note of it. The same as when you deposit over $10,000 a day. It’s to track and prohibit embezzlement.

  • Billy Nelson

  • This comes from having the government to far up your ass….most of the people in it are antiquated.

  • Just as the police in a traffic stop can seize your cash if it amounts to over 5000. Just hearsay from the news, not happen personally.

  • They can all suck a dick. Little By little, we are slowly turning into Nazi Germany.

  • Well then everybody well off should be turned in all the time!!!!! They have a lot of nerve !!!!! I bet they don’t do that to celebrities !!!!! Or any famous person!!!!!

  • Step by step the people gonna stop deposit their money on their bank accounts

  • Ironically, and mostly because of our government, most people don’t have $500 in the bank, let alone $5000.

  • FB won’t let me share this.

  • Yeap,.s ok sad

  • I belong to a credit union, they never ask me. Are credit unions exempt from this??

  • Only in America…

  • FB won’t let me Share this. There is a “security check” block.

  • you can shove yur police state up yur ass,when u building a fucking double for auswitch,fucking police state

  • The way to overcome the predator class is to free ourselves of all obligation to them. Freedom from debt, including taxes, and mortgages, and rent will free us from the need for their jobs and their government. Without the need for jobs for our survival we can focus on creating local food supplies, on instigating local, justice, on free medical care, and on housing everyone. No one will be refused work because it isn’t profitable for some corporate predator’s wealth accumulation, we will work to care for each other. But no one will be forced to work in order to merely survive because the land and resources we need to be self sustaining are the human right of everyone.

  • It was 10k 30 years ago, or so.

  • If they’re that concerned about my finances they can put me on payroll and let me be a spook for them. Unlike Snowden, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Give me $250,000/yr., some get out of jail free cards, and I’ll work for you.

  • Keep going and this country will become a socialist

  • Well if I ever win a significant tournament or win the lottery… Over the border to Canada I go.

  • It’s 10k for most places



  • Conflict of interest for the bank to disclose private information on someone without a judges order and/or probable cause.

  • It has been this for over ten years, if not many more.

  • It’s been that way for a long time now.

  • Thanks for sharing,

    For some reason my post goes to the top of the thread.

  • Yeah seriously now the gov is trying to say how we can spend our own money please

  • Been that way for a good few years in the UK :-/

  • Don’t be silly. This law has been around for a while. It was first set at 10,000. Now it 5,000. It’s for terrorism reasons.

  • They need your money to assist terrorist.

  • but illegals are not questioned at all, for ANYTHING

  • In Dade County FL it’s $500 and you have to show ID and fill out a lot of forms.

  • They want to render us handicapped, depended upon them for help. But praise God!!!! I have the Holy Spirit within me, and I will never depend on man for my survival or safety! Christ is my refuge❤️❤️

  • who has $5000.00 to withdraw? I’m lucky to have any left at the end of a pay period.

  • We don’t have this in the UK . But in the future it will probably happen .

  • Yet another reason not to keep your money in a bank. Unfortunately if the government finds you with any notable amount of cash they can steal it from you under the asset forfeiture laws. The bad guys win no matter what you do.

  • Hows that freedom thing working out for you?

  • What??!! Bullcrap.

  • Then the local authorities can come practice some civil forfeiture.


  • Sally you think this is actually true?

  • Ffs!! REALLY???

  • I worked at a bank a decade ago. This was long established procedure at that time. Old news, but still unacceptable. And they don’t call the police, they fill out a form which goes to the IRS or some other federal agency.

  • Seriously? Lol

  • Big brother is watching

  • Thats why you buy a safe and say fuck the banks.

  • The only place you find this bullshit story is on your crackpot websites.

  • They want that tax money.

  • A smart criminal wouldn’t keep cash like that in banks if he needs to pull it out.

  • Wtf!

  • in the UK if the police stop you and you have more than £250 ($375) on you, you have to prove that it is legitimately owned money or they will take it from you.


  • The German government considers something similar, all cash transactions limited to 5450,- USD:

  • Ummm no. You are wrong

  • Wow my dads getting flagged d all the time then

  • I never keep serious money in the bank. I’m seriously no one but I don’t need to explain why I’m blowing a shit ton of my own money.

  • Remember–it’s your money –it’s nobody’s business what you do with it

  • Does this apply to the greedy rich?

  • I should mention bank name but.. 2012 I rrecieved a large amount of inheritance from 2 family menbers. Once dep. into the bank in CA first week had own personal bank person and second wk because i wasn’t eagerly listening to their broker to lead me to great investments they weren’t so attenative and the day i withdrew around 6000 cash (thats not a big withdraw) they delayed me was blown out that i came alone and blah blah. I left with money and drove to AZ reason for cash WD and counted on a very large amount of money left to use my card for travel with my grandchildren. I had to threaten them for dening anything i used my card and it was pitiful how I extorted MY MONEY To get home. END AND BEST PART to find a LETTER from bank saying they closed my acct and sent a check with my money..BECAUSE it only in a generaly confusing way why,altho they spoke with me they knew i wasnt home wouldnt be for some time…My behavior of responsibilty towards my money and their bank policy???? ARE U fucking kidding me…

  • It’s true, I am often the one making the bank deposit for my company. If I have more than 5k in cash, I have to fill out a form that gets reported to homeland security

  • michael

    I was questioned ( interrogated) by Navy Fed when I deposited over $10k this past year….so yes its true ..

  • michael

    Actually its any amount if they meaning the banks,credit union or any other institution deem you suspicious they can send the IRS notice and that’s a fact…

  • Mark Martison

    LOL! Yeah, god and Christ will surely come to your rescue when they throw you in prison. Although rumor has it that’s where they live based on the reports of all those convicts finding “god” in jail. 🙂

  • Mark Martison

    Uh huh…terrorism reasons….yeah, their own terrorism against the people of the US that is. It’s true a nation of sheep begets a government of wolves and you’re a perfect example of that.

  • Mark Martison

    Land of the free, home of the brave. Indeed.

  • Mickey

    Considering the government calls our social security an ‘entitlement’….I wouldn’t be surprised if they view our own money in our own savings account our entitlement as well.

    • Norbert Kausen

      Once you put your money in the bank, the money is no longer yours. You have “agreed” to give it to the financial institutions. As such, they and the so-called authoritative bureaucracy can simply change and/or create rules and laws which limit your access to your hard-earned money and can steal your money from you through their “legalized” extortion… they, through the news media and other means of communication brainwash the mainstream into believing that if one was acting within the law, they would not need cash and that cash indicates crime… more and more people have begun to believe that. It is all a ploy to remove your money and control of your money from you to the banking system and authoritative bureaucracy… a form of slavery if you will!

  • Sydney Morin

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  • Jason The Otaku

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  • Norbert Kausen

    This is part of the overall plan to take cash out of circulation, allow negative interest rates whereby people cannot get their own money out of the banks and in general remove people’s control over their own money and thus lives!

    • SunshineSunshineSunshine

      Don’t keep money in the banks or keep it minimal for paying bills.

      • Norbert Kausen


  • Norbert Kausen

    One sentence in the article sums it up,”It seems everyone is a suspect in police state USA.” This is exactly what is happening, but it is more far reaching than that… it is part of the process of globalizing the financial system of sovereign countries, as part of the overall plan to create a global government, global authority, supported by a global police force and army to keep all of us “miscreants” under their control and our money in their digital accounts!

  • [email protected]
  • SunshineSunshineSunshine

    Banks and governments are trying hard for people to revert to using CA$H and only CA$H!

  • muslimmustgo

    NEVER EVER put your hard earned money in a bank, this tyrannical (govt) will try to steal it!!!!