What “Fighting for Our Freedom” Actually Means in Police State USA?

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Please stop fighting for my freedom.



Dear soldier,

Please stop fighting for my freedom of speech. It’s not working.

While you’re overseas, killing people so “I have the right to say that,” good people all over the country are being put in cages for thinking freedom of speech is still a right that will not be violated.

“Free speech zones” are used to quarantine humans who wish to express their opinions, to protect others from the dangers of their words. Independent journalists are detained for reporting on the crimes of the government for which you fight. It has become commonplace, when an average person records police abuse, to have cameras seized, evidence destroyed, and witnesses threatened or caged. Whistleblowers are kidnapped and prosecuted for exposing corruption and wrongdoing. Critics of those in power are spied on, demonized, harassed and characterized as potential terrorists.

Please stop fighting for my right to keep and bear arms. It’s not working.

I can no longer legally walk around with the means to defend myself against an attacker in some of the most dangerous cities in the country. I can’t move to New York because the law prohibits me from keeping a defense rifle in my home to protect myself from possible invaders. The ruling class you serve continues to vilify and harass gun owners. They continue to try to reduce the weaponry available to average citizens while police forces across the country are being militarized with all manners of weapons of war.

Please stop fighting for my right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. It’s not working.

Every day, in every city, honest Americans are being detained, searched and robbed by men and women with badges and guns, without warrant or justification. In the name of “no-knock raids,” heavily armed agents of the state are executing paramilitary invasions on the homes of Americans at an alarming rate. More and more frequently, such raids are inflicted upon innocents, whether as a result of invading the wrong house or the raids being the result of rumors or false information. Such raids often uncover no contraband or evidence of any crime, and yet still result in innocent men, women and children being traumatized, injured, or even killed.

Meanwhile, traffic checkpoints and “stop and frisk” policies are now used to prevent Americans from traveling freely. Due process has been turned on its head by requiring individuals to prove their innocence, when there is no reason to suspect them of having committed a crime. At regulatory checkpoints, armed government agents can stop you, briefly question you, and look in and around your personal vehicle. If a police dog reacts a certain way–that dogs can be trained to do on command*–the police can call that probable cause. They can then use it as an excuse to detain you and tear your car apart.

While agents of the state would never let YOU use the excuse of “ignorance of the law,” the Supreme Court now says that if the police violate the law when detaining, interrogating and searching you, that’s okay as long as their actions were based upon a “reasonable” mistake regarding the law.

Our children are no longer able to use their imagination freely in schools, or sell lemonade in their front yard without running the risk of being intimidated or detained by police. Feeding the homeless, collecting rainwater, planting gardens, selling raw milk, playing musical instruments on public property, and dancing in the wrong place are all now illegal acts that have been targeted by police force.

There are now too many instances of individuals being robbed, assaulted, even killed with no due process and no trial, to have even more than a fraction of them make the news. There is nothing “limited” about the United States government. It is absurd to claim that it represents and serves the people, or that it does what it does with the consent of the people. It dominates, subjugates and terrorizes the people.

So I ask again, soldiers, please stop fighting for my freedom. 

It’s not working, and you’re endangering your lives and the lives of others in vain. If you truly want to fight for freedom, then please come home. We need you here, resisting the only gang of terrorists that poses by far the biggest threat to the security and liberty of the American people: the United States government.

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